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Self Demonstrating / Yandere

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I love you, my little troper! You're my everything! I want you to love me and marry me! If you won't... I'LL MURDER YOU AND THEN I'LL KILL MYSELF!!! Heh... Aha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

"If you won't return my love, then the anger I'm feeling now – this hatred – I'll surrender myself to it!... There's no way I can do that! My love for you is sooo much greater than any hate I feel. Ohh... I want to kill you... I want to kill you so badly! But you don't think of me that way... waah."
Renko Hikawa, Psycome

Peek-a-boo♡! Wake up, silly troper! I've been thinking about you all last night, and I decided I'm going to describe the Yandere topic just for you! Tee-hee♡! Well, I am going to be your future spouse, after all, so I want to have this special talk with you, sweetie! Besides, I already locked all the other exits until I finish, so I am going to read my super-duper special article (that I stole from that plug-ugly cow!) to you, and you are going to listen! Un-der-stand?

If you try to run away, I will cut out your tongue!

Huh? You want me to read it?! Aww, that is so sweet! Thank you♡!

Okie~! The Japanese term yandere refers to a character who is "mentally ill and in love", alternating freely between two behaviors: yanderu (sick or crazed) and deredere (in this case, lovestruck).

The word was derived from the term Tsundere, another character archetype who is antisocial on the outside, but really sweet on the inside. The sick portion was added when a romantic obsession beyond typical Tsundere fare was developed, where strong and deep romantic love and affection became distorted to something more sinister. For example, if I became jealous of another troper, I might kidnap them, poison their food, or even stab them to death! What is normally viewed as gruesome acts of violence, I view as labors of love because I'm the only one my crush should talk to.

Things are different with you, my sweet love~. If you cheat on me or reject my feelings of love, I may kill you, or I may kill myself. My actions really depend on how strongly I feel about you as well as the given events and situations. Sometimes I feel like bottling up my feelings of hatred and jealousy towards other tropers. Other times, I just feel like gouging the eyes and slitting the throats of every troper you look at. So, treat me well on the streets and in the sheets, okay? Mm-hm-hmm...♡

Another major factor to my personality is, unlike that tsundere prude, I am much more sexually open. It is important for lovers to have a physical relationship because it is my duty to fulfill all your desires. I don't want to be a selfish lover, so I am open to anything you want, my darling. Just please be gentle...♡

Many writers treat me in drama and horror stories as worst possible scenarios, or as a Butt-Monkey for dark comedies, even though some comedies play it straight. Some writers use me as a sort of Wish-Fulfillment, though some are better hidden from public view. Specifically, the idea is every jealous, mentally damaged individual is really just a lonely, loving person looking for someone to return their feelings. I mean, I know I'm scary, but I really do love you, sugarbear. I just want you to hold me in your arms and whisper, "I love you, too♡..."

Wikihow has an article on how to act yandere for your love. Have fun and take care of your sweet love!

Please do not confuse me with that Type B Tsundere vixen. If she were truly convinced you didn't love her, she would accept it and just do their best to try to make you happy. I am not good with rejection at all and would probably turn very violent. This doesn't just apply to confessions, either. I am very insecure about whether or not I am being a good spouse-to-be. If I feel like I am not good enough for you, I will go to extreme measures for you. I may cook you dinner, spend more time with you, turn myself into your housekeeper, or even give you my body♡. If I still feel ignored, I will be forced to use other means of making you love me... Tee-hee♡!

You know, speaking of that Tsundere, I’ve heard she really does have a crush on you… guess I’ll have to take care of her… Tee-hee♡!

See also the analysis page for behaviors typically employed by me and other related topics.

Click any of the links below to learn more about yanderes all over media. No real life examples, please! I love you too much to let you get into trouble, you naughty troper♡. For invoked examples, please use the "Other" category.

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Hm? Why are you in the corner shivering? Did I scare you, sweetie? Awww, I’m so sorry♡… Here, lemme hold you. I shouldn’t have thought you would leave me, because I know you’d never do that, cutiepie♡…

But I do have this kitchen knife just in case! Tee-hee♡!

Huh? Did you reeeeeeally read the whole thing? W-Well, you can read it again, right? I-I mean, there's nobody else you need to talk to... riiiiight?

I will always know what you are doing and when and where. Huh? You don't mind? Awww, you're the sweetest troper ever! You really know how to make me feel special!

I love you so much I will never let anyone else get close to you♡!