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Here are a lot of Screamers. Click them at your own risk.

  • "Kikia" is one the first screamers to be widely spread and thus provide inspiration for other similar creations. It originated on Taiwan's Kimo webhosting service from a person with the online username "Netspooky." The first frame shows a cartoon boy sits on a lawn gazing at the sky. Two lines of Chinese text appear. A rough translation is "Hasn't it been a long time... / Haven't looked at the sky closely...". The second frame shows the boy walking down a city street lined with buildings. A rough translation of the Chinese text is "Walking on the street... / You see...". Third frame shows a picture of a ghost woman from Fatal Frame with a piercing scream. The last frame has "Kikia" in yellow text. This does not loop.
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  • "What's Wrong with this Picture?" is perhaps the oldest known screamer on the internet, dating back to 2000. The video starts a rather innocent photo of a dining room. This is actually a flash file, but because of its early appearance, many viewers had little or no knowledge of flash. After staring at the picture for about thirty seconds, a black and white close-up photo of a screaming woman with her hands on her face with her pinky fingers raised and dark spots instead of eyes in the eye sockets briefly pops up and screams.
  • Qem95's scratch project, Night Of The Demon, has Very Hot playing. But it gets lower and lower until it's silent... ...then you get a visit from a red figure that screams as it looks like it's going to smash through the project and hit you in the eye.
    • He does this again in his "Thank You For 300 Projects!" animation where at the start, Qem instructs the viewer to turn up their volume. Then he comes back thanking the viewers for 300 projects. Just about when he's going to say something else, he jumps at the viewer with red eyes and a bunch of loud sound effects. He then apologizes for scaring his fans and the animation ends.
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  • "Good Intentions" pretends to be just a slide show of very pretty, peaceful photos (to the tune of R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People) but, after a while, a photo will come very slowly and all of a sudden it screams, and the Fatal Frame image from Kikia (see above) covers it. It's not over yet, because after this it starts doing the complete opposite, showing scary and unpleasant pictures of murders, monsters, and more, and appears to be over, but after a short time, will scream again with the Fatal Frame image zooming in.
  • "Subliminal Music and Images" is often considered to be the scariest screamer on the internet. After loading, an advertisement for gin is shown. After a few seconds, part of the image is highlighted and the word "SEX" is visible. An image for a flooring company appears, with a woman appearing to be touching her shoulder. The image is then flipped, so it appears the woman is masturbating herself. Then a song, Cradle of Filth's "Dinner at Deviant Palace" begins to play backward. The Lord's Prayer is heard along with faint noises. In the middle of the prayer, a loud scream is heard, after that. A flurry of disturbing pictures appears very quickly before it cut to the message; the first one is a demon face from the movie Demoni, then Pazuzu's face from The Exorcist, then a gray-scale image of a dead woman from a Shock Site, and then a harlequin baby (for the best of sanity, don't look that up), and a gray-scale image of a mummy without wrappings. It ends with a message, "Never trust strange flash documents talking about subliminal stuff!" with metal music playing in the background.
  • "The Maze" is a famous screamer that gets the user's attention by presenting a game where the challenge is to get to the red area with your cursor while not touching the walls. Usually, there is note saying that few people have completed the game to intrigue you further. There are three levels in all, and after one finishes the 3rd level, a closeup image of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears on the screen and lets out a blood-curdling scream, and if you touch the wall near the end of level 3 where the level gets progressively thin, it will still surprise you. To cheat, hold down the mouse and drag it to the red area.
    • There is also another version shown on America's Funniest Home Videos that changes the picture of Regan MacNeil to the pic that was used in "What's Wrong with this Picture?", most likely for licensing reasons. The scream is also changed to the one in "What's Wrong with this Picture?".
    • There's also a Justin Bieber version that makes the maze lavender, makes the dot red, replaces the goal with Justin Bieber, and the pop-up image is a negative image of Justin with the scream and Baby playing in the background.
