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Reworking Gods for the Pantheon. Pending Gods for the Pantheon go here.

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Reworked Profiles

Joshua Graham, The Vex, Barroth, Deviljho, Lagiacrus, Big Bull, Calypso, Zinogre, Hermaeus Mora, Gogmazios, The Courier, Yes Man, Rajang, Jack
Cayman, Blacker Baron, Plesioth, Maximillian Caxton

Currently Working On

Let's go and rework Monster Hunter

    Gore Magala 
Gore Magala, Dragon Gods of Eclipses (Gore Magala: Black Eclipse Wyvern, Goa, Gore, Big Black Evil Dragon, Shagaru Magala: Heaven's Wheel, The Dragon that Circles the Heavens, Shagaru, Stephenson, Shaggy)
Gore Magala
"Frenzy Mode" 
Shagaru Magala 
Chaotic Gore Magala 
  • Houses: Planetary & Celestial
  • [tup]s:
  • Theme Songs: The Cloak that Conceals the Light (Gore Magala) / Reincarnation of Light and Darkness (Shagaru Magala) / Chaotic Cloak of Light and Darkness (Chaotic Gore Magala)
  • Intermediate God (Gore) Greater God (Shagaru)
  • Symbol: The Hunter's Guild's icon for Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala, and Chaotic Gore Magala
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: About the size of a Steam Locomotive, The Berserkers, Spreading Dangerous Diseases, Afflicted are stronger yet die shortly, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Lightning Bruisers, Total Eclipse of the Plot, Unstoppable Rage, Flagship Monsters
  • Domains: Dragons, Viruses, Transformations, Eclipse Symbolism, Darkness, Light
  • Rivals: Deviljho
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, Guts, the Dragonborn, Miraak, Gwyn, Ornstein and Smough, Any and all wildlife within the Pantheon
  • Source of Interest for: Albert Wesker, Nurgle, Orson Krennic
  • Size: 1549.59 cm - 2201.12 cm (Gore Magala) / 1584.80 cm - 2165.90 cm (Chaotic Gore Magala) / 1564.73 cm - 2187.06 cm (Shagaru Magala)
  • It was a horrible day in the Pantheon. Animals far and wide all of a sudden succumb to a violent frenzy with purple hues all over the body before slowly dying off. The House of Health and Diseases was filled to the brim with infectees living and not, and it was only through the Monster Hunters help that they tracked down the source of the epidemic. A wyvern, dark as the empty night sky, with matching wings resembling a cloak: The Gore Magala.
    • After much effort it was locked inside the House of Science within a special containment cell as to figure out how the hell to stop the Frenzy Virus. It didn't really last that long: While much of the infectees died off the ones that didn't gained a great boost in power along with spreading the virus further, achieving what is called the Apex State. These Apex Monsters caused another deal of havoc but while they were suppressed thanks to the Monster Hunter's experiences, enough time went by for the Gore Magala to mature into the Shagaru Magala. Though it was again defeated, it and its juvenile form made their permanent residence when the symbolism for eclipses was called out. To the surprise of no one, Albert Wesker and Nurgle had a hand in ascending these things.
    • It wasn't enough that Wesker and Nurgle's attention is on the Magalas. Orson Krennic is also interested in the monster's Frenzy virus for the Empire's purposes. Whether to further enhance Stormtroopers or to use as a bio-weapon against the rebellion or any other enemy that opposes the Galactic Empire, the possibilities seem endless but as of now no progress is made. If we had to guess, it's probably going to end horribly like with the Ancient Civilization and the Equal Dragon Weapon.
  • Because of the lack of eyesight in its juvenile state, the Gore Magala utilizes its scales to be spread around. It is near blind at first with only a few of them but as they spread it the environment becomes much clearer. You will know its vision will become perfect when its antennae unfolds and the skies darken like an eclipse and it will fight at its greatest potential. Such scales have the side effect of spreading a violence-inducing disease that could potentially devastate an entire ecosystem but it fits since it's adult form is classified as an Elder Dragon as its part of the course with them.
  • They were used by Miraak during his simultaneous resurrection/ascension rampage. The two weren't all happy being brainwashed and have made attempts on avoiding him whilst ruining whatever plan he has as revenge. Unfortunately, their dismantling of his plans involve inducing Frenzy on some of his dragons. They don't necessarily break free, but they either tend to become more uncontrollable and die shortly after or become stronger. The two monsters are targeted by the Dragonborn and Guts after a couple of Miraak's Dragons wrecked havoc.
  • Some believe Shagaru Magala has some kind of connection to Lucifer, due to when Shagaru spreads it's wings, it is in the shape of a star; much like Lucifer himself. (expand)
  • Should a Gore Magala fail to molt properly it becomes the Chaotic Gore Magala. Due to being in-between the two forms, it utilizes both movesets of its juvenile and adult counterparts. And as the name implies it is also much more aggressive than both of the two, trading in finesse for pure strength and force. In short, do NOT interrupt the Gore Magala's molting process.

