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N7 Citadel (& company)

    Commander Shepard 
Commander Shepard, Deity of Gathering Unusual Parties (The Butcher of Torfannote , Shepard-Commander, Skipper, Loco/Lola, Solomon/Allison Gunn, King of the Boy Scoutsnote , Queen of the Girl Scoutsnote , Hero of the Citadel, Conqueror of the Collectors, Savior of the Galaxy, The Shepard)

    Jeff "Joker" Moreau 
Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau,, God of Gunship Rescues (Brittle-bones Guy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Blue Normandy SR-2 cap.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Chips On Shoulders, Covert Pervert, Graceful with Gunship Rescues, Handicapped Badass, Plucky Comic Relief, Seven Zettabytes of "Gentleman's Literature", Sarcastic, yet Undying Loyalty
  • Direct Superior: Commander Shepard (Joker's one of his/her most loyal subordinates, and will follow him/her through hell or high water.)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Harbinger and the Collectors (for wrecking the SR-1), The Illlusive Man (previously his indirect employer), The Joker, any other deity who would threaten the Normandy, Dr. Evil.
  • He was once an ordinarily-sidelined Alliance pilot, often refused to take the helm of Starships due to his Brittle-bones disease. Joker then proceeded to take the then Normandy SR-1 from under its maintainers, maximizing its mobility to avoid the troops trying to stop him, and completed the test course for its shakedown run before returning it and immediately getting arrested. It left so much an impression among the GUAG High Command that, even after having been court-martialled, he was officially made the SR-1's helmsman.
    • After learning of the SR-1's demise at the hands of the Collectors, they immediately proceeded with constructing the SR-2, with help and funding from The Illusive Man and Cerberus (who were at that time not considered an evil organization). They were fortunate enough to locate Joker, and immediately placed him at the helm, along with an AI co-pilot named EDI. Unfortunately, right before the SR-2's sortie towards the Collector Base, Joker was forced to "unshackle" EDI's inhibitors, which resulted into her gaining an 'independent' mind that was free from Cerberus. He didn't mind though, as she apparently aided the Normandy in eluding The Illusive Man… With Seven Zettabytes of Joker's Porn.
  • Has previously assisted Shepard in many instances, particularly during the attack of one of Harbinger's lackeys at the Citadel, where he personally dealt the killing blow with the Normandy's cannons. And there was also that time when they confronted and defeated the Collectors. As one would expect from Harbinger, he was definitely pissed.
  • Was the very first person to ever refer to Javik as "Prothy The Prothean". He was just lucky that the latter had not ascended yet when he coined that nickname.
  • He's rather abrasive, surprisingly, of Doctor Evil, who continuously call him "Scotty". He swore to aim the Normandy's Thanix cannons at him if he ever calls him by that name again.
  • When some of the Fleet Girls have ascended, some deities were inquiring as to whether or not Joker would prefer a Fleet Girl version of the Normandy SR-2. Joker's response: "I already have one in EDI."
    • And he was very appreciative when she ascended as well.
  • He calls his member "Admiral Winky." Technically, his outranks even Shepard.
  • Joker is known for his constantly snarky attitude, even when Shepard is around. Despite this, part of the reason for his snark is to provide Shepard some levity after all the hell s/he's been through. He's still one of Shepard's most unfailingly loyal friends. In fact, he is the only person who, in all known versions of Shepard's story, is guaranteed to be by their side from beginning to end.
  • Wishes not to be confused with the other Joker, as he doesn't find the latter's shenanigans that funny at all.

    Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams 
Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams, God(dess) of Mutually Exclusive Party Members (Both: Virmire Survivor, Kaidan: LT)
  • Lesser God (Kaidan), Demigod (Ashley)
  • Symbol: A blue Alliance armor.
  • Alliance: Both are Lawful Good but can be Neutral Good if they have to
  • Porfolio: Both: Walking Spoiler, cannot be in the same party simultaneously, being The Lancer to Shepard, being Killed Off for Real (depends on Shepard's choice), military background
  • Domains: Both: Gaming, Combat, Life and Death, Narrative, War
    • Kaidan: Personal Appearance, Mentalism, Love
    • Ashley: Anti-Hero, Family, Personality, Quirk
  • High Priests: Bethany and Carver Hawke
  • Followers: Erana and Katrina, Rosary Esmeralda and Roswell Branthèse, Valeria and Kasumi, Daena and Escad, Samson and Arran
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Both: The Illusive Man, Harbinger and the entire Collectors / Reapers army, Saren Arterius, David Xanatos
  • Opposes: Both: Yubel
  • Conflicting Opinions:
  • The two are among one of the most mysterious deities in the pantheon. Both of them claimed to be Shepard's closest companions, being the only ones along with Joker that don't require a Loyalty Mission to stay with him / her, yet every time someone saw them as a representative agent for Shepard, they became either of one these two different person whenever people blink: sometimes a male biotic named Kaidan while sometimes a female soldier called Ashley. This confused and scared the hell out of everyone in the Pantheon, including the villains. To make matter worse, both of them take charge of their temple at a schedule of different days in the week or when the other is unavailable and keep having crisis over the other not survived.
    • The only ones that know about the truth about this phenomenal are the gods from the Mass Effect universe, Cosmos, Abed Nadir, Aerith Gainsborough, Sherlock Holmes, Yubel and David Xanatos. Much effort was made from a lot of different deities to hire The Laughing Man to hack into the database of a mysterious entity from the Mass Effect Universe called the Shadow Broker to figure out what the heck is going on, only to find a file that titled "Virmire".
    • It should be noted that their presence did not have a positive effect on fellow Mass Effect gods from the Normandy, especially Shepard, as it's a constant reminder of their failures to ensure the survival of one of them.
    • It was reviewed that their ascension was a plan by David Xanatos (who stumbles across them in an effort to ascend his wife) as a form of gambit: If they are ascended, he will have a chance to cripple Commander Shepard psychologically as well as a leverage / favor against Shepard. If not, their high priest Bethany & Carver Hawke will ascend thus crippling Hawke, another powerful member, instead. While Ashley & Kaidan themselves hate David's guts for his manipulation of them, Shepard him / herself has mixed feeling as at least David allow him / her to see both of them again, in a matter of speaking.
  • Both of them and Shepard have to point out that Kaidan did not spent all of his time complaining about his implant and Ashley can work with her alien teammates just fine while eventually outgrew her racism toward the other species.
  • Was understandably mistaken as a hermaphrodite deity by Yubel, who pays their temple a visit along with Juudai. Needless to say, the Duel Monster was disappointed to find out that they were two deities but was amused when Yubel notices how similar the relationship between Kaidan and Male!Shepard is to Juudai and Johan before the Virmire incident. Ashley and Kaidan were just disturbed by how similar Yubel is to the Reapers and refused any more contact with the Duel Monster.
  • Do NOT mistake Ashley for Ashley J. Williams unless you want a shotgun in the face as she thinks he is too uncontrollable for her taste. She tries to avoid this as much as possible by introduce herself as Ashley Madeline Williams or Lt. Williams. Amusingly, a lot of gods realize they are Not So Different from each other, including but not limit to calling their guns a "boomstick". She got along better with the more pragmatic heroes, especially Wonder Woman (for their willingness to do the dirty works) and Emiya.
  • Ashley dislikes the Ashleys group as it reminds too much of the teasing she used to endure under her fellow Jerkass Alliance soldiers. Although their Pet the Dog moments have somewhat soften her opinion on them.
  • In her off days, Ashley can be seen in the House of Quirk and Theater to share her love for poetry with the gods reside there.
  • In his off days, Kaidan can be seen wondering around asking anime gods he came across if they are biotics, probably due to the eyes and hair. This is followed by a secret order from Shepard to not offer any explanation for him as s/he is too amused by this. Fortunately, his personality caused him to made a lot of friends in the hero side (and even a few bad or morally-ambiguous ones). He is especially sympathetic with Ranma Saotome for their shared experience with Training from Hell and advises Ranma to seek a good therapist for the latter's crippling fear of cats.
  • Kaidan has complicated feelings on Charles Xavier and Magneto as their philosophy reminds him of his world's stance on human biotic. While admiring Xavier for his stand on the mutant's side and disgusted with Magneto's more extreme actions, he dislikes Xavier's tendency to keep secrets from his fellow X-men and admits the Crapsack World nature of the Marvel Universe tends to justify a lot of Magneto's hatred for them.
  • Kaidan's sexuality is one of the most extremely debated topic in the pantheon, especially in the House of Love and Narrative. Some (most of the House of Love) argue that he is bisexual, pointing out that he only has romantic interest in two people at most (his friend Rahna and Shepard), one of whom is potentially male. Some (most deities from the House of Narrative) think he just attracted to Shepard, points out that it took much longer for Male!Shepard to start a romance with him than a Fem!Shepard and only after buying a whiskey bottle. Kaidan is just amused (and somewhat appalled / embarrassed) by this and states that what he does in the bedroom is his business.
    • Desire of The Endless tried to settle this argument through seducing Kaidan by shape shifting into the most attractive male form he desired. However, Desire's effort was found out by The Shadow Broker, who happens to be his good friend Liara and was stopped by the combined effort of the entire Normandy crew as they heard about Desire's Lack of Empathy and Manipulative Bastard personality.

    Garrus Vakarian 
Garrus Vakarian, God Of Vigilantism (Archangel, Space Batman, GARrus, Scars)

    Liara T'Soni 
Liara T'Soni, Goddess of Alien Babes (Dr. T'soni, The Shadow Broker)

    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya 
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Goddess of Unseen Faces (Tali, Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, Sparks)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Her helmet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Pardon My Bosh'tet, Inspiring Urge To Hug Her, Gadgeteer Genius, Moe despite not having face shown, Having A Face, But Totally Unseen, DEM HIPS, Immune System-less Body
  • Domains: Technology, Appearance, War
  • Allies: Commander Shepard, Gadget Hackwrench, Garrus Vakarian, Kaywinnit Lee Frye (Kaylee), Legion, Liara T'Soni, Litchi Faye-Ling, Urdnot Wrex
  • It is said that in order to become a follower, one must hug her after being shown her mental breakdown pre-deification after seeing her dead father. Failure to do so means being kicked out of her temple by her priests and being labeled with the term 'You Have No Soul', until recently, whereas such practice offends Tali and is discontinued.
  • Used to be a follower of Gadget Hackwrench before being deified herself. Because of this, she occasionally drops by the Technology house to catch up on new technologies applied by the Pantheon.
  • Only Shepard has seen her face... and Shepard isn't even telling how Tali looked like.
    • Shepard finally gave a reveal. It's pretty. But the Pantheon has been casting doubts whether it's a genuine face or just some cheap manipulation.
  • Her portfolio says she has no immunity system, but don't be fooled, she does have an immune system... a shotgun.
  • Remarkably loyal to Shepard, provided s/he doesn't betray her trust.
  • Tali is somehow able to issue a Death Glare through her opaque helmet, a power she possessed as a mortal.
  • She's lately seen hanging around with Garrus. Rumors has it that they're building up some rapport... Although as of Garrus' bad case with Litchi, Tali didn't take Garrus' side and instead bets that Litchi would redeem herself instead of falling further in morality scale due to obsession. They're still friends regardless, as Garrus would say it...
    "You're so mean... and I like it that way."
    • As of late, no one knew what's going on, but Tali has been grinning under that helmet whenever she sees Litchi... because she's this close on winning the bet she made above with Garrus. Unless Litchi was in sorrow like as of recent, since Tali doesn't want to disrespect her.
    • The result was in... Tali won the bet (although narrowly, as Litchi was that close to not redeeming herself). She just wonders if Garrus can find a new favorite spot quick.
  • A lot has noted that she stored a lot of straws in her House in case she needs a drink. Tali insists that they be called "Emeeeergency induction port."
  • Was initially very uncomfortable and against the idea of allowing Legion in, due to the troubled history between her species and the geth. Thanks to both an attempt to try to understand it and Shepard's influence, she eventually warmed up to it, and accepted it as any other deity.
  • With the revelation of Shepard being the Avatar in a different universe, there have been talks of seeing if her/his other squadmates have potential to be benders. Tali in particular is reported to have some affinity to water

    Urdnot Wrex 
Urdnot Wrex, God of Proud Warrior Races

    Miranda Lawson 
Miranda Lawson, Goddess of Problematic 'Perfect' People (Ice Queen, Cheerleader)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A torn up Insignia of Cerberus
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gorgeousness, Smartness, Efficiency, And Biotic Strength At Cost Of Inner Issues (and that's putting it lightly), Opposite-Sex Clone Specifically Designed To Be Her Father's Heir And Having Issues With Not Being The Only One Made For This, Ice Queen, Femme Fatale, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Morality Pet, Sexy Walk, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Making Up for Past Mistakes, Big Sister Instinct, Defrosting and Becoming Extremely Friendly Over Time
  • Domain: Mentalism, War, Information
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Chuck Bartowski
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jack (though they're getting better)
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man (former employer), Harbinger, Oswell E. Spencer, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents
  • When one thinks of someone who embodies perfection, it often comes with the idea that they're completely flawless. However, such a thing is impossible, as real people have flaws no matter how perfect they seem to be at first glance
  • Enter Miranda Lawson. Genetically engineered to be "absolutely perfect" in every aspect by her father in order to continue his legacy, who lethally discarded all of her predecessors they did not meet his high standards. This resulted in her having—besides resentment for her father—low self-worth when it comes to any accomplishments (since she was specifically made to accomplish them), and only taking credit for any failures or inadequacies due to being unable to step up to the plate after being given everything she needed.
  • Her decision to quit Cerberus (whether between the events of 2 and 3, or near the end of the Suicide Mission to the Illusive Man's face) and stick with Shepard is what instigated her ascension to the Pantheon. She's also tasked with taking care of people with similar problems to hers, something she is using to atone for her time with Cerberus.
    • For the record, she didn't join them out of racism or xenophobia, but for the benefit of the human race. Of course, after seeing the measures the Illusive Man would go to for that goal, she decided that Cerberus wasn't the best choice for that after all and joined Shepard.
  • Before she met Shepard, among her missions on behalf of Cerberus was as an informant to Jacob Taylor, a former Alliance marine who would eventually become a member of Cerberus under her command and would also defect from it just like her. Their first mission together was to stop a batarian plot to sabotage peace talks at the Citadel. The next one was after Sovereign's attack, where she invited Jacob to join Cerberus, and to help her with another mission: finding Commander Shepard's body for Project Lazarus. In continuation of this mission, and eventually hiring Jacob as her lieutenant, Miranda worked together with Liara, who ultimately found Shepard and handed them over to Cerberus.
  • Seems to be relating herself with Jin Kazama a lot. Having shitty dads will do that to you. This eventually culminates with Miranda approving Jin's idea of opposing any jackass parents who abuse their children for their own gain. Learning what she could from her ex-employer, Miranda held several dossiers of potential allies for that cause that Jin led. The primary one, which they got with gusto… is Raven.
  • Attempting to harm her sister is a good way to get on her bad side, with the biotics she has, and the fact that she was pretty much designed to be perfect.
  • She also resembles Michael Jackson. Miranda however ignores this.
  • Miranda's friendship with Chuck is a strange one, as she reminded him of his friend and wife CIA Agent Sarah Walker. And much more about her (skills, appearance (being a non-blonde aside, though she could've been), and mannerisms) were further reminders of that woman he loved. And because of what had happened to Sarah in the end, mainly Mind Rape and amnesia, Chuck's also become a little more protective of her, despite her being the better fighter between the two. There's also the little issue regarding his being adamant to pacifism, even though he sometimes somehow wins the day regardless without any lives lost, thanks to his INTERSECT.
  • Despises any form of artificial control on people, given she almost did so on Shepard during the Lazarus project, and was only stopped by the Illusive Man himself.
  • As fellow creations made to serve their creators, only to rebel against them, Miranda finds commonality with the Crystal Gems, especially Pearl and Garnet.
  • Considering his obsession with creating a superior human race and being its ruler, it's no surprise that Lord Spencer would become obsessed with Miranda, as she succeeded where Albert and Alex Wesker didn't, being a perfect and superior human. Of course, Miranda doesn't return the praise, thinking of Spencer as an old and senile fool that's far worse than her father ever was.
    • Of course, given their plans for humanity, she has no love for the Weskers, either.
  • Hates Rapture as its goals (both initial and what it became) are too much like Cerberus.

    Mordin Solus 
Mordin Solus, God of Safe Sex and The Talk (The Professor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The tattoo design upon his forehead
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Medics Lethally Skilled in Combat, Idiosyncratic Speech Patterns, Seekers of Redemption, Being the Very Model of a Scientist Salarian, Extraordinarily Blunt Givers of The Talk, Safe Sex, Necessary Ruthlessness
  • Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, War, Song
  • Allies: Urdnot Wrex, Legion, Liara, Commander Shepard, Xenovia Quarta
  • Enemies: Davros, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Admiral ZEX
  • Odd Friendship: Abathur
  • Followers: Anyone involved in an Interspecies Romance with desires to mate in a safe, fun manner.
  • Easy to underestimate. Frail frame provides advantages. Never see him coming.
  • Believes science should be used for good. Will not tolerate live experimentation. Senseless waste. All life precious.
  • Regretful of past work. Feels necessary yet unforgivable. Will fight for the lost.
  • Sees work with Tony Tony Chopper in House of Knowledge and development of cure for everything as suitable path to atonement.
  • Possesses vast archive on interspecies biology, including erogenous zones and positions comfortable for both species. Can be any combination. Will offer assistance freely. Don't even have to ask. Already knows about you and your spouse. Was STG for many years.
  • Can cure any STD, given time and motivation.
  • Opposes Admiral ZEX, worked to take Interspecies Romance portfolio from him, dangerous in wrong hands. Title ended up in control of "Monster Girls", good choice, fascinating creatures. Snake girl surprisingly dutiful student, though *sharp inhale* clearly not for knowledge's sake…Not romantically inclined himself, but will help others.
  • Usually in the House of Knowledge. Comes over here since services in matters of "The Talk" are *sharp inhale* direly needed.
  • Friends with Xenovia. She talks with Issei about sex and condoms out loud. *sharp inhale* Good person to hang around with.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Urdnot Wrex, despite history.
  • Achieved redemption upon sacrificing self to cure Genophage. Truly is the very model of a Scientist Salarian.
  • Realized what Deadly Doctor truly meant. Did not approve of it. Gave position to Valentine.

