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(This article is better read when channeling either Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Sandra Hess, Olivia D'Abo, Jeri Ryan, Dana Lyn Baron, Tricia Helfer, and Ronda Rousey. Or Rebeca Patiño if speaking Spanish)

Consider this, troper. When it comes to a major event, it's the small things that can either make or break them.

Take the Space Shuttle Challenger for example. All hands lost, and millions of equipment destroyed, all due to poor weather conditions, flaws in the rocket booster, and a faulty O-ring.

Another example is the RMS Titanic. Fifteen hundred lives lost due to a lack of lifeboats, lack of foresight, and plan old hubris.

In my case, it was an encounter with Johnny Cage and the chain of events that would follow that would not only change my life forever, but would lead to the birth of our daughter.


But I'm getting ahead of myself. You're here for a full dissertation. Fortunately for you, my file had just been declassified. Better to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth from me.

And maybe to one-up Johnny. Just don't tell him that.

My name is Sonya A. Blade. Quite possibly you knew that already. My parents were Herman and Erica Blade. I also had a twin brother named Daniel, but...he's gone. I'm an Austin girl, born and raised. We either do it big or we don't.

Aside from my military career, I am also one of the original seven kombatants, the original Action Girl/Lady of War of the tournament before Kitana and Mileena came along.

Looking back now, my life in the First Run was rather...unimpressive. It's the Second Run where I rose to prominence alongside Johnny; he as Raiden's champion, and myself being the first Blade to make General.

Advertisement:'d both be proud of me.

Before I can get to the Second Run, here is a rundown of the First.

I was a Lieutenant in the Special Forces. My target was Kano, the leader of the Black Dragon. Bastard killed my first partner, which made him Number One with a bullet on my hitlist.

I tracked him down to Shang Tsung's Island, but was immediately captured with my team and forced to compete in Mortal Kombat. Liu Kang won that tournament.

Chasing after Kano, I spent the Outworld Tournament chained up alongside Kano in the Koliseum. Not exactly my finest moment, but I did get a front-row seat of Liu kicking Shao Kahn's ass.

After Jax rescued me, we tried to warn the top brass of the Outworld threat. They refused to listen. Of course, after Shao Kahn invaded Earthrealm and Liu kicked his ass in the rematch, the top brass changed their minds pretty damn quick.

On the upside, I took down Kano by flinging him off a rooftop. He survived, and I managed to lock him away.

Following Kahn's invasion, Jax and I formed the OWIA - the Outer World Investigation Agency. Our purpose was to investigate other realms and research in using technology to open portals.

With Shao Kahn licking his wounds, Shinnok and Quan Chi would make a play for Earthrealm. As expected, Liu kicked Shinnok's ass and Scorpion took Quan Chi to the Netherrealm to torment for all eternity.

The next couple of years would be spent monitoring the realms for threats, dealing with the remnants of the Black Dragon, analyzing the potential threat if the Red Dragon and the rise of the Tenkunin, Sektor's robo-ninja clan.

The next two events would happen in rapid succession: the rise of the Deadly Alliance and the return of Onaga. Shit really hit the fan the moment Shang Tsung snapped Liu Kang's neck like a twig.

Quan Chi and Shang Tsung joined forces in order to revive Onaga's army, said to have been unbeatable in battle. As we would later find out, it was only unbeatable due to Onaga's mastery of necromancy.

I, along with several others would experience this first-hand when Onaga returned and revived those who were slain in battle, fighting the Tarkarta, brainwashing us to serve him.

It took Shujinko to stop Onaga and the spirit of Liu Kang to free us from Onaga's brainwashing. Even in death, you're still looking out after us.

Finally, we come to the final event of the First Run: The Battle of Armageddon. It was the battle of the ages, the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness in a fight to the finish.

Then Blaze appeared. The prize? A chance to defeat him and acquire the powers of a god.

I didn't make it.

But my story didn't end there. Raiden reset the timeline. From the tournament to Kahn's Invasion, the events played out just the same, but with minor differences.

Instead of me and my crew being captured by Shang Tsung, I was the one rescuing Jax. And there's Johnny. Our first meeting was Nightwolf famously stated, he gave me a reason to attack him. But I warmed up to him after he saved me from Kano.

Again, I got captured and Jax rescued me again. But after a nasty run-in with Ermac, we had to evac back to Earthrealm.

