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This is the assumption of Creators that their audience is too incompetent to truly appreciate sophisticated entertainment. This belief is a root cause of Executive Meddling (but not the only cause), especially among shows intended for children. Kids can legitimately be said to be less knowledgeable than adults, though we all probably know a depressingly large number of exceptions.

Of course, there is a "moron" demographic out there, and it affects storytelling by the "80-20" rule—in this case the market-research shows 80% of money spent on television-advertised products comes from the lowest 20% in terms of education and intelligence, so show-content is naturally geared towards profits (without profits, they can't produce more shows).


Before we get any farther, please note that our sponsors have decided to invoke the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment and declared this page (and all links to this page) to be In-Universe Examples Only. This means that only works featuring characters expressing this opinion are examples; don't expect works that seem to demonstrate the Real Life opinion.

While the opinion is broadly expressed as "moronic audiences", a large number of similar complaints also count. The creator may view their audience to be ignorant, hate change, need to be instantly satisfied, or have the attention span of a goldfish.

Compare Lowest Common Denominator, Fan Dumb, and Hate Dumb.

Contrast Viewers Are Geniuses and Humans Are Morons. The Unpleasable Fanbase is when the audience is upset with the creator no matter what option is chosen.


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