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Well, hello there, Troper.

(This page is best read using the voices of either Yuuichi Nakamura, Erik Davies or Doug Erholtz. Pick your poison.)

(As you enter the page, a man in a suit and fedora walks in with this playing)

Oh, whoa! Why, hello there Tropers! So apparently there's this trend of this site having pages of a character described by themselves. I mean, seriously? Some overconfident roleplayers? And they don't even have any pages for BlazBlue characters? Oh dear, that is quite troublesome, isn't it? Not to worry, because I'm the first guy to do so. Though I'm not really that good in trope-describing so I hope my description can be of much use.

Wait, am I forgetting something? Aah, right, where are my manners...

My name is Hazama...or Hazama Honoka for the full name. Uh, wait, is the page titled 'Yuuki Terumi'? Ah, fret not, that's just one of my aliases, really. I'm just your average mild-mannered head of the Information Division of Novus Orbis Librarium, or NOL. I like swallowing eggs. And, uh... what else... I guess I'm pretty distinctive that I have my Eyes Always Shut. Charming, isn't it? Like that... Soul Reaper dude? Well it may give the vibes of being untrustworthy, but really, I'm just as trustworthy as you can get! I also happen to be blessed with really smooth voices. Also, I guess my fedora is pretty distinctive, I've been gettin' a lot of comments that say I'm a pimptastic fella. Oh heavens, I'm so not worthy for this.


I don't like lies and... ahem... shitty vampires... Uh, wait, hold a sec, time out, Troper. I think I need a bathroom break. I'll be right back! Toodles!

Gaze upon my brilliance, shitty tropers!
Click to see my original form as Susano'o. 
I shall end your miserable existence, Troper.

(Suddenly, a man in a yellow hoodie marches in with this playing in the background)

So, waited your sorry ass too long, eh, Shitty Troper? What, expecting that 'mild mannered officer named Hazama'? HAAAHAHAHAHA!! As expected from shitty tropers like you, you just ate that bait! Behold, the greatest thing to ever embrace this existence, me, this grand self of mine, Yuuki Terumi! In other words, Hazama is just one of MY aliases, or literally a simple doll that acts as my front! Got that through your shit-for-brains yet?


Believe it or not, I was actually counted as the legendary Six Heroes, but that was because they brainwashed me to destroy my destructive creation, the Black Beast. But thankfully, I managed to turn that one around... by backstabbing one gullible idiot glassed girl and her fiery sorceress pal then tossing them to the Boundary, and requiring that armored freak Hakumen to seal me into the Boundary together with him! Well, that's a way to go, but I managed to come back anyway, so sucks to be you Hakumen!

What was that, origin? Why was I this evil? Do you shitty tropers seriously believe that is necessary!? I don't need a fucking backstory to make myself great! I'm evil, I like it, done! Okay, fine, I also get more powerful with hate and will exist as long as people hate me, but seriously, who cares about why I'm like that? For the Evulz is enough motivation for me! Well... I'm in a good mood today, so I'll tell you this much. I used to own the Susano'o unit before Major Dumbass got his grubby little hands on it. Back then I was known as the Black Susano'o (or the Dark Susano'o if you prefer). It was all well and good but... things didn't really work out between me and the master unit, the damned suit was bound to it. So I decided to give it to Relius and his pal once I was done with it, but the damn vampire and her father snatched it from me before I could give it to him. Well I was going to get rid of it anyway so no big loss for me.

Oh and you're still asking what was I like before shit went the drain between me and the master unit? Well how about I've been evil from the beginning!? Do I even need reasons or a Start of Darkness? Well, nope, that's for pussies! And obviously, I am not.

I first appeared as an NPC in the first game, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, with that persona above. And what do you know? Stupid heroine Noel Vermillion never batted an eye and think of me as a completely trustworthy dude! It's only after the end of that game I reveal myself, not only as my magnificent self, but also the guy who cut down Ragna's arm and possessed Jin for good measure! And in case you don't know, I am the one behind everything bad that happened throughout the series, and still on the roll! Great accomplishment, huh? And I already got my fans based on that and my radiatingly good look. Not unlike you shitty beings.

And the next game, I finally cement myself as the Magnificent Bastard of the series. See, throughout the game, I kept manipulating things, such as eventually putting through that Tsubaki Yayoi girl into emotional torment to the point of going against Noel due to jealousy of that Jin, and even played through the emotions of that big sack of tits Litchi Faye-Ling to abandoning her good alignment to join me. And you know who gets the blame! Them of course, for not realizing how much I am Obviously Evil and should not be trusted! You do agree with me with this one, right, shitty tropers? They're the ones crossing the line to become unsympathetic idiots, I was just offering information!

But seriously, those are small timers, when compared to the fact that I suckered a nigh-omnipotent supercomputer, Takamagahara, that views all timelines to get the outcome I want! Because magic is awesome, provided by this pal of mine, Phantom, who is actually a corrupted version of that Nine, who used to enslave me, but now she's my bitch! Oh wait, there's also Colonel Relius Clover, but he's kind of a nagging guy so I'm not THAT fond of him either.

But all of this wouldn't be possible if I am not this much of a total badass who can own everyone like breakfasts, just my daily activities like how I crossed the Moral Event Horizon about fifty times at that time of the day! I mean, really, I'm the creator of that Artifact of Doom you call Azure Grimoire! The real one, not the fake one Ragna wields, See that? I accomplish all those, thus cementing you guys to be total suckers who are like worms before me!

And even in my defeat, I still get what I wanted! That Ragna, defeating me? There's still someone who can kill me to infiltrate Takamagahara, that Colonel Clover! And regardless of that, I also shot that stupid 'friendship' message to hell with Tsubaki's corruption, and also that 'compassionate' message by getting Litchi to join me! You know what this means... 'Good' Is Shitty And Just Tools To Manipulate! And I even showed Ragna that I'm not even the final boss for him, it's actually his sister Saya, the Imperator of NOL, manipulated by none other than ME! GYAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Wait, what do you mean "extra rounds"? Well, fine... but you owe me for this, shitface. There's that one time when my plan went FUBAR because some goddamn squirrel just landed in the middle of my plans. That rodent is... well, my supposed 'subordinate' in the Intelligence Department, Makoto Nanaya. Seriously, that bitch just popped unexpected and her insistence just RUINED my plan, and then that shitty vampire just pulled her under my rugs! She seriously lives to cockblock my plans... And that plan is goddamn ruined! *deep breath* Oh well, I can try again. Flukes don't happen twice, and by my glorious self, it's RIGHT! You see, goddamn squirrel? Yes, I'd enjoy killing ya, but overall, you're just an insignificant worm!

And then BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma rolls around... grrr... Oh, what was that, you shitheads are delighted seeing me grumbling? Well just you wait...

In that game, things really got kind of... unpredictable, seeing that they brought in a seithr-surpressing being called Celica A. Mercury, to shut me down. But let's be honest, since when did that stop me? Still by the end of it, Hakumen caught up to me and seemingly killed me off using this mumbo-jumbo called 'Time Killer' and apparently, that Saya plans to ditch me because she's the Goddess of Death Izanami note . Welp, enjoy your happiness now, shitty tropers! You actually won! ... Except did you know that I also killed Platinum the Trinity right before dying? Greatest candidate of BlazBlue scrappies anyway, so who gives a shit yet she comes back for Central Fiction like a damn cockroach and killing her was a very, very bad idea. Now I know how the duck, the coyote and the Martian felt. Oh and your victory is just as hollow as it was when Ragna seemingly defeated me, Izanami's plans haven't been slowed in the slighest. Oh and that is not the last game of the series, and I already built up a strong fanbase, so Arc System Works isn't going to kill me off like that lest they incur the wrath of the fans. That means... I'll be back next game...!! So much for killing me, eh, Hakky? I also heard a lot of people complain that you just got reduced into a walking Deus ex Machina just to 'get rid of me'. Feels like it's worth it? HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Hey old bag, enjoy that Big Bad seat's warmness, because I'm coming back to reclaim it! Goddess or not, nobody pulls a fast one on Yuuki Terumi and lives! And I also can't wait to take on those new chumps. And wouldn't you know it Arc System Works decides to make the walking hairball factory note  a playable character right after main story ended.

