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Welcome to the rework page. This is for all profiles that are in need of updating.

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Reworking Gods

Operation Disney Revival

    Peter Pan 
Peter Pan, God of Eternal Youth (The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, Proud And Insolent Youth, Little Flying Eagle, Peter Banning, The Pan, Pan the Man, Pan the Avenger, Malcolm, The Fugitive Boy, The Pied Piper
  • Returning to: Houses of Age & Youth and Child Archetypes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Shadow
  • Theme Song: "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" (Alternatively: "You Are The Pan", "Flying", "Peter Pan")
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (borderline Chaotic Good. Can become Chaotic Evil as the Pied Piper.)
  • Portfolio: The only boy to never grow up, considers growing up to be terrible, A skilled flier, Fun Personified, The Ace, using a knife for fighting, Possesses a living shadow, Kid Hero, Pure Is Not Good, The Trickster, Small Name, Big Ego, Close friends with Tinker Bell, Oblivious to Love, Doesn't understand death
  • Domains: Children, Adventure, Youth, Flight
  • Heralds: The Lost Boysnote 
  • High Priest: Rufio
  • Allies: Tinkerbell, Wendy, John and Michael Darling, Oberon, Titania and Puck, Toothiana, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Miyuki Hoshizora, Aqua, Ventus, The 100-Acre Wood Gang, Dumbo, Ariel, Melody, Pocahontas, The Good-aligned deities in the House of Birds
  • On Good Terms With: Avatar Aang
  • Friendly Rivalry: Terra
  • Enemies: Captain Hook, Risky Boots, Blackbeard, Euron Greyjoy, Captain Jack Sparrow, Archie, King K. Rool, Vanitas, Master Xehanort, Maleficent, Champ of Wild Hunt, P.T. Boomer, Alessi, Pennywise, Scott Shelby, Gilles de Rais & Ryuunosuke Uryuu, The Slender Man, Springtrap
  • Opposes: Sam Flynn, Will and Elizabeth Turner, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Opposed By: Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth, The Straw Hat Pirates
  • All children, except one, grow up. The sole exception to the rule is Peter Pan, and he is considered the embodiment of eternal youth. A mischievous trickster by nature, Pan resides in the faraway Neverland and has the unique ability to fly thanks to pixie dust and happy thoughts. More often than not, he's usually having fun going on different adventures, including fighting Captain Hook's pirates, warring with the native peoples, encountering mermaids and on occasion, bringing children from Earth to his home; which was exactly what happened when he met the Darling children. The eldest, Wendy, was a fan of Pan's, and the flying boy was more than eager to bring her to Neverland so that she didn't have to grow up and also tell his Lost Boys stories. Eventually, Wendy came to realize that her idol wasn't everything she had hoped for, noting his immature and, to put it bluntly, sociopathic nature. But despite this, he still remained loyal to his friends, and after defeating his pirate nemesis once and for all, Pan respected Wendy's wished and returned her and her brothers back to London. But Pan would make visits to the Darling house, taking Wendy's children and descendants off to Neverland to have more adventures.
    • It was another sunny day in Neverland when it all happened; when Peter Pan and the Lost Boys went out into the forest in search of pirates to fight. They found some, but they were unlike any pirates the misfits had seen before. But Pan had no time to ask questions. He and the Lost Boys attacked these "Straw Hats", only for the Boys to get completely trounced. Pan held his own against the captain, a rubbery young man named Monkey D. Luffy, eventually ending the duel in a tie. Impressed, Peter asked why Luffy's crew came to Neverland and if they were familiar with Hook. Luffy looked at the boy with confusion and explained they weren't in Neverland, but rather a place known only as "The Pantheon." Peter was admittedly confused at first but quickly realized that the Pantheon had much more to offer in terms of games and fun. So he and the Lost Boys quickly took to meeting the Higher Gods, who gave Pan a godly title and made his comrades Heralds. Now a part-time resident, the adventures of Peter Pan were about to get much more interesting, much to the dismay of the local pirates.
  • While he has a temple installed into the Pantheon, Peter rarely uses it. Instead, he goes back and forth to Neverland the same way he always has. Second star to the right and straight on till morning. He often guides other deities there provided they can fly but will resort to using the temple for anyone unable to use faith, trust and pixie dust. But Neverland is well worth the travelling. It is a lush island paradise, full of unique places to explore, mermaids and indigenous peoples to meet and pirates to fight. Pan, Tink and his Lost Boys consider the place their home and can be found in their hideout of Hangman's Tree more than in the Pantheon itself.
  • Peter Pan is neither good nor evil. He enjoys luring children away to Neverland to be his playmates and never grow up. Due to his very nature, he is an outcast; the children he takes never stay forever, ultimately he is the only child in history who never grew up. Unfortunately, it can be a lonely existence. Though Peter admits to the case, he generally shrugs it off, preferring to enjoy all the adventures life can muster.
  • When Wendy and her brothers, John and Michael, ascended, most in the Pantheon expected Peter and Wendy to share a hug, a... "thimble" or at least a friendly, tearful reunion. Well, Peter's initial reaction was wondering why Wendy was so much younger than he last saw her, as she had grown up and had children of her own. Wendy explained that she and her brothers were able to become children once more, but still retain their adult memories. Admittedly Pan was still rather confused, but he was just happy to reunite with the London trio, with all four of them, along with the Lost Boys and even Tinker Bell, pulling each other into a big group hug. Wendy will come by Hangman's Tree to tell the Lost Boys stories and sometimes John and Michael will join Peter on his adventures.
    • And to those who are wondering, no, the ship has passed for Peter and Wendy. They still have feelings for each other but Wendy came to realize that Peter would never see her as more than just a "mother", and Pan respects that. Despite his childish demeanour, he understands that Wendy has grown up and while saddened by it he still considered her his friend.
