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Note, most of the elements of this page have come from the Playing With section or are already implied in the current definition. The main new elements are explicitly allowing the character to be more active (to avoid The Chick = The Load or Damsel in Distress), and a section on powers and abilities like current versions of The Smart Guy and The Big Guy

The emotional ground, and feminine member of The Team.


As gender roles evolve, how The Heart meets femininity has had a broad range. The Chick can be shy and demure, or brave and adventurous. As an example, there is a history of The Chick relying on the help of her teammates to fight, or constantly having to be rescued. Now many examples from at least the turn of the millennium on are Action Heroines who can stand on their own.

Common variants and traits to mix and match include:

Powers and skills common to the Chick include:

The Chick also tends to have a real job that's gives her plot relevant access, acting as The Face for the rest of The Team. Like being an Intrepid Reporter, a Princess, or just being more in the know about whatever magical secrets or organizations we're going to encounter. Regardless, there's a tendency to make her the Naïve Newcomer. Either the muggle on a team of mages, or a all star mage on a team of muggles.

If she gets a lot of screen time she'll be in a Power Trio with The Hero and The Lancer. Often the mediator of their Foil Pair, if not in the middle of their Love Triangle. Otherwise she may form a trio of sorts with The Big Guy and the Smart Guy with the three representing mind, body, and soul.

See also her Evil Counterpart, the Dark Chick. The Chick sometimes gets hit with Chickification or a Distress Ball but neither trope is inherent to this one. If she starts out more passive then Xenafication can push her towards the Spirited Young Lady.

See here for notes on the prominence of this archetype.


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