    The Monster Hunters 
The Monster Hunters, Divine Creature-Hunter Organization
  • Enemies: Deviljho, Rajang, Gogmazios, Gore and Shagaru Magala
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Monsters, Shen Gaoren, Zinogre, Brachydios, Seltas & Seltas Queen, Gwangi
  • As per its miraculous and at times anomalous powers of the Pantheon, it is home to flora and fauna throughout the space time continuum along with real and imaginary, and the grounded and those out of this world. In modern times there was the Nature Presevers and Beast Handlers to keep the peace with such an impossibly diverse set of creatures and critters. But in the earlier days such motorization wasn't quite as strong for much of the experts and other capable gods and goddesses weren't around then, and it would be illogical to have the Overdeities deal with such matters on top of their other businesses. The solution came when after various beasts went rampant brave men and women decked out in odd weapons went out and helped the Pantheon's denizens in tracking down and hunting the rampaging animals. As compensation for their efforts the Court of Gods ascended the Hunters Guild's very own Monster Hunters to the Pantheon.
  • Don't let their occupations fool you: Though their very occupation boils down to hunting monsters and using their parts from the spoils to craft equipment to hunt bigger game they do seek harmonization between civilization and the nature around them. If a monster has proven to be bothersome in the ecosystem it is in then it is their duty to deal with said monster. Yes, there are quests that have them hunt monsters because the client has vain or even petty reasons, but they don't take them in excess.


Under Night In-Birth stuff. DIVIDE.

  • Waldstein, God of Gratuitous German and Impressive Chest Hair
  • Reasoning:

  • Vatista, Goddess of Razor Wings
  • Reasoning: Apart of her arsenal, fittingly as someone with heavy angel motifs, are the Aegis-Attributor: Crimson Wings: Seven Flowers. There used to be seven, but she lended one to become a sword to help Waldstein before he turned into a Void. This legendary sword is the very one Hyde Kido uses.

  • Carmine Prime, God of Insane Laughter
  • Reasoning: One of the earlier Ax-Crazy characters in the entire UNIB roster, and he has quite the Laughing Mad thing nailed down. Just about any other dialogue in his appearances in his and other character's stories has this bloody moody cackling like he's having the time of his life, which he is. He specifically became an In-Birth because he was enthralled at the idea of having powers after having one beaten up himself. Even his Infinite Worth is named as such: "Hahahaha! Be Devoured!"

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  • Orie Ballardiae, Goddess of Chaining Low Damage Attacks
  • Reasoning: Orie doe

  • Merkava, Deity of Supernatural Hunger
  • Reasoning: Voids are monstrous shadowy entities driven by an instinctual desire to devour the EXS of living beings and Merkava himself is no exception. However, unlike them, Merkava is capable of conscious thought and is all too aware of the hellish situation he's in: Stuck in the body of hungry beast with no way to control it.

