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Here lies the idea room. It's where I store things I have yet to complete or make drafts. If you want to adopt things, you may but you need to ask permission

If you want to adopt something from here, please private message me what you want

Approved ideas

    Hayley Fischer 
Hayley Fischer nee Smith, Goddess of Bratty Teenage Daughters

Ivern Bramblefoot, God of Beards Not Made Out Of Hair (The Green Father, Friend of the Forest, Tree Guy, formerly "Ivern the Cruel")

    King Claudius 
King Claudius, God of Comforting the Widow

Basic templates

    God Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

    Pokemon Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Gender:
  • Ability:
  • Moveset:
    • Z-Move:
  • Portfolio:
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  • Allies:
    • Partner:
  • Enemies:

    Treasure Template 
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    Dominion Template 
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  • Sacred to:
  • Unholy to:



Tezcatlipoca, God of Bad People Showing Kindness (Smoking Mirror, The Mocker, Enemy of Both Sides, He Whose Slaves We Are, The Young Man, Necoc Yaotl)

    Band of the Hawk 
The Original Band Of The Hawk, Divine Developed Doomed Characters

    Emporio Ivankov 
Emporio Ivankov, God of Attractive Gender-Bending (Okama King, Miracle Man)
  • Note: Restoration
  • House: Non-Binary Genders (House of Gender)
  • Intermediate God/dess
  • Symbol: His/Her Tattoo
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies: The Straw Hat Pirates
  • Enemies:
  • Due to his many similarities with a famous mortal actor, he is often asked to sing a song by the name of "Sweet Transvestite". He would love to do so, but he has troubles booking a spot in the House of Music that is big enough for such a number.
  • Due to his many similarities with a famous mortal actor, he is often asked to sing a song by the name of "Sweet Transvestite". He would love to do so, but he has troubles booking a spot in the House of Music that is big enough for such a number.
  • In his spare time, he sings and dances in the House of Music as all of his followers are joining him.
  • His ability to use hormones is second to none, not only changing people's genders, but also expelling poison out of their systems. However, he will not give his blessings so lightly: they must show their "Will to live" before he can even consider helping out.
  • Actually really attractive when he/she uses his power to turn female but unfortunately for all the Pantheon's skirt chasers, he/she has a tendency to turn back into a male when they're fawning over him/her.
Quite happy to see Luffy and his crew back together and has been keeping an eye on them.

On hold(6/10)

