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    Anime & Manga 
  • Berserk
    Griffith: Among thousands of comrades and ten thousand enemies, only you...only you...only you made me forget my dream. I sacrifice."
  • From Episode 7 of Black★Rock Shooter, this line hits like a bombshell:
    • Yuu Koutari: "Your greeting is rather late, Mato Kuroi. I see my Strength has been relying on you... My name is Yuu Koutari. Strength is down here right now, just as you are."
  • Casshern Sins episode 13: Braiking Boss gives off two Wham Lines.
    Seems like your memory is coming back. You were bound to find out sooner or later. Now you can take responsibility for what you've done with this planet. (towards Ohji) Isn't that right, Professor?
    There's no need for two Suns. That is why I gave the order... for you to kill Luna.
  • Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi:
  • Murasakiiro no Qualia: Chapter 8
    "A call that should have been impossible... yet I recognized the voice who told me that Yukari would die. The person at the other end of the receiver... was me."
  • Oreimo manga, chapter 25: "I'M... DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH MY SISTERRRRRR!!" If you've read the novel or seen the anime, you'll know that things are cleared up, but since the manga chapter ends on a Cliffhanger...
  • In Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!, Souji Mitsuka is a twintail fanboy who normally becomes a superpowered, twin-tailed little girl. In Episode 11, he finds himself turned into a girl full time and his superpowered form grows gradually weaker. At the end of the episode, he figures out why:
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
    • In the The Stinger of the series itself, Stocking casually asks Panty this question:
    Stocking: You know how how our heavenly weapons kill ghosts and shit but don't work on people, like, at all. I wonder what they do to angels?
    ** Which leads to Stocking cutting Panty up into 666 pieces.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    Kyubey (Episode 6): Oh, jeez. I never would have thought you capable of throwing your friend off the bridge. That wasn't a sane act, Madoka! note 
    Kyubey (Episode 6): You people are all the same. I don't get it. Why do you people care so much where your souls are?
    Kyubey (Episode 8): In this country they call girls shoujo, and for girls who are growing up to be witches (majo), it's logical to call them "magical girls" (Mahou Shoujo). Sometimes translated as: If girls are what young women are called, doesn't it make sense to call young witches Magical Girls?
    Homura (Episode 8): I will not allow your plan to succeed,, Incubator.
    Madoka (Episode 11): Homura...I'm sorry.note 
    • Kyubey gets a lot of these. Practically every episode after the third has at least one Wham Line from Kyubey.
    • He's not the only one though:
      Kyoko: (Episode 6): What the hell is this? [Sayaka]'s dead!
      Madoka: (Episode 12): I want to erase every witch before they are born!
    • The Rebellion Story has three, each more shocking than the last.
      Homura: I'm sure that this place is a witch's barrier.
      Homura: Since when did I become a witch?
    • And the one that turns everything on it's head...
      Homura: Finally...You're mine.
  • Stellvia of the Universe, episode 11:
    Yayoi: Please go find Shippon or she'll be destroyed by Ms. Machida!
  • Tenchi Muyo!, Episode 6:
    Washu: What I think is that's no way to talk to your mother, Ryoko!
    • And episode 9:
      Sasami: I'm not the real Sasami!
    • Same episode, wham correction:
      Tsunami: Sasami didn't really die, Princess Ayeka.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice has one in episode 10 that changes how you see Victor and Yuri's relationship.
    Drunk Yuri: "You'll do it, won't you Victor? Be my coach!"
    • There is also a big one in episode 11
    Yuri: "After the Finals, let's end this."
    • There's even one in the first episode.
    Victor: "I'm going to be your coach from now on. You're going to get to the Grand Prix Finals, and you're going to win."
  • In Shoujotachi Wa Kouya O Mezasu, Sayuki's brother shows up near the end of episode ten to thank them for helping her out. He then mentions that she was developing this game to help him with a debt, something she never mentioned to any of them before.

    Films — Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • The final line of chapter 11 of Watchmen. Nite Owl and Rorschach have confronted Ozymandias and are prepared to stop his evil plan, only to find out, the hard way, that Ozymandias was prepared first:
    Veidt: "Do it?" Dan, I'm not a Republic serial villain. Did you seriously think I'd explain my masterstroke if there was the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago.
    • Also while Nite Owl and Rorschach are looking through Ozymandias' office for clues about who might be targeting heroes, having been unable to speak with Ozymandias themselves.
    Nite Owl: Rorschach, I think we're in bad trouble. The person behind this, the person we're up against... I think it's Adrian.
    • And:
    Comedian: "Jesus Christ Sally, can't a guy talk to his, y'know, his old friend's daughter?" The wham line comes when the listener realizes the reason for the stutter is because he didn't intend to say "old friend" at all.
    • A bit less dramatic, but there is a part in Under The Hood where Hollis is talking about reading Action Comics as a kid, and mentions Superman, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. He then says "Of course, all of these old characters are gone and forgotten now."
  • Blackest Night: Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. Destiny awaits.
  • War of the Green Lanterns: "Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. You have the ability to overcome great fear. You have been chosen. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps."
    • Green Lantern #12: "Hal Jordan will become the greatest Black Lantern."
  • Suicide Squad: "Frank Rock died in 1945."
    • This one's especially painful. It was supposed to kick off a new story arc, but the series was cancelled prematurely, which caused it to be the last line in the series.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: "Go for your master... for DARKSEID!"
  • Aquaman: "In a fit of rage, seeking revenge, Aquaman killed Black Manta's father."
  • Flashpoint: "What did I do? Oh, Barry. My idol. My inspiration. That's the beauty of all this madness. I didn't do anything. Not a thing. You see, it turns out... You're the villain today."
    • "You're Thomas Wayne."
  • Batman The Long Halloween: "I am Holiday."
    • Also, "You both know, don't you? There were two Holiday Killers."
  • Dark Victory: "Nine of you are safe."
  • The Dark Knight Strikes Again
    Batman: [to the New Joker] So... it's you. I changed the abort code the night I fired you... Dick Grayson.
  • Batman and Robin #12: "They're all jokes."
  • Identity Crisis #6:
    Zatanna: NAMTAB POTS!
  • Infinite Crisis #1:
    Batman: Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they'll fight. But they need to be inspired. And let's face it, "Superman"... the last time you really inspired anyone — was when you were dead.
  • Kingdom Come:
    Norman: He had not turned his back at us. He stands in the sky... faith rewarded. (vision of screaming Superman, which changes Norman's mood and reaction) ... dear God. The threat of Armageddon hasn't ended. It's just begun...
  • Krypton No More:
    Supergirl: I thought we'd come to this someday! Well, now that we have, I've got to tell you, Superman — There is NO planet Krypton! Moreover, Clark — There never WAS!
  • In The New 52 version of WonderWoman: BOOM.
  • Justice League #50 (New 52):
    Batman: It said there were three.
  • DC Rebirth:
    Wally West: We're being watched.
  • New Super-Man
    Ching Lung: Without me, Super-Man Zero, there would be no you. Without me, there would be no superheroes. For I am the very beginning.


