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    List of series I will rework 


    Grey Wolf Sif 
Great Grey Wolf Sif, Goddess of Giant Canines
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Greatsword of Artorias
  • Theme Song: Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heartbroken Badasses, Wielding Swords Between Teeth, Fragile Speedsters, Noble Wolves, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Wolves
  • Allies: Artorias, Gwyn, Guts, Murakumo,
  • When she ascended, the graveyard that she guarded was integrated into the Pantheon, to put her more at ease. Of course, this also means she never leaves said graveyard, as she continues to guard the tomb of her late friend, and reacts hostilely to anyone entering it. She's a little more at ease with the Chosen Undead, but still won't grant him/her access to the graveyard.
  • When she learned that her master had been ascended alongside the Lord of Sunlight, she was filled with great joy, though seeing Artorias so corrupted by The Abyss saddened her. She is happy to be by his side, nonetheless.
  • Artorias has decided to allow Sif to keep the weapons he gave her long ago, since they cannot help The Abysswalker now.
  • Has helped Guts every now and again due to him being similar to her master.
  • It had never been previously specified whether Sif was male or female, but one look through a book of Norse names revealed that "Sif" is a female name of Norse origin.

    The Maiden in Black 
The Maiden in Black, Goddess of Soul Power
  • Humanoid Abomination approximate to Greater Goddess, or perhaps even Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her Staff
  • Theme Song: "Maiden In Black"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Super Empowering, Soul Manipulation, Dark Is Not Evil, Shoelessness, Eye Scream, Undefinable Accents, The Woobie, Ye Olde Butchered English
  • Domains: Souls, Demons
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Philemon, Cosmos, Artix von Krieger, Gwyn, Artorias, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter, The Plain Doll, Ajani Goldmane
  • Enemies: Allant, Nyarlathotep, M. Bison, Shang Tsung, Mundus
  • High Priestess: The Emerald Herald
  • Washed up unconscious on the shores of the Pantheon, surrounded by deadwood and leaves. Upon awakening, she seemed surprised, confused and disappointed that she was still alive.
  • Though she is hardly an imposing figure and in fact has a very soothing presence, many find the Maiden’s wax-caked eyes REALLY unsettling. When they are brought up, the Maiden simply bows her head and apologizes.
  • Belying her demure appearance and personality, the Maiden is in fact THE single strongest thing in her native universe, capable of lulling a godlike Eldritch Abomination back to slumber with ease.
  • Her ability to manipulate Souls to awaken new powers is unparalleled: using Grief Seeds, for example, she can elevate the power of Puella Magi to truly astounding heights. Considering where the Seeds come from, however, Madoka has asked her to respect the memory of her Puella Magi. The Maiden complied, and now declines requests from any power-seeking Puella Magi offering Grief Seeds. She is currently courting the Dovahkiin, offering to refine the souls of the dragons he slays so that he may use them to their fullest potential: he hasn’t made a decision yet.
    • As Personas are pieces of the soul, The Maiden may be able to refine them. She is in talks with Philemon for permission to offer her services.
  • She is friends with The Hunter, her former herald The Plain Doll having introduced him.
  • Was amazed at Artix's powers over Spirit Orbs (souls of the undead that he has slain) and is wishing to help provide a more powerful attack than the Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs. Artix thanked her for the offer, seeing that despite her dark appearance, she's on the side of good.
  • Avatar Korra at one point was given a seat in the House of Nature that was later decommissioned because it turned out to be a replicated title for The Maiden's seat. She was visited by Korra at the same time as she was fending off a large horde of demons that had been sent by Mundus to attack her. Awed at both the Maiden's power, seeing her lull every last demon to sleep, and at how comfortably they got along in the ensuing conversation, Korra would leave the Maiden's temple oddly satisfied.