    • Another variant of this maze is The Ultimate Maze, or Navigate the Maze. In this version, the dot is controlled by the arrow keys. When Level 3 has almost been finished, a character from the Ring pops up with a LOUD scream.
  • "Steady Hand 2" (this one's in Japanese) is another screamer that plays similar to the maze. The "game's" objective is to go to the "goal" without touching the wall. The first level operates entirely as a normal game, and will result in a game over if lost. However, on the second level, always at the same place on the course (3/4 of the way through), a black and white portrait of a deformed person will zoom in and out on a red background with a long scream.
  • "Where's Waldo" shows a realistic Where's Waldo comic, then Pazuzu's face from The Exorcist pops up with a loud scream.
    • There is also an alternative version of this screamer, it uses same image from "What's Wrong with this Picture?" but with light in the eye sockets, the screen also flashes white during the Jump Scare in this version.
    • Note that Waldo was nowhere in the scene, but Odlaw and Wenda were both in it.
    • A similar screamer say's there's "hilarious hidden message in Where's Waldo" and it shows "The Goggling Gluttons" page before a humanoid monster pops up with the same scream from Ghost Chair.
  • "Chris the Jack O Lantern" is a crudely animated Halloween cartoon featuring a sad jack-o-lantern, who says "Hi kids, my name is Chris. You guys know what Sunday is? Yeah, that's right, Sunday is Halloween, and that makes me upset. You know why it makes me upset?" He pauses until you click the screen, then he says, "Yeah, because Sunday is the day that..." then a rather scary smiling ghost face with a deafening high pitched scream appears. Chris' comments date this prank to 2004 (as Halloween fell on a Sunday that year).
    • There were also 2 sequel episodes, at the end of episode two, there was a menu where you could select to either to go back to Albino Blacksheep's main site, replay the video, or go to the creator's website. However, moving the mouse over any of them brings up a picture with the same scream used in the first CTJ. Moving the mouse over "Back to ABS" makes the ghost used in the first CTJ pop up, moving it over "Replay" makes a grey-scale cloaked man pop up, moving it over "Website" makes a picture of the creator pop up (as a joke). None of the buttons actually work.
    • Episode three could be a parody since it was the only episode to have no real screamer part. In the middle, there was a quick appearance of the ghost from the first one (with no scream).
  • "Jingle Bells Reversed" plays an excerpt of Jingle Bells, then plays it backwards. During the 3/4 mark of the reverse excerpt, heavy breathing is heard and a negative image of a man screaming suddenly pops up with a loud scream that vibrates/echoes afterwards. The words "Hmm... It sounds slightly different in reverse. Hidden message? Who knows? I'm a bastard? Yes." appear at the end.
  • "The Fact About Sajjad Ali" uses soothing music from a Pakistani pop singer Sajjad Ali. Text appears over a picture of Stonehenge describing the song played in the flash, "Paniyon Mein", followed by some Romanized Hindi. A banshee with glowing eyes suddenly zooms out to a scream, covering the Stonehenge picture. The scream is the same as "What's Wrong With The Picture".
  • "Zoeken" is a Dutch prank ("Zoeken" is a Dutch word for "search") that asks you to find the three differences between two (actually identical) pictures. After a short while, a picture of a vampirized Amy from Fright Night (1985) (the same image as the shock item as the "Jessica Alba Nude" screamer) suddenly appears, zooming in and out a few times over a long scream (same as in "Steady Hand 2"), before heading to the end portion with a picture of SpongeBob and the sound of SpongeBob laughing.
  • "Swearing Baby" shows a video of a baby sleeping, then the baby opens its mouth, but a few seconds after that, it turns blue, its head grows giant, and lets out a high pitched distorted scream before turning back to normal.
  • "Little Dancing Girl" is a video of a young girl dancing down a hallway, but after the girl is gone from the screen, a red female demon jumps up with a powerful scream. Another scary thing about the screamer is the TV on the right which just has constant static.