  • Thunderbolts: At the end of the first issue, our heroes reveal their true identities.
    "Instead, I shall wear a different mask...a mask with darker intentions...the mask of Helmut, 13th Baron Zemo and the leader of the Masters of Evil!"
  • House of M: "No more mutants."
  • Avengers vs. X-Men: "No more Phoenix."
  • As the run that pretty much reshaped the X-Men's canon, Grant Morrison's New X-Men naturally has a few.
    • Issue #115:
    • Issue #129:
    Fantomex: "And it's Weapon Ten, not X."
    • Issue #146:
    • Issue #152:
    Beast: " me SUBLIME."
  • Wolverine Vol. 2 issue #75: "SCHLUNK!" The sound of bone claws tearing through Wolverine's skin.
  • Wolverine in X-Men 138: The Hellfire Club defeats the X-men, and Wolverine gets mass-increased until he crashes through the floor and winds up deep underground. He rises from the sewer, livid, and utters the line that changes him from secondary character into cult figure...
  • X-Men's Messiah Complex is practically built on this.
    Lady Deathstrike: "Come to me, children. Come to Deathstrike."
    Wolverine: "Negative. The Marauders don't have the baby. One of our side has her. An X-Man took her from Cooperstown."
    Cyclops: "Charles, you trained me, Let me do my job."
    Also from Cyclops: "Assemble X-Force."
    Future Mutant: "Yeah. You'll live. Leastways... until something else kills you." Full page showing Cable shot and Bishop aiming at the mutant baby.
    Mystique: "I've always been good with children."
    Rockslide: "We deserve a piece of the ac—...tion? I take it back."
  • X-Men #300
    Fabian Cortez: "How could I possibly lose the points for Magnus's death, unless…?" (eyes widen) "NOOO!"
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #248, "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man." "You see, Tim has leukemia and the doctors give him only a few weeks to live."
    • Another Spider-Man example with a huge impact on the entire mythos and which comes as a revelation not just to the readers, but to the protagonist as well, from The Amazing Spider-Man #257:
      Mary Jane: You don't have to make up another one of your phony excuses, Peter! Not now—! I know the truth! The real truth!
      Peter: What are you talking about?
      Mary Jane: I've known your secret for years! Up until now, I've always thought I could cope with it if I ever had to experience it firsthand — but I can't! I can't! I just can't cope with the fact that Peter Parker is secretly Spider-Man!
    • And then, of course, there's the two words that, if avoided, could have saved a storyline: "Do it.".
    • From The Amazing Spider-Man #698: "No... I'm Peter Parker."
    • From Superior Spider-Man #19: "Gentlemen, I give you Alchemax. Long may she stand."
    • The Jackal drops one in Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #3: "Please, Peter. This is darker than red. It's more of a... scarlet."
    • Quite possibly the biggest one in all of Spider-Man and quite possibly all of comics wasn't so much a line, but a sound effect: SNAP!
  • Spider-Men
    Ultimate Mysterio: Mysterio avatar activated.
  • The Punisher
  • Daredevil
    Kirsten McDuffie: Will you state your name for the record?
    Matt Murdock: Absolutely. My name is Daredevil.
    • During #25 of Mark Waid's run, Matt fights with Bullseye's new enforcer, Ikari, who was splashed with the same chemical that blinded him and gave him his radar sense. Matt attempts to use his experience to his advantage. That officially ends with this:
  • Young Avengers/Runaways Civil War: I want you to die.
  • Oh god, Runaways.
    Alex: "I just have to do one thing first."
    Karolina: "What's that?"
    Alex: "Tell you how sorry I am. Really."
    Xavin: "Chase... ran away. I believe he had a disagreement with Nico about what to do with Gert's body."
    Ultron: "Astounding. I anticipated your defeat of Doom, yet I was 99% certain you would be unable to damage him badly enough to uncover that he was merely one of my androids. Truly, you are my greatest creation."
  • Marvel 2099: "Thor is dead. I know. I was there."
  • In the Everything Burns crossover between The Mighty Thor and Journey into Mystery:
    Surtur's Herald: Leah of Hel knows his (Loki's) character better than her own.
  • Incredible Hulk #600: "The Good Doctor is out. The Bad Doctor is in."
  • Secret Avengers has one by the end of the fifth issue.
    • Issue #5
    Forson: I never thought I'd live to see the day.
    • Issue #13
    : Mockingbird's dead. And so are you.
  • From Hunger
    Galactus/Gah Lak Tus fusion:: Galactus... HUNGERS!
  • In Issue 3 of Ultimates 3:
  • First issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers ends with one:
    Captain America: Hail HYDRA.