    Michael Bay 
Michael Benjamin Bay, God of Very Very Large Explosions

    Raul Menendez 
Raul Menendez, God of Almost Successful Villains (Odysseus, Cyclops, Old Cyclops (by Frank Woods), Dezzy, Nexus Target, The Messiah of the 99%)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Cordis Die Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Nino Precioso", "Cordis Die" when things get serious.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolios: A Kind Man Consumed By Darkness, Big Bad, Cycle of Revenge, A VERY Horrible Past, Despite Being Evil, He Loves His Family And Sister, Badass Bookworm, Badass Spaniard, Anti-Villain, Extremely Smart And Crazy Prepared, Hero Killer, From A Poor Kid To A Powerful Figure, Manipulative Bastard, The Death Of His Family Ends Up As Full Scale War For Punishment, Loves Toying Against Heroes
  • Domain: Strategy, Manipulation, War, Retribution, Extremism
  • Herald: Robert DeFalco
  • High Priest: Youkai
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by: Any deities who work in groups, namely The Puella Magi, Night Raid (almost), The Crimson Raiders, Teams RWBY and JNPR, The Investigation Team, S.E.E.S., The Outlaw Star Crew, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Mann Co. Mercenaries. For specific individuals, The Spy avoids him entirely.
  • Fears: Aiden Pierce, and many other hackers.
  • Respects: John Carmack
  • Opposes: Child abusers
  • Evil Counterpart to: Asura
  • One time, while the gods of the Pantheon were minding their own business, an unknown broadcast was shown within all devices around Pantheon proper, showing an odd figure of an old Spaniard. The House of Technology attempted to locate the origins of the broadcast for 15 minutes, but no trace was found. After the incident, the House of Defense got overwhelmed by an unknown force, followed by the House of Combat and Weapons. Then, another broadcast shows up, and all gods were in fear or surprise; the master manipulator Raul Menendez, has ascended within the Pantheon.
  • Upon ascension, his first goal was to take the House of Technology first in an attempt to permanently activate his broadcasts. Luckily, the gods inside the house stopped him from doing so, though at the cost of three-fourths of the House being destroyed. Because of this, the House is keeping their sights at him.
  • Upon meeting Handsome Jack, he immediately forged alliances upon meeting him and seeing the entire Hyperion Corporation as a legitimate war asset. He also added Vaas Montenegro as his lieutenant upon seeing his insanity very useful for his manipulation schemes.
  • Out of all people, he became trustworthy allies with Johan Liebert. According to him, he and Johan loves to toy around with many heroes and enemies they encounter thanks to their Machiavellian characteristics. Unfortunately, this has gotten him a lot of ire from many gods. Don't ask how many, because that's ALL OF THEM. Except most of the evil ones, of course.
  • Seeing his motivation of avenging his family and sister's death, many do call him as "The Evil Counterpart of Asura" due to Asura's protectiveness of his daughter and his Unstoppable Rage when it comes to hurting her. However, upon seeing his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the JSOC, many gods are not willing to provoke his Berserk Button.
  • He is one of the only villains Kratos is willing side up with, due to his understanding of losing his only loved ones by the authority around them.
  • He is known as the BANE of grouped deities everywhere in the Pantheon because of his tendencies to cause one of the members of any group to go against their comrades. Team RWBY learned this the hard way when Weiss uncontrollably attacked Blake and Ruby due to Raul's pride.
    • Even Night Raid and The Guardians of the Galaxy ended up attacking each other because of Raul's very charismatic charm especially when it comes to propaganda and convincing other people to follow him. However, he made a slight miscalculation in regards to Night Raid. After coming to and learning what had happened, Lionelle went on a MASSIVE rampage that had to get almost everyone in the Ambiguity house to calm her down. When the dust settled, it was discovered that Raul's house was totally destroyed. Moreover, one of Raul's followers informed him that Night Raid is notorious for murdering Complete Monsters and he is no different. Raul has now taken more precautions when he finds he's about to come into blows with the assassin guild.
    • Not only is he a pain among groups, but he is also the BANE of strategists and even kingdom rulers as well. Lelouch and Annabeth got outsmarted by Raul's strategies, and Princess Bubblegum's defenses were entirely bested by him. Needless to say, all three are improving their defenses and strategies so that this incident will never happen again.
    • Despite such feat, he still struggles with "Nakama" type team, like The Straw Hat from One Piece or The Z Fighters, mostly due to them being too dumb for him to understand
  • The real Odysseus was not happy but in fact, infuriated when he heard that Raul took his moniker. It didn't help when he heard of his actions of trying to spare the poor but in a very violent way. As such, he is preparing to confront him when the time comes.
  • His very extreme attitude is one of the reasons why Steven Universe can't calm him down. Mostly because once Raul sees him, he sends his CLAW and Air drones to take him out. The Crystal Gems ended up attacking his temple as retribution.
    • The House of Friendship, in general, avoids him entirely as his manipulative schemes tend to force many people into mere traitors easily. Even the House of Leadership is willing to never let him enter, in addition to the House of Royalty, since these houses are the basis of trust, something that Raul likes to destroy.
    • The House of Family, however, supports him for his undying love with his family. But every time he enters said house, most gods would question him "Was that really necessary?" He ended up with no response.
      • This did not last long. While he was visiting the Children and Siblings house, he attempted to brainwash Yui and Sam Flynn in hopes for using them to hack the system. Luckily, the Kirigaya Family arrived early and forced Raul out of the house. Needless to say, he placed the couple in his shitlist.
  • Alex Mason was ENTIRELY FURIOUS upon hearing his ascension within Pantheon proper. Unfortunately, upon hearing Alex's presence, he ended up launching a full-scale attack along with his allies in the House of Mind Games. It was a success, and all gods including Alex were injured as a result.
    • In retaliation, Alex decided to send a lot of forces into Raul's headquarters. The force came in with Captain Martin Walker, Captain America, Arturia Pendragon, Mr. Doe, Guile, Iron Man, Shizuo, Shu Ouma, Batman and the entire GUAG to assault his area. Needless to say, he prevailed. Raul won't forget about this incident as a result.
  • His charismatic charm has given him a lot of allies, which includes the Winds of Destruction, Jason Todd, Jinx, and Bane. All of them see Raul as one person they can side with easily thanks to being terrorists themselves.
    • Unfortunately, his charisma also got him an ally of Gilgamesh (which one isn't certain), who sees him as another mortal who can help him in his objective. As a result, he got the ire of Arturia Pendragon, who saw his characteristics as a large reminder of Gilgamesh.
  • The Soldier also sees him as a complete threat to America as a whole. As a result, he called Captain America and Raiden to assist him. Raul—seeing this as an opportunity—decided to engage, but instead received a full-scale defeat by the trio. To this day, he wishes to get all three and kill them in the worst way possible.
  • Seeing the Pantheon as the best place to recruit more lieutenants, as well as powerful allies and assets for his army, he allied himself with Gul'dan, CLU, Ultron, Firefly, Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom, Revolver Ocelot, and even Loki (Marvel version), as well as other villains to prove that Cordis Die is a force to be reckoned with.
    • In terms of relationships with other villains, Revolver Ocelot hesitated at first to be allied with Raul, but after hearing what he did to the entire JSOC and to the world, he was very impressed with what he did and joined him regardless.
    • Gul'dan's relationship with Raul seems to be an odd one. While Raul thinks the Skull would be used as an ideal threat sign, Gul'dan uses it for a much bigger reason than his. However, seeing that both armies would be a good alliance, they settled their differences and formed an allegiance with each other.
  • At one point, The Spy decided to infiltrate Raul as a way to gather intel. Unfortunately, he instead got manipulated into killing the entirety of his team, and even used him to invade the Main House (though he didn't get very far due to security upgrades after Brevon did it first). Luckily, Haruhi got the Spy to snap out of it before excessive damage could be done. This has also gotten Raul in Saxton Hale's shitlist.
    • As a result of the incident, Raul decided to showcase this event as a reminder to all spies and assassins in the Pantheon. Even Ezio Auditore, Agent 47, and Shay Patrick Cormac were warned about the incident. That doesn't stop them from attempting such feats.
    • The warning seemed to also have a negative effect for him. The Weeping Angels decided to go after Raul themselves, and unlike the other assassins, there is nothing he can do to control them. Even many of his followers have been lost to them. The other assassins can't help but feel how poetic it is for him.
  • At one point, he played guitar in a concert by Avenged Sevenfold inside the House of Music, alongside his iconic rival Frank Woods on drums. To everyone's surprise, a lot of gods enjoyed from said spectacle, and even Raul himself wants to do that again. Though he's rather adamant about mentioning his stage fright prior to that, since he tends to recall M. Shadows screaming "MENENDEZ!!!" that way.
  • "Come my friends, 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world."

