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Not a hoax. Not a dream. Not an imaginary story.

(For best effect, read in the voice of a very whiny Linkara, essentially just Prime's normal voice.)

Finally I got my own page here on TV Tropes! Bout damn time, am I right? My name is Clark Kent but you no doubt all know me as Superboy-Prime, and I'm the greatest superhero EVER!

I came from Earth-Prime, an Earth where all superheroes were just fictional characters. I was just like any of you, I had a normal life, a girlfriend, best friends, and went to high school. Somewhere along the line, I found out one day I'd developed powers exactly like Superman's. Still not sure how that happened. So, natch, I decided to to become a real-life Superboy! But all of that went to hell thanks to the First Crisis that ended up. Since I'm awesome and brave, I helped other superheroes, including my idol Superman to stop Anti-Monitor, to save the whole of creation. Am I a saint or what? I was saved by Alexander Luthor Jr. from Earth-3 and we were dropped into a "paradise" Pocket Dimension, along with Superman and Lois Lane from Earth-2. You'd think we'd gotten a Happy Ending for all our efforts, right? Yeah, well, this's comic books, dudes. Good times don't last.


Because of all those years of solitude, missing my Earth, and watching as the superheroes who inherited the new reality weren't doing great, if I'm being honest. Things weren't the same. Heroes weren't bringing hope. They were at odds with each other, Superman and Batman especially. I started getting antsy and frustrated. Especially that emo imposter Conner Kent! That guy has it made! I would've given anything to have what he has, that selfish, half-assed loser! Eventually, Alex and old man Supes finally agreed that we had to do something about it. So, when the Second Crisis started, we took the first chance we got and busted out of our prison dimension. Alex helped orchestrate a scheme with Batman's Brother Eye, and stirred the pot with the already dysfunctional superhero community, and I got to work reclaiming my rightful place as Superboy and beat Connor's sorry ass to prove it, and get him out of the picture! Then the loser Teen Titans came along picking a fight. And I lost my damn patience! I'd had to watch the heroes I sacrificed my entire home for keep messing up, and now they were attacking me! What was I doing wrong!? Well, in hindsight, I did lose my cool, did get carried away, and kinda I ended up killing at least a quarter of the team by accident, but as far as I'm concerned, they asked for it! As if things couldn't get bad enough, The Speedsters, including Barry Allen (who I thought was dead), yanked me into and trapped me in the Speed Force and left me to rot! Natch, I busted my way outta there! The Speed Force may be damn powerful, but I'm Superboy, which means a teenage Superman! And we all know Superman can do anything. I spent a good 8 years in there (not that you could tell), but time works differently, so, Bart aged up into a 20 something and took up Barry's suit, where I forged this badass solar-absorbing armor that looked like the Anti-Monitor's, and joined Alex to watch him recreate the Multiverse, and finally get my home back. So, I set out to put the multiverse right, the way it was supposed to be. I was going to make everything perfect, and I didn't care how many of these fakers I had to kill to make it happen!


I could tell you more about my life and how these quote-unquote "superheroes" ruined it, but that's what Wikipedia and the DC Database are for. So, you better read up and stop bothering me! Finally some tropers made a proper page about me and not just a section in Superman's Rogues Gallery as before, but I'm still seeing as a villain! I'm not a villain, you self-righteous dickheads! I'm SUPERBOY!

Publications where I appeared:

List of the pretentious "examples" this amateur site slung me:

  • Arch-Enemy
    • Conner. Freaking. Kent. He isn't even a real Kryptonian! He's a clone! Of your Superman. As if that wasn't bad enough, he actually got a team, parents, and respect. Hell, when he first appeared after your Superman first kicked the bucket, he was dressed like a 90s hipster and everybody loved him for it! Seriously, he was wearing a leather jacket and danced like he was from some crappy cartoons! You call that cool?!
    • Also those stupid Green Lanterns who locked me in a Power Ring-created prison. Asshats, all of 'em!
    • And the Speedsters! God, I h-h-hate the Speedsters!
  • Ax-Crazy: Hey! I'm a real superhero! You wanna talk crazy? Take a look at the crap DC's got out now!
  • Badass Cape: Oh yeah, especially with my Anti-Monitor Armor. Kick. Ass.
  • Berserk Button: I'M SUPERBOY! You even think about calling Connor the "real one", and I'll rip your freaking head off!
  • The Berserker: Shut up, you would to if you had to put up with the shit I had to go through.
  • Beware the Superboy-Prime: You better believe it, punkass.
  • Beyond the Impossible: I broke the walls of the "paradise" dimension me, Alex, and Old Man Supes and Lois were trapped in. And while I was beating the hell out of the walls of reality, the constant impact ended up distorting them... Nah, I'm yanking ya.
  • Blood Knight: Hey, killing fakeass superheroes is a blast.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": I carved it right into my chest.
  • The Brute: I did the dirty work for my "best friend" Alexander Luthor Jr. Can't believe that asshole suckered me into it. Again!
  • The Bus Came Back: As of 2020, I'm back in the DCU - you all thought I was erased in that speedster's big screwup, right? Nope, I've been in the Monsterlands this whole time!
  • Can't Un-Hear It: So help me god, if you read all of this in Linkara's voice! HE'S JUST JEALOUS, HE AND —! Wait, he's aware and is as confused by this status as I am?! Huh. I guess he's not so bad after all.
  • Chest Insignia: Every Superman's got one.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: After Barry messed up the timestream again and they rebooted everything with the New 52, and you just up and boot me out and never talk about me again!? THIS IS BULLSHIT!! Bringing me back in some random magic prison in some Shazam! comic IS NOT WHAT I WANTED EITHER!!!
  • Cloning Blues: I took of what was left of Match, a clone of Conner, who was ''already'' a clone himself (wtf?) and I made 3 more clones at my service just to stick it to that pink-faced schmuck. SUCK IT, LOSER! Well, until he and Cassie sealed me in the Source Wall (again, we sure that part happened?).
  • Comic Books Are Real: Given that my world was more or less a fictional depiction of the "real world", I eventually got to see all of my heroes I grew up reading about in comics actually come to lift when I got involved in the First Crisis. To say I was severely let down would be a damn Understatement.
  • Darker and Edgier: I hate, hate HATE that the new DC Universe has been doing this. If you bring up that time I carved a Superman logo into my chest for absolutely no reason, I'll burn you to cinders.
  • Death Equals Redemption: Oh, I know you all think I'm a loser. I'm not. But the Dark Multiverse makes me puke. After Alex Luthor, Sinestro, and the whole Multiverse fiasco, something had to stick. Even if it's barely enough self-awareness to know that no matter what the Bat-Freak offered, I wasn't going to get Laurie or my parents back. I would never be the hero I dreamed I would be. And... and... how stupid do you have to be to join an "army of evil Supermen"? That's... that's just common sense! Superman... Superman and the heroes never lose... So I decided... my dreams and hopes just weren't that important in the end. So I punched him, over and over. Him and his stupid evil worlds. Heh. Killed them... to death. And... something happened. I-I don't know what. I was dying... and I just blinked, and... and I was back in Earth-Prime. And Laurie's here, too! And everything's back! I... I have my powers, and my own Krypto. Please give me a chance. I've learned. I promise. I have a chance, a real one, this time. Just... don't forget one thing. Every now and then, go outside. Take a walk in the sun.
  • Deconstruction: Imagine me as an example of how a real person would be affected by the consequences of the ending of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I mean, how would you handle losing everyone you love literally right after you get your powers and get to meet end up with all of your favorite heroes, you're fighting in a multiversal war with some freaking scary robot-like cosmic being that obliterates universes and eats their essence. Now imagine YOUR world is one of those, which means your home and literally everyone you ever loved? They're gone. Not just dead. Like they never even existed in the first place. And for all your help, your reward is ending up stuck in a "paradise" dimension with an old Superman, his old Lois, and Alexander Luthor. You have to watch as the new universe's half-assed replacement of you, a wannabe Superboy not only gets to have an incredible career, but he also gets to join teams like Young Justice and the Outsiders, stuff you NEVER got to do. And despite the fact he's an angsty asshole who complains about being a half clone of Lex Luthor, he's still loved and appreciated and respected, but you're not. You're pretty much friendless and have no actual life. No actual home. No family. No friends. No nothing And you'll also never get to grow up. You'll never get to be Superman. That's life for you for eternity. Yeah, you'd go crazy too.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "I'll kill you! I'll kill you to DEATH!" There I said it, you freakin' happy?