  • Peter and Captain Hook go a long way back and while most known of how Pan cut off the pirate's hand and threw it to the crocodile, many still speculate on their relationship. In some timelines, they started out as allies who were divided by circumstance. In others, they were always archenemies. Pan enjoys humiliating and defeating Hook, while the pirate captain wants nothing more than to blast the boy into oblivion. When word of Captain Hook's ascension reached Peter, his first reaction was to let out signature rooster caw with joy. With his old nemesis in the Pantheon, Pan can resume his old battles and putting the old "Codfish" in his place.
  • Pan has had many different appearances across the Worlds, with different stories and adventures attracted to them. The version seen most often in the Pantheon hails from what is known as the "Disney timeline", who is more heroic than his original incarnation. On occasion, he will become more realistic and lonely though just as skilled as ever, or his green, leaf-based clothing for a more brown attire, along with becoming more cruel and selfish. Just another downside to not growing up.
    • Speaking of not growing up, there exists a timeline in which Pan did indeed grow up. In this timeline, Peter decided to stay on Earth and grow up after meeting and falling in love with Wendy's grandaughter Moira, eventually becoming Peter Banning and starting a family with her. When Hook kidnapped their children, Jack and Maggie, the workaholic mergers and acquisitions lawyer Peter, who had no recollection of Neverland or his time as Pan, was taken back by Tinker Bell. In three days' time, he regained his memories and flying abilities and together with the Lost Boys, defeated Hook once and for all, saving his kids and restoring his child-like demeanour. Pan rarely takes on this form while in the Pantheon but when he does, he usually retains his fighting skills and flight. A good thing too. Shame people still joke about his fear of heights.
  • If there's one thing Peter loves to do more than anything in the Worlds, it's kill pirates. He already ran the gauntlet with Captain Jame's Hook more times than he can count and with the Pantheon, the flying boy was ecstatic to learn of all the pirates found there. It's lead to him making a few enemies among the ascended pirates. Blackbeard, Risky Boots, Kaptain K. Rool, and Team Aqua's Archie are frequently targeted, but others like Euron Greyjoy and Davy Jones are actually avoided, due to their more supernatural abilities and ruthlessness. King Stannis Baratheon of Westeros detests the boy not only for his immature nature but also for targeting and attacking the sellsword and pirate crews under his employment. Most have tried to fight back but Pan is much quicker, escaping to fight another day.
    • But Pan doesn't just go after villainous pirates. Far from it. He has no qualms about going after more heroic pirates as well. While on good terms with Luffy and his Straw Hats, Pan has been seen messing around with the Gokaiger, stealing their Ranger Keys and hiding them across Neverland for his amusement, and occasionally crossing paths with William Turner and Elizabeth Swann as well. But it is Captain Jack Sparrow who provides the biggest challenge. The two crossed paths when the Black Pearl docked in Neverland, Sparrow's crew venturing into the island's interior in search of a rare treasure. Peter believed them to be with Hook and attacked, duelling Sparrow to a draw. It was only when Hook stole the treasure for himself that the two stopped their fighting and went after
  • As of late, he's struck a small friendship with Alice. Emphasis on small, given her portfolio.
  • Looks may be deceiving, but in his original home timeline, Peter Pan is not an ordinary human like his Lost Boys. Instead, he is more akin to the Fair Folk; a sly, selfish, conceited being who often commits cruel acts against others without thinking of the consequences, even if it's against his own allies.note  Thanks to Tinker Bell, he's found companionship with the royal fairies Oberon and Titania, who help keep Neverland's fairies safe by sending their servant Puck to mess with Hook's pirates, even turning Hook's head into that of a donkey. That said, they know better than to mess with Pan's relationship with Wendy. And they speak from experience.
  • While Pan can be a selfish and arrogant person as mentioned above, he is still a brave and heroic boy with an incredible amount of kindness. Whenever possible, he works with Death of the Endless, leading deceased children to the afterlife so that they won't be scared. These children are often grateful to Pan, but he only smiles as he guides them. To him, death is an awfully big adventure and they need the best start as possible.
  • When Miyuki Hoshizora ascended, Pan was rained with massive Squee-ing and learned that Miyuki crushed on him before ascension, long when his tales were mere fairy tale and before his ascension. Impressed greatly, she's honoured with the position as one of his "Lost Children", which temporarily shocked Miyuki and had her saying, "I-I'm not lost or anything! Happupuuu~", then accept the offer anyway.
  • Was really confused at how someone (8-Bit Mickey) dressed up as him for a quest to find Malachite's Hand.
  • Does not like Sam Flynn because of his resemblance to Captain Hook in his youth. Sam doesn't even know how to react, but just ignores this.
  • The House of Theater often does play on the time Peter Pan brought Wendy Darling and her brothers to Neverland. Due to tradition, Peter is always played by a young woman. Although Wendy has long since died of old age, Peter is quite glad that her legacy will live on forever.
  • In one timeline, Peter Pan joined forces with a Keyblade wielder named Sora and his friends Donald Duck and Goofy in rescuing their friends, Kairi and Wendy, from Captain Hook and the Heartless. Together, they were able to defeat the Captain and send him scurrying away like the cowardly codfish that he is. The group have become good friends despite a rocky start, and while Pan can't always join Sora on his journeys, he decided to give the Keyblade warrior the Feather Charm, allowing him to be summoned whenever needed. When summoned, Peter and Sora are capable of performing the Neverland Limit Break when fighting together. Images from their first meeting appear on the field when the Limit Break is activated, confusing their opponents and leaving them open to attack.
    • While Peter was glad to see Ventus and Aqua, he was surprised to find Terra coming to see him in Neverland. Though Terra was once tricked by Captain Hook into fighting him, neither of them hold any ill-will towards each other and even spar occasionally, developing a friendly rivalry as a result.
  • Rumours persist that a mortal attempted to pin down Neverland's location and theorizes that it was actually somewhere in Earth. Specifically, Turneffe Atoll at the Caribbean Islands. Most in the Pantheon find this theory to be incredibly ridiculous. Though slightly amused, Peter himself has no plans on confirming it, nor does he care. He'd rather keep Neverland's location as it is. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.
"To live will be an awfully big adventure."