Star Wars (Various Publishers):

  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    Elbee: "That was not the Mandalorian that broke my hand."
    • When Rohlan Dyre returned from picking up the unconscious Demagol, his weight was 17 kilos lower. And has not been seen taking off his helmet during the following 37 issues.
  • Dark Times: In "A Spark Remains", Beyghor Sahdett convinces the group to try and assassinate Darth Vader. Dass Jennir eventually agrees and brings Kai Hudorra in:
    Hudorra: You know he's lying, don't you, Jennir?
    Dass: Yes. I've known for some time. But I also know his reputation with a lightsaber. I knew I couldn't take him myself.
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader
    Darth Vader: Did you bring me anything of value, bounty hunter?
    Boba Fett: Not much. Just his name. Skywalker.


  • 100 Bullets #91: "Rothstein is dead. The connection is cut. No more attaches, no more revenge, no more hundred bullets. Graves' game is over."
  • Cerebus: "Something fell..." The second time this line is spoken, you experience the author's schizoid break. Wham.
  • Transmetropolitan: One percent.
  • Planetary: "I'm the Fourth Man."
  • Scott Pilgrim has two in book 5:
    Knives: He cheated on us, Ramona. Both of us.
    • And later:
    Ramona: (to Scott) Good job. Great. You actually made me think that you were a decent person. But you're just another evil ex waiting to happen, aren't you?
    • In book 6, when Scott talks to Kim about the past, and she reveals that he's only been a hero in his own mind, and is in fact a huge asshole:
    Kim: Simon? The guy from high school? You beat the crap out of him and said we should date. He was 5 feet tall and didn't stand a chance.
  • Preacher: Mom?
    • "Herr Starr? Your time is up, Herr Starr."
    • "Motherfucker."
    • "And that was how they killed him, covered in the ashes of his dearest friend."
  • The Sandman: "He's going to have to kill her."
    • "I've quit."
    • "Take my hand."
    • "I have to kill my son."
  • Animal Man #15: "I can see you!"
  • The last page of Ex Machina #1: "If I were a real hero, I would've been in time to stop the first plane."
  • Swamp Thing: "He isn't Alec Holland. He never will be Alec Holland. He never was Alec Holland."
  • Excalibur #80:
    recording of Stryfe, as his base's self-destruct activates: Congratulations. You're human. For the next eight seconds.
  • My Little Pony Micro Series: Interestingly it wasn't "I'm Jade Singer," but rather Twilight's response of "I know." The story provides a neat twist on the typical "bitter old celebrity who has gone into seclusion" plot and plays with the readers who can tell where the story is heading from early on.
  • BIONICLE issue 15: "You are not the first Toa".
  • Y: The Last Man: There's quite a number of them.
    Yorick: The reason why I'm the last man on earth... is monkey shit?
    • The aftermath of what happened in Hong Kong.
    Dr. Mann: We repaired what we could but I'm afraid motherhood isn't an option anymore.
    • Book 10, Whys And Wherefores are full of them, with the most notable one...
    Yorick, the 17th: He escaped...
  • Sonic the Comic Issue #82 has this line from the Kintobor computer;
    Kintobor computer: Amy, I'm picking up really wacky readings from the Star Post!
    If I'm right we may have sent all the emerald energy into the Special Zone.. what I'm trying to say is that Super Sonic may still be alive in there!
  • From Paperinik New Adventures:
    • Changing everything you thought had happened in the first book of the Xadhoom Trilogy:
    Evronian Scientist: "The Emperor will keep his promise! You can count on it doctor Xari!"
    • From the start of the second series:
    Everett Ducklair: "The unit denominated One has ceased its functions."
  • Anya's Ghost:
    Dima: "We're looking for a murder by a person named Emily Reilly, right?"
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog
    Nicole: "Stop it?"
    Eggman: "Fix it?"
    Both: "It's too late!"
    *world blows up*.
  • The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: Throughout the Shadowplay arc, there's been an unnamed Senator helping Orion Pax. At the end of the storyline, he's arrested by the corrupt senate and taken to The Institute. Two guards are talking about what's being done to him, and then we get this.
    Guard: What's his name?
    Guard 2: Senator Shockwave.
    • Issue 16: "That was a bad fall. Need a hand?" - Pharma.
    • Issue 18:
    Minimus Ambus: I was born Minimus Ambus. I am Minimus Ambus. But you all know me - you've always known me - as Ultra Magnus.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • Volume One
    M: It's James. Call me James.
    • Volume Two
    Hawley Griffin: You're going to rule the Earth next to me.
    Campion Bond: Oh, yes. Yes, it's a hybrid all right. Anthrax and streptococcus, if I remember correctly.
    • The Black Dossier
    Harry Lime: You can call me M. When my back is turned you can even call me Mother. But Harry? Harry died a long time ago in the sewers under Vienna.
    Mina: Oh dear God, Bob Cherry is Harry Lime!
    Jimmy: Of course, M16 used to have a different name. The Ministry of Love.
    • Century: Volume 3:
    Ron Weasley: Please Harry, we're your friends!
  • Ronin:
    Mr. Kojima: In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd think I was back in Tokyo, in my youth watching my favorite television adventure program.
  • Hellboy In Hell: "Haven't you heard? Someone went down there and cut his throat."
  • Fun Home has this wham line just after main protagonist Allison comes out.
    Helen Bechdel: Your father has had affairs. With other men . . . And boys. . . .
  • Back to Brooklyn:
    Penny Saetta: Who did you think was holding the camera?
  • In W.I.T.C.H., Irma's "You're not my mother!". This is how the readers learn that Anna Lair is Irma's stepmother.
  • Circles: From Issue 1, when Paulie asks who Doug has bad feelings for,
    Doug: I have bad feelings about the guy who got you sick. (with HIV)

