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This is my personal area. These deities are not normally for adoption (ask for permmission first). I will ascend them on my own time, or never.

Impossible to Ascend As They Are

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    The Crystal Gems 
The Crystal Gemsmembers , Collective Goddesses of Gem Hearts (Magical Ladies, The original three: The Mom Squad, Peridot: Peridot, Facet 2F5L, Cut 5XG, Pear, P-dot, Dorito Gem/Lime Dorito, Smoldot, Tinydot, Perismol, Lapis Lazuli: Water Witch/Jesus/Princess/Angel, Happy Lappy, Lapissed Lazuli, Sardonyx: Tuxedo Dorito Mom, Dapper Dorito)
The Crystal Gems (and Steven Universe) From left to right: Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl
Peridot (with limb enhancers)
Lapis Lazuli
Opal (Fusion of Pearl and Amethyst) 
Sugilite (Fusion of Garnet and Amethyst) 
Sardonyx (Fusion of Pearl and Garnet) 
Alexandrite (Fusion of Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst) 
Ruby  and Sapphire 
Smoky Quartz (Fusion of Amethyst and Steven Universe) 

Patamon, Divine Guardian Angel (Angemon, Pegas(us)mon, Shakkoumon, MagnaAngemon, Seraphimon)

Blocked From Working On By R-lock256

NOTE TO SELF: Do not interfere. Wait for the work to finish before adding those contents later.

    Rework: Bambi 
Bambi, God of Innocent Deer
Adult Bambi 

Impossible to Ever Ascend

    The Fallen Child 
The Fallen Child, Embodiment of Game Stats and Leveling Up (The First Child, Chara, "(Insert Name Here)")

    Karin Kokubu/Justice Buurin 
Karin Kokubu, Goddess of Heroes with Animal Alter Egos (Justice Buurin, Buurin, Boorin, Kassie Carlen, Super Pig, Super Cerdita)

Tetriminoesnote , Divine Falling Blocks (Tetrominoes, squigglies (S and Z), square (O), line piece (I))

    Indigo League Elite Four 
The original Indigo Elite Fourmembers , Divine Quartet of Champions (The Big Four, Lorelei: Kanna, Prima, Bruno: Shiba, Agatha: Kikuko, Lance: Wataru)
From top, clockwise: Lance, Agatha, Bruno, Lorelei
  • Potential House: Bosses
  • [tup]s:

After Ash insisted once again, Prima finally agreed to a battle - that Ash lost horribly. Prima said that Ash had the potential to become great, but needed to find more inner strength, since he had forgotten what really connecting with his Pokémon was.

Prima has a sort of dreamy, spaced-out personality and often reacts slowly to things. Her strategy in life is to go with the flow, like water, but to become as hard as ice in battle. She sells recordings of her lectures at high prices.Pokémon

Acquired from RJ-CLOVIS-93

    Rivel Arday 
Rivel Arday, God of Match Three Games (Fist of the Beast, the Great Mage, Lord of Aldemona Wood, Wolflord Rivel, Rivel of Aldemona)
  • Intermediate God (or possibly Greater God depending on his summoned creatures)
  • Symbol: The markings on his left hand
  • Theme Song: this battle theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Archmage, The Beastmaster, Gyromancer, Famed in Story, Is At Least A Hundred Despite Looking Like A Young Man, No Integration Of Gameplay And Story
  • Domain(s): Magic, Beasts, Gyro, Match Three
  • Herald: His summoned creatures
  • High Priestess: Lip
  • Followers: Tic-Tac-Toe, Felis the Cat and Corvus the Crow, Klax players, The Zuma frog statue, the Luxor paddle, the land of Minutia
  • Allies: The House of Nature
  • Other Match-Three Game Deities: The Puyo Puyo cast, Kyu Sugardust,
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Those who would pervert the laws of nature
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Respected by/Respects:
  • Pitied by/Pities:
  • Opposed by/Opposes:
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • Notes about your chosen deity
  • Finding a candidate for this trope was not an easy task, given how casual the genre is, but given how often there are actually candidates for tropes that were unlikely to have them, then this would be no problem either for the Court of the Gods. And find one they did in the form of an archmage/beastmaster by the name of Rivel Arday.
  • A mage of legendary stature from the kingdom of Yshmea, Rivel was sometimes called the Fist of the Beast or simply the Great Mage. Strange markings pattern his left hand, these giving him power over creatures great and small. Though his outward appearance is that of a young man, he has lived for well over a century. Some even say he is an Immortal. A singularly unique individual, he does not trouble himself with worldly affairs save at the king's behest.
  • After the conclusion of the events in Aldemona Wood, as well as putting the spirit of Qraist to rest, Rivel was approached with an invitation to join the Pantheon's ranks. After being given everything he needed to know about the place, he decided to take them up on the offer.
  • It's not known how the gameplay integrates with his world, and no one quite really knows what exactly makes a Gyromancer, but it is known that Rivel is a formidable beastmaster, and with an array of powerful monsters he can call forth. There's a portal to the Summoner's Den in his world so he can swap between the three he can carry at a time, especially since there are no Gyro Codes for the other creatures in the Pantheon. As far as he can tell, anyway.

