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  • Bob and George. The author admits to wincing at this strip with a self-deprecating Author Avatar, even though he knows it's the first use, because it's been done so often since.
  • DM of the Rings deliberately invokes this trope in relation to The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons. Since the latter borrowed liberally from the former, the players (who apparently never experienced Tolkien, possibly because LotR is the invention of the DM in their world) are utterly bored by most of the proceedings, and spend much of the comic complaining about the generic plot devices and worldbuilding while demanding that the DM throw in some enemies that aren't orcs.
  • Penny Arcade
  • MegaTokyo, back in the beginning, was a parody of the Japan that the Western geeks at the time were only just starting to experience - Largo's arc was about parodying Shōnen (Demographic) stuff, while Piro's was more about the Shōjo (Demographic). In other words, it was a time where such parodies were very few and far between. But now, where parodies of anime and manga are far more common, the older comics just seem like nothing but one lame joke after another, and its massive popularity at the time seem nigh-unbelievable.
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  • xkcd took some time to establish itself, but once it did, Stick Figure Comics started popping up everywhere as a result. While it's hardly the first (and Randall Munroe rather openly admits Cyanide & Happiness was an inspiration), it was the biggest one to use no faces at all and pure stick figures, instead of more detail, a style many have tried to copy with limited success since, leading many to dismiss it at first glance as just another stick-figure comic.


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