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Self Harm / Fan Works

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  • A Different Point of View: In his anger, Alan begins hitting a clock radio because the pain lessens his emotional pain. He hits it one too many times and he accidentally punctures his hand.
  • Suffocation is an Arthur fic where a now teenaged Binky is depressed and suicidal after his parents separation. He also cuts himself.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Ash and Petals: Azula has a habit of picking at her skin until it bleeds.
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  • So We'd Both Be Free: Implied with when Azula mentions she woke up in the middle of the night and grabbed her knife to cut herself up. Instead, she used the knife to free her brother from imprisonment.


Danny Phantom

Death Note

  • Very common in Death Note fanworks centered around the M's. A popular Fanon explanation for the fact that Matt wears long sleeves and gauntlet gloves in LA is that it's to hide evidence of self-harm and/or needle-drug use brought on by a period of painful separation from Mello following the latter's In-Universe decision to leave Wammy's. (It should be noted, however, that he has the gloves and sleeves while they're both at Wammy's.)
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  • In Alternative Gods, Mello burns his port so that he's no longer able to jack in directly to the net in an attempt to cripple the Death Note system.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


  • More than a few fanfics for Frozen (2013) deal with Elsa previously or currently hurting herself and/or being suicidal.
  • Now That You're Bleeding revolves around Elsa's self-harm. It started when she was a kid and she accidentally cut herself during a self-created snow storm. She found she wanted to be punished, so she began intentionally turning her ice powers against herself.
  • The oneshot Other Reasons revolves around Elsa showing her self-harm scars to her sister Anna.
  • Strawberry Gashes is a fic about Elsa having suicidal and self harm tendencies most of her life.
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  • Table Salt is a one-shot where a twelve year old Elsa sees kids playing a game where they burn themselves using ice and salt. Elsa is unable to feel cold, so she's curious if she can feel it if she does the same thing. It works and she begins doing it on purpose to deal with her self-hatred.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Haibane Renmei

  • In Before We Had Wings, it's mentioned off-hand that Rakka cuts herself. Her parents don't understand why she does it.

Harry Potter

  • Some of the most stereotypical portrayals of self-harm come from bad fanfiction, perhaps most notably My Immortal, where self-injury (specifically cutting) is used as an indication of "goffikness", with none of the emotional nuances characteristic of real SI attached.
  • Snape from Pawn To Queen is so angsty that he's a cutter. He nearly kills himself one time, but he's saved when his sentient, roller-skating snake goes for help.


  • Brainbent:
    • Karkat bloodied his knuckles punching a wall.
    • Dave puts out cigarettes on his arm.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Divorced: After Mina gets called a "filthy brown sand rat", she gets so upset that she tries to rub away her skin colour using a wire brush.
  • Princess Zelda in Their Bond been cutting herself since her mid-teens. She hides the scars using potions.

The Loud House

  • Syngenesophobia: It turns out Lynn allowed Ronnie-Anne to beat her up, believing that her punishment wasn't enough.

Lucky Star

  • The doujinshi Lonely Kagamin reveals that the now adult Konata has become depressed due to others ignoring her because of the way she looks. Kagami notices injuries on her arm when she visits her.


My Hero Academia

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

  • In Last Light, Sunset cuts herself. This started prior to the Anon-a-Miss, due to her self-hatred following the Fall Formal incident, but got worse after the cyber-bullying started.
  • Sunset's Recovery Arc: Night of Faded Sun ends with Sunset, in her depressed and apathetic state, cutting her arm with a steak knife.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The Bright Side Of The Moon depicts a pony version of self-harm. Luna, being gender dysphoric but not understanding it, used to rip the fur out of his fetlocks as a teenager.
  • In chapter 6 of A Kingdom Divided, Rainbow Dash cuts herself to stop the hallucinations.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Rarity is a huge masochist and enjoys pain. She hurts herself often, purely for fun.
    [Rarity is in the midst of a Heroic BSoD.]
    Twilight: We have to do something, guys. If she gets too depressed, she might start hurting herself.
    Fluttershy: But she does that anyway.
    Twilight: Oh, yeah. Rarity, you're not hurting yourself in there, are you?
    Rarity: Do I sound like I'm in a good mood?


  • Shiruka yo: After having a panic attack caused by a flashback, Sasuke digs his fingers into his skin (just enough to hurt, not bleed) in order to keep from crying.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Asuka Langley Soryu does this in Nobody Dies and, so far, it one of the more horrific human-centered aspects of this otherwise relatively light-hearted fic. At some point, she flagellated herself enough to leave large scars on her back. Even worse, she used an AC cigarette lighter to give herself burns on the back of her neck simulating the scars left by a contact experiment, as a desperate ploy for positive attention from her mother.


The Penguins of Madagascar

  • At age 12, Julien in Princess would pluck the fur from the places where his scent glands should have been if his biology was different. He stopped because it hurt enough to make him feel worse.

Persona 4

  • In chapter 11 of Façade, Chie was revealed to have cut herself.


  • Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey: When Julia learns that Saoirse died from a heart attack, she is so overcome with guilt and anger that she slaps herself across the face multiple times as a way of punishing herself for not having known about it. She stops when Caiseal and Perrine talk her out of it.

The Powerpuff Girls

  • The Powerpuff Girls Re Imagined: In chapter 3, Jojo starts clawing his arm in an attempt to redeem himself after he accidentally attacks Blossom. He then writes all over the room with his blood before running away.


  • RWBY: Scars: Weiss has numerous scars on her arms from past self-harm, which is why she always wears long sleeves. In chapter 35 she reveals her scars to her friends when talking about her abusive home life. She relapses after her father forces her back home.

Soul Eater

  • Breaking Point: Chrona has been cutting himself since he was a child. Since coming to Shibusen he's been trying to stop, but his self harm scars form a big dark starburst mark on his chest.

South Park

  • Pip of Outcasting English frequently cuts himself, further inflicts pain in already existing wounds, and at one point repeatedly bashes his head into a wall. This is all to alleviate the stress of Damien's refusal to answer why he returned and what the dreams he gave Pip meant, Pip's voice in his head, and what happened in the bathroom at school.


  • In Gensokyo 20XX, an age-regressed Reimu is prone to this, being that she is mentally detached from any sort of pain stimuli that would make her stop. An example of this is how, in an earlier chapter, she's mentioned to have put her hands on a hot surface and kept doing it, despite being told not to, without understanding why she shouldn't do that.


  • Ask Drunk Chara: Apparently something Chara was susceptible to in the past. In many cases, they have visible cutting scars on their arms whenever their sleeves are rolled up.
  • Trust (Undertale):
    • Sans, due to his trauma and frequent flashbacks, resorts to chewing and scratching himself to attempt to escape it. He's not even aware that he's doing it most of the time, just wanting his pain to stop.
    • Papyrus has a chewing habit as well, but not as bad as Sans.
  • Chara struggles with this throughout You Can Only Use Your Own, and actually uses their scars to gain Frisk's trust in to rest in crypts and wake in gardens by proving they've been through similar things.



  • Sanguimancer: A side effect of blood magic withdrawal and Rythian chopped off the tips of his fingers to give himself obsidian claws.

Young Justice

  • A Choker And A Scalpel explains this as why Black Canary wears a choker in the Young Justice cartoon. At age seven she accidentally deafened several of her classmates, which caused her to become a Elective Mute until she turned twelve. At nine she tried to cut out her vocal cords, but she failed and was left with a scar.