Removed From The Pantheon

    Sam Starfall 
Sam Starfall, The God Who Is Impossibly Delicious ("a larcenous squid in an environment suit", Weapon of Mass Distraction)

    Soldier A 
Soldier A, God of Disposable Good Mooks (The Unsung Hero of Anime)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A legion of small soldiers lining up… with one missile heading towards them without them noticing
  • Alignment: Varies
  • Portfolio: Dying A Lot, Mooks, Red Shirt, Punch Clock People
  • Domains: War, Combat, Death.
  • Followers:
  • Ally: Kenny McCormick, Green Biker Dude
  • Not only he's the Unsung Hero of Anime, by entering the Pantheon, he's now the Unsung Hero of Every Action Media Ever... which increases their dying chance tenfold.
  • He only has one line but saves the day, being called upon to yell or grunt or scream, even if his mouth is never seen.
  • A monster, a mecha, or a guy. Doesn't matter which, he's gonna die!
  • He's courageous, brave, and dangerously strong! But he won't be around for very long! 'cause his platoon gets blown away!
    • Oh, and he doesn't mind if he's used by Mori Motonari. After all, he's a disposable mook.

Diplomacy (Dip, The Hobby, The Friendship Breaker)


    New Tales of Life: Episode 7: Shattered Illusion 

    Tales of Ascension: From Data to Flesh And Blood (DDLC Rework) 

    Tales of Life: Jumanji: Reverse Heist 

Now found here

Synopsis - The Jumanji video game was found by Ryuji and he's gotten sucked in. It's up to his friends to go after and save him.

    New Phantom Thieves Arc 

  • Part 1: The Meta-Nav Downloader - Someone else apart from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (and Akechi) has the Meta-Nav, and the crew has to track them down.
  • Part 1.5: Cornering the Crow - The Phantom Thieves of Hearts finally get a chance to corner Goro Akechi and chase him down. However, it turns out there is someone else he himself is chasing.
  • Part 2: Crimes of the Father - N requests for a Palace Heist on his "father" Ghetsis.
  • Part 3: Hopes For A Change Of Spark - A special request from Agatha Heterodyne for a Palace Heist on Klaus Wulfenbach, but not to steal his heart.
  • Part 4: An Assassin In The Metaverse - After a lot of negotiation, independent of the Brotherhood, Desmond Miles opts to request for a Palace Heist on Shay Patrick Cormac, but like the one on Wulfenbach, he doesn't hope to steal his heart.
  • Part 5: Dreams and Palaces - The Phantoms and the Inception Crew end up striking the same target, and what they do in the dream layers and the Palace end up causing strange things to happen on both.

    Part 1: The Meta-Nav Downloader 

    Part 1.5: Cornering the Crow 

    Part 2: Crimes of the Father 

    Part 3: Hopes For A Change Of Spark 


    AU Tales of Life: Beneath Dark Wings 

    AU Tales of Life: Jumanji Crusaders 

With the ascension of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and the existence of the Metaverse made known, just like with the Investigation Team, they have garnered interest from those who could not get Personas via the Midnight Channel, seeing the Metaverse as an alternative. Of course, given its nature, and because it can only be accessed though certain people, only few can be admitted.

