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    Decent context; may not be correct usage 
  • Characters.Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII: "(Demyx) is by far the goofiest Organization member overall."
  • Characters.Disney Ducks Comic Universe: "Part of Fethry's charm is that he allows Donald to play the Straight Man to him in many stories."
  • Characters.Ed Edd N Eddy The Kids: "Rolf's culture has some very strange customs."
  • Characters.Pillars Of Eternity NP Cs: "Subverted. Despite the colorful, whimsical spells that bear his name and his apparent affection for the zany, obnoxious imps he employs as servants, in person Arkemyr seems like quite a stiff compared to the other members of the Circle you meet. It's apparently not just you, either, based on the reaction he gets from his colleagues. All that being said, before The Forgotten Sanctum he was the only archmage the Watcher had met in their travels who hadn't tried to kill them, even after you break into his house and rob him blind, so his quest is mostly Played for Laughs."
  • Characters.Seinfeld: "The other main characters at least try (and always fail) to present themselves as sane people who can be taken seriously; Kramer is just a zany screwball through-and-through."
  • Characters.The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper: Has a tendency to come up with strange ideas and plans, which affect everyone around him. Such as trying to stay awake for days (to work on a scientfic problem), stepping in into the roles of busboy and waiter at the Cheesecake Factory without bothering to notify his new employers, tracking down James Earl Jones to convince him to co-found a comic book convention, etc."
  • Characters.The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: "(Jazz) serves as Will's dumb, ill mannered friend who is always getting thrown out of the house."
  • Fanfic.Drunkards Walk: "In DW2, Lisa Vanette develops a very Kramer-like habit of bursting into Doug's apartment unannounced."
  • Music.Gob: "Theo and his big, goofy faces".



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