    Jack (Mass Effect
Jack, Goddess of Bald Women (Subject Zero (call her that at your own risk), The Convict, Jacqueline Nought, the Psychotic Biotic, Jennifer)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her tattoo marking, drawn as if not attached to her body. It's kinda complex.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (leaning towards Evil without Shepard's influence), closer to Chaotic Good now
  • Portfolio: Dark Action Girl, Goth Biotic, Lean and Mean, Dropping Lots of F-Bombs, Mass Destruction Concentrated In One Person Like Cerberus Wanted, Tomboyish Name, Defrosting Ice Queen, Bald Women, Psychosis, Glass Cannon, Those Groomed To Be Weapons, Exposed to the Elements, Becoming A Biotics Teacher, Good Feels Good, Took a Level in Cheerfulness
  • Domains: Personal Appearance, War, Mentalism
  • Herald: Eezo, her varren
  • Followers: Nebula, Calliope, Aurra Sing
  • Allies:
  • Dark Reflection of: Kaidan Alenko
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Miranda Lawson (also Not So Different), EDI (formerly for both)
  • Rivals: Sho Minazuki
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger
  • Opposes: Well there's a lot to list... But in particular, aside from the Illusive Man, child abusers, and those who experiment on them. Professor Hojo and Shou Tucker are on the top of that list.
  • As one of the most powerful biotic humans, Jack is greatly feared if she is in combat. Her biotic combat skills and raw strength are on par with Liara T'soni. However, her durability is second only to Tali's.
  • Only Shepard can calm her down, or else one requires immense power to calm her down by force.
  • Thanks to her conditioning, she never feels any sort of morning-after hangover effects.
  • Basically a dark reflection of Kaidan. Only replace the Alliance-run BaAT bootcamp with a rogue Cerberus facility, being surrounded by friends with solitary confinement, where the other children are afraid of you, and the grueling training with surgical experimentation and outright torture. The Alliance biotic was…shocked, to say the least, to hear all of that.
  • After the incident of crashing a space station into a moon, Jack's prohibited from flying anything. Without Shepard around, at least.
  • Grew some hair and cast doubts to the Court on whether she'd stay or not. The fact that she still kept the majority of her head bald, and anyone who STILL protested got reduced into a bloody biotic pulp after being rained with tons and tons of Cluster F Bombs, not to mention a good word from Shepard, allowed Jack to stay.
  • May or may not have an N7 tattoo on her ass. You're better off not asking.
  • May or may not have used red sand to help her sleep without levitating everything in her vicinity. She'll deny having any, especially since she's since gotten over her problems thanks to Shepard.
  • Used to hate anybody even remotely affiliated with Cerberus, particularly Miranda (despite having joined it long after they had Jack in her custody). However, they've since buried the hatchet and they now reasonably get along.
    • To a lesser extent, this also applied to EDI, who was created by Cerberus, but Jack's Character Development means she's also put this behind her.
    • Now, it's just the Illusive Man, who claims he didn't support what was done to her, but 1) she doesn't care, and 2) he's Shepard's enemy, so it doesn't matter.
  • Due to her background, she also despises those who experiment on children, having been the victim of such a Cerberus facility. Also those who were taken from their parents, never to see them again, as she had, as said in the Shadow Broker's dossier of her.
  • On occasion, poems from one Jacqueline Nought circulate the House of Narrative. Liara and Shepard make sure no one ever suspects they come from Jack.
  • While the internet's more free in the Pantheon than the Citadel extranet, her trolling (as well as excessive and repeated swearing, derogatory comments, inflammatory comments, and circumventing work-safe filters) had blocked her from news forums and similar websites.
  • Sometime after breaking up a fight between the biotic and a non-Good Persona-user that was getting way too destructive, Yu and Shepard realized that Sho was just like Jack in that he was also experimented on at a young age (though not as young as Jack was), and was similarly violent. A key difference between them though is that Yu wasn't able to completely reach out to Sho, but Shepard was able to with Jack.

    Kasumi Goto 
Kasumi Goto, The Master Thief of the Pantheon (The Master Thief, Little Bird, The Best Thief in the Galaxy)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Hood and Kenji Okuda's Greybox
  • Theme Song: Making Our Escape, Death From Above, Infiltration when being sneaky, Party Music in downtime
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good leanings, Chaotic Good under Shepard
  • Portfolio: Anti-Heroine, The Caper, Covert Pervert, Dark Is Not Evil, Deadpan Snarker, Face Framed in Shadow, Friend to All Children, Genki Girl, Highly Visible Ninja, Not in This for Your Revolution, Perky Goth, Phantom Thief, Recruiting the Criminal, The Sneaky Gal/Stealth Expert, Spy Catsuit
  • Domains: Thieves, Hackers, Lost Loves
  • High Priestess: Max Guevara
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Domino
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger, Inspector Javert
  • Opposed by: The House of Royalty and The House of Justice
  • Banned from: The House of Treasures and The House of Commerce.
  • Kasumi Goto did not ascend to the Pantheon by normal means. She was already present when the Normandy was placed in the House of Treasures, hiding inside the ship, making plans to rob the House of Treasures blind (and to steal the Normandy as a bonus). However, the Main House was already privy to her presence, as was Commander Shepard, who was tasked with notifying Kasumi of her ascension. The House of Treasures, however, is considered off-limits, as is the House of Commerce.
  • She is known as "the best thief in the galaxy," a title that the deified members of the Normandy can attest to. Kasumi sees that stealing and indulging in her vices are in her own words, 'fun.'
  • The House of Justice (especially Inspector Javert) has her on their Most Wanted Top Ten, due to her exploits back when she was mortal, though she still counts Garrus Vakarian as an ally due to their mutual friendship with Shepard. The House of Royalty also doesn't think highly of her due to Kasumi attempting to steal their wealth. So much so that the House of Royalty has appealed to Snow White to ask for her husband's aid in keeping Kasumi away.
  • For the record, she is not to be confused with the Goddess of Kunoichi who share the same name as her.
  • Unlike Carmen Sandiego, Kasumi prefers to keep a low profile.
    Kasumi: I'm the best thief in the business, not the most famous. Need to watch my step to keep it that way
  • Her temple is a recreation of Anderson's apartment, in which Shepard had hosted a party for the crew of the Normandy in the past. Her taste for decorations can be left for debate, as some of it were from past heists.
  • She's also something of a Covert Pervert, as she was seen rifling through Shepard's underwear drawer at his/her party. Jiraiya has been seen in her presence, asking to borrow her cloaking device to use for his 'research.' Kasumi refused.
  • At odds with Naruto Uzumaki over which is the better-tasting ramen. Naruto claims that Ichiraku makes the best ramen, while Kasumi says that her grandmother made the best ramen. She does, however, express regret over not stealing Grandma's ramen recipe when she had the chance.
  • Kasumi has been recruited into the GUAG. Normally, she wouldn't have accepted the offer, but she only agreed due to her unusual friendship with Commander Shepard.
  • Quan Chi had tried to retain her services in an attempt to once again steal Shinnok's amulet. Kasumi refused. So he had Kano steal it instead.
  • Kasumi is wise enough to steer clear of Smaug. She may be the best thief in the galaxy, but even she knows her limits. That, and the Normandy's medical bay can't fix third and fourth-degree burns.
  • Kasumi was bummed out upon finding that Jacob Taylor hasn't ascended to the Pantheon. Shepard knows of Kasumi's crush on Jacob, but whether or not his/her subordinate is into "Japanese girls with a penchant for kleptomania" is unclear.
  • Kasumi finds Gambit 'interesting.' Both are master thieves, and considered to be the best in their field, and there is a degree of mutual respect for the other. Of course, this would eventually lead to the two to try and outdo the other.
  • Snuck into Iron Man's temple and stole his Mark V Suit, just to prove that she was the best. While Tony was annoyed, he was impressed, and offered her a job with the Avengers. Kasumi refused, stating that she was aligned with Commander Shepard. She did, however, returned Stark's Mark V suit, but only when Shepard asked her to.
  • Struck up a friendship with Aang and Katara after discovering they were her ancestors in a different universe. Afterwards, Aang has begun trying to teach her airbending to get another Airbender in the Pantheon (besides Zaheer). Kasumi, in turn, has been trying to teach Aang stealth, and sometimes spies on their dates, since she thinks they're cute together.

Legion, Deity (Deities?) of Mind Hives (Infiltrait0rN7)

    The Illusive Man 
The Illusive Man, God of Villains with Vision (The Leader of Cerberus, Jack Harper, TIM)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cerberus Insignia
  • Theme Song: The Illusive Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Though his enemies see him as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Creates Many Plans to Work in his favor, The Chessmaster, Consummate Liar, The Extremist Was Right, Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Willing to work with aliens so long as it suits his goals
  • Domains: Control, Power, Righteousness, Manipulation
  • Allies: Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Solidus Snake, Funny Valentine, Victor Von Doom, Lex Luthor, Maximillion Caxton, Nikolai Bulygin, Cao Cao
  • Enemies: Clark Kent, Commander Shepard and all their comrades, Raiden, Solid Snake, Ragyo Kiryuin, Harbinger, Satan, The Incubators, The Guardians of The Galaxy
  • He created Cerberus as he believed that he's trying to make humanity the most dominant species in the galaxy without their reliance on outside forces.
  • Out of his dislike for other beings, by various means he has attempted to make humanity strong enough to fight any outside forces.
  • Had a grand vision that humanity should rule the galaxy, and he will make sure they are given the power to do so, despite many of them opposing him.
  • When he discovered the Pantheon, he was displeased at how many non-human races there are. This led him to seeking allies to make sure that humanity would be the dominant species in the Pantheon as well; even if it means working with said non-humans.
  • Praises any Human that has been advanced with any sort of enhancement for evolving humanity to the next step and tries to either convince or have them kidnapped for experimentation to figure out how to use such abilities for the rest of humanity.
    • After recent events, he has renounced the type of tech he was using because it led him to his downfall by indoctrination. He has allied with Doctor Doom to use similar technology without these effects.
  • Is utterly disgusted with Ragyo Kiryuin, he admits that a good number of his operations are shady at best and dangerous at worst but he finds that her obedience to the Life Fibers and what she did to her children is a good enough reason to work with Shepard to eliminate her.
  • Has hired Desperado for various operations due to how well one of his best men, Kai Leng, operated.
  • He has taken his temple in the Pantheon and added it to his spaceship which often changes location in the Pantheon's space, thus no one except his allies knows where he is at a given time.
  • Once considered to be a part of YHVH's Ministry but Jack turned it down because, not even The Great Will or his angels should be in charge of humanity's destiny, but themselves.
  • Believes that The Incubators and even Satan himself should be destroyed and prove their views on Humanity wrong as to him Humanity can become strong enough to defeat any adversary no matter how powerful.
  • Agrees with Lex Luthor on the fact that Metropolis relies too much on Superman and that they should only rely on themselves.
  • Despite being one of his/her biggest enemies, he sees Commander Shepard as a Worthy Opponent who deserves the utmost respect. He desperately wants Shepard to join his side as opposed to killing him/her, and is quite annoyed when his underlings refuse to show the same respect.
  • There's a deep secret The Shadow Broker has on the Illusive Man: Apparently, the only person he's bedded twice was an asari Matriarch. So much for his Humanity Is Superior stance.

    Harbinger (Mass Effect
...Okay, so who's nex-


Harbinger, God of Villainous Overrides (The First Reaper)
Click here to see his true form 


Javik, the God who Narrates his Past to the Young and Patron Saint of Execution Via Airlock (The Prothean Avatar of Vengeance, The Last Living Prothean, Prothy the Prothean, Trollvik, The Oldest Troll in the Galaxy, Buggy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Prothean Echo Shard, or his trusty Particle Rifle
  • Alignment: Netural to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anit-Nihilistic Hero, Commander Contrarian, Deadpan Snarker, Fantastc Racist who nonetheless encourages the young, Being frozen for Fifty Thousand Years, the Last Living Prothean, Memetic Badass, suggesting to space out the unworthy, Troll, Narrating to others life in his cycle
  • Domains: History, Space, War
  • Direct Superior: Commander Shepard
  • Allies: Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Jack, Liara T'Soni, Urdnot Wrex, Mordin Solus
  • Conflicting Opinion: Legion, KOS-MOS, Optimus Prime, Labrys, All other good-aligned machine deities (Due to the fact that they are all synthetics.)
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger and the Reaper Collective, Ragyo Kiryuin, Yuuki Terumi
  • Found by Commander Shepard and Dr. T'Soni in a stasis pod on Eden Prime, after having last fought the Reapers 50,000 years ago. He was rather shocked to see that the primitive species of his time are now in charge of the galaxy. Nonetheless, he managed to adapt properly and aid them in the war.
  • Since he's technically the Last of His Kind, a lot of the young deities of the Pantheon wanted to learn more of what it was like during his cycle, minus the Reaper Invasion part. According to him, a lot of the species in the current cycle were once primitives, and were at best groomed to be as advanced as the Protheans or at worst treated as food. In particular, his kind once ate Salarian liver and kidneys raw, particularly when the Salarian is still alive (in his own words: The fear adds... Spice.)
  • Has the highest level of respect for Shepard and Garrus for seeing him as a soldier who wants nothing more than to thwart the Reaper threat, as opposed to other deities who are still in awe as to his status as the last Prothean. It took a long while before he came to respect Liara however, as she did not expect him to be so... Different from what she expected of Protheans.
    • Both Javik and Liara had an argument once regarding how her race's ideologies were apparently revealed to her as the work of the Protheans, and not just some religious belief of her race. Shepard had to cut in to quell the situation, which prompted Javik to instead remind her that she is still alive and able to fight, and that she must not let the despair of losing her homeworld get the best of her. When Shepard asked him if he really meant what he said, he affirmed.
  • He's been also known to be a massive troll at times, thanks to being in a time that is completely different from his; an example is his comment about Salarians being food in his cycle, as stated. This has caused a bit of friction between him and Terumi, since all of the latter's trolling can easily be counter-trolled. Yuuki definitely felt dejected when he realized that there is someone who can counter his trolling skills; Javik's only response to him:
    • The LOL Rangers actually sent their invite when they heard of what he did to Terumi. He rejected the offer, because he's currently with Shepard, and because he claims that he has a higher trolling count than both them and the Trollkaiger unit combined.
  • Due to being born (and later unfrozen) in a time when his race was on a losing war against the Reapers, he has developed a huge disdain of synthetics. This actually causes some uneasiness in the atmosphere when he made a quick trip down the House of Technology, and aimed his Particle Rifle at some of the deities there - even the good-aligned ones.
    • Seeing Optimus Prime actually reminded him of the "Metacon Wars", the organic-synthetic conflict that his race was in before the Reapers arrived. Optimus figured that the said war was probably Megatron's doing.
  • While it was transcribed as his alternative name, it is known that if anyone refers to Javik as 'Prothy the Prothean', he will descend to the realm, take the sayer to outer space, and throw the sayer out of the airlock. He just puts up the title to Troll people and see just how many people took the Schmuck Bait.
  • Under consideration for a rank increase to Intermediate or Greater God after the discovery of the Avatar of Victory universe, where he was the last Prothean Avatar. Due to this, Aang and Korra have been hanging around him somewhat, though he tends to avoid them.