    Rebirth of the Phantom Thieves Timeline 
  • Day 1:
    • Noon: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Yu Narukami, and Yosuke Hanamura visit Iji Kataiser's temple and discuss how their Persona-unlocking service ought to go and whether Berserker!Iji is eligible. In the middle of this, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Nanako Dojima stop by and talk with them before leaving.
  • Day 2:
    • Morning: After breakfast, the Metaverse expedition party go in at the House of War and enter its Mementos. Meanwhile, the CMC and Nanako's trip to the TV World goes wrong when Islington goes berserk.
    • Noon: Both groups are done with their tasks and everyone breaks off for lunch, Yu and Yosuke leaving their groups. The kids encounter and chat with Wreck-It-Ralph.
    • Afternoon: The Phantom Thieves meet again at Iji's temple after their client asked them a question regarding the Avalician deities. Meanwhile couldn't reach Gangrel and Ryotaro because the former has a scheduled match and the latter is collaborating with Naoto and the White Collar division to apprehend a criminal.
    • Evening: The Phantom Thieves get a call from the CMC about their next client: Jason Brody.
  • Day 3:
    • Morning: Jason is greeted by the CMC, Nanako, and Yu. Later, they meet with the Phantom Thieves. Ralph tries to contact Gangrel and Ryotaro again, but the GUAE Re Education Facility strong-arms him into dealing with GUAL forces encroaching on Eggmanland.
    • Noon: The heist on Vaas Montenegro's Palace begins.
    • Afternoon: The team bails out some time after Brody gets his Persona.
    • Evening: Ralph is too tired to continue and decides to rest.
  • Day 4:
    • Morning: Ralph tries yet again, but forgot that Vanellope was coming and is sidetracked by her. The team enters the Metaverse once again.
    • Afternoon: After finding the Treasure Room, the team bails out and prepare to send their calling card to Vaas.
    • Evening: Vaas receives the Phantom Thieves' calling card. Chooses to dare the thieves and not tell Hoyt. Ralph finishes his playdate with Vanellope just in time to hear about the calling card.
  • Day 5:
    • Morning: The team enters once more to steal Vaas's Treasure. Ralph finally gets to meet with the people he was looking for.
    • Afternoon: After leaving the Metaverse, the group is confronted by Ralph, Gangrel, and Ryotaro Dojima.
    • Evening: After confronting him on what he's been doing (he has actually been visiting Xion), Gangrel recaps the events of Tarot Crusaders and Limbo.
  • Day 9:
    • Morning: N Harmonia approaches Akira for their services. Futaba decides to have Dr. Alphys tag along. Frisk makes sure she does.
    • Noon: After deciding on tomorrow, N has to assemble a Pokémon team to accompany him.
  • Day 10:
    • Morning: The Phantom Thieves, N, Frisk, and Alphys prepare to enter Ghetsis' Palace.
    • Afternoon: The team bails out for the day sometime after getting N his Persona.
  • Day 11:
    • Morning: The team resumes their heist on Ghetsis' Palace.
    • Afternoon: After finding the Treasure Room, the team bails out and prepare to send their calling card to Ghetsis.
    • Evening: Ghetsis receives the Phantom Thieves' calling card.
  • Day 12:
    • Morning: The team enters once more to steal Ghetsis' Treasure.
    • Afternoon: After stealing the treasure, their business with N is concluded,
  • Day 26
    • Ryotaro's in a coma, and the Phantom Thieves decide he needs their help and decide to go into his Palace. Adachi sneaks his way in.

    TV Tropes Page draft 

All stories have such pages (Project: Alternate!Gentaro, Inmate Echoes, Tarot Crusaders), and here is the draft for that. The original intended destination is cutlisted, so that's why it's here.

Rebirth of the Phantom Thieves TVTropes page draft

    Part 1: It Starts At Mementos: Iji Kataiser 

    Part 2: Island Palace Heist: Jason Brody (draft) 

    Part 3: Crimes of the Father: N (draft) 

    Part 4: Peaceful Days Have Died: Ryotaro Dojima (draft) 

    Part 5: Truthfulness and Devotion (Rainbow Dash and Applejack) 

    Part 6: Liberté Pour La Avalice (Freedom Planet) 


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