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    Crossover fanfiction 

    Anime and Manga fanfiction 
  • The former main page image is fanart containing three versions of Setsuna F. Seiei from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. However, the show lacks any ways to make it actually happen.
  • Any character with a split personality (especially where the other half is a Bishōnen), such as H/Allelujah from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, D.N.Angel or Yu-Gi-Oh!, will be given this treatment in some niche of whatever fandom the character appears in. Explicitly, said "characters" in one body (like Allelujah and Hallelujah) will instead be two separate characters all together, and... will make music together. And this is not restricted to anime.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Perhaps the most popular pairing in the fandom is Yugi and Yami. Add in Yami's past self Atem for a threesome. There's also Bakura and "Ryo", and Marik and "Malik", fanon names for the evil and good sides of the characters. Kaiba and Set (his past self) is also popular.
    • The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fandom has something called Monochromeshipping, which pairs up Season 3 Manjuome Jun with... Season 2 Manjoume Jun (however, in most fanfiction, whatever happens between the two Juns happens purely in his head.)
    • There's also Thundershipping, which pairs anime!Manjoume with manga!Manjoume. Judai×Haou and Johan×Possesed!Johan are also fairly common.
    • Fire up again after the sequel series Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V aired, because the show used Another Dimension and Identical Stranger. Fanfics exists for any combination of Yuya / Yuto / Yugo / Yuri and Yuzu /Ruri / Rin / Serena (or sometimes even all of them).
  • Katekyō Hitman Reborn!:
  • Lavi and Deak from D.Gray-Man. Also, Allen and the Fourteenth Noah. And I've actually seen a fic where Allen was paired with his innocence.
  • The title character of Naruto is technically able to create a clone of himself—of the opposite gender to top—and the fans haven't ignored its potential. It's called the Harem Jutsu for a reason.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Lemon fics use this with Ranma's male and female sides. Some would say far too often; others would say not often enough. There is even at least two Mind Screw fanfics where it is revealed that, thanks to some Time Travel, Ranma is both his own father and his own mother... (One where he's actually both Genma and Nodoka, and another where he gives himself up for adoption to the Saotomes.)
    • It's not always strictly limited to Ranma(s). Other characters can get on with themselves, either through alternate universes, or with creative use of the Spring of Drowned Twins (usually the "instant", i.e. temporary, powder form), adding a dose of Instant Drowned Male/Female water to make the pairing heterosexual.
  • This can be argued as the case of the fanshipping of Luc and Sasarai in Suikoden. While they are Polar Opposite Twins in terms of personality and their canonical relationship more closely resembles Cain and Abel, the fact that they are cloned Artificial Humans of their father means that they are genetically identical, making any pairing with them riding the line with this trope.
  • Youko Kurama×Shuuichi Kurama is seen occasionally in Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic, but they're not usually portrayed as the same person.
  • There is a really bizarre (pun completely intended) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure lemon which included Will×Gyro and Jonathan×Johnny pairings. May or may not count though as Gyro and Johnny are their alternate universe incarnations, but look and act very different.
    • There are many pairings which involve Stands and their users being together.
    • DiavoloxDoppio also has a few pieces of fanart dedicated to it.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
  • There is a Code Geass slash fic where Zero and Suzaku are fighting over Lelouch's affections. The author has also written other stories involving Zero/Lelouch and has admitted in one of her other slash fics that FanFiction.Net to add Zero's name to the character list for the sole purpose of writing these types of fanfiction.
  • While the prospect doesn't exist, the fandom of To Love-Ru continues to clamor for an actual Opposite-Sex Clone conveniently given a place in the male protagonist's Harem, due to his Attractive Bent-Gender as a result of a Transformation Ray. Then again, because of the female protagonist's status as a Gadgeteer Genius, the likelihood of this happening isn't so far out...
  • Pokémon:
    • There's at least one doppleganger shipping: between Ash and a cross-dressed Ash and the pseudo-example of malevolent shipping: Ash and the king of Pokélantis, who takes Ash's form.
    • More than a few fanworks ship Red's classic design (Gen 1-Gen 2) with his modern one. Red's fanon design (Pixiv!Red, Uber!Red), and occasionally a cross-canon counterpart like Ash from the anime or Red from Pokémon Adventures, have been added into the mix.
    • Due to the ability to choose between three designs of Calem and Serena from Pokémon X and Y people have begun shipping the canon design, Ambiguously Brown design, and blue eyed design.
  • One Sailor Moon fanartist and fanfiction writer, Bill K., lets Sailor Pluto have some fun this way, with several time-traveling future selves.
