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This page is best read with the voice of Erik Braa. Accept no substitutes (except the Japanese voice, which while the voice actor remains unknown, I still sound uber sexy in Japanese)!

Welcome to the Draven!

Hey, did you know that game named 'League of Legends'? About a highly competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where a team of five champions from the realm named Runeterra facing off five champions from the same realm, fighting until the enemy base is crushed?

Well, forget about all those world, and let's admire this guy for a bit...

Yeep, me! Draven! Best champion from Runeterra there is. I got the looks, I got the style, I got the moves, I got the perfection, I got the mean axes for spectacular pain to serve, and I don't do subtle. Y'know, I'm starting to wonder why that game isn't called 'League of Draven' because obviously Draven makes all the awesome show there.


So yeah, Draven used to be a poor kid, yes, there were such times for Draven, someone gotta start small before they go big after all. Anyway, poor kid with an equally poor big bro Darius, we kinda fought our ways in the hard streets of Noxus, until this Grand Birdie General, Jericho Swain, took notice of our fighting styles and drafted us to the Noxus army. And yeah, we were awesome back then!

But Darius, being such a boring big bro, thinks that being all stiff and following orders are enough. No, Draven wants more, man, Draven wants the cheer, the awesome chants of his name, now that's glorious! Army obviously ain't for Draven, so Draven started scouting some other job that lets his talent of killing shine on while getting treated like a celebrity, cheered by everyone. Hard to find a job like that, but what's this? A dull job like an executioner? Making something dull into something awesome... well, that looked like a job for Draven!


So on the first day job of Draven, it was boring like usual, the crowd was gettin' sleepy, thinkin' that it's just gonna be some plain ol' boring behead the prisoner, done. So I decided to give'em some Draven. I told the prisoner like this, "Hey you, run off to that exit door. Do it, then you're a free man!" So the prisoner did run, and the crowd started to put their attention there. Maybe they think they'll just accuse me as the traitor, but I changed their mind that just when they're near the exit, one perfect axe throw and then SMACK! Dead prisoner.

It was such an awesome show that the crowd went from being bored to death to cheering of such an awesome display. So contractors started going like "Hey, Draven, help me pull the execution of this guy. It'll be great!" And the more executions I did, the more elaborate gauntlet I made for the prisoners, and I always get my mark, and thus Draven has successfully turned a boring execution event to a grand circus, Draven is now the Glorious Executioner!

But maybe executing weak prisoners won't be much of a challenge these days. So when there's this 'Field of Justice' and 'League of Legends' thingy, I think it's about time I expand this show of mine, I'm gonna show my boring militaristic bro that this is what being awesome means!

So for you players out there, don't worry. Draven has always been a top tier, fun ADC, dedicated to kill and kill more enemy champions and get more powerful and adored because of that. As a bonus, Draven's got some fun mini game for you, if Draven attacks while his axe is spinning, the axe bounces, and if you make me catch it, the axe spins again. Fun mini game, beneficial for good attack steroid, kinda hard but worth mastering for, well what more can ya ask? Pick Draven as your main ADC, now!

Let's admire Draven's Tropes for a bit!

  • An Axe to Grind: Two, in fact. Need victims! Of course, Draven's an executioner, just that Draven is not your average executioner...
  • Developers' Foresight: Did you know that Draven can catch enemy's Draven axe? Comes with Draven's own magnificent voice too! Oh, here's one... YOINK!
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Kid, here's some advice from Draven. When you're playin' my mini game, ya better watch your timing, because Draven does not approve getting killed off just to keep catching the axes. If yer in a team fight, don't force yourself on it! But of course, if you're a pro like Draven, ya probably can pull it off.
  • Expy: So those losers from Runeterra often compare each other with their rival place, whatever that place Ancients lie (eh, doesn't have Draven in it, can't help it not to remember the name!). And Draven often got compared with this certain... Troll Warlord? Axe throwing carry who is so self-important personality-wise? Eh, it works, even if he can switch melee like that hammer dude from Piltover. But Draven's more epic, showy and handsome than that troll, definitely! Huh, some Draven wannabe throwing his axe? I'll just cat— huh, that's not— AAUGH! MY EYE!note  D-Draven Tropes is having some difficulties, we'll be back for awhile!
  • The Fighting Narcissist: Draven kicks ass, Draven is awesome, and there's only one friend worthy of him: Draaaaven!
  • Hope Spot: Draven's favorite, and what makes the Draven show so cheered. Tell prisoners to run for dear life and get pardoned, then when they're really near the reach... SPLAT! Also check out Draven's ult, Whirling Death. Enemy got away and think they can escape with their return spell? Not if Draven throws his axes to a buzzsaw that travels all the way across the map and slice them to death! ... As long as no other schmuck get in the way.
  • It's All About Me: Eh, enough about those losers in Runeterra. You all know that you want some Draven.
  • Large Ham: Because Draven does it all, with style!... Wait, that's not the most famous I got. Lemme try again... ahem... "Not Draven! Draaaaaaven!"
  • Magikarp Power: League of Draven! Catch axes, kill minions, and Draven gets awesome adoration points, and if Draven kills, the adoration points get converted to extra gold! So kill more as Draven, and Draven gets mega powerful! And no sharing!
  • Popularity Power: Draven's so popular he won the Game FAQS contest one day! Eeh, who's that Solid Snake guy again? Cardboard box appears behind Draven 
  • Rated M for Manly: Ooh yes, Draven is definitely the manliest champion there is, look at those damages, look at these muscles! Not even that Braum hold a candle on Draaaven!
  • Self-Made Man: All this glory of awesome executioner, Draven made this up by himself from scratch!
  • Showy Invincible Hero: I'm a very showy, but in regards on invincibility... well Troper, if Draven is not invincible, that's because you can't handle Draven.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Like I said, my bro Darius is such a bore... Unlike me! Draven is flashy and awesome!
  • Third-Person Person: While I do use singular pronoun at times, sometimes it's way more epic if Draven refers himself as such!
  • Throwing Your Axes Always Works: When Draven throws his axes, it's always gonna hurt! Unless Draven got... blinded. Ugh, I hate that status effect... Oh yeah, skill shot axe throwing might not always work, if the players just can't handle Draven's awesome skills. I'm generous, I don't blame ya for sucking. Draven's just too much.
  • Trade Your Passion for Glory: Draven doesn't like this trope, Draven defies this! See, Draven could have been this had Draven be more like big bro Darius, but as I found out... army stuffs are boring even with Noxus' worship about strength. No cheers, no adoration, that doesn't strike Draven's passion! Now, being a showy executioner's, fulfilling my passion while getting my own brand of glory... now that's more Draven! Moral of the story, kids, don't sacrifice your passion for glory, get and keep both. Like Draven!
  • Weapon Twirling: When Draven does it, this means trouble. So either you run... or you take part in the Draven show: Getting an extra powerful axe thrown to your face!

(Cue a 'Yaay!' sound because Draven just finished his article and consumed his adoration points!)
Draven's making an exit!

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