Still, even if that fails, I'm popular enough that I'm pretty much guaranteed to land in any crossover with this series and The Adventures of Proto-Ragna, and you better believe I've made my list and checked it twice. Speaking of proto-Raggy, I'm very sure that I'll sucker him all the way to Pluto just like Raggy over here! Though Witch-Tits informed me that Proto-Ragna is smarter than he looks and it'd be easier to dupe his sidekick Burger Boy who's the son of King Proto-Jin and his EIGHT-YEAR-OLD WIFE?! I don't care if she does age faster than humans, that's thirty-one flavors of WRONG! And they call me evil... Wait, that eight-year-old wife is basically Proto-Noel? Oh, I am SO going to enjoy breaking her! Waitaminute *sniff sniff* I smell guano. They have a shitty vampire who's older, stronger, faster, smarter, and better?! You have got to be shitting me! Just to be safe, is there a proto-rodent? Hm... well, there's this little girl with massive strength, carrying an anchor, serving something of proto-pussy Colonel (that's Kagura Mutsuki, by the way), I shouldn't worry about her. The rest... eh, they're all pussies, I shouldn't worry about them. So there's a new game coming out and it involves other fighting game series? I can't wait to crush...what the fuck are they doing here? Do you idiots at Arc System Works have the slightest inkling of what you wrought by bringing those...godkillers?! I am so glad that I'm already dead, AND Hazama and the Hag are taking the bait first! Fuck me, my Susanoo self has been chosen for Cross Tag?! Well let me assure you godkillers that I will be no easy win!

Everything I do, it's all for shits and giggles to kill boredom, because misery is interesting, as well as forcing this upon your mucus-filled heads: This world is nothing but LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES!!! The only truth there is DESPAIR!! Yeah, I'm the only one who thinks like that, but because I'm just that awesome, that better be the accepted norm.

And indeed, my awesomeness has creeped into this site, I am also this site's God of Trolling and Absolute Immorality! What was that, Bernkastel usurped my throne? That was just a minor setback, my power of mainstream popularity will brought me back to my righteous place! Or maybe it's because one of the participants kinda enjoy making me his Butt-Monkey... Ooh no, that won't do. You do realize that if I come right there, I could whip your ass easier than stealing a candy from a baby, which I would do with gusto?

Bottom line, I am Terumi, I am the Black Susano'o, and you are all suckers before me. So before I off you like the shits you are, then you better check out the tropes sections!

These tropes define this radiant self of mine!