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes: "Okay, quitter! Go home."
  • Bloom County sometimes has these, and usually plays them for laughs.
    Fundamentally Oral! Bill: PENGUIN LUST! Nothing but urges from HELL!
  • From Drabble:
    Norman: I never thought to ask you, Echo, what are you doing at this wedding?
    Norma/Echo: Oh, I'm related to the bride.
    Norman: What a coincidence. I'm also related to the bride.
    [cue simultaneous Oh, Crap! looks]
  • Funky Winkerbean: "That's because I was the one sending those texts to you."
  • Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

    Films — Live-Action 

    Pro Wrestling 


  • A Raisin in the Sun: "When a cat take off with your money, he don't leave you no road maps!"
  • Macbeth
    Macduff: Despair thy charm, and let the angel whom thou still hast served tell thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb untimely ripped.
  • Almost, Maine has quite a few, but one that stands out is one of the characters who can't feel pain:
  • The Light in the Piazza: "When Clara was twelve, we rented a Shetland pony for her birthday party. She and her friends were leading the pony around... and the pony kicked her!"
  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: " Our son is dead, just like that! How does that make you feel?"
  • Romeo and Juliet: "I could not send it, here it is again."
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:
    The Beggar Woman: Don't I know you, mister?
    • And late on in the story:
    Sweeney (Theatre Version): Oh, God! "Don't I know you", she said... You knew she lived...! From the first moment that I walking into your shop you knew my Lucy lived!
    Sweeney (Film Version): "Don't I know you", she said... You knew she lived... You lied to me.
    Sweeney: There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people who are filled with shit and the vermin of the world inhabit it... But not for long...!
  • In All My Sons, Chris's mother tells him why she won't allow him to marry his brother's fiancée: "Your brother’s alive, darling, because if he’s dead, your father killed him." This inflammatory statement leads directly to Chris Calling the Old Man Out.
  • RENT: During La Boheme, Mimi stops for an "AZT Break," thus revealing she has AIDS.
  • Sunset Boulevard actually has a Wham Song, specifically "New Ways To Dream (Reprise)," in which Max fills in all the remaining holes relating to Norma's past. The biggest Wham Line within the song is probably "Please, understand, she was my wife."
  • Tosca! Finalmente mia...aaaaaaargh!
  • Rigoletto: The reprise of "La dona e mobile", telling us and Rigoletto that the body in the sack isn't who he thinks...
  • From David Auburn's Proof: "I didn't find it. I wrote it." End Act 1.
  • The Book of Mormon:
    • There's another one in "Hasa Diga Eebowai". "Well, let's see... 'Eebowai' means 'God', and 'Hasa Diga' means 'fuck you', so I guess in English, it would be... 'Fuck you, God.'"
  • Humble Boy: "Mother?...Mother, please tell me you can see him."
  • Cabaret: "But if you could see her through my eyes...She wouldn't look Jewish at all."
  • Hamlet: "...revenge his foul and most unnatural murder."
  • Love's Labour's Lost: "The king your father—" "Dead, for my life!" This comes at the end of a comedy.
  • tick, tick... BOOM!: Jon gets angry with his best friend Michael and screams, "What the hell do you know about fear? What do you know about anything?" Michael responds, "I know I'm sick, Jon, and I'm not going to get any better."
  • Fiddler on the Roof: Throughout the show, Tevye's children gain love interests that go against the Jewish tradition. The first two times, he temporarily stops to think about whether or not they're forgivable through an internal monologue. The third time, however, when one of his daughters marries outside the Jewish community...
  • The Sound of Music: "LIEUTENANT! THEY'RE HERE!"
  • Perhaps one of the most infamous Wham Lines is in Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, to the point where audiences are asked at the end of the show not to spoil it. This troper would post it, but it is one of the Spoil at Your Own Risk moments, so just look it up on The Other Wiki.
  • From The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:
    Panch: I'm sorry, that is incorrect.
    • A bunch of lines from "The I Love You Song" also qualify, particularly "Blame it on your daddily and mammily/'cos depression runs in our family" and "I think he takes out on me what he wants to take out on you."
  • From Dear Evan Hansen has the reveal of how Evan really broke his arm.
    Connor: Did you really fall? Or did you let go?
  • From Finale: "This will be... our... last week on earth." Bonus points for the fact that it comes right at the end of Act 1, so you have all of intermission to have an existential crisis.
  • In Lend Me A Tenor:
    Saunders: Oh my God, he's alive. [...] I was standing here TALKING to him!
  • Godspell: "This is the beginning."...of the end. Jesus says this to tell the community that was built during Act 1 that he's going to leave them to see if they retained the lessons learned from his teachings. And it all goes downhill from there, ending in His Crucifixion.
    • Also, the line right before "On the Willows": "And I tell you I shall never again drink from the fruit of the vine until I drink it again with you in the Kingdom of my Father." Jesus then says goodbye to the rest of the cast.
    • "Then the man they called Judas Iscariot went to the chief priests, and said "What will you give me to betray Him to you?" They paid him thirty pieces of silver — and from that moment, he began to look out for an opportunity to betray Him." (Matthew 26:14-16, KJV) The line signifies the transition from John to Judas.
    • The final line of the speech is accented with a percussive sound not unlike Dramatic Thunder.
  • In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Scorpius learns the effects of using the Time Turner to humiliate Cedric Diggory in the past and help Harry out.
    Scorpius: Voldemort Day?
    • Later, Harry and Draco confront Amos Diggory on sending his niece, Delphi, to manipulate their sons. Amos replies "I have no niece."
    • This leads to the discovery of a message from Delphi on "I will bring my father back," revealing, she's Voldemort's daughter.
  • In The Drowsy Chaperone, most of it feels pretty silly, but there seem to be hints that Man in Chair has more going on then he lets on. Then, following the blackout and the Superintendent ruining the finale:
    "Oh, it was ruined, wasn't it? One note away from the end of the show and it was ruined. The mood is broken...I should just start the record again from the beginning. No. I can't do that, can I? Oh, it's so frustrating. You have to understand, I love this show so much. My mother gave me the record. This was just before my father left us. He didn't leave because of the record, although I'm sure it didn't help matters."
    • An earlier moment is a somewhat funnier, lighthearted line in "Love Is Always Lovely in the End":
    Mrs. Tottendale: Love has certainly been kind to me and my true love. Love is always lovely in the end!
    Underling: But your late husband was a brute.
    Tottendale: I don't mean him, you silly coot!
  • In the Mrs Hawking play series: In part one, Mrs. Hawking, when Mrs. Hawking asserts that anyone can hide anything if they really want to, Mary's response: "You couldn't hide it from me."