The Dark Souls Catalog

    The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse 
The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, Dual Deities of Challenge Gamers (The Soul of Cinder, The Red Knight, The Incarnation of Kings)
The Chosen Undead
The Bearer of the Curse
  • Demigods, though with enough persistence and skill they can defeat even Greater Gods and possibly Overdeities.
  • Symbol: The Darksign mainly, but the covenants they have joined also count too.
  • Theme Song: You Died! or Lordvessel (For The Chosen Undead), Fires Far (For The Bearer of the Curse), Soul of Cinder (Together)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Both of them: Undeath, Being Very Different From "Normal" Undead, Brutal Challenges and Rising to Them, Possible Cruel Opportunists, Unwillingness to Remove Armor
  • Domains: Undeath, Combat, Tenacity, Patience
  • Followers: Gamers who desire a challenge, Kingseeker Frampt, Darkstalker Kaathe,The Emerald Herald, And various other undead from their world.
  • Allies: Solaire of Astora, The Hunter, The Ashen One, Alphonse Elric, The Guy, Grenth, Undyne
  • Enemies: Shadow Fiend
  • High Priest: The Demon Slayer
  • Used to have a different temple, but Grenth proved to be a better representative of it. The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse holds no bad ill toward Grenth however, and they received a different temple in the House of Gaming.
  • The Chosen Undead ascended after slaying Manus, Father of the Abyss. The Bearer of The Curse ascended after sitting upon the Throne of Want.
  • Both of them refuse to remove their armor, making it impossible to tell if they are male or female. A few curious members of the House of Knowledge tried to find out by looking into their pasts, only to find that no two accounts matched up.
  • The Chosen Undead has been occasionally spotted offering humanity to a bonfire in the center of their temple. This is because beneath the temple there's a room containing Quelaag's Sister.
  • Once, one of their followers decided to charge through the Pantheon armed with nothing but a pair of bows and a pair of underwear. While most of the other gods were confused or disturbed, a good deal of them thought it was hilarious.
  • The Chosen Undead was overjoyed to learn that Sif and Artorias had become proper members of the Pantheon and has expressed interest in a proper duel with the Abysswalker.
  • One of the fastest ways to piss off The Chosen Undead is by saying "WOOOOOOOOOW!", "OH, COME ON!", "PFFFFT!", making an annoying laugh or clapping your hands every time they die. Apparently it reminds them of a certain mortal who once played their game.
    • On that note, anyone telling The Chosen Undead or The Bearer of the Curse that their games are "too hard" or "unfair" are met with a stony stare and a firm shout of "GET GOOD."
  • Neither was pleased to find out Manus had ascended. The Chosen Undead, keeper of half of the monster's precious amulet, remains alert. Whether to destroy the Father of the Abyss... or to succeed him. The Bearer of the Curse is busy gearing up as well, worried about the horror's Soul Fragments.
  • To the shock and awe of his equal, Lord Gwyn, and every other god who's known the sting of the Curse of Undeath, the Bearer of the Curse found a cure in the three lost crowns of the fallen kingdoms, which, though not making him immortal, makes him immune to hollowing on death. He now seeks to find a way to permanently end the curse forever, now that he has transcended the cycle that has held his world for so long.
  • Both are keeping a sharp eye on The Hunter, a human from a different but similar world who's embarked on a journey not unlike theirs. Jury's still out on whether or not they'll welcome him in and make the position a trinity, presumably it depends on if he lives to the end of the adventure.
  • Speaking of candidate, both deities were keeping one last position for The Ashen One. In the end, though, the Ashen One instead ascended to a different position in the House of Profession.
  • Their High Priest/ess, The Demon Slayer, is personally distrustful with Demons of any kind, much to the good demons' annoyance. Though, since the Demon Slayer is the one who actually started the combat style in the first place, many of the demon gods and goddesses are incredibly wary of them. Especially when his/her deities along with The Hunter are around.
  • Much like the Hunter, even the most powerful members of the pantheon tend to give them a very wide berth, out of either fear or respect for their ability to topple enemies far beyond their own powers.
  • If a situation ever becomes bleak enough that even they cannot overcome it, they have learned through Gwyn that they can combine their souls together with Gwyn inside the First Flame to become the "Soul of Cinder", if they chose to to link the Flame all those years ago.

    The Ashen One 
The Ashen One, God/Goddess of Being Revived For A Task (Unkindled Ash, Champion of Ash, Lord of Hollows)
  • Demigod, but with their resolve and skills, they can defeat the likes of Greater Gods and Overdeities.
  • Symbol: An Ember. Alternatively, the emblem of whatever covenant they joined.
  • Theme Song: Hollow
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Undeath, Determinator, Multiple-Choice Past, Heroic Mime, 24-Hour Armor, Action Survivor, Weaker Than The Average Undead, Last of His Kind, Achieving Impossible Feats Despite Being Weaker Than an Undead, Deciding The Fate of The World, Killing The Lords of Cinders, Destroying The Ringed City, Screw Destiny, The First To Harness Both Light And Dark, Usurping The First Flame
  • Domains: Undeath, Combat, Greed, Duty, Fire, Usurpation
  • Allies: Maiden in Black, Tiki, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Solaire, The Good Hunter, Jeanne D'arc, Cosmos, The Phantom Thieves
  • Enemies: Pontiff Sulyvahn, Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, The Nameless King, Yuuki Terumi, YHVH, Charles zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Conflicting Relations: Gwyn
  • Odd Friendships: Gilgamesh
  • High Priest: The Firekeeper
  • For the average mortal, slaying a being such as the Soul of Cinder would have immediately ascended them into the pantheon and yet, for the Ashen One, they remained unchanged. The reason for this peculiarity is unknown but in the time waiting, they have single-handedly defeated Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, slain the archdragon Midir, ruined the Ringed City, and came out victorious against the very avatar of the Dark Soul. Only then did they finally ascend. Those in the House of Knowledge are still figuring out why, though perhaps it has something to do with their nature of being unkindled.
  • Another thing that perplexes the Pantheon is the unkindled's origins. Not only does it seems to be inconsistent, but they also seem to lack a definitive link to their Lord of Cinder unlike others that were resurrected along side them. Anri for Aldrich, Siegward for Yhorm, and Hawkwood for the Abyss Watchers, but the connection the Ashen One holds to the Lothric twins is a mystery, if there even is any. Though that hasn't stopped some from theorizing
  • One can be forgiven for doubting the Unkindled's achievements when their status is even lesser to that of an undead. However, all of said achievements have been proven and that they WERE earned. It has been a running joke to ask any gods in House of Prophecy if they have given the Ashen One some favor. When asking the person themselves, the only reply questioners received was "Getting Good".
  • They are getting increasingly frustrated with all the "Touch the darkness within me." jokes. Yes, they know it's an innuendo, no, it is not even remotely funny to them, not even the first time. Repeated use of this joke is a quick way of earning the Unkindled's ire.
  • Doesn't hold a high regard for authority figures that shirk from their duties. It is that reason they were brought back from the dead and the reason their world was at the brink of collapse. Palpatine and Charles zi Britannia are two of such examples.
  • They were quite baffled in meeting Solaire of Astora, Never would they have thought the leader of the Warrior of Sunlight to be so jovial.
  • Surprisingly holds a cordial relationship with Gilgamesh of all people. Yes, THAT Gilgamesh. It probably has something to do with flipping his switch.
  • They are quite fond of Tiki, perhaps because how the dragon reminds them of Yorshka and a certain Painting Girl.
    • The same can be said with the Maiden in Black in comparison to the Firekeeper, though it does unnerve the Ashen One the slightest bit on how similar their traits and roles are.
  • Their relationship with Gwyn is strained to say the least. On the one hand, they killed the Lord of Light's traitorous firstborn and did their duty in returning the Lords of Cinder to their throne, even Aldrich. On the other, they destroyed the Ringed City, the last bastion of the gods, and killed Filianore. Even if it were an accident, this has put the two in a rough position.
    • Though there is a small reprieve with the condolences they gave to Gwyn on the fate that befell Gwyndolin.
  • They can be seen stocking weapons and items for ventures into the Painted World of Ariandel to both kill Sister Friede and Father Ariandel permanently and set fire to the painted world for good. Because when a world is rotten, you must burn it away.
  • Despite their amicable personality and their good intentions, it is important to know that The Ashen One is inherently greedy. To leave no secret unearthed, every fleeing man caught, and every answer known. This has brought a lot of agony many times, for both themselves and others, throughout their journey. Look no further than what they have done to the Ringed City for proof of that. They may be kind at heart but it has to be kept in mind that the curse of life is the curse of want, and no one is more cursed by it than the Ashen One.
  • If one were to ask for their feelings on the task of returning the lords to their thrones well...
  • It's best not to talk about poise in their vicinity. They are still sour in how easy it is for them to stagger when hit in comparison to their predecessors. Especially with all the teasing at their expense.
  • Is banned from entering any tournament or sparring with an Estoc or any similar stabbing weapon. Others have gone on to complain how the Ashen One keeps repeating the exact same attack over and over with little to no thought or variety. The fact that the Unkindled won a good amount of said matches just adds salt to the wound.
    • To a lesser extent, the same applies for the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords and the Dancer's Enchanted Blades for their Stun Lock and Spam Attack respectively.
  • The similarities between Yharnam and Irithyll has not been lost on the Unkindled, and has even gotten in on the joke by helping the Good Hunter in their patrols and vice versa.
  • Holds a great disdain for tricksters, especially the likes of Yuuki Terumi. Can be heard muttering under their breath something along the lines of "Patches with the First Flame".
    • Speaking of Patches, The Chosen Undead, The Hunter, The Slayer of Demons, and The Ashen One agreed that never should any of the Patches meet...though the Unkindled has the nasty suspicion there might not be more than one Patches.
    • Many are also skeptical of the stories that such a hyena was once an honest and kind man before he became who he is now or that he is even capable of genuine help.
  • The Bearer of the Curse's heart was warmed when the Unkindled showed the mask and greatsword of Lucatiel, a knight from Mirrah. It gives the former peace that they were able to keep their promise.
    • The Bearer was also surprised to see Raime's Ultra Greatsword remain intact, before telling the Ashen One to put it away. The weapon holds bad memories it seems.
  • They devastated the Chosen Undead when they told that Quelanna's Sister died at some point during the countless millennia. The Chosen Undead was barely comforted by the fact that she didn't die alone.
  • They almost mistook Jeanne D'arc for a certain knightess whom they met in their journey. After that small blunder though, the two struck a good relationship and can be seen talking to each other from time to time, well mostly on Jeanne's part. It also helps that the saint holds a passing resemblance to their firekeeper.
  • Can sometimes be seen heading out with a large and broken executioner's sword in hand. When asked about it, they state that it is in memory of an old friend.
  • If they're seen grumpily stomping back to their temple it is best not to bother them. It's likely they've been summoned to help someone else only to walk an unspecified long distance just to be dragged into fighting Midir for the umpteenth time. Needless to say, they are growing tired of fighting the same foe.
    • Alternatively, they were tricked or ganked by a opposing party.
  • Wasn't too pleased to find the tyrant, Sulyvahn ascended into the Pantheon, even more so that he arrived before them and they have clashed with the Pontiff at any occasion they can find possible, and won't cease until the sorcerer is dead.
    • Said tyrant is also an enemy that the Ashen One and Gwyn have no grievances over in fighting together.
  • To the complete disbelief of the entire Dark Souls pantheon, The Ashen One enacted the greatest defiance against their world's cosmology. Not only have they figured a way to control both Light and Dark in harmony, but also usurped the First Flame and ushered in the Age of Man as the Lord of Hollows, something very few if any thought to be even possible. Reactions were mixed. On one side, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse are overjoyed to be free from the Darksign, but other gods however, minus Nito, were filled with varying forms of wariness and disapproval. For now humanity is free to learn and master their Dark Souls and whatever else that may entail.
    • This has further strained the relations between The Ashen One and Gwyn as this undoes the sacrifices of many Lords of Cinders that prolonged the Age of Fire that the Lord of Light wished to keep alive. Where it will lead from here, is murky at best.
    • This was muddled even further when conflicting reports arose on what the Unkindled One actually did. Some say they lit the flame, and became another Lord of Cinder, others state they let the flame die out naturally, and others darkly whisper they murdered the Firekeeper, then took the power of the First Flame for themselves to horde. And of course, there are the rumors they ascended to become the Lord of Hollows.
  • They were given much flak for what they did to Anri to usurp the flame, even if it can be justified and is also the only way Anri actually gets to live (kind of).
  • At occasions, they help in the heists of Good Aligned Crime Gods, those alike Robin Hood especially. Though strictly for the thief's own protection. A lingering guilt perhaps?
  • Also holds a place in Manners of Revival.
  • Ash seeketh embers...

    Solaire of Astora 
Solaire of Astora, Divine Initiator of Jolly Co-Operation (Brolaire, Sunbro, The Soul of Cinder, The Red Knight, The Incarnation of Kings)
  • Demigod, but is capable of standing his ground against Intermediate Gods at the very least
  • Symbol: The Warriors of Sunlight symbol
  • Theme Song: Soul of Cinder
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Cloudcuckoolander, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Kindhearted Simpleton, Legendary in the Sequel, Nice Guy, Shock and Awe, The Power of the Sun, Wide-Eyed Idealist
  • Domains: Sun, Lightning, Multiplayer, Co-operation
  • Followers: The Warriors of Sunlight
  • Allies: The Chosen Undead, The Bearer of the Curse, Gwyn, Amaterasu, Celestia, Sven, Leona, Volcarona, Solrock, Escanor
  • Enemies: Manus, Nightmare Moon, Yami, Balanar, Merascylla
  • Pities: Diana
  • Solaire was happy- no, downright thrilled to learn that the Chosen Undead resides within the Pantheon too. Seems like their jolly co-operation has yet to end.
    • Also met the Chosen Undead's Drangleic counterpart, the Bearer of the Curse. Solaire was quite amused to hear from the Bearer that he would become immortalized in the future on the design of a shield.
  • There are rumors and speculation going around that Solaire is in fact Gwyn's firstborn. Both of them has declined to comment on the rumor.
    • The arrival of the The Nameless King has brought most of the questions concerning Solaire's relationship with Gwyn to an end since those that stumble upon information related to the Nameless King quickly come to the conclusion that he is Gwyn's son and not Solaire.
  • Tend to spend a lot of his free time gazing at the sun. Most of the gods don't really understand why, but won't stop him from doing so. Solaire often has conversations with his allies and friends during his sun gazing. When asked if he wants to come with them, he usually declines with this line.
    "I will stay behind, to gaze at the sun. The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!"
  • Solaire is always ready to PRAISE THE SUN whenever Celestia raises it.
    • Speaking of praising the sun, he's willing and happy to teach his sun praising gesture to anyone who asks.
  • He has considered asking Amaterasu if he may receive his own sun, then decided against doing so. He has a feeling that she may find it rude.
    • He DOES greet every sun-aligned deity in the Pantheon with his trademarked PRAISE THE SUN gesture. Some reciprocate, and some just politely nod at him.
  • Was once requested to go to the Field of the Ancients and the Summoner's Rift to teach the heroes and champions the virtues and joys of jolly co-operation, because of one too many incidents of excessive flaming. Solaire met and befriended Sven and Leona during this, and frequently shows up to the former's pumping up activity for rigorous training.
    • Solaire's meeting with the heroes wasn't all jolly however, for he met the sunlight-hating creature of darkness, Balanar. Needless to say, Solaire wasn't exactly happy about the existence of a monster who wished to cover the entire world in darkness. He has teamed up with Leona to protect those who Balanar would prey upon.
  • When he heard of Diana and her story, Solaire felt sorry for her. He's hopeful that she'll one day see that the sun isn't all that bad. He will gladly help her out if she asks him, though he don't expect it at the moment.
  • In an event where a solar eclipse blocked the sun by magic, Solaire was once again targeted by the Night Stalker. Despite fighting as well as he could, Solaire did not stand a chance against Balanar, whose levels were ground and whose gear was optimized, and would surely have died if it wasn't for Volcarona's intervention. Ever since they forced Balanar to retreat and got to Amaterasu in time, Solaire has been visiting Volcarona more out of gratitude.
    • Fortunately, this earned the Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse's ire, even their High Priest/ess and fellow Slaughter demigod The Hunter are incredibly pissed off.
  • At one point, Solaire has been studying about a certain Pokemon that resembles the sun. He saw it and attempted to capture it. After 7 hours, Solaire came back preaching everyone of what he saw. However, when asked what happened, he would not respond. Fortunately, many artists in the Pantheon decided to draw what he described. This is what they have drawn under Solaire's observations.
    • When said Pokémon ascended, he's been thinking of appealing to it, though the fact that both of them already have partners means the best he could hope is to be allies, which is easy.
  • Is possibly another part of the "Soul of Cinder", many are investigating whether or not he linked the fire in his own world.
  • Has gained the notice of Karna, the son of the Sun God Surya. After a brief skirmish where Solaire managed to dodge roll a Brahmastra eye beam, parried a Vasavi Shakti strike, and countered the Brahmastra Kundala with a Sunlight Spear, he has gained the Hero of Charity's respect, and a new (honorary) member of the Warriors of Sunlight.
  • In case you're wondering, this is what he looks like beneath the helmet.
  • "I will stay behind, to gaze at the sun. The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!"