  • A God Am I: I have the powers to rival almighty beings such as Takamagahara and the old hag herself because I am the almighty god Susano'o! Oh... you thought I was a mere mortal with a god complex? HA HA HA!!! No, I am THE Susano'o! The god of destruction and chaos in the BlazBlue verse. I am the original will of the unit and with it I have the powers to destroy all who get in my way!
  • Always Someone Better: Hades Izana-OH LIKE HELL THAT OLD, DUSTY, TOOTHLESS HAG IS! And they're hyping that bag of bones as the True Final Boss in the trailer for Central Fiction while they treat me as a footnote. A footnote! Wait 'til I get my powers back...
    • And I got them back.
  • Animal Motifs: Snakes! They are totally slick and awesome, just like me.
    • Thank you snakes. You've done well, but I now I prefer an animal with a little more bite.
  • Arch-Enemy: I've got so many I don't even know where to start. ...You thought I meant that, right? Well, there's Hakky, the shitty vampire, Old Yeller, the damned cat, his bastard daughter, his bastard clone, Raggy, First Lieutenant Defect, First Lieutenant Garbage, Major Pain in the Ass, the Red Devil, the little brat, the hippie squirrel...EVERYONE WHO HATES ME REALLY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Though for me personally it's that shitty vampire she is even listed as my dislike and Ragna seems to be a close second given I like to victimize him.
  • Artificial Human / Soul Jar: The Hazama body you see is host for my real self.
  • Asshole Victim: HEY! Who are you calling a victim? Okay fine, Izanami decided towards the end of Chronophantasma she didn't need me or Relius and left us to our fates. Yeah, somebody pulled an Eviler Than Thou on ME! We'll see if I reclaim my evil throne next game. Hey, anything can happen. You hear that Izanami, you moldy old dingbat?! I WILL return!
  • Badass Creed: Hazama of course has that boring NOL creed that even he barely bothers to recite. As for my true self... "I am strength. I am valor. I am whole! With divine blade in hand shall I sever the threads of evil from this world! I am THE Susano'o of Mikoto! THE END HAS COME!!!" Sounds a lot cooler than Hakky's version.
  • Badass Longcoat: My true persona trades in my hat and fedora for one.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The one trope that eludes me even when I have the upper hand! Whenever I come close to victory, that shitty vampire or that damn squirrel throw a wrench in my plans! Then there's that Hag who stole my well-deserved win and claim it as her own! It's pretty sad when a dimestore Skeletor is one of the few fighting game villains that canonically won only because there wasn't a Deus ex Machina to interfere due to the gods of his game either being spineless pussies or too busy scratching their asses.
  • Bait-and-Switch Boss: Big time. After all spending years me, and Relius, being set as the ultimate villains in the series with everything going our way in Calamity Trigger and Continium Shift, Chronophantasma turned us into pawns for the real. Hag. Must. PAY!
    • But hey, I was finally able to take back the role of Final Boss in Central Fiction by taking my Susano'o unit back! Take that, hag!
  • Bastard Understudy: Well now, looks like while Hazama was off on his own merry adventure in Central Fiction ever since we got split-up, looks like the hinting seen below is true; HE ACTUALLY doesn't want to be my vessel anymore! THAT LITTLE FUCKING SHIT! And yet I can't even fuse with him due to Trinity's damn magic.....not to mention, HIM?! Having HIS OWN GOALS of destroying Amaterasu?! You better let me in on this shit or else, HAZAMA. OR ELSE.
    • Turns out, he still would do what I'd tell him to do.....but I've already came up with some backup plans just in case I can't trust that bastard. Not to mention he got into that Cross Tag Battle game without me, so screw him for one-uping me! When DID HE become his own character?! What’s that? The end of Chronophantasma? GOD DAMN YOU, WRITERS, ALL TO HELL!!!!
  • Beating A Dead Player: Just to drive the point home that no one's got a candle to the awesomeness that is yours truly, I love to do this to the sad sacks who had to face me. And if I'm really feeling it, I'll punt them off of the screen for good measure, because this is MY show! This is actually my damn winning animation for hell's sake as my Terumi-self....hahahaha!
    • Oh, and as for that dipshit Ragna, he gets the pleasure of having his brains stomped out ten times and me wounding his sorry-ass ego some more. Funny enough, all of my stomps for everyone, even Ragna included, count as part of a combo and thus are points added to the score counter. Have fun using me in score attack mode now! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
      • My true self simply rips out your pathetic soul and crushes it like a grape.
  • Become a Real Boy: Oh boy....looks like this is what Hazama seems to have going for him in Central Fiction, eh? I take it that wound he received from Trinity made that fool feel pain for the first time....and now, he's wanting to crave even more of that sensation of being alive....this guy's even starting to freak me out.
  • Berserk Button: Did you just say I'm not awesome or not interesting!? You take that back, worthless worm... eh, I kid. Taking back those words won't even help. Prepare to fucking die.
    • I like to think of myself as an artiste when it comes to torture and misery. Stealing my sample is the best way to effectively replace them yourself. Ain't that right, you damn vampire?!
    • I put extra hours and hard work - and we're talking the hundred year kind - into my schemes! And mark my words: one of these days, I'm going to carve every second of a given century out of that damned squirrel's hide!
    • For the real me, it's that Shitty Vampire that's listed as my dislike! But for my Susano'o self the hate for Amaterasu is amped Up to Eleven.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Yeah I can be a goof especially in my Hazama get-up, but don't take me for joke. It's all just a mask to hide my awesome evil self, and it works to drop those morons off guard! Though judging from how different he is when we're not in the same body, I guess that part of Hazama is working TOO WELL for my own tastes....dammit.
  • Boring Insult: Haven't you got eyes for your head!? You read that entry in Berserk Button up there!? It was the first on the list! Just to make it clear, you shall refer me as the most awesome being of the world, if not, your rolling head will be the thing you prefer over what I'd do to you!
    • I'm also offended when The Hag said I was beneath her. If it wasn't for me you'd still be eating what passes for tapioca in Hell!
  • Breakout Villain: Mori said that when Hazama was created, he wanted him to be an un-likeable antagonist with no redeeming qualities or whatsoever, but when the popularity poll results came in, they made that goddamn Hazama the 3rd popular character in this fuckass series, beating lil' Raggy and even me, but he was still outvoted by that First Lieutenant Defect and the First Lieutenant Gerbage. But even I can't tell where Hazama's own stats is going as of Central Fiction....
    • And that damn bastard even ended up in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle instead of ME! How dare you....the only thing good about that for me is that he'll be getting shat on by others first!
  • Break the Haughty: "Chronophantasma" decided to not let things go my way. DAMN IT, MORI, GIMME BACK MY OMNIPOTENCE!
    • That one time the squirrel ruined my plan in Continuum Shift Extend was also one thing I broke down, how dare she ruin my plan... But thank me I could recover from that and make the loss insignificant.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: I destroyed Takamagahara, a Deus Est Machina that views all timelines by making my the timeline where I win the only possible outcome. Awesome I know. But, I forgot that without I'm not invincible. While I was plotting against Takamagahara, I could switch to another timeline if stuff didn't go my way. I was fucking invincible, even one of those shits could take it didn't matter. But without the time loop, I couldn't make everything go my way. DAMMIT! Whoever wrote that I'll fucking kill him!
  • The Bully: Quite the understatement, I must say.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Reasons and especially sympathetic reasons are for pussies when it comes to villainy! I'll happily admit that I'm evil just because, and those kind of villains with sympathetic backstories or something of being Well-Intentioned Extremist are just So Last Season!
  • Chain Pain: My LOVELY Ouroboros! Or to get technical, the Geminus Anguiumnote /Jasounote : Ouroboros via its full name. My Hazama-self makes use of that a lot more frequently, though my real self uses it a bit more sparingly. A note to point out is that despite how awesome that shit of mine is, I can't shoot them out too far, otherwise, they don't do as much damage or hitstun. Players would quote that shooting-distance as my chains' "dead zones". Bummer.
    • Taken to full extent with my Hazama-self's Jakou (Snake Bite) movenote , and few of my real self's Distortion Drives. Expect even more use of this from our Unlimited versions.
  • The Chessmaster: I predict everyone else's movement, I'm just that great! I also founded the N.O.L and Sector Seven and played those chumps against each other for quite a while. No really, I did.
  • Clock King: I used Phantom's knowledge of the time loops and outmaneuvered every last one of those shit-faced losers. After the time loops were destroyed, things went to utter shit for me. Immunity, don't fail me now!
  • Co-Dragons: With Relius, we're this to Izanami, the thing possessing Saya. Though since she doesn't do anything herself to the third game, so we're a Big Bad Duumvirate with her as the Greater-Scope Villain. I'm very certain that the ditching will not last long and I will reclaim my throne of the Greater-Scope Villain, like it was thought before, and rightfully so...!
  • Confusion Fu: Oh I just LOVE messing with you even in battle! Mix-ups? Situational-yet-rewarding mobility for even cross-ups? Tick-throw setups? Tadah~! There's no way I can't dictate your move when I get in your face, and it's so fun to land those nasty hit confirms nowadays!
    • However, I need more effort with my real self, since that mix-up bullshit applies to Hazama. But for yours truly, who needs true mix-up when I can just beat the shit out of you from landing a hit confirm anyways?! But to agree with some of the forums out there, my true self lacking the mixup needed to get in sorta does ruin the playstyle archetype I follow anyway, not gonna lie.
  • Crazy Awesome: Oh hell yeah! I'm a total badass and I'm hilarious, how can I not be this.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Well of course I am. I know about every possible iteration of the time loop and continuum shift (except that trick Shishigami did to run away mid fight), so no matter what happens, I can plan for it. But once that was gone, I...
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Almost all of my fights. When I said I wasn't good at fighting, I ain't kidding... it's just that this happens because you're all even suckier in fighting than me.
