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Avatar Quest 2 stuff:

So, I'm going to include a handy guide in this to (hopefully) make the lore easier to understand. None of the lore will be important to playing, but if you're one of the people who loves lore or want to know why the character who's been helping you works against you on one mission and then, once you've forgotten about that, turns out to be an Arc Villain, this should be a great resource. Also, it should serve as a nice preview for the game before I begin it, if anyone actually cares. (Plus being an easy place to work on it and save it)


This is still a work in progress, but should update irregularly.

     Introduction to the guide 

My name is Turry. I am an artificial intelligence in the employ of Delta(the individual and the organization), with the purpose of providing you with any information you may need. I take the form of nanobots in your bloodstream, instantly transmitting relevant information to your brain upon command for practical battlefield use. I can provide information on persons, places, organizations, and objects of interest, as well as relevant historical events and legends that might have bearing upon the current situation. I also contain an archive of common metanarrative patterns and universes which is at your full disposal as members of Delta(the organization).

     Locations of interest 

The Sburb virus 

Corresponding work: Homestuck

Notable residents: Lord English, Terezi Pyrope, Dave Strider

Description: A self-propagating and expanding section of the multiverse that changes the physics of universes it converts to function by the ~ATH programming language, a form of code that, unlike other computer languages, which can use and generate only Will, contains both Will and Entropy, and thus tends to destroy the lives of all who become involved with its mechanics except the most strong-Willed.

     Persons of interest 


Full name: King Bowser Koopa

Power level: Varies; he has defeated the most powerful foes he has ever fought, but has also sustained losses against much weaker enemies. Maximum power is on Planet Destroyer level, but he usually only exerts a fraction of this.

Notable allies: All sub-Council members of Delta, Delta(individual), Yamato Hotsuin, Tony Stark, Batman, Meta Knight, and King Dedede

Notable enemies: YHVH(unofficially), the Doctor(unofficially), the Schemer(unofficially), the Mario Brothers(with frequent truces), Princess Peach, Omega(individual and organization), Lord English, Lucifer(Datasphere)

Alignment: Believed to be Lawful Neutral

Work of origination: Super Mario Bros.

Description: The newest member of the Delta Council, Bowser is the hereditary King of the Koopa Dynasty and elected ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Notorious for using violent and unorthodox tactics against the resistance state in his kingdom, he has foresworn using such methods in order to join the Council. Although he is considered a bloodthirsty tyrant in the resistance state, Bowser continues to provide services such as water and electricity to the resident Toads, despite their refusal to pay taxes. He sides with the more militaristic and interventionalist members of the Council, supporting "attacking all of the bad guys with everything,"


Full name: unknown

Power level: personal power unknown; influence is nearly unparalleled.

Notable allies: all members of Delta (the organization); allies on the Council include SCP-343, Bowser, the Schemer, Batman, Tony Stark, the Doctor, and Yoda. Other allies include Meta Knight, the SCP Foundation, and the Society of Eccentric Detectives.

Notable enemies: Omega(individual and organization), Lord English, Maledon(assuming it exists), Dark Matter, Entropy, Lucifer(Datasphere), and YHVH(unofficially)

Alignment: unknown; nonevil; nonchaotic; pro-Delta; pro-Will

Work of origination: unknown or inapplicable

Description: Delta is the unofficial founder and leader of their(gender unknown) namesake organization. They defeated Omega in the First Omega War, the only time Omega(the individual) has been defeated in combat and the only time Omega(the organization) has suffered a military defeat. After Omega was defeated, Delta reshaped their organization into a mediation/defense body between universes rather than a resistance group as it was previously, or a military/conquest organization such as Omega. They also reshaped the administrative structure to prevent any member from holding absolute power, becoming an officially standard member of the Council. They are extremely intelligent and a tactical genius, capable of planning campaigns years in advance and quickly adjusting to new enemy assets and surprise defeats. They are mostly neutral in Council politics, although slightly interventionalist and opposed to YHVH's "Uplift" agenda.

Lord English 

Full name: Caliborn

Power level: Planet Destroyer, easily.