  • Despair Event Horizon: You try losing your home, your family, your girlfriend and friends, to a multiversal cataclysm, and left behind in a reality you thought was fictional, and spend year after year watching as this new reality goes to shit, such as adopting grittier trends to make it "popular", which results in violent "antiheroes" with guns blowing people away left and right, iconic paragons like your Superman getting killed and replaced with three crappy posers, one of which is a evil cyborg, and your Batman getting crippled and replaced by some crazy-ass religious antihero, Hal Jordan going crazy and destroying the GL Corps., Joker killing Robin, Lex Luthor becoming president of the US, and all-in-all, heroes who aren't trying to inspire you to be better, only reflecting the way society is currently, which only ever turned things to shit, and having to watch it get bleaker every year, knowing that this is the world you fought tooth and nail to save while yours was blown to shit, and then you tell me whether or not they don't deserve to get blown to shit in turn.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Being depowered and useless for my own plans, I just killed off the Anti-Monitor for real. I can't tell if it actually happened or not.
  • The Dragon: Just for fun in the time I was part of Sinestro Corps, serving as the herald of the Anti-Monitor. Could you believe it?
    • Also The Anti-Monitor having a "mother" and another "sibling"? You hacks poached from Naruto!
  • Expy: That Kryptonian noid from The New 52 called H'El is probably the closest they're gonna get to me. Eh, can't win'em all.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After everything I've gone through and all the suffering I endured, I FINALLY got my happy ending. I hurt the Batman Who Laughs enough to give the heroes and villains a fighting chance and helped Wonder Woman defeat the evil idiot. As my reward I was sent back to my own universe where everyone I know and love is not only alive but know that the "evil" me only existed in the comics (because crappy writers couldn't take criticism), so I don't have to worry about being influenced by their petty writing. They love me and I'm truly happy again! I finally have some self-control, and my own dog now too. Best part? I got to keep my powers and used them to save a kid's life. It's true, good things DO happen to good people after all.
  • Evil Counterpart: I’M NOT EVIL! HE BECAME EVIL! NOT ME!
  • Face–Heel Turn: Again, those fakers from Earth-1 went bad, not me!
  • For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself: Kind of. After all of those years bullying me as "Superboy", finally I made the Cosplay for Halloween when the Halley Comet passed... and then the Crisis appeared and my once-hidden powers activated, and I became the real deal! Shame that shortly after my world was destroyed...
  • Fury-Fueled Foolishness: Hey, it wasn't foolishness, they pissed me off and I killed them when I didn't want to! Especially when those stupid Teen Titans tried to avoid to kill that freakin' Conner during the Second Crisis, goddammit!
  • A God Am I: I was considered this for the Legion of Super-Villains. I gotta say, I can't argue with that! Especially during my tenure as the Time Trapper.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Since that pretentious phony old prick (Earth-1 Superman) said I wasn't worthy of my suit, I just cut the S symbol into my chest with my bare hands.
  • Heel–Face Turn: It's not like I was evil in the first place, but Wonder Woman convinced me that it's worth taking a shot in the dark to try and save all worlds rather than just my perfect one.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: I was a good guy once, I promise. But watching the Post-Crisis timeline getting worse and worse, because the heroes stopped acting like heroes, too wrapped up in their own problems, gave me the incentive to fix things... my way.
  • Hero-Worshipper: When I was a kid, like pretty much all of you, I used to adore and worship the ground Superman and the League stood on. Since the First Crisis and the decades after, let's just say I know better now.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: I do not get pissed off easily, shut your damn mouth!!!
  • Human Alien Discovery: Since the day I was born, I though I was just like any of you. Then by the time the First Crisis occurred, I found out I had superpowers. Not only that, it turns out I really was Kryptonian after all, I was a fictional character in my own right, even though I was the only one in my dimension. A lot of damn good it did me.
  • I'll Kill You!: TO DEATH, even! Just like I told that loser Monarch that one time!
  • In-Series Nickname: Back in school on my Earth, my friends used to always mockingly call me "Superboy", since my parents named me Clark Kent, after who the hell do you think? After I actually gained Superman's powers, I threw it back in their snooty faces by taking the name like a badge. And then, when the Mulitverse went KABOOM, which included my Earth, and I was one of the surprisingly numerous refugee counterparts without a home to go back to, I called myself "Superboy-Prime" to distinguish myself any others with the name. These days, I hate being called "Prime". Do I look like a f-freaking Transformer to you?!