    Video Games 
  • ALLTYNEX Second drops one during the ending sequence, which reveals that the name of the protagonist is Guehala Dennis, the developer of the Phoenix in the game's chronological successor, RefleX.
  • Alpha Protocol, during the Taipei mission, if you choose to interrogate Omen Deng after defeating him:
    Omen Deng: My sources were clear; Michael Thorton has come to Taipei to assassinate President Sung.
    Michael Thorton: Funny, my sources made it pretty clear you were here to kill him.
    Omen Deng: Then your sources are mistaken.
    Michael Thorton: If you're not the assassin... Oh shit.
    [On stage, Sung is shot, lethally or non-lethally depending on the player's actions.]
  • Analogue: A Hate Story: Though it occurs only about 15% into the story, it still dramatically changes everything about *Hyun-ae, the AI that's been assisting you. Additionally, it's the superuser password that you haven't been able to figure out up until this point.
    Pale Bride: My name is Hyun-ae!
  • Armored Core:
    Thermidor: Prepare your souls. These cowardly ideals, they will cause the downfall of humanity!
    Wynne D. Fanchon: Humanity? I don't see humanity anywhere, Otsdarva.
  • Assassin's Creed I:
    Altaïr: Speak sense, Templar, or not at all!
    Robert: Nine men he sent you to kill, yes...the nine who guarded the treasure’s secret?
    Altaïr: What of it?
    Robert: It wasn't nine who found the treasure, Assassin. Not nine, but ten.
    Altaïr: A tenth? None may live who carry the secret. Give me his name.
    Robert: Oh, but you know him well...and I doubt very much you'd take his willingly as you’ve taken mine.
    Altaïr: Who?
    Robert: It is your master: Al Mualim.
  • Assassin's Creed 2:
    Minerva: (to Ezio) The rest is up to you... Desmond.
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood:
    The Animus: Compiling subsystems. Infrastructure. Tendons. Heart. Voice.
    Desmond: ...Subject 16?
    Subject 16: Yes...Subject 17.
    Desmond: You're dead...I saw your blood!
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations: In The Lost Archive DLC...
    Vidic: We're counting on you, Lucy. You have served the Templar Order well.
  • Assassin's Creed III:
    Haytham Kenway: You are a Templar. May the Father of Understanding guide us.
    Desmond: Wait...what.
  • Baldur's Gate:
    Gorion's Letter: But you should know this: I am not your biological father. That title lies with the deity known as Bhaal.
  • Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean has one that turns the entire game up to that point on its head:
  • Baten Kaitos Origins:
    • This bombshell:
      Pieda: Well, how about Malpercio, then?
    • Later, the major Wham Episode can be summed up with three separate lines:
      Milly: Father! Make them stop!
      Sorcerers: Marno ar [...], accursed one...thy life must end!note 
      Sagi: Guillo?!
    • Later, we get one that sets up the final major reveal:
      Verus: Hee heh hah hah hah! Sagi, you've betrayed my hopes time and again, but I'm happy to say you've finally come through for me.
  • The Beginner's Guide: During the game, Davey keeps commenting on Coda having a weird fascination with a lamppost in his games. Come to the final level and...
    Coda: Would you stop changing my games? Stop adding in lampposts?
  • Beyond: Two Souls: At the end of "The Mission".
    News Announcer: ...and the international community had just announced its recognition of the election of the new president Gemaal Sheik Charrief ... and now, sources report that he and all his government were assassinated in what appears to be an unclaimed attack.
  • Billy Vs SNAKEMAN:
    • "You can do it, can't you? You can Loop."
    • From before Cerebus Syndrome set in: "The power of a Reaper lies in...their Pants.", followed by "NO PANTS DAY."
  • BioShock series:
    • BioShock: "Stop, would you kindly? "Would you kindly"...powerful phrase...Familiar phrase?"
    • Swiftly followed by:
      Atlas: It's time to end this little masquerade. There ain't no Atlas, kid. Never was. Fella in my line of work takes on a variety of aliases. Hell, once I was even a Chinaman for six months. But, you've been a sport, so I guess I owe you a little honesty. The name's Frank Fontaine.
    • From BioShock 2:
      Sofia Lamb: ...But there is one detail of your mutual bond she failed to account for. Your body was designed to lapse into a coma when her heart ceases to beat. Eleanor..forgive me.
    • From the "Minerva's Den" DLC:
      The Thinker: Mainframe reactivated. Confirming user's identity: genetic identity confirmed. Alpha series: Subject Sigma. Former identity: Charles Milton Porter.
    • From BioShock Infinite:
  • Breath of Fire:
  • Bulletstorm:
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts:
    Rourke: You would've made a good Ghost... too bad they're not gonna be around. And you're gonna help me destroy them.
  • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow:
    Soma: "I am...Dracula."
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: "EU SUNT DRACUL!"
  • Cave Story: After defeating the Core, Misery frantically teleports in to explain that you and Curly almost pulled a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:
    Misery: "Do you even know what this thing is!?!"
    Curly: "Huh?"
    Misery: "This is the reason why I HATE ROBOTS!!! This is the heart of the island! The island will fall if THIS stops!!"
  • Charlie Murder:
    • Throughout the game, you get updated on your progress by "a friend". It's from the True Final Boss.
    "By the way, I am not your friend."
  • Child of Light:
    • Norah's betrayal:
      "I am sorry, Aurora. We are not together."
    • Then, the one from the Confessions that reveals that the subplot therein takes place in the future
    (I looked that one up online)
  • Chrono Cross: An example where it's not the line itself, but who says it that causes a huge impact
    Serge: Yes...I'm fine...
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert Series
    Part 1: "And so Kane went from the presence of the Lord, and settled in the land of Nod!"
    Part 3: "The Imperial war machine has arisen!"
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.
    McNeal: Where's the spaceship? The one that Kane stole?
    Vega: He didn't steal it. He built it.
  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars:
    "The destruction of the Philadelphia was no accident."
    "JPL Deep Space Net is picking up six unidentified objects heading towards Earth..."
    "This being already exists in the datacore. Genetic derivations unknown."
  • The player's commander in Cyber-Lip says "The Earth is ours" after defeating the titular supercomputer...Then he grins evilly and his eyes glow in red, implying that he is an android and the Earth has already been taken over by them.
  • Danganronpa:
    • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Two from the second trial, firstly concerning the identity of Genocide Jack "In fact, it's Toko." and secondly, a secret about the victim "This...this girl is...! a boy!".
    • Super Danganronpa 2:
      • During the Chapter 5 trial, Chiaki starts acting strangely when the group decides that only the "traitor" in the group could have committed the murder, and by saying this more or less admits that she's the "traitor" without actually spelling it out:
        Chiaki: But...there’s nothing they could have done...since even if they had wanted to confess...they couldn't have...Because they weren't made that way. So...I want you guys to try and guess. (...) The Future Foundation spy, the traitor hidden amongst us...who do you think it is?
      • During Chapter 6, A fake version of Makoto Naegi, the previous player character, suddenly shows up and reveals that the Future Foundation is actually not evil, but that the main cast of this game were actually members of the evil organization Ultimate Despair.
        Fake Makoto: The real bad guys...are you.
      • Later in the chapter, we get two in rapid succession, essentially revealing that Hajime is actually Izuru Kamukura, the individual who kickstarted the entire plot of the game.
        Junko: Izuru Kamukura is very much alive. Isn't that right, Hajime?
  • The Darkness:
    • There's one from the titular entity itself:
    Learn that you are my puppet. Now watch this!
    • In the very beginning, there's one for players new to the franchise who thought this was going to just be a typical Mafia FPS:
    The Darkness: Jackiiiie... SOON...
    • If the sequel has one, it's in the end.
    I love you, Jackie Estacado. No matter what happens, I always will. I'm so sorry.
  • Deadly Premonition: "When the time comes and you have to make that decision, make the right one. OK, Zach?"
    • They even have that last part in letters about five times as big as the rest of the subtitles in the game, just in case you didn't see it.
  • Dead Rising in Overtime.
    Isabela: You...You must have gotten yourself infected somehow.
    • In Dead Rising 3, Chuck Greene has located Annie, who is really his daughter, Katey, after the years of running away from him, blaming herself of turning into a crime lord for her sake.
    Chuck: Katey Ann Greene, where have you been?
    • Before that, a slightly lighter example comes with Gary's breakdown. He laments how he used to be a successful wrestler with a beautiful wife... and then he says this:
      "Oh, God, I miss my Rhonda!"
  • Dead Space 2:
    The Marker: Thank you, Isaac. Now...time to die.
  • Deus Ex:
    Paul Denton: You can relax, JC. I told the troops to stand down. That's right, I'm working for the NSF.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution:
    Megan Reed: Jaron, is that you? (As Jensen enters the room, unseen to Megan, intent on rescuing her from said Jaron.)
  • Dm C Devil May Cry
    Vergil: The path is clear for us to rule.
  • Diablo III:
    Adria: Dear Leah. Deckard always suspected...your true father was Diablo himself!
  • Digital Devil Saga has two within the same arc:
    Varin Omega: I am Colonel! Colonel Beck!
    Argilla: No way! We...died?!
    • Also:
      Lupa: Have you ever seen a child here in the Junkyard?
  • Disgaea 2:
    Rozalin: Wait! I really can't tell you!!
    Etna: Sure you can. You just don't want to.
    Rozalin: ...No, you don't understand. The reason I cannot tell you is...I-I don't know where my father is! I have never even met him before!!