  • Youtube Poops appear to have screamers (with no scary picture) where normal things are happening nearly like in the K-Fee commercials but then the volume suddenly boosts up so high it nearly makes the viewers ears bleed. This is known as "ear rape" and it's extremely popular among many poopers. Headphone users beware!
  • "Escape The Spooky Room" is a prank that shows a picture of a rather poorly drawn room, in which you're supposed to find a way out of (like a game called The Crimson Room). However, clicking on anything has no effect at all and, after about half a minute, a creepy shadow is shown moving across the floor. Upon waiting a few more seconds, a rather scary picture of a cloaked deformed person's face appears on the screen, accompanied by a woman screaming.
  • "Ghost Chair" is a video that shows a room with a rocking chair, green lighting, and a bunch of toys. After a while, the chair starts rocking on its own, then Regan MacNeil quickly crawls up to the camera a few seconds later with a distorted and echoing scream.
    • An alternative version replaces Regan MacNeil with a mask that has long black hair and an extra widely open mouth.
  • "Clock Crew Quiz" pretends to be a test which involves a series of questions, all of which gives the following choices: "Strawberry Clock," "Josh Bedn," "Tom Fulp," or "George Bush." First Question: Who is king of the Portal? Answer: Strawberry Clock. Second Question: Who was the first clock? Answer: Strawberry Clock. Third Question: Who is from Canada? Immediately after the question is revealed, an image of a distorted woman's face will appear with a scream. The Clock Crew of the title is a reference to a group of people who make Macromedia Flash animations on Newgrounds (where this prank is hosted), with "Strawberry Clock" referring to the person who started it all.
  • "Meaning of Life 2006" is a Newgrounds animation that states it is a serious Flash and apologizes for a quiet music rip. It appears to be a rather substandard Flash presentation talking philosophically about the meaning of life. After several frames, a picture of a woman's skull (it still has long hair and one eye) that is boiling in a gorey goo-like substance appears slightly zooming in and out accompanied with a continuously looping male scream.
  • "3D Practice" is a Newgrounds animation that shows a few 3D animations. at the end, a hideous bloody green zombie face pops up with a horrifying scream, despite it being rated suitable for everyone (most likely on purpose to trap to some viewers). This flash was removed from Newgrounds but it can still be viewed through Web Archive.
  • "Watch This While High" is a prank spread across YouTube for people that are drunk and/or high. It starts of with a sun smiling, and then shows random pictures from SpongeBob SquarePants as the "The Best Day Ever" song plays. At the end of the video, a flurry of disturbing art pops up with a scream.
  • "Animaniacs intro with a surprise!" shows the intro sequence of Animaniacs playing as usual, but when we get to the part where the variable verse would appear, Regan MacNeil then pops up with her scream from "The Maze". We then cut back to the ending part of the intro, where the Warners sing "Animaniacs! Those are the facts!".
  • "The Ugly Barnacle story with a twist!" starts with the iconic/infamous scene from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Something Smells", where Patrick tells SpongeBob the story of The Ugly Barnacle, only to be cut off by the face from "What's Wrong" with the K-fee scream. We then return to Patrick who concludes the story with "The end", much to SpongeBob's dismay.
  • "Don't click on that file!" starts on the desktop of an ungenuine Windows copy, where the cursor clicks on the titular file and clicks on several files inside it, warning it to turn back. Eventually, the cursor comes upon a pitch-black image file and opens it up, but when it does, the girl's scary face from the video, "Scarier Faces", pops up in the image viewer with the same scream from "Scary Tic-Tac-Toe".
  • "Hot Blond in Tanning Bed" is an infamous, no scream Youtube prank. It shows a pretty 18 year old girl getting ready to tan (stripping down to a bikini, putting on tanning lotion, etc.). Then she turns on the tanning bed. She then sits on the edge of the tanning bed and puts tanning lotion on her leg, but then the top lid of the tanning bed closes quickly (kind of like a Venus flytrap) and distorts her body, but with no blood. It cuts off to a message saying "Tanning can kill you". Finally, it goes back to the video and electric sparks come out of the tanning bed.