Fallout Cage

    Robert Edwin House 
Robert Edwin House, Avatar of Human-Powered Machines (Mr. House, The House, The Ghost-Man of Vegas, Not-At-Home, Chief Executive of the Free Economic Zone of New Vegas)
Mr. House's Interface
The real Mr. House 
  • There are conflicting reports on how he ascended to the Pantheon. Some say he won a high-stakes game of Gambit Roulette to win the power struggle for New Vegas in the Second Battle for Hoover Dam and by extension the Mojave itself and from there achieved godhood with his newfound power through meticulous calculation and a bit of gamblers luck. Others say he was killed by the very person he counted on to tip the odds in his favor, a Wild Card known to many as only a package Courier, and was finally released from his rotting mortal shell. When asked about this, House simply smirked and replied: "The House always wins."
  • (Think Tank)

  • He once plotted to become an Overdeity, but the delivery of a MacGuffin was 20 hours too late and he lost his chance. He's now rumored to be planning to usurp Cosmos and take over the GUAG, as he considers himself the most worthy leader of the universe and the best choice to lead the alliance to victory.
  • While he hoped to shed his body upon his ascension and so rid himself of his one potential weakness, he was informed that in order to keep his position he must still have a physical human form. His body now exists under heavy guard deep inside an exact replica of his beloved Lucky 38 casino. Through his computer network, he commands an army of Securitron robots and sees visitors to his seat via a wall of monitors displaying his face. He's petitioning other gods to let him send his Securitrons out on patrol to protect the House of Technology and perhaps other Houses as well, but after the whole NCR business, no one trusts him enough to agree.

The Rest, Not Right Now

Hades from Manipulative Bastard to Terms of Endangerment

    Courage and Cowardice: Courage The Cowardly Dog 
Courage the Cowardly Dog, God of Wild Takes and/or So-Called Wimps (Stupid Dog!)
  • [tup]s:
  • House:
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Song: His show's ending theme
  • Symbol: His fur pattern.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cowardly Canines, Amazing Technicolor Wildlife, Weirdness Magnet, Living in a world of Surreal Horror, The So-Called Coward, Over the top reactions and screaming, The things he does for love.
  • Domains: Dogs, Courage, Cowardice
  • Allies: Muriel Bagge, Erma, Quasimodo, Piglet
  • Enemies: Katz, The Great Fusilli, The Hag, Baba Yaga, The Mars People
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Eustace Bagge, the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Freddy Krueger
  • Left behind in the street as a young pup, Courage is a cowardly pink dog who lives with an elderly couple in the middle of Nowhere consisting of Muriel Bagge, a sweet old lady, and Eustace Bagge, her grumpy and greedy husband. Life is certainly strange there as many creepy and odd occurrences happen where they live (and where they go for that matter) so it usually falls down to him to brave whatever dangers comes his way and save the day, screaming at the top of his lungs all the while. The act of courage isn't necessarily without fear or dread, after all.
  • When he first ascended, it was actually difficult to track him down as it came without warning, for him and the Pantheon. It was only until people started to hear his signature screaming from encountering certain deities that people managed to find the poor pooch and tell him what was going on.
  • Recall that he was found alone in the street as a puppy: His parents didn't leave him there willingly. Courage had a very good and loving relationship with them in fact. But that soon came to an end when they visited a veterinarian when he got his head stuck in a fence. Though the doctor freed him he soon tried shooting him into space under the idea of creating a super breed of dogs that way. Courage escaped, but his parents weren't so lucky and the experience came back to haunt him to the point that he doesn't even react to being scared. When he encountered the vet again and history tried repeating itself the pink dog thankfully managed to turn things around. When word broke out of this many were horrified, though few could of match what Flutteryshy and Iwashiro Tesshou felt in the moment they found out for themselves. Since then, the two have it clear to Courage that if he's for whatever reason feeling under the weather he can talk to them.
  • "The things I do for love."

