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(This TV Tropes Self-Demonstrating page will focus on the Zasalamel in the New Timeline, just to avoid confusion.)

Zasalamel created this TV Tropes page...

It is rather irritating to even consider the fact that I am rather late to this game of speaking through paragraphs of text on a web page on the Internet. However, considering that I have just located this website today, I may as well place an archival page as to who I am on this site. I may be making a mistake by going onto this website that can apparently ruin lives, but considering one of my past lives spent most of his free time writing tome after tome after tome as an indulgent pastime, I may as well enjoy myself. Anyway, now that the prelude is out of the way, I suggest we begin.

I am Zasalamel. I am one of the many people who have been drawn into combat, primarily through the forces of two very powerful swords, Soul Edge, a cursed sword that seeks to corrupt several people, benevolent and malevolent alike, and Soul Calibur, a spirit sword that was crafted for the sole purpose of destroying Soul Edge. I was one of the members of the Guardians of the Spirit Sword, a clan of sages tasked with guarding Soul Calibur. My skill as a warrior was unparalleled, but my arrogance saw me crippled and exiled for breaking the laws of my clan. Mastering magic, he attained a form of immortality through reincarnation; and seeks Soul Edge and Soul Calibur for his own enigmatic purposes.


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