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Sandbox / Trope Launch Pad Discard Project

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9136 drafts in the TLP queue, cobwebby drafts in the queue
If we can't fix, then bomb it and nix...

The Trope Launch Pad Discard Project thread needs a place to keep track of what they're working on and why.

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     Drafts still up for discussion 
Original date of proposal precedes the draft title.

    Mothballed Drafts 
This folder is for drafts that were brought to the discard thread but rejected for being hypothetically fixable.

See this page for an automated list of discards. Listing every draft the thread has ever discarded would lead to Signal-to-Noise Train Wreck.

To move a draft out of the folder below, leave a comment on the draft. Example: The [[ Trope Launch Pad discard project]] has nuked this for (insert reason here)

    Discarded without a reason on the page 


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