Notable allies: Doc Scratch, other selves, the Englified

Notable enemies: Everyone else

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Work of origination: Homestuck

Description: Lord English is a time-travelling, universe hopping being of unbelievable power. Even if one version of himself is defeated or contained, his virus within the Sburb virus will cause more of himself to be created by creating universes with Doc Scratch as a first guardian, who will then die, releasing another Lord English. He caused the modern discovery of a multiverse by blowing many cracks in the walls separating universes with his ÞATH-granted power, which eventually caused the Great Crossover when the walls gave way. Those who are exposed to artifacts holding Lord English's essence for too long undergo a transformation in which their eyes become flashing pool balls and their mind is gradually controlled by Lord English until they have no will of their own, becoming known as the Englified.

Meta Knight 

Full name: If he has one other than Meta Knight, it is unknown.

Power level: Skilled in combat, but has only town to city level destructive power. Economically and in terms of total firepower, he is second only to Delta and possibly Omega.

Notable allies: Delta(individual and organization), Yamato Hotsuin, Bowser, King Dedede, the Schemer, Kirby(with occasional conflicts), anyone with both honor and money

Notable enemies: Omega, YHVH, Lucifer(datasphere), Al Saiduq, the Mario Brothers, Princess Peach, most major governments

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Work of origination: Kirby

Description: Meta Knight was the one to capitalize on the existence of a multiverse. At first, he mostly provided safe transport, but quickly began selling technology, especially weapons. He finally began working as a mercenary when Delta bought his entire stock in the First Omega War, and he offered he and his (then fairly small) company's services due to his distaste for Omega. Continued dealings with Delta after the war quickly made Halberd inc. the most successful business in the multiverse, helped by Popstar's relatively enormous size compared to most other worlds and its abundance of natural resources. He has turned down offers to join the Delta Council several times, and has instead exerted influence on it by deals with the Schemer. Despite his mercenary dealings, he refuses to work for those who are destructive or oppressive, and offers a discount to universes attempting to resist YHVH's "uplift" agenda.


Full name: unknown

Power level: Never defeated in combat except by Delta; influence currently unknown, but formerly unmatched

Notable allies: Omega(organization)

Notable enemies: Delta(individual and organization), the Society of Eccentric Detectives, Lucifer(Datasphere), all sovereign administrations

Alignment: unknown; Evil; pro-Omega

Work of origination: unknown or inapplicable

Description: Omega is the head of their(gender unknown) namesake organization. They have no clear objective but to conquer and enslave every possible universe, and create and control the Reavers, foot soldiers of their organization. It is believed that they lost much of their power after the First Omega War, but the Reavers have begun reappearing, indicating that they have resumed their attempts at conquest from an unknown location. Their first known act after the Great Crossover was to attack three major universes well known for their superhero population and kill every powered being therein. Reports suggest that they are capable of imitating the abilities of any enemy they fight, allowing them to overpower even the strongest beings and emerge from every battle more powerful than before.

The Schemer 

Full name: Classified

Power level: Although no Planet Destroyer abilities have been demonstrated, the Schemer has defeated opponents with such powers in combat. Influence is unknown, but definitely greater than they want us to think.

Notable allies: Sub-Council Delta, Delta(individual), Yamato Hotsuin, Iron Man, SCP-343, the Society of Eccentric Detectives, the Doctor

Notable enemies: Bowser(unofficially), YHVH(unofficially), Yoda(unofficially), Batman(unofficially), Omega(individual and organization), Lord English, Maledon(assuming it exists), Entropy

Alignment: Claims to be Chaotic Good; their critics claim they are Chaotic Neutral.

Work of origination: Classified

Description: The Schemer was the second member of the Council. They(gender classified) were a major player in the First Omega War, and one of the founders of the initial resistance movement, having been a disenchanted member of the old Omega(organization). They have been responsible for the destruction of Skynet, Yamato Hotsuin's invitation to the Council, and Delta's(organization) dealings with Meta Knight, as well as minor and unknown schemes. They are fairly neutral in terms of militarism and interventionalism, but it is clear that they have a definite agenda.

Iron Man 

Full name: Tony Stark

Power level: Vanilla human, but depending on the tech level he has to work with, can build suits with enough power to level cities, or defeat enemies capable of such.

Notable allies: Delta(Individual), Sub-Council Delta, The Schemer, Yamato Hotsuin, Batman, Meta Knight

Notable enemies: YHVH(unofficially), The Doctor(unofficially), Omega(individual and organization), Lord English, Emperor Thrawn

Alignment: Chaotic Good; Pro-Delta

Work of origination: Iron Man; was originally from the Marvel universe.

