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Self Demonstrating / The Three Stooges

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Curly: Hello!
Moe: Hello!
Larry: Hello!


Moe: Greetings and salutations! For we are the Three Stooges. I'm Moe.
Larry: I'm Larry.
Curly: I'm Curly. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
Moe: Quiet, you apple-head!
Curly: Ruff!
Moe: Why you...
Larry: Hey, you guys, quit stallin'. We got a page to talk about.
Moe (to Larry): For once in your life, you're right. (to Curly) Remind me to kill you later!
Curly: Soitently! I'll make a note of it. (He searches his pockets) I ain't a got pencil or paper.
Moe: Never mind. (he slaps Curly)
Curly: Oh! I didn't do nothin'!
Moe: Yet.
Larry: Come on, quit stallin'!
Moe: Gonna start that again? (he hits Larry on the head) Now, as I was saying, this is a "self-demonstrating" article...
Curly: If it's self-demonstratin', we shouldn't have to be doin' this at all. (Moe slaps him) Oh! Hmmph!
Moe: It's 'cause we're demonstrating our selves, you numbskull! Now, shaddup!
Larry: Yeah! (Moe glares at him) I will, too.
Moe: Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. We'll be talkin' about all our escapades on this here page. Almost everything we can stuff in.
Curly: I'd rather have the cranberry sauce kept outta the stuffing. (Moe eyepokes him) Ow-hoh-oh-oh! I can't see, I can't see!
Moe & Larry: What the matter?
Curly: I got my eyes closed. (Moe flicks his nose) Ooh! Hmmph! Ruff!
Moe: Quiet, Airedale!
Larry: Yeah, quiet!
Moe: You stay outta this! (he head-clunks Larry)
Now, this is a page about us listin' almost everything about us, and we'll be talkin' about 'em down there! So quit lookin' here and start readin' those tropes down there!


Larry: Also, we'll only be talkin' about ourselves, and ourselves only; Shemp, Besser, and Curly-Joe won't be talked about. If ya want, you can help us add more know-how about us guys.

These tropes are woith readin'. They're informative, they're knowledgeable, they're even mediocre.

Moe: Well, what are ya still doin' here? You read all there is on this page!
Larry: Come on, beat it! Stay here too long, you'll wind up waistin' your life!
Curly: Soitenly! Besides, there are plenty of other pages you can visit down there, too.