    General Grievous 
Grievous, God of Frontline Military Leaders (General Grievous, Qymaen jai Sheelal (?) , The Knight Slayer, Space General)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask/face
  • Theme Song: General Grievous's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with fits of rage
  • Portfolio: Cyborg, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Hero Killer, Highly-Active General And A Really Wasteful One At That, Badass Transplant, Coughing, Large Ham, Hair-Trigger Temper
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Villains, Swords, Arms
  • Heralds: A squad of IG-100 MagnaGuards (his personal bodyguards)
  • Allies: Count Dooku, Ultron, Nerissa, Mistral, Gigan, Wat Tambor
  • Bastard Understudy to: Sheev Palpatine
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nearly everyone in the GUAE, since he never wanted to be there
  • Enemies: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Yoda, Luke Skywalker Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Originally a Kaleesh warlord, Grievous was the leader of Separatist Alliance's Droid Army and one of their greatest warriors, especially once he decided to let his body to be turned into a cyborg to improve his fighting abilities to match even those of the Jedi. Even though he might be a general, he spends a lot of his time doing his own kills.
  • Once he ascended into the Pantheon, GUAE did their best to make sure that Grievous would get back into shape from his barely active self he had become at the end of the war. They were mostly successful, but he does tend to cough quite a bit.
  • In a lot of sense, Grievous is what Anakin would become in the future. Grievous is rather glad that based on how things are in the Pantheon now, he is against Darth Vader rather than with him.
  • Is known as a notorious Hero Killer, having slain multiple Jedis in his life. Barbatos Goetia seem to have quite a bit of respect to the cyborg.
  • While he is easily angered, one thing what angers him the most is calling him a mere droid. He is much more than that and he is ready to proof it. He is also greatly annoyed by Viktor's insistence on this "Glorious Evolution" due of him thinking that Grievous will join him on that.
  • There are some rumours that Grievous might not have been as bad as most people think he was. Some people claim that he was in the past a Proud Warrior Race Guy who became a Fallen Hero after the death of his loved one and joined the Separatist Alliance to help his people, before one "incident" where his ship exploded what forced him to be turned into a cyborg, during which he was turned into the sadistic monster he is known now. As it turned out, this was the case; or rather, it was the case. As it stands now, Grievous was always cold-blooded killer who turned himself into a cyborg since he wanted to become the strongest warrior in the galaxy.
    • Grievous used to be God of Heavily Damaged Villains due of the above background, but since that past of Grievous in now invalid, he had to find a new position.
  • Might have a sister of sort. He has hard time really saying anything on the subject.
  • Was challenged by Gilgamesh in a battle once. Reportedly both of them lost a weapon to another. Well, the weapon did make a fine addition to his collection.
  • Grievous was drafted into the Grand United Alliance of Evil alongside Dooku by Palpatine to serve as replacement adjutants for his turncoat apprentice Darth Vader (who soon departed the GUAE entirely). While Dooku was unhappy to serve as he no longer sought to be under the yoke of a master who forsook his survival for a new apprentice, Grievous relishes an opportunity to be part of the Pantheon's Forever War, eliminating enemies as he sees fits. He does still harbour resentment towards Palpatine for manoeuvring the Separatists to self-destruct to establish his new Empire as the end goal. He was also mad at Dooku for being in on this and not informing him, but this anger dissipated much quicker.
    • As a wielder of 4 lightsabers, Conquest Command often wants Grievous to take frontline combat duty befitting of his new trope . as the Sith are notoriously fickle at being in combat. Sadly, Grievous has his own ideas of how to combat too, having been taught by Dooku to use psychology to his advantage. He's not some mere Jedi fighting at the front. He's a planner and an armchair general too, and thus usually attacks when he can use intimidation to his advantage or to finish off worthy opponents.
  • Rumour has spread that Grand Admiral Thrawn acquired his mask some time after his death. How legitimate this is is up for debate, given his resurrected self in the Pantheon has his mask back. Nevertheless, he plans on confronting Thrawn personally.
  • Probably isn't competing with Jack Atlas with his Wheel Bike.
  • Will refer to people as "General Kenobi" if people say "Hello there" around him (or similar-sounding sentence).