  • Before Muriel ascended into the Pantheon, Courage managed to form a friendship with Prince Edward, and had taken on a pet-and-caretaker relationship for a time.
  • He was not pleased to find Eustace in the Pantheon, but without Muriel around, the two luckily have no reason to be near each other.
    • While Courage was happy to finally see Muriel in the Pantheon, he also feared this would mean having to live with Eustace again. Fortunately, due to the nature of the Pantheon, the three were forced to live apart from each other, but she could still visit Courage whenever she wants (much to Courage's delight).
  • Courage is a huge admirer of Mike Schmidt, as he sees the two's methods of dealing with monstrous threats as being extremely similar. Mike in turn is a huge fan of Courage's, and has called him "by far the bravest coward I've ever met".
  • Erma has taken a liking to Courage, and is trying to help him understand some of the strange fellows that his world has to offer, first starting with "Freaky Fred". While we may be waiting a while for the results of this therapy session, Courage does appreciate Erma's willingness to help.
  • Quasimodo took a liking to Courage due to him being immediately accepting of his appearance. This was, of course, due to Quasimodo reminding Courage of his old friend, the Hunchback of Nowhere.

    Muriel Bagge 
Muriel Bagge, Goddess of Questionable Love Appeals

  • Love often works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it makes Opposites Attract, and the worse half is usually made the better for it. That hasn't worked for Eustace Bagge, but the fact that his wife Muriel hasn't left him at all and at best only bops him with a rolling pin on occasion baffles a lot of people. And then somebody decided to bring her to the Pantheon for this.
    • Courage was worried about this as this would mean having to live with Eustace again. He on the other hand feigned not giving a damn. But given how many family members live separately in the Pantheon, no matter how young they are, it saddens Muriel that they all have to live apart], but she can visit them whenever she wants. If she can even make it without some disaster befalling her on the way.
    • Because of their new accommodations, she can't visit Eustace every dinner time, though she tries and has even once attempted to deliver his dinner via courier. She's also proud of her husband for being able to make a few new friends.
  • Muriel could be a great chef…were it not for her tendency to add "a wee bit of vinegar" on everything, including candy and even dog food. And don't get started on the one time she cooked with the girls of the Investigation Team (and once again forgot to invite Naoto). They were able to get it right at first with her guidance, but once her vinegar went in, it spiraled into yet another Mystery Food X. Several people didn't eat dinner that night. Oh, and Eustace died from it, only to be revived the next day.
  • Mordecai and Rigby pity Muriel (and Courage) for all the strange shenanigans they go through on a regular basis.
  • When Erma decided to pay a visit to Muriel, she thanked the half-ghost for being such a good friend to Courage, but then also gently scolded her for what she did to Eustace, though she undertands that it was just a reaction to the mask he often uses to spook Courage.
  • Having been possessed by a computer once, Courage asks people to advise Muriel to avoid AIs with Mind Control abilities, such as XANA. In fact, it would be better that she avoid any deities with Demonic Possession in their ability sets after an incident with a certain mattress.
  • Sometimes, Muriel has "happy plums" that can cure people of their depression. It even happens to work for the perpetually lonely ones like Eeyore and Shinji Ikari…for a couple of minutes before the effects fade.

    Eustace Bagge 
Eustace Bagge, God of Unpleasant Elderly (The Farmer, "Useless" Bagge)