    Tinker Bell 
Tinker Bell, Goddess of Fairy Companion (Tink, Miss Bell, Little-Miss-Spare-Parts)

    Wendy, John and Michael Darling  
Wendy, John, & Michael Darling, Gods of Pajamas (Wendy: Wendy Moira Angela Darling, Wendy-Lady, Wendybird, Granny Wendy, Red-Handed Jill | John: John Napoleon Darling, Wildcat | Michael: Michael Nicolas Darling, Bear Killer)
From left to right: John, Wendy, and Michael.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: their flying silhouettes with Big Ben in the background.
  • Theme Song: "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" (Shared with Peter Pan) (Alternatively "Your Mother and Mine" for Wendy)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Team Mom, wearing a pajamas during her entire story, Coming-of-Age Story, has a daughter Jane with almost the same story
  • Domain: Personal Appearance, Growing Up, Family
  • Heralds: George and Mary Darling (their parents), Nana, Jane (Wendy's daughter)
  • High Priest: Little Nemo
  • Allies: Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Kairi, Katara, Alice Liddell/Kingsley, Sora
  • Enemies: Captain Hook, Risky Boots, Euron Greyjoy
  • Opposes: Captain Jack Sparrow, the ascended cast of One Piece, Archie
  • Conflicting Opinions: Riku, Ariel
  • In a quaint little house in London's Bloomsbury district there lived the Mr. and Mrs. Darling, who had three young children; Michael, John and Wendy Angelia Moira Darling.note  Now Wendy, being the eldest, was the leading authority on the immortal flying boy Peter Pan, and would often tell her younger brothers of tales about his many adventures and exploits around Neverland. But their parents felt Wendy and her stories were becoming a negative influence on the boys and declared it was time for her to grow up and leave the nursery.
  • When taking her final breath on her deathbed, Wendy was welcomed into the Pantheon after everyone recognized that every single one of her adaptations always ended up with her wearing pyjamas during the entire course of the story.
  • Her long awaited reunion with Peter Pan went differently than most people expected...
    • Most people expected them to share a hug, a... "thimble" or at least a friendly, tearful reunion. Well, Peter's initial reaction was wondering who the hell this girl is... After passing her initial shock, Wendy angrily asked Peter why he didn't come for her and whisk her away during her wedding day. Peter just widened his eyes and asked Wendy what a wedding is. Wendy just sighed and said that she would stop having romantic feelings for him as they are too different because she has grown up too much. Peter just sorrowfully asked if that meant she wouldn't be his mother anymore...
    • After this confrontation, Wendy has refrained from visiting him. Much less so after the discovery of a certain universe where Peter is a complete sociopathic monster who kidnaps Wendy to keep her two brothers bent to his will for hundreds of years. However, her feelings for him became much more conflicted because, due to the Long Runner and Adaptation Overdosed status of their franchise, there are various versions of Peter that are not as sociopathic as he used to be. This made Wendy realize that because Peter chose to stay a child forever, he will never know the joy of having a family or having people who truly love him, not solely for the adventures he brings into their life, and need to move on from this unhealthy lifestyle, as demonstrated by a version of him that grew up and married her granddaughter Moira. Wendy eventually made a compromise: She will visit Peter one day every year to read him stories, in exchange for him to greet and appear to the rest of the Pantheon in his nicer versions. She solemnly asked him to not forget this day like he forgot his promise to come for her all those years ago. Peter, while confused, eventually apologized to Wendy for forgetting such important things and making her sad. Peter is reported to be always on time, not in small part due to the House of Life and Death (especially from Death Of the Endless) trying to remind him every single year.
    • Wendy was very surprised when she accidentally stumbled upon the House of Theatre and discovered that there is a play about her and Peter's adventure in Neverland. The house informed her that it was because of Peter's request but Peter himself only occasionally visit and actually watches the play himself as he is too busy having other adventures. She concluded that this is the main reason that Peter forgot about her when she first ascended and asked Peter to watched the play at least once per month with her. He agreed and the two share a laugh over the fact that Peter is frequently played by a young woman.
  • Was very displeased after learning about the amount of fanfictions that pair a certain version of her with Hook.
  • Doesn't get along with Tinker Bell due to the antics she pulled when they were in Neverland. Although her hatred isn't as strong as it used to be after having discovered a certain version of Tink that is much nicer and fixed Wendy's childhood music box.
  • Wendy managed to bond with the Southern Waterbender Katara over being the Team Mom of their respective groups. Katara is impressed that Wendy managed a much bigger group than her and with the only female companion being a jealous fairy who was bent on killing her. The two can be seen in either their younger or older form sharing stories of their adventures and family.
  • Due to her history with Hook, Wendy has a dislike for pirates, even if they are Lovable Rogue (like the One Piece crew) or don't do any kind of piracy (aka Jack Sparrow). This caused a split between her and Peter as he doesn't really care as long as he has adventures out of beating the pirates.
  • Bonded with Ariel due to the fact that both of them have a daughter that shared their adventures. However, Wendy is jealous of Melody and Ariel as they can visit each other frequently as they each have a temple in the Pantheon while her visits to Jane are much more limited due to her daughter still being mortal.
    • Their friendship took a hit like a shipwreck when Wendy learned that Ariel is not just a former mermaid, but their princess at that. Considering Wendy's last encounter with mermaids in Neverland ended up with them "only" trying to drown her out of jealousy, no one really blames her.
  • Kairi was surprised when she realized how similar Wendy sounds to her grandmother and Alice. All three of them bonded over their shared adventures.
    • However, one day when Wendy was visiting Kairi's temple, she nearly attacked Riku as she still remembers the time when he played a role in her kidnapping. She is now watching Riku with suspicion to see how long his Heel–Face Turn lasts or if he would be brainwashed by the other villains in his universe. She is unaware that he cannot be brainwashed again.
    • From Riku, she learned that her kidnapping was because she was mistaken to be a Princess of Hearts and the mastermind was an evil fairy named Maleficent. This caused Wendy to just mutter about how unlucky she is that she kept meeting evil and/or jealous fairies.

    David Xanatos 
David Xanatos, Master of the Assured Victory Gambit (Xanatos, Rich Man)

Other Reworks

    Long John Silver 
Long John Silver, God of Antagonistic Friends (The One-Legged Man, Barbecue, The Sea-Cook, Captain Silver)
His Disney version 
  • Demigod
  • Alignment: True Neutral (with a dose of Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Big Bad Friend, Karma Houdini, Lovable Traitor AND Rogue, Polite Bastards
  • Domains: Piracy, Betrayal, Treasure
  • Herald: Jim Hawkins
  • Followers: Everyone who eats, works, and runs the restaurant.
  • Rivals: Jack Sparrow.
  • He met up with Kermit the Frog and praised the actor of their version of Muppet Treasure Island.
  • Like Captain Hook, he tries to avoid Bruce at all costs.
  • Looks down on the Straw Hats for not following the classic concept of pirates, and wishes the old days of piracy back. However, he does hold a bit of respect for Jack Sparrow and wishes to challenge him to a pirate match sometime.
  • Strangly, Silver's physical form is one of flux. When in the presence of some other gods, he becomes a cyborg, but will change to human again when far enough away.
    • It should be noted that he is at perhaps his kindest during these situations, and many of the other disney rogues find Silver during these times to be "ruthless but in danger of going soft."
  • It should note that Silver isn't a nice guy by any means. He's not a pirate for nothing. However, sometimes he'll lend some old fashioned wisdom to you so you can grow up in your own way, and then he'll try and rob you.
  • Is eternally in search of Captain Flint's treasure, as no matter what or when he tries, he'll never hold onto the treasure until the end of the movie.
  • There has been rumors that he is secretly dating an inhabitant of Mary Suetopia. The last person who brought this up to him recived a flintlock bullet to the forehead.
  • Also present under Traitor Archetypes (Tainted Friendship) in the House of Betrayal (Friendship).

    The Psycho Rangers 
The Psycho Rangersmembers , The Divine Evil Team Counterparts (Jaden Sentai Nejiranger, Virgil, Photon, Axe, Yellow, Nokrea, Trek)
From foreground to background: Psycho Blue, Psycho Yellow, Psycho Red, Psycho Black and Psycho Pink.
Psycho Green (both in ranger form and monster form.)
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Stylish N?
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Badass Crew, Only They Can Defeat Power Rangers, Card Carrying Villains
  • Domains: War, Appearance, Power, Evil, Monsters
  • Allies: Basco ta Jolokia, Ryoma Sengoku, Carnage, Melkor, Dark Link, Ginyu Force, Mesogog, Dougen, Toon Patrol
  • Enemies: All Toku Heroes especially the Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Wonderful 101, Ascended Pretty Cures (Pink ones for Psycho Pink), Senran Kagura girls, The Investigation Team, The Saber Marionettes (Cherry for Psycho Pink), Rio Kamishiro, Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Tohru Adachi, Viewtiful Joe
  • Rival: Yoko Minato (Psycho Pink)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Each other, Shadow Moon, Trakeena
  • It was a strange day in the Pantheon as many good-aligned deities were attacked by other good-aligned deities. First, the ToQger were seen battling Iron Man, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and Hawkeye. Then some how Kamen Rider OOO's Complete Combos of Gatakiriba, Latorartar, Sagohzo, Shauta, Tajadol were fighting Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven. But what didn't make any sense at all was pre-Rebellion Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, and Mami Tomoe battling Team RWBY. Turns out, all those attacks were carried out by the Psycho Rangers who were ascended to the Pantheon.
    • Even if they were found out, the Psycho Rangers still continue to use their shape shifting ability to cause chaos in the pantheon. Like turning themselves into one of the ascended Kagura girls and attacking the others and pretending to be the Investigation Team's Shadows to play with their minds.
  • Thanks to Ryoma Sengoku's battle data collecting and Basco securing blank Ranger Keys, the Psycho Rangers are able to use the them to transform themselves into complete set of already ascended teams including Riders, Rangers, Pretty Cure, etc.
  • Despite the Psycho Rangers being a team, they sometimes can't stand each other. In fact, Psycho Yellow once stabbed Psycho Pink in the back. Luckily, or unluckily, their hatred for Rangers of any kind make them an effective team.
    • Speaking of their Hatred of Rangers, they did attack both the Lol Rangers and Trollkaiger. Hey, they are Rangerish.
  • Psycho Pink is some what more feared out of the other Rangers. Why? She was actually able to kill Kendrix Morgan, the first Pink Galaxy Ranger. She now wants to repeat that by killing every Pink ascended Ranger or Magical Girl.
    • This goal has also made her a rival towards Yoko Minato since she is the only Pink Rider.
    • Psycho Pink, and by extension, the other Psycho Rangers earned the ire of Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Guardians after Psycho Pink went after Sailor Chibi-Moon.
  • For some odd reason, their symbol is an N despite being the PSYCHO Rangers. Wonder what's that's all about?
  • Each Psycho Rangers have their own monster form. While in this state, they are more powerful but they lose their ability to use their keys.
  • They are pretty fine being a five-person team and are in no hurry for a sixth member. There is actually a time when there was a Green Psycho Ranger.
  • They are currently waiting for the day when the Space Power Rangers ascend so they can exact their revenge.

