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This is my 5th Sandbox that deals with the Trope Pantheon Works

Note: This is editor RJ-CLOVIS-93 helping out. Here dwell the numerous reworks, basic ideas and so on Thavidu X 1234 has. I have done so with his permission, in order to prevent lag and generally help with focus.

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Work In Progress:

Cartoon Network

    Rook Blonko 
Rook Blonko, God of Those who Conveniently Replace Other Characters (Magister Rook)
  • Potential House: Character Roles
  • Theme: TBD
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Proto-Tool
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: TBD
  • Domains: TBD
  • Followers: TBD
  • Allies: TBD
  • Rivals: TBD
  • Enemies: TBD
  • Additional Relationships here
  • Bits of trivia goes here
  • Try to find a quote to put at the end

Devil May Cry

     Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry) 
Dante, God of Being Marked For Death by Everything (Son of Sparda, Dante the Demon Killer, Half-Angel Half-Demon, Donte, Tim, Dante II, Nephilim Dante, Reboot Dante, The Emo One, Orc [the latter two by original Vergil])
  • Potential House: Life and Death
  • Theme: Throat Full of Glass
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: TBD
  • Alignment: TBD
  • Portfolio: TBD
  • Domains: TBD
  • Followers: TBD
  • Allies: Kat, Dante Sparda, Trish, Edward and Alphonse Elric, Eric Brooks/Blade, Dante Alighieri
  • Rivals: Nero
  • Enemies: Mundus, Heihachi Mishima, Father Homunculus, Führer King Bradley, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Dante (FMA)
  • Additional Relationships: Vergil Sparda
  • There were two demon knights who were as close as blood brothers named Sparda and Mundus, who once vied to conquer the world of both humans and demons. Trouble is, angels weren't going to let them have the human world without a fight. Sparda ended up falling in love with one of the angels, a redheaded winged wonder named Eva, and thus turned against his blood brother. Mundus and his forces were still able to take the reins, putting Sparda and Eva on the run, eventually along with their secret twin sons, for years.
    • While Mundus would inevitably find the twosome, tear Eva's heart out, and imprison Sparda in the demon world, Sparda successfully concealed Dante and Vergil by sending them away separately as well as wiping the bulk of their memories. As they grew up, the brothers would emerge separately before joining together as the prophesied destroyers of Mundus' empire — the Nephilim. Unfortunately, their contrasting outlooks on how to move forward turned them into enemies after the fact…
  • He was first made familiar to the Pantheon before he even ascended, when an older, white-haired pretty-boy kinda guy came to him and introduced himself, by the name of Dante. The young Nephilim protested this, saying his name was Dante, while the older guy told him outright that although he knows this already, he's calling him Tim. This he found annoying.
    • The older Dante also asked him to take his place in some Battle Royale event. He accepted, looking for a way to kill time violently. Promptly he was met with derision because everyone was expecting the other guy, and he was met with the detractor nickname Donte. Suddenly he felt much better about being called Tim.
    • Heihachi Mishima introduced himself to this Dante during that time by interrupting him mid-fight and chucking him into the sky. He's been waiting to get payback on Heihachi for that one.
    • Upon talking to the older Dante again, he found out that the man comes from a more popular and fantastical incarnation of his own universe which had been known first. Furthermore, the man has already long beaten both his Mundus and his Vergil as well as come to some odd understanding about he and his brother's differences. Was also surprised to learn that these Sons of Sparda are half-human rather than half-angel.
    • This turn of events kinda made him old!Dante's herald, although he didn't appear much in the role. He is grateful that old!Dante has been looking after Kat since she ascended first, as has old!Vergil, who he's surprised to find is more honorable and straightforward like he wishes his own brother could be.
  • Thanks to some complicated story about old!Vergil joining a group led by Homunculi only to desert them after learning from them, Kat was able to pick up a special brand of Alchemical Magic. Though old!Vergil's intent was for her to have more power at her disposal to deal with these enemies, Kat in fact sacrificed the ability to the Truth by using it to transmute Dante fully into the Pantheon.
    • Unfortunately, a little bit of Limbo was dragged into his new temple, so he occasionally has to deal with the odd demonic creature or navigate through some twisting structure. This usually happens once or twice a week, unless the original Mundus (who's actually a living statue of all things) decides to target him, at which point it gets to be a ridiculous two or three times a day.
    • Upon learning that the one old!Vergil learned from was a centuries-old woman named Dante who uses alchemy to steal other people's bodies so she can live longer and maybe seduce some powerful maniac into becoming her lover, this Dante spitefully commented that his own brother would've taken every possible lesson he could from her and then manipulated the Homunculi into boosting his ruling ambitions.
  • Speaking of the Homunculi, he finds them as despicable as the conspiratorial demons who once ruled his world and made his life miserable. When he discovered that their primary Arch-Enemy was the God of Alchemical Magic as well as another hot-tempered dude who loves red coats and had fairly similar family issues, he promptly gave Edward Elric his respect. He was also glad to see that unlike Vergil, Ed's younger brother Alphonse is a genuinely kind dude, and considers the living suit of armor thing awesome (which would've pissed Ed off if he wasn't understanding of the drawbacks once Al explained them).
  • Blade has decided to take him on as an understudy as a favor to old!Dante, who he's part of an alliance with.
  • Some have tried to christen him, along with Ryuko Matoi and Shadow the Hedgehog, as the "ultimate trio of edginess". None of the three are friendly to the idea.
  • Hearing that he and Kat are trying to repair their demon-broken human world, the namesake of all the Dantes approached him and taught him things about the demons, Hell, sin, and the past. He didn't quite take to everything, but Alighieri isn't sweating it, figuring he'll understand when he needs to.
  • As both are younger and more apathetic counterparts to old!Dante, most figured that he and Nero would either make fast friends or clash hard on everything. Naturally, the first time they met Nero called him an idiot to his face because he and his brother never talked through the next step after Limbo's exposure, to which Dante countered that if Nero had seen Vergil even before that he never would've trusted him. They don't hate each other, but they do bicker plenty. Kat saw this coming, so she often acts to temper them.



