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The Pantheon has six "alliances" in the Pantheonic Wars:

And then there are those who aren't part of any of those, but are still potentially integral in the War as a whole. Maybe they aren't interested. Maybe they have bad memories regarding armies in general. Maybe they have their own agendas that don't fit with any of the Alliances. Whatever reasons they have, they will be listed here.


NOTE: This is NOT an Alliance like all the six above, so expect deities from all alignments to be sorted in here. And to prevent too many entries from being placed here, only warriors will be allowed in this list. Adding civilians is advised against (i.e. if they can't fight, there's no point in putting them here), but if they can contribute significantly to the course of the war, you can.


Deity Profile, Title (Codename, Nickname)
  • Power Level/Level of Influence (in descending order: Overdeity, Greater God/Goddess, Intermediate God/Goddess, Lesser God/Goddess, Demigod/Demigoddess, Quasideity)
  • Alignment:
  • Reasons for Not Joining: These gods are not in the Alliances. Explain why.
  • Preference: Even if they aren't part, they do prefer an Alliance.
  • Opposes: Conversely, they may also hate an Alliance.
  • Threat level: Just because they have no side doesn't (necessarily) mean they're harmless, you know.

Solo Factions:

These gods have philosophies that clash with those of all of the other Alliances, and/or have a great enough presence to be their own side.

Malekith, God of Wearing Armor Everyday (Malekith The Witch-King of Naggaroth, The Dark King, The Phoenix King, Eternity King of All Elves)

  • Greater God (Borderline-Overdeity upon becoming the Eternity King)
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Druchii
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Chaotic Good prior to The Sundering, Lawful Neutral during The End Times)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Despite being the supreme ruler of a sadistic and bloodthirsty race, Malekith cannot join the GUAE as it means he will end up working under the Chaos Gods as many of the reasons he wanted to become the Phoenix King was because he felt that he was the best individual to stave Chaos off from destroying the world. And even then, Malekith's reputation and actions has proven to be too controversial for the other great alliances.
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  • Preference: Surprisingly enough, the GUAG, albeit in a very tense and difficult situation, with the Harbingers of Repression being a close second. Malekith did work with the Forces of Good beforehand, even if the goal was a near-universally mutual one. His tenuous working with the Harbingers is mainly so that he could provide Darkseid enough power to kill Melkor before turning on him as well.
  • Opposes: Damn near everyone, provided that the Dark Elves are a race that is known for invading and wreaking havoc on settlements and dwelling in sadistic tendencies such as flaying and other gruesome means of torture. Unlike the Dark Elves themselves, however, Malekith finds little, if hardly any, pleasure in these sorts of activities. The End Times has tempered his views on other races enough to be friendly and persuade a team-up on mutual agreements and he's honourable to a fault. Though this may be because back before he became the Witch-King, Malekith was a respectable and devout aristocrat to Ulthuan.
  • Threat level: EXTREME. He was once one of the most powerful Elves in existence and governed a race of savages through his might, hatred and the fact that he was one of the strongest mortals who ever lived. Malekith is not just an immensely powerful swordsman but is also a master of magecraft and has proven his worth as a force to be reckoned with countless times. His threat becomes even bigger once he takes up the mantle of the Eternity King.

Settra, The God Who United Kings (Settra the Imperishable, King of Nehekhara, Lord of the Earth, He who Holds the Sceptre, Ruler of the Four Horizons, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert, Great Hawk of the Heavens, Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands, and many, many more...)

  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Scarab Brooch of Usirian
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (With Occasional Lawful Evil Moments)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: When Settra says we rule!, he really means it. He so so against the idea of bowing down to anybody that he just cannot see himself do this to any of the Grand United Alliances. On top of that, the Tomb Kings simply want to be left to their own devices in their homes, lest they want to expand their territory or if they're offended in some way.
  • Preference: The Grand United Alliance of Good, if mainly because they're very highly against Nagash the same way Settra himself is. While he is never going to serve under Cosmos, at least Settra will provide the Forces of Good a helping hand when it comes to battles against the GUAD and GUAE who happen to be aligned with Nagash and the Chaos Gods respectively.
  • Opposes: It's less opposing anyone and more simply wanting to be left out of the numerous conflicts the Grand Alliances have locked themselves against. He'll make an exception for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and the Grand United Alliance of Evil for very obvious reasons.
  • Threat Level: Very High. Settra was a military genius in warfare, was an exceptional warrior during his mortal life and after his revival, was among the strongest and most feared of the Undead in his world., complete with a high affinity to magic and for being relatively immortal. What makes Settra a terrifying foe, in particular, is his indomitable willpower which was how he was able to lead Nehekhara to victory and to live for so long. To underscore his level of threat, Settra is one of the only beings that Nagash fears and respects.