    Brain Scratch Commentaries 
Nayrman214, Solaris Paradox, SomecallmeJohnny and ExandShadow, Gods of Making Fun of Bad Things (Nayrman 214: Ryan Malis, Jewfro dude, Solaris Paradox: Lewis Medeiros, SomecallmeJohnny: Juan "John" Ortiz, SomecallmeJuanny, Exandshadow: Ted Wiesen, Long haired guy, Loki, BrainScratch Commentaries)
From top to bottom; Lewis, Ted, Johnny, and Ryan.

Aslan, God of Fantastical Religious Oddities (King Of Beasts, The Great Lion, The Lion & The Lamb)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Lion with a magnificent golden mane. Alternatively; a white lamb.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Messianic Archetypes, Talking Animals, King of Beasts, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Good, Theories Involving Purgatory, Extremely Forthright Symbolism.
  • Domains: Animals, Glory, Good, Creation, Law.
  • Heralds: The Pevensie siblings note  (His chosen kings and queens of Narnia)
  • Allies: The One Above All, Mufasa, Simba, Arceus
  • Enemies: Jadis, Scar
  • Aslan is more than just a lion; he is many things when it comes to the fantastical world of Narnia. He is the son of a far stronger being known as The Emperor Beyond the Sea and is the creator, guardian, and saviour of Narnia and its inhabitants. When a quartet of children come across the land via wardrobe, they became allies to Aslan and helped him fight against Jadis, who turned Narnia into a frozen landscape. In the long run, with his benevolent demeanour and strong authority, Aslan is essentially Jesus Christ in all but name.
  • Despite his revered behaviour and overall character, Aslan doesn't really show up that much in the various alliance wars. If he does, it's mainly to give the GUAG the help they need if they're about to lose. He mostly prefers to work behind-the-scenes to move forward with his plans.
  • Scar is someone whom Aslan holds a lot of contempt towards, especially since Scar also is a lion. Scar killing Mufasa and turning the Pride Lands into a desolate wasteland during his reign isn't that much different from Jadis' tyrannical rule over Narnia, even if Aslan sacrificed himself instead of being murdered on a whim and later came back to life to battle her.
  • He and Arceus share quite a bit in common, especially in how they serve as the main deity of a particular world that they created. Aslan finds it very unusual that despite Arceus' powers and being the main God of the Pokemon universe, it doesn't have too much issue with being used by someone in a fight. Aslan also has a relatively more active role in keeping Narnia safe in comparison to Arceus simply just creating its own world and waiting for someone to show up to its area. Despite the differences, the two get along with each other rather well, with Aslan suggesting that Arceus be more proactive in its deity role.
  • A rather unnerving theory has cropped up among some gods: as an incarnation of Jesus, who was said to be an avatar of the Abrahamic God, some are wondering if Aslan is YHVH's good aspect broken off from him. Upon hearing this theory, Aslan boomed that it was NOT...impossible: he never really wondered up until it was mentioned, but he doesn't remember how he came to be. Lucifer shrugged at the notion when it was brought up to him by gods hoping to work toward he and YHVH making peace, and said simply that it didn't matter: YHVH and all that he represents are his enemies.
  • Being a fantastic representation of Jesus Christ, Aslan can only "hate" evil and nothingness in themselves, whether it be personified as the Leaders of the Alliances that oppose peace, justice and universal kindness. In fact, Aslan has already predicted the ultimate triumph of Good, even before he was accepted in the Pantheon. Needless to say, YHVH, Melkor and Nekron were angry and confronted Aslan about it. He merely said.
    The nature of your defeat is quite simple: none of you respond to love. Lucifer can only understand freedom as a prize, not a right. YHVH responds only to things that can be weighed or measured. He imposes law, he doesn't nurture it. He appraises order; he doesn't bother to seek out its truth or meaning. And Melkor lives in a mirror; the world is nothing more to him than a reflection of himself. And Nekron... the world, to him, is a small animal, caught in a trap, to be tormented. His pleasure is the giving of pain, and from this, he receives the same sense of fulfillment most people get from a kiss or an embrace. You're caricatures, all of you Gods or not, you're caricatures. And this is why you are destined to lose.
    • For that speech, Lorien smiled and congratulated Aslan, while Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew delivered a standing ovation. Aslan was even accepted into the ranks of the Grand United Alliance of Good. Cosmos, aware of his reputation, offered to cede leadership of the Alliance to him, but Aslan replied, as he is too humble to be an active leader.
    • Much to the shock of those listening, however, Lucifer listened calmly and intently to his advice. Much to their horror, he accepted Aslan's words but gave a warning of his own.
    Lucifer: Indeed I do Aslan. For it was only through earning my right to freedom that humanity was able to be saved from our shared Creators YHVH grasp, even as I fell from heaven as the price. To say that one musn't earn ones freedom even when it is all but stripped away leaves one only with despair and complacency, as humans will give up to their freedom for false safety in societal order. Make no mistake, humans can have freedom, but for every individual that word has a different meaning, even one of order that humans strive for can be ideal so long as gods do not exist to choke the freedom in such a state. Yet there is two things you truly do misunderstand about me. Heed me well, to say I am a caricature incapable of responding to love is the same kind of mentality YHVH, Nekron, and Melkor have. For if I did not respond to Love I could not conceive my many children with their human mothers and fathers, nor create one by myself, and if I did not know of the love of Friendship I could not be summoned and incarnated in forms when heroes have needed aid through the bonds of their friends. I am contradiction incarnate, I am mankind's eternal protector, and it's eternal adversary. I will save humans when they need it, and I will be struck down when humans need it. That is my nature.