    • I once was on the receiving end against Hakumen in "Wheel of Fortune". Got my ass kicked even with Relius backing me up. There's a reason I'm not confident about fighting that guy.
  • Determinator: I am a lot of horrible things, but one thing I'm not is a quitter. Don't let me losing my temper when things don't go my way fool you, that's a reason for me to get mad, not to give up.
  • Diabolical Mastermind / Evil Genius: Managed to outsmart a dumbass shitty omnipotent supercomputer with three minds, created the titular BlazBlue/Azure Grimore, manipulated almost the entire cast of dumbass, even unleashed my failed experiment upon the crackpot world. Sadly The Hag is far smarter (damn omniscience. Senility is nonexistent in Elder Gods.) than me. Well was smarter than me.
  • Didn't See That Coming: How the flying eff was I supposed to know the cat's stupid clone would do that by playing with First Lieutenant Defect?
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Whether as Hazama or the real me, you'll have your work cut out for you when playing as me. My Hazama self's tricky to get under wraps; you sorta have to deal with my short range—no mid-range game here, unfortunately—and my situational mobility, and the Ouroboros takes getting used to. The real me, on the other hand, only has the basics with a Drive that pumps up the Heat gauge like crazy. And I'm all kinds of awesome when you get the hang of me. I mean, goddamn, I can pressure like there's no tomorrow, and my combos'll tear 'em open a new asshole. And trust me, it feels GREAT to mess around with you like so. (But try to get past most of my brick wall of a learning curve first, kay?)
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: What happened to me in Chronophantasma REALLY sucked. After the fight with me in story mode, I get the shittiest death ever. Just poof and I'm gone. No animated cutscene, no special art, nada. Yeah, I'm pissed off as it is. Even people who wanted me dead felt that I should at least have a gotten better outing than that... Huh? You asked about how some people say it's totally deserving of me? Well, yes I kinda heard that too... It's just that it was the last thing they said after being torn apart by yours truly.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Hell, despite me being an awful piece of shit, there are lines even I won't cross.....DAMN KOKONOE EVEN USING A CHRONOPHANTASMA OF CELICA THE NULLIFY MY AZURE GRIMORE/BLAZBLUE.....which is MY WHOLE HAZAMA-SELF'S BODY....WHO GOES THAT FAR ANYWAY, DAMMIT?! If Phantom didn't teleport me out in time, I would've been shit for breakfast, and damn Relius even bothered to have his way with me on that occasion (he actually let me go in head first into that situation and even laughingly-mocked me for it...little shitfucker...)
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: I mean, seriously? Like I stated, if you see my examples above, you'll know that 'Good' isn't in my vocabulary! It's just another piece of shit for me to mess with.
  • Evil Is Hammy: BlazBlue is a World of Ham but I assure you I am easily the biggest.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: And I was happy to teach Nine of that! Though I should have paid more attention, because Relius and I tried to manipulate Izanami, it backfired in the worst possible way... Uuurgh, shouldn't have relinquished the control to Izanami...
  • Evil Laugh, Laughing Mad: MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! What kind of evil being I am if I don't have one? Well, my original-self doesn't spend time doing so, that's for sure.
  • Evil Is Petty: Well what's the point of being evil if you aren't going to be petty? But sometimes, you HAVE to understand what such Serious Business is.
  • Evil Plan: WHAT PLAN?! Everything I do is just to make people suffer and break the Amaterasu unit's toys! Although after reuniting with my Susano'o unit I figured I might as well use the Embryo to recreate the world so that EVERYONE will perpetually suffer under my iron-fisted rule!
  • Expy: Some say I am a Japanese/fighting game version of The Joker, or even is very similar to Kefka Palazzo. HAH! I am more like the WAY better version of those shitty thugs! note note 
    • Less obvious is some influence from that insufferable egomaniac Gilgamesh. Sure I'm arrogant, but compared that jerk I'm the pinnacle of humility! Anyways, there's also the spiky hair, being a famed hero whose legend don't mention how we're a couple of jerks.
    • Though I do say some people looks like they were inspired by me in terms of trolling. Such as Handsome Jack, Monokuma and Nui Harime (who's pretty much pure shit to think that love and hate are the same damn thing). See? They were inspired by ME!
    • Also apparently my old predecessor is this I-No chicknote . Well how does getting reprimanded by That Man all the time work for ya, huh!? I manipulate all those around me, even my boss! note 
    • There's also an Expy of me in the same universe but from a long time ago. The person was known as "snake" and his name is... Sou'ichirou Unomaru? Hmm... interesting. Also Ripper to along with his revived self, Brain Cat/Freaks.
    • I suppose you could also compare me to that Iris Sepperin chick, especially in terms of receiving influence from someone appearing in a game universe released before my own. Committing atrocities and manipulating others for fun? Check. Receiving a shitty "I'll never forgive you!" from our verses' respective protagonists? Check. Trolling certain characters and having a blast about it? Check. Cementing ourselves as Magnificent Bastards? Check. You could say I have some similarities to her! Oh, and bonus points for both of us being Ax-Crazy! Of course, I'm still way better than that shitty little kid is, and I'm goddamn proud of it!
    • Of course, any troper out there that read Usagi Yojimbo may have heard of this cat chick named Noriko. And some think I am exactly like her too. Let’s look at the reasons why. Let’s see. She has a sister whose guts she wants to rip out. Yep. Same is true of me. Okay, what’s next? She forced a bunch of slaves to dig for gold for her. Well, I get others to do my dirty work for me, so I guess that counts. Hell, I founded two organizations and manipulated both of them for the sake of my own needs! If any one of said slaves gets too exhausted, she’ll kill that slave right then and there. Well, whenever my minions outlive their usefulness, I kill them too, so, another one for me. And I guess you could say that in much the way she was mining for gold, I was mining for the Azure. She enjoys brutally torturing and humiliating her opponents after defeating them and subjects them to the good old Kick Them When They Are Down tactic. Oh, ho ho!!! That’s definitely me! I do that ALL THE DAMN TIME!! She tormented her aforementioned sister, Tomoe Ame, both physically and mentally, kicking her to the ground and trolling her severely. How the hell could that not be me!? I do that with every shit-faced loser I come across. Also, what would Noriko think of the time I trolled Noel into transforming into Mu-12? Anything else? Oh, yeah. She poisoned the guy that raised her simply for being weak. I too am more than happy to kill weaklings. She also killed her biological dad for callously rejecting her and not acknowledging her as his daughter. Well, I too want everyone else to cater to me, so, another one for the list. She gets angry and violent when things don’t go her way. Yep, definitely me. She threatened to cut off Miyamoto Usagi’s hand. That’s what I did with Ragna the Bloodedge! Oh, and to conceal the mines, Noriko plans to blow it up, with every slave inside after all its resources are gone. Well, I harvested the souls of a bunch of NOL drones to power up a Cauldron. Yep, Noriko has totally done what I would do. So, overall, I would love to meet this Noriko fellow. She might even me a great girlfriend for me! Raowr! I guess being unable to fuse with Hazama again may have its benefits after all.
    • And last but not least, the fact I have my eyes often shut as my Hazama-self AND the familiar hairstyle? Oh yes, people and fangirls alike will scream "GIN ICHIMARU" right in my face.....then again, to give the guy credit he's also a bit of sly little snake-like bastard before me....but I'll take away his shitty points for being good all along just for the sake of revenge for someone he had a thing for, and to try to counter a broken-as-hell zanpakutou.
      • But in his defense, I do give him props for the fact we both share similar motivations in life to achieve or crazy-ass goals...AND a favorite food, which are dried persimmons in his case....but boiled eggs are still better by the way.
      • AND comes the fact in his 2D fighting game debut in on the Nintendo DS, he was just as crazy broken as I was on top tier! HA! Then the good ol' shit-ass nerf stick came along and smacked us down a peg in the next revisions! Aren't we such shitty stinkers?!
    • Recently, maybe I could be just like that guy named...hmm....Ferid Bathory...? mean he's possibly related to THAT Elizabeth Bathory?! And it seems he's either mad with love or outright insane from his boredom (even I can tell that Krul-bitch and others of his kind hate him)....that guy's pretty dangerous even to me if he can just push anyone's buttons with a smile on his face and with a huge amount of time on his hands with even less effort compared to me.... Just as disgusting as that Nui Harime, and he's a VAMPIRE TO BOOT! Keep him away from me, dammit! Plus, my way of fucking with people is more worthwhile than his!
  • Eyes Always Shut: As Hazama. Adds quite the...charm, let's call it. Again, cue the Gin Ichimaru allusions above due to my hairstyle adding it to the mix. And again, that's mainly for Hazama, since I myself have a dash of Hellish Pupils instead.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Why does everyone but me hate Noel's cooking? She's the greatest chef ever! Because you know, her cooking is so made of everything hateful, and I love it. And you BETTER NOT SAY I HAVE NO TASTE IN FOOD! I love my boiled eggs like everyone else's favorite food, thank you...
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: What happens to mean in my Gag Ending of Continuum Shift, when bathing I end up using something that attracts every cat or cat like creature to me, and they start using me as a scratching post. One or two is just annoying, but when you have dozens... it hurts. Y'know, in hindsight, this makes my ultimate death by Hakky more family-friendly. Just sayin'.
  • Fan Nickname: Trollzama. Well I am very much a Troll.
  • Famous Last Words: "Suffer for eternity...Ragna the Bloodedge...! Hehehehehe...HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Okay, bye. Time to chill.
  • Fantastic Racism: Shitty vampires, beastkins... hate'em. All of 'em. Y'know what? Fuck it all - I hate everybody. Except myself. I'm awesome.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Not really since of BlazBlue's cast, playable or otherwise, I'm the only person who dresses normally. I mean look at Relius, for My sake. Seriously, that bastard looks like he's wearing a freaking shower curtain!
      • AND ESPECIALLY YOU YOU GODDAMN CAT! Seriously, 'Hipster Person'!? What the flying fuck!? I'll show YOU ABOUT "BREAKING" CHARACTER ONE DAY, LITERALLY!!!!