    SCP- 507 
SCP-507, God of Random Transportation (Reluctant Dimension Hopper, Tommy, Steve, Bruto, Guy, Houdini, Grabnock the Destroyer)
His appearance in Confinement
  • House: Teleporting (House of Travel)
  • Demigod (Safe by SCP standards)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Uncontrollably Travels To Other Universes, Ridiculously Average Guy, Lovable Coward, A Lot Of His Adventures Involve Pudding, A Bit Dazed In The Head, Power Incontinence, What the Hell Is That Accent?
  • Domains: Teleportation, Alternate Universes, Exploration, Random Location
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: The Doctor, Morty Smith, Forrest Gump, Scrat, Nathan Drake, Qrow Branwen, Rincewind, Yukikaze, Nebby, Kurt Wagner, Kuroka Shirai, Chell, Lena Oxton, Laurie Juspeczyk
  • On speaking terms with: Earth-65 and 616 Gwen Stacy
  • Enemies: Barbatos, the Mind Flayer, the Anti-Monitor
  • Avoids: Funny Valentine
  • Opposes: Gladstone Gander
  • Fears: Beerus, his enemies
  • Uncertain opinion: Rick Sanchez, Wobbuffet
  • Teleportation is a useful tool, especially when you can cross entire dimensions. However when you have no control over it, prepare for unfortunate travels at best, death by beaming into space at worst. (Un)fortunately SCP-507, the Reluctant Dimension Hopper, has the former. He goes by many names, though never gives out his true name because he likes to see people give him nicknames.
  • SCP-507's arrival to the Trope Pantheon was by random chance. To prevent him from teleporting away and possibly never coming back, Wobbuffet was brought in to use his Shadow Tag on 507. He was glad to be steady for once, but couldn't move past Wobbuffet much so the Pokemon went back into his Pokeball. However a curious reaction with his anomalous nature somehow manages to make sure the Reluctant Dimension Hopper always returns to the pantheon.
  • Has listed the previous universes he's teleported to. These include; a version of himself, an Alternate Self where he was female, one where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by his vice president and became the new standard to graduate from a case of Vice-President Who?, something with "so many spiders", a disused version of the facility and complete darkness.
  • In every other regard SCP-507 is a completely ordinary person, except for the fact he has the power of Random Transportation. His accent is confusing too, but that's it. He seems to bond with Forrest Gump as while a regular guy, he has surprising involvement in important events. He feels similar about Scrat, given their misfortune.
  • Has some consistency in where he shows up, at least in the Trope Pantheon; his own House of Teleportation is where he ends up the most. He's been studying from the gods there in hopes of controlling his teleportation. Nebby has been keeping track of SCP-507 as well, and is able to help him return home through use of Ultra Wormholes most of the time.
  • Despite his misfortunate, he never transports to somewhere that'd kill him like the vacuum of space or in a brick wall. Given how the former makes up the vast majority of the universe, some speculate it's not truly Random Transportation or there is some sort of safety mechanism inplace. This oxymoronic luck may be why he hangs out with Yukikaze. Given what he's seen he's not too surprised to learn that a WW2 ship has a Moe Personification in some other universe.
  • SCP-507 tends to relate to the House of Misfortune, given he's somewhat of a Butt-Monkey yet ironically a bit of an Action Survivor. Mainly with Rincewind, as they are both cosmic playthings. He seems to feel sorry for both Nathan Drake and Qrow because they bring bad luck around him, compared to 507 who merely ends up in situations where bad luck happens to him.
  • By contrast, he is very annoyed by Gladstone Gander to his impossible lucky streak. He also wants to stay away with Funny Valentine to his Never the Selves Shall Meet power, and especially Lord Beerus. This is down to his numerous adventures involving pudding, and we all know what happens if you mess with Beerus' pudding.
  • Has managed to find himself with in the Antimatter Universe, Dark Multiverse and the Upside Down on a number of occasions, such is his misfortune. The Anti-Monitor, Barbatos and the Mind Flayer all consider him pests and try to vaporize him when they see the guy, only for 507 to teleport out of trouble at the last second. This only infuriates them further. SCP-507 is naturally quite scared of the lot, for obvious reasons.
  • Rick Sanchez was very interested into just what gave SCP-507 the ability to randomly teleport. Sure, he can obviously do much better, but he wants answers for someone who transport between universes without explanation. Given what Rick can be like, 507 isn't sure whether this would be a good thing or a bad thing for him. Given his misfortune and involvement in chaotic events beyond his control, he did get along swimmingly with Morty.
  • Often arrives in realities where his counterpart is The Ace. In one, he actually became a very valuable field agent in about three months. Upon arriving back to his reality, he details several SCP's that haven't been contained by his reality yet and they are found and captured. This is probably why he likes to relate to tales with both versions of Gwen Stacy. Unlike it's not known if a gender-swapped version of Gwen exists.