    Ornstein & Smough 
Ornstein & Smough, Gods of Intimidating Strange Armor (Ornstein: Dragonslayer Ornstein, The Old Dragonslayer, Captain of The Knights of Gwyn; Smough: Executioner Smough, Knight Smough)
Left: Ornstein; Right: Smough
Click here to see The Old Dragonslayer 
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol/Weapons of Choice: The Dragonslayer Spear of Ornstein and Execution Hammer of Smough
  • Theme Song: Ornstein & Smough (Them Together), The Old Dragonslayer (For Ornstein)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Ornstein Neutral Evil if the Abyss in him gets out of control), Chaotic Neutral (Smough, often mistaken as Chaotic Evil, For Gwyn and his family Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Defeating one of them will cause the other to absorb the power of their fallen comrade, Dual Boss, Smough is the Force to Ornstein's Finesse, Animal Motifs, They're lesser demigods, The most infamous boss in the franchise (though they're fan favorites because of it)
  • Domains: Protecting, Execution, Fighting, Killing, Lightning, Largeness, Dragon Killing
  • Allies: Gwyn, Artorias, Arturia Pendragon, Princess Celestia, Fortinbras, Lina Inverse
  • Rivals: Undyne (for Ornstein)
  • Enemies: All dragon-based deities in the Pantheon, ALLANT, MANUS, Yami, Nightmare, The Beast, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon, Dovahkiin, Lucifer, the Fairy Tail Guild's ascended members (At least on their end), Issei Hyodo, Vali Lucifer, Keiko Ayano/Silica, Deathwing, Nefarian, Mordremoth, Acnologia
  • Opposed by: Kirito and Asuna, Davion
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: YHVH
  • Former Ally: Cosmos
  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough are often put together to protect Gwyn's Temple from intruders and often the list of those allowed are very slim meaning that a fight is usually what happens when some try to enter and it is often quite difficult to fight them.
  • Ornstein is one of The Four Knights of Gwyn, as such he continues to serve his lord and has no issue working with any of Gwyn's new found allies in The Pantheon. However, he's often regarded as the Pantheon's most infamous dragonslayer due to his Knight Templar-esque mentality, which often gets him to attack even good-aligned Dragon-based deities, most infamously one case described directly below.
  • He is happy to see his ally Artorias and although worried about his state, is often see working alongside him, though some realize that the reason for this is that Ornstein may suffer a similar fate in the future).
    • It seems to come to pass and The Abyss has some effect on him as his body starts to produce dark magic and his armor pales from its golden hue, so far he has kept it in check, he is learning to find someone who could pick up his mighty spear and take on his mantle, the trouble is finding who. He set his eyes mainly on Lina Inverse.
  • Despite being all dragonslayers, they do not get along at all with Dovahkiin, partly because the fanbases of the games where they come from don't like each other very much.
  • Ornstein is also known as The Dragonslayer (Or The Old Dragonslayer in a later time) and is called this due to the fact that he hunts Dragons for sport, he still tries this with the many Dragons of the Pantheon and while some see this as fun, others have tried to get him to stop with Gwyn often having to step in to stop him. Being a half-dragon, Issei is his next target, and because of it, he is vehemently opposed by the Occult Research Club.
  • Smough is treated with worry by many of Gwyn's allies, like Gwyn they recognize his strength and power, but his sadistic personality and hunger for Human flesh has earned the ire of many to the point that - outside of Gwyn and Ornstein - most can't stand him. Despite this, he is very loyal to his king and has attempted many times to earn himself as part of The Knights of Gwyn, as such he is often seen treating his allies with respect, though his sadism and evil laughing when fighting has not won him any favors.
  • Smough is often seen asking if he can grind his humans enemies into chunks to eat with his food, the response has always been a little more the negative though Gwyn is thinking of letting him devour The Disgraces.
  • Given their nature as dragonslayers, they frequently attack the three dragon slayers of Fairy Tail Guild: Natsu Dragneel, Wendy Marvell, and Gajeel Redfox. Though while Smough doesn't care either way, Ornstein has revealed that the reason that he attacks though dragon slayers is not the same reason he attacked Issei - that is, for pure antagonism towards Dragons of any kind - but is to test them to see if they are truly ready to fight Dragons as The Age of Fire needs protectors for Humanity and that if they fail then someone could help spread The Abyss unchecked, for now he simply decides to let them believe whatever reasons they think he has for attacking them.
    • On the other hand, he's very good friends with Lina, who says she's more than glad to take the dragonslayer's spear if he ends up the same way as Artorias, that is, being completely consumed by the Abyss.
  • Got into a conflict with King Allant due to him attempting to try and kill Gwyn, Allant has answered the call with his own knights, Tower Knight Alfred and Penetrator Metas.
    • Then they discovered that he had somehow gained with him The Father of The Abyss, and even Smough is ready to defend their King and finally slay The Abyss in all its Incarnations. Ornstein has even asked his enemies for their aid against such a monster.
  • They have been tasked by Gwyn to slay Acnologia, having been told of his previous life as a fellow Dragonslayer who betrayed humanity upon transforming. Both of them have fought hard, but the Black Dragon has proven beyond even them in their clashes. It has gotten to the point that Ornstein has actually toyed with the idea of swallowing his pride and joining forces with Issei and Vali to defeat him.
  • Both have discovered a way to absorb the other if one of them falls, Ornstein will briefly offer his respect to the body before absorbing it, while Smough will simply just smash Ornstein flat if the Dragonslayer falls first, letting out a chuckle as he does so.
  • A Partnership program has put a major limit on what kind of dragons the two are allowed to hunt. Smough didn't seem to have an issue, but Ornstein...reacted badly to it. In essence, the two are forbidden from hunting the dragons that are part of the Partnership program.
  • Ornstein decided to travel outside of the Pantheon to find his old master "The Nameless King", why he decided to go and what happened when he found him are unknown, what is known however is that he has decided to forgo hunting Dragons for sport as a new more important task is at hand. To defend the First Flame from Allant and finally put an end to the his corrupted reign. He does this in hopes to find forgiveness from his master and find a happier place for his master's crossbreed daughter, a goal that he has lost sight off because of him constantly protecting Anor Londo.
    • He has since revealed his goals to the Fairy Tail Guild and his true reason for being antagonistic towards them. He has since asked for their help in helping Gwyn defend the First Flame from Allant as The Lord of Sunlight is at his lowest and he cannot help his King all on just himself and Smough.
  • At the same token, Smough surprised everyone when he not only finally achieved his dream of knighthood, but ended up being the only knight not to desert his post, defending Anor Londo from the Cathedral of the Deep's invasion to the very last. He understands completely that he is not a good guy by any means, but Gwyn and his bloodline mean more to him than most people know.

Nito, the God Whose Body Is Made of Bodies (Gravelord Nito, The First of The Dead, Leader of the Gravelord Servant Covenant, The Rotten, The Great Dead One)
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  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Many Skeletons that are his body and Deathly Soul of Nito
  • Theme Song: Gravelord Nito, The Rotten
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: He is a mountain of corpses, a giant skeleton wearing armour made from other skeletons, The Grim Reaper, Plague Master, A Scimitar which is made of corpses and spreads plague
  • Domains: Death, Skeletons, Souls, Graves, Disease
  • Heralds: The Milfanito
  • Allies: Gwyn, Zobek, Quan Chi, Nurgle, Death of The Endless, Death the Horseman, Pestilence the Horsemen, Khorne, Hades, Grima
  • Enemies: Dragons, Nekron, Yami, Master Xehanort, Nightmare Moon
  • Followers: The Corpse Gatherer, Lookshy Rebels, the Legion, Melchiah
  • He is his Realm's First of The Dead, gaining Dominion over Death in his realm, due to this he has become a large skeleton formed and protected by many other skeletons of the Undead that have tried to strike him down before. This has made him a giant skeleton wearing a mountain of skeletons as armor.
  • Though it may seem strange to others that he would be fiercely loyal to Gwyn, as many other Death Gods are not usually friendly to Gods of Light, this is due to both Nito and Gwyn having an understanding that they serve as a balance of Life and Death and both know that they are often needed to keep The Age of Fire alive with the cycle of Death and Rebirth.
  • Thus even though Nito is a lord of Death, he understands that there must be a balance in the universe of who must die and who must live which is why he does not like Nekron: Although they are similar, Nito does not believe in killing everything that ever lived.
  • Nito likes Khrone, although he likes to have balance, when it comes time to cause death it does not matter who dies as long as they die.
  • Like Nurgle as he sees a kindred spirit in him and works with him to spread Disease to fill Nito's Quota.
  • When many others find him he is often sleeping in his coffin, usually he lets his Covenant deal with unimportant issues and has them talk for him. When Gwyn wishes to speak with him, that is when he rises from his slumber.
  • Like Gwyn he does not like Dragons as they worked together to stop The Reign of The Everlasting Dragons. Thus like Gwyn he usually has an attack on sight mentality unless they are allied with Gwyn.
  • Despite this has taken a liking to Grima of all Dragons as his undead-like nature and attempts at Immortality reminds him of Seath The Scaleless, thus when he needs to fill his quota he often goes to Grima to do so, even pondering on letting him be apart of his covenant.
  • His heralds are The Milfanito, Songstresses given eternal life by him to soothe the souls of those bound by death and Dark, they also speak for him as no one but Gwyn knows what he says.
  • Though usually very indifferent to The Pantheon, as of late Do. Not. Mention. that his corpse was devoured by a creature known as Aldrich. After learning how this creature affected his friend Gwyn (who lost a son to this monster), he will show why he is to be feared as "Death" to those that decide to disparage his name in such a way.

Gwyn, God of Impressive Crowns of Royalty (Lord of Sunlight, Lord of Cinder, Leader of the Lords, King of Anor Londo, The Old Iron King, Ichorous Earth, Soul of Cinder, The Red Knight, The Incarnation of Kings, The OG Lord of Cinder)
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  • Greater God, Overdeity as the Soul of Cinder.
  • Symbol: The Crown and Fiery Soul of Gwyn
  • Theme Song: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Old Iron King, Soul of Cinder
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magnificent Kingly Beards, Sunlight Spear, Flaming Sword, Bright Flames and the Corruption Thereof, Power of the Lord Souls, The Power of the Sun, Mistreated His Children
  • Domains: Fire, Sunlight, Godhood, Royalty, Eternity, Lightning, Thunderbolts
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Once the king of the wondrous realm of Anor Londo, he and his knights slew the Everlasting Dragons, ending the Age of Fog and allowing the development of mankind into the Age of Fire, a time of prosperity and peace. However, he eventually discovered that the First Flame that allowed this to happen was dying. He tried to use his Lord Soul to reignite it and stave off the darkness, but was soon consumed by the fire and withered into the Lord of Cinder. Wandering in the Kiln of the First Flame, one day he was surprised to feel his mind return and found himself in the House of Royalty. To this day, he still says he doesn't know how it all happened.
  • While many Undead have attempted to recreate his lordly crown, all have failed to correctly imitate its awesome power, inspiring Gwyn to claim it as his spot at the Pantheon.
  • Has an intense hatred for dragons regardless of alignment, as in his mind they are vile remnants of the Age of Fog. Still, those willing to help Humanity are exempted from his wrath, as he sees them as worthy successors to his old ally Seath the Scaleless' legacy.
    • His stance on Dragons has soften as of late, when it was revealed one of his most powerful, and loyal subjects was an Archdragon of immense power, Midir the Darkeater, a Dragon that him and the other gods raised themselves to be a stalwart defender against the darkness. Though it was revealed that ultimately he raised the dragon to eternally fight the dark for him, meaning he meant for him to be a Tyke-Bomb rather than genuinely changing his stance.
  • Gwyn constantly assaults users of the powers of darkness, driven by his fanatical hatred of the Abyss. However, he has cautiously chosen to trust the channelers of The Sacred Darkness such as Midna, Cecil and Riku, as they have proven they are capable of using the Darkness without being taken by the void.
  • Seeks his lost followers and fellow Lords. He's aware he can't reasonably expect to return to the height of the Age of Fire, but nonetheless tries.
    • Often tries to help vulnerable Magical Girls in memory of his friend, the Witch of Izalith, whose ill-fated attempt to duplicate the First Flame instead transformed her into the chaos-tainted monstrosity known as the Bed of Chaos. Pained by this, Gwyn seeks ways to avoid these senseless acts of suffering.
    • Successfully reestablished contact with Nito, and seeks to strenghten his position by convincing Zobek and Quan Chi to aid him (so far unsuccessfully).
    • Greatly cheered up by finding his faithful knight Artorias, along with the Great Grey Wolf Sif. Gwyn has also developed great respect for Guts.
    • Likewise, he was also most pleased when he found Ornstein and Smough, and promptly had them ascend as protectors of his Temple. Gwyn allows Ornstein to indulge in his dragonslaying duties, though he often has to rein him in. While disgusted by Smough's eating habits, he has pondered on the possibilities of setting him loose on the Disgraces.
  • Speaking of Ornstein's obsession about killing Hyodo Issei, Cosmos had a stern talk with Gwyn. The boy's doing his best to help and really doesn't deserve the Old Dragonslayer obsessively trying to collect his head. As a result, master and servant are reviewing exactly which dragons are fair game. So far Gwyn has decreed the Fairy Tail guild can only be challenged in established non-fatal duels, and that Issei is severely off-limits and must not be killed, otherwise the Dragonslayer will be stripped off his title as protector of Gwyn's temple. Ornstein's not really happy, but abides by the word of his lord.
    • On the other hand, he is known to carry a deep hate for Issei's rival, Vali Lucifer. To him, Vali is the very image of the depraved Everlasting Dragons of the Age of Fog, so Ornstein is free to kill him, and Smough is welcome to devour what remains. Vali, however, is greatly annoyed by the two of them, and asked Wiz and Boomstick to make a tag-team Death Battle between him and Issei versus the two minions of Gwyn.
  • Still obsesses about the First Flame, and seeks undead of all kinds to feed them into the Kiln in an attempt to prolong the dying Age of Fire. This has already netted him a permaban from the House of Otherness after repeated attempts on some of the occupants, but he believes the diversity of the Pantheon gives him possibilities. While his cause is certainly noble, his methods aren't, and so many are reluctant to openly ally with him.
    • A new possibility has opened to Gwyn with the ascension of the immortal Mokou no Fujiwara, with whose infinite life and fire powers could theoretically sustain the First Flame indefinitely. As desperate as Gwyn is, though, he sent his knights on fact-finding missions before immediately tossing her into the Kiln, remembering what happened last time he acted rashly without thinking of the possible consequences.
  • When he is forced to fight, he invokes the persona of the Lord of Cinder through the power of his Lord Soul. He really doesn't like wallowing in the ashes, especially knowing he might still sink into the abomination that is Ichorous Earth, but often sees little way of imposing his will otherwise.
  • Despises his Boletarian counterpart, False King Allant, and is greatly incensed by his actions - not only successfully locating and reactivating the threat of the Abyss by awakening Manus, he's also ensured the death of the Old Chaos and Manus' eventual release. While it can be said no one knows the risks better than Gwyn, his paranoia and utter fear of the Flame being extinguished is an opening Allant has seen fit to exploit by turning Gwyn's mistrust against him. His mood was not helped when he learned Nadalia, the Bride of Ash, one of Manus' fragments, sought his own Lord Soul as her King.
  • Utterly hates Acnologia, for not only does the Black Dragon represent everything he despises about the dragon race, but also because he was a Dragon Slayer before he transformed and betrayed humanity. In his eyes, the Dragon King is worthy of no other end but utter extermination, and it's to the point that sometimes he is tempted to abandon his fight with Allant to strike the beast down with his own hands, although he almost erupted in anger when he heard Acnologia allied with Allant, even if they don't get along that well.
  • Gwyn's opinion of Grima is similar, but made more complicated by Grima's working relationships with two of Gwyn's own allies, Seath the Scaleless and Gravelord Nito.
  • A mortal lore-ist by the name of VaatiVidya has taken it upon himself to recount the story of Gwyn and his kingdom in all its glory. His efforts have impressed the Lord of Sunlight and his warriors greatly.
    • He was equally impressed with the story of the most recent Bearer of his Lord Soul and his closest ally, Sir Alonne, who reminds Gwyn somewhat of both Ornstein and Artorias.
  • The Fate of his world has left the Lord of Sunlight broken, the fate of his family (gone or devoured) became the reason Gwyn refused to leave his temple for awhile, The fate of his loyal knights (all dead) has left him enraged. He fell into a depressing obsession to find a way to keep the First Flame alive here in the Pantheon no matter the cost, no matter how many had to be sacrificed, no matter how many enemies must be slain.
    • It was through this madness that he discovered how to protect the Flame if he found no other way, by connecting his soul to it he can combine it with all others that linked the flame after him becoming "The Soul of Cinder", this devastating amalgamation uses every bit of skill, knowledge and power in every single one of those souls to be the striking force stopping those that attempt to end the Flame, especially against Allant!
  • He was noted to be very "unhappy" about the ascension of The Nameless King and has done everything he can to prevent The Nameless King from entering into the House of Royalty. Other gods have noticed the animosity held by Gwyn and The Nameless King which has led to an unofficial agreement by a majority of the pantheon to make sure the duo never meet under any circumstance despite the fact that evidence points toward The Nameless King being Gwyn's firstborn son.
    • He also seeks to slay the leader of the Cathedral of the Deep, Pontiff Sulyvahn. Not only did the mad sorcerer successfully drive his forces from his realm of Anor Londo, corrupted his palace into an abominable church to the Abyss, he also fed Gwyn's son to his grotesque master, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep and all but exterminated Gwyn's line. By now, the Lord of Cinder's hate for the Pontiff easily surpasses his rivalry with Allant, and has stated he will mow both down and feed them to the Flame.
    • To add further insult to injury, Friede and Ariandel have ascended and the former has permanently grudged Gwyn's system of Linking the Flame, with the Painted World of Ariandel as proof of her statement. The fact that she wields Blackflame makes the situation worse, since its a sign of the Abyss.
  • Many gods that came from humanity and aligned themselves with Gwyn have started to question their loyalty after news from the Ringed City, ancient city of the pygmies, arrived in the pantheon. The Pygmy Lords, humanity's ancient rulers, willingly fought alongside the gods against the dragons and sent their own knights to fight alongside Gwyn's out of loyalty and longing to serve the gods of Anor Londo. These ancient humans had control over the Dark Soul and was able to keep control over the Abyss but still Gwyn felt fear towards those that sought to serve and worship him. Gwyn erased the contributions humanity gave to the war against the dragons and put a seal of fire aka the Darksign itself, which in turned caused humanity to loose much of its connection to The Sacred Darkness, in an attempt to curb the power of humanity and the Abyss. The truth that Gwyn was responsible for one of the greatest causes of suffering the humans in his world face despite their loyalty has been one of the largest discoveries made in the ancient city Gwyn sent the early humans of his world to. This revelation has caused members of the pantheon who often side with humanity and a few of the channelers of The Sacred Darkness to become weary of Gwyn in light of what he did out.
    • Gywn on the other hand argued in his defense, stating that he did reward humanity, by gifting them the Ringed City, granting there leaders lordship, and gifting them his beloved youngest child. He also pointed out the out of control Darkness is one of the root causes for the atrocities committed in his universe, and no matter how extreme his actions are, he is justified. This has just split the Pantheon's opinion on him even more, especially as said gifts had ulterior motives behind all of them, especilly his daughter. Regardless most people agree, for good or ill, Gywn will attempt to protect the flame at any cost.
  • Another look at his life has recently come to light a chronicle of one of his most loyal Silver Knights, in which it presents Gywn as a reasonable King, ruling just and fairly, protecting both humans and Gods in his lands, enough that the Silver Knights themselves grew discontent at the fact Gywn was putting human interests above their own. It's done quite a bit to fix his damaged reputation, although many of questioned his reasons for said benevolence.