As expected, Shao Kahn invaded Earthrealm. Only this time, the gloves were off. Shao Kahn infused the revived Sindel with Shang Tsung's numerous souls and sicced her on us. Out of Raiden's champions, only myself, Johnny and Nightwolf survived. Kitana was mortally wounded. It took Nightwolf making the ultimate play to stop Sindel.

Kitana would die in Liu's arms soon afterward.

Raiden would finally figure out that Shao Kahn was to win in order for the Elder Gods to finally intervene. Unfortunately, Liu Kang had finally snapped after losing both Kitana and earlier, Kung Lao.

Raiden acted in self-defense, but what happened still haunts me to this very day. Liu was both immolated and electrocuted. With his dying breaths, he cursed Raiden.

Raiden's plan in letting Shao Kahn win and merge the realms actually worked. The Elder Gods struck down Shao Kahn and brought the invasion to an end.

With Jax's death, I was promoted to Major and given command of S-F. Johnny became Raiden's champion and we began to rebuild.

Two years later, Shinnok launched a full-scale invasion of Earthrealm. I led the attack on the Sky Temple, being aided by Kenshi Takahashi and Johnny. After fighting through some of the revenants - Jax included - we arrived at the Sky Temple and confronted Shinnok.

It was there, that I saw a selfless side to Johnny, one I haven't seen before. He took a kill shot that was meant for me, and shrugged it off like it wasn't nothing.

I would learn later that Johnny was descended from a Mediterranean warrior cult that bred and trained fighters for the gods, hence the green energy

Johnny would go on and kick Shinnok's ass, while Raiden sealed him in his own Amulet. Remember when I said earlier that sometimes, the small things can make or break an event?

This was that small thing. Johnny asked me out on a date as we recovered in the Jinsei Chamber. I agreed.

I thought that the date was a one-off, to be honest. But he knocked me up. He took the news of his impending fatherhood well. I thought it was a one-time thing, but he rose to the occasion, even asking me to marry him.

I said yes. Nine months later, we both were the proud parents of one Cassandra Carlton Cage.

Things moved quickly after that. During a mission to the Netherrealm that nearly killed Johnny, Raiden was able to undo the revenant spell on Jax, Kuai Liang, and Hanzo.

Oh, and after me saving your ass, Johnny, we're even.

Jax didn't return to S-F. After what he did as a revenant, I honestly don't blame him.

As for things on the homefront, things were good...for a while. But I was starting to spend more and more time at work, and it began to affect my family, even going as far as to spearhead a rescue operation for Kenshi as he fled from the Red Dragon when I should have been celebrating Cassie's birthday.

I had to choose between my family and my military career. I chose the latter. Johnny knew the risks when we got together, but even I think he had enough.

We ended up getting divorced, and we've shared custody of Cassie.

But since he was Raiden's champion, I had to deal with him on a regular basis.

Some years later, Kano and the Black Dragon kidnapped Cassie and Jacqui. That act led to the Blood Code Incident.

I...I don't like to talk about the Blood Code. Like Cassie, I still have nightmares about it. What I can tell you is that while en route to Shang Tsung's Island, I opened up to Johnny regarding our daughter.

"I gave up my daughter's childhood to make her world safe. That was the right thing to do. Right up a few weeks ago when she ran away. Now, we're at the end of the world, relying on the kindness of a barbarian."

"Who knows what she's seen on Shang Tsung's Island. What kind of torture they've inflicted on her. All I know for certain is if we fail, if we don't save her, then I gave up all those years for nothing. I never knew my own daughter, and she never knew how much her mother cares."

The Blood Code was Cassie's wake-up call. She joined the military as a grunt following graduation alongside Jacqui. Afterward, she and signed on to S-F, and worked her way up the ranks.

All the time, she was still close to her father. Guess part of me was still jealous over the relationship Cassie had. It was something that I wanted as well, but I screwed up on that idea.

Then, Johnny took time off from acting to work as a consultant. Then, he approached me with an idea: form an elite squad designed to kombat any and all threats to Earthrealm.

The idea had merit, and I agreed, provided that he trained the recruits himself. Maybe part of me wanted him to screw up. But my ex always had a habit of making the impossible possible.

Cassie and Jacqui volunteered for Johnny's team. The White Lotus sent Kung Jin, the cousin of the late Kung Lao and the Shirai Ryu offered Kenshi's son, Takeda.