    • This video was parodied in BIONICLE Heroes with the Piraka Sun Lounger, except with a lawn chair.
      • On the subject of BIONICLE, there was a promotional flash game released in 2006 called "Draw a Piraka". The objective of the game is to connect the dots forming the head of the Piraka. However, should the player click on the fourth dot, Hakann's face appears with a loud roaring.
  • "Freaky Picture" is not a video or a flash file, but an animated GIF. A normal messy room is shown, and the instructions tell you to watch closely at the blue sack hanged on the door for about one minute, the time to figure out what's wrong on this room. After 60 seconds, a picture of female ghost appears from the door toward you before disappearing really fast. There is no scream (as it is a GIF), but the sudden appearance is quite (hence the title) freaky.
  • All five Luna Games (a series of Creepypasta fangames) contain screamers. However, the first and fourth ones are tame especially compared to the second and third ones (The fourth one has alot more actual game-play). The screamer in the full version of the fifth game (titled "Luna Game 0") only pops up if you try to restart the game.
    • Another MLP creepypasta game, Smile.exe, ends with a Zalgo-ified Pinkie screamer whose sound loops for about 30 seconds.
  • Hour of Death is a screamer that fakes a death guesser. It tells you it guesses your death, you enter the info about yourself. Now this is where the scary part happens; it tells you that your death will be caused by a Heart Attack then afterwards it will roll off what day where you die and a picture of scary-looking clown with glasses appears with a scream. But this is not the scariest part, there is a button that says "find out your real death date", once you click it, an explicit photo of a bleeding deformed person vomiting from Braindead appears with an even louder scream. After the picture disappears, text appears saying you've been sabotaged, and during the text appearing, an animated ninja drops down to the bottom of the screen telling you to go to Liquid Generation.
  • The Red Room is an interesting horror animation with a "screamer" element of sorts thrown in. The text is in Japanese, but the story related is of a student trying to encounter a mysterious pop-up ad that simply asks, "Do you like-?" that has been linked to the disappearance of a classmate. Once he finds it, he discovers that attempting to click out of the pop-up simply causes it to reload, adding on more to the phrase until it asks, "Do you like the red room?" The student is then presented with a list of the names of others who have encountered the pop-up and gone missing, and rumors of his suicide circulate the next day. The final shot is of the list, with the student's name on the bottom. The screamer comes at the very end - an actual pop-up window will activate in your browser, asking, "Do you like-?"
  • In a PONY.MOV short that aired at Trotcon (viewable here), Spike reassures the viewer that so the short can be family-friendly, nothing scary will happen. This is followed by the RD-5000 smashing through the wall, causing the camera to get disconnected. After this, Fluttershy's Nightmare Face from SHED.MOV pops up with a loud scream.
    • And the fun doesn't end there. In the other Trotcon short, no screamers appear. This is lampshaded by Rainbow Dash.
      • Rainbow Dash: "Well, at least nothing scary happe-" Cue Jump Scare
  • Alrena Roushe's Profile is a prank that pretends to be a Facebook profile of Alrena Roushe, the ghost woman in the scary flash game "The House". The profile picture is her baby picture. Moments later, Alrena pops up tearing the Facebook page with a loud scream at the same time, her baby picture will have its eyes open. There is also an alert box warning upon loading the site saying that it is not for the faint of heart.
  • UFO Screamer (Real or Hoax?) is a prank that tells viewers that a rumored UFO was supposedly spotted. Then it shows a picture of a forest that zooms in before a picture of grey alien appears and shakes with a long distorted screech.
  • A two part V-log (10-19-12) from Noah Antwiler discusses jump scares. Early into the first video, a random assortment of screamer faces appears, complete with loud shriek, in order to prove a point. It appears again at the very end of the video for absolutely no reason. The second part is more straightforward, though.