  • Faux Affably Evil: I'll speak in casual tones at times, but only to emphasize on how much you suck and how screwed you are in my face. No, wait, that's Hazama. I just skip the formalities and cut straight to the killing!
  • Fedora of Asskicking: I'll indulge you in one of my awesome secrets; my Hazama-self knows an Ars Magus to conjure one out of thin air! He somehow loses his all the damn time from a fight, so of course he needs his damn style kept up. And that's why I often wear a hoodie, thank you.
  • Flat Character: Yeah, I'm gonna admit... I haven't got much going for me in the whole character department besides "LOL, Imma evil!". But you're not here to watch my fall from grace or some other shit for pussies, you're here for moi, an awesomely and supremely powerful and magnificent villain pulling out amazing villainous things left and right. What's it to you if that's all I am? See if I give half a shit. I'm still awesome! Besides, you'll find out all you need to know for me to have For the Evulz as a motive, it's not like a Generic Doomsday Villain who doesn't. Then again, a lot of people say I am going that direction in addition of my 'just-because' liking for people's suffering. Even if that is to be true, again, who frickin' cares? I still win and I'm a total badass at the end of the day. You want generic? Look at that doddering old battleaxe Izanami and tell me that is not a Generic Doomsday Villain! Not to mention that she has a personality that lies somewhere between a stale mothball, an expired Werther's Caramel chew, a musty sock, and a used tampon. Yeah, I went there.
  • Foil: To Relius. He only takes action when it helps his plans. For me, making everyone suffer is the plan, so I do evil every chance I get. And apparently a lot of you tropers think he's scarier than me. How about I pay you a visit and test that theory, hm? But of course to save you trouble, even I at least understand some part of that, since even his experiments do little to amuse me and do more to freak me out, blugh.
    • Believe it or not, this even applies to both Hazama and I. Hazama's willing to mock away with the last laugh more than I would and is more subtle and quiet (hah, like hell; he lies WAY MORE THAN I DO). Meanwhile, the real me would rather hack the shit out of whatever I feel like and I'd ham it up a lot more; hell, the little bastard even bothers to be "polite" for the hell of it, even if the situation shouldn't call for it. Other than that, we'd mostly be the same and in tandem.....that is...until those new scenes in Central Fiction and some of Hazama's dialogue towards me in Chronophantasma, looks like Hazama ALSO takes a level in kindness...which makes him even MORE of a cruel troll that somehow drives EVEN ME nuts since he just goes elsewhere when nothing's of use to him anymore. And via that winquote against me in CP's arcade mode....WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ME BEING WEAKER THAN YOU, HAZAMA?! HMMMM?!?!
  • For the Evulz: I guess you could say I am bored... misery is interesting!'s mainly for the bullshit that Master Unit has been pulling on me.....I'm going to rip that contraption a new one someday.....soon that piece of shit will crap out bricks for even existing with me around!
    • It seems it's more about "for the fact that such a purpose for my existence also heals my well-being off of Amaterasu's pain" for my real self, Susano'o. And damn, now that I look at real-self does seem a lot more angry and focused on smashing up shit rather than being an awesome crazy dude like me.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Relius made it happen in his Continuum Shift Gag Ending. He apparently decided to have yet another experiment at the expense of everybody else that involved switching people's bodies. Which would have been fine IF HE DIDN'T INVOLVE ME IN IT! And of all the people he switched me with, it just had to be that stupid Kaka bitch! He's lucky it didn't really happen, or I'd make him pay for it.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: My fighting style always meshes well with my personality.
    • As Hazama, my style involves mix-ups baiting enemies, using mixups and tricks with mobility. Put simply you have to literally troll your opponent to win as me. Fittingly he proves to be a troll worthy of my name when we seperate.
    • My style is pure offense, as when I separate from Hazama, I decide to drop any facade of manners and just go full on aggression and violence!
    • And when in my original body I can REALLY show the pure power of a god! I don't rely on boring counters like that Hakky but sheer overwhelming power!
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Released as my true from as Yuuki Terumi, I'm much stronger than as Hazama, I even managed to go head to head with Hakumen, when as Hazama, he could take on me and Relius and still kick our asses, but players found my Hazama incarnation to be a higher tier character.
    • At my peak in my original body I am the most powerful force on Earth, except maybe the Black Beast. But I can still be beaten in gameplay like anybody else. In fact I'm not even considered a very good character because of how long it takes to gain access to most of my techniques.
  • Glacier Waif: A major problem with my Hazama incarnation is this: my Drive is so fun to spam, but spam it too much and I can't even use it, let alone move around the place as well. I just seem to hate running around so much as dancing around you is enough energy spent for me. Because of this, I also have only a minor dash forward for my dash animation but that's at least cancel-able to crazy extents. Tying into my short range on several of my moves, it's often a chore needed to get as close to my opponent as possible to even land some offense. Oh, and I actually have a slow walking speed. Oh, it sucks so damn much....but I need to deal with it in some way, balance and whatnot.
  • Glass Cannon: In my true self, I'm all about powerful offense, including a menacing run as a form of dashing movement at last, but I'm not built like a tank or anything. I actually have less health than as Hazama, since well, balanced gameplay, that health and my Drive Mechanics would make me too good. In fact my moveset is so lacking in the defense area that the only way you can use me and expect to win is just go all out! Then it goes to show both my Hazama and Terumi-selves have no safe just frickin' sucks.
    • Not to mention I lack the good old skills needed to just mess around with you. I don't even have one overhead on the ground, for God's sake. So of course, trying to pop open your turtle shell's going to be even more work for my Terumi form. Not only that, I don't do a whole lot of damage, since I like to make my opponent just suffer so well before they get K.O.ed...if you have a problem with me taking too much time to hack someone up, then you'll have to deal with it sadly. Luckily—well, for me, anyway—that hole's being patched up in Central Fiction.
  • Gone Horribly Right: That shitty vampire and the other Six Heroes try to force my conscious into the open to get off my for good, and it causes it to materialize into a new body, and in it I was even stronger than before, managing to fight Hakumen to a standstill.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: This happens in the Gag Reels. Don't ask me how, those things work on Rule of Funny.
    • Noel's Gag Ending in Continuum Shift has most of the cast going out to eat a restaurant Noel is cooking at, including me despite all of them hating me. What's the biggest thing about it? I was having a damn conversation with Ragna as my real self for quite a while, despite us occasionally hurling threats at each other. Hell, we were even pretty much acting like typical-yet-dismissal friends in that scenario.
    • Makoto's Gag Reel in the same game, I take part in a play where everyone is taking in play portraying the damn squirrel's dysfunctional family. Everyone drew roles randomly so I ended up with the role of her mom-yes seriously! I had nothing to do with it.
    • And that's a gag reel in Chronophantasma: Extend, I'll tell you that much. However, it may be the reason tying into why the leitmotif Nightmare Fiction doesn't play when Ragna and my real self fight in Chronophantasma....either I'm WAY MORE AWESOME THAN HE IS...or it must be more about Hazama instead of yours truly, so I think that would make more sense...huh.
  • Hate Sink: The whole point of my design. Everybody in the game hates me, and the writers designed to me make you guys hate me. Though they instead started likin' me. Eh, whatever, me getting adored works well for publicity, and me being hated means that I get off their tears. That said publicity won't work against me in-universe anyway, HAHAHAH!!!!
  • Hates Being Touched: Don't you dare touch me, like when you're trying to throw me! It ain't because I'm scared of you, but because you worms are all so filthy that contact with you is going to pollute this radiant self of mine! Especially you Izanami! Keep your doddering, wrinkly, leathery hands off me!
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Continuum Shift Arcade. You lose? It's game over and continue screen for you. You won? That was just a nice warm up, here's a brainwashed Mu-12 for you to fight if you perform well. Win against that one? Well it's just me getting to view a possibility to add to my master plan, sucker! What are you complaining about? It's not my fault the story is set so if you use a shittier (in-terms-of-story) character against somebody who outclasses the plot has to remind you how pointless it is.
  • The Heavy: Relius and are, kinda equals, but I'm the far more active one because he was so lazy he wasn't even playable until until Continuum Shift Extend.
  • Hope Crusher: The only truth is despair, everything is lies, and I'll show it by crushing all those shitty things you call 'hope'!
  • Hypocrite: I will say a lot of things I did not believe in. Like 'I will not lies', but I quote, "There comes a time when someone has to lie to save their ass off." But really, you all think I'm SUCH a great villain because I AM a Hypocrite, right!?
  • I Am Not SHAZAM: I'm a meta example. Despite my real name being revealed, the game still refers to me as Hazama. Confusing, I know. Hazama is the name of the body I'm using. In Chronophantasma, when I get drawn out of it, the game calls me Yuuki Terumi because I'm in my own body.
  • I Have Many Names: Hazama. Yuuki Terumi. Black Susano'o. Kazuma Kvar. There's more, but of course, only someone as great as I am gets such privilege. I'll tell you this much, Yuuki Terumi isn't even my real name. What's my real name you ask? That's for me to know, and for you assholes to never find out.
    • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: And most of them are also this trope, ain't it a big warning sign that I am Obviously Evil? Well, probably 'Yuuki Terumi' is a pretty safe name. Protip: Satan was formerly known as Lucifer, which meant 'Lightbringer' and he used to be buddy buddy with his God. So yeah, it still kinda counts!
    • All right, since I feel like the time is right, I'll tell you my real name. My real name is Takehaya Susano'o-no-Mikoto. You can shorten it to Susano'o if you like. But don't you dare call me (Susan)!