    SCP- 4338 
SCP-4338, Divine Volcano God (Vulcan, the Disaster, Osobiue, Irn'acha, God of the Burning Ocean)
Image taken from shipping vessel 31-998 during monthly offload, 01/07/2019.
  • Houses: Divine Roles (House of Faith), Earth and Rock (House of Nature)
  • Demigod (Intermediate before getting fat, Keter then later Safe by SCP rankings)
  • Symbol: The volcano it lives in on Moaha Island
  • Alignment: True Neutral (used to be somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Jerkass Gods Turned To Couch Potatos, Appease the Volcano God, Vulnerable To Obesity Due To Accidentally Getting Leftover Junk Food, A God Am I, Magma Man
  • Domains: Volcanoes, Deities, Demands, Lethargy, Junk Food
  • Contained by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: The Divine Powers, Sakazuki/Admiral Akainu, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Interests: Firelord Ozai
  • Envies: Jerkass Gods who get off scott-free, like Zeus
  • Allies: Vulcan, Beerus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Heatran
  • On good terms with: Colonel Sanders, Reuben, Stocking Anarchy, Aoi Ashani, Eli Bacon
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu, Moana, Te Fiti , Kratos
  • Opposed by: Flame Princess
  • Feared by: Homer Simpson
  • Pities: Anthony Chu
  • SCP-4338 is a sapient sphere of volcanic rock 2.3 cubic kilometers in size, living in the magma chamber under Moaha Island. Worshipped as a deity, the volcano god demanded appeasements from the natives. Refusing to give it its demands causes the God of the Burning Ocean to destroy civilizations and be devestating, but those times are long past. Now it demands junk food and has been reduced to begging the foundation for snacks.
  • Far less of a threat than it is now, because even volcano deities get fat. It can barely do anything, and the extra energy of its new house only lets it make a new Remote Body based off the last human leader it killed. Zamasu regards its state as absolutely pathetic, and depending on his mood either decries SCP-4338 as either the evil of divine indolence or an evil mortal pretending to be a god. It wasn't a good idea for the volcano to taunt Zamasu on his own inflated sense of importance.
  • Most think SCP-4338 got what it deserved and should've watched its diet if it wanted to still be Keter-class. The volcano god simply moans in self-pity and wishes it could be like Zeus, still able to get away with things. Still 4338 isn't without a soft spot, being very fond of Heatran and letting it share meals. Given its situation, it's come to pity Anthony Chu for all the terrible things he was forced to eat.
  • Interested in the Divine Powers, mainly because it wants to get its groove back through the changes they've promised and hopes of reclaiming dominance. They simply regard SCP-4338 as a lazy couch potato not worth their time, much to the God of the Burning Ocean's frustration. It would do something about it, but proved their point in being too fat and lethargic to do anything other than complain.
  • Demands the House of Food feed it. The SCP Foundation decided they could spend less resources getting sweets and fast food shipped to SCP-4338, even getting 4338 to pay for KFC from Colonel Sanders and bacon from Eli Bacon. He enjoys eating with or from a number of gods, but given 4338 is a dick they're mainly using it as a means of keeping him under control.
  • Used to be feared, but now the only deity in the Trope Pantheon that seems to fear him as Homer Simpson. He run afoul of a volcano during missionary work, and only really escaped due to Negative Continuity. Some think this was SCP-4338's work, but it's known that he's pestering Homer for his Lard Lad Donuts. People think Homer should just give him the donuts, but he argues from past experience that wouldn't solve anything.
  • Has attempted to harass Moana, what with her being in the general vicinity to the Oceanic cultures. She wasn't intimidated by SCP-4388. It has attempted to get back on track by corrupting Te Fiti to Te Ka, wanting a volcanic god as his ally. This has gotten the attention of Kratos, who already is on bad terms with the general idea of gods and has nothing good to say about SCP-4338.
  • Though Admiral Akainu sees SCP-4338 as useless and isn't interested in the volcano, the volcano is intrigued by his powers over magma and seems impressed by his use of the molten rock. SCP-4338 is also interested in Ragnaros, who in turn chides SCP-4338 for letting itself become lethargic and complacent. It does get along with Vulcan, mainly because of their shared dominion of vulcanism and Loser Deity status.
  • Wants to get Flame Princess and the Flame Kingdom on its side, going so far as to propose a marriage. FB scoffs at the out of shape volcano god's attempts at an alliance and desire to stay relevant, and has turned SCP-4338 down at every opportunity. Unfortunately this brought the attention of Firelord Ozai, who is trying to encourage the volcanic deity to start losing wait and be more active, and in turn help his ambitions of domination.
  • Likes chilling out with Beerus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the latter for his delicious pasta. While Beerus has a lot more dignity than SCP-4338, he's still rather gluttonous and lazy. Whis has taken the fate of SCP-4338 as a lesson in not getting idle to teach Beerus. One of these outings had the Racing Drones, who have had experience with a volcano-themed track, investigate its volcano in search of an Accelecharger.

