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Self Demonstrating / "Blind Idiot" Translation

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"Blind Idiot" the translation

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- Suicide, just one letter

Blind Idiot Translation translation very awkward, not grammatically correct, is another of the translation too is a literal, or clearly from missed In other languages what was supposed to be a word or phrase. When the translation is a gibberish completed, it is the translation train accident. Sometimes To overlap free foreign language.

Issues blind fool translation, because they can be inhibited, can be bad. To convert to and not in California state law "to authenticate the signature, someone who can take a vow is," because the phrase is converted to, the phrase "notary public, such as blind fool translation into Spanish" (Government Code California is prohibited §) translate 8219.5 (c), "government officials."

The name (works like them it only to but), in the title, and therefore does not insult against quotes translator: "blind idiot recursive translation old saying out of sight" ", outside "If you want to hide something, sometimes people forget that it was present in the first place" some "heart. the laboratory of computer in Chinese and the meaning to return to English," out of sight out of mind, "if you are running a beta version of some of the translation software package, has been translated, and print out the idiot that can not be seen in the" eyes ". Read the note, we got a "blind Idiot" from somehow "invisible Idiot". A self-demonstration title?

In another variation, the phrase "but are willing spirit, flesh is weak", "but alcohol is strong, the meat is rotten" I've translated as. (Or something banana about either of world domination for this transformation once and the metaphor mono, sub metaphor.)

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