Description: Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, was, like Batman, one of the few inhabitants of one of the universes eradicated by Omega who was able to escape due to excessive preparations and advanced technology. Although his universe-hopping technology allowed him to escape the massacre, Omega tracked him down and forced him to join their initial organization, where he became one of the founding members of Delta while it was still only a resistance faction. He is the unofficial leader of the militaristic faction of the Council, and is isolationist. Despite their opposing ideologies, he and Batman have a close friendship and work together on various research projects. He is also the head of the Mechanical Warrior Initiative, a Delta project to avoid risking the lives of field operatives by sending remotely-controlled robots into combat missions. Additionally, he is the only member of Delta to run an external organization, Stark Industries, which is both a major competitor and a strong ally of Halberd Inc., although its focus on construction and defensive equipment over destructive weapons or utilies narrows its scope, allowing Halberd Inc. to far surpass it overall.

     Phenomena of interest 

The Advancement Principle 

Any universe with technology sufficient to travel between universes, potentially connecting itself to a universe which would, by being connected to the first one, have a catastrophic effect, has also developed time travel to the point where it is commonplace, meaning that all ways in which a civilization developing multiversal travel could accidentally wipe itself out with it are inevitably reversed, making it virtually impossible for irresponsible use of multiversal travel to cause calamity for the universe initiating travel.


Given the infinite nature of the multiverse, every universe exists as a fictional work in uncountable other universes. However, many works are interfered with by their author through breaks of the Fourth Wall, Author Powers, and even the occasional Author Avatar. Thus, many universes can feel the presence of such beings interfering in their events. Authors generally do not know the import of what they do, and are often frivolous and destructive. In addition, some have used the weakened Fourth Wall to exert power over their own universes or to destroy their own authors, such as Flowey and Lord English, respectively. When an Author Avatar dies, the boundaries between the universe they control and other universes weakens due to the lack of a unifying willpower maintaining canon.

Chaos worlds 

Due to the nature of the multiverse being that every possibility exists as a universe, the vast, vast majority of universes are composed entirely of random, hyperenergetic static due to random particles popping in and out of existence everywhere, all the time. An unsecured portal to such a universe would release enough energy into the other side to destroy a planet, and slowly corrupts that universe, transforming it eventually into another chaos world. This was the main barrier to multiversal travel before the Gateways were built.

Entropic universes 

Many universes that are devoid of life contain Entropy beings instead, which are often as large as stars or even galaxies, and generally possess both massive tentacles and special distortion abilities. If a portal is opened into an Entropic universe, then one such being will most likely sense the intrusion and begin to destroy all conscious life in the universe that contacted it.


As well as being the scientific phenomenon that makes perpetual motion impossible, Entropy is the natural tendency of all universes to lean towards disaster and destruction, and can emulate sentience in beings such as Cthulhu, C'thun, or the Horrorterrors. Such abominations invariably seek to crush hope and cause suffering, and inexplicably collaborate against beings of Will. Although Entropy and entropic entities are nearly invulnerable to standard forces, concentrated Will is incredibly effective at destroying Entropy and even reversing scientific Entropy.

The Fourth Wall 

When a universe exists as a fictional work in another universe, a barrier known as a Fourth Wall is created between the two that both prevents the "work" universe from recognizing the presence of Author interference, and prevents the "author" universe from recognizing that the work being created exists as more than an idea. It is closely related to the boundaries between universes, as both are weak to both Author Powers and ÞATH code, as proven by Lord English when he shattered many multiversal boundaries.

The Multiversal Invasion principle 

Any society capable of using multiversal travel to invade another universe has also, due to time travel being commonplace, developed a way to prevent time travel from being used to prevent the invasion, meaning that the Advancement principle only applies to the universe that is travelled from, and not the one being travelled to.

