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Self Demonstrating / Shameless Self-Promoter

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"There are 30 million bloggers out there and they are all desperately trying to get you to read about their cat."

"Everyone on the internet has an ego, yes including you, but some people are just shameless."
Duckluck, brilliant social commentator.

"There are a lot of people who see the internet as their own personal advertising service. You see it all the time, everyone online seems to be pushing blogs, websites, and terrible self-published novels — when they aren't selling something more, ahem, personal."

"Other people just have to be the center of attention and will go to any length to put themselves in the spotlight."

"It's this sort of shameless egotism that causes people to put huge annoying banners in their signatures that have nothing but their name, a link to their blog, and maybe a picture if you're lucky. They put similar links in their profiles, forum titles (if the forum allows that sort of thing), and even names. Plus you can bet they will have a really self-congratulatory avatar."
Duckluck the Wise, Supreme Leader.

"Once they've turned every available inch of their account into one big, obnoxious ad for themselves, the Shameless Self-Promoter will then go on the offensive. They may go slowly at first, one piece of ego stoking Self-Insert Fic here, one link to their boring website there, but eventually they will get to the point where they'll be starting whole threads based on some piece of crappy Fan Art they drew or Emo poem they wrote. These threads will typically go on for several pages (with half the posts being by the self promoter) and will only end when the Shameless Self-Promoter stops getting praise and goes off to advertise themselves in a thread that people actually care about."
— St. Duckluck the Humble, Savior of the People.

"The shameless self promoter is almost always either a (really) Small Name, Big Ego or someone just looking to make a buck by pushing their wares wherever they can. Either way, the best thing to do is just ignore them. If they're doing it for attention, they'll lose interest and go somewhere else. If they're doing it to sell their crap, then all you have to do is not buy anything and they'll probably just start advertising elsewhere. The one thing you never want to do is give them the attention/business they're looking for, because once you feed them, they're yours forever."

"There are some guys who, after seeing a trend want to jump on the bandwagon."
Duckluck, Certified Expert

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