  • This works with Alternate Continuites too. There exists some fanarts pairing the original Lovely Angels with their Dirty Pair Flash counterparts. Sometimes adding the Adam Warren versions for variety.
  • Death Note fandom has a small but dedicated contingent which ships Kira Light with mindwiped Light, in an Enemy Within-style thing.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Himaruya's liberal use of opposite-gender counterparts and AUs in his own work, along with the possible nature of civil wars and so on, has led to some selfcest fics.
    • One increasingly popular fanon pairing is Prussiacest, which basically pairs Prussia either with a copy of himself or his Nyotalia counterpart. The logic behind it being that only Prussia is awesome enough to be with Prussia.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Rei Ayanami has a few dozen identical clones of herself stored in an LCL tank. She is the resident Innocent Fanservice Girl. This has lots of potential...
    • There is a fic (NGE: Bloodlust, chapter four) including a scene where a clone vampirificates another and the two celebrate the occasion by playing with each other.
    • And another one where Rei gets bored during class and starts fantasizing about her being replaced by one of her clones without her being told about it. Since one of them has to be eliminated, they hold a lesbian version of a last supper...
    • Slash Fics featuring different versions of Kaworu (TV series, manga, Rebuild of Evangelion) are not uncommon.
  • If we assume that in Bleach, the Inner Hollow is a part of a shinigami's soul, Ichigo×Hichigo pairing is basically this. The same goes for shipping any shinigami with his or her zanpaktou.
  • From Dragon Ball Z, there is Future Bulma×Bulma as well as Future Trunks×Trunks. Both pairings are technically possible in-universe, thanks to Bulma being a genius and inventing a time-machine.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has the popular slash pairing of Greed (the second incarnation) and Ling-while ultimately different people, Greed shares the same body as Ling. If you want to stretch the definition, pairing any the Homunculi may count as they're emotions of Father that he removed from himself.
  • A recurring theme in Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanart is showing interactions between Homura pre-contract and post-contract, often adding Madoka into the mix.
  • The Saki doujin, Buchou Musou (translated, the Unrivaled Club President), has Hisa paired with several major and minor characters, and ultimately concludes with Hisa paired with herself.

    Comic Books fanfiction 
  • It's an old question in Legion of Super-Heroes fandom whether Triplicate Girl sleeping with herselves would be incest or masturbation...
  • Loki fangirls tend to pair his female form with the man himself, usually his Tom Hiddleston incarnation. Or they just pair multiple male forms with each other, considering one of his tricks in the movies is to make multiple copies of himself. Fics make those copies tangible, of course. Since Loki: Agent of Asgard there are actually multiple versions of him around thanks to an impressive Timey-Wimey Ball, yes, some people ship them.
  • The Captain America: The First Avenger fic Except it Abide in the Vine features some multiverse comics!Bucky-on-movie!Bucky action (with illustrations). Comics!Bucky even calls it masturbation when Sam finds them obviously post-coital the next morning.
  • Ultimate Rewrite ships Ultimate Marvel's Peter Parker with Ultimate Jessica Drew.


    Film fanfiction 
  • The 2012 movie version of The Lorax had been in theaters for less than a month before the internet was swarmed with fanworks shipping the pre- and post- business success versions of the Onceler (with the successful one being nicknamed "The Greedler"). The pairing name for it is "Oncest". The fandom then proceeded elevated this to an art form, with Tumblr blogs consisting of seemingly infinite versions of the Onceler, most of which were fanmade, and all of which are shipped together. It rapidly stopped being the Lorax fandom, and became simply the Onceler fandom.
  • Frozen:
  • In the Non/Disney fanvid community, it's not unheard of for people to ship Mulan with her Sweet Polly Oliver disguise Ping together. In this fan-edit they're not related and are just two coincidentally similar looking individuals. Ping is so devoted to Mulan that he disguises himself as her in order to keep her lover Sinbad a secret.
  • After the release of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, people started shipping Emmet with Rex Dangervest, despite the fact that he's not only Emmet's future self, but the Big Bad as well.

    Literature fanfiction 
  • Harry Potter:
    • There has been several fics involving Hermione, um, misusing the Time Turner in this manner.
    • Don't forget polyjuice potion. "Hey, Hermione, give me a strand of your hair..."
  • Nebula Nostrum, an Artemis Fowl fanfic that features Opal×Lili×Opal×Lili, essentially making it a slash clonecest love quadrilateral.