7-dimensional space 

The first three dimensions, of which conventional space is made, are well known. The fourth and fifth dimensions deal with time; the fourth is time itself, and the fifth is all timelines lined up, with each travel back in time also sending the traveler forward by at least one timeline. The sixth and seventh dimensions deal with other universes, with the sixth dimension separating traditional "parallel universes," known as Planes, and the seventh dimension separating alternate universes proper, with every single possible combination of positions of objects in space in every moment of time being accounted for by a universe. Due to the warped nature of higher-dimensional space, further discussion of which is ultimately irrelevant except in academic circles as of yet, properly advanced technology or magic can create a three-dimensional "map" of the seventh dimension, with single points representing known, habitable universes, and transport people and objects to other such universes without passing through the unthinkably vast majority that would prove instantly fatal upon exposure.

Soul forms 

When a person with a strong Will is filled with enough malice or destructive intent, when they die, their soul can attract a large amount of Entropy and live on without the body in a new, incredibly powerful form. This only happens very rarely, except on Popstar, where beings such as Sectonia or Drawcia often possess enough hatred to return as Souls for an unknown reason, possibly linked to the proximity of Dark Matter.


Will is a power contained within all sentient entities which allows heroic deeds, defiance of the odds, and extraordinary talent. Massive amounts of Will can be found in major heroes and villains, who use it to make incredibly unlikely events near certainties and perform feats which should be physically very difficult or even impossible. Large amounts of Will can destroy or reverse Entropy, and it is theorized that enough Will could increase itself, leading to infinite Will existing and destroying all Entropy.


     Timeline, legends, and history 


The Six Lights 

The legend of the Six Lights is the oldest known possible instance of multiversal travel, and may be the origin of many phenomena and beings. Not very good reading, due to the intricacies having been lost in translation from an ancient numerical language, but historically essential.

It goes like this:

Before prehistory, there were six lights of Will: two good, two neutral, and two evil; the light of creation, the light of benevolence, the light of knowledge, the light of devotion, the light of domination, and the light of destruction. The lights fought amongst each other for time unknown before seeing the spread of Entropy, which threatened them all. They worked together to create a weapon that would consume the Entropy like the Entropy would consume existence, but the weapon grew like a cancer that consumed existence just as much as the enemy they feared. The lights of good and one neutral light built a shelter, strong enough to keep out the Entropy, but it was not indestructible, and will fall to Entropy like all else. Finally, the other neutral light and the lights of evil formed a monster, out of Will and Entropy both, that would destroy all but its creators, not only saving them, but giving them mastery over creation. However, the monster broke its shackles and turned on its masters, free to bring about the end of all things.

The implications are frightening, given the lack of further legends to tell of the defeat of the monster. The fact that this tale is what led to the discovery of Entropy as an active force rather than a passive phenomenon only increases its likelihood to be true.

The Prophecy of Maledon 

A prophecy held sacred by several Dracan civilizations, this legend speaks of the return of the "god of devouring," Maledon.

The Dark Dragon which sleeps chained will awaken when the seven stars fall

The Red Star will die when the armies of metal and flesh prevail for the cause of order

The Golden Star will be cast down from the heavens by its brothers in the sky

The Blue Star will be destroyed as the lies of its creation are revealed for the last time

The Black Star will steal in vain the strength of champions of good and evil alike

The White Star will serve until its end the one who fights what he once would give his life for

The Star of Many Colors, brightest of them all, will step down of its own free will

And the Green Star will be offered up as tribute, key to the lock which holds the Dark Dragon from the world

Historical Events

The Great Crossover 

The Great Crossover, when modern civilizations discovered the multiverse, was caused when Lord English first killed the Author Avatar of Andrew Hussie, weakening his universe's bounds, and then blasted the multiversal barriers around his universe with ÞATH infused destructive power, both allowing universes to come into contact and allowing the spread of the Sburb virus through the seventh dimension rather than only the sixth. This allowed the rise of both Omega, who recruited the strongest beings from many universes, and Meta Knight, who sold artifacts and advanced technology, especially weapons, to universes that had not developed them. Some organizations that had already believed themselves to be multiversal cotinued as normal, and others evolved, such as the Smash Bros. tournaments opening up to many different beings rather than only those now known to have been "video game characters" in their "author" universes. Several small threats such as the Dark Empire of Eternia, an attempt by an evil version of someone from a universe with much 6th dimensional travel to gather many versions of people to form an army, and the Darkhive, a universe-spanning hivemind of insects that assimilated any sentient beings it encountered, rose and were defeated right after the Great Crossover, while several lasting organizations such as the Dracan Empire, the Reformed Evil Race Support Society, and Meta Knight's economic network, started out.


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