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Self Demonstrating / The Unbelievable Gwenpool

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Check me out, babies!
"A while ago I left the real world. I successfully traveled to the very weird space between realities, and emerged here. The comic book land of super heroes! And it was fun! I killed a bunch of rando fictional characters and got paid well for it. I knew the only way to survive in a place like this was to become a main character myself."
Me, giving my opening monologue Someone's gotta do it!
Guess I'm on TVtropes now? I'll start by describing myself

Hey true believers! It's me, Gwenpool aka The Ghost Ninja. I'm a Marvel Comics heroic mercenary, who first appeared in a variant cover for Self Demonstrating/Deadpool 's Secret Secret Wars #2 as a Spider-Gwen, Deadpool mashup. People seemed to like the idea so much that I got to guest star in an arc with Howard the Duck of all people!

I've appeared in a couple different comics, but I'm still just starting out, so I haven't done anything really major.

At this point you might be thinking, "Gwen, why do you know you're in a story?" Wellll, it's because I hopped over to the Marvel Universe from the real world! Also I may have gone a teensy weensy bit out of the panels of my comic, and jumped around into future and past panels. Time Travel is fun!


Ever since I was forced into a pocket dimension resembling my home dimension, I've been able to see, touch, and get pushed out of windows by thought boxes, speech bubbles, sound effects, and all that jazz!

Oh! You probably want to know how I fight! I usually use a lotta guns, some booms, a couple blades, and a smidge of pushing people out of reality note . I've also stopped a fight just by talking once or twice.

Also, I hope you don't mistake me for another Motor Mouth, Medium Aware, Merc with a Mouth. I can see how you'd get confused, but just, come on man!


I've been in a couple comics

I got into a couple games too!

  • I have a few bonus missions in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
  • You can also play as me in Marvel Puzzle Quest, Marvel Future Fight, and Marvel: Contest of Champions

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