Perpetua, Goddess of Near-Almighty Divinity (Mother of the Multiverse)
  • Note: On hold until I've read the Death Metal graphic novel
  • House: Divine Roles (House of Faith)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Totality
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Malicious Creator Goddess Who Is Still Subservient To The Source, Cosmic Entity, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Malicious Ambitions To Secure True Immortality, Horns of Villainy, Lean and Mean, Devilish Demiurge Willing To Destroy Whole Universes, Absolute Cleavage, Forehead of Doom
  • Domains: Creators, Ambition, Immortality, Evil, Cosmic Beings, Doom
  • Interests: The Lich, Darth Plagueis
  • Interested in: Lucifer (Supernatural), The Nothing, the House of Emotion
  • Special relationship with: Mobius/the Anti-Monitor (her son)
  • Allies:
  • Potential Quislings: Ragyo Kiryuin, the Martians (Mars Attacks), Bandos, Ulanaq, Lysandre, Lord Drakkon
  • On speaking terms with: Chuck Shurley
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Ebon Dragon, Angra Mainyu, Fused Zamasu, the Divine Powers
  • Rivals: YHVH, Lucifer, Solaris, The Anti-Spiral, the Hadou Gods, The Old Gods, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The House of Magic, the Forms of Immortality sub-house
  • In the greater Omniverse live the Super-Celestials, beings meant to start multiverses and give themselves to them in order to forever sustain them. However the most feared of them, Perpetua, sought to sustain herself forever with her creation of the proto-DC Multiverse. Her sons would maintain the positive matter, antimatter and dark matter aspects of her creation, while she sought to turn the multiverse into a weapon. Ultimately her sons ratted her out, resulting in the Source sending a messenger to imprison her in the Source Wall, which'd guard the multiverse from the energies beyond. However the breaking of the Source Wall has released the Mother of the Multiverse, and she plans to weaponize her creation against her brothers and sisters, and escape the judgement of the Source.
  • Her ascension sent waves of fear through the Celestials, though (presumably) they aren't the exact kind of Celestials Perpetua is a part of. The Mother of the Multiverse soon took notice of the House of Time and Space, and its role in the expanse of the greater omniverse. Her plans are to twist it into a weapon against the Source and all true supreme beings, to ensure she will forever exist. However Perpetua knows she's a recent player in the field and if she's going to take over the Trope Pantheon, she'll need some help.
    • Both Zamasu and the Divine Powers envision the overthrowing of the status quo and the current order to achieve their own vision of a utopia. Due to the sheer power of Perpetua, they think it's wise siding with her for now to achieve their ends. Of course, despite her promises of making perfect universes for them interactions with Luthor show she cannot be trusted as a true ally to them. Then again, the same could be said of the mad Kaioshin and the Divine Powers. And yes, they are quite aware of that
    • Kronika was willing to go along Perpetua wholeheatedly. A Titan in charge of time, yet manipulating it to her own selfish ends along with...questionable parenting skills makes her similar in personality to Perpetua. That said, while Kronika has been promised absolute domain over the MK multiverse in exchange for aiding Perpetua, she dislikes her selfish motives. The Super-Celestial doesn't think she has much room to talk.
    • Chakravartin is a creator god with malicious intentions on reality, though he frames it as otherwise. Come his defeat at the hands of Asura, he has chosen to join Perpetua in hopes of gaining his ultimate ambitions. Zanza is exciting at the idea of working with the Mother of the Multiverse as they share a selfish spirit for their universes, and Perpetua will allow him the means to forever create and reshape his reality as he sees fit.
    • The Ebon Dragon and Angra Mainyu joined as she is associated with "doom" over "justice", but more importantly to finally have the edge over their antitheses. In particular Perpetua has promised to make the Ebon Dragon a cosmic force and true being. That said, camaraderie is non-existent and both sides see the other as a means to an end. The Unconquered Sun and Ahura Mazda chided them for believing it would make any significant distance, and Perpetua asked the latter God of Good why.
