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riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.
— First sentence of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Despite these obstacles, readers and commentators have reached a broad consensus about the book's central cast of characters and, to a lesser degree, its plot.
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fore twith be fore thepayne settin. Like life, incomprehensible quadrupling abounding in nil tongues upon all multiples of meaning, looping, dream in written stylus, nary any point of plot to wink upon. Some situnamesar seen in great unorthodoxy, alike a common Earwicker the family, a Shem a man o' Pen, a most Post Shaun, an Issy too. Cycling words around the end, the line of 'riverrun' adjourning and the start of our "story."


Writerwrote from 1922 true 1939, James Joyce — olfarther o Ulysses, Leopold Bloom end Stephen Dedalus — bringusus by manderwander'd wordcourse through a recon struction of noctournal lyfe. Finnegan begin again to dreep the reader to view with logic gone and shadows aforefront, in persons in voices mixmatchmeltashovling from person orlity sleeptime visions and a gran mal logic two match.

Plot? they spake, what plot what plot what breaks in the truest formlessness of the night aimless wander wonder yonder comes the guide to lead the reader through the nightscenes dreams mutating 'vents, won after anauthor, clocked in froggy sleep and plane site buried down deunonitua languagements aboundfolt but mustly 'thin Joycean speach espeach't "Wakese" buy thoz who've sturdied Wake extansievely.

Like in dreams visions are musings no one two three things stay tonight the same in time anarrow; punword play, portman toes and crashcolliding words evoke invoke revoke refolk the unsure struck ansure of dreams, ill ollypopsical wit chains an whips an like the wind blows o'er the landscape hills of mine, mind, min'd forall is't Wirth.


Th'image o' Finnegan, brawly Finnegan, hod-carrier o' the Dublin foke ballad, laidout on happenstance O'Booq O'Storrie. HCE, explicated bellow, is Finn again, yet all o Eire Finnegan are and waking must per the titlewarning. iron he though that HCE immigrant wus and Irish naught — there's mean in there, for he who seize and hearse what he rede. But is Finn again the dreamer, the HCE one in or hisson Shaun au Shem? Denatured dream in the certenvirnaty forsters conflick 'n' nawta schoolyards leaf the book ith opinterpretations shared 'tween them.

E'en mattress as base as the plotter so 'scured by chame's Choice 'n' the shiftteen nichtsure o' dreams themselves. Diffiring elements appen upon diffiring laVelles, what moight be grades o' sleep an' Wakefullness. The swirlingblendingconfusation o' one level in anarther as the dreamer rouses to drift arf unce agin cambeens to canfust th' raider 'bout whut 'appens whir and whayn — and to-by hoom.


From dis fog o' narrowtive figures imerge and emmerse, simultitaneous lee plain many diff'rent roles for diff'rent folks 'ithin th' differin layers of the hallucidream act shun. But pollymorphic eatch, one's Manny and many's won. Readviewers say, prophessers professy, and nawn agri comp elite lee — but some t'ing dynasties are major-generally greed 'pun:

  • "HCE": Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker, th'new Finn again, face a'face o' Joyce hisself tho suffern indignities ne'er upon the author's author visited upon. Naught Irish but o' the fare Norse, naturizedally. Publican of Dublican, bilt a' Chapelizod; Dublin itself is innim, a cymbal o' James' Choice threw the book.
  • "ALP": Anna Livia Plurabelle, wyf to Earwicker, Irish girl. Where the Norse is Dublin, she bodies the river o' Liffey, sounding symbol pair'ed wi' 'er house band in 'ternal embracement and opposition; "A" and (h)E are all cityanrivers, Eve and Adam, fodder and mudder two Eire and Man. I mBanba óir!
  • Tween suns, two boya, ova names they have manny, tho buy Shem and Shaun th' two too to be seen by the reader most orphen. (Tho two Jerry + Kevin near most often they also answear and ardressed by the arthur's verse.) Mirrors and shadows and reflections and rivals thru the Wake, compare and contrast and contend 'gainst oneandother. Shaun, postman, confirmforms and waves no makes; Shem tha maaker o'art inninninnovates, pushpushes end velops and upsets carts. 'Pon compare a son, Shaun sinister seems, Shem steady and stolid. Time to time, tho, third one mistemerges o' the two, cold Tristram/Tristan, a sin these is o' theyr best.
  • Issy, dottir of HCE and ALP, iss Isolde two hair brathairs' Tristan, prize o'er witch day contend. Like Ess and Ess, she is oft of two minds, personably split in wais littoral and naught.

Circulocutating in ambulance surround these five (by five) are the doublin' folk, sporting cast ooh argh notnotnoteworthy inn there mysterenigmanature.

Amast hairpiece an spite o' (or 'cause o') th' difficulty won has in the readin', tho' naught wi'out cantroversey. Foist published cereally as twas ridden, wake discusst 'n' dis missile evoked 'mongst the literearlly seen; not till arfter Walledwear Too were rheaviews mor favoritable t'appeer. I' the messure oa wirk o' litrasure is th'enegy wi' which it's meenin is debayted, the Wake must be amo(n)k the greetest nouvelles in Ainglish. At Ann irate, what thou find ist up on this page is a laiter and lesson tense aquiverlent to the lendwitch yule find in the book itsownself juicy

Th' raydar who sakes anexplicanation en Ainglish playninsample to har or tha' oder Wiki shou' taike 'isself

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