  • Immune to Bullets: Dude, hello? I'm Superman! What were you expecting?
  • It's All About Me: What's wrong with that? I'm the only real superhero! I'm Superman! Why shouldn't it be about me?
  • Love Interest: Laurie Lemmon, my first and only love. She loved me in spite of any and all admittedly-awful things I've done. And with her, things actually turned out okay.
  • Motion Comic: Those DC guys made one of Dark Nights: Death Metal where finally they managed to get me a cool voice thanks to that Henri Cash guy who voiced me instead of that Linkara jerk. That I still sound whiny? NO, I'M NOT!
  • Names To Run Away From Very Fast: Yeah, you'd better back away from that screen, loser.
  • Never My Fault: It's really not when you actually stop and think about it. Since some stuck-up, fake-ass DC writer who can't take criticism because of their terribly thin skin, they write me to do all these horrible things, it's really not MY fault, it's THEIRS. I mean, really, in the truest of facts, there's no such thing as bad characters, just BAD WRITERS.
  • No Fourth Wall: I came from a world that all the superheroes were fictional characters, you don't have to say it to me again! Also, I almost kicked Dan DiDio's ass if it wasn't for those stupid Black Lantern zombies!
  • Omnicidal Maniac: OK, you're clearly overexaggerating here.
  • Pet the Dog: Believe it or not, I'm still capable of compassion. The last time I appear, I'm gently hugging my friend Laurie. Guess good things comes to guys like me after all.
  • Powered Armor: I was already powerful before, comes with being a counterpart of Superman, which means I have Kryptonian DNA, but thanks to my own version of the Anti-Monitor's Armor, I became really freaking strong! I even killed the original version of Superman! That old fart was asking for it!
  • Psycho Rangers: I was part of Sinestro Corps for a while... until they failed to help me get what I wanted.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: I'M NOT A DAMN KID! And I'm not psychotic!
  • Rage Against the Author: Do you think I'm happy with the crappy stories those shitheads of DC Comics gave to me!? In Adventure Comics I went to get my revenge against that baldhead of Dan DiDio and all of those DC f*ckers after Alex gave me my powers back! But I couldn't concrete it thanks to those stupid Black Lantern zombies that bothered me all along!
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Um, duh? Superboy, people, I mean come on.
  • Red Shirt: Why is everyone so up in arms about all those guys I killed in Infinite Crisis? None of them were getting their own solo series anytime soon.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Well, my dimension had to get blasted to oblivion so that a new DC Universe could be created, forced to sit on my ass in a crystallized Pocket Dimension watching things get worse and worse because these self-proclaimed mockeries of my heroes can't/won't do their jobs right, or just go nuts and kill people. If they're not gonna act like heroes and protect the world, then they don't get a world!
  • Sadist: Call me a freaking sociopath, but I actually enjoy ripping people to bloody shreds. Those idiot Green Lanterns died just as amusingly as I wanted, and boy, did I make that whore scream when I murdered that faker Superman while Alex was under my arm! Man, I just love killing people.
    • But not anymore. Maybe it got boring, maybe I'm just tired of the merry-go-round from hell my life has become, but I just want this whole mess to finally end. The copycat dealing with Batson is totally still into it though.
  • Shoulders of Doom: Thanks to my badass Anti-Monitor Armor.
  • Shout-Out: You can guess it, me being an alternate version of Superman and all. And the only, Superman there will ever be.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Small name? SMALL NAME!? I'M SUPERBOY, goddamnit!
  • Straw Fan: Excuse me? You think I'm supposed to be some kind of unflattering caricature of... of annoying elitist fanboys? I'll have you know I never once complained about the multitude of race lifts, gender flips and sexuality changes that have been going on. Seriously, all the characters I hate the most are straight white guys!
  • Stylistic Suck: NEVER! Anyone here who says my dialogue is designed to resemble the stupidity of the morons who give DC shit right now or that my article has so many typos and run-on sentences because that's how I talk is only trying to cover their ass! I talk good... really!
  • Time Travel: Becoming the Time Trapper. THAT was some epic shit right there.
  • Troll: Those stupid fanboys from DC forums call me one. I'm not kidding! I'm freaking Superboy! Why would I lie about that!?
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: I was a good guy, I swear. They did this to me, and that's why I want to destroy them!
  • Villain Has a Point: Once that psycho Randian Zack Snyder got his hands on Superman and Batman, people finally realized I was right all along for trying to destroy a DC Universe that wasn't an exact replica of our childhood memories. That being said, his Lex Luthor does seem kinda familiar.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: I'm not insane! Those fake superheroes are! That's why I'll kill them all, you dumbass!
  • You Are Not Alone: Apart of me, there was another superhuman called as "Ultraa" that came for the same Earth. Also, turns out the Legion of Super-Heroes were real on my world too. Yeah, wish I'd known before I whupped their ass.