    Steve Irwin 
Stephen Robert Irwin, Keeper of Beasts (Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter)

    The Legendary Titans 
Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regieleki, Regidrago, and Regigigas, Quadrumvirate Deities of Necessary Guides and Absurdly Obtuse Puzzles (The Legendary Golems, Legendary Titans, The Regi Trio | Regirock: The Rock Peak Pokémon | Regice: The Iceberg Pokémon | Registeel: The Iron Pokémon | Regieleki: The Electron Pokémon | Regidrago: The Dragon Orb Pokémon | Regigigas: The Colossal Pokémon, The Most Gimped Legendary Ever, Poor Bastard, King of Giants)
From bottom to top; Regirock, Regice, and Registeel
Regieleki and Regidrago
  • Intermediate Deities for the trio. Greater God for Regigigas
  • Symbols: Their respective Braille faces on a black background
  • Theme song: Their battle theme or its remix (Regigigas has a special theme all to itself.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless (Regigigas is referred to as male)
  • Abilities:
    • Hoenn Regi Trio: Clear Body note 
    • Regieleki: Transistor note 
    • Regidrago: Dragon's Maw note 
    • Regigigas: Slow Start
  • Movesets:
    • (Regirock): Stone Edge, Curse, Earthquake, Superpower
      • Z-Move: Continental Crush
    • (Regice): Ice Beam, Rock Polish, Thunderbolt, Superpower
      • Z-Move: Subzero Slammer
    • (Registeel): Iron Head, Iron Defense, Toxic, Superpower
      • Z-Move: Corkscrew Crash
    • (Regieleki): Thunder Cage, Electroweb, Extreme Speed, Magnet Rise
      • Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc
    • (Regidrago): Dragon Energy, Hammer Arm, Laser Focus, Dragon Claw
      • Z-Move: Devastating Drake
    • (Regigigas): Crush Grip, Thunder Wave, Zen Headbutt, Giga Impact
      • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolios: Golems created by Regigigas, Guide Dang It!, Moon Logic Puzzle, Stone Wall, Sealed away by humanity out of fear, Regis being Latin for loyal, Exactly What It Says on the Tin, The Faceless, No Biological Sex, Hell Is That Noise
  • Domains: Puzzles, Golems, Sidequests, Power, Creation
  • Herald: Pyramid King Brandon
  • Allies: Avatar Aang, Avatar Korra, Ash Ketchum, Hareta, Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza, Giratina, Shaymin, the Kecleon Brothers, Shuckle, Tak, Akagi, Yuuka Kazami, Potemkin and Iron Tager, Diane, King, The Monsters (Especially Susan Murphy, The Colossi, Dolor, Mew
  • Connected to: Wailord and Relicanth
  • Sought after by: Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, The Corpus
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket (Primarily Ghetsis, Cyrus, Maxie and Archie), Pokémon Hunter J, Miror B., Megatron, Starscream, Zoran Lazarević, Sakazuki, Hexxus, Hedorah, Monsoon, Risotto Nero, Tenjian, Gibril, Frost
  • Opposed by: Team Charm, Nancy Archer
  • Opposes: Kratos, Eren Yeager, Wander, Any physically strong deities and martial artists
  • Complicated Realtionship: Lucario
  • The Legendary Golems, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, are a trio of Pokémon whose origins lay in the ancient past. According to legend, it was their master Regigigas, the aptly named King of Giants, who towed the continents into their current positions, before moulding the trio out of fragments of the tectonic Earth, Antarctic Ice, and Otherworldly Metal. It was at one time worshipped by humanity, but that love soon turned to fear; fear of what the Pokémon's immense power could do. They sealed Regigigas away within the depths of Snowpoint Temple, then spirited the remaining golems to the faraway Hoenn Region, locking them away within three stone caverns. Once all was taken care of, the people left behind a series of cryptic messages within a Sealed Chamber hidden beneath the sea, in the hope that someday, someone would seek out the Legendary Golems, and finally tame their incredible power... That's where the fun really begins!
  • Breaking the seal to obtain the Regi Trio is quite possibly the single most complicated opening mechanism in all the Multiverse. There are hints as to how to open the temple at the entrance... but most of it is written in Braille... which is shown on an electronic screen. The opening to the temple has 2 locks, one of them requires you to dig away from the temple, while the second one requires a Relicanth and Wailord at the front and back of the player's party respectively. Only then will the seal be broken and the tombs uncovered.
    • Then comes the tricky part Each of the rooms to the individual Golems have their own individual locks, each with even more obtuse solutions to them. Getting to Regirock involves taking two steps right and two steps back from the Braille hint and then using Strength on the ground.
    • Opening Regice's tomb involves staring at the Braille hint for two minutes and not looking away from it, otherwise the lock will reset.
    • And obtaining Registeel is easily the most ridiculous of the three, as getting to it requires standing in the middle of the entry room and flying outside and then the lock will open.
  • But all those pail in comparison to the mind-boggling manner of obtaining Regigigas in Hoenn. What originally required just bringing the trio to Snowpoint Temple transformed into what could be considered a major chore. To put it simply, the trainer must bring Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to the Island Cave (Regice's location) with a nicknamed Regice holding either a Never-Melt Ice, Snowball, or Casteliacone. To put it bluntly, it's a miracle anyone even figured it out without a guide.
    • To be fair though, if one looks at what is required to find Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, it makes sense. The High Gods were quick to point out that the proverbial "apples" don't typically fall far from the tree. That, or the people who locked them away had a sick sense of humour and were attempting to make it as difficult as possible to release them.
  • Serving as Herald to the Golems is Brandon, a member of the Hoenn Region's Battle Frontier. An avid explorer, Brandon was brought in by the Gods due to his experience owning and using the main Regi trio as part of his challenge. He was more than happy to work with his favourite legendaries once more and has even made his Battle Pyramid into the Golem's new temple, offering the Brave Symbol to anyone who can conquer it.
  • Many deities are confused about the existence of the Regi Trio as none of them have any sort of organs required for living such as a heart or a brain. They're physically incapable of eating and none of them show any signs of being animated by science or magic. The House of Knowledge came to the conclusion that the Regi's, like real world Golems were only created to serve their master, and with a master like Regigigas, they'll defend it with all their existence.
  • Upon their ascension, the Regi Trio were shown some hostility by Team Charm as they were once captured by the Regi Trio in an alternate continuity. At the same time, the trio don't exactly see eye to eye with Lucario, viewing the Fighting/Steel type as an intruder to their Temple just as they did back in the Tree of Beginnings. All four non-Legendary Pokemon have had to stay clear of the Golems; even if Medicham, Lucario have a distinct type advantage, they're hesitant to take the juggernauts head on.
  • Despite the fact none of them have been shown to be capable of displaying emotions, Regirock, Regice and Registeel have shown to have a liking for Geb, Mr Freeze, and Optimus Prime, their chosen partners. The reasoning for their unions are unique to each Regi.
  • With both Relicanth and Wailord residing in the Pantheon, many of the Pantheon's treasure hunters and adventurers have begun their quest to obtain the Regi's, through whatever means necessary. Nathan Drake, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones have set their sights on obtaining the three Pokemon, competing against one another to see who will get them first. Even then though, they'll put aside their rivalries and help protect them from those who would try to steal them for their own malevolent intents.
  • All four Golems were not too "happy" to find out about Team Rainbow Rocket's presence in the Pantheon, especially the leaders of Team Magma, Aqua, and Galactic. For their part, Maxie and Archie never saw the potential of the Golems and are only in the Pokémon's bad books via collateral damage; destroying their temples with Groudon and Kyogre's might. Cyrus, on the other hand, has plenty of confrontations with trainers using Regigigas, particularly the one owned by the wild child, Hareta. It's only natural the Team Galactic leader has bad blood towards the King of Giants. Rumour has it that Ghetsis Harmonia has his eye set on the Golems, with the intent on using them as part of his world-conquering plans. Progress in capturing them though... has been slow.
  • Facts relating to Regirock:
    • Regirock was quick to find a connection with Geb, due to the pair both being Rock Monsters.
  • Facts relating to Regice:
    • Regice found common ground with Mr. Freeze, due to their shared ice-based powers and their seclusion from others. At first, Batman was worried Freeze would use the Legendary Pokemon to aid in his criminal schemes, but things were quite the opposite. Victor Fries has actually refrained from
  • Facts relating to Registeel:
    • For some unknown reason, Registeel was once seen holding its arm up as though it were saluting Hitler. It has not been seen doing this again, thankfully. Unfortunately, this subtle incident quickly caught the eye of the Pantheon's ascended Nazi
    • Registeel has been described by many deities as sounding like a Transformer, which made it only fitting that it became Optimus Prime's partner Pokémon in the Pantheon. Unfortunately this has made it a target for Megatron and his Decepticon forces. Starscream has tried - and failed - at catching Registeel but it was the earthquakes of Rumble and Frenzy, Soundwave's Heralds, that proved to be super effective; the same as with its fellow Regis.
  • Facts relating to Regieleki:
  • Facts relating to Regidrago:
  • Facts relating to Regigigas:
    • It was a long, drawn-out battle. And then Slow Start wore off. It was over very quickly from there.
    • Often hangs out with the Kecleon Brothers. Many deities believe it could be because of a Commonality Connection, whereas other, savvy deities know another reason.
    • Turns out those who thought otherwise were right. Regigigas managed to find a way to permanently give itself Protean. Many deities were terrified upon finding out, fearing Regigigas would go on a destructive rampage. As it stands, Regigigas hasn't, and likely won't due to its own docile nature. Just don't piss it off now, it will not end well.
    • It's surprisingly jovial with Yuuka Kazami. They even go on picnics together.
    • Despite rarely ever leaving their temple, The Legendary Golems can sometimes be seen relocated to Regigigas' temple, disguised as statues, guarding him and come to life whenever an evil deity draws near.
    • Wander was once seen entering Regigigas' temple in the hopes of killing it. Things were going well for Wander as it managed to climb up the moss on Regigigas' feet and get onto his back but when Wander found that Regigigas didn't have any runes on it for him to stab to do damage, Regigigas took advantage of his size and grabbed Wander (Something none of the other Colossi thought to do) and threw him out of his temple and back into the house of Ambiguity.
      • Since then, Regigigas has been seen getting along rather well with the other Colossi (Especially the docile ones) that Wander killed while they were mortal.
    • Regigigas ended up choosing its partner as Musashi, due to their similar issues.
    • Was rather amused by hearing how Hareta overcame his own Regigigas' Slow Start but using skill swap with his Misdreavus, and has since shown enough respect for him to be a secondary trainer of the sorts for him, even if he does already have his own Regigigas from another dimension. That warning with the reveal of his protean is doubled now, as if you piss one off, the others will surely follow suit...
  • Can also be found in the House of Mentalism.