    Commander Farsight 
Commander Farsight, God of Zero Approval Gambits (O' Shovah, Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr, Communist Space Weeaboo)
  • House: Planning and Unpopularity
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Tau insignia over a dark red rectangle.
  • Alignment: Definitely Lawful, but not evil.
  • Portfolio: Zero-Approval Gambit, Broken Pedestal, Alternative Character Interpretation
  • Domains: Law, War, Protection
  • High Priestesses: Eva Ushiromiya
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Itachi Uchiha, The Boss, Kiritsugu Emiya, Misaka Mikoto, Beatrice The Golden Witch
  • Worthy Opponents: Cyrus, Vulkan, Sangunius, Leman Russ,
  • Enemies: All four Chaos gods, Mork and Gork, Lucifer
  • Is never seen out of his special issue Crisis Suit.
    • The Dawn Blade he wields looks eerily Eldar in shape and design. This cultivated the theory that Farsight is the bearer of one of the Blades of Vaul, which would explain his abnormal life span.
  • Has the utmost admiration ad respect for Madoka Kaname, since he believes this human child to be a paragon of the concept of "The Greater Good". He will protect her by any means necessary, including ordering the Far Sight Enclave to fight alongside the Sisterhood in the "Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • It is currently known that the Emperor of Mankind hopes to form an alliance between the Imperium of Man and the Farsight Enclave, albeit only because Farsight is among the few Tau who use melee weapons and opposes the Ethereals. So far, we are not sure of the results.