    Live-action Television fanfiction 
  • Doctor Who: Although never even hinted at in-series, the use of "regeneration" in Doctor Who and the propensity for the Doctor to meet his past selves has all the inevitable implications. There is even an entire live journal community dedicated to exactly this. There are so many works devoted to relations between the tenth Doctor and the copy regenerated from his preserved hand that they have their own trope name: Tencest.
  • Star Trek:
    • There's William T. Riker's transporter clone W. Thomas Riker, who has the advantages of being A) one of the vanishingly rare Star Trek duplicates who is not remerged, killed, or returned to his home universe at the end of the episode, and B) Jonathan Frakes. Andrew Hussie and Jan van den Hemel managed to use Manipulative Editing on some episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation to make this come true on screen.
    • Goatee!Spock from the Mirror Universe is the other major example of a duplicate character left kicking around after his episode. Considering that Spock is one half of the pairing that originated the term Slash...
    • Not to mention Nu!Spock×Spock Prime on the Star Trek (2009) Kink Meme. Oh, yes, it's happened. But after all, this is the kink meme we're talking about. There is also Nu!Kirk×Kirk Prime, and possibly others, but the two Spocks do have the advantage of already being in the same universe.
    • Star Trek: Voyager:
      • The fandom wound up with this due to the actor for Tom Paris having been on Next Generation as an entirely different character. So a lot of fanfic winds up with the two characters meeting up in some bar, drunk. (Or, alternatively, just doing a Recycled Script of someone else's fic with Tom being such a narcissist he heads to the holodeck to copy himself.)
      • Then there is all the times Voyager crewpeople have met duplicates of themselves. Or not met the duplicates of themselves. They really do give the actors lots of roles to play.
  • Invoked in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic "Doppelganger Duet" (currently lost to the 'net); when Willow's spell in "Doppelgangland" draws in all six of the Scoobies' Wishverse counterparts, Xander spends so long praising his other self's sense of style that Buffy wonders if she should inform Cordelia (who Xander is still dating in this fic) that Xander's drooling over himself.
  • Courtesy of his visit to the post-apocalyptic future, Dean Winchester of Supernatural gets this in fics, both in the form of Dean×future!Dean and Dean×future!Dean×future!Castiel.
  • The Wizards of Waverly Place fic ''Selfportrait has Alex having sex with a doppelganger she created in order to paint a portrait of herself.
  • The Orphan Black fic "One step, Two steps" sees Sarah save Beth's life at the train station and the two become close, concluding with Sarah having sex with Beth to help assure the other of her sense of worth
  • Power Rangers:
    • In many, many, MANY Power Rangers S.P.D. fics, the fact that Z can create duplicates comes to the fore for just such a reason.
    • Tommy Oliver is sometimes paired with his clone/ancestor Tom. There's even a few fics that are threesomes of Tommy, Tom, and the White Stranger.
  • It's not uncommon to find The Flash (2014) fanworks or edits shipping Caitlin Snow with her Earth-2 doppelganger Killer Frost. At least, it's usually the Earth-2 doppelganger...

    Video Game fanfiction 
  • The World Ends with You has attracted a lot of this, thanks to the implication that there are alternate universes that may be crossed.
  • Super Robot Wars:
  • Ever since Tomb Raider: Underworld, there's been an increasing number of pics with Lara and her Doppleganger from that game.
  • Kingdom Hearts
    • The series has a strangely huge potential for this (and don't think for a second fandom hasn't picked up on this), with Riku and the Riku Replica, Demyx and his waterclones, Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless (heck, why not Xehanort himself?), Roxas and Sora, Kairi and Namine, and most recently, Sora and Xion. And Roxas and Xion. And Sora, Roxas, and Xion, for a threesome of selfcest.
    • There is a good chance the whole Roxas, Sora, Xion thing could go even further with Ven, who undoubtedly is in some way "the same being" as Sora×Roxas×Xion, given his appearance and voice being absolutely identical to Roxas'. So now we have foursome potential, and since Kingdom Hearts III allows them all to coexist thanks to replicas, it's completely possible. And Vanitas makes five.
    • There's also the innumerable stories and drawings which pair the Squaresoft Expies from Kingdom Hearts with their original inspirations.
    • Just for a complete list: the past and present versions of Mickey and Pete, Vexen and Vexen Replica(s), Sora and Anti-Sora, Roxas and Shadow Roxas, Donald, Goofy and Sora's Master Form (technically), Roxas and Ven, Vanitas and Ven, the real and virtual versions of Hayner, Pence, Olette, Seifer, Vivi, Fuu, Rai, Setzer and Kingdom Hearts itself. In Final Mix, there's the real and virtual versions of everyone in Organization XIII, and Larxene and Zexion's copies...