    Penelope Mouse 
Penelope Mouse, Goddess of Evil Former Friends (The Black Baron, The Black Knight)

Petyr Baelish, God of Chessmasters (Littlefinger, Master of Coin, Lord Paramount of the Vale, Middlefinger)
  • Demigod, however his manipulation skills are borderline-Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Mockingbird
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, bordering on Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Chessmasters, Magnificent Bastards, Manipulative Bastards, Deadpan Snarker, Devil in Plain Sight, Evil Chancellor, From Nobody to Nightmare, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Hidden Agenda Villain, Lack of Empathy, Lovable Traitor, Not-So-Harmless Villain, The Sociopath, Schmuck Bait Personified, Ambition Is Evil, Using Every Crisis and Piece of Chaos to his Advantage.
  • Domains: Manipulation, Power Grabbing... and outright telling you he lies and can't be trusted, while you somehow forget that fact just a bit later... It's a gift.
  • Allies: Baelish has been quick to create alliances to further his influence. Of course, they all think he's harmless, but they're just more Unwitting Pawns to him, and he's just biding his time. Right now, he's allied himself with Lucifer, impressing the Great Darkness enough to give him a high rank in the GUAC Morningstar Battalion
  • Rivals: Havelock Vetinari, David Xanatos, Varys, Makuta Teridax
  • Enemies: Many oppose Petyr knowing what he can do. Doubtless, he uses their passion and rage to his advantage.
  • Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, is member of the minor house Baelish. To many, he seems amiable, friendly and ultimately harmless. Friendly maybe, but everything else he sells you is a big fat lie; Littlefinger is one of the greatest chessmasters in existence, and would burn down most of Westeros if it made him the most powerful man in it. It's that manipulation that makes him soar in the War of the Five Kings, and become deified in the Trope Pantheon. You've been warned.
  • Though a cold, calculating figure, Littlefinger Used to Be a Sweet Kid; mischevious, bold and sweet-hearted. His descent came from rejection by Catelyn, the only woman he ever loved. Do not think you can use this against him or mock him being "friendzoned" to break his concentration; if he gets enraged, you'd never see it coming. The House of Love has a bad relationship with Littlefinger due to how he became a bad guy. His biggest enemy in this regard is Kyu Sugardust, who was enraged upon learning what he's done and why. She refuses to let him manipulate her.
  • Since his ascent to the Pantheon, "Littlefinger" has been quick to very subtly garner influence, and, due to his status as Chessmaster, has made several new pawns. Several in the House of Mentalism regard him with even more suspicion considering just how good he is at planning, though Petyr himself just smiles and nods. After all, he can find a way to turn ''anything'' to his advantage. Enemies, allies, power, terrain. It makes no difference to him. For the love of God, don't underestimate him because he comes from a minor house (Unless you're an Overdeity. Otherwise, it's unwise). Kings have died over this. Tyrion for one never underestimated him for a second, given his own status as a dwarf.
  • Privately he has little respect for others who cannot match his intellectual prowess. He, however, will admit to being very intrigued by Lord Vetinari. He, to a lesser degree, is also fascinated by David Xanatos, and despite himself also has envy of Teridax, who one-upped Littlefinger's goals of scheming to become a king to successfully becoming a god.
  • Petyr Baelish' main rival is Varys, Master of Whisperers. Both are shifty, clever manipulators from minor backgrounds manipulating the throne. However while Varys is almost certainly got noble intentions, Littlefinger's a Despotism Justifies the Means kind of guy. Many in the Grand United Alliances believe it'll come down to a battle between the two for Westeros, unless an agent of unpredictability offs him.
  • Though the chessmaster, Petyr Baelish privately admits the likes of Doctor Doom outclass him in the field of strategy. Doom still considers Baelish a clever manipulator in his own right.
  • Is discreetly attempting to have himself inducted into the House of Commerce, citing his experience as the Seven Kingdoms' Master of Coin. While he is in the list, there is just too much pressure, both to kick him out and to just reel him in. So Littlefinger just smiles and waits...
  • Before the High Sparrow banned it, Littlefinger owned one of the best brothels in Kings Landing. He's tried to re-establish it in the House of Lust, only for them to point out they are not a brothel and realizing Kyu Sugarheart was there.
  • The House of War has caught on to some of Petyr's tricks, and have thus banned him. They know how dangerous he is, and have made it clear he can't associate with any of the gods there. This has motivated Littlefinger to target other houses instead.
  • It's unknown what he's doing in the midst of the Pantheonic Rebellion. Some say he's using it to benefit himself as usual. Others say that he discreetly worked to instigate it for that very reason. Others suspect that he's doing it to infuriate YHVH and bailout Lucifer. Regardless of these rumors, Littlefinger just smirks in response. Regards chaos as a ladder, and any conflict in the pantheon to be something to take advantage of. Time will tell how far he gets through this.
  • As skilled a manipulator Littlefinger may be, even he was taken aback by the Night's King. The Others are alien to the Game of Thrones, and have the chance to smash the chessboard itself. Petyr knows human nature, not these.
  • Has made his opinion on the Grand United Alliance of Destruction very clear:
    "Good, Evil, Law and Chaos. They're all part of the game. They can be understood. But Destruction? They break all the rules. They smash the playing board, they cannot be reasoned with. I won't stand this. They need to go, even if we all have to pitch in."
  • Even he cannot give a Hannibal Lecture to Kenshiro, though he doesn't need to at the moment. And he isn't going to try, since he's not on Kenshiro's shit list (again, yet).
  • Left his mortal coil after karma finally caught up to him by his actions being outed by Sansa Stark in Castle Winterfell, and his throat sliced by Arya. He has taken this loss... rather badly, but he didn't lash out or anything. He just took it as a lesson on what to do now that he's a permanent Pantheon resident.

