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Self Demonstrating / Mr. Resetti

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(This theme plays as an angry mole pops out of the ground next to you)


Whoa... Phew... Everythin's blackin' out... Gotta chill out...

Huh? You sayin' ya never reset nothin'? Really? Oh, well, uh... Guess we ain't got a problem then. But seein' as I'm here at this TV Tropes place, lemme introduce myself. Name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti. On behalf of the family, lemme just say... uh... lemme say... Aw, forget it! How's a mole supposed to remember this garbage? HUH?

Anyway, ever hear of the Animal Crossing series? Yeah? That's where I'm from. My role in those games is to be the no-resettin' policy enforcer. The, uh....conscience of the game, ya catch my drift? Y'see, there are some punks out there who think Animal Crossing is one of them games where you can just do-over anythin' that went wrong by hittin' the RESET button (or by hittin' the off switch on their machine), ya hear? Well, guess what? Animal Crossing ain't one of those games! It's a game about life, and you hafta take what comes at ya, good or bad. Ya break those rules, ya gotta deal with yours truly. I'll let ya off with a polite warnin' the first or second time ya break the rules, but if ya keep doin' it, then I'll be wearin' my angry hat, and it ain't a pretty one! And sometimes, I'll send my older brother Don after ya if my blood pressure's too high for the job.


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, however, I don't have a job no more... Y'know my workplace? The Reset Surveillance Center? It got closed down. And that really stinks... And accordin' to those higher-ups at Nintendo, it was all because some of the punks I've had to read the riot act to hate my guts, and that I've come off as "too scary" to the younger kids. However, if ya become the new mayor of your town, think ya can do this mole a favor and restore the center?

By the way, I've made a couple other appearances in other things. Say, for example, ever hear of that anime movie based on ''Animal Crossing''? No? Well, I pop up in that movie to teach that Ai kid the rules of Animal Forest, and I've also had to give that Yu punk a piece of my mind when he accidentally hit me on the head with one of them shovels.


Then, some guy came up to me...what was his name again? Mashpotato Samurai or somethin'? Whatever his name was, he came up to me and asked me to be in this game he was makin', called, uh, Super Smash somethin'-or-other Brawl, somethin' like that. I thought this would be my chance to teach those punks from all those Nintendo games, along with that mercenary guy and that blue porcupine, what a mole can do...but NOPE! He put me in as a stinkin' item! One of those Assist Trophies, ya know what I mean? What's the deal with that? HUH?! What a rip-off! Even worse, they replaced me with that Isabelle broad in the fourth game! No respect I tell ya! Then again, maybe it's for the best, because have you seen that Bayonet chick? She's practically wearin' nothin' at all! FOR THE LOVE OF DECENCY LADY, PUT SOME REAL CLOTHES ON! THERE ARE KIDS PLAYING SMASH! Though to be fair she knows when to leave the sailor speech at her own game. Waitaminute, they made Isabelle playable in the fifth Smash? Well at least it ain't the really stupid and pointless choices those "fans" want like that bear and bird. Let it go, folks they don't belong to Nintendo no more. Ya just settin' y'selves up for disappointment.note  *sees the announcement of Banjo-Kaooie for Ultimate's DLC.* Well I stand corrected.

And I've been told that I'm in one of them monster-huntin' games on the 3DS as a costume for those cat partners to wear. And I've also been in that Mario Kart 8 game as an obstacle in that downloada popble track based on Animal Crossing. Don't ya dare drive into me, or you'll be sorry! Even better, I'm a playable character in that new fandangled Mario Maker game even if I'm technically a costume. If playin' dress up ain't your thing, well, try buyin' an amiibo of yours truly (either as a figurine or a card — I got two different cards of myself, one each for Series 1 and 4) and use it on Aninal Crossing's board game spinoff for Wii U or even in New Leaf.

Anyways, that's all I can say. What's that? Ya want tropes? Well, let's get them over with. This mole's got things to do, ya know? Get the wet clothes outta the washin' machine to dry and all that.

