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Self Demonstrating / Epic Fail

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He11o guys, I’m… uhh…
what the gecj kPPpened there? note 
]]hey how do u use this?Fuck! Im tyib to write somwifng here!!!!Heey, wjhat am I righting anyway?Oh, desxribinf Epic Fail.Epic fail id when something esey, but fail! Cuz their MoRAns!! Ad the fai; is supposed to be pretty soectacular, ot soneing… not just any mundane fail.In a wai, it;a si cool you may eactually wenjiy seeing it. Thoufh only if its good. Igf it’t so bad you can’t stabdi this trope os played shitty!!1 It woukd be a Deus ex Machina, iven if it doeZ have a Hand Wave??]]Sometimes Tempting Fate, sometimrs Final Boss Preview, or maybre its f**ing Beyond the Impossible. Cums with Incendiary Exponent, whatever that is..And whhhhhhhhhho cares about safg rtrilw rtof cool? That stuff is not necessary1 Or is it? darn, would've link!d ro it, but some guys are talking aboit some Permanent Red Link Club, sou i lefrt It alone>I love dominos!!!Compear whih stuff loike Critical Failure,
And ifff ur'rre dumb enough to confuse this wirh
Epic Flail, then that reaches e noo point of ignorance! Althoough and Epic Flail can be an Epic Fail if the user is dump as bricks.I would provide examples, but I’m too lasy.Sob, aye!

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