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Sandbox 4 / Sailor Venus 372

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Ascended Deities

Chaos (Sailor Moon) (As Long as There is Evil), Cackletta (Shielded Core Boss), Ultimate Chimera (Invincible Boogeymen), Queen Beryl (And Now You Must Marry Me), The Shroobs (Knight of Cerebus), Joker (Glitter Force) (Magical Clown), Mina Loveberry (Sailor Senshi Send-Up), The Dead Moon Circus (Circus of Magic), Sally Acorn (Team Mom), The Shadow Queen (Non Standard Game Over), Grandfather (Gruesome Grandparent), The Beast (Over The Garden Wall) (
Freeze-Frame Bonus), Sticks the Jungle Badger (Technophobia), Dark Meta Knight (Literally Shattered Lives), The Death Busters (School for Scheming), Bête Noire (Nightmare Face), King Ramses (2D Visuals, 3D Effects), The Vamps (Systematic Villain Takedown), Death Phantom (Mind Manipulation), The Chaos Kin (Mook Maker), Moro (Wrong Context Magic), The Brotherhood of Evil (Brotherhood of Evil), Derek Powers/Blight (I Love Nuclear Power)

Reworked Deities

The Chosen Four (Kid Hero), Sailor Galaxia (Gold Makes Everything Shiny), Antasma (Bat Out of Hell), Amatsu-Mikaboshi (Primordial Chaos), Lavos (Planetary Parasite), The Scarlet Sisters (Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness), The Max Heart Pretty Cures (Frills of Justice), Tabuu (Silent Antagonist)


Ascended Treasures

The Dream Stone


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