The Flood, The Parasite Zombies (The Parasite, The Infection, The Shapeshifting Sickness, The Great Enemy, Inferi Redivivusnote , The Precursors) (The Gravemind: The Timeless One, Inferi Sententianote , The Primordial, The Captive, The Beast, The Prisoner of Charum Hakkor)

The Borg Queen, Goddess of Viruses

  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Neither YHVH nor Melkor want her in their Alliances, the latter because he fears assimilation will get his title stripped and the former because He wants no one above Him as the absolute ruler.
  • Preference: None. She's out to assimilate everything and everyone.
  • Opposes: None. See above.
  • Threat level: High. If someone like Melkor is afraid that she may be used against him, you know she's very dangerous.

The Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, God/dess of Gangsters (Playa, The Boss, The Butcher of Stilwater, Nolan North, President of the United States, Imperator of the Zin Empire, God-Emperor for Life of the Universe)

  • Greater God/dess
  • Symbol: A purple fleur-de-lis
  • Alignment: Switches between Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic Evil (occasionally Chaotic Neutral) (first three games), currently Chaotic Neutral.
  • Reasons for Not Joining: In his/her words, "Being in charge is better than being a bitch who kept his/her mouth shut and does what s/he's told".
  • Preference: GUAC, on the grounds that s/he would have more freedom then s/he would've had with the other Alliances, but still doesn't like the idea of having some outrank them, i.e. Lucifer, but s/he will put aside that matter for reasons below.
  • Opposes: All the other Alliances, but especially the GUAL.
  • Threat level: Very High. S/he has an allegiance with one of the most advanced and militaristic armies in their universe, and eventually took over the Zin Empire, not to mention his/her status as a Greater God. S/he will go through Hell and back to help his/her own, and his/her gang's loyalty is so great that they would do the same.

Yamato Hotsuin, God of Utopia at Any Cost (The Chief of JP's)

  • Rank: Greater God
  • Symbol: The JPs logo
  • Theme Song: Battle of the Brave
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: He desires a system of meritocracy, and unfortunately, none of the Alliances are in for it.
  • Preference: None, though he'll lend a hand to the GUAG if Hibiki Kuze asks.
  • Opposes: GUAC and GUAL. He thinks Lucifer's going too far on his Social Darwinism, and YHVH refuses to assist him.
  • Threat level: Very High. He's been able to kill Administrators (Overdeity-level) with his bare hands or his mind, he has the Dragon Stream, a conduit of unbelievable magic power that can also increase his speed, and the Four Prime Factors also increase his power to ridiculous levels.

Keel Lorenz, God of Important Tertiary Characters and Divine Head of the Omniscient Council of Vagueness

  • Uncertain Rank
  • Symbol: A monolith with SEELE's emblem embedded on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (sees himself as Lawful Good)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: He and SEELE desire to enact Instrumentality, where all living beings become one entity, with SEELE as their leader.
  • Preference: None.
  • Opposes: Every other alliance, GUAC because eternal conflict is their goal, GUAL because YHVH wants all life to be His eternally-worshipping slaves while SEELE wishes to reach humanity's next step in evolution, GUAE for the same reasons as GUAC, GUAG because they've proven incapable in Keel's eyes, and GUAD for obvious reasons.
  • Threat level: Potentially High or even Extreme. Nobody knows just how far SEELE's influence goes.

Apollyon, Goddess of Perpetuating War

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Blackstone Legion
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Neutral Evil leanings
  • Reasons for Not Joining: As someone who wants the Pantheonic Wars to continue, she's not about to let any one side have the distinct advantage and will spur conflicts wherever there isn't.
  • Preference: None. Though Lucifer is trying to garner her favor, so there's a slight leaning to GUAC.
  • Opposes: Every other alliance, but particularly GUAG and GUAL because they desire an end to war.
  • Threat level: Potentially High. She had a hand in the events of Reformation of Law, after all. And perpetuating conflict means she will never rest.