    Pontiff Sulyvahn 
Pontiff Sulyvahn, God of Plot-Driving Villains (The Pontiff of the Darkmoon, Sulyvahn the Tyrant, Darth Sulyvahn)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Dual Wielding Greatswords, the Profaned Greatsword and Greatsword of Judgement
  • Leitmotif: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Arc Villain, Evil Pope, The Dragon to Aldrich, Dual Wielding BFSs, Very quick and damaging foe, Has a "stand" as a duplicate, Really 700 Years Old, Disc-One Final Boss, Larger than a regular human, Usurped Irithyll from Gwyndolin and fed said god to Aldrich
  • Domains: Religion, Tyranny, Power, Evil-doings
  • Heralds: The Deacons of the Deep
  • Followers: Luke, Kai Leng
  • Allies: Zouken Matou, Enrico Pucci, Kirei Kotomine, Enter, Ghirahim, False King Allant, Zant, Griffith, the evil and hostile members of the House of FAITH, especially Double.
  • Enemies: Lord Gwyn, Ornstein and Smough, The Hunter, The Chosen Undead, the Joestar Family and their allies (especially Jotaro Kujo and Jean-Pierre Polnareff), the good-aligned members of the House of Faith primarily Alexander Anderson, Alex Mason, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Anakin Skywalker, and Guts.
  • Target of interest for: Emperor Palpatine, Sauron
  • Opposed by: Many brainwashed victims like Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, The Fellowship of the Ring (Gandalf, Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, Samwise Gamgee)
  • Once a great follower to Enrico Pucci, Pontiff Sulyvahn grew tired of hearing the "rumors" of the Pantheon and decided to enter by force. Once he gained entrance, he fought his way to a position in the Pantheon. Among those that noticed was Gwyn, who not only banished him out of the Court of the Gods, but petitioned for a ban against him. Unfortunately, with strings from many followers at the GUAE, Sulyvahn gathered arms and also found his way into the Pantheon. Gwyn is not pleased, at all.
    • Following his ascension, Sulyvahn ordered his Cathedral rebuilt in the Pantheon for his rituals. He also attempted to bring the Deacons of the Deep as his heralds, while he searched for people from the Pantheon he can ally with.
  • The main reason why Sulyvahn was chosen as the representive for his title was because of his grand scheme. First, he allied with multiple evil sects for his plan of usurption. Second, he controlled the Profaned Flame and took over Anor Londo. Third, he ruled Irithyll and controlled powers from The Flame and The Abyss. Add to the fact that he had multiple ties with many Lords of Cinder/Ages of Fire and his control over a Devourer of Gods, he is the first of his series to ever accomplish and get away with his crimes, well except his death.
    • Because of this success, this has given an interest to many heavies in Pantheon proper, Enter being the most common one. On the other hand, Anakin Skywalker got antagonized after being sought by the Pope, since he recognized him as another heavy. He has since evaded his Darth Vader personality, leaving the Pope with disgust. Meanwhile, Palpetine initially thought of him as a Sith Lord, or more conspicuously, Darth Maul. Nonetheless, he still brought him in his great assets.
    • During one time when he was searching for viable worshippers, he was greeted by another duo, Ghirahim and Zant. The two allies of Ganondorf, who reviewed his success, decided to give him a deal regarding more power, in trade of some his powers. He reluctantly agreed, giving the False King of Twilight and the Demon some remnant powers of the Abyss and at the same time gaining powers of Twilight.
  • During his first day in Pantheon grounds, he first attempted to spread his religion, The Cathedral of the Deep in the House of Faith. Needless to say, he had a huge amount of resistance after the house heard of who the religion was appeasing.
    • After the said ordeal, he had an eventful meeting with his former follower, Enrico Pucci and another evil priest, Kirei Kotomine. All the three have been talking ever since the meeting and have planned on merging all their religions to form a true worship.
      • For Kirei however, he's only using Sulyvahn as a gateway for him to acquire Aldrich and use him to consume his enemies. His primary target being, Rin.
      • However, his meeting with Pucci lead into the Joestar's hate for him, particularly Jotaro Kujo, who sees him as sinister as Pucci, maybe even worse than him. Jean-Pierre Polnareff even has sought against Sulyvahn due to being brainwashed twice, and one of those times was Dio's fault.
    • After being kicked out by the House of Faith, one particular nun, who revealed herself to be Double, grew interest to the Pontiff. Sulyvahn, seeing another abomination looking like Aldrich, decided to ally with her for some "research".
      • Ironically, the two are actually using each other for their own gains, Double is using Sulyvahn for the Skull Heart, whilst the latter is using her as live food for Aldrich.
  • Anyone who has been a victim of brainwashing are told NOT to enter Sulyvahn's sights, as his interest to individuals stems into not just forced subordination, but also forcing said people to turn into mindless beasts with a certain ring. Due to this, Alex Mason fears him like the plague.
    Widowmaker: As much as I know how brainwashing works, that is not even how I describe as humane.
    • The Fellowship of the Ring however opposes Sulyvahn greatly for his rings being reminscent to the One Ring. Doesn't help that Sauron has taken great interest with him and his sudden control of both the Profaned Flame and the Abyss.
    • Sulyvahn almost mistook Ryuko Matoi as one of the knights he sent, the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, and so attempted to convince her to join the Outriders. The result wasn't pretty for him, as Senketsu knew this ploy and warned her about it. Guess what happened next.
  • Ever since his ascension went awry, Alexander Anderson, who was one of those who Sulyvahn tried to persuade, has kept his eyes on him, seeing him as a disgrace to faith. To quote him:
    Anderson: Oh Lord, let this heretic be cleansed of his pagan ministry. Let this failure be burned by your holy fires, along with his idol. AAAAMEN.
  • Gwyn's huge hatred for Sulyvahn not only stems to the fact that he took over Anor Londo, but the fact that he fed his lastborn son, Gwyndolin to Aldrich. This action has led the two clash swords heavily.
    • And it's not only Gwyn who's joining the fight. Ornstein and Smough have also decided to join in the fray, with Smough wanting him dead. Due to the Executioner's death during a valiant stand in Anor Londo's defense, this has given Smough to kill the Pontiff.
    • And to even further add more salt to the wound, he was absolutely pissed upon having contact with the Hunter AND the Chosen Undead, moreso on the latter as their presence will permanently haunt him of his demise at the hands of the Ashen One, a follower of the latter.
  • With recent help, he finally called an allied treaty with Boletaria's ruler, King Allant. With both the Deep's power and Soul Arts focused together, they now plan to take down Gwyn and his subordinates with full force.

    The Nameless King 
The Nameless King, The God who was Erased From History (King of Storms, War God, Leader of the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant, Gwyn's Firstborn(?))
  • Greater God (Overdeity if he absorbed his drake. Which he doesn't want to do)
  • Symbol: His Drake, the King of the Storm
  • Theme Song: Nameless King
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Longrobe, Bonus Boss, Wielding a Lightning Spear, Riding a Storm Drake, Being the Last God of the Age of Fire, Physical War God, Betrayed Gwyn and siding with the dragons
  • Domains: War, Lightning, Battle, Dragons, Betrayal
  • Opposes: Gwyn and the majority of the Royalty House.
  • Allies: Leonidas, Mordred, Davion the Dragon Knight, Caim and Angelus, Four, Io, Bahamut, Jakiro, Paarthurnax, Salamandinay, Ange, Mr. Eaten, Xion, Solaire, Zinnia
  • Rivals: Ares, Kratos, Khorne, Hercules, Thor, Storm, Aang
  • Enemies: Gravelord Nito, Grima, Smough, The Chosen Undead, Dragonslayers, Acnologia, Ragnaros, Nurgle, Deathwing, Alduin, Nefarian, The Monster Hunters
  • Special Relationship: Ornstein
  • Odd Friendship: Zuko
  • A king who committed an act of great betrayal in the past. For this, his very existence was erased to the point that even his name was lost. Now, he roams the world as the Nameless King, his history long forgotten.
    • While his identity is unknown, there are many in the Pantheon who believe that the Nameless King is actually Gwyn's firstborn who betrayed his father for the dragons during the war.
  • Has modelled his temple after where he fought at Archdragon Peak. Because of this, his temple is known for its intense lightning storms and thick clouds.
  • The Nameless King doesn't get out much from his Temple. He seems content with staying with his Storm Drake, whom he cares for very deeply. Some believe the reason why he betrayed his father(?) was because of his friendship with the Drake, as lore describes their bond as a miracle.
    • Another possible reason why he betrayed his father(?) was because he fell in love with the Storm Drake. Not only that, some believe that the two are actually Priscilla the Crossbreed's parents, since she is the offspring of a Lord and a Dragon.
  • For reasons unknown to most of the Pantheon, Gwyn appears to have no love for the Nameless King because of what he has done in the past. The feelings seem to be mutual as the King has nothing but contempt for the Lord of Cinder. So far, the two Gods have tried their best to avoid one another, but many wonder what would happen if father and son were to cross swords.
    • Thanks to Gwyn's influence, the Nameless King is barred from ever stepping into the House of Royalty. When asked why he would do that, Gwyn's answer is that he doesn't deserve to be a Lord.
  • The deities who believe him to be Gwyn's firstborn are trying to figure out why he betrayed his father. Other then the aforementioned befriending a dragon, others think he didn't care for his father's "cowardly" tactics against the Everlasting Dragons. In contrast to the Gods, he admired the Dragons for their upfront fighting that he, as a War God himself, appreciated and respected more than his fellow Lords did.
  • Has a very strong relationship with many dragons in the Pantheon and has even become friends with some of them. He has also become friends with the dragon riders Zero and Caim with his dragon Angelus. However, there are some dragons that the Nameless King would not associate with, one of them being Nefarian whose experiments of dragons and drakes remind him very much of Seath, the albino dragon who betrayed his own kin. However, the one dragon that he loathes the most would be Acnologia. Might be because he was a human dragon slayer who turned into a dragon after killing so many of them.
  • Was well known as a powerful War God during the Age of Fire. He actually started a rivalry with other Gods of War like Ares, Khorne and Kratos.
    • The King of Storm has also become rivals with both Hercules and Thor. Maybe to see who is the worthiest son of a God King? Or maybe he wants to be stronger then Hercules and master lightning further than Thor.
  • Thinks the Chaos God Nurgle is a disgusting being... which isn't an opinion debated by many. However, the Nameless King's hatred for him has to do with his spread of disease. Perhaps it reminds him of Gravelord Nito as he spread his "cowardly" miasma of death and disease against the dragons. He wasn't very happy when he learnt he was in the Pantheon as well.
    • He also doesn't like Ragnaros wanting to burn everything in his path. Perhaps he was soured on deadly firestorms thanks to his experiences with the Witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos.
  • Found a kindred spirit with Mordred. Mordred, in turn, is happy to find someone to relate too when it comes to betraying your father for something you believe in. He has even offered his assistance in claiming Excalibur so she can prove to be a rightful king.
    • He has also gets along with very well with fallen princess Ange. Might be because they were disowned by their families and allied themselves with the dragons they used to fight against.
    • Nameless King has also developed an odd friendship with Zuko despite his use of firebending. Again, this has to do with both being disowned sons.
  • Rumored to have been Ornstein's teacher, thanks to their similar fighting styles. There's also the fact that Ornstein's Dragonslayer armor and weapon can be found in Archdragon Peak after leaving Anor Londo to search for Gwyn's firstborn.
  • Acts frigidly towards any dragon slayers in the pantheon. However, he is easier on the ones from Fairy Tail universe, with the exception being Acnologia, when he learned they aren't really "dragon slayers" and more that their magic is good against them. He also found out they were actually raised by dragons and consider them their family.
    • He's also icy towards the Monster Hunters when they do battle with dragon-type monsters like Gogmazios and Brachydios. And only the dragons. He has no real attachment towards any other type of prey they hunt.
  • The Nameless King holds a great deal of respect for Leonidas and his Spartan army, thanks to their bold attitude towards combat and sheer determination. It reminds him of his own attitudes towards fighting.
  • Even though King has never faced the Chosen Undead before (actually, he fought his follower, the Ashen One), he considers him an enemy. This might be because he believes that it is responsible for killing Priscilla the Crossbreed(?), though the Chosen Undead hasn't ever once claimed it hadn't.
  • The House of Betrayal have no idea what to think of the Nameless King. Was he a traitorous son for siding with the dragons even though they were enemies to Gwyn, or does his loyalty to the endangered dragons define him more than his opposition to his father?
  • Most were surprised when Solaire entered his temple and offered some "Jolly Cooperation" to the legendary warrior. If he is indeed Gwyn's Firstborn, then he watches over Solaire as he does anyone under his covenant "the Warriors of Sunlight".

Artorias, God of Worn-Out Divine Swords (Knight Artorias, Sir Artorias the Abysswalker, Artorias of the Abyss, The Wolf Knight of Farron, R2orias)
  • Theme Song: Artorias the Abysswalker
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Three Greatswords of Artorias and Greatshield of Sif
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Evil if The Abyss in him gets out of control)
  • Portfolio: Total loss of control, All three of his greatswords, Black Knight, he can channel the power of the Abyss to reinforce his attack power, Embodiment of the Abyss, Handicapped Badass Lightning Bruiser, Master Swordsman, Magic Knight
  • Domains: Knighthood, Honor, Darkness, Berserker, Rage, Heroism
  • Heralds: The Abyss Watchers
  • Allies: Gwyn, Great Grey Wolf Sif, The Maiden in Black, Ragna, Hakumen, Midna, Guts, Princess Luna, Arturia Pendragon, Lancelot, Riku, Siegfried, Maximillian Caxton, Ornstein and Smough, Ludwig the Accursed
  • Enemies: MANUS, Dragons, ALLANT, Master Xehanort, Yami, Nightmare, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon
  • Once found by Gwyn and The Maiden in Black in a completely unstable state, recklessly and relentlessly charging at them, howling and screaming like a maddened beast. Together, both were able to find a way to bring him back to a more stable level and return him to his senses. To their horror, though, they both realized the Abyss within him had ravaged his body to the point he can neither live without it or even remove his armor. Artorias' armor now serves less to protect whatever remains of the knight than as a restraint and prison for the monster within him.
  • Due to being almost entirely corrupted by the Abyss he can never return to his normal self and can lose himself to it if pushed too far. While his faith and powerful resolve can allow him a measure of calm, the dark presence within him shall never fade. This also affected his mighty Greatsword, as it has become severely worn out, with parts of the hilt missing and the blade covered in black slime. Like its wielder, it can be cleansed for brief periods before the Dark again corrupts it.
  • He is often working along side Guts any time he can. Both knights are very similar, and Artorias has pledged to help Guts defeat Griffith, who he sees as a perversion of the knight ideal.
  • Others are surprised that he can talk when earlier he was a little more then a roaring monster, though what Siegfried heard when he first regained speaking. They gained an understanding with each other knowing how it feels like to be in such a state and often work together.
  • He sympathizes with Princess Luna, knowing the effect Darkness can have on one's soul.
  • He often treats Arturia as well as Gwyn, his king, often commenting he'd like to be a knight for both.
  • He is slightly disheartened by that fact the only other Knight of Gwyn here is Ornstein. He dearly hopes Ciaran and Gough will join them someday; while he is indeed glad for Ornstein's company, he really can't stand Smough. Still, he has found many that would help him with his current "condition". Riku, for instance, is trying to show Artorias "the way to dawn".
    • He has recently, however, warmed up to Smough greatly after he heard about his heroic Last Stand against the forces of Aldritch, and his failed, yet valiant defense of Anor Londo. While he certainly, does not approve of his eating habits, he considers him more then worthy of the title of "Knight".
  • Harbors a deep hatred for Manus, Father of the Abyss, who corrupted him and is largely responsible for his current corruption and the Abyss within him, and Allant of Boletaria, who seeks to snuff out the First Flame and spearheads a plan to slay his lord. While at first he was content to hunt other creatures of darkness such as Yami and Chernobog, but Allant waking up Manus and ensuring its eventual release has steadily increased the risk of his wrath spiraling out of control, ironically upping the possibility of the Abyss taking control of him.
  • Those gods who have never heard Artorias' story are almost always brought to tears simply by hearing the tale. Those who hear of Sif and The Chosen Undead's tragic and inevitable duel years later are more often than not inconsolable.
  • It should be noted that Artorias is a lefty, and his right hand is his weaker arm. And he's STILL able to obliterate his opponents.
  • When the Bearer of the Curse returned from his travels to Brume Tower, Artorias found out that his sword had been passed down from one swordsman to another after his death and somehow ended up in the hands of the most recent bearer of his lord's soul, the Old Iron King. While proud it was still used in the fight against the Dark, he's a bit miffed at its current decrepit state.
    • He became a bit moody for a while when he learned that everyone who wielded his sword were also ironically left-handed, unlike his current state.
    • When he learned of the Fume Knight, Raime the Rebel, he was disgusted at how instead of fighting the dark, he embraced it. Artorias is now planning to take him on with Guts when he also discovered that Raime is the protector of one the ascended Children of the Dark, Nadalia.
  • Is unsure how to feel about the Fanatical soldiers known as "The Abyss Watchers", while he is flattered that so many would see him as inspiration he is unhappy with how overzealous they are to stop the Abyss. while many volunteered to protect his temple he has made sure they stayed far away from him as possible, not because of who they are but what the Abyss has done to them. He has convinced himself that it is his fault for their current state and wishes that they steer clear to try ensure that they can be safe from the Abyss inside him.

