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  • Edge began to gradually lose his mind as he kept getting closer to a Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker. It took Mick Foley to tell Edge that he needed to let loose to have a hope of winning, culminating in a two-word "World of Cardboard" Speech: "I understand."
    • The entire summer of 2008 was this for Edge. After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to CM Punk, things fell apart and it was a long, drawn-out ride off the slope for him. The above incident with Foley was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
  • Randy Savage became increasingly paranoid of other wrestlers trying to make moves on Miss Elizabeth as time went on, which in truth, they were. But as it is said, just because they're out to get you doesn't mean you aren't paranoid.
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  • Randy Orton infamously started to lose it after his first world title run, which involved his friend and mentor, Triple H, ousting him (forcefully) from Evolution in a fit of jealousy. Cracks began to show in The Legend Killer's suave persona over the next few years, and a Wrestlemania feud with (and loss to) The Undertaker shoved him over the deep end.
  • Brian Pillman, due to an increasing string of injuries cutting down on his in-ring time.
  • This is how ECW explained the transformation of narcissistic Johnny Polo to the chronically depressed, manipulative cult figure Raven.
  • Having his mask stapled to his head and then being hung by Ring of Honor's Hang Men 3 really took a toll on Delirious's sanity. As the name implies, he was already a Cloudcuckoolander but the experience drove him Ax-Crazy enough to concoct a poison designed to restrict the airway, which he stored in his mouth!
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  • Mickie James's obsession regarding Trish Stratus started about as innocently as an obsession could conceivably be (she used Trish's moves in new ways, hung around, sung her praises, ect). But then Mickie started giving up her own good fortunes for Trish, first admirably but the detriment of her own health. Then Mickie started dressing like Trish. Then she got jealous of anyone who spent any significant time Trish, be it Trish's preexisting protege Ashley or Trish's boyfriend Chad. When Mickie basically rested her head on Trish's crotch and refused to move it that was enough for Trish but the descent of Mickie's sanity had only just begun.
  • R-Truth turned heel after losing out on a WWE Championship opportunity. And after that, his mind.
  • Daniel Bryan. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! And after AJ Lee left him at the altar, it turned into: No! No! No! No! No!
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  • In 2010, poor Shawn Michaels started losing his mind after not being able to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV. And after WrestleMania XXVI, his career. He regained his sanity at this point.
  • In her route to the SHIMMER singles championship belt, Madison Eagles went from a silly lady in pink to obsessively dedicated to prying the belt away from MsChif. After she did, it only got worse, to the point she defined her very existence by the title and became jealously paranoid of it, equating any criticism that might in anyway relate to her, any kind of success by anyone else, as being part of some agenda to take it away...leading to the Memetic Mutation of the SHIMMER belt being an artifact of doom only "demons" like the aforementioned Chif could handle.
  • AJ Lee's descent into insanity began when Bryan first dumped her after Wrestlemania — needless to say, he would regret it. It's been over a year and AJ still hasn't regained her sanity yet.
  • Su Yung had been slipping toward insanity since at least 2009 thanks to an inferiority complex regarding Tracy Taylor. A tour of Japan was supposed to help her get better but thanks to a few encounters with "Sweet" Saraya in SHINE she seems to have completely lost it in 2014...completely.
  • If Su Yung's the long case, Kimberly Maddox is the alarmingly short one, as in two shows in two months short, over the fact she couldn't get a win in the Shine promotion. However, Leva Bates theorized that Kimberly already had narcissistic personality disorder, so she likely didn't start very far up the slope.

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