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  • Kanye loves this: "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" and "Amazing" were excuses to show off Prague and Hawaii respectively, "Stronger" showed off a pseudo Akira-inspired version of Japan and "Power" was what one imagines he imagines happens when he walks through his living room in the morning.
  • U2 tour stages. The most obvious examples would be the Trabant-lit, widescreen-adorned Zoo TV stage, the neon-filled Popmart stage with its gigantic LCD screen, and the current 360 "Claw" stage, but the relatively minimalistic heart-shaped Elevation stage deserves a mention. Their stage designer, Willie Williams, does this in many of his works.
    • Bono pointed out in a Rolling Stone piece that the 360 stage has been compared to that of David Bowie's Glass Spider Tour in 1987 — can you blame them? Bowie was one of the first rockers to use this trope, starting with 1974's Diamond Dogs Tour with its giant "Hunger City" set — so big and expensive that it eventually had to be dropped (complaints from the band and backup singers, who were all obscured by it for most of the show, probably didn't help). The 1990 Sound+Vision Tour substituted giant projections of Bowie and other performers for physical setpieces. Bowie averted this trope in other tours, such as the 1976 Isolar Tour that used only lighting to set scenes/moods... and even that was limited to white lights.
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  • Snoop Dogg's video for "Beautiful" would be nothing but a stereotypical bootyshaking rap video if not for the breathtaking scenery of Rio De Janeiro. In fact, the last shot of the video is a panorama of the city with "Obrigado Brasil" ("Thank you Brazil") at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Gorillaz videos Feel Good Inc. and El Manana have the floating island, which looks like something straight out of Studio Ghibli. Butterflies flicking around, modest wildflowers and rolling grassy fields make the place stunning, especially when contrasted to the debauchery and filth of the Feel Good Tower.
  • Most of Ben Howard's videos, especially 'Keep Your Head Up', 'The Wolves' and 'Old Pine', filmed in the English countryside.
  • Guillemots' video for We're Here is made up of this.
  • Many of iamamiwhoami's videos depict the natural beauty of the Swedish landscape- as is fitting for a conceptual series of videos about a Nature Spirit. Dark and snowy forests, fields, and rivers have all made prominent appearances.
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  • Lots of Lindsey Stirling's videos are filmed in wild and beautiful locations, and the camera makes full use of this; it's part of the reason for the Orbital Shot in her Lord of the Rings medly.
  • The cover art for Simple Minds' debut album "Life In A Day." Although their label at the time didn't seem to like it.
  • Electronic music festivals have been trying to one-up each other in the stage department for years now. Bonus points go to ones with fairy tale-inspired atmospheres; EDC Las Vegas went from a generic bank of screens to a giant animatronic owl in the course of a year.
  • The "Making Of Together Alone" promo video for Crowded House features many gorgeous shots of New Zealand's Kare Kare Beach, where the album was recorded.
  • Just about any album cover painted by Roger Dean, notably his work with Yes and Asia.
  • Imagine Dragons' "Roots" video features this as Dan Reynolds explores various parts of New Zealand, such as Auckland and Great Barrier Island.
  • Any music video by Studio Killers most notably this: [1] and this: [2]
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  • Some parts of the music video for "Shout" by Tears for Fears was notably shot at Durdle Door in Dorset, and wastes no time in showing it off.


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