Manus, Deities of Soul Fragments and the Unknowability of Man (Father of The Abyss, The Furtive Pygmy, The Primeval Man, His Fragments: Nashandra (Queen of Drangleic, The Augur of Want), Elana (The Squalid Queen, the Augur of Wrath), Nadalia (The Bride of Ash, the Augur of Solitude), Alsanna (The Silent Oracle, the Augur of Fear), The Darklurker, Karla (Zullie the Witch, Augur of the Spurned)
Click here  to see The Furtive Pygmy.
Click here  to see Nashandra.
Click here  to see Darklurker.
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  • Theme Song: Manus, Father of The Abyss (For Himself), Nashandra, Elana, Squalid Queen, Darklurker (For his fragments)
  • Greater God and Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Dark Soul surrounded by The Abyss, Dark Sorcery, Rot, Ash and Ice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (For itself and Darklurker), Lawful Evil (For Nashandra and Elana), Neutral Evil (though with more emphasis on Neutral) (For Nadalia), Lawful Good (For Alsanna), Neutral Good (For Karla)
  • Portfolio: Exclusive to him: An Axe to Grind, Ax-Crazy,Creator of Dark Sorcery, The Corrupter, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Sorceror, From a "so easily forgotten" Bearer of a Lord Soul to one of the most dangerous monsters, Kung-Fu Wizard, Horrifying Primate, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Omnicidal Maniac, Pieces of God, One of the most spoileriffic characters in the entire series
  • Domains: Darkness, Abyss, Insanity, Fragments, Souls, Evil, Death, Abominations
  • Heralds: The Pilgrims of Dark and Darkstalker Kaathe
    • Nashandra: Throne Watcher and Defender
    • Darklurker: Holy Mother Getrude, Winged Knights of Lothric
    • Elana: Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon
    • Nadalia: Raime, The Fume Knight
    • Alsanna: Burnt Ivory King
    • Karla: Alva, the Wayfarer/Seeker of the Spurned
  • Allies: Allant, Master Xehanort, Yami, Naraku, Satan, Nightmare Moon, Chernabog, The Beast, The White, Nightmare
  • Enemies: Gwyn, Artorias,The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Ornstein and Smough, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Aldia (Mostly towards Nashandra), Riku, Sora, Princess Celestia and Luna, Guts, Aqua, Madoka Kaname, Kirby, the Old Chaos
    • For Alsanna and Karla, the enemies and allies are inverted.
  • Special Relationship: Ryoji Mochizuki
  • Feared by: Bondrewd
  • Gained interest of: Tom Marvo Riddle
  • The creature known as the Father of the Abyss is the ultimate threat to the First Flame. The blight of the Abyss it carries, if left unchecked, will spread and destroy most life in the Pantheon and twist what is left into loathsome horrors. While it was successfully locked in combat against the flames of the Old Chaos, the real problem (the death of his home world) began when the darkness successfully extinguished the fires of Izalith. Slowly but surely, the darkness reaches for the dying flames...
  • Before all that, there were heavy implications, according from accounts from Darkstalker Kaathe, Marvelous Chester, Elizabeth and The Chosen Undead that it used to be known as one of the "so easily forgotten" Bearer of the Lord Soul, the Furtive Pygmy. However, while it did rest peacefully in its grave at first, it then was awakened by the citizens of Oolacile, it awoke with his humanity going out of control, resulting in the Abyss spreading across the land, corrupting its citizens in the process. And then his precious pendant was lost somehow, resulting in him even crossing over time to find his pendant, even snatching the Chosen Undead in the process who had the pendant with it, and the Chosen Undead finally put him down once and for all.
  • He then ascended to the Pantheon through similar means, where he was found dormant near the House of Otherness Abominations. When someone tried to wake it up again via stealing his pendant (surprisingly enough, neither the Itazura Griefers or the Trollkaiger have claimed to have done this), it instantly spread the Abyss throughout nearly the entire Pantheon, creating a Mass "Oh, Crap!" as hell froze over, corrupting whatever it can, most notably Artorias. When the Chosen Undead heard of this, it immediately went to his temple and once again slain Manus, preventing any further damage from the Abyss.
  • Manus is similar to the Beast in power and mindlessness. It barely has enough conscience to attempt to leave its temple, attack anything nearby and seek Humanity. Other than that, it only seeks its precious shattered amulet. The Chosen Undead holds half of it, and searches are underway to find the other half.
  • One thing not mentioned is that Manus' soul is made from gentle Humanity, and the dark is also called as gentle. As a matter a fact, he usually is not inherently a danger until someone crosses him, especially if they somehow have part of his pendant.
  • Artorias and Ornstein are not allowed to attempt to hunt the horror unsupervised. While their hatred of the creature is absolute and their power is highly welcomed in any fight against it, they bear its taint and both have fallen to it in the past. Artorias in particular still holds much of the monster's power sealed within himself, and should he fall, Manus could reclaim the Abyss.
  • King Allant seeks to advance or even use Manus' plans, as the deaths of the First Flame and Gwyn will usher in an Age of Dark which shall end the illusion of Hope.
  • The few Puella Magi that dare to try and fight Manus are often overwhelmed by the Dark and are summarily corrupted into Witches. The Sisterhood has thus issued flee-on-sight orders for every Puella Magi on this thing and forbidden all attempts to hunt it down. The group has already lost too many to dream of fighting this horror; even at its peak victory would have been... expensive.
  • Those who confront the Father of The Abyss will find him like this.
  • Even though he is called the Father of the Abyss, his Abyss is not to be confused with the other Abyss. That said, many deities fear what happens if he managed to spread his Abyss towards the other Abyss. Even Bondrewd fears at this outcome. Bondrewd.
  • The aftermath of the Ashen One's journey to the Ringed City had stirred up a lot of major information about the Furtive Pygmy. It turns out that the pygmies did indeed participate in the war against the Everlasting Dragons. However, because most of their equipment was forged in the Abyss, and due to Gwyn's fear of the Dark, along with their Dark Souls, they were sealed away in the Ringed City, while placing a seal of fire on humans that will eventually evolve into the Darksign. This would explain why the Furtive Pygmy was "so easily forgotten", but it's unknown if it planned to bring down the old gods of Lordran and elevate humanity from this betrayal.
    • Because of this, some have expressed interest in forging some of their weapons in the Abyss to reproduce some of the Ringed Knight weapons for use amongst other factions, though warnings are given that they don't end up being corrupted by the Abyss.
  • Even after his defeat at the hands of the Chosen Undead, due to the machinations of Melkor, Manus has largely reformed into a single entity, though many of its component fragments have been granted a sort of independent existence, still as a whole devoted to sundering the First Flame and collapsing everything that is and could be into the darkness of the Abyss, which bedeviled the Bearer of the Curse.
    • Nashandra has adopted the role of The Dragon and personal courier, her ambitions and goals are very close to her parent's.
    • Elana has promised revenge against both the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, and had Sinh restored to continue her depraved work.
    • The Darklurker is now the Guardian of Manus' temple; all invaders must fight this creature before fighting Manus himself.
    • Alsanna shrouds the path to the temple in thick fog and seals the paths in mazes of snow, sleet and ice while making sure the temple's creatures are equally contained inside, honoring her lost Ivory King while at the same time choking the Old Chaos. Manus and her "siblings" are well aware of this, but they hate the Old Chaos too much to care. More so, Alsanna actually sneaks away to meet others, seeking help against her "Father", and so far has bonded with Elsa, Anna, and Weiss Schnee. Those who hear the story about her and her king are often brought to tears.
    • Nadalia still awaits her King in Manus's temple, healing and strengthening its roaming monsters through her idols, in addition to her eternal guardian, Raime the Fume Knight. She has claimed an attraction to Gwyn, still seeking the Soul of the Old Iron King. Gwyn has yet to respond beyond ignoring everyone that brings it up.
    • Another Fragment has appeared, though unlike her sisters she is content to merely content to teaching those willing to learn sorceries and pyromancies rooted in the Abyss, so that they can use it for good and defeat the evils that her "Father" helped to create.
  • Aside from Alsanna and Karla, Kirby is notorious amongst them due to beating Eldritch Abominations left and right without breaking a sweat even though he's a puffball.
  • Being an avatar of Nyx, Ryoji Mochizuki has interesting relationship with them. Nashandra, Elana, and Nadalia have tempted him to give into his darkness, where Alsanna and Karla pity him for what he went through.
  • Voldemort has been interested Manus, given that he also divided his soul to create the Horcruxes.
  • Exclusive to Nashandra:
    • Being responsible for manipulating Vendrick into the downfall of Drangleic, she has earned the ire of his brother, Aldia, which would serve to him as a reminder on what truly "kingship" is, even though he was exiled by his brother for his actions.
    • For some strange reason, whenever the Ashen One arrives to her temple, it recalls about how it saw a painting of her human form during the Ashen One's travels to Irtihyll of the Boreal Valley, and seeing her motives reminded it of Yuria of Londor. Though unlike her, at least Yuria assisted the Ashen One into becoming the Lord of Hollows.
  • Exclusive to the Darklurker:
    • Just how the Darklurker came to existence is a mystery. Given that the Dark Chasm of Old was made from Manus' remains provide at least one of its origins.
      • However, the Ashen One's journey may have offered a clue towards what it is. Namely that Holy Mother Getrude, who was said to be contacted by an angel and founded the angelic faith in Lothric. Said angel is heavily implied to be the Darklurker, which deeply disturbed some angelic deities.
  • Exclusive to Elana:
    • While her relationship towards the Sunken King is unknown, one day, Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights invaded Shulva to seek out the blood of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, believing that it will help them transcend their humanity. However, after the death of the Sunken King, Sir Yorgh's impalement of the dragon caused the poison to spread all over the city, turning it into a no man's land within days. At this point, Elana awakened as the Augur of Wrath and awaits at her temple for the day of vengeance.
  • Exclusive to Nadalia:
  • Exclusive to Alsanna:
  • Exclusive to Karla:

Half-Life Research and Development

    Gordon Freeman 
Gordon Freeman, God of Being the Right Man in the Wrong Place and Crowbars (Mr. Freeman, The Freeman, The One Freeman, Anticitizen One, Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes, Gertrude "Gertie" Fremont)

    Adrian Shephard 
Adrian Shephard, God of Popular Mooks (Corporal Shephard, Corporal Dogmeat, Shepard)

    Wallace Breen 
Dr. Wallace Breen, God of Quislings (Breen, Dr. Breen, the Administrator)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Union's "clamp" along with the robotic "CMB" word below it. (Shared with the Combine)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with some Neutral Evil moments.
  • Portfolio: Speaking Calm Despite Being Evil, Breaking Speeches, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Evil Overlord, Actually A Hypocrite, Did What Was Necessary To Save The Human Race Which Led To Humanity's Enslavement And Evaded Extinction, Unknown In The First Game, Smug Snake
  • Domains: Administrations, Leadership, Collaborators
  • Followers: George Sairas, Dylan Gould, Edward Diego
  • Heralds: The Combine Overwatch
  • Allies: Frieza, Boros, Lex Luthor
  • Complications with: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Enemies: Gordon Freeman, The Vortiguants, Chell, Cave Johnson (his competiton), GLaDOS, XCOM, Commander Farsight, Dessler, Juzo Okita, General Fletcher, Agents K and J
  • Opposes: Jim Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Family as a whole. Cooler (due to bringing Frieza as an ally)
  • The main collaborator who stopped the Combine from ending Humanity itself, Doctor Wallace Breen commanded the Combine Overwatch, the Combine's representative army for Earth. When the portal exploded courtesy of Freeman, his body was never found. Turns out, he was teleported to the Pantheon seconds later.
    • When Court of the Gods reviewed him, they offered him a position, but under one condition: He must have his representative army to join him in the Pantheon. That, along with Breen's respect for the Overwatch also led to the Combine's ascension.
  • As the former Corporate Leader of Black Mesa, Cave Johnson despises every single bit of him so much. Breen however doesn't think much of him, since Johnson isn't spotted in the Pantheon (despite having a seat). But then again, since Black Mesa and Aperture are competitors ever since, it kinda makes sense why such threat was needed.
    • And just like Johnson, GLaDOS detests his position. Though he is very confused with her voice since it sounds exactly like the administrator of the Combine radio.
  • From his experiences with rebellion (due to Freeman's intervention), he has placed every single rebellion master as primary targets. Jim Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk and Lelouch are in Breen's shitlist for fitting to his criteria of rebels. He also doesn't stand any form of resistance because for him, it "let's the human mind die slowly, without reaching out the stars", according to his speech.
    Breen: Tell me, (name), if you can: you have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created? Can you name even one thing? I thought not.
    • Out of all those rebellions though, he has complete disdain towards Arcturus for being the proof of why he hates rebels like him. Given Mengsk's title, it kinda makes sense.
  • While they are not related, it seems that there are striking similarities with him and Ragyo, if not Distaff Counterparts for some reason. Being collaborators to save something, with Breen for Humanity and Ragyo being for herself, and even taking extreme measures to save it, or face extinction. The only problem is that unlike Ragyo, Breen actually knows what he is doing (though that might be debatable). And like most people, he even doesn't agree with her actions. She may be allies with his army, but she isn't allies with the collaborator himself.
  • Has made deals with Albert Wesker to give aid in controlling humanity using the T-Virus. While he has accepted the offer, Breen has to keep an eye out for him, since he's pretty clear that Wesker will take over the Combine and use them for COMPLETE. GLOBAL. SATURATION!
    • The entirety of XCOM hold immense contempt for Breen, seeing him as a reminder of ADVENT and EXALTED, two human groups working for the aliens. Breen said that he is different from those two groups because he isn't joining for their own selfish ways, but rather save humanity, but that doesn't excuse him from implementing harsh ways to save them. Let's just say that XCOM will be targeting Breen first.
    • And it looks like Breen has some company, Commander Farsight, Dessler and Okita have also placed him as his enemy, with the former targeting the Imperium of Man, and the latter two just because he has commanded hostile aliens.
  • For someone who installed the Suppresion Field just to halt human reproduction, this insulted a huge majority of the House of Family. Many deities especially from the Children subhouse are offended for his objective even with this reasons.
  • Has made some collaborative meetings with Frieza and Boros just to strengthen the Combine's army power. This has gotten Goku and Saitama's attention rather fast.
    • Cooler on the other hand, while recruited into Combine ranks, opposes Breen for, well bringing his brother. After all, Frieza still hates his brother.
    • Commonalities aside, he and Lex Luthor got on good terms surpirsingly. He's even more impressed that Luthor was able to make a simple deal with Zod without damaging the Earth.
  • Unfortunately, Breen's time has been cut short, especially with the ascension of The Vortiguants. While he is ordering to capture some for testing, it will be only a matter of time before he realizes the Vorts' true potential.