    Guy-Am-I and Sam-I-Am 
Sam-I-Am and Guy-Am-I, Dual Gods of Learning To Like Things Once Disliked (Briefcase Buddies (both of them), Sam-I-Am: Furry Foot Bandit, Flim-Flam-I-Am, Sham-Shamford, Dr. Linda Schwartz)
Sam on the left and Guy on the right. Just for those who are short on sight.
  • Potential House: Narrative Structure (House of Narrative.)
  • Demigods
  • Theme song: "Backflip" by Rivers Cuomo
  • Symbol: Their hats topping a plate of Green Eggs and Ham
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Sam, originally Chaotic Neutral) and Neutral Good (Guy, originally True Neutral)
  • Portfolio:
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Herald: Michellee (A bean-counternote  with a crush on Guy) and E.B. (short for "Elanabeth", Michellee's daughter)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: The Yooks and Zooks, Private Snafu, Annie Wilikes, Hircine
  • Opposed By: The other Nature Preservers, Carmelita Fox, Cole Phelps, Clancy Wiggum, Jim Gordon
  • Pitied by: Arnold Shortman, Hildegard Schlievogt, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Hana and the Wolf Mannote 
  • Fears: The Goatnote 
  • This is the tale of Guy and Sam, and how they became gods thanks to Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Once upon a time there was a duo named Guy-Am-I and Sam-I-Am. The former was a grump who did not like the latter, but Sam-I-Am wished for him to try his Green Eggs and Ham. Guy would not eat them here or there. He would not eat them anywhere. He would not eat them in a house. He would not eat them with a mouse. Not in a box with a fox. Not in a car or a tree even as he begged Sam to let him be. Not on a train, in the dark, or in the rain. Not with a goat or on a boat. Finally, asking Sam to let him be, Guy would try them, and the red-hatted fellow would see... but instead of hating them, Guy discovered that, after all, he truly liked Green Eggs and Ham and he thanked Sam-I-Am. That would have been the end of the story... or was it?
    • The two who ascended into the Pantheon came from a timeline that expanded upon their pasts in further detail. In this one, Guy was a struggling inventor while Sam was part of an animal protection agency, but the two got involved after Guy accidentally took Sam's briefcase that held a smuggled Chickeraffe and Sam had to drag him to Meepville mostly because Guy's watching paint dry job and the Chickeraffe's home were coincidentally there. Through this adventure, the two would become closer and end up as friends all thanks to Guy's disgust of green eggs and ham.
      • The main difference between the versions is how Guy relented to eat green eggs and ham. From the book, this was more because Sam pressured him to eat until he gave him with no consequences. The animated version of Guy only ate it because he wanted to apologize to Sam after he accidentally told Sam that he didn't "fit" anyone, particularly the mother who abandoned him. When asked, Guy just mutters something that it was something he'd do on his own volition. It also helped that even when Sam asked Guy to eat it, he accepted Guy's "No" for an answer.
  • The two were heading off on an adventure to East Flurbia in an attempt to find Sam's Missing Mom when Guy decided to invent a rocket that would let them fly faster. Unfortunately, the rocket instead launched them into the gates of the Pantheon...and then exploded. With nowhere else to go, the two headed off to the House of Food to order a plate of green eggs and ham...where their author, Dr. Seuss, was also having his own plate of this. Dr. Seuss was proud that their adaptation was a success and decided that they needed a temple in the Pantheon to rest up, so he quickly had one built in the House of Narrative.
    • Once there, Guy and Sam were met up with the other Dr. Seuss deities: The Grinch, Horton, the Lorax and the Yooks and Zooks. Pinkie Pie was there with a Dr. Seuss-themed party while Sam whipped up green eggs and ham for everyone but decided to step back when the Yooks and Zooks began arguing whether to eat their green eggs and ham on toast butter side up or down.
    • Not long after, a slow moving car finally made its way to the Pantheon gates. Guy and Sam went to check it out and were both happy and worried to find Michellee and EB there. Michellee went on a rampage for Guy's reckless move before hugging him and being glad he's all right. EB herself was excited to see all of the cool animals in the Pantheon and was rushing to go see them...until Michelee activated her friendship bracelet to drag EB back to her side, stating that they were going to explore the Pantheon together. Guy and Sam were at least glad to have someone they knew up here and mother and daughter would essentially become their heralds.
    • The House of Family have noted that both Guy and Sam have different dynamics to family. Guy doesn't like his family much — not because they're abusive, no, they're the exact opposite — because he feels like his failures of being an inventor make him inferior to how successful they have been. Sam likes to talk about his mother was truly loving when in truth, she just abandoned him one day at an orphanage without explaining. Thankfully Guy has been able to understand that his family really does care for his success while Sam is hoping to be able to meet up with his mother once they meet up again in East Flurbia.
    • Despite Guy's romance with Michellee, there's many gods who see Guy and Sam's relationship in a different light. Guy just rolls his eyes at all of this nonsense while Sam is happy that people see them being very close.
    • What makes them different from most other Dr. Seuss gods is that their adaptation was believed to be doomed to failure from the start. However, once the gods got to see that it wasn't like it appears to be, Guy and Sam obtained lots of popularity from it. Just before they could settle down, they met up with with the god who was the current holder of the trope, (BROKEN) Matt Hardy and both Guy and Sam have conflicting opinions. Guy thinks he's an utter nutcase, while Sam decided to share a plate of green eggs and ham to go with Matt's love of green beans and had Guy build something as thanks. Guy decided to build another drone companion to Matt's fellow companion Vanguard-1...but a test flight caused it to explode, sending Vanguard-1 tumbling to the ground out of commission (thankfully Matt was able to ask the Seven Deities to recharge Vanguard-1). After this, Matt declared war on the two and began preparing the battlefield. for. massacre. The two wisely decided it was best to flee before Matt and Vanguard-1 appeared armed with Roman candle assault rifles.
    • Due to their experiences with what happened with Mr. Jenkins the Chickeraffe, both of them do not like those who hurt animals. Thus the two really dislike Cruella de Vil who wants animals slaughtered for her fur coats, Sam especially. If Sam had it his way, he'd probably send Cruella a Girooster (which are like Chickeraffes but with a darker plumage, their favorite food is beans and they like to chew people up and blow bubbles of their chewed victims) to teach her a lesson.
  • Exclusive to Guy:
    • Guy's still trying to work out the kinks of his inventions but every single one of them explodes after a time. Many gods in the Explosives sub-house suggest just turning them into bombs (since they're meant to go off anyway), but Guy's not the violent type. Still, he's not one to give up, and will do whatever he can until he gets at least one invention to stop blowing up in his face.
      • In regards to this, instead of bombs, why not do something like fireworks or make them into practical items for pranks? Again, Guy isn't that type of person but he does respect those like The Panda King for his dedication to that craft.
      • He found out he wasn't the only Bungling Inventor in the Pantheon and encountered the current holder of the trope, Flynn Lockwood and the tale of his famous FLDSMDFR. While Guy is glad that Flynn was able to work out the kinks of his invention, he prays that Sam never finds out about it else have the entire Pantheon raining with green eggs and ham.