Reworking/Transferring/Updating Deities:

Adventure Time

    Finn the Human 
Finn The Human, God of Heroic Sword Users (Finn Mertens)
—> Finn: "It was horrible there. They left me for dead at least one time or another. They hardly fed me, they hurt me, and they didn't care. I was left living with myself, whatever I was. I wanted to die, I wanted to be killed. So did the Cyclops. We howled like animals in the night after Ring Master was asleep, because that's all we knew how to show ourselves. I don't talk because when I was there, they would-"

    Jake the Dog 
Jake the Dog, God of Big Friendly Dogs

     Princess Bubblegum 
Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, Goddess of Reigning Princesses (PB, Peebles, Bonnie)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Crown.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Food, practicing science while reigning, The Ageless, speaking Gratuitous German, Badass Bookworm, Flat Earth Atheism, Pragmatic Heroines.
  • Domains: Royalty, Leadership, Candy, Authority.
  • Followers: The many princesses of Ooo, Candy, Lana, Hilda.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Lich, Ragyo Kiryuin, Raul Menendez, Some evil members of the House of Knowledge, Technology, Friendship, & Royalty
  • Opposes: The Ice King, Kirby, Pac-Man.
  • Opposed By: The entire House of Magic. (with some exceptions)
  • The previous goddesses of this trope were needed to attend to matters in the House of Beast, but needed someone to fill this position in their absence. Princess Bubblegum was selected and ascended shortly after. With Princess Bubblegum's ascension, she has achieved the power to better protect and innovate for her citizens. Now she seeks to do the same for the Pantheon.
  • She is regularly found in the House of Knowledge or House of Technology, experimenting on various projects meant to improve life in the Pantheon, make the gods' jobs easier, or even try to stop the GUAE. Some have noticed that she tends to be a Pragmatic Heroine who sometimes goes into gray territory with her means. This tendency has allowed PB to form a friendship with Meta Knight, who similarly does questionable things for the greater good.
    • It was once suggested to Bubblegum that Finn the Human and Jake the Dog ascend, that they'd be able to help out around the Pantheon, given how much she praised their accomplishments. Bubblegum, however, insisted that they not be ascended, so that they could focus on keeping the Candy Kingdom and Ooo free of evil. Time will tell if she'll change her mind. Even so, Finn and Jake are followers of Gods in the Pantheon, Ness for the former and Hachiko for the latter.
      • Not anymore. They've been ascended.
  • On some occasions, she reads stories to all the children gods in the Pantheon.
  • Due to her nature, Bubblegum has had bad experiences with Pac-Man and Kirby, both of whom attempted to eat her on more than one occasion. They've been banned from her temple.
    • Likewise, her insistence that all magic is just unexplained scientific phenomenon, has not sat well with the House of Magic. She's been banned from entering as a result. Though Edward Elric doesn't mind her, since he's not affiliated with magic—alchemy was just lumped in with it.
      • Bubblegum's ire for Magic doesn't seem to extend to Nanoha Takamachi, though. This is probably because Nanoha's Mid-Childa magic is closer to high-end technology, which Bubblegum supports.
  • Has formed a friendship with Vanellope Von Schweetz, bonding over the trials of ruling over candy worlds. Bubblegum has helped tinkered some of the Sugar Rush karts to make them even crazier.
  • Due to the sound of her voice, some gods in the Pantheon (especially Pit) have occasionally mistaken her for Viridi. The two have met and they guess their voices sound a little alike.
  • Has had a run-in with [[ Mao]]. Ironically, she was the one who tried to experiment on him.