      • Huh, Hazama didn't even bring up his extended name of "Hazama Honoka"....I guess that's one way to not confuse him for another Hazama in another fighting game.
  • In the Hood: I had one ever since the days of the Dark War. Pretty snazzy, don't ya think? Well?
  • Irony: Succeeding in Continuum Shift turned out be my undoing. With the time loop, I was invincible because I could just shift timelines if something went wrong. Without, I couldn't do shit. Oh well, I still left my mark greatly in the time loop... what a nice impression I made.
    • If you think about it, my original-self, Susano'o, seems to be someone who REALLY seems pissed off....he seems to spend more time breaking shit rather than having fun like me. Anger issues much...? Then again, I've been a different person for a long time, so....
  • It's All About Me, Narcissist: Because I'm the one and only most awesome things in this world, so they better run on my designs! In fact, if I win in Chronophantasma, I'll just kick you from your screen because the screen only needs one fighter. ME!
  • Jerkass: Yes, I am very unpleasant. I like being unpleasant, especially at cost of your misery! In fact, I think this is such an understatement for me when I'm pretty much, and very proudly, something else even worse.
    • Jerkass God: So, watcha gonna do about it?
    • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: I figured that Trinity had the hots for me. Well, it was more she had the hots for Kazuma, really. She thought that I'd come around just because of that. The bitch could not be any more wrong. Hell, it was the exact opposite. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have pulled one over the other heroes and off-ed Nine. Hehehehe.
  • Karmic Death: Well, like I've said in Relius' gag ending, not that I haven't deserved some form of punishment hundred times over....due to all the shit I've done....BUT my gag ending in Continuum Shift....IT JUST HAD TO BE THOSE FUCKING CATS. And while we're at it, you might as well call a certain Chronophantasma gag reel "Revenge of the Cats". I HATE THOSE GODDAMNED THINGS!!
    • Fine fine fine, I'll tell you my Hazama body it seems, I have to be FUCKING allergic to them....I'm going to rip Relius a new one when I ask him what went on creating Hazama like this....however, it seems my real-self has NO actual problem with cats....poor Hazama must be whimpering in pain all by himself now. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
    • I am also FUCKING AWARE of the irony of Raggy and Major Failure using a copy of the VERY SAME WEAPON I used to kill Hakky to take me out of the Susano'o unit!
  • Knight of Cerebus: Once I show up, everything starts getting darker, to point where a lot of you shits couldn't take it and stopped caring. Even with my death that doesn't seem to be undone, now I just hope for some reason I can see those miserable faces from beyond the grave! Waitaminute, if those shitheads somehow manage to defeat Izanami, then I'm stuck in Hell with that damn dinosaur! Then again, if they had to resort to Deus ex Machina by turning old Hakky into one just to get rid of me... well, what chance do these shitheaded losers have against that old bag? Ha! Unless the shitty vampire and Mercury has some sort of Cosmic Douche. MORI, DON'T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS!note 
    • The shitheads finally defeated The Hag. Didn't kill her but they did something far worse: fuse her with Noel. The Hag screamed like a dying goat as Raggy shoved her into Noel like those old '80s squishy plush toys you jam into a plastic tube. In the meantime, I killed off Hakky for that one moment so I could get my original body back.
  • Large Ham: Can't you tell from this page? 'Cuz I'm eeevil. (Eat your heart out, Lex Luthor!... What you do mean the Flash said that?!)
    • Believe it or not, in my true persona I'm even more so. Hazama has some restraint, but I don't.
    • Ham-to-Ham Combat: Whenever I face Hakumen or Ragna.
  • Laughably Evil: As terrible as I am, none can deny that I'm hilarious, especially in when I show up in a Gag Ending. Lately they think I stopped being funny. You really want me to force you to laugh, do you? You'll wish that I used a laughing gas instead of what I have in store for you! For my original-self though, even I'll warn you that he's not one to joke around, so he subverts/averts it.
  • Leitmotif: Hazama and I have gotten several kickass themes throughout the series. Hazama has Gluttony Fang while my true self has Silent Scream. We also have Endless Despair for when we decide to dish out unlimited pain! Not only am I the greatest in EVERYTHING else but my themes are so awesome you shitheads can't help but remix and put vocals to them!
    • Oh I almost forgot but my original self also has his own couple of themes that will rock over the last moments of your shitty existence! But please...with the first theme, ignore the really awkward Engrish vocals if you can. It's a very serious case of twisted lyrics that even makes me lose my cool...
    • Technically I share it with Old Yeller, Tits Mc Gee, Hakky, that stupid goddamn cat and Glasses, but hell, why not throw in the SIX HEROES theme in there? There for your listening pleasure while I and those losers beat the shit out of each other. It's the sort of music that just makes you ask yourself "Do you really wanna fuck with me?"
  • Limited Wardrobe: In my joke ending, it would seem I have nothing but multiple copies of that one suit my Hazama-self wears, over and over.....WHAT?! HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT, FUCKING DIPSHIT?!
    • Then again, it's been averted a bit with all of my other incarnations. But it looks like that one under-suit without the coat is the real kicker. It's what I've been wearing over it that's been different, no?
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Practically a quarter of my moves have me doing this to my opponents and a distortion as Hazama has him doing this as well. This is just me showing those shit-faced losers their place in life, under my heel! Let's list them down to show how awesome the list is:
    • Orochi Burensou (Great Serpent Martial Tempering Burial). That's my Hazama-self, right there.
    • Garengeki (Fang Sickle Attack). Stompin' away at ya as good ol Terumi! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Don't break your fingers mashing away for more hits from it now....
    • Orochi Burensen (Great Serpent Martial Tempering Massacre). The version of the Hazama-self-DD above, which doesn't require that stupid Jasetsu move beforehand. As of the 1.1 Patch in Chronophantasma, here's a fun little thing: one version is a low attack where I just merely grind my feet on your head and kick you away, while another version is an overhead with the traditional stomp spams.
      • Last but not least, I can even do this to my enemy as one of my victory animations as Terumi! And here's the funny counts as a hit for the combo counter despite the match being over. So....Raggy, prepare for me to make use of you for Score Attack Mode! AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Still a strange thing though...
  • Knife Nut: Butterfly knives. Always good for fighting. I even have a couple hidden in my shoes.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Words are just that damn powerful, especially when they're coming out of my mouth. And because I'm so magnificent, they will just blame my victims for being idiots to fall to my traps, whereas I am being praised as the Magnificent Bastard!
  • Mind Rape: I put my emphasis in this. No one escapes my mental penis. No one.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Where to even begin with this one? I've crossed this line, without a care in the world, so many damn times that I'm practically on vacation every single damn time. I think one of the biggest ones would be cutting off Raggy's arm, burning down the church that he and his shit-headed sibilings lived in, killing the sister that ran the place, driving his brother insane, and kidnapping both him and his sister all within the span of a few minutes, and laughing all about it, even to this day, might be a good place to start. Actually, that is probably what you shitty tropers will consider because that is first thing you see about me. But seriously? I probably would've been stationed WAAAAAAY beyond the line before the fucking series ever kicked off! And to note, I still enjoy taking leaps further from the line. Fifty times before breakfast.
  • Mr. Fanservice: One of the story illustrations showed me bathing in all my glory. I got such a sexy bod, eh? PRAISE IT.
  • Near-Villain Victory: And it was so damn near that I could literally taste it; all I had to do was put Raggy where he belonged and that would've been that. Best part? The shitty vampire couldn't help; she was reeling from the torture Hazama gave to her! Heard it even drove Raggy so crazy he almost went full Black Beast on everyone before I arrived, and Hazama saved me the trouble of killing him by yeeting himself into the nearest cauldron! Though that begs the question of how that extradimensional punk brought him back down... note 
  • Nice Hat: Ah, my good fedora hat in my Hazama form. I love it too much to let anything happen to it, which is why I hold onto it while blocking your piddly-as-shit moves. My real self? I get this sweet-ass hood, instead. Still, ol' feddy's a big part of me. And dare I say it, I look better wearing it than how other shitty fedora users wear them, right??
    • But of course, like I said before, my Hazama-self always has to use that Ars Magus to re-conjure one out of thin air after almost every fight, especially in the anime. Hell, it's a good thing I myself have a hood in the damn first place.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: SO LOATHE THIS TROPE. Bad enough sending the rodent off cause my plans to go FUBAR but killing Trinity lead to the creation of Hakumen?! Yes. That's a real pickle....would you excuse me for a moment *pulls down hood and fumes* I WILL murder Mori for this.....
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: That doesn't refer to me. I LOVE messing around with my victims before killing them! No, it refers to my original self, who is a lot less willing to have fun and just carve a path of destruction towards the gate. And of course, whenever I have to deal with Hazama who messes around WAY MORE than I do.
  • Not Me This Time: In Celica's Arcade mode in Central Fiction. Nu-13 had been running around taking the Nox Nyctores and Celica naturally assumes it was my doing. Well to her disappointment I had nothing to do with it, it was her precious big sister Nine.
  • Obviously Evil: I mean come on, do I look legit to you? Tsubaki and Litchi must be complete idiots to still even think of working for my side, whether they like it or not! And let's not forget Little Miss Trinity Glassfield, who LOVES my Kazuma form enough to set me free! Hah!
  • Off-Model: GODDAMMIT, GONZO!!! What the hell did you do to my awesome face!? I'll let it slide for now, because it does serve for a moment to Troll the audience. Though the same thing would be said about the guys behind Alter Memory. Seriously, did I kill their families and they are trying to get revenge by drawing me off-model? More power to me though!