  • Eustace ascended after the incident at Klub Katz, and the events leading up to it. He did not want to stop sitting in his chair, not even for a vacation. So Eustace brought the chair with him onto the cruise ship. Later, he was unwillingly turned into a wrecking ball and went on a destructive Roaring Rampage of Revenge when he noticed Katz (the establishment's manager) sitting in his chair. With such utter devotion to his chair, Eustace ascended not long after.
    • Of course, the chair was brought along with him.
  • His (wife's) dog, Courage, was not especially happy about Eustace's ascension. But without Muriel in the Pantheon, the two have little reason to be near each other, so they don't cross paths.
  • Eustace prefers not to be approached by anyone else in the Pantheon, or he'll pull out his crazy monster mask and go, "OOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!"
  • Since Muriel can't always make dinner for him, due to living in different houses, Eustace has taken to going to the House of Food every night. One night though, he went to Greed's Bad-Guy Bar (built into his temple), and the two got to talking. Eustace appreciates Greed's... greed and the two have formed a friendship.
  • Has also formed a friendship with the Janitor. The two fondly share stories of the times they've messed with people they didn't like.
  • Despite being equally devoted to their designated seats, Eustace and Sheldon Cooper do not get along. Given their personalities, that was to be expected.
  • Eustace fancies himself a handyman who can fix anything in the Pantheon if it breaks. But he's actually not as skilled as he boasts. This is a genuine sore spot for him, and makes him intensely jealous of Fix-It Felix, Jr. Similar jealousy also puts the Farmer on Eustace's blacklist.
    • Equally spirit-crushing for him is when he's reminded of his brother's hunting abilities. In a fit of random jealousy, Eustace grabbed a gun and went on a rampage in the House of Beasts to try to bag the biggest animal he could find (to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King"). Luckily, no one was hurt (except for Eustace). He's not allowed back.
  • Eustace has been killed or otherwise severely hurt on numerous occasions since ascending, though after an amount of time equal to one commercial break, he automatically restores to his normal state. He's been likened to Kenny for this reason.
  • Many gods were interested with how Archie would interact with Eustace. Turns out the two loathed each other. A verbal bout to determine who had the better chair exploded into a shouting match, accumulating in the two walking away in anger. Archie would later say that not even he would put Courage through that much abuse.

    Hades (Kid Icarus
"Sorry to keep YOU waiting."

Hades, God of Terms of Endangerment (Lord of the Underworld, The True Master of the Underworld, Jerk, "Go Home")
His Devastation Ensemble 

  • Ultimately seeks to turn the entirety of the Pantheon at ends with one another to collect the most powerful of souls. Sadly—for him—he does an absolutely terrible job at concealing his intentions.
  • When confronted by the other Hades of the Pantheon, the Hades here promptly laughed and mocked him for being defeated by a single punch. Even upon being informed the punch had been delivered by Hercules, he did not waver from his initial statement. For THIS Hades to be defeated it took having his heart destroyed, getting cut in half, getting his head crushed, and FINALLY getting hit by a large Wave-Motion Gun to kill him, and even then, he survived as a disembodied voice.
    • However, he was genuinely impressed when he saw that Hades' true form and what he could do, actually commenting he would probably have to bring out his Devastation Ensemble to even the odds. As such, whenever the two of them cross paths nowadays, Hades just gives his counterpart a lazy wave and occasional taunt. From him, that's high praise indeed.
  • Notable for being able to tolerate Excalibur.
  • Hades was initially legitimately surprised that Yuuki Terumi had already claimed the position of Trolling God. However, Hades was just as quick to laugh it off and comment that he was "merely keeping his crown warm for him".
  • Works with Grima in experiments involving souls, and together they have created several new types of monsters.
    • Also helped remake Grima's body after he decided to show that he could survive an attack from Asura.
  • He and Viridi were recently in a battle sparked after he commented that she and Pit should get married. They destroyed half of both the Houses of Nature and Villains and most everything in between.
    • His words on the subject afterward? "Yow, she's a feisty one!"
  • He can sometimes be found speaking with Excalibur over a cup of tea. Supposedly, Hades is trying to new ways to annoy people and is receiving education from Excalibur. He denies this, though, claiming he's simply learning about his "friend's" world and history. Regardless, most gods leave the room whenever they start talking.
  • Recently, Hades spent several days keeping pressure off of his back. While he has refused to disclose any information to most anyone who asks, eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Excalibur has revealed that it was related to an unseen bout between him and the recent-recruited Bowser in the Underworld.
  • Was offered a place in the Usurpers faction in the upcoming Pantheonic Rebellion by Satan, but declined. For now, he's content to just sit on the sidelines and watch events unfold (and maybe harvest some fallen souls in the meantime).
    "Look at you, scurrying around behind old Melky's back and betraying him. It's classic. Besides, the Pantheon is my flower to plunder, not yours!"
    • He may or may not be planning to harvest all of the Usurper's souls if they fail. To this end, he has been seen consorting with Yhwach recently, likely to make some sort of deal on that end to lay off of them.

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