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Future Pantheon Ideas

Ideas for deities, domains, treasures and tropes that I have not yet reserved, but may propose in the future. You are free to propose these ideas yourself if you want to.

Splitting Houses

New Ideas for Possible Future Consideration

Ideas for deities, domains, treasures and tropes that I have not yet reserved, but may propose in the future.


  • The Fool, God of Vanished Supporting Characters: One of the most classic and famous examples of this trope, to the point where many different explanations for his disappearance have been suggested by scholars of Shakespeare's work.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop, God of the Two-Cop Interrogationnote : Apart from sharing his name with the trope itself, he is an unusual case of this trope being embodied in a single character.
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  • The Imperial Watch, The Divine Implacable Law Enforcement Unit: Possibly one of the most infamous examples of this trope among the gaming community, due in no small part to the fact that they are literally willing to chase you to Hell and back in order to punish you for pilfering that plate.
  • Kingdok, God of Thoroughly Humiliated Villains: Unlike most examples where the villain gets his comeuppance in rapid succession after his final defeat, Kingdok's humiliation is a gradual, constant process that takes place over the course of the entire series. The effects of such humiliation are also explored in such a way that it's difficult not to feel at least some pity for him in the end.


Trope Titles

I do not necessarily have any deities planned for these tropes. These are simply catchy titles that can be used in the event that somebody does propose a deity for the trope, including tropes that have already been taken if anyone wants to suggest changing the title.

Possible Future Reworks

  • The Adoring Fan [trim down some redundant information; clean up relationships]
  • Edmund Blackadder [extremely short and bare-boned]
  • Metal Face [refine his profile and remove pointless stuff like the entry about his Japanese voice actor]
  • Fiora [abuse of spoiler tags]
  • Shulk [short and bare-boned]
  • Solidus Snake [short and bare-boned; I need to know the current conclusions of Raiden and the Patriots' arcs before I ask to rework this profile]
  • Zinnia [trim down some redundant information; title is unnecessarily verbose; discuss possible removal or replacement since I now consider this profile to be an Old Shame]

Future Trope Ideas

Ideas for new tropes that I may ask about in the future and then put on the Trope Launch Pad. Once again, you are free to use these ideas yourself.
  • Cannibals Are Monstrous: Where cannibals are depicted as more monstrous or bestial than other members of their species, whether or not as a direct result of their cannibalism. Not to be confused with Monstrous Cannibalism. Sub-trope of I'm a Humanitarian. Examples include:
    • Berserk: The Apostles are depicted as people who are capable of assuming a more demonic form. Most of them have a taste for human flesh and are visually unappealing even when in their usual form.
    • Dark Souls II: The Covetous Demon, a human who achieved his current, slug-like form through his excessive gluttony and now devours anyone who crosses his path.
    • Dark Souls III: Saint Aldrich, who devoured many innocent people until he became bloated and collapsed into a heap of flesh.
    • Harry Potter: Even when Fenrir Greyback is not in his werewolf form, he appears animalistic and retains his fondness for preying on people.
    • A Song of Ice and Fire: A man like Biter who has little more civility than a wicked dog and has his teeth filed into short points is going to bring woe to anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path, as the people of Saltpans can attest to.
    • Spider-Man: The Venom symbiote is sometimes depicted as compelling its host to eat people.
  • Sinful Swine: Where porcine characters are portrayed as villainous or malicious (Examples: Napoleon, Ganon, Evil Dr. Porkchop).
  • Tragic Penultimate Installment: The penultimate installment of a series is where the story hits its most hopeless point, often resulting in a Downer Ending or Ray of Hope Ending. Examples include:

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