Stored for the time being:

Manus, Deities of Soul Fragments and the Unknowability of Man (Father of The Abyss, The Furtive Pygmy, The Primeval Man, His Fragments: Nashandra (Queen of Drangleic, The Augur of Want), Elana (The Squalid Queen, the Augur of Wrath), Nadalia (The Bride of Ash, the Augur of Solitude), Alsanna (The Silent Oracle, the Augur of Fear), The Darklurker, Karla (Zullie the Witch, Augur of the Spurned)
Click here  to see The Furtive Pygmy.
Click here  to see Nashandra.
Click here  to see Darklurker.
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  • Theme Song: Manus, Father of The Abyss (For Himself), Nashandra, Elana, Squalid Queen, Darklurker (For his fragments)
  • Greater God and Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Dark Soul surrounded by The Abyss, Dark Sorcery, Rot, Ash and Ice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (For itself and Darklurker), Lawful Evil (For Nashandra and Elana), Neutral Evil (though with more emphasis on Neutral) (For Nadalia), Lawful Good (For Alsanna), Neutral Good (For Karla)
  • Portfolio: Exclusive to him: An Axe to Grind, Ax-Crazy,Creator of Dark Sorcery, The Corrupter, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Sorceror, From a "so easily forgotten" Bearer of a Lord Soul to one of the most dangerous monsters, Kung-Fu Wizard, Horrifying Primate, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Omnicidal Maniac, Pieces of God, One of the most spoileriffic characters in the entire series
  • Domains: Darkness, Abyss, Insanity, Fragments, Souls, Evil, Death, Abominations
  • Heralds: The Pilgrims of Dark and Darkstalker Kaathe
    • Nashandra: Throne Watcher and Defender
    • Darklurker: Holy Mother Getrude, Winged Knights of Lothric
    • Elana: Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon
    • Nadalia: Raime, The Fume Knight
    • Alsanna: Burnt Ivory King
    • Karla: Alva, the Wayfarer/Seeker of the Spurned
  • Allies: Allant, Master Xehanort, Yami, Naraku, Satan, Nightmare Moon, Chernabog, The Beast, The White, Nightmare
  • Enemies: Gwyn, Artorias,The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Ornstein and Smough, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Aldia (Mostly towards Nashandra), Riku, Sora, Princess Celestia and Luna, Guts, Aqua, Madoka Kaname, Kirby, the Old Chaos
    • For Alsanna and Karla, the enemies and allies are inverted.
  • Special Relationship: Ryoji Mochizuki
  • Feared by: Bondrewd
  • Gained interest of: Tom Marvo Riddle
  • The creature known as the Father of the Abyss is the ultimate threat to the First Flame. The blight of the Abyss it carries, if left unchecked, will spread and destroy most life in the Pantheon and twist what is left into loathsome horrors. While it was successfully locked in combat against the flames of the Old Chaos, the real problem (the death of his home world) began when the darkness successfully extinguished the fires of Izalith. Slowly but surely, the darkness reaches for the dying flames...
  • Before all that, there were heavy implications, according from accounts from Darkstalker Kaathe, Marvelous Chester, Elizabeth and The Chosen Undead that it used to be known as one of the "so easily forgotten" Bearer of the Lord Soul, the Furtive Pygmy. However, while it did rest peacefully in its grave at first, it then was awakened by the citizens of Oolacile, it awoke with his humanity going out of control, resulting in the Abyss spreading across the land, corrupting its citizens in the process. And then his precious pendant was lost somehow, resulting in him even crossing over time to find his pendant, even snatching the Chosen Undead in the process who had the pendant with it, and the Chosen Undead finally put him down once and for all.
  • He then ascended to the Pantheon through similar means, where he was found dormant near the House of Otherness Abominations. When someone tried to wake it up again via stealing his pendant (surprisingly enough, neither the Itazura Griefers or the Trollkaiger have claimed to have done this), it instantly spread the Abyss throughout nearly the entire Pantheon, creating a Mass "Oh, Crap!" as hell froze over, corrupting whatever it can, most notably Artorias. When the Chosen Undead heard of this, it immediately went to his temple and once again slain Manus, preventing any further damage from the Abyss.
  • Manus is similar to the Beast in power and mindlessness. It barely has enough conscience to attempt to leave its temple, attack anything nearby and seek Humanity. Other than that, it only seeks its precious shattered amulet. The Chosen Undead holds half of it, and searches are underway to find the other half.
  • One thing not mentioned is that Manus' soul is made from gentle Humanity, and the dark is also called as gentle. As a matter a fact, he usually is not inherently a danger until someone crosses him, especially if they somehow have part of his pendant.
  • Artorias and Ornstein are not allowed to attempt to hunt the horror unsupervised. While their hatred of the creature is absolute and their power is highly welcomed in any fight against it, they bear its taint and both have fallen to it in the past. Artorias in particular still holds much of the monster's power sealed within himself, and should he fall, Manus could reclaim the Abyss.
  • King Allant seeks to advance or even use Manus' plans, as the deaths of the First Flame and Gwyn will usher in an Age of Dark which shall end the illusion of Hope.
