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Reworks and Tune-ups

    Sigmund Freud 
Sigismund Schlomo Freud, God Of Freudian Psychology (Sigmund Freud for short, Dr. Freud)

    Herbert Garrison 
Herbert Garrison, God of Angry White Men (Janet Garrison, Mr President)
As President Garrison.

Adoptables on hold

    SCP- 1678 
SCP-1678, Unholy Subterranean City Of The Gods (UnLondon, the Last City)
An artist's impression of SCP-1678. The entity in the foreground is an instance of SCP-1678-A.
  • Note: On hold unto SCP spring cleaning
  • Adopted from: Super WIKI 1
  • Rank: Euclid (beings inside are of Lesser God rank)
  • Symbol: SCP-1678-A, their law enforcement
  • Alignment: Ambiguous, though its SCP file portrays it as Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Underground City For An Apocalyptic Event, The "Bobbies" Can't Be Shot, Victorian London
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interests: British deities, YHVH
  • Banned entry: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Dr Weil
  • SCP-1678. Object Class: Euclid. A kilometre below London is the Underground City referred to as UnLondon. The city is stylized like London. Guarded by anomalous police, or "Bobbies" as they're known, it resembles Victorian England and both the construction and intelligence behind it, if any, is a mystery. It has only partially been contained by the SCP Foundation, and the Bobbies seem hostile to the organization. Besides the anomalies, it is believed to only be inhabited by anomalous beings.
  • Though looked at with suspicious by the Foundation, all evidence suggests that SCP-1678 exists for the purpose of being an asylum in case of an apocalyptic event ruining the surface. Because of this, the Bobbies and Foundation are willing to team up to keep the GUAD out. Dr Weil as well, because he tried to destroy the Last Fertile Region to force people under his dictatorship. Just what that apocalyptic event is, it hasn't been discerned.
  • After a trip to the far future The Time Traveler has confirmed that SCP-1678 is still active in 802,701 C.E, and isn't interested in letting Morlocks and Eloi in. Or him, though the Bobbies' reason is unknown. It's also unclear if the Bobbies are merely aggressive to Foundation staff or any outsider, and the Foundation doesn't want the pantheon to investigate.
  • SCP-1678-A, aka the Bobbies, look like Victorian policeman bandaged up. They're extremely resilient to damage and bullets, and hostile for motives not fully understood. The House of Justice is investigating how they came to be in hopes of creating loyal Bobbies to service the Trope Pantheon's interest. However the Bobbies will shoot anyone who attempts to analyze them. The Grand United Alliance of Good has the theory they assume the world has ended, so they believe any outsider is compromised.
  • SCP-1678-B, the Eyes in the Sky act as surveillance. They are bio-mechanical surveillance drones that are meant to resemble pidgeons, and are relatively easy to capture but difficult to deal in large numbers. The House of Cybernetics & Enhancements has been studying the design and how to reverse-engineer for the SCP Foundation, however they lost control of a flock which went on to wonder in and weird out the House of Birds
  • The role of SCP-1678-C, the "Wretch", is unknown. They tend to look like old women dressed in rags, and are condemned to their street urchin life. The radio has announced: "Do not pity the Wretch. Allow them to pay the price of their betrayal for all eternity. Remember, citizen: on the day UnLondon rises I shall reward the loyal, but traitors shall be forever damned". The GUAG wishes to rescue them from this fate, however they first must know what, if anything they did to deserve to their fate, as per the Foundation's wishes not to release some Sealed Evil in a Can on accident.
  • SCP-1678-D is what the primary food supply is referred to. It's a synthetic starch gel with the consistency and taste of porridge, though low levels of fat and protein have the risk of making one dangerously underweight and prone to scurvy in the long-term. Psychological side-effects are increased obedient to authority, diminishing propensity for violence, reduced libido, capacity for fear or panic, and consistently high morale. This has only led to questions on why these effects are in place and if it has anything to do with the apocalypse they're preparing for. YHVH is pleased with SCP-1678-D and wants take UnLondon for the Grand United Alliance of Law, believing its attitude is perfect for His kind of doomsday preppers. Hopefully He isn't planning to cause some apocalypse in order to utilize UnLondon.
  • Because UnLondon is underground far away from the Sun, it might serve as a bastion for an SCP scenario where the Sun's light turns life into a zombie-like Blob Monster. One mortal posits what that scenario may be like. It'd certainly be a good place to hide if the C'Tan start eating and poisoning the Sun, and possibly Sekhment.