  • Viacom BND of Doom starts out with a video of the infamous Viacom "V of Doom" logo. Suddenly it shatters to show an edited version of the VID mask— while it normally has its eyes and mouth closed, this version has them both open in a manic, snarling glare to create a more-or-less demonic version of it. It flies out and slams into the screen (appearing to crack it) with a loud distorted roar, with the BND logo's Scare Chord playing after as it slowly backs away.
  • "Come with me" has poems early but after the Kikia face pops up, various Body Horror images pop up, followed up by a demon face with man screaming. Then, as if to apologize, a Rickroll ends it. Try it at your own risk.
  • Raining Blood Expert 342K 100% FC Guitar Hero III - The video's title is self-explanatory, but at 1:14, a zombie woman pops up with a powerful scream and a roar at the same time. The rest of the video is a blank black screen (which is the majority of the video).
  • The Creepypasta called "The .gif". It is about one of these on 4chan, what looks like a smiley face made out of a mouth and eyes cut out of a magazine and placed on a yellow circle. After a minute, it turns into a frown-looking face and lets out an ear-splitting, blood-curdling scream, and rapid-fires a bunch of horrifying imagery. Then it closes your browser. People who watch it in it's entirety are found dead with a smiley face drawn in blood next to them. However, in a cliche twist, the admins removed it and banned the person who put it up. However, the creepypasta warns it could be on other sites...
  • Sorta-parodied, as befits the joking nature of the site, by the chat— the whole website is supposed to look like a fake dating site for ghosts, including a supposed chatbox where you can talk to other ghosts. If you decide role-playing as a ghost might be fun and go to the chat page, it looks like you're being logged in in the midst of a conversation between some users already talking. They "greet" you, and you can type "Hi" back and before "YOU'RE NOT DEAD" flashes on the screen, and then the entry box types "BEWARE", "A MORTAL IS IN THIS CHATROOM", "I AM INSIDE THEIR KEYBOARD" and "I WILL MAKE THIS MORTAL PAY" for you. Then an angry man's face (nothing horrifying, just a regular-looking man with an angry expression) flashes on the screen and you hear evil laughter. It can still make you jump if you aren't expecting it, though.
  • First Legitimate 3DS SD Card Hack - Starts off with a person turning on his 3DS. He opens up the photo app. After he presses the more pictures button, a picture of Jeff the Killer pops up and flashes with a loud long lasting scream.
  • FOllOW thE Red DOt!!!!! - A screamer that starts with the words "Huthsweg Productions prasentiert" and "Verfolge den roten Punkt!" . Then, a red dot is shown moving across a white maze, like the title, it tells you to follow the dot. As it reaches the end of the maze, another maze comes out and the dot appears again continues to move (the second maze is somehow a section of the first maze, so it's actually only have one maze). Before the dot reach the end of the section, an image of Katie Embry about to die with eyes yellow from the movie 'The Ring' appears during a loud scream until the end of the video. It was created by the user RicciAika.
  • Peeping Tom is a screamer that shows someone filming a woman in the bathroom, then a female zombie jumps out with the same scream from the K-Fee advertisements.
  • This downplayed example is a prank that shows a woman staring away at the viewer. Shortly (around 12 seconds), her eyes will move looking at the viewer and quickly turns back to her normal stance. There is no scream but it startled most viewers.
  • The Elmo Song =) is an infamous screamer that plays "The Elmo Song" from Sesame Street, until a picture of Sadako from The Ring at 0:11 pops up with a scream.
  • UFO Crashes into Plane (WARNING: Graphic Footage) pretends to be a footage that shows an actual UFO footage. It starts with a warning that the footage is shocking. Afterwards, the video cuts to a rooftop of a house until it reaches a telephone wire. However, near the end of the video, a scary alien pops up with a distorted roar.
  • Puppy Talk is a video on Winterrowd that fools the viewer into thinking a puppy is going to say a human word. 48 seconds later, Reagan MacNeil pops up with the scream from The Maze.
  • There was a Simon Says online game by the same person who made The Maze. If you got the pattern wrong, Reagan MacNeil would pop-up with the same scream as The Maze.