    • Xemnas and Saix, who are actually a very popular fan pairing, are basically this since Saix is possessed by Xehanort. Strangely, the fans don't seem to have picked up on this.
  • Ace Attorney series:
    • Diego Armando×Godot. The game had some people believe that Diego and Godot are twins, at least before the reveal. The obvious difference in their looks was explained with partial albinism, which is known to cause problems with eyesight along with the obvious white hair. And as no-one knew what colour Godot's eyes were and fangirls are prone on jumping the gun...
    • On a more lighter side, but still pretty creepy, is fanart of crossovers between the US and Japanese counterparts. Phoenix (US) seems to be always portrayed as enjoying Ryuichi's (JPN) company a little TOO much...
    • And all the scarred Matt Engarde×"refreshing like a spring breeze" Matt Engarde. There's even a popular dôjinshi devoted to them gang-banging Edgeworth.
    • Mia. Original, Maya-style or Pearl-style. The third iteration gets a little creepy when one remembers that the channeler is a pre-schooler.
    • And in the grand tradition of people × their alternate identities, we now have Calisto Yew×Shih-na.
    • Those watching the Takarazuka musical often ship Miles Edgeworth×The Miles Edgeworth Backup Dancers, all of whom dress and look exactly like him.
    • Phoenix, Hobo Phoenix and Feenie. Sometimes they also throw Kid Nick into the mix.
    • And now there's Edgeworth/Bratsworth (Edgeworth's 20-year-old self seen in a flashback) and Younger Ema/Older Ema.
  • Fate/stay night has this trope in the form of pairing Shirou xArcher. Oh, and let not forget about Avenger too, though technically Avenger was just borrowing Shirou's form. The fanfic other hand, also have "Shirou Kotomine" (parallel world Shirou raised by Kirei, actually Amakusa Shiro Tokisada).
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Sheik/Zelda is popular despite Sheik literally being Zelda crossdressing (many fanfics ignore this and write her as being biologically male and her own character). Super Smash Bros. added fuel to the fire by seperating Zelda and Sheik in the fourth title; at least one fic has shipped them as OOT Sheik and TP Zelda. Tetra/Zelda, less so for some reason. Tetra/Sheik practically doesn't exist (and technically doesn't count)
    • On the other hand, surprisingly little The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords hentai exists. But why write selfcest when the official manga itself is already catering to the pairing (Red/Blue Link, to be specific)? Freud would love to read that one.
    • Dark Link and regular Link (of any game/universe) are paired together so often it long ago stopped being funny.
    • There is fanart of Wind Waker Link and young Ocarina of Time Link. Also of Twilight Princess Link and adult Ocarina of Time Link. And for the ones who want to cross over to shotacon territory, there's always a combination of the two... including both versions of Ocarina of Time Link together. However, the only one of those that is Screw Yourself is the Ocarina of Time Links, as the others are just reincarnations, identical great-great-(etc)-grandson, or Generation Xerox.
    • Linkcest is exceedingly common on the slash side of the fandom. The classic Link's are almost always ignored in selfcest works, with a focus being on the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As mentioned they're technically assumed to be related but at the same time are reincarnations of each other.
    • Somewhere between incest and selfcest, shipping the Sleeping Zelda from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and classic Zelda from The Legend of Zelda I is a possibility (though people usually add Link into the mix) due to them canonically co-existing together. It's assume Zelda is a descendant of the Sleeping Zelda's brother and not a reincarnation—because how can you be reincarnated from someone who isn't even dead?
    • Hilda/Zelda and Ravio/Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is dangerously close to selfcest. They're technically counterparts but have enough comparisons to blur the lines.
  • There is a hella lot of Prince×Dark Prince from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
  • It's not a main pairing, but there are some Leon/Judas works in the Tales of Destiny fandom.
  • In Tales of the Abyss we have Asch and Luke. There are plenty of fanfics pairing them together. And then there's Sync×Ion×Florian... Fandom has affectionately dubbed this particular brand of Screw Yourself "Replicacest."
  • Breath of Fire IV (unsurprisingly) has a prodigious amount of Fou-lu×Ryu fanart and fanfic—to the point that this pairing has earned not one but two Fan Nicknames: FouRyu and Yorae Dragon Masturbation Fanwork. This is only encouraged by the fact that the two are a Literal Split Personality and that there is a manga adaptation ongoing in the same manga magazine running Vassalord. By the same company that was responsible for Peacemaker Kurogane. If this isn't brain-breaking enough, consider that Fou-lu is strongly implied to have a romantic interest with a woman who cared for him and ultimately was murdered in an attempt to literally nuke him, leading to the Fan Nickname of FouMami for the second most common pairing in the BoF IV fandom. And yes, there is a decently large chunk of the Japanese fandom in particular who writes both FouMami and FouRyu. Particularly involving comfort selfcest.