While this is going on, Outworld was caught in a civil war between the deposed Mileena and the new ruler. Kotal Kahn, leading to S-F dealing with an influx of refugees. During a debrief session with Li Mei that somehow Mileena managed to get her hands on Shinnok's Amulet.

Thanks, Kano, for giving that half-Tarkartan bitch that damned amulet.

Speaking of Kano, he was hiding among the Outworld refugees. Kenshi and I managed to track him down. Kano likes to wheel and deal, whatever gets him out on top. When he offered information regarding Shinnok's Amulet in exchange for freedom, I refused.

Then he threatened Cassie. I saw red. It took Johnny talking me down from killing him. Once Kano spilled his guts, he was thrown into a cell. crazy afterward. While Cassie and her team chased down Shinnok's Amulet, Hanzo arrived with the Shirai Ryu. Quan Chi had been captured during a mission into the Netherrealm and Hanzo demanded his head.

Long story short, Hanzo took Quan Chi's head, but not before he went through Kenshi, Johnny and me. Unfortunately, thanks to that Kytinn bitch D'Vorah, Quan Chi was able to free Shinnok from his amulet, and ordered the revenants to kidnap Johnny.

While Cassie and her team chased down Shinnok and the others, I was amassing my forces for an assault on the Sky Temple. Turned out that it wasn't necessary. The revenants retreated after Shinnok was defeated.

My own daughter kicked Shinnok's bony ass and not only saved Raiden and her father, but also all of Earthrealm.

Two years would pass. Johnny and I got back together and Cassie earned her promotion to Commander.

Then Raiden approached me with a mission. A raid into the Netherrealm, in an attempt to take out the revenants in a decapitation strike.

it would turn out to be my final mission.

Despite Raiden's distraction, the revenants caught on and counterattacked, led by the new Emperor of the Netherrealm Liu Kang.

I was buried alive under tons of rubble. Despite Cassie's pleas, I made the power play. At the cost of my own life, I destroyed the Netherrealm fortress, my last thoughts being that of my daughter and Johnny.

Again, my story didn't end there. Thank Kronika and her Timequake for that. My past self was brought to the present, along with Raiden's other champions.

At least this time, I was able to put Kano down for good.

The Black Dragon, led by both the younger and older versions of Kano, raided S-F Command and in the chaos, both my younger self and Johnny were kidnapped. Cassie herself led the raid on the Black Dragon fight club and freed us.

Coulda done it sooner before I had to fight Kabal and Erron Black in rapid succession, Cass.

One Kano was bad enough. I had to deal with both of them. Rather than face the threat of a handicap match, I incapacitated the older Kano.

My victory over Young Kano was brief, as Old Kano had recovered and held Johnny at knife-point, reminding me that unless I back off, Johnny dies, then Cassie ceases to exist.

Thanks, Kano, for reminding me of the rules.

Kano expected me to back off. What he didn't expect was me to pull out a hidden pistol and put a single round into his younger counterpart's eye.

Looking back on it now, it was pretty damn cathartic. Seeing Kano stagger around with a hole in his eye, before blowing away like dust in the wind...that was my finest hour.

That's two you owe me for saving your ass, Johnny.

Before I could get a breather in, Geras attacked.

I was already exhausted after my fights with Kabal, Erron Black and both Kanos when Cassie made the save. Amazing what a forklift and a couple of frag grenades can do.

With Geras out of the way, I cleared the air with my daughter. I told her that I read the full file and apologized for my outburst. Gotta admit that I raised a damn fine soldier.

I wish I could say that I was there when we stormed Kronika's Fortress. But I understand why Johnny and I were left behind. I heard later that Liu Kang took down Kronika and secured the Hourglass. I would say "Mission Accomplished" if it weren't for Shang Tsung deciding to take a shit in our punchbowl but that's another story...

I was planning on kicking Johnny's ass due to my exploits making it into what he calls the Cage Cinematic Universe, but I actually found myself kinda like my first portrayal. And don't ask me about the sequel. Or Johnny. Or Hanzo.

I also mixed it up alongside Jax, Liu Kang and Raiden with The Justice League. They're good, but I missed the chance to take a shot at Black Canary. But a part of me wonders if the Superman I encountered is the same who went insane and became a tyrannical dictator... Then again, I get another shot at the assclown who started all the misery in the first place!

This information has just recently been declassified. Still, read at your own risk.


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