  • Gamemun is a screamer flash with the purpose of tricking people into thinking they're going to play a game. A loading screen is shown, then a screen giving the option to choose "1 Player" or "2 Players". After either one is chosen, a female face is shown in white makeup, red lips, and red eyes with a repeating male scream. The picture zooms in and out slowly.
  • Ghost Illusions In Clouds Screamer is a 30-second screamer that pretends to be an optical illusion video which shows a sad face hidden in a picture of clouds. It then shows a still picture of a cloud-filled sky. But at the end of the video, a grayscale and negative image of Reagan MacNeil pops up with the scream from "What's Wrong With This Picture?" extra loud and played four times.
  • Google Earth: Couple Caught Having Sex is a "short film" created by Jasbo and McFly under the username WeTouchYourself. It shows a map of the western portion of the United States zooming in slowly, when the video reaches 0:24, it shows an image of a couple having $3 covering the map for two seconds. The video then resumes to normal until zooms in into a house with a green roof (which then be encircled) where then a scary-looking manipulated photo of a smiling baby with mouths as eyes at 0:39 pops up with a loud scream.
  • untitled is one of the shortest screamers out there because it is part of the "5secondfilms" Youtube series. It shows a man who got his TV working, but on the screen, it shows Brian on the TV screen having his throat slit. With the real Brian asking "What's wrong?", a bloodied cloaked man pops up with a woman's scream.
  • The SCP-136 from SCP Foundation is an in-universe example. It is a doll which, when observed for a prolonged time, causes the victim to hear a creepy laughter and then abruptly see a Humanoid Abomination appear out of nowhere and scream in their face.
  • The video ''Halloween'' by Matt Santoro turns out to be this at the end.
  • DoomsDay Csupo purports to be a warped version of the infamously scary "face" Klasky Csupo Vanity Plate - however, about 15 seconds into it, an edited version of the even more infamous VID mask flies into the screen.
  • "Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror!" is a 15-second video of a young girl putting in earrings and shaking her head around. The girl then turns and waves to the camera smiling, but her reflection stays still. The reflection girl's face becomes demonic and screams at the camera while the real girl is still waving.
  • The FNAF Duck Song is a Five Nights at Freddy's themed parody of the The Duck Song which has the duck is edited to look like Chica. At the part where the duck would say "Hey!" in the actual version, a clip of Chica scaring the player from FNAF starts playing.
  • This video, uploaded exactly four months after Michael Jackson's death, culls news footage on Larry King Live with the promise of being able to see his "alleged" ghost. The cameraman ends up entering a long hall. A shadow briefly appears at the end of the hall but the cameraman doesn't seem to notice. The video then freezes as a Thriller-type MJ zombie pops up with a loud scream, and ends with "Thriller" playing as text appears: "Just a small tribute to a man who will never stop thrilling us. We'll miss you MJ."
  • This Animaniacs video lands somewhere in between a regular screamer and a parody - the "scary" image is Dr. Scratchnsniff imitating The Scream. Check the comments and you'll find that very few people find it scary (most finding it hilarious instead).
  • "Barney special" seems to be just a regular Barney episode... except it cuts to a (somewhat) creepy picture of Barney's face, accompanied by a very loud scream. Not many people found it scary, however. An alternative version replaces the picture of Barney's face with a negative image of a man with his mouth wide open and his eyes edited out of his eye sockets.
  • Timati, also known as Breathtaking has a slideshow with a lakeside mountain, a meadow, and a beach before a greyscale man's face with light replacing his eyes zooms into the screen with a low-pitch yet loud drone.
  • The whole truth about VKontakte is a Russian screamer video which features a Russian man talking until his head grows, turns blue, and he screams before turning back into normal in the same way as Swearing Baby.