    Ahura Mazda: "It is not a lack of power or scale for why you will fail; it is the nature of evil to hinder itself. This is why justice shall prevail over doom, despite all your attempts."
  • Perpetua wields the Seven Hidden Forces of Creation. They are as followed:
    • The Still Force; counter to Speed Force. Based around inertia and entropy. Despite this power being in line with many of Nekron's desires, Perpetua considers herself far above him and regards herself as more "constructive", thus isn't going to utilize the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. The worst part is that she legitimately is more dangerous and powerful than the Lord of the Unliving.
    • The Invisible Spectrum, which feeds on buried primal emotions. The only one known so far is the Ultraviolet Corps, which represent repressed shame and guilt. She has her sights set on the House of Emotion to further re-unlock this ancient power of hers, believing that the UV embodiment Umbrax can be awakened by exploiting the Regret sub-house.
    • The Tear of Extinction, which brings death to all living beings and immortals. It is driven toward isolation and solipsism and is tied to the Death Force. Even gods can die to it. And as such, the sub-house for immortals is on edge with her existence in the pantheon, and she believes sufficient amount can override the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon. Partnered with it is the Void Wind, which can snuff out magic and gods. Thus, she is feared by the House of Magic.
    • Other forces include the Black Apple, the Sixth Note and Faithlessness. The Black Apple represents forbidden knowledge, which she is trying to tempt members of the House of Knowledge with. The Sixth Note is an esoteric power beyond imagination itself. Then the Faithlessness, which while little is known it appears to be tied with the concept of Doom.
  • It is thought that the Presence and the Source are the same thing, though the Presence might be an avatar of sorts. Either way, Perpetua opposes him. Really, she opposes any true supreme being. However her concern is chiefly directed to the Love That Moves The Stars, as a truly transcendent presence that is the source of creation. As the Mother of the Multiverse perverts creation to her own selfish ends, He sees her as being little better than Dis. The Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous has as much of a kinship as possible for an omnimalevolent being such as himself with Perpetua, who seeks to restore him to shape in order to be an important asset against her war of the true divine.
  • Perpetua believes the Force is some sort of aspect or connection to the Source. As such, she desires to capture and subjugate/twist the Ones for her own purposes. Given they're Celestial, they're already dire enemies of Perpetua. In general, the Mother of the Multiverse is hated and feared by the divine. Both Gowasu and Beerus chided her utter rejection of the cosmic balance. Though Beerus is The Sociopath, even her level of destruction makes him sick. Of course, he is also horrified that a being of her power equals, if not even exceeds the Omni-Kings. Tellingly, she regards them as "childish brats over their head" and got away with that.
  • She is similar to the Gnostic Demiurge, being both a malicious god and a betrayer of the cosmic order. Though significantly less powerful than her, the Father of the Homunculi fits a lot of her character traits. Perpetua has some measure of sympathy for his desire of ultimate freedom, and she recognizes that the Truth is much like the Source in many ways. As such, she is aiding Father in taking down the Truth in order to achieve her own ends with existence.
  • Perpetua's perversion of the natural order gained her many enemies even before her re-emergence. A supremely selfish creator, Gowasu regards her as the pinnacle of disorder that a god of creation can reach. Beerus agrees, and when the Mother of the Multiverse claimed he was being hypocritical, he defended this by saying he would never go so far as she did. Both Zen'o were so offended by her abuse of power(even if she argued they weren't innocents in such, they tried erasing her on the spot...only for it to not work, though she did emerge with scratches. [[Oh, Crap!
  • Arceus despises Perpetua for being a traitor to

