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George Tarleton, God of Head Creatures (M.O.D.O.K, M.O.D.O.C, Mental Organism Designed Only For Computing, Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing, Mental Organism Designed Only For Conquest, M.O.D.O.K. Supreme, Mental Organism Designed Only For Trolling)


Adeleine, Goddess of Attacking with Art (Ado)


Magus, God of Barrier Change Bosses (The Fiendlord, The Prophet, Janus, Maoh, Jyaki)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe
  • Theme: Battle with Magus
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Man Behind the Monsters, making Badass Boasts, Dark Magic, Adaptive Ability (Fire, Ice, Lightning) Which He Exploits as a Boss, Climax Boss, upsetting backstory and dangerous power, ambivalence toward being a faction's leader, joining the party late in the game, Hidden Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Elemental Skills, Boss Fights, Darkness
  • Followers: The Barrier Trio, The Emperor and Empress Shadows
  • Enemies: Lavos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Robo, Ayla, Serge, just about anyone really
  • Magus ascended during his search for his lost sister, Schala. Like with the mystics, Magus decided to keep the company of the gods only as a means of furthering his goals. Magus feels that godhood may increase his chances of finding his sister.
    • Many of the warmer hearts in the House of Family were touched by this story, though Magus disregards their reactions and minds his own business.
  • He was annoyed to find that Lavos is alive in the Pantheon, and has plans to kill him. Magus has met another version of himself from another timeline, who witnessed Schala assimilate with Lavos to become the Time Devourer, and thinks that killing Lavos may be the answer.
    • With his single-minded determination to stop Lavos, Magus has paid no attention to the fact that his old foe, Frog, has ascended (though Frog was the one who hated Magus, Magus himself never cared). Magus is similarly apathetic regarding the other people who took part in the fight against Lavos, but is willing to join them when it regards keeping that beast in check.
    • Serge, who also fought Lavos, instantly got his support. Helps one of Serge's companions, the wizard Guile, might have been Magus.
  • Some folks have mistaken him for an alternate form of Android 17, though the two have little in common with each other, and don't tend to cross paths.
  • Aang was actually impressed by Magus's ability to wield multiple elements at once much in the same way he can, though lightning and fire are the same in his world, and darkness isn't one of the elements. Magus has little interest in Aang's duties, but tells him that eliminating Lavos will help bring balance, and will be ready to help him should the two come to blows.
  • Sometimes, a small, purple cat can be seen wandering Magus's temple, and following him around when he's present. Magus will not respond to any statements on the matter.
    The Starmen 
The Starmen, Divine Ambiguous Robots (Blue Starman, Last Starman, Starman Jr., Starman Super, Starman Deluxe, Ghost of Starman, Final Starman)
The many types of Starmen (Art by Doctor-G)
  • Intermediate Deities as a whole. Individually range from Lesser Deities to Intermediate Deities.
  • Symbol: Their Chest Insignias
  • Theme Songs: Battle Against a Machine, Otherworldly Foe
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Robots, Psychic Powers, Mascot Mook
  • Domains: Robots, Aliens, Organics, Mystery, Evil, Psychic Powers
  • Heralds: The rest of Giygas’ army
  • Superior: Giygas
  • Allies: Porky Minch, Junko, Lavos, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Giygas’ allies
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Daleks
  • Enemies: The Chosen Four, Lucas, The Silencerz, Galeem and Dharkon, Sans and Papyrus, Future Trunks, Madoka Kaname, The Sailor Senshi, Homura Akemi
  • Odd Relationship: The Smash Fighters
  • Confuses: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Servants of the evil Giygas, this alien race is capable of PSI powers and are his elite troops, with other members composing of UFOs, Octobots, Mooks (not like a minion variety), Barbots, R7038, Atomic Power Robots, etc. This race of aliens is currently debated whether they are robots or organic. The former says that their robotic speech suggests this. On the other hand, the Rust Promoter has no effect on them and them being capable of taking Sudden Guts Pills as well as having a member of their ranks called the Ghost of Starman, makes them an enigmatic race. These two cases both have convincing evidence.
  • Arrived to the Pantheon thanks to the aid of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. They made themselves known by launching a full-scale invasion including not only themselves, but also their heralds, which happen to be the rest of Giygas’ army. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo, who happened to remember that there was previously only one Starman in the Pantheon, proceeded to thwart the invasion with some help from other deities, but thanks to Nekron, it’s unlikely that they will be going away for a while.
  • As they don’t really have a temple, the Starmen are really hard to keep track of. Sometimes they take over the temples of others to aid Giygas and even recreated Stonehenge Base in the Pantheon at one point. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo put a stop to this, but still, it’s impressive that they can accomplish these things considering the amount of beings in the Pantheon that happen to be far stronger then they are.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Machines have been having trouble figuring out just what exactly these aliens are. Like the rest of the Pantheon, they actually cannot tell if they are robotic or organic. Much to their frustration, the Starmen aren’t telling. Porky has no clue what they are and obviously they aren’t getting an answer from Giygas, the only being other than the Starmen that might know the answer.

    Mojo Jojo 
Mojo Jojo, The Maniac Monkey God


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