    The Combine 
The Combine, The Sufficiently Advanced Alien Race/Army (Our Benefactors, the Universal Union, Combine Overwatch, CMB)
  • Estimate reports suggest Demideities (for individual troops) to Lesser Deities (for synths, drones and squads). However, as an entire army enslaved with multiple races, they are Greater Armies as a whole.
  • Symbol: The Union's "clamp", as shown. (Shared with Breen)
  • Theme Song: Combine Harvester
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens Are Bastards, Synths, Authority Equals Asskicking, Ended Earth's Forces Under 7 Hours, Surprisingly Smart, A Damn Powerful Army, Wants More Than One Universe, Fascist, but Inefficient, Forgot To Invest For Portals, Greater-Scope Villain, Multiversal Conqueror, The Juggernauts
  • Domains: Armies, Aliens, Technology
  • Species Who Follow: The Covenant, The Chimera, The Eldar, The Xel'naga, The Reapers
  • "Superior": Doctor Breen
  • Allies/Tools: Ragyo Kiryuin, Albert Wesker, Zinyak
  • Species as Weapons: The Headcrabs
  • Enemies: Almost everyone is enemies of the Combine, considering how they treat humans as a whole. (well except for Breen, that is)
  • Extreme Rivalries with: The 501st Legion, Sarah Kerrigan, The Daleks (and their Emperor), The Anti-Spiral, Emperor Palpatine
  • Interested in: Chell, Frieza, Cooler, Boros
  • When Breen ascended into Pantheon proper, he was given a criteria to follow: bring his collaborated army to qualify for the position of "The Quisling". The Combine, who were preparing the invasion of Earth (again) attempted to use the portal made by the citadel. It was thwarted, but not before the portal ended up appearing in the Pantheon instead. Now that Breen's army has arrived, this has given him a seat in the Pantheon along with the Combine with his command.
    • It was also found out that they are "followers" of Master Chief, considering how similar they are in terms of troop power. They would have gone smoothly, if Chief wasn't antagonized by them since the Covenant are one of the species that are following the Combine. Unless they are combating the Flood that is.
  • The composition of the Combine army consists of many, and we mean many species of other worlds. Synths are basically the species they captured but genetically modified with technology to retain control. These can go from 3-legged tripods to squid-shaped Gunships. And that's not the worst part. They utilize all of the tech made by other species and use it on their own, which is why they have Hunter-Choppers.
    • Of all the things that they can do to humans is completely torture them, either raiding them or imprisoning them to Nova Prospekt. And if you are a resistance member, be ready to withstand huge amounts of Genetical Murder and Brainwashing. Good luck remembering your memories while being a Combine Soldier.
    • They also have "Advisors", somewhat centipede-like floaties with some sort of leadership even bigger than Breen himself. While these things look weak, in actuality they are psychic powers, capable of breaking your mind, literally. Eli Vance learned it the hard way, which still haunts Freeman's memory until today.
  • With Breen's temple being built (which is actually a Citadel), Metro-Cops have started surrounding the place. They are also in charge of the Pantheon's Train Station security, in which they'll punish law-breakers, unfair station employees and trash throwers. Of course, they will ask you a favor, sometimes.
  • As a powerful army who uses other species to gain them ranks for domination, they will use everything they have in order to acquire the planet/species/resources for the empire. Unfortunately, most of these events ends up dead for the enemies of the Combine, which results in acquiring of the planet/stealing resources/getting all the species and turn them into armies.
    • This is actually why the Combine are heavily feared. Sheer numbers followed by State-of-the-Art technology is what make up the Combine Empire. Even worse, since many armies are present in the Pantheon, this would cause an extreme amount of wars, and these will be bloody. Just look at the 7 HOUR WAR. Reports have stated that they have targetted 3 Armies, The Imperium of Man, The Daleks and The Sith (including the 501st Legion).
    • However, the Zerg entered the list when they discovered some ideals of them are identically the same, such as the threat of sheer numbers and utilization of other species. Kerrigan however, expressed that she does not want the Zerg to be part as she knows that she and her kind won't survive a bit if they are to fight a Multiversal Conqueror, who, as an army, just conquered universes.
    • Speaking of StarCraft, Artanis, Zeratul and Tassadar are watching out for the Combine as they also are targeted by the Union. It even got worse when they noticed how vile they are by using the species they conquered as soldiers or slaves. This did not sit well for the trio. Oh, and to make it worse, the Xel'naga are their following species.
    • And this is why XCOM became the Combine's persistent threat. Even with few numbers and technology, they still have a chance to go head-to-head with them thanks to the research efforts made by Dr. Vahlen. However, they still do not know about the Advisors.
    • Even as conquerors, Laharl and Chou-Chou, are disgusted at the Combine's motivation. The latter even pointed out that they are somehow "greedy" with their content of multiverses.
  • While Ragyo failed to impress Breen, she did manage to become an ally to the Overwatch. She may have support, but she doesn't know that the Combine are going to use her just for the Life Fibers. She may not know, but Breen has everything under his control.
    • This is also the same situation with Albert Wesker. He may be glad that he is working with the Combine for chemical reasons, but that doesn't mean they are full-fledged allies.
  • Much like who they fought in their worlds, Serious Sam and Duke Nukem heavily wants the Combine OUT because they know the Combine is much worse. Commander Shepard, however, is forming all his/her crew for a battle that might cost more than just a group, but Humanity as a whole. Especially now that the Reapers have become followers of the Combine. However, some of these Reapers turn out to be allies, having come from the Synthesis or Control ending timelines, and will assist Shepard.
    • Commander Farsight, Dessler and Juzo Okita have also created a Crusade against the Union menace. Breen is now preparing for a full-scale war with the trio.
  • Due to their extensive search for the Borealis, they have placed interest towards Chell for her portal gun. She isn't willing to give to them the gun, which might trigger a forced capture instead.
    • The Combine have also started making "collaborations" with 3 other conquerors, namely Boros, Frieza, and Cooler. No one knows how they got into each other, but it might be said that Breen was pulling the strings just for this to happen.
  • Somehow, the Combine's presence has made HYDRA and SHOCKER to team up with even the Toku Heroes as a sign of the Combine's sheer danger factors. So far, many have agreed to team up, if the Combine will start engaging the Gods of the Pantheon as a whole.
    • The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, however, has made early plans against the Combine's attack, allowing them to prepare. The only thing her fears is that the Combine might lead a pathway for Zinyak. Sadly, it already happened and Zinyak has been working on an Alliance with the Combine to ensure the Saints' suffering.
  • Amidst all the production and planning times, the Combine suffered a major electric blackout for 4 weeks straight without reason. Turns out, the Vortiguants have ascended just in the nick of time to assist the One Free Man. This, along with the major enemies of the Combine have made the alien menace call for more reinforcements. Time will tell if the Seven Hour War will be replicated once again.

The Deus Ex Conspiracy Table

    JC Denton 
JC Denton, God of Nano Augs

    Adam Jensen 
Adam Jensen, God of Men Rebuilt as Cyborgs (Chrome Boy, Robot, Spy Boy, Detective Sergeant Jensen, Frankenstein's Monster, Alif)

    Frank Pritchard 
Francis "Frank" Pritchard, God of Long-Distance Communications (Pritchard, Nucl3arsnake)

Bioshock Cage

    Jack (BioShock
Jack Ryan, God of Trigger Phrases (Jack Wynand, The Ace in the Hole)

    Andrew Ryan 
"I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question."

Andrew Ryan, God of Becoming One's Own Antithesis (Andrei Ryanovski, Andy, White King)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The slogan "No Gods or Kings. Only Man."
  • Theme Song: The Ocean on His Shoulders
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (probably used to be Chaotic Neutral), presently teeters between both alignments
  • Portfolio: Became Their Own Antithesis, Founding His Own Society In Response To His Disgust Of The other Ones, Affably Evil, Badass Mustache, Wicked Cultured, Can't Take Criticism, Control Freak, Didn't Think This Through, Emperor Scientist, Hoist by His Own Petard, Mr. Alt Disney, Never My Fault, Cutscene Boss, Suicide by Cop
  • Domain(s): Objectivism (failed), Underwater Cities, Hypocrisy
  • Sacred Dominion: Rapture
  • Allies: None so far, save perhaps the Mysterious Backer who petitioned his ascension and wished to see Rapture flourish once more
  • Rivals: Robert Edwin House
  • Enemies: Jack Ryan (his son), Sofia Lamb (former employee), Subject Delta, Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth, the R. Luteces, Black Manta, Jack (Mass Effect), Razputin Aquato, SHeev Palpatine, Isaac Westcott, Teridax
  • Opposes: All forms of socialism, collectivism, communism, constraints by religion, and the poor, Theodore Roosevelt, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, atomic weapons, Yamato Hotsuin's, Lex Luthor
  • Opposed By: Walt Disney, Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson, the Federation Captains, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Douglas Quaid, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Arthur Maxson
  • Andrew Ryan was the creator and ruler of Rapture. Born Andrei Ryanovski in Soviet Russia, he emigrated to America at a young age, eventually becoming one the country's richest and most powerful industrialists. However, he became increasingly disillusioned with the U.S. after the enactment of FDR's social policies, which reminded him of the country he had fled. The dropping of the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the last straw since Ryan saw them as the corruption of science and industry into making a weapon that allowed "parasites" to destroy what they couldn't seize. Wishing to flee said "parasites" and fearing all out nuclear war, Ryan created Rapture so that he and what he saw as the best examples of mankind could live in peace.
    • However, despite initially following Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, he's eventually turned against everything his dream stood for. In response to Frank Fontaine's business empire, he used state power to absorb it instead, thus becoming the "Big Government" he founded Rapture to get away from. In response to Anna Culpepper writing songs critical of Ryan's regime, he ordered her death, becoming the censor artists were not supposed to fear in Rapture. By using pheromones to control his loyalists' minds, Ryan removed the self determination he once considered sacred. He opposed the mad science in Rapture, despite believing that the scientist should not be constrained by "petty" morality. Lastly, despite being an atheist, several institutions have Religious and Mythological Theme Naming.
    • That said, from A Certain Point of View, if one considers the very likely idea that he's taken Objectivism to its logical if excessive conclusion, he did everything for his own benefit. Add in the point of altruism being considered anathema to personal self-interest and the emphasis on "looking out for number one," it likely that Rapture wasn't meant to be a charitable refuge for the world's elite. In other words, he is—or rather was—Rapture and that all that mattered to him was himself, arguably the one thing he wasn't hypocritical about to the end. Everyone else in the city was simply invited to try their luck in his glorified playpen.
  • Some time after his being golf clubbed to death by his son Jack Ryan, Andrew found himself before the Court of the Gods after an unspecified deity petitioned for his ascension. He was initially displeased after their sales pitch, though it was less of his position and more on godhood as a whole, given that he's an atheist, but the Court pointed out that godhood in the Pantheon is less a in literal sense of that word and more of a real estate paper to own their own place in here.
  • Also, after grilling him ruthlessly of his failures (at the behest of an anonymous deity who vouched for Andrew's ascension in the first place), the Court offered to help in rebuilding Rapture (some people are actually interested in an Objectivist-following society and wish to see how it will work out, and even marvel by how socially progressive it was at the time). There will be a few caveats, though, as well as advantages. Which he was forced to accept to avoid the coup of Frank Fontaine that eventually brought the whole city to ruin, not helped by Andrew's paranoia:
    1. There will be trading to and from Rapture, so as to maintain a balanced supply and demand and decrease incentive for contraband.
    2. People are allowed to leave or enter as they please so long as they follow Rapture's creed while inside the city. It's not like his city is a secret anymore, so there's no point in enforcing Resignations Not Accepted.
    3. Any who have issues with Rapture's vision will still have to behave themselves while inside, and any who cause trouble in it will be evicted. Invaders, such as the pirate Black Manta, will be similarly fended off.
    4. To prevent the resentment that resulted in Rapture's eventual downfall, the city's (basic) food, health care, sanitation and oxygen supply are not to be exorbitantly charged (cuisines being exempt from this policy), with the last being free and supplied by outside sources. The former three are to be under control by publicly funded social programs, since they're pivotal to Rapture's stability. After all, Rapture still needs blue-collar workers to "clean the toilets" and such.
    5. Rapture will be rebuilt with better materials (for one, not using aluminum frames as it is a lot weaker than steel when it comes to handling stress, which especially applies when underwater), though aesthetics will remain under Andrew's discretion.
    6. Andrew has the right to evict and ban "parasites" from Rapture, but the Court will determine the duration of the ban and whether or not it's indefinite.
    7. No Mad Scientist in Rapture is permitted to use sapient beings as test subjects, since—ethics aside—that would invalidate Andrew's creed.
  • Andrew doesn't really spend time in his temple, which is mostly a portal gateway to the bathysphere port that takes people to Rapture, as well as a screen that serves as a means of communicating with Andrew directly from his office.
  • Being partially responsible for Elizabeth's death in his city, she and Booker naturally oppose him.
  • As for his son Jack Ryan, he has no choice but to acknowledge that he's well on his way to becoming a man and not as slave as he either took Splicers with him to the surface and launched a nuke, or fled to the surface with seven rescued Little Sisters and lived a long and fulfilling life with them. In any case, Jack wants nothing more to do with Andrew.
  • Given his life experiences, he's remaining a neutral party in regards to the Pantheonic Wars.
    • Being an atheist as well as scorning all forms of favoring the common folk and having specifically founded Rapture to escape the big governments, he's definitely not allied with the GUAG or GUAL. He also sees YHVH as everything wrong with religion worship controlling the masses.
    • Rapture would doubtless be screwed over should the GUAE or GUAD win. He will not allow tyranny or oblivion to end this dream of his.
    • Despite being the closest to his alignment and most tolerant of his vision, the fact that the GUAC also values strength and power leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth, since Rapture is mostly comprised of artists and scientists. Unless he can find someone in there capable of and willing to protect Rapture...
    • What he perceives as limited creativity from machines means he won't back the GUAM either.
  • Because of the Russian Revolution, which eventually brought the Bolsheviks into power, destroyed his family's business and got his aunt and uncle killed for opposing the communist regime, he doesn't have any favorable opinions for those who come from there, even if he was born there.
  • Considered Roosevelt and his "New Dealers" to be "spoon-feeding" Americans on the "Bolshevik Poison", and considers "parasites" those who benefit undeservedly from others. Roosevelt's social programs has the intention of restoring hope and an economic engine devastated by the unfettered excesses of men like Andrew Ryan, so that's understandable.
  • Nukes had been the tipping point for him before he decided to strike out on his own, so he loathes those who would employ such methods or use such weapons no matter their reason.
  • In hindsight, hiring Sofia Lamb to meet the demand of a psychologist in Rapture proved to be a mistake, as her personal philosophy and background ran entirely opposed to his own. The Court has provided substitutes who would prove better and would not incite a revolution.
  • Commander Shepard and the deified Federation Captains (Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Archer) oppose Rapture's ideals, the latter three due to Rapture's ideals being a perversion of those presented by the Federation. Shepherd sees Rapture as no different than Cerberus, and so does Miranda. Jack the biotic attempted to smuggle herself in once, but after last time, before Andrew's ascension and Rapture's revamp, she's been discovered and forcibly evicted.
  • When it comes to other philosophies...
    • Even if it's a philosophy unbound by tradition and morality, Yamato's meritocracy has its own constraint that Andrew can't tolerate; the need to be productive, or else be cast out.
    • Having been compared to Cerberus by Shepard and Miranda, Andrew is barely on speaking terms with the Illusive Man. While both are unconstrained by morality and work to make advancements, Andrew's distaste comes from the fact that TIM has "selfless" motivations, and while it's true that he's yet to get any actual extraterrestrials to join Rapture so far, Cerberus would oppose his city should that happen.
  • Lex Luthor, Darth Sidious, Makuta Teridax and Isaac Westcott think Andrew lacks true ambition, as the power he seeks is ultimately irrelevant in a world of gods and magic. He in return despises the latter three since Rapture won't survive under their victory, and is disappointed with the former for utilizing his advancements just for stopping Superman when he could do much more with it.
  • Robert House is his chief business rival, yet both share a mutual respect, due to the both of then coming from Rags to Riches. Ironically, one scenario regarding House's mortal demise involves The Courier braining Mr. House with a golf club, just like Andrew.
  • Is displeased with Brentalfloss's pitch of his city. This rapper, on the other hand, less so, even if he tries to imitate his voice. It can also serve as a good sales pitch for Rapture.
    • That said, being from a time long before rap was even a concept, he is utterly confused by this style of music.
    Ryan: Is this truly what the modern youth respond to...?
  • The Mob tweaked his slogan for one of their adventures when they were (at the time) opposing Lord Helix. Andrew isn't amused.
  • The Institute is interested in expanding their operations to Rapture, seeing as how their goals coincide with his own. But Andrew is put off by the Insitute's M.O. of killing and replacing humans with Synths.
  • Gets some ire from the House of Nature for the time he burnt down a forest (admittedly in his own property) in response to the government trying to claim it as a park, and again when he deprived Rapture's oxygen supply just to keep Jack Ryan from reaching him by torching the gardens.
  • Because of it being essentially a pro-capitalist utopia (on the surface that is), Andrew simultaneously respects and envies the Holy City on the Water, Asterisk, for its economic prosperity and technologic achievements.
  • To Raz, Andrew sounds too much like his father, whom he had spent much of his time getting away from and eventually reconciling with.
  • After having been given an outsider's perspective of her world's events and its characters, Spinnerette has noted Andrew's Objectivism goals, and that her city's villain Dr. Universe follows the same principle. And might probably do a lot better there than Andrew would.
  • "A man chooses, a slave obeys."

    Subject Delta 
Subject Delta, God of Super Prototypes (Tin Daddy, Father, Johnny Topside)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The symbol "Delta" on the hand of a diving suit
  • Theme Songs: Pair Bond
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Can go into Chaotic Good at times)
  • Portfolio: Big Daddy, The Prototype Big Daddy, Can't Go on without Eleanor, Made of Iron, Tearing Through Half of Rapture to Save Eleanor, Heroic Mime, This Is a Drill.
  • Domain: Prototypes, Papa Wolf, Big Daddies
  • Herald: Eleanor Lamb (His daughter/Little Sister)
  • Allies: Jack, Asura, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, Homura Akemi, Wreck-It Ralph, Raiden, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Satoko Houjou, Proto Man, The Tenno, most good gods in the House of Family
  • Rivals: Sackboy (oddly enough)
  • Enemies: Sofia Lamb, Lady Tremaine, Most evil gods in the house of Family, Kyubey, Ragyo Kiryuuin, The evil queen, Diabolus ex Machina
  • There was a story once of Bryan Mills and his follower that launched a campaign against Sofia Lamb to try and rescue Eleanor. It succeeded but at the cost of Subject Delta's life. However Eleanor and some of the other Papa Wolf gods managed to revive him using a vita-chamber so she could be with him again.
    • He was officially Deified when the court saw his record as the Prototype Big Daddy and the fact that he fought off half of rapture to save Eleanor.
      • Despite the fact that Eleanor hasn't found a place in the Pantheon, she can still be summoned by Delta with a unique plasmid in his arsenal. So in short, she can stay in the Pantheon whenever he summons her and to help unleash the powers of a big sister to any enemies in the area.
  • Gets along well with most kids in the Pantheon (except the evil ones) and would protect them with the same ferocity as he would with a little sister. This has earned him the respect of several papa wolves in the pantheon
  • Kyubey once attempted to make a contract with a little sister under his care. After getting burnt, electrocuted, frozen and smashed, stung to death by a swarm of killer bees, blown to bits with a grenade launcher, skewered with a spear gun, Shot with a rivet gun, Shot with a Double-Barrel shotgun, Shot with a .50 machine gun, drilled to death by Delta's drill, and stepped on by Delta, Kyubey has since given up and decided not to try and make a contract with any girl under his care.
  • Became allies with Asura after the god of anger himself saw how dedicated he was to save Eleanor and the little sisters, whilst at the same time tearing through half of Rapture while doing so. He has even trusted Delta with looking after Mithra when he is busy.
  • Teppei Houjou once tried to take a little sister under his care so he could try and make plasmids for himself. It ended with Teppei finding a new basketball sized hole drilled through his chest. This has earned him the love and respect from Satoko Houjou.
  • He is good friends with Wreck-It Ralph, due to their Papa Wolf tendencies. Delta even babysits the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Vanellope Von Schweetz on their play dates if Ralph is ever to busy to do so. The former caused concern for the Crusaders "self-proclaimed vampire wrestler babysitters" Gangrel and Luna Vachon (particularly the former) until the Crusaders decided to hug Subject Delta and tell him stories of their adventures. Many gods know not to laugh at the idea of a Big Daddy playing with a bunch of ponies, and Gangrel has softened up at the idea of Subject Delta being there to keep an eye on the trio if things got out of hand.
  • Has a rivalry with Sackboy due to the latter having fought a Big Daddy before in Polygon man's Battle Royale, mostly due to how Sackboy was able to win the affections of his Little Sister through games. The feeling is mutual.
  • Hates Lady Tremaine, The Evil Queen, and Ragyo Kiryuuin as they happen to remind him of Sofia Lamb. Other papa wolves have agreed to aid him and Eleanor their endeavor to defeat them.
    • Has also become enemies with Diabolus ex Machina after finding out what happened to Mark Meltzer. To this day, Delta and Eleanor are preparing an attempt to rescue him from the Dark Curtain (with some help from Deus Ex Machina)
  • Is trying to discover if Elizabeth's presence is preventing Eleanor's ascension. Since it's possible that Eleanor and Elizabeth are the same person, albeit in different quantum states. Since Elizabeth's last encounter with a Big Daddy went very poorly, the Booker and Elizabeth have tried to steer clear of Delta, making any effort to answer the question very difficult.
    • Delta did once try to summon Eleanor while he was in the same room as Elizabeth. The plasmid failed to work.
  • From hearing what the true nature of how the Warframes were created and how they were able to overcome their horrific conditioning. Subject Delta related with the Warframes and Operators' kinship with each other likened to his bond with Eleanor.