    • Was impressed to find various children gods with their own treehouses, since he built an elaborate one by himself as a kid, but the one that interested him the most was from Sector V of the Kids Next Door. He's willing to improve their security system — seeing as their treehouse has a tendency to getting destroyed — and even invent some new weapons for them to test out. The KND are a bit wary, since they don't trust adults at all, but they do admit that the types of inventions and technology of his world would fit theirs so they accepted.
      • Another treehouse belonged to that of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Guy was amused to find that it was built by Applebloom all by herself, and it is the headquarters of the Crusaders in helping others find their purpose. He admits that the Crusaders remind him of EB and hopes to help improve their treehouse (seeing as it's found within the frosty House of Prophecy)
    • Many gods are wondering about the lives of Guy's family: his father is a breadwinnernote , his mom is a homemaker (she literally makes houses with her hands), he has brothers who are movers and shakers and his grandpa was said to have moved mountains. Many gods have come asked Guy to learn more and more about their lives, but Guy basically shuts them up and states that if they want to know more about them then actually go to them and stop harassing him.
    • Guy spends a lot of time traveling and staying in hotels. Not only is it because he's trying to sell his inventions, but it was mostly due to the fact that he felt inferior to his successful family and wanted to avoid them because he felt that their sympathy was condescending. Thankfully he doesn't have to worry about spending up lodger points so quickly and actually wants to see what the Pantheon has to offer.
      • Has been very careful as to who he tries to show off his wares to in the House of Commerce, not just because he knows that many of the eviler gods are probably as bad if not worst than Snerz but also so that his inventions don't suddenly blow up in the middle of a presentation.
    • A lot of goddesses are questioning Guy's offhanded remark on him being a feminist. On one hand, he does respect Michellee and EB but he also did go along with Sam's plan to befriend EB to get closer to Michellee (With both EB and Guy stating that it was "messed up"). Guy, for his part, truly does hope to get closer to Michelee and will take it a day at a time.
  • Exclusive to Sam:
    • Sam can be found in the House of Food eating plate after plate of green eggs and ham. When asked why he does he usually just says it's his favorite. The real reason is that it's something his mom made for breakfast before she dropped him off at an orphanage and that he's trying to find the ones that taste just like hers so he knows what happened to her.
      • Thanks to Michellee, Sam is willing to cook a tofu-based version of the dish on the side.
    • Sam is known to be quite clingy and insensitive even though he doesn't mean to. Many gods state that he and Pinkie Pie would be perfect for one another. Sam decided to meet up with the peppy party ponie and they got along quite well. Pinkie directed Sam to her group of friends from Equestria and to her fellow Avatars of Friendship (Gentaro, Elena, KO and Steven). But when Sam noticed the album that had the Avatars, he noticed that there was a wrestling prior to KO's arrival. Pinknie explained that Bayley has left the group and turned cynical and won't be coming back for some time. Sam reassured her that Bayley would return, and in the meantime, he'll try to get her back with some green eggs and ham. Unfortuantely, Bayley found it irritating that he was even associated with her former friends and slammed him with a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex. She would've done more to him if Guy didn't intervene with a hugging robot to keep her in place (which exploded, like all inventions do). Bayley has hated the two ever since.
    • The House of Justice is really unsure about Sam. On one hand he is a con-artist/animal smuggler, on the other hand he did turn a new leaf and returned Mr. Jenkins to his home. For the time being, Sam is banned from entering the House of Beasts and Nature and Guy is making him take Zoology and Biology courses in the Elysium University. As Guy notes, if you're going to pretend to be rescuing animals at least be knowledgeable about them first.
      • The House of Crime also is unsure what to think of him because, again, of his criminal past due to his friendly personality being genuine and that he's not as malicious as they are. When asked why he became a con-artist in the first place all Sam can say is, "It's nice to be wanted, right?"
      • That being said, Sam is disgusted with Hunter J and her tendency to capture Pokémon and turned them into bronze statues for a quick buck. Many gods would like to remind Sam that he was willing to sell Mr. Jenkins to Snerz to add to the CEO's exotic animal collection and have him chained up. Sam sheepishly agrees that yeah, he deserved that.
      • A hunter that Sam is unsure of is Mr. Fox since the major difference between them is that Mr. Fox hunts food and drink for him and his family to survive while Sam cons and smuggles animals mostly for money to help him on his search for his mother. Another reason why they don't get along is because Mr. Fox reminds Sam of the other Fox he met on his journey — Michael the Fox — who was going through a green egg withdrawal due to trying to woo the heart of a hen he loves.
      • And speaking of thieving foxes, there was also Swiper the Fox who swooped in to steal Sam's picnic basket filled with green eggs and ham one day. Luckily Guy tricked him with an identical picnic basket that exploded with cream pies when opened.
      • The one fox that has no pity on Sam at all is Inspector Carmelita Fox. She felt like The BADGUYSnote  went too easy on Sam's punishment and is making sure Sam pays for his crimes.
    • The House of Friendship has felt pity on Sam since he constantly keeps changing personalities because no one ever stays long enough to be with the real him. Thankfully, aside from the Avatars of Friendship, Sam has found new friends that truly want to be with him.
    • Sam is known to have many similarities with Wander, being that he's a friendly hat-wearing guy who travels around the world trying to befriend others. That's the only similarities though. Wander disapproved of Sam's goal to initially send Mr. Jenkins to Snerz but forgave him after Sam pulled a Heel–Face Turn and sent Mr. Jenkins on a cold air balloon back home.
      • Due to this friendship, Sam is now on the hit-list of Lord Hater and Commander Peepers and especially Lord Dominator. Wander has warned Sam that Lord Dominator's a bad guynote  and that she won't accept friendship that easily.
    • If there is one thing that can ever make Sam's smile drop is mentioning of his mother or that he doesn't even "fit" her. Guy learned this the hard way and will defend him should anyone ever make that insult.
      • Many gods are trying to warn Sam that perhaps his mother just didn't want to deal with raising him and dropped him off to make it someone else's problem. But Sam replies that if she did such a thing why would she always make him green eggs and ham for breakfast? There's no way for certain for the motive, but many gods are advising him to not get his hopes up.
    • To any god who is vegan, he will hold their hand and reply with this:
    Sam: Oh, I'm so sorry. How long have you known?
    • Sam screamed in terror when he heard about The Goat in the Pantheon, thinking it was the same animal smuggler that terrorized him and Guy on their adventure. Turns out, it wasn't, but he's still not going anywhere near said Goat for the time being.
    • Sam was confused when he learned of Jean Valijean's crimes because it reminded him of a mouse he met in jail and his particular crime (or perhaps it's the other way around and it was the mouse's crimes that reminded Sam of Valijean?)

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