    Homestuck Kids 
Homestuck Kidsmembers , Deities Who Went On A World-Creating Journey (Dave, Jade, John and, Rose: Beta Kids, Heroes; Dirk, Jake, Jane and Roxy: Alpha Kids, Nobles; Dave: turntechGodhead, Knight of Time, Elizabeth, Insufferable Prick; Dirk: timaeusTestified, Prince of Heart; Jade: gardenGnostic, Witch of Space, Farmstink Buttlass; Jane: gutsyGumshoe, Maid of Life, Barnstench Fartface, Janey; Jake: golgothasTerror, Page of Hope, J, Barfbreath Turdsmirk; John: ectoBiologist, ghostlyTrickster, Heir of Breath, Zoosmell Pooplord; Rose: tentacleTherapist, Seer of Light, Flighty Broad; Roxy: tipsyGnostalgic, Rogue of Void, Rolal)
Clockwise from topleft: John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Dirk, Roxy and Jake.Click here to see them as God Tiers. 


Rework list


  • Ideas suggested by others, current status unclear/other(partial reminder)

  • Possible suggestions for other profiles
    • Azure Legacy
      • Malekith: The Doctor would probably resent that they share a resemblance
      • Knull: I wonder if the darkness he calls home might be comparable to Amara. He might like her given her nature at first, but soon be frustrated by the fact she gave up being an Omnicidal Maniac and given he wouldn't like Chuck for being the Light and a creator, albiet a rather malevolent creator like Knull himself is to the Klyntar, who he'd attack and earn her ire. He might consider Ungoliant kindred, as she seems to be a creature from the void/darkness who wants to devour all light
      • Izanami(Blaz Blue): Though vengeful, the true Izanami would heavily dislike her for giving her a bad name and consider her a poser. The Japanese gods would have similar feelings much like Susan'o seeing through Terumi's shit and knowing he's just Satan with his name.
      • The Clone Troopers: Also rivals with the Sontarans, another race of clone warriors. I wonder how each other may discuss their views on war and role in life
    • Fasoman
    • General Gigan
      • Falinks: As they're a close-knit team, they would have a low opinion on the House of Betrayal for obvious reasons. Boudica would wonder what to think of them as they're modeled after the kind of phalanx/centurions of Rome, but are native to Galar which is Pokemon's Britian equivalent
      • The Cheetahmen: I imagine they wouldn't like the Cheats & Glitches sub-house as one of the main reasons for Action 52 being a bad game(I think) is how buggy it is. And they would blame that on them failing to launch
      • The Shopwell Products: Wary of human deities for obvious reasons. Mordecai and Rigby would be cautious of the sausages since they were almost eaten by sentient hot dogs who wanted revenge for all the hot dogs eaten. Amusingly I can see Douche trying to Ass Shove Zamasu to pull a Hijacking Cthulhu, leading to a fit of disgusted rage from him. Gum would probably get along with Stephen, another Stephen Hawking expy who is also one to oppose "God" and seek enlightenment of sorts
      • The Visitors: Are there other grey aliens besides Roger Smith? Given Roger is into Comedic Sociopathy as being bitchy is his race's nature, they might consider each other related
    • Hamana Hamana Hamana: Given his role in the narrative, Horus could be compared to Archaon, maybe. I also think that the Egyptian god Horus would be irate at them sharing a name, though I wonder if Set might like him
    • Makogirl: The truth behind the FMA Philosopher's Stone would chill Harry to the bone, especially when the one he's familiar with doesn't have the dark origins. Voldemort would have no reservations about experimenting and making them in the plenty, given what he's done to his own soul, and it would be of interest to those with Soul Power
    • Mattman the Storyteller: The Saturdays would be very interested in the House of Otherness, particularly Japanese Spirits (aren't Youkai basically Japanese cryptids?)

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