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  • Dishonored has the Chaos system. Now, the Karma Meter in general tends to be a spotty thing in videogames, and Bethesda in particular has a long and rather checkered past when it comes to it, but the Chaos system is particularly grating for two reasons. Firstly, as the game boasts, the Chaos system directly affects the game-world... by making it so much of a Crapsack World that the player risks being plunged into Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy. Even in the medium Chaos path, the game tries to hit the player with a serious You Bastard! effect. The darkness of the high Chaos path is so much that several of the loading screen tips actively warn players against pursuing that route. This would be bad enough, but then there's reason number two: the game's most interesting and innovative features are all combat based. And combat is how Chaos is raised. So, a player who doesn't want to get high Chaos has to forfeit playing around with all of the cool tricks that the game advertises, such as intricate sword duels, using traps, summoning rat swarms, etc. Add in some rather counter-intuitive aspects to Chaos (for example, killing the Weepers raises Chaos, despite that this is arguably a mercy and protects those who haven't been infected) and how strict it is (if surviving humans drops below 80%, your Chaos rises to medium level) and, needless to say, Bethesda didn't convince anyone that they had the faintest idea how to use a Karma Meter with this game.


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