  • SiIvaGunner:
    • One rip from the "high quality video game ripper", specifically that of "Program Rhythm" from Kirby: Planet Robobot (uploaded under the name "Puzzle Room"), ended with a Vinesauce reference - a screen with "да" (yes) and "нет" (no), and annotations for both. Clicking the former lead to a music video for "Russkij Pusskij" by Carlito; clicking the latter lead to a shock video of a harlequin fetusnote  screaming; what's worse is that a man's hand slowly inched from the bottom of the screen towards "нет"; when it did, it displayed a still of the harlequin fetus from that video with the mouth edited to be open wider and a Hypernova filter applied to it (accompanied by "Игра окончена" - "the game is over"). The rip itself was a reference to Joel's playthrough of an unauthorized Russian Sega Genesis port of the Felix the Cat NES game; in the bootleg, choosing not to continue on the game over screen led to an image of Felix tearing his face off and standing in a pool of his own blood, with the image itself being taken from a parodical t-shirt design called "Felix the Cat Unmasked" (the Felix image in question is the page image on the Nightmare Fuel page for Vinesauce). Virtually everyone thought it crossed the line as a result of its gory content, and SiIva broke character to apologize for it (as one person had uploaded it without permission from the rest of the group - he was removed for this, of course, though he did re-upload it on his own YouTube channel "Happy Happy Cultist'').
    • Green de la Bean has this prank as his calling card, known as "beaning" among viewers. In rips featuring the meme, a song will play normally until it's suddenly interrupted by OG Maco's "U Guessed It" and a clip from "No Words". The song is then bass-boosted and saturated beyond all recognition, with the visuals then changed to the character. This meme ended up being so hated (partially because there was no leadup to any instance of beaning) that the initial bean rips were taken down, Green de la Bean was killed off, and SiIva held a funeral for him. That didn't stop the character from coming back in later rips, though his presence is now limited to incorporating "U Guessed It" itself.
  • The Nostalgia Critic has a couple ones. One in his video about the Top 11 Mindf###s and another one a bit before the end of his review for Milk Money.
  • "Scary Scene from Courage the Cowardly Dog" starts off showing a scene of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Courage in the Big Stinkin` City". He walks into an old abandoned building and starts opening doors, seeing things like King Ghidorah (from Godzilla) and Jaws. He finally opens up the third door and sees a realistic girl playing a violin from behind which Courage likes at first, but the violin turns around and scares him with a giant clay face with a scream, right after that, it cuts to a flurry of scary pictures including a scarred woman with pupiless eyes, an ice pick going through an eye (bloody), a baby's face with three nostrils and mouths replacing eyes, and a woman chopped into pieces (the second and fourth pics were actually from the Japanese "Guinea Pig" series of horror films) which is accompanied with the same scream used in "Jingle Bells Reversed" (which is also louder than the violin girl's scream from the actual show).
  • "Bart Simpson" starts off like an extended version of the non-screamer Cant sleep, clown will eat me where a realistic Bart Simpsons says the line "Cant sleep, clown will eat me" from the show. But in the screamer version, in the middle of the sixth time the realistic Bart is repeating "Cant sleep, clown will eat me", it cuts to a flurry of scary pictures including a scarred woman with pupiless eyes, Reagan MacNeil, Dr. Shivers, Pazuzu, Ahenobarbus Henocied, Dr. Tounge, a puppet woman, and a chopped up woman from the Guinea Pig horror movies accompanied with the same scream used in "Jingle Bells Reversed" and red flashing lights before going back to the realistic Bart saying "Cant sleep, clown will eat me" one more time.
    • Omsj uses the same screamer flurry as the Bart Simpson screamer, the screamer flurry is cropped in a way that the realistic Bart Simpson appears for a split second, making him part of the screamer flurry. The video features a Russian girl saying in Russian "People assume north little bears can't smile", then the screamer flurry happens, then it goes back to the Russian girl saying in Russian that it is false.
    • While Moto Moto Meme also uses that same screamer flurry at the end of the video, the scarred pupiless woman, Guinea Pig horror movie screenshots, and the realistic Bart Simpson are all cropped out of the screamer flurry.