The Divine Powers, The Old God Organization (Polytheistic Alliance, Krishna: Attractive One and Vishnu-Flynn, Odin: The Allfather, Maitreya: Bodhisattva and Mitra-Buddha, Inanna: Mother of All, Shesha: Ananta and Serpent of Death and Renewal)

  • Intermediate Gods (Krishna and Maitreya), Greater Gods (Shesha, Inanna, Odin, Mitra-Buddha), Overdeity (Shesha evolved forms and Vishnu-Flynn)
  • Symbol: Giant Red Egg
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Krishna and Odin), Chaotic Evil (Maitreya and Shesha), Chaotic Neutral (Inanna)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: They see the entire Pantheon as beyons saving and wish to reap everybody's souls and take them to another universe, whether they want to or not.
  • Preference: None.
  • Opposes: Every other alliance, especially GUAL for YHVH usurping them.
  • Threat level: Potentially High. They were a big enough threat that Chaos, Law, and Humanity temporarily stood united to fight them.


These gods (usually) desire nothing but what they want, and unfortunately for the Alliances, these gods are potentially powerful enough to take on all of them if they so wish or if given the chance.

Lord Tirek, God of Stealing Magic

  • Demigod (Overdeity when free and sufficiently fed)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Because of his penchant to betray his allies, nobody wants him, and even Melkor fears him.
  • Preference: None. He's out for himself only. Well, he's sort of cool with Mard Geer.
  • Opposes: All who will stand in his way in his quest for magic, which is basically everybody.
  • Threat level: All depends on how much magic he has, which means it can reach Extreme. Even without magic, his threat level is Medium at its lowest, given his silver tongue, which was able to dupe Discord to working with him for a while.

Destruction of The Endless, God of Creative Sterility (Olethros)

  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A pool of water and a sword, against a red background.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with Chaotic Good leanings.
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Harbors no interest, though the Alliances will often try to get him on their side or at least keep him away from the other sides.
  • Preference: None. though he will aid those who come by his temple.
  • Opposes: None.
  • Threat level: Very High. His very (former) purpose explains why the Grand United Alliances practically play keep-away with him.

Alma Wade, Goddess of Monsters Made from Tragic Pasts (Mother)

  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity on the Almaverse
  • Alignment: REALLY Chaotic Evil, though can cross into Chaotic Neutral where Erma is concerned.
  • Reasons for Not Joining: She hates everything and everybody. Except Erma, that is.
  • Preference: None. Even the Grand United Alliance of Destruction failed to recruit her. Though she's willing to see how far the Human Child will go to help her, and she's taken a liking to Erma.
  • Opposes: All except those under Preference.
  • Threat level: EXTREME. It took the entire House of Magic and the Court of the Gods to stop her. The following were defeated during this operation: Mithra's powers, half of the Court, and even Asura himself!

Shendu's Statue

  • Demigod (when freed and with all 12 Talismans within him, he jumps up to Overdeity)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Just like Tirek, he has a penchant of betraying everyone he has ever allied with, so not even the GUAE wants him.
  • Preference: None. He's out for himself only.
  • Opposes: Basically everybody, with special emphasis on JACKIE CHAN, his Uncle, his niece Jade, and his friend Tohru.
  • Threat level: Low, thanks to all the countermeasures installed in opposition to him. If he ever acquires the Sheep and/or Rat Talismans, his level will jump up to High, reaching all the way to Extreme if he gets all twelve.

Lucy, Goddess of Higher Understanding Through Drugs

  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A suitcase full of CP34
  • Alignment: True Neutral with elements of Knight Templar mixed in
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Nobody wants her due to her 'Do-as-I-say-because-I-know-everything' attitude.
  • Preference: None.
  • Opposes: None.
  • Threat level: Extreme. With her powers, she's completely unstoppable, even though Batman and Captain America do tend to smack her with Nerf bats from time to time.