  • Mega Man:
    • The Japanese Mega Man Star Force fandom is full of Pat×Ray fanarts.
    • Classic has Gemini Man, a narcissist with the ability to clone himself. The implications aren't lost on fandom.
    • Meanwhile, the Vent×Alie pairing was fairly popular for Mega Man ZX, before Advent came out. The jury is still out on whether that counts as this trope or Brother–Sister Incest.
    • Mega Man Zero has one as well: Zero×Omega, Omega having Zero's original body.
  • Bungo to Alchemist: Shipping Atsushi Nakajima's Jekyll & Hyde personalities together is frequent, fueled further by a canonical game event where he's literally split in two.
  • Even Mother 3 isn't safe from this. There is a fanbase for Claus×The Masked Man.
  • Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA-: Tamonten has been shipped with Bishamonten, even though they're Literal Split Personalities of a single Buddhist deity (Vaiśravaṇa).
  • There's less of this from Touhou fandom than one would expect from a fandom full of Self-Fanservice.
    • What does exist involves interaction between counterparts from PC-98 and Windows continuities, the canon doppelgangers in Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, and the characters who can use body doubles to attack (especially Yuuka and Flandre). Or Yukari could just be fooling around again.
    • Youmu (a half-ghost with a one human and one ghost body) can pull it off with or without magic, and it's been done to various degrees. And remember, in canon her ghost half can be altered into a copy of her human half. We will leave the rest to your imaginations.
  • Onmyōji:
  • Professor Layton rarely (since the ship has a paedophiliac nature) but still has the two Lukes of the third game, the little!Luke who is familiar to anyone who keeps up with the series, and his future self: big!Luke. Subverted when you discover "future Luke" is a sham.
  • Crusader Kings II has one infamous but now patched Good Bad Bug where random events from lusty characters forgot to check that the subject and target weren't both the same. This resulted in events where a character seduces or rapes themselves impossibly. Making matters better (or worse) this could result in the king becoming pregnancy after raping himself.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • One of the infamous Robotnik comics from 4chan features this.
    • Sonic and Scourge also seems popular with the fandom. Scourge is Sonic from a Mirror Universe who recently Took a Level in Badass who wears cool leather and has cool scars, along with being very popular with the fanbase (and fangirls especially), so its unsurprising the fanbase made Slash Fic of them.
    • Shipping the Classic and Modern versions of characters (mostly Sonic) isn't too uncommon.
    • Many Sonic the Comic fans, and even non-fans, ship Super Sonic and Sonic. This is because Super Sonic is a Superpowered Evil Side that later separated from Sonic.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 4 fandom: Shadow-on-human action? There's a pretty huge chunk of Yaoi Fangirls who will slash Yosuke with himself, or Kanji with his Armoured Closet Gay, or Teddie with his nihilism, or even the MC with his shadow, though he never had one... And, of course, people with other people's shadows, or others' shadows AND the human, out of some forced yet plausible Twin Threesome Fantasies. This all applies to the girls too (such as Chie and Dominatrix Bananahead), but it's just more prominent among Yaoi Fangirls. On second thought, it's not so much screwing themselves rather than aspects of themselves... but we'll save the philosophical implications for another day.
    • Naoto×Shadow Naoto is one of the more popular Human×Shadow pairings.
    • And its predecessor Persona 3's most popular yaoi pairing is Minato×Ryoji. Take note that Ryoji is supposed to be a part of Minato. This also applies for Ryoji×Female Protagonist shippers.
    • Pairing both the male and female Protagonist, who are alternate versions of each other, which is even teased in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth in which their first interaction looks like Love at First Sight along with their sense of familiarity with each other, which causes both Junpei and Teddie to believe they are soulmates.
  • When Dante in Devil May Cry 3 gained the Doppleganger ability, it gave the fangirls an excuse to do this. Not that Dante didn't have enough problems already, given that he has Vergil pestering him.
  • StarCraft: An artist on DeviantArt was badgered into producing this image involving Zergified!Kerrigan and Terran!Kerrigan. For all intents and purposes she seems quite disturbed by having actually drawn it.
  • Team Fortress 2, having two teams only seperate in team colour, is naturally rife with this. For some reason Scout is the one who gets it worst.
  • Anders from Dragon Age II is sometimes paired with his Superpowered Evil Side, Justice/Vengeance.