    Visual Novels 
  • From Ace Attorney Investigations 2:
    Courtney: The defendant... Blaise Debeste! I accuse you!
  • From Saya no Uta, the following line, not so much the line itself, but how it's heard and by who:
    "Welcome home!"
  • Fate/stay night, the line which reveals that Archer is a lot more than just an ordinary Servant:
    "Trace. On."


Cleaned examples:

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy:
    • Batman Begins: Bruce Wayne is attending a dinner party, years after he's seen his old master dead, when someone walks up to introduce him to one of the guests: "Am I pronouncing it right... Ra's al Ghul?" With this, the audience realizes that Batman's mentor, Ra's al Ghul, survived and is in fact behind the villainous plot of the film.
    • The Dark Knight: Batman is interrogating the Joker to find out where Harvey Dent is, only for the Joker to answer, "Well, you'll have to hurry if you want to save one of them." And the Dark Knight responds, "'Them?'", pointing to the realization that the Joker has kidnapped someone else and Batman now needs to be in two places at once to save everyone.
  • In Part 2 of The Godfather, mob boss Michael Corleone suspects Johnny Ola is behind the an assassination attempt on his family, but doesn't know how Ola knew where he would be staying. That all changes when he hears his brother Fredo say, "Johnny Ola told me about this place," after already denying meeting the man. The look in Michael's face confirms his and our suspicion that Fredo was the traitor.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Protagonist Will Turner is fatally stabbed by Davy Jones and left to die. All seems lost, since Jones can only be killed by stabbing his heart and taking on his curse of immortality, but Jones's own crew has the heart. So as Will starts to die, the entire scene changes when one of the crew member walks up to Will with heart in hand and say, "The Dutchman must have a captain."
  • The Avengers
    • Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk whenever he gets mad, so everyone is interested in knowing how he's gone nearly a year without transforming despite being on the run from the law. Banner finally gives an answer to the question just before he transforms into the Hulk for the climax of the film, and his answer puts a lot of his character into perspective:
      Steve Rogers: Doctor Banner, now might be a really good time for you to get angry.
      Bruce Banner: That's my secret, Captain. I'm always angry.
    • There's a small funny one near the beginning, where Black Widow answers her phone while being interrogated by mobsters, only to reveal she's letting them interrogate her so she could learn more about their operation!
      Black Widow: I'm in the middle of an interrogation, this moron is giving me everything.
    • Black Widow appears to be emotionally shattered by Loki's insult, which prompts him to go into a bit of Evil Gloating about how they brought the Hulk just as he planned. Black Widow then straightens up and then calmly says the line below, revealing that she was faking her emotions to trick Loki into revealing his plan.
      "So that's your play?"
    • Nick Fury is trying to keep the other Avengers calm and do damage control for their suspicions about his organization, only for goody two-shoes Captain America to walk in and reveal his group has been creating weapons of mass destruction.
      "Phase 2 is SHIELD uses the Tesseract to build weapons!"
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey:
    • After co-operating throughout most of the film, HAL 9000 telegraphs his turn against his human partners with two sentences.
      HAL 9000: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
    • After displaying only robotic determination throughout the entire film, HAL displays emotion.
      HAL 9000: I'm afraid.
  • 12 Angry Men: Soon after insisting that the defendant's cry of "I'll kill you!" as decisive evidence, the third juror gets angry and yells nearly the exact same thing, invalidating his earlier point and marking the point where most of the jurors begin to see the defendant as innocent.
  • American Beauty: Lester fantasizes about having an affair with the teenage Angela, who seems to egg him on, but he realizes the disturbing nature of his obsession when she tells him, "This is my first time," revealing she's far more innocent than he imagined.
  • American Meltdown: The protagonist assumes the terrorists that took over the nuclear facility are Taliban, but after hearing about their training Afghanistan, he realizes that they were actually US soldiers and he lets the audience in on his intuition with four words.
    "Khalid's an American soldier?"
  • A Beautiful Mind: The first half of the movie has the main protagonist, John, struggling to socialize with his college room mate due to his mental disorder. It appears just to be a social disorder, but the audience realizes that his disorder is more severe when we're told "John lived alone in college," revealing John's roommate was a schizophrenic hallucination.
  • Bridge to Terabithia: A fun, inspirational story about two childhood friends using their imagination to enjoy the local woods takes on a different tone when the male lead hears, "Your friend Leslie is dead." The rest of the film is a somber meditation on grief and mortality.
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Walter Donovan gives Indiana his mission at the beginning of the movie and is assumed to be a good guy, which is why it's so shocking when he appears in a Nazi fortress to criticize Indiana.
    Henry Jones, Sr.: Well, I didn't trust her. Why did you?
    • A more comedic version happens at the very end of the film, when it turns out Indiana Jones's name isn't Indiana, that was just the dog's name!
    Sallah: What is it always with this "Junior?"
    Henry: That's his name. Henry Jones, Jr.
    Indiana: I like "Indiana".
  • James Bond:
    • Skyfall: Bond's unnamed assistant gives her full name in the last few scenes of the movie, and it turns out she's a classic Bond character who hasn't appeared in years.
      "Well, my name is Eve. Eve Moneypenny."
    • SPECTRE: The mysterious head of SPECTRE tells Bond that his name is an alias, a cover for the fact that he's one of Bond's oldest enemies, Blofeld from From Russia with Love. He goes on to make it clear that he's been behind all of the evil masterminds that have gunned for Bond over the past few years.
      "Franz Oberhauser died twenty years ago, in an avalanche together with his father. The man you're talking to now, the man inside your head, is Ernst Stavro Blofeld."''
      "Me. It was all me, James. It's always been me! The author of all your pain!"
  • Jurassic Park: A light-hearted scene in which the protagonists witness the birth of a newborn dinosaur takes a sharp turn for terrifying with the identification of its species.
    Alan Grant: You breed raptors?
  • Interstellar: The character's land on a planet, but end up spending longer on it than they expected. Due to the way gravity affects time, they know that the time that has passed on their spaceship and on Earth is longer than the time they spent on the planet, so they ask how long they've been gone and get an unpleasantly long answer.
    Coop: How long were we gone?
    Romilly: 23 years.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road: The characters finally meet up with some friends, and ask for further directions to the fertile, habitable Green Place. They hope to take refuge there and survive away from the apocalyptic wasteland they just passed through, but their friend dashes their hope by saying, "But if you came from the west, you passed [the Green Place]." It turns out the Green Place has been ruined and just become another part of the wasteland.
  • X-Men: First Class: After getting accidentally shot by his friend, Charles Xavier makes the extent of his injuries clear when he says, "I can't feel my legs." From now on, Professor X is paralyzed.
  • A funny example from Young Frankenstein, where the keeper of Frankenstein's castle reveals that Frankenstein's monster was her boyfriend, of all things.
  • The Princess Bride:
    • The evil king who the titular bride is to be married to casually mentions the fact that he hired an early antagonist to kill his own fiancee, in order to justify going to way with a nearby kingdom.
      "...when I hired Vizzini to have her murdered..."
    • Two characters are dueling, equally matched, when one of them explains why he'll soon have the upper hand: "I'm not left-handed." He switches his blade into his right hand and begins to dominate the fight, until he's pinned his opponents sword, who explains how he'll take the upper hand: "I'm not left-handed." And then he switches hands and the fight falls into his favor.
  • Orphan: Throughout the film, the titular orphan has shown disturbing signs of being more mature than one would expect, such as killing an injured bird out of mercy. Her most recent adopted mother investigates her history and finds someone who knew her before she reached the orphanage where they met. The Wham Line comes as the mother asks someone who worked at a mental hospital. It turns out that the "little girl" is actually a "grown woman" who pretends to be a child.
    "Tell him the little girl in that picture is not really a little girl. She's a grown woman."