    Lady Rainicorn 
Lady Rainicorn, Patroness of the Bilingual Bonus (Lady)

    Ice King 
The Ice King, God of Power at the Price of One's Sanity (A Biiiig Nerd, King of Ice, Simon Petrikov)

BMO, Deity of Living Game Systems (Beemo, Be More)

Orgalorg, the God Sealed in a Teddy Bear (Gunter, The Breaker of Worlds)

    The Lich (Adventure Time)
The Lich, Personification of Mass Extinction and Nuclear Waste
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A horned, decaying head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever, Night of the Living Mooks, Body Horror, Body Surf, Compelling Voice, Complete Monster, Dem Bones, The Dreaded, Evil Sounds Deep, Glasgow Grin, Hero Killer, Implacable Man, It Only Works Once, Knight of Cerebus, Nuclear Nasty, Omnicidal Maniac, One-Winged Angel, Not Quite Dead, Touch of Death, and Walking Wasteland, just to name a few.
  • Allies: Nekron, given they have the exact same goal. There's also the Wither and Death Phantom, and he seems verily fond of [[Pantheo Randall Ross]]. Other than that, no-one wants to side with the guy
  • Enemies: Anyone who stands in the way of his goal of ending all life. So, pretty much everyone who's not an Omnicidal Maniac. Though the Adventure Time gods have earned a special spot in his eyes, along with Nurgle and The Flood.
    • More specifically, he's on top of the hit list for all members of the House of Life and Death, Nature and all dinosaur deities when they discovered he was the comet that killed them.
  • When this guy ascended, everyone was put on edge. His infamous feats of destruction, death, betrayal, and trickery get around very well.
  • The entire Pantheon would like to remind everyone that THE LICH KING IS NOT FUNNY.
  • Don’t confuse him for the other Lich King. That will earn you a dose of Disintegration Breath.
    • However, he gets along with the other Lich, Death Phantom; anyone who wishes to kill everyone has every right to be a Lich in his book.
  • Finn and Jake were outraged after hearing he ascended. He did kill their hero Billy, after all. They have both worked towards getting him out, with no luck.
  • Due to his goals, the GUAG and the GUAL have already started preparing for him. Surprisingly enough though, the GUAE and GUAC have as well. Melkor and Lucifer are smart enough to know he won’t play nice with them.
  • Most of the fellow gods in the pantheon despise him, since he not only wants to exterminate all life, but also constantly cheats any form of death. They have been working to find a way to ‘trap’ him so he won’t be able to escape the next time; they also help in the efforts to prevent him from killing everything that ever was, so as of keep the balance of life and death.
  • The Lich took notice of the creature Buu very quickly when he ascended, and vice versa. Seeing each other’s capabilities, they have planned on possessing (Lich) or absorbing (Buu) the other. No one knows who would win that… ‘battle’, but many across the pantheon only wish that neither are successful.
  • The House of Magic has grown highly cautious of him after seeing his capabilities: Body surfing, corrupting and destroying a galactic prison with only a breath, and an instance in which he made Finn and Jake collapse with only one word. They have begun working with the Life and Death pantheon in their efforts to put him down for good.
  • Since he is always destroying what ‘killed’ him before, he has set his eyes on the Love and Friendship houses, and is waiting for the right opportunity to destroy them.
  • Most gods thought he was mad before. But when he revealed that his goal included beings like Haruhi Suzumiya and Nyarlathotep, all gods deemed him downright insane. Haruhi, Gnarly, and others approached them only to laugh at the notion that he thought he could kill them; however, when he showed and told them just how much he knew about the universe, they grew silent very quickly. They still don't fear him at all, but they haven't commented on the incident.
    Lich: Before there was time... before there was anything... there was nothing. And before there was nothing... there were monsters.
  • At the moment, The Lich is stuck in an innocent, living body going by the name of Sweet P. Many gods, including Finn and Jake, think he is only biding his time as usual, waiting to break out and strike. But at this point, the pantheon is safe from his wrath… for now.
  • The Lich is the only individual in the entire pantheon who not only allies with Nekron, but actually looks up to him. While he made a bad first impression due to his habit of cheating death, Nekron has decided to put that aside since his strategies make him a really useful ally. Everyone is trying to prevent him coming in direct contact with Nekron though, since a Black Lantern Lich would doom us all.
  • Looks at the Wither with interest, noting its destructive tendencies. As he is technically undead, the Wither can't harm him, and as such, it's become one of his Elite Mooks.
  • Most people originally assumed that he and The Flood would get along swimmingly, given their undead natures and destructive tendencies of galactic proportions. Quite the contrary though, as The Flood itself is disgusted with his mission to kill all life, as that would deny it the eternal suffering it desires of all things. This once came to a head when The Lich allowed himself to become infected by the parasite in an effort to take control of it. Unfortunately for him, he learned the hard way that one doesn't try to control the Gravemind and was kicked out very easily for his troubles. He has since sworn to destroy it for the humiliation.
  • "Fall. You are alone, child... there is only darkness for you. And only death for your people. These ancients are just the beginning. I will command a great and terrible army, and we will sail to a billion worlds. We will sail until every light has been extinguished. You are strong, child... but I am beyond strength. I. AM. THE END. And I have come for you, Finn."



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