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Now you might be thinking "shouldn't you be busy ruling a country instead of wasting your time writing a Self Demonstrating article on a lame wiki for peasants and nerds?" Well it might seem confusing now, but trust me if you go back a ways everything will start to make sense...
Just look at that handsome devil.

The name's Kuzco. Emperor Kuzco. You've probably heard of me. but if for some strange reason you haven't, here's the rundown.

It all started with the birth of the world's cutest baby (I am of course referring to ME). I was born into royalty, and from an early age I was taught the family business, after years of perfecting my craft I became the emperor you all know and love today. I was on top of the world, and everything was going my way... or so I thought. I had just drawn up plans for the perfect summer home when I found my advisor Yzma trying to run the country behind my back.

Naturally I fired her. I mean what else was I supposed to do? Lady was trying to do my job for me. But I digress. To make matters worse, turns out the perfect spot for my summer home also happened to be on the site of a little peasant village. No problem, surely when they hear the Emperor needs a new summer getaway, they'll gladly give up their homes, right? Wrong. The village leader, Pacha was furious, apparently he likes living on that stupid little hilltop. Talk about selfish, am I right?


But there were even bigger problems in store. That night Yzma invited me to have dinner in the palace, courtesy of her dimwitted lackey Kronk. Unbeknownst to me, she had plotted to KILL ME. Can you believe it? I gave her everything and she stabs me in the back. If it wasn't for Kronk mixing up the potions, I would have been a goner. Fortunately, instead of dying I was merely turned into a llama. Not that that's much better.

One thing lead to another, and wouldn't you know it, I'm stuck with Pacha. Now he's my only hope on getting back to the palace, and instead of performing his duty as a subject, he says he won't help unless I build my summer home somewhere else. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? Eventually he came around and together we put a stop to Yzma's plan and I became human again. And of course I had my own Heel Realization and spared Pacha's village, instead building a quaint little shack on the next hill over.


But the story doesn't end there my friends. Not even close. Well next there was some stuff about Kronk, but that's not important...

Next thing I know I'm being forced to Kuzco Academy. Don't be fooled by the awesome name though, that place was a nightmare. Not only did I have to "learn" but Yzma was still out to get me, under the guise of Principal Amzy. (Nice alias, she should get a prize.) of course Kronk's at her side as well trying to stop me at every turn so that I fail and Yzma becomes empress. But there's no reason to worry, I've still got Pacha by my side, not to mention my new friend, hottie-hot-hottie and future empress Malina! (She's madly in love with me.) and even Kronk switched sides to help me out from time to time. In the end I graduated (I mean, was there really any doubt?) and resumed my position as emperor.

You can see my adventures in:

"The Emperor's New Groove"

"Kronk's New Groove" (Don't worry, I'm still in it.)

"The Emperor's New School"

You can also find me in "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" at Walt Disney World, where you can fight Kronk and (if you're brave enough) Yzma to stop them from taking over Adventureland for that not-so-nice blue guy.

I also of course have my own video game, and even my own pop vinyl figure, and I'm just adorable.

Anyways, still wondering about this page? Well, while searching on TV Tropes (I'm not a nerd, I just wanted to see how well represented I am on here) I discovered while there's plenty of info about me in regards to the media I've appeared in, I really deserve my own page that's ALL ABOUT ME. So here we are.

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