  • Deadly Premonition has a not-insignificant following for York and Zach—the main character and his imaginary friend, who is technically his split personality. Although they technically share a body, it seems to be possible for them to meet and exist in separate bodies in the otherworld that appears in their dreams.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising 2: Hades Revenge includes this as the first event in the life of Cloud Angle's Opposite-Sex Clone, Azul. They were intending to avoid a Virgin Sacrifice plot.
  • Fans of Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within like to ship Alyssa with her male Split Personality, Bates.
  • Given that there are three paths for each character in Elsword this is prevalent among the characters. It isn't uncommon to see two or even all three versions of one character being paired together in fanworks.
    • Alternatively, it's common to see the older versions of Add and Raven paired with each other, while their respective younger versions coexist with them, either as their younger siblings/cousins or are the couple's kids.
    • Iron Paladin x Deadly Chaser is likely the most infamous case of this trope in the series.
    • And then, there is the revelations of other universes existing in Diabolic Esper's story...
  • The Undertale fandom has a large amount of this. Alternate Universe Fic is extremely popular within the fandom, with several of these alternate universes being rather popular themselves. Some fanworks ship the alternate versions of the characters together; this is especially common with the different versions of Sans. The most popular pairings between the different versions of Sans even have their own ship names.
  • Defied in The Wrong Reflection (a Star Trek Online fic) when Captain Kanril Eleya walks in on her mirror universe counterpart, who's in sickbay stripped to the waist.
    Dal Kanril Eleya: (sarcastically) See anything you like, Captain?
    Captain Kanril Eleya: I don't swing that way. Just saw you, is all.

    Western Animation fanfiction 
  • A throw-away line in the Total Drama Do Over series, has an off hand line from Zoey to her then boyfriend Mike about Vito popping up.
    (They all laugh. Mike gasps into Vito)
    Mike/Vito: AYO! Those were my glory days ya talkin bout. The girls couldn't get nuf' of me! (Mike/Vito scoots towards Zoey) Especially THIS babe.
    Zoey: (narrows her eyes at Mike/Vito) Aren't you currently in a relationship with Svetlana, Vito? (Mike/Vito goes wide eyed)
    Mike/Vito: Ugh… why'd you like to ruin mah fun, huh? (gasps back to Mike)
    • It's truly bizarre because Vito and Svetlana are alternate personalities of Mike, who in turn is an alternate personality of Mal
  • Danny Phantom:
    • Somehow, there are Danny Fenton×Danny Phantom pairing fan-works, even though they're the same person... at least when Danny hasn't used the Fenton Ghost Catcher to separate his human and ghost halves, that is. Some of said fanfics involve said invention, and others take place in an alternate universe where they're completely different people. This ship is even common enough to have not one, but three names: Pitch Pearl is the standard name, Red Pearl is for when Phantom is under Freakshow's control, and Heroic Amusement is for when the fanwork is based heavily on the episode "Identity Crisis" (which itself is likely the main reason for this ship, due to it containing an instance of Danny being temporarily split into two people).
    • Then there's also Danny×Dani...
    • And his future self. Yes, that future self. Before you think about that too hard, there is an actual fic for that: Narcissism. It's quite horrifying, and sadly a Dead Fic.
    • There's always the fact that one of his powers is actually creating duplicates of himself. And yes, one of the duplicates can go back to human with the other staying as ghost. Granted only Vlad and his Bad Future self did that, but it's only a matter of training for Danny to do it.
    • This is the gimmick Danny and Sam use in the Facing the Future Series when Sam dresses as Danny for Halloween, creeping out Tucker and Valerie.
  • Brothers, a Gargoyles fanfic, features multiple clones of Anton Sevarius, some of them gender-swapped, and the daughter that one pair among them decided to create the old-fashioned way as an experiment. (Note that this story occurs more than halfway through an extensive fanfic continuity.)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • From the fandom, we have Pinkie/Pinkamena.
    • There's a fanfic, On a Cross and Arrow, features the Mane Six travelling to an alternate universe where everyone who's female is male and vice versa, and features Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash falling for their male counterparts. Also heavily implied to be the case between Princess Celestia and her counterpart Prince Solaris.
    • There's also Giving Love a Helping Hoof, which has the mane 6 meet their male counterparts because of an anomaly in the Elements of Harmony, forcing Princess Celestia to create male versions of not only the mane 6 but Luna and herself as well to keep the balance in Equesria (and Solaris and Artemis just for the heck of it).