Stephen, God of Characters Based On Celebrities (Steven, Dr. Matsuda)

  • Intermediate God, but he may be an Overdeity
  • Symbol: His wheelchair
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: He prefers to watch from a distance, and to test humanity.
  • Preference: Humanity, though he'll put them to the test if he thinks they need that "nudge". And as SMTIV:A's Massacre Route shows, that sometimes can't be good.
  • Opposes: Every other alliance, especially Law (under YHVH), Chaos, and Destruction.
  • Threat level: Extreme. Reportedly, his powers exceed YHVH's. Also, he defeated Merged Zamasu when he tried to attack the wheelchair-bound human.


Unlike the Solo Factions, these gods don't have a specific goal or philosophy that is at odds with all of the Alliances. They don't (always) answer to any Alliance though, and they will be threats on those who attack them.

Agent 47, God of Consummate Professionals

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His signature pistols, The Silverballas.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (supposedly, but Lawful Neutral might be more likely)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: By Agent 47's own choice, as he believes there's a chance he could be hired to kill anyone in the Pantheon, regardless of Alliance.
  • Preference: Because he does have a soft spot for Fluttershy, very slight on GUAG.
  • Opposes: None in particular.
  • Threat level: High. He stops at nothing to accomplish his mission. He's even willing to assassinate Asura of all gods if he's paid well enough to do it.

Geralt of Rivia, The God Covered with Scars (White Wolf, Gwynbleidd, Butcher of Blaviken, Sword of Destiny, Ravix of Fourhorn, Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde)

  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Wolf School Witcher’s Medallion
  • Alignment: Pretends to be True Neutral. His real alignment jumps all over the place, though he’s more often Good than anything else.
  • Reasons for Not Joining: As a Witcher, he cannot take sides, and will take missions from anybody, even the Disgraces. He also hates politics. That said, he does have "The Witcher Code", which disallows him from killing what others but him see as "monsters".
  • Preference: GUAG. He does find himself in alignment with them more often.
  • Opposes: None in particular.
  • Threat level: High. His new titles "The European Jedi" and "The Medieval Batman" are titles well-earned.

Mann Co. Mercenaries

Duke Togo, The God Who Speaks In Ellipses (Golgo 13, Duke Togo, Tadashi Togo, Togo Rodriguez)

  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: As a mercenary, taking sides is not what he does. He's even willing to kill a child if he's paid to.
  • Preference: None.
  • Opposes: Only those who double-cross him or fail to honor their end of the contract.
  • Threat level: High. His reputation is unmatched, and he's even known to snipe through a skyscraper to reach his target. So long as he's shown the money, he will do the job…provided the contractor is honest and straightforward with him. Otherwise, they're going down, no matter who it is.

Grenth, God of Cheap Revival (Defeater of Dhuum, Lord of Death, Lord of the Seven Reapers, Prince of Ice and Sorrow, Prince of Frost and Ice, Prince of Winter, The Dark One)

  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A hooded draconic skull
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: He has to stay impartial to make sure that everyone gets a fair treatment of Cheap Revival.
  • Preference: None in particular.
  • Opposes: Given his job, he certainly butts heads with the GUAD in philosophies.
  • Threat level: With his job in rendering death cheap, his threat level is rather High.

The Hunter, God/dess of Blood Splattered Warriors

  • Demigod/dess or Potential Greater or Overdeity as the Next Moon Presence. Very capable of taking on the higher up deities.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: S/he refuses to say.
  • Preference: None. This makes it very frustrating for most gods. S/he has turned down Melkor, YHVH, and even Cosmos. However, s/he does prefer the Bearer of The Curse, The Chosen Undead, and Solaire of Astora.
  • Opposes: All who attack him/her, regardless of Alliance.
  • Threat level: Because of his/her nature, s/he is arguably considered to be the most powerful demigod/dess in the Pantheon, making the threat level High, jumping to Very High once blood gets spilled. S/he can comprehend Cthulhu's true form without going mad, and even hold his/her own against non-bleeding combatants with ease (and the blood-bending Amon with help).

