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For best effect, read this in a voice similar to Cr1TiKaL, Patrick Star, or Steel.

Human. Don't you know how to greet a new pal? Turn around and shake my hand.

(You turn around to do so. and then suddenly....pffffffffft.)

heh heh. the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. it's always funny. anyways, you're a troper right? ah, nice to hear. well i guess i should introduce myself. i'm sans. sans the skeleton. i'm one of the major characters from Undertale, which i'm sure you've heard of. if you haven't...well, then i guess you could probably google it or something. there's a ton of stuff on it...a skele-ton. me and my bro papyrus usually walk around snowdin and just look for humans. i'm not a hunter myself, but paps is a human-hunting FANATIC. mainly 'cause he's trying to get into the royal guard. together we usually make puzzles to capture any humans who come near. to be honest though, it's not really my thing. i just prefer to be lazy and whatnot and make some jokes and bad puns.


i'm also kind of the judge of the underground. essentially if a human falls down, it's up to me to judge them by their EXP and LOVE. exp is an abbreviation for execution points and LOVE is an abbreviation for level of violence just so you know. people tend to get mixed up on things like that. depending on your level of violence you either get to meet the king, Asgore, or...heh...well, let's just say you're not gonna be having a whole lot of fun.

anyways, i'm supposed to put some tropes up here and everything. apparently people get a kick out of things like this.


tropes that i show are


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