    • There's a considerable amount of fan art and fan fiction that turns Trixie's narcissism as seen in the show Up to Eleven. Much of it involves either Trixie fantasizing about herself with the aid of a mirror or using clones produced through magic, but in one parody fanfic she ended up having a 5-way with her reflection, a clone, a future version of herself, and a robot with her likeness. And to further complicate things, the story closed with a male version of her from a parallel universe walking in.
    • Twilight Sparkle vs. The Bootstrap Paradox, a Crack Fic where Twilight has sex with her "one-week-in-the-future" self seen in "It's About Time". A similar thing happens in Private Time.
    • The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo parodies this by having The Professor reveal that Scootaloo and her On a Cross and Arrow counterpart Rollalong are the twin children of Pinkie Pie and Berry Bubble, who threw a "party" when locked in a broom closet.
    • And then we have Perfect for Me, which is part hilarious, part bizarre. It's about Twilight creating a clone of herself to help solve a series of time crunches. Then the Twilights start to fall in love with each other. Yeah, it's a strange story.
    • In Diaries of a Madman, Doppel (a changeling) scares off Rainbow Dash by coming onto Rainbow while taking her form.
    • Implied in a fan comic, where OC Kidder is nearby a Changeling version of himself and says "Now, neither of us will be vergins! [sic]"
    • Also implied on another MLP fan post done on tumblr, which ends with surprise cunnilingus.
    • The fandom generally paints background pony Cloud Kicker as a Lovable Sex Maniac. When circumstances result in a Changeling modelocked into Cloud Kicker's shape at the end of Eakin's Hard Reset, this trope is implied.
    Cloud Kicker: Oh, and tell me to go buck myself. I have an amazing retort for that now.
    • A Chance Meeting of Two Moons: Apparently, Celestia and her human counterpart have done this. Ditto for Solaris and his human counterpart, whom Solaris claims initiated it. The story also features Solaris and Celestia falling for one another practically at first sight, and Luna and her male self Artemis developing feelings for one another.
    • Unsurprisingly, adding a semicanonical linked universe with human doubles for everypony has added to this. The most common candidates for this approach seem to be Rainbow Dash (who can tolerate her own ego) and Fluttershy (combining a touch of xenophilia with being her most easily trusted potential partner). The most common almost-candidates being Trixie (who usually can't get along enough with herself but is very likely to try anything which promises "more Trixie") and Twilight (who due to the shows' different audiences was arugably written with a mild fetish for humans or being human, but is more attracted to any existing Twilight x Sunset relationship than herself directly).
      • Author Sporktacles wrote a case in which Sunset is the product of an accidental case of this (the counterparts really didn't recognize each other). While a Crack Fic, it's one of the better explanations for the absence of a human Sunset (as pony Sunset is human Sunset), why Sunset had so little trouble thriving in a new world, and why Celestia really didn't want Sunset playing with the mirror just yet.
    • Aftermath of the Games: Referenced only - Pinkie's first response when the two Twilights first meet is "Quick, make out with yourself!". They don't.
    • Escape From the Moon: In the side-fic The World Left Behind, in a direct shout-out to the aforementioned Aftermath of the Games, Twilight mentions that the human Pinkie previously tried to get her to make out with her human self.
    • The Gaps in F r i e n d s h i p (a sequel to Seven Saviors) has the human Fluttershy begin a romantic relationship with her pony self.
  • Adventure Time has an in-universe Rule 63 known as "Fionna and Cake", which also happens to be in-universe fanfiction. One of the most common ships is Finn with his counterpart Fionna (though just as many people tend to depict Fionna as Finn's long-lost twin sister), though Bubblegum×Gumball and Marceline×Marshall Lee are common pairings. No shipping of Finn× Ice King! Finn, though.
  • South Park: The Princess Kenny humor page on this very wiki has Kenny continuously and repeatedly profess his love for his princess alter-ego from South Park: The Stick of Truth. This ends up getting him killed by the admins.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • There's more than a few fics slashing Dipper with his magic photocopier duplicate Tyrone.
    • Dipper and Bipper isn't an uncommon ship. Falls under both this and Foe Yay Shipping, because Bipper is Dipper possessed by Bill.
    • On the fanon side, there exists a rather popular AU called "Reverse Pines" where Dipper and Mabel are evil. Naturally, fans ship them with their canon incarnations.
  • Transformers: A great example of the trope is the numerous fanart and fanfic of transformers (usually Autobots) somehow running into their Shattered Glass counterparts and getting... screwed. A more specific example is a work featured on Archive of Our Own and FanFiction.Net is one about Smokescreen (the young adult/late teen version from Transformers Prime), titled "Gettin Off On You Getting Off On Me". Obviously NSFW.