Tropes that apply to me:

  • Action Bomb: If ya whack me enough times in Smash, I'll go KA-BLAM! SO WATCH IT, PUNK!
  • And Another Thing...: I end my speeches with one of these, and they're usually a little grammar tip, or reminders for you punks to take better care of your hygiene, ya grubby potatoes!
  • A Taste of Their Own Medicine: Ya reset too many times, and I might just hit RESET for in resettin' ALL of your progress. Everythin' you've done so far? All that you've worked for? It'll all go bye-bye! I won't actually do that. It's just to scare ya into not resettin'. Though some punks have been spreadin' rumors that I really WILL reset your entire progress if ya push my buttons enough.
  • Berserk Button: Don't you EVER hit that RESET button, punk! And when I make ya repeat after me, ya better watch what comes outta your mouth! OR ELSE!
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Oh, you bet I'll be doin' this a lot. I know all about that RESET button of yours.
  • Chew Toy: Take a look at what I hafta go through. It's my job to make sure ya don't break the rules with your so-called "Save Scummin'" and treasure every moment in the game like it's real life. And it don't matter what it is I'm doin' when the sirens go off at HQ, I gotta start diggin' to ya every time it happens. It should be obvious to ya that this job is havin' negative effects on my life and health. If that weren't bad enough, look how distraught I am after I lose my job in New Leaf. It might just be the only job a mole like me is ever gonna get.
  • Demoted to Extra: I only get to make one appearance in New Leaf when ya reset, and I won't ever show up again... unless the mayor rebuilds the Reset Center and gives me my job back.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Go ask my brother Don 'bout it. I don't like talkin' 'bout it. It's "Sonny", but don't you EVER start callin' me that!
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: I was born with a short fuse, and that thing gets shorter every day. If ya keep resettin', it's gonna get ignited.
  • Hate Sink: I'm there in the first place to scare ya into not resettin', and I do a good job at it. I'm so good at doin' this that plenty of punks hate me more than anythin'...
  • Interface Screw: What's that? I'm in the way of your brawl? Ya can't see the screen? KEEP CRYIN', PUNK! I hafta get my message across somehow!
  • Jerkass: It's all I ever hear 'bout me, I swear.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Don't get the wrong idea of me, kid. I'm actually a well-meanin' guy who cares about ya, and I just can't help it if my fuse gets lit. And if ya re-establish the Reset Center, then I'll give ya my heartfelt thanks. Trust me.
  • Last-Name Basis: Even them speech boxes are tagged with my last name when I'm talkin'.
  • Leitmotif: Plays whenever I'm doin' my job.
  • Mole Miner: Overalls? Check. Pickaxe? Check. Angry mole? CHECK! An' I tunnel all the way to ya when I catch ya resettin' on my watch.
  • invoked Most Annoying Sound: That sound of you mashin' those buttons just to get my speeches over with. I get a headache when ya do it, and I WILL keep count of how many times ya hit those buttons in some instances!
  • Motor Mouth: Every time ya break the rules, ya gotta sit through my lecture about the importance of savin'.
  • No Indoor Voice: NO RESETTIN'! UNDERSTAND?!
  • Punch-Clock Villain: While I ain't actually the villain you make me out to be, the aggression's part of my job, ya see? Come speak to me when I'm off duty and you'll see how pleasant I can be (unless I'm already in a bad mood or I just wanna be left alone).
  • Punny Name: My name's based on the thing I'm tryin' to stop you cheaters from doin'.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Ya become a repeat offender, and I lose it. I lose it BIG.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: I guess you can consider me the red to my brother's blue, whatever that means.
  • Repeat After Me: Sometimes the only way I hafta teach you resettin' cheaters a thing is by forcin' ya to repeat after me by typin' down exactly what I say. And yes, the capitals matter, punk! Ya mess up, or I feel you ain't serious, and we gotta do the song-and-dance again!
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Simply put, my life is the pits...
  • This Is Reality: Again, the point of me telling ya no resettin' is 'cause you're supposed to treat the game as your life, where there's no button for it.
  • Troll: When I fake resettin' your entire game.
  • Written Roar: GRAAAHH!!
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Sometimes I won't pop up immediately when you start up your game after resettin'. Before you can get far from that house of yours, BAM! Angry mole right in ya face!

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