  • One-Winged Angel: In my Astral, I take the form of the Black Susano'o and wipe my shit-stained opponent off the face of the earth with one swipe, because I AM THE ONE, TRUE SUSANO'O!
  • Orochi: One technique from each persona of mine has this mythological motif. For my Hazama-self, and another for good old me. Since I AM a cold-hearted snake that's been telling lies, of course I need this at some point. It's only as of Chronophantasma of course.
  • The Other Darrin: Aside from the Erik Davies-to-Doug Erholtz example, here's one strange thing to point out....due to poor scheduling of a recording session in the English dub, Spike Spencer had to voice me in one arcade cutscene in Continuum Shift II. Strange, I know, but bullshit like this can happen even I can admit.
    • It happens again in Central Fiction with Kenta Miyake voicing my true-self, Susano'o.
  • Ouroboros: Again, another mythological snake motif. The name of my weapon or Nox Nyctores. You call it 'mental penis'. I say it's awesome! But then again, that 'penis' moniker does make me're too kind. Heheheheheheh.....
  • Overranked Soldier: What was that?! You are saying I don't deserve to be a Captain? How about you come here and let me show why I am a Captain. And besides, who do you think founded both the N.O.L. and Sector 7? If anything, I'm an Underranked Soldier.
  • Physical God: As Susano'o I have the power to flatten nearly everybody else in the cast and I will use this power to destroy ALL of Amaterasu's creations.
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: And while I'm at it, I'll also refer to many memes as far as I can remember! Awesome, huh? That is why I am VERY favored.
  • The Power of Hate: I get off from making you hate me! The more you hate me, the more I will be anchored to your world... and goodness me, the people in the BlazBlue world are just idiots that they can't even ignore me! Of course, that's probably because I never get tired in pissing them off or presenting myself as a threat to them... What? It's fun.
    • The only exception for the "fun" part is my true-self, Susano'o. It seems he does it for pure rage against Amaterasu and for upholding his own existence.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Well, maybe you got a point. All these awesome things can be said that I just have very simple, childish desires... To get known as the most awesome being ever! And if I don't get that desire pronto and eternally... I've got enough manpower to force it upon you!!. Except that wrinkly old hag Izanami, but hey what can you say? It's still a personality trait! Subverted by my original-self via Susano'o, who's more collected and fuming red than crazy and laughing mad.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: I'm as batshit crazy as they come. Can't say the same for Relius, though.
    • Now that I think about it, it's the same thing with Hazzy and me. Y'know, me and my bitchin' badass hooded jacket, and him and his Wacko-Jacko get-up.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: I remember every single loop I have went through. Every. Single. GODDAMN. ONE! You might argue that the reason why I'm like this is because of that, but frankly, I don't give a shit. In fact, if I can use this trope as a cheat sheet to figure out how to outmaneuver anyone... well, that worked out well... right?
  • Satanic Archetype: Yep, I'm the closest you can get to the big D himself in the lovely fun-filled world of BlazBlue, especially as my real self. Hell, I like to think I'm even better than the Devil. That's right! Suck a fat one, Satan!
  • Savage Wolves: My original motif as Susano'o, but only in the actions I perform and sadly not the names of my techniques. The difference between me and the shitty vampire's Old Yeller? He's all gums and I still got my fangs!
  • Seven Deadly Sins: I incorporate all of them. You can say I'm a jealous guy that they can hold onto things like hope, but I don't, so the verdict is that, what they hold that I can't get is stupid!
    • Envy: Remember that time I yanked Nine? She's trying to get rid of my Nox Nyctores!
    • Greed: Without it, where else do I get my share of making people suffer more and more? Excess is pretty fine for me, even if I don't look fat! And hey, I'm not satisfied with how I'm already this powerful evil spirit, I want MORE! And probably after I become the most worshipped thing ever, I'll want EVEN MORE!
    • Gluttony: Everything for my greatest pleasure, that is, making people suffer!
    • Lust: Oh and yeah, Relius may be kind of a Lazy Bum, but me, why lift my finger for dirty works when I can use shitty pawns like that?
    • Sloth: I'm also a very short tempered being, see my Berserk Button up there? It's easy to press. Go ahead, press it! I dare you, I double dare you, shitfaces!
    • Wrath: But most importantly, I believe myself to be above you worms, because that's just how I think. I am the most awesome, radiant being in this world, higher than any beings!
    • Pride: Don't forget that I embody one more sin that's not normally recognized: despair. See, I love crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone and everyone and putting people at their lowest and digging that pit even deeper. How's that for being an evil SOB, huh?
  • Sharing a Body: Hazama is actually his own living entity made by Relius, while yours truly is a ghost inhabiting Hazama's body. I've done this with Kazuma Kval in the past, mind you.
    • However, it seems Chronophantasma deconstructs this. Looks like the damn side effects of that stupid Mind Eater curse used by that bitch Nine on me in the past caused my merge with Hazama to be incomplete (despite my damn proper fusion with that damn troublesome fucker Kazuma Kval...), so it's been forcing us to remain as two separate identities inhabiting the same body and acting as one (with some notable success initially it seems). In this case however, Hazama's the dominant go-to-guy to be in public and good old me takes over whenever my cover's been blown, or when I feel the need to shit on someone (it's because of this is why we've had two separate sets of story portraits even at the start of Calamity Trigger). However, that damn vampire or rabbit or whatever and those damn chumps being the Six Heroes start to use the damn Muchourin combined with that wench's asswiping magic to switch our consciousness, forcing me to be the front while Hazama just gloats and ends up being in where I was at first.....damn bastards could've ended me right there if that damn Phantom didn't arrive on time....then not only that, another unforeseen side effect of that bullshit incarnates me into the physical world, all within a corporeal body of my own. And that is why end up as separate characters (and that damn bastard Hazama even has the nerve to call ME weaker than him when he beats me in arcade mode....).
      • Then however, comes Central Fiction.....judging from all those scenes in the opening (in terms of Hazama and I standing apart from each other and him still flaunting those two separate arcade artwork portraits of him having his normal face to his more awesome evil face as usual), how come I feel that deconstruction's going to be even more milked than I thought...? But wait....turns out, it did. It seems that damn Hazama's off on his own little merry adventure in the fourth installment of the main series, while I'm able to do as I please....though I still think that pissy fellow's a bit suspicious in his own regards.
      • And it seems I have to give him points for faking his amnesia just to play with everyone else...but wait.....WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU DON'T WANT TO BE ME MY HOST ANYMORE?! AND I CAN'T FUSE WITH YOU THANKS TO TRINITY AND RACHEL'S MAGIC?!?! Oh.....I see how it is.....just because I may feel good about having a "new-best-friend", DOESN'T MEAN I'LL LET YOU OFF THE HOOK, HAZAMA! Oh, and I somehow do this to re-hijack my old body back from Hakky to become Susano'o again. HA!
  • Shout-Out: My design as Hazama is nod the Micheal Jackson music video "Smooth Criminal", along with my movements. The fans noticed and called me a smooth criminal.
    • Hell, my birthday is even April 29, which is International Dance Day. Fun, huh? But that's only for my Hazama-self, since you don't need to indulge in anything else about the real me because I'm awesome enough.
      • Doesn't my Astral Heat kinda remind you of that Geese Howard guy? Well, my Hazama version blasts the opponent with chains instead of shockwaves. Most importantly, it's just fun seeing you pathetic players sprain your fingers trying to pull it off. But to save you some trouble, at least my real self has a more simple command, and that one command that my Hazama-self has actually has a few simple bypasses that have been historically there, I kid you not. So there's still "hope" for you...BLEEEEGH! Hope....but then again I can't be having my fans get turned off now, can I?
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Ain't that fucking right?! Of course, here's a cool catch; how I swear actually depends on my mood. If I'm pissed off or disgusted, then I normally use sexual swears or lingo out of habit.
  • Smug Snake: Ah yeah, I'm just as smug as you can get and I'll happily rub it to all of your faces 24/7...
    • Smug Super: But you can't do anything about it because the moment you do, I kick your ass. Deal with it, shitfaced losers.
  • SNK Boss: My Hazama self's Unlimited form in Continuum Shift. I can do my Serpent's Benediction/Jasetsu (Snake Temple) moves by themselves, my air dash is faster, AND I get a green, life-stealing aura (no perfects for you shitheads, hahahaha). It's kinda hard to say who between me, Mu or Ragna is the hardest boss in that game's story mode.
    • Have fun having your parents cutting off your allowance after fighting my true form in the console and explaining to them why your controller is lodged in their hard earned 66 inch HDTV.
  • The Sociopath: People are just my stress toys, and I love beating and humiliating those stress toys a lot... What? I got stressed out of boredom a lot, and that's when I don't see worms squirming!
  • Spell My Name with an "S": My name "Yuuki Terumi" actually has a long vowel on the "u" part of "Yuuki". So it can be written as "Yuki", "Yūki" or "Yuuki". It's a pain to get down, I know.
    • Sadly, this can also apply to the romaji of my moves in Japanese. Have fun. Meh, I'll admit, you're not going to and neither am I.
      • Then comes the body prior to Hazama that I possessed, Kazuma. His surname is either Kvar, Kval or via its Japanese spelling, Kuvaru. Yeah.....his case is MUCH more ambiguous.
  • Staying Alive: I told I'd be ba... I only have a week to find Hazama before I go Pfft?! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! MERCURY, YOU VILE BITCH!
  • Straw Nihilist: EVERYTHING EXCEPT DESPAIR ARE LIES LIES LIES LIES!!!! Now, accept that as the norms OR ELSE!! Yes, this means you, Hazama. Stop wasting time being a "good boy" in front of stress toys and get to the point! My original Susano'o-self just does it just because he hates Amaterasu though.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: My Yuuki Terumi persona is a weird subversion. I get drawn out of my Hazama body, and then I get killed.