  • Total Drama: While it's not so common, many fans enjoy pairing Mike with his alternate personalities (or just pairing off the alters with each other). Perhaps the most strange of them all is shipping Mike with his evil alter, Mal. A (non-explicit) Mal/Mike fic can be read here.
  • In the The Powerpuff Girls fandom, it's not uncommon to ship the girls with their Evil Counterparts from an Alternate Universe, the Powerpunk Girls.
  • In the Kim Possible fanfic, At the Centerfold of the Storm, Shego mentions that Wego has used his powers as 'the ultimate form of masturbation'. Don't ask how she knows.
  • After an entire arc centered around alternate universes (each with their own Ben) occurred in Ben 10: Omniverse, fans began shipping the different Bens in various combinations with each other. Examples include Prime!Ben/No-Watch Ben and Nega Ben/Benzarro.
  • Some OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes fanworks ship KO with his alter ego TKO. While the two are able to interact inside of their shared mindscape in canon, fanworks sometimes skip this and depict them as having somehow gained separate bodies or simply being entirely different people.
  • Thanks to the episode "Change Your Mind", in which Steven's human and gem halves are temporarily separated, there are a variety of Steven Universe and especially Steven Universe: Future fanfics which ship Steven's human side and gem side. Many comments along the lines of "well, you're supposed to love yourself..." are made. When such fics bother to acknowledge the fact that, in canon, his human half is all but stated to slowly die without his gem, they generally Hand Wave it by stating that he's fine if they're in physical contact with each other; since Steven is a fairly cuddly person anyway, that doesn't even get in the way of G-rated fluff, wherein he constantly hugs and holds hands with himself, both affectionately and to stay alive.


    Other fanfiction 
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • In the fandom, both The Nostalgia Critic×Ask That Guy and Spoony×Dr. Insano are extremely popular. For the former, dub-con and Mind Rape are pretty much par for the course (it's also been made into incest) and while the latter isn't so bad because of Insano's woobie-dom, it's usually presented as innately creepy.
    • And Linkara×Mechakara. As you can probably tell from how Mechakara is in canon, it's also insanely disturbing. Technically Mechakara only looks like Linkara as part of a disguise. Proper selfcest would be Pollo×Mechakara.
  • Flippy×Flippy is surprisingly popular within the Happy Tree Friends fandom.
  • Vocaloid fanfiction and fanart tends to use this trope, mainly because the fandom likes creating Opposite Sex Clones of the official characters. A favorite pairing is Len×Rin, an official pair of Half-Identical Twins, which tends to overlap this with Brother–Sister Incest. And even they have their own fanmade gender-swapped clones, who actually don't look like just a second pair of the originals.
  • In one Calvin and Hobbes arc involving time travel, Calvin and his future self both end up taking off in the time machine leaving two Hobbeses alone. There's at least one comic floating around the Internet that... um... focuses on what they get up to in the meantime. Brain Bleach is mandatory.
  • Since her creation in Phase 3 of Gorillaz, Cyborg!Noodle has naturally appeared in fanarts where she's making out with Real!Noodle.
  • While Elliot and his Opposite-Sex Clone Ellen from El Goonish Shive would rather avoid thinking about it in the webcomic, there are naturally Rule 34 pics of them together.
  • Homestuck:
    • Quite common in the fandom, particularly with the Time players whose powers include Stable Time Loop formation. Dreambubbles allow characters to contact alt-universe dead versions of themselves in their sleep. With the way the trolls' Bizarre Alien Biology works, ancestor/descendant pairings may or may not have hints of this, though it's closer to incest; ancestors and descendants are born centuries apart and happen to have very similar genetic makeup.
    • Definite mention of the ancestor/descendant version in Hivefled. Abusive Parents with boy-girl twin offspring and a selfcest fetish makes for bad bad things.
  • The NSFW webcomic Shädbase pairs up the adult April O'Neil from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon with the teenage April O'Neil from the 2012 CGI cartoon, casting them as sisters for extra fetish.
  • All of the ships in Thomas Sanders' web series Sanders Sides are basically this, since the characters are different aspects of Thomas' personality. Up to Eleven when quite a few people in the fandom ship all of the Sides together, the ship name being LAMP/CALM, from each first alphabet of the Sides' names.
  • There's a section of Be More Chill fans who ship the Squip as played by Eric William Morris at the Two Rivers Theater with the Squip as played by Jason Tam on Broadway. The ship's become known as Riverway. Occasionally this concept will expand to include other well-known productions or even the version of the Squip from the book.


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