  • "SCP-450", also called "The scariest screamer." is a unique YouTube screamer that despite its name, has nothing to do with the SCP Foundation's website or information. The original video was uploaded on December 4th, 2010 by Andreyj857. It had over 140,000 views as of November 2014. The video is now private, but there are still some copies of it. This video begins with a warning message that the materials in the video may damage one's health and to watch at your own risk. After that message, a dark-brown hallway (with the end invisible by darkness) is shown with eerie music playing in the background. At 0:50, a picture of a cat accompanied by a meow pops up and the credits start, accompanied by another message on the bottom of the screen: "THANKS FOR WATCHING! Prepare to *** bricks >;3". Immediately after this line appears, a flurry of well-known screamer faces, like Regan MacNeil, the Tic-Tac-Toe zombie, the Sajjad Ali banshee, Pazuzu, the face from "What's Wrong?", Katie Embry, the Fatal Frame image from "Kikia", and Smile Dog are shown in a rapid-fire slideshow with accompanying screams before cutting to black. One second later, the face of Jeff the Killer comes up while Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff" plays. Partways into the song, Regan MacNeil pops up again accompanied by the same scream from "The Maze", while the face zooms in and seemingly "headbutts" the screen.
    • An alternative version adds a demon child from Dead Birds and Amy the Vampire from Fright Night (1985) to the flurry of screamer faces. Instead of Jeff the Killer being accompanied by "I Shot The Sheriff", he flashes with a loud droning screen, then the edited VID mask crashes into the screen with a loud roar. The screen goes black and it seems like it's over, but then Jeff the Killer and Regan MacNeil pop up again with the same scream from the Scary Maze Game.
  • This tweet says "You had one Job." and has a video of a man opening up shelves with snakes inside of them to feed mice to. Then a snake jumps out of one of the shelves to try to grab a mouse and then falls to the floor. Then the guy picks up the snake with a pole to put it back in its shelf. Then the guy opens up another shelf and a snake's face quickly zooms into the screen with a loud hiss.
  • Black Licorice, from the Nickelodeon Clickamajigs, initially presents itself as a cute little game with you handing out candies to costumed children with stock image faces. However, there is an ominous warning before the game starts: "Whatever you do, don't stick those kids with that nasty old black licorice left over from last Halloween." However, the children do not leave until you give one of them a piece of black licorice. When that happens, the cheerful music stops. The child you gave it to then asks "Black licorice?" before a Scare Chord is heard. The child then yells "I DON'T LIKE BLACK LICORICE!" in a loud, distorted voice, while their face turns demonic and screams fill the background. The door then slams, before the game loops.
    • Using the "Send," option in the game to send the game to someone else presents a more straightforward example. The game opens up with a different warning: "Hey, (recipient). Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN THE DOOR! I'm serious. Your pal, (sender)." Proceeding onwards anyway causes the game to start up again as usual, but the pieces of black licorice are missing. After you give the children a few pieces of candy, the door closes. After a moment, one of the children opens up the mail slot, and says "Oh yeah! I almost forgot!" Cue the child bursting through the door and turning demonic, while screaming "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" with those same screams. The animation then ends with demonic laughter, before it takes the recipient to the "Send," menu.
  • beans is an Youtube animation that features a realistic looking orange with a face, arms, and legs that talks with a computer generated voice as the protagonist. An overlord has accused the protagonist of sinning and banishes the protagonist to an alternative universe unless he finds the beans that the overlord wants. The protagonist finds an 8-Twelve store (parody of 7-Eleven) and enters the store. He purchases the beans from the cashier but the beans teleport away to an unknown location. The cashier and protagonist both go outside the store and notice how green everything is. The protagonist tries to say that "Green is the color of Vegetal" but before he could finish saying it, an image of Vegetal zooms up to the screen with glowing eyes and a loud drone sound blowing away the protagonist and cashier.
  • This tweet has a video that automatically starts toys of Mario ,Luigi, and Wario being played with the Wario toy facing you and voice imitating Wario saying "Now this is funny!" before the screen zooms into Wario with a loud echoing drone with the rest of the video being a black screen after that.


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