  • Les Misérables: Javert, who's essentially a cop, has been chasing Valjean, an escaped prisoner who was impoverished prior to being arrested, for many years. Javert eventually catches Valjean, who's now relatively wealthy. They argue, and in his rage, Javert reveals that he's Not So Different from Valjean and implies Hidden Depths to his character other than being dedicated to the law.
    Javert: "You know nothing of Javert, I was born inside a jail! I was born with scum like you, I am from the gutter too!"

    Video Games 
  • Age of Empires II
    • In the final cutscene of the Barbarossa campaign, the narrator brings up Barbarossa's nemesis Henry the Lion:
      Narrator: And what of Henry the Lion? With Barbarossa gone, there was nothing stopping him from returning to the Holy Roman Empire. But I am an old man now. What harm can I possibly do?
    • During the Joan of Arc Campaign, the first part of the mission in which you attack Paris involves you going to meet up with the King's reinforcements. When you reach your destination, two poor-quality units come out and greet you with this line, which indicates that the King has betrayed Joan.
      Militia: We are all the king could afford to send.
  • Battlefield 3: After Sgt. Blackburn spends the entirety of the Framing Device painting Solomon as The Man Behind the Man and the Greater-Scope Villain spurring the more visible bad guys into action, the CIA interrogators he's telling this story to brush it off entirely with a simple but effective, "Solomon's one of ours."
  • Borderlands 2
    • Right after you install the Hyperion-made shield core you took from Wilhelm to power Sanctuary's shields (knowing that Angel can hack Hyperion tech):
    Handsome Jack: I think it's time to let you in on that little secret. Angel's working for me.
    • When you storm the bunker where Jack is charging the Vault Key to open the Vault:
    Angel: It isn't enough to steal the Vault Key. You have to destroy Jack's catalyst. You have to destroy
    • And that one is immediately followed by:
    Handsome Jack: You stay the hell away from my daughter!
  • The second level of Call of Duty: Black Ops has the player character escape from a Russian gulag with the assistance of Viktor Reznov, who appears to die in the escape attempt. A few missions later, he's revealed to still be alive, as a defector who has vital intel on the Soviets' intentions in southeast Asia. Then after several missions where things just get weirder and weirder, a three-part Wham Line hits between the two parts of "Rebirth" and "Revelations":
    • At the very tail end of the first half of "Rebirth", we see Mason's perspective of events, in which he stood back as Reznov executes Friedrich Steiner as per his revenge plot. The interrogator immediately counters:
      We saw the report, Mason. Viktor Reznov did not kill Friedrich Steiner. Hudson saw what happened.
    • The next part comes at the end of the second half of "Rebirth", which is Hudson's take on the mission, which converges with Mason's at the very end. This time, the Wham Line isn't such because of its content, since we've heard it before - rather, it's a Wham because of who it turns out to have really said it:
      Mason: My name is Viktor! Reznov! And I will have! My! Revenge!
    • As if that didn't throw the player for enough of a loop, the next one comes in the next mission, the aptly-named "Revelations", the majority of which the player spends watching Mason stagger through the halls while tripping out. Eventually Hudson catches up with him and knocks him out cold; when Mason regains consciousness, Hudson stands over him, pistol drawn, and dropping several bombshells which culminate in:
      Viktor Reznov's been dead for five years! He died at Vorkuta during the escape! All these years you thought he was with you - that was just in your mind!
  • Chrono Trigger
    • When the party confronts Magus, the wizard they believe created the abomination Lavos, who is destined to destroy the world in the future:
      Magus: No, you fools! I only summoned him!
    • Later, in the era of High Magic, a mysterious boy named Janus delivers a chilling prophecy to the party:
      Janus: The black wind howls. One among you will shortly perish.
  • The ending of Crackdown. After beating all three of the Criminal Gangs, the Agency Director congratulates you on a job well done. It seems to be a generic A Winner Is You, until...
    It's taken years of meticulous planning and patience to reach this stage, but it was worth it. Who do you think supplied Los Muertos?
  • Diablo II: At the end of the campaign, where the Framing Device is an old man named Marius telling the angel Tyrael what he'd done.
    Tyrael: You haven't failed, old man. You've done exactly as you were meant to do. However, I am not the archangel Tyrael.
    <"Tyrael" drops his disguise to reveal he is the demon lord Baal>

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