  • Story-Breaker Power: I spend most of my fights kicking everybody's asses until Ragna manages to get strong enough to beat me. Outside of him, the only other guy who has been able to take me on is that tough son of bitch Hakumen, who kicked the shit out of Relius and I at the same time. As my true self I could fight that bastard on equal terms. Azrael might also have been able to beat me, but I never fought him.
    • Nope, scratch that. He and I duked it out once. In Centralfiction. In Act 3, for his last stage. Which wasn't fucking fair at all, catching me at a very bad time. Mad Dog? More like Mad Bitch; the least that son of a bitch could do is NOT kick people while they're down and put up a fair fight!
  • Synchronization: With Noel Vermillion/Mu-12. As long as she's still alive then I can always come back. Though we'll have to see what affect Time Killer has on a life-link, if any at all, but I'm guessing for now that this is how I'll come back.
    • There's also a slight possibility with the case of my Hazama body despite us ending up separate in Chronophantasma, but I think that's for another time to learn about.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: It's kinda of put with Relius. Being equally horrible men makes working together easier, even he's a Lazy Bum.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Oh boy, this is so my favorite tool to torment others, I can find every reasons why someone next to me just sucks and if I feel like it, I'll drill it to their sorry asses all the time until they break down in despair! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
    • And no one has given me any, all of them just resorting to repetitive shitty "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU TERUMI!!". Pfft, yeah, like I care! Why am I so awesome? Must be because I don't suck compared to those losers they can't even make up that trope for me! Well, a part of me can understand, but not like I wanna! Ha!
      • But of course, if you wrong ME however....then we'll see who's "FORGIVEN".
  • Third Act Stupidity: After reading one Revenge Fic about me too many, Arc System Works decided to hit me with the "Derp Ray", blinding me to the rodent's presence. It affected my performance in "CSE" and "Chronophantasma", lowering me to "Homer Simpson" levels of dumb. They turned me from a glorious bastard into Sector Seven's carbon blobs from subroom G! Mori, you better not jinx my return or I'll shove that monkeypaw so far up your ass you'll be puking bananas! But it DOES show me to be careful next to live another day carefully so I can still be able to rip chumps a new one....
  • To Create a Playground for Evil: Yes, yes! You humans should just fight and squirm each others like the worms you are to bring about my ideal world, while I just sit here and munch some popcorns letting you do the dirty works! Unfortunately the Hag wants to turn my playground into a barren, dusty, desiccated husk, just like her shriveled ovaries.
    • Now that The Hag is out of the way, I can resume my goal to destroy the world and recreate it in my own image. Of course most of you will die, but look at it this way: at least you're spared from smelling aeons-old, dried-up fish cootch.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: I just LOVE boiled eggs! Since I've got a snake thing going on, I prefer eating them whole like an actual snake does! Oh, goody! Don't you dare diss my boiled eggs now, or else. But if you love 'em as much as I do, maybe we can be friends! For once? Hell, I even boil those babies in a hot bath (in my Continuum Shift joke ending), and it's one of the greatest things in life! (If ONLY that damn thing didn't have cat motifs on it....)
    • Oh, why don't I eat them normally you ask? Well, that's for another time....
  • Troll: You shittin' me? I am more or less the God! And the malicious version, those other 'playful' ones don't hold a candle over me! Jelly, Bernkastel? U mad, Hades? Though that fat little pigshit wants to challenge me note . And that Stream fella is quite the skilled troll himself.
    • I'd personally rather punch and beat up shit to make it cry and bleed.....meanwhile that damn Hazama's more of the real troll nowadays as of Central Fiction; hell, he bothers to fake his amnesia! I give him points for fucking around with everyone, but if he's not willing to work with me when I need him most, I'll fuck him up myself when push comes to shove. Funny enough, my true-self seems A LOT more willing to destroy out of anger and defiance as opposed to trolling people with cruel smiles....I guess I've been to different places for a LONG TIME before I merged back with my old body it would seem.
  • Unexpected Character: Well, not my Hazama self, anyway. Calamity Trigger's ending made it clear I'd be joining the fight next game, but my true self is a separate character in Chronophantasma. The creators said they were done with alternate character incarnations, but I was so awesome they made an exception. They even worked the whole concept into the story mode of Chronophantasma, so how more awesome is that?!
    • Oh and you want to know something even more awesome?! I was able to come back as my original Susano'o self in Central Fiction even though many unexpecting idiots thought that it was only for my Astral! Not only is it an alternate to yours truly but also to that inferior Hakky! Oh they lost their collective shit so much that those guys who created the game took down videos relating to my original form until people could unlock it!
  • Unwitting Pawn: Just when it looked like Relius and I were setting Saya up as a Puppet King it turned out that she was possessed by Izanami and was using us. And this wasn't some creation named after a Shinto god like all those other things in the game, it was the full blown Shinto goddess of death. Yeah I didn't see that coming, nobody did, including you! I mean, I thought we had it under control, we were the ones to put Saya as the vessel of said Goddess in the first place! Laugh it up while you can, you ancient, walking, body surfing fossil.....
    • But on the other hand... just WHO isn't my Unwitting Pawn in Continuum Shift? First Lieutenant Garbage just ate my words about the alternate world where First Lieutenant Defect did not exist and boy did that help me form up Mu-12 when she went apeshit on her. Doctor Giant Tits believed that I have the cure for Blob Boyfriend? Well technically kinda true, but she thought I'd give her? Ah hah hah! Yeah, enjoy doing all those for NOTHING and everyone else calling you a selfish, unsympathetic, amoral git when you could have lived in peace and with everyone else's support! Let's not forget just about everything else I did to Raggy and even Major Pain in the Ass, everything they do there just serves as my way to disable Takamagahara. They're all morons for becoming my pawns, and I'm awesome for roping them to my plans, that is why I had such a great fanbase. I'm that swag.
  • Use Your Head: My latest move with my Terumi-self in Central Fiction, being the Tsuishouga (Crashing Pierce Fang). I've been spamming the frickin' hell out of energy snakes of darkness, so why not amp it up and bring one down on you with my nice and awesome IRON HEAD?!
  • Villainous Breakdown: That one time with the goddamn squirrel? Yeah, that was one time I broke down, but really, can you blame me? I worked very hard to build up that plan, and she just ruined it! But... that didn't happen very long, so I'm all back to my swag self. Heck, I threw off all her optimism when I met her in the CS Arcade!
  • Villains Out Shopping: In my Gag Ending, I decide to take a moment to bathe. I may be evil, but I sure as hell ain't unhygienic. But it turns out I should have checked the warning label on my bathing powder.
  • Villain Respect: Me having respect for any of those SHITBAGS beneath me?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I do admit though I did congratulate Raggy when he was somehow able to pull me out of the Susano'o unit.
  • Wild Card: As noted before, Hazama as of Central Fiction seems to do whatever he wants at that point, while still trolling people and not really wanting to be my vessel again.
    • What Is This Feeling?: But a fair warning, it seems ever since that wound that Trinity inflicted on him in the ending of Chronophantasma is getting to him, he seems to start wanting to see what others look like when they're in pain and is thus having even more of a personal thing for torture; especially towards that shitty vampire bitch above the Boundary just to see how long she can last before dying?! WHAT?! AM I HEARING THIS RIGHT?! .........ooooh. Just the way I like it...HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, zip up your shirt please, stop showing me that disgusting creepy wound before I literally disassemble you from there, Hazama.
  • Why Won't You Die?: Standard reaction about why I won't be going away that easily. Pop quiz, the answer is here amongst the page. Of course, that went poof when Hakumen did the Time Killer, but... you know how it'll end up! And what do you know, IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK! Hakumen couldn't even kill TIME with that!
    • I once used this trope with Ragna and told him to hurry up and die, but he wasn't going to be dying any time soon.
      • And why didn't I die? Simple....I somehow started to "observe" myself. I got lucky with that I'll admit, so don't expect me to tell you that it's a simple-to-explain walk in the park. But dammit, I'm seriously running out of time before I'm snuffed out for good. Hazama, ya better re-work our fucking link together or...WHAT?! YOU DON'T WANT TO BE MY HOST ANYMORE?! Well, I guess I can still depend on you for certain tasks, especially since I've gotten something to make my own vessel with....but if push comes to shove...either I'll make sure I'll form that said new vessel to destroy you with.....OR I'LL TAKE YOU TO NON-EXISTENCE WITH ME!!!
      • Bummer. Even AFTER I got back my awesome Susano'o body, I just had to confront Raggy later on to actually die for real. Not before cursing him with my Famous Last Words as seen above of course. Now time to sit back and eat more boiled eggs now that my role's done....
  • Wicked Cultured: Here's one thing I'll tell you about....I LOVE my guitar, and attending live rock concerts is a hobby of mine. Don't believe me? Check the material collection. Even the gag ending in Chronophantasma: Extend that I'm in brings that up to piece.
  • Worthy Opponent: Wouldn't you believe it, because I sure as shit can't. It took four games, but li'l ol' Raggy finally grew a pair of balls around Centralfiction and shish-kebab'ed me with that Bloodedge of his, right after yanking me outta that suit... Sucks shit kicking the bucket, but hey, gotta hand it to the asshole for putting up one hell of a fight.
  • You're Insane!: Believe it or not I'm never on the receiving end of this, I'm dishing it out. In my Gag Ending in Continuum Shift when a shitload of cats get attracted to me, and Jubei says that before he kills me he'd, sniff me. Naturally I responded with this.

This wiki is nothing but lies lies lies LIES!!! Allow me to show you all the only truth, the truth called DESPAIR!!

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