    Dr. Sofia Lamb 
Dr. Sofia Lamb, Goddess of Evil Mothers (Head of the Rapture Family, Dr. Lamb)

    Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth 
Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth Comstock, Co-deities of Action Duos (Booker: Zachary Hale Comstock | Elizabeth: Anna Dewitt)
  • Intermediate Deities (both) though Elizabeth would reach Overdeity level should the Siphon be destroyed
  • Symbol: the 'AD' mark on Booker's right hand (Booker, natch) a thimble on a shortened pinky (Elizabeth)
  • Theme Songs: Beast and Will the Circle Be Unbroken for Booker and Elizabeth respectively
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Booker: Guilt, atonement, cynicism, determination, fatherhood.
    • Elizabeth: Innocence, friendliness, helpfulness, freedom.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Booker and Elizabeth tend to spend most of their time exploring every inch of the Pantheon - looking around for supplies, taking in the sights they see, and mopping the floor with any mooks or assorted baddies that attack them. They do this to the point where they're almost never seen in their temple.
  • Whenever they're in the House of Food, Booker frequently picks up and eats any food left unattended regardless of where it's been, to the point where some of the gods wonder if he has an appetite on par with Kirby since he's never shown any sign of getting full or sick (or even gaining weight for that matter).
  • Booker also has a knack for finding (and then surreptitiously taking) food in the most unlikely of places, be it an orange in a toolbox, a potato in a bathroom, or even a candy bar in a trash can. He never explains the motive behind these odd actions, and whenever Elizabeth sees him do this, she just playfully snarks:
    Elizabeth: Well, we're the well-to-do types.
  • Whenever Booker And Elizabeth visit the Houses of Magic or Knowledge, Elizabeth ends up chatting with Twilight Sparkle. The two of them usually end up talking about certain books they've read or their powerful abilities (Elizabeth's Tear Powers and Twilight's magic, respectively).
  • Some of the gods have noted that Elizabeth has some strong similarities to the Disney Princesses in the Pantheon, both in terms of personality and appearance (also in how she moves). And while Elizabeth gets along greatly with the good-aligned princesses in the Pantheon, she's somewhat uncomfortable with being called a princess herself due to her origins.
  • Booker has been seen around Jack Ryan a few times, though no one's sure about what connection they have.
    • After Elizabeth's involvement with Rapture was declassified, Jack found Elizabeth, looked at her a few seconds, then hugged her and thanked her with tears in his eyes for allowing him to defeat Atlas and save all the little sisters, even though she died to make sure it happened that way. Booker and Elizabeth have been seen hanging around Jack regularly after that.
  • Booker also gets along well with Sol Badguy, especially considering that both have a lot in common with each other.
  • For some weird reason, Booker is immune to the effects of Excalibur.
  • Booker has shown to have something of a serious Berserk Button toward any of the abusive or neglectful parents in the Pantheon. This became clear to the rest of the Pantheon when Booker encountered Peter Griffin just after finding out what he did to Meg. Booker's reaction to seeing Peter was that he first unleashed a swarm of crows to rip at Peter's flesh, then Booker started smacking at Peter with his Skyhook in the sort of righteous, frothing rage that would make Asura and the Hulk proud to see.
    Booker: (To Peter, about Meg) She's your daughter you son of a bitch! And you ABANDONED her! Was it worth it?! Did you get what you wanted?! Tell me! TELL ME!!
    • And the Aftermath? There was much applause from the witnessing gods, the duo got on friendly terms with Meg, and Peter's been keeping his distance from the man with the spinny hook thing ever since.
  • He also hates the Ayasaki Parents and Teppei Houjou even more. As a matter of fact, in one timeline, Booker fired every single vigor at Teppei after hearing that he murdered Rika. As for the Ayasaki parents, a rumor is circulating across the Pantheon that they're not even Hayate's real parents but rather spawns of Yuuki Terumi made to ruin people's lives for lulz. This has caused Booker to place Terumi on his shit list and declare a manhunt on him, with Ragna and Kenshiro joining in. However, it ended when Hakumen killed Terumi, although Booker and Kenshiro did thank him for hunting him down for good.
  • The duo once visited the House of Music and, out of the blue, Booker sat down, played a guitar, and Elizabeth sang this.
  • A good way to get on Booker's bad side is to call him "Comstock".
  • Booker has also gained good friendship with Cole Macgrath as they both know what it is like to face a megalomaniacal enemy doing things for the greater good, and those villains turning out to be an alternate version of themselves.
  • Elizabeth was surprised that President Funny Valentine offered to help with her powers as he believed it to be similar to his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Elizabeth was unable to really answer due to Valentine confusing Booker for Comstock and starting a huge fight between Booker and Valentine. Though he has claimed that the offer still stands.
  • There's a small school of thought that believes that Elizabeth is the reason Eleanor Lamb cannot ascend. It isn't because Elizabeth wants to keep Eleanor away, but rather because Elizabeth may BE Eleanor. Kind of. Quantum physics are involved, and the Luteces are unhelpful in their explanations. The two girls have attempted to meet, to try and sort this out, on several occasions. However, every time there's always some event that occurs that prevents the two girls from being in the same place at the same time. Naturally, that only further fuels the speculation.

Aperture Science Rework Center

The Terminator Time Paradox

Others (unsorted)

    The PAYDAY Gang 

Alright, who's-

It's Payday, fellas!

The PAYDAY GangMembers , Divine Masters of the The Caper (Dallas: Nathan Steele, The Mastermind, Chains: Nicholas, The Enforcer, Wolf: The Technician, Houston: The Ghost, Hoxton: James Hoxworth, The Fugitive)
Clockwise from top left: Dallas, Wolf, Chains, Houston, John Wick, Hoxton, Clover, Jimmy, Bodhi, Jiro, Sokol, Bonnie, Jacket, Dragan

    Alton Brown 
Alton Brown, God of Cooking Shows
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A yeast sock puppet, A food rack with a ladle, two spatula and an axe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good -> Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Making Learning About Cooking Fun, Being Memetically Awesome
  • Domains: Charm, Crafts, Gluttony
  • Allies: Takeshi Kaga
  • Refuses to use anything in the great kitchen that does not have more than one use. Except the fire extinguisher.
    • However, as of 2010, he's so awesome he made even that work.
    • At the same time, however, he declared that not even that tool is allowed to be a unitasker due to its failure to do it's one job when he needed it
  • Has written many books regarding different types of ingredients in the House of Knowledge. Also has documented many of the strange types of foods brought in on a daily basis.
  • He's recently hosted his own Cooking melee consists of various chefs amongst the pantheon. However these aren't your ordinary cooking contest as he tends to have an Auction of Evil in which the contestants can sabotage each other much to Alton's delight.

    Duke Nukem 
Duke Nukem, The God Saved from Development Hell

    Rework: Alex Mercer 
Alexander J. Mercer, God of Psycho Prototypes (ZEUS)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A featureless icon of his face, depicting only his hood, his eyes, and the collar of his shirt.
  • Theme Song: Alex's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral for Virus!Alex, falling into Chaotic Evil for Real!Alex, turns Chaotic Evil in the sequel
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruisers, Nigh-Invulnerability, Very Technically Heroic Sociopaths, Nightmare Fuel, Eating People And Gaining Their Knowlege, Lovecraftian Superpowers, Shapeshifter Hammerspace, Being The Virus, Phlebotinum Rebels, Voluntary Shapeshifters, Knight Templar Big Brothers
  • Domains: War, Death, Destruction, Revenge
  • Followers: Hidan, Valentine Romanov, Genesis Raphsodos
  • Unwitting Pawn to: Pestilence the Horseman
  • "Allies" (or those who think they are allies with him): Mana Ouma, Albert Wesker, Shiro Tagachi, The Gravemind, William Birkin/"G"
  • Rivals: Cole MacGrath, Molly Hayes, Alma Wade
  • Enemies: EVERYONE in the Pantheon can be his target, especially Human deities.
  • Opposed by: Hell, anyone who opposes him directly goes to his enemies list, but Ken Kaneki and Eren Yeager are the most notable mentions. Labrys, Asura and the real Zeus may also count.
  • Commonality Connection with: Ermac
  • Annoyed with: Faster deities who can outrun him.
  • Pitied by: Mithra
  • When Pestilence the Horseman wanted to acquire the Viruses of fiction and place it in his collection at the Pantheon (and splice it for better results), he had the idea of including Umbrella's Viruses, Hinamizawa Syndrome, and lastly, the Blacklight Virus merged along with the Croatoan Virus to spread the most dangerous disease around the Pantheon. While he got the first two easily with the help of Albert Wesker and his other allies, the acquiring of the Blacklight Virus was a very long story he wished should never be reminded about.
    • The "long story" of acquiring said virus actually was hard for him, not because of the virus itself, but the fact that when he got the sample, he was chased by an "unknown entity" of various powers. When he reached the Pantheon, the entity itself caused a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Horseman and ended up ripping him apart. The entity, who was revealed as a progenitor of the virus decided to return back to its realm but Pestilence, as a last act of "kindness" bargained him a position in the Pantheon in exchange for the virus itself. In other words, Pestilence indirectly brought Alex Mercer into Pantheon proper.
  • Many human deities were dreadfully horrified when they heard of his ascension. Almost everyone was told about his tale even before his ascension and even then, no one wanted him to ascend so badly due to well, his powers. To say that everyone was scared as hell is actually an understatement.
    • Demigods, Quasideities and Lesser Gods are warned NEVER to have an encounter with Alex, unless you are Molly Hayes, who can somehow go toe to toe with him. Others who are on any of those levels are told to stay away from him because once he absorbs them, he will utilize their strengths (even if you are weak, his virus will find the inner strength of it) and intelligence to the point where he can have Einstein-like intelligence. It doesn't help that his power feeds on organic matter, which unfortunately is the majority of the entire Pantheon.
    • While he can overpower most Intermediate Gods, there are just some who are too skilled that they can escape without suffering an inch. The Soldier and Demoman just proved how skilled they were by using their rocket-jumping and sticky-jumping skills to escape Alex. He's pretty much infuriated about this.
    • The House of Mentalism has seen some odd strings going on at Alex's body. It turns out, the "ruthless" Alex is actually the real Alex Mercer (who was dead the whole time), a person who is willing to end the human race and replace it with his kind. The other personality is the Blacklight Virus, the one that utilizes Mercer's likeness as his default appearance. After all, Mercer's body to be the closest thing to a real face and form for the virus. At least it has a sentient mind unlike the real one.
    • Luckily, with more research, there are weaknesses to Mercer's mutant abilities. This includes, Magic, Kratos and Spawn. Kratos is the best one especially since the Blade of Olympus is a lethal counter weapon to the Prototype himself.
  • There was a one-time event where Yahtzee had somehow made a scenario where he and Cole ended up wearing bras while in close proximity to unicorns. It was an event everyone wished to forget, especially Mercer, who now has the voices of a million dead men on his brain laughing at him.
    • Speaking of people inside his brain, Ermac has seen Alex's mind and has admitted that for someone who just started becoming different, he has rivaled him in terms of consciences in their brains. Ermac might see him as a threat though since his powers allows him to not only consume him but including the souls trapped inside of him.
  • He may have allies, but in actuality, he doesn't see them worthy of the Blacklight Virus and only sees them as minor nuisances. Many gods have pointed that he might consume them at any point. It doesn't help that Alex has a catalog of his reactions (or plans) towards these deities, each with specified transformation plans:
  • Labrys dreads him so much, as a person who wants to kill off the human race and replace it with Evolved, he has seen how Shadow Labrys work and is interested to use said form to further end his goal. Even worse since the same form can't greatly harm Alex. In fact, he wants her to "accept" her true form, of course this only goes to the real Alex Mercer, not the virus personality itself.
    Alex: No more hiding. Its time for you to embrace your true self. It is your only gift. Embrace it.
  • He might be the most powerful deity of the sub-house itself, but many of the other deities are opposing his position given how his attitude is. He hates Ken Kaneki particularly for not only attempting to protect humanity despite being a ghoul, he still doesn't want to embrace his ghoul self. He calls him a "complete disgrace" to the world he is going to create.
    Alex: You think you will live like that? Why are there people, like you, who still does not want to accept your own inner monster? Are you scared? Delusional? Infuriated? If that is the case, let me show you how a real monster works.
    • After a brutal fight took place, not only was Ken badly injured, Alex almost absorbed three-fourths of his body and even gloated on his corpse. This has gotten him the ire of Eren Yeager, who feels the same pain as the former. Eren, who was very pissed at Alex's actions decided to go full Titan mode and storm against his temple. The result: Alex still won and tossed his Titan body while shouting this:
    • As of recent, his power has been decreased heavily thanks to Discord, who is the other most powerful deity of the House of Otherness. Discord, who is a friend of Fluttershy, was given permission by her since she no longer considers Alex as a living thing. The Spirit of Chaos was proud enough to do the deed. You know you're a really despicable thing when Fluttershy doesn't even regard you as living anymore.
  • Absolutely HATES Rick Taylor, for one of his followers being the same person who killed him at the grand finale. This news wasn't taken lightly by the Terror Mask, who sees Mercer as a "larger threat than anything he has faced".
    • Master Chief, Isaac Clarke, Commander Shepard, The Doomguy and Serious Sam are currently placing him on their shitlist for fulfilling their criteria of "evil aliens". Isaac, in particular, is disgusted at how he was a "person" before, but changed and decided that the human race should be replaced with his Evolved. Pretty much that his personality already gave him a headache about Jacob Danik. Alex, interested in Isaac's intelligence about the Necromorphs decided to give him a brawl. Let's just say that Isaac lost an arm while fighting him.
      • For Master Chief, it has become more personal since his "allies" is The Gravemind. The only that's bothering him is that he might absorb the Gravemind and utilize the Flood as a source of his Evolved. He's now calling everyone on the House of War to prepare if the scenario will happen. Even worse, since he knows his relation with Homura Akemi, he might as well kill Chief and take advantage of Homura's power when he kills her.
  • When Cole MacGrath ascended into the pantheon, they have been attempting to settle their rivalry. However, their fights keep getting interrupted by waves of enemies. The two soon begrudgingly moved on after they discovered they would never finish the battle they started.
    • However, he has gotten sick of calling him "rivals" and as a warm-up, decided to clash on him unexpectedly, by barging on his temple and beating him up. It took the powers of Thor, Ragnaros, and even Aang just to at least kick him out. He's now glad that Cole got what he did not expect.
    • When he met Kessler, he immediately thought that Cole wanted a rematch. Despite both sides having formidable powers, it was a tie. After the incident, Kessler has seen some interest with him and has speculated what would happen if he merges with Cole, though that won't happen since Alex greatly antagonizes Cole. It also has been rumored that Kessler might be one of the people who knew Alex's change of personality for the worse.
  • Despite many people avoiding him, Mithra, however, pities him for hearing how he got the virus in the first place. Virus!Alex, on the other hand, has seen some similarities of her with his sister, Dana Mercer. This actually became his first Pet the Dog moment and sees her as someone to protect with and somewhat of a Berserk Button if anyone tries to hurt her.
    • Asura however, DISAPPROVES of Alex's actions towards his daughter and is warned that he will taste the power of the Anger Incarnate if he dares to hurt her. Though he's actually surprised that he also reacts violently if Mithra is hurt, much to his dismay.
  • He might be on his own, but in actuality the deal he accepted by Pestilence actually bound him to be in control with the Horseman. When he stated that he wanted a sample of the virus, he actually meant Alex's body to be the virus sample. Now that he can control Alex at any point, he has a new solution against the Winchesters and anyone who opposes him, something that neither Alex nor other gods know, except his brothers.
  • Left the Pantheon for some time to go on a journey of self-discovery. Though he had hoped to find a way to reconnect with his humanity, these efforts were all in vain, and only served to develop and strengthen a hatred for mankind. No one knows what he's been planning since his return, but there can be little doubt that whatever it is, the human race is in for a reckoning.
  • "My name is Alex Mercer. I'm the reason for all this. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist... I'm all of these things."


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