    Alpheus/the World Forger 
Alpheus, God of Retconning As A Power (The World Forger)

In limbo

     Enya Geil 
Enya Geil, Goddess of TBA, (Enya, Enya the Hag, Enyaba)
  • Adopted from: Gehayadren
  • Theme: insert theme here blah blah blah
  • Lesser or Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her stand, Justice
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Profile:
  • Domain: Fog, Vengeance, Wisdom, Mysticism
  • Allies: Dio Brando,
  • Enemies: Jotaro Kujo, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Joseph Joestar
  • Opposes: The Weather Trio
  • Son: J. Geil
  • Rumor has it that she used to be an attractive woman. However, there is no solid evidence that she actually was.
  • Her stand, Justice, allows her to control people like puppets using the fog, but the target must have an open wound to allow her to control them.
  • Opposes The Weather Trio as they can make her stand absolutely useless.
  • She has nothing but contempt for Polnareff, as he killed her son, J. Geil.

    Jumba Jookiba 
Dr. Jumba Jookiba, God of TBA (Idiot Scientist — but don't you dare call him that; Evil Geniushe prefers being called that instead; Uncle Jumba)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His spaceship or the experiment pods
  • Alignment: Claims to be evil (with his behavior leaning towards Chaotic Evil), but in actuality is True Neutral if not almost Neutral Good (though with a slant towards chaotic).
  • Porfolio: Mad Scientist, Skilled in Biogenetics and Engineering, smart yet can fight back and take a beating, Loves Doing Evil, but isn't Really All That Evil, Becomes Good Overall, Honorary Uncle (to Lilo), You Are Number 6 (to his experiments—he's not one for names), Evil Genius
  • Domains: Mad Science, Genetics, Space, Family
  • Allies: Lilo Pelekai, his genetic experiments (including the ascended Stitch/Experiment 626, Sparky/Experiment 221, Reuben/Experiment 625, and Angel/Experiment 624),
  • Enemies: Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel (his former partner)
  • Observed by: The Men in Black
  • Jumba is the creator of over six hundred genetic experiments, the first 625 of which he made with the funding of Dr. Hämsterviel before the gerbil finked on him. Arrested alongside Experiment 626 and sentenced to prison, he was offered a chance at freedom when 626 escaped to a planet called "Ee-arth". He and Agent Pleakley (who was forced to keep an eye on Jumba) failed to capture 626, who was adopted as "Stitch", and were exiled to the planet they were on. However, they ended up helping Stitch rescue his adopter Lilo from Gantu. After Stitch was allowed to stay on Earth, Jumba and Pleakley were taken in by Lilo and her sister Nani to live with them as part of their 'ohana. Jumba would then assist Lilo and Stitch in getting his experiments back and help them find a new purpose to use their abilities for good. Through this, he eventually got back access to his lab, but he later gave it up to stay with his family on Earth.
    • This begs the question: Why was Jumba made the "Evil Genius" God when he's clearly good now? One, he is still one of the greatest reality-bending minds this side of the galaxy. Two, his experiments (the first 626 of which are all good now) were still made to do evil, and at least two of his most recent experiments (namely 627 and Leroy) are still evil. Three, even though he was removed from the Evil Genius Organization, no one else has taken the title of being the Evil Genius God, and he refuses to go by anything else. The House of Villains was going to reject him for being good, but Jumba threatened to sic Stitch on them and destroy the House, saying that 626 still has his old programming embedded in him. (Stitch may not be evil, but the powerful and mischievous alien would've tried to help his creator maintain an evil illusion like when they tried to trick the head of E.G.O.) Thus, the House of Villains' gods relented and gave Jumba the title, though they treat it as an honorary one.
  • As with his experiments, Jumba is under the watch of the Men in Black.

Nocturne, God of TBA (The Eternal Nightmare, Noc)

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