Marcus Kincaid, God of All Small Arms and Their Exploitation (The Gunbringer)

  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The holy smiling mug of his current physical form.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: He sells guns and firearms equally to all sides. A profit is a profit.
  • Preference: None. Except for the Crimson Raiders.
  • Opposes: None.
  • Threat level: Medium-High. He does sell firearms and futuristic tech to everybody, and nobody wants to lose him as an asset.

Nathananiel Richards, The Time-Traveling Conqueror and Future Guardian of Time (Iron Lad, Kid Immortus, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang the Conqueror, Immortus)

  • Intermediate God (Lesser God as Iron Lad, Greater God as Immortus)
  • Symbol: A fist clenching an hourglass
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Neutral Good as Iron Lad, Lawful Neutral as Immortus)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Due to the nature of his being, he is officially banned from entering any of the Grand Alliances for fear he will have being in more than one, using his past self for a future victory.
  • Preference: Varies between his selves.
  • Opposes: See above.
  • Threat level:

The Doomguy, The One-Man Army (The Marine, A Berserker-Packing Man-And-A-Half, The Boy Packin' 50 Pounds of Heavenly Joy, Doomguy, The Bane of Hell Itself, The Doom Marine, The Doom Slayer, The Unchained Predator, The Hell Walker)

  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The helmet of the Praetor Suit with the BFG-9000 and a Chainsaw crossed behind it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Hey, he hates demons and likes fluffy bunnies)
  • Reasons for Not Joining: He's not the type who's willing to take orders.
  • Preference: GUAG. He likes bunnies and is a conversationalist.
  • Opposes: All the other Alliances, Evil and Destruction for obvious reasons, Law because they won't take him, and Chaos because there're plenty of demons there.
  • Threat level: Very High. Didn't you read his title?! He's rampaged through Hell multiple times and came out on top each time!

Hanzo Shimada, God of Modern Archers (Hanzo, The Archer)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His bow and his tattoos
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Lawful Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Still being sort of "lost", Hanzo cannot dedicate himself to any one alliance.
  • Preference: GUAG. While relations with Genji are complex, he won't stand for any insults to the family name, even ones directed to his own brother.
  • Opposes: None.
  • Threat level: Medium-High. His archery skills is on par with the likes of Green Arrow and Hawkeye, and his Dragonstrike ability is a pretty devastating attack.

Baby Bonnie Hood, Goddess of Angelic Faces Masking Black Hearts (Bulleta, B.B. Hood)

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A wicker basket loaded with heavy weaponry.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Reasons for Not Joining: The GUAE wanted her on their side, but she wants no part and actually relishes the opportunity to attempt to slay a God of Evil (i.e. Melkor).
  • Preference: None.
  • Opposes: All non-humans, which unfortunately consists of a very large part of the Pantheon.
  • Threat level: High. Her appearance can be very disarming, even to those who know her (though for different reasons), and she has clashed with deities of higher rank than her and occasionally came out on top.

Zygarde, Collective Deity of Adaptation Expansion (The Order Pokémon, Squishy, Z1, Z2)

  • Rank: Quasideities (Zygarde Cell), Demideities (Zygarde Core), Lesser Deity (10% Zygarde), Intermediate Deity (50% Zygarde), Greater Deity (Complete Zygarde)
  • Symbol: A green hexagon
  • Theme Song: Pokemon X/Y-Vs Kalos Legendary (shared with Xerneas and Yveltal)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Preserving nature is all it wants to do, and will clash against anyone who would cause it harm.
  • Preference: The deities under Nature Preservers.
  • Opposes: GUAD, and GUAL under YHVH.
  • Threat level: Negligible as Cells or Cores. Low-Medium as 10%, Medium-High as 50%, and High as 100%.

The Capsuleers, Gods of Resurrective Immortality

  • Rank: Lesser God (individually), Overdeity (collectively)
  • Symbol: The Capsuleer Pod (individual symbols vary depending on Corp or Alliance)
  • Theme Song: "Below the Asteroids"
  • Alignment: Blue-and-Orange Morality (each Capsuleer has their own individual motives, and they can fall on any end of the Alignment).
  • Reasons for Not Joining: Everybody has their own individual motives, so technically speaking they've "joined" all of the Alliances.
  • Preference: All GUAs since every Capsuleer is different.
  • Opposes: See above.
  • Threat level: Veries between Capsuleers from Low to High.


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