  • The few Puella Magi that dare to try and fight Manus are often overwhelmed by the Dark and are summarily corrupted into Witches. The Sisterhood has thus issued flee-on-sight orders for every Puella Magi on this thing and forbidden all attempts to hunt it down. The group has already lost too many to dream of fighting this horror; even at its peak victory would have been... expensive.
  • Those who confront the Father of The Abyss will find him like this.
  • Even though he is called the Father of the Abyss, his Abyss is not to be confused with the other Abyss. That said, many deities fear what happens if he managed to spread his Abyss towards the other Abyss. Even Bondrewd fears at this outcome. Bondrewd.
  • The aftermath of the Ashen One's journey to the Ringed City had stirred up a lot of major information about the Furtive Pygmy. It turns out that the pygmies did indeed participate in the war against the Everlasting Dragons. However, because most of their equipment was forged in the Abyss, and due to Gwyn's fear of the Dark, along with their Dark Souls, they were sealed away in the Ringed City, while placing a seal of fire on humans that will eventually evolve into the Darksign. This would explain why the Furtive Pygmy was "so easily forgotten", but it's unknown if it planned to bring down the old gods of Lordran and elevate humanity from this betrayal.
    • Because of this, some have expressed interest in forging some of their weapons in the Abyss to reproduce some of the Ringed Knight weapons for use amongst other factions, though warnings are given that they don't end up being corrupted by the Abyss.
  • Even after his defeat at the hands of the Chosen Undead, due to the machinations of Melkor, Manus has largely reformed into a single entity, though many of its component fragments have been granted a sort of independent existence, still as a whole devoted to sundering the First Flame and collapsing everything that is and could be into the darkness of the Abyss, which bedeviled the Bearer of the Curse.
    • Nashandra has adopted the role of The Dragon and personal courier, her ambitions and goals are very close to her parent's.
    • Elana has promised revenge against both the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, and had Sinh restored to continue her depraved work.
    • The Darklurker is now the Guardian of Manus' temple; all invaders must fight this creature before fighting Manus himself.
    • Alsanna shrouds the path to the temple in thick fog and seals the paths in mazes of snow, sleet and ice while making sure the temple's creatures are equally contained inside, honoring her lost Ivory King while at the same time choking the Old Chaos. Manus and her "siblings" are well aware of this, but they hate the Old Chaos too much to care. More so, Alsanna actually sneaks away to meet others, seeking help against her "Father", and so far has bonded with Elsa, Anna, and Weiss Schnee. Those who hear the story about her and her king are often brought to tears.
    • Nadalia still awaits her King in Manus's temple, healing and strengthening its roaming monsters through her idols, in addition to her eternal guardian, Raime the Fume Knight. She has claimed an attraction to Gwyn, still seeking the Soul of the Old Iron King. Gwyn has yet to respond beyond ignoring everyone that brings it up.
    • Another Fragment has appeared, though unlike her sisters she is content to merely content to teaching those willing to learn sorceries and pyromancies rooted in the Abyss, so that they can use it for good and defeat the evils that her "Father" helped to create.
  • Aside from Alsanna and Karla, Kirby is notorious amongst them due to beating Eldritch Abominations left and right without breaking a sweat even though he's a puffball.
  • Being an avatar of Nyx, Ryoji Mochizuki has interesting relationship with them. Nashandra, Elana, and Nadalia have tempted him to give into his darkness, where Alsanna and Karla pity him for what he went through.
  • Voldemort has been interested Manus, given that he also divided his soul to create the Horcruxes.
  • Exclusive to Nashandra:
    • Being responsible for manipulating Vendrick into the downfall of Drangleic, she has earned the ire of his brother, Aldia, which would serve to him as a reminder on what truly "kingship" is, even though he was exiled by his brother for his actions.
    • For some strange reason, whenever the Ashen One arrives to her temple, it recalls about how it saw a painting of her human form during the Ashen One's travels to Irtihyll of the Boreal Valley, and seeing her motives reminded it of Yuria of Londor. Though unlike her, at least Yuria assisted the Ashen One into becoming the Lord of Hollows.
  • Exclusive to the Darklurker:
    • Just how the Darklurker came to existence is a mystery. Given that the Dark Chasm of Old was made from Manus' remains provide at least one of its origins.
      • However, the Ashen One's journey may have offered a clue towards what it is. Namely that Holy Mother Getrude, who was said to be contacted by an angel and founded the angelic faith in Lothric. Said angel is heavily implied to be the Darklurker, which deeply disturbed some angelic deities.
  • Exclusive to Elana:
    • While her relationship towards the Sunken King is unknown, one day, Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights invaded Shulva to seek out the blood of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, believing that it will help them transcend their humanity. However, after the death of the Sunken King, Sir Yorgh's impalement of the dragon caused the poison to spread all over the city, turning it into a no man's land within days. At this point, Elana awakened as the Augur of Wrath and awaits at her temple for the day of vengeance.
  • Exclusive to Nadalia:
  • Exclusive to Alsanna:
  • Exclusive to Karla:

    The PAYDAY Gang 

Alright, who's-

It's Payday, fellas!

The PAYDAY GangMembers , Divine Masters of the The Caper (Dallas: Nathan Steele, The Mastermind, Chains: Nicholas, The Enforcer, Wolf: The Technician, Houston: The Ghost, Hoxton: James Hoxworth, The Fugitive)
Clockwise from top left: Dallas, Wolf, Chains, Houston, John Wick, Hoxton, Clover, Jimmy, Bodhi, Jiro, Sokol, Bonnie, Jacket, Dragan

    Adam Jensen 
Adam Jensen, God of Men Rebuilt as Cyborgs (Chrome Boy, Robot, Spy Boy, Detective Sergeant Jensen, Frankenstein's Monster, Alif)

    Marneus Augustus Calgar 
Marneus Augustus Calgar, God of Four-Star Soldiers (Chapter Master of The Ultramarines, The Spiritual Liege, Papa Smurf)

    Alton Brown 
Alton Brown, God of Cooking Shows
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A yeast sock puppet, A food rack with a ladle, two spatula and an axe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good -> Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Making Learning About Cooking Fun, Being Memetically Awesome
  • Domains: Charm, Crafts, Gluttony
  • Allies: Takeshi Kaga
  • Refuses to use anything in the great kitchen that does not have more than one use. Except the fire extinguisher.
    • However, as of 2010, he's so awesome he made even that work.
    • At the same time, however, he declared that not even that tool is allowed to be a unitasker due to its failure to do it's one job when he needed it
  • Has written many books regarding different types of ingredients in the House of Knowledge. Also has documented many of the strange types of foods brought in on a daily basis.
  • He's recently hosted his own Cooking melee consists of various chefs amongst the pantheon. However these aren't your ordinary cooking contest as he tends to have an Auction of Evil in which the contestants can sabotage each other much to Alton's delight.

    Dr. Sofia Lamb 
Dr. Sofia Lamb, Goddess of Evil Mothers (Head of the Rapture Family, Dr. Lamb)

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