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Screw This, I'm Outta Here! from Web Comics.

  • Looking for Group: Richard pulls one of these in this strip. Until Cale bribes him with a "Blow up a mountain" mission.
  • This strip of Irregular Webcomic! speculates about the fate of one character from Star Wars.
  • The Order of the Stick proves that there's a limit to how far minions are willing to take Attack! Attack! Attack! here. It holds true for Red Shirts as well, as in this strip.
    • And for a raven in this one.
      Blackwing: Caw CAW! Caw caw caw caw, caw! (POP!)
      (Translation:) "Screw THAT! You're on your own, mammal!"
    • "Screw this! I'm not getting rubbed out by magic-wielding hookers!!"
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    • Monster: "Eh, screw this. I'll order Thai."
    • Laurin Shattersmith does this during her duel with Vaarsuvius. While the more powerful spellcaster of the two, Laurin had already expended a great amount of power fighting other characters, and when V points out that (s)he still has more than two dozen spells remaining, Laurin teleports away without another word.
  • In Sluggy Freelance Oasis inspires this in several Hereti Corp henchmen, prompting Torg to remark, "Well, that was too easy!"
  • Coga Nito: Eric's first reaction to the robot BB is to scoop Niko up and attempt to flee.
  • Leo, the genetically enhanced lion in Skin Horse: "I guess he wanted me to rush 'em or something, but I was all, screw that, Master, they've got guns, man!"
  • Tycho's brain does it when confronted with Live Free or Die Hard's interpretation of the Internet.
  • In Sonichu, Jason Kendrick Howell and Beel pull this when Chris goes to bring down the 4-cent Garbage building, leaving Clyde Cash and Jack Thaddeus to die.
  • Last Res0rt — Xanatos peels off after Cypress panics from coming out of her hypnotic Tone and dives into a pool of nanotech. He escapes during the collective Freak Out! that ensues.
  • 8-Bit Theater's Black Mage has attempted to, on multiple occasions, opt out of the quest to save the world Fighter signed him up for. However, numerous elements keep forcing him back into the game, such as Thief's blackmail or Sarda's reality-warping power.
  • Rusty and Co. introduced the mook Sir Malevolus, likely a mini-boss in his own right. As he begins to make his Badass Boast, he suddenly realizes that between Rusty and Cube, he doesn't stand a chance. After giving them directions to the boss, he books it.
  • Our Little Adventure:
  • In Bob and George, Megaman pulls this on the comic.
  • A member of the Karate Bears does a Doug (Michael Showalter) in this strip, and actually leaves the page.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. Similar to one of the Real Life examples, Maxim 3 is "An ordnance technician at a dead run outranks everybody".
    • In the Haven Hive arc, when Kathryn finds out that the mercenaries have had their memories altered by the UNS, she decides to leave both because they're too dangerous for her and she might be too dangerous for them (she's a former UNS agent). They end up working together again later.
      Kathryn: Ficus foxtrot! You people! When I ditched you earlier all I knew was that you'd crossed the U.N.S. and I'd have to be crazy to associate with you. But if you had dealings at Xinchub's level it's so very much worse than I thought.
      Bunni: You're not running away right now.
      Kathryn: Twenty minutes ago I killed a U.N.S. agent and accidentally stole his intel. I may have relaxed my standards a little.
    • During the Oisri arc, the mercenaries realize in the middle of a huge emergency that all their clients are already dead due to a mistake said clients made. They're just about ready to happily pack up and go home when they realize there is a survivor, so they go back to rescue her.
      Schlock: [Puppy-Dog Eyes]
      Tagon: Is that the "please let me kill things" face or the "please let me rescue the nice lady" face?
      Schlock: Those are the same face.
    • Near the end of the worldforge arc, things are mostly resolved, but there's still a big mess to clean up and the commodore is unconscious. Kevyn half-jokingly suggests just going home.
      Kathryn: If the commodore wakes up at home he might not yell at us.
    • One spaceship commander upon realizing how hopelessly outclassed he is.
      Pirate: We're going to do the opposite of get closer.
      Srabbin: What are you saying?
      Pirate: Probably 'good bye'.
  • Homestuck:
    • When Equius is first introduced, the narrator doesn't want to spend too long on him.
    • Also, at one point, an enemy absconds off John's roof with an umbrella. Because that's what weak enemies do when they are vastly outclassed.
    • In the afterlife, Tavros attempts to do this when Vriska declares her desire to start fucking shit up so that they'll be relevant to the narrative again. Unfortunately, Vriska brainwashes him into obeying.
      Vriska: I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of being dead and useless and bored, and I'm not going to take it anymore. You're with me, right?
      Tavros: No way.
    • A lot of characters pull this off at once in Act 6 Intermission 5. Upon realising that the Ring of Life, a ring that can revive a dead person, has just been lost, Vriska starts yelling at Tavros, the last one who (she thinks) had it, about losing it. At this point, he grows sick of her crap and flies off to parts unknown, flipping the bird and yelling a taunt previously used against him at her. Sollux then follows suit, taking Nepeta and Feferi with him.
  • Near the end of the Battle for Gobwin Knob in Erfworld, the chief warlord for the Royalist faction was croaked during a parley. Superfluous Elves, as their name suggests, aren't particularly good units and don't have any impressive abilities, but they do know when they aren't needed and should just leave. So their chief, who was also the chief of all the elves at the battle, gave the elves the order to retreat. Most of the elves stayed and croaked when the volcano erupted, but everyone that went with him survived and eventually sided with Stanley thanks to their grudge against Jetstone and the need for a patron.
  • All of the Mandragora initially reject Willow's offer of freedom and forgiveness in Earthsong. But Neuria and Jormand decide later that they actually would like to ditch Beluosus after he eats two of their comrades to sustain himself.
  • When a mook in We Are The Wyrecats realizes Your Head Asplode doesn't work on Mela, he decides to ditch his partner and book it.
  • Dracula: Ruler of the Night: After Dracula and the brides are killed, Lucy Westenra and her mother, Minerva, both now vampires and still under the curse, decide to flee and live on in their undead states rather than continue the fight.
    Minerva: I was already elderly before the bite, and that death was plenty scary enough. Forgive me gentleman, I know you mean well. But I much rather continue being a so called "walking corrputed abomination" then go through that again.
  • The entire second half of Cuanta Vida, a very dark Deconstruction Fic of Team Fortress 2, is devoted to the saner team members doing just this. Most of them make it.
  • Unsounded: One overambitious crime boss uses a brothel as a front; the employees flee the city as soon as the situation with the First Silver superweapon and a General Ripper spirals out of control.
    Male Prostitute: I'm too twink for this crap.
  • Mieruko Chan: In chapter 6, Miko's predicament attracts the attention of a Not-So-Phony Psychic, the "Godmother of Downtown". She tries to help Miko with her habit of attracting powerful monsters, but when her strongest ward is overwhelmed by the presence currently haunting Miko and her friend Hana, the Godmother decides it's time to get out of fortune-telling and accept her son's offer to come back to the family farm.


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