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    Rintarou Okabe 
Rintarou Okabe, God of Time Travel Memory Retention (Labmem 001, Okarin, Hououin Kyouma, Anarchy Incarnate (?), Lintahlo, Alpacaman)
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  • Theme Song: Gate of Steiner (Vocal edition)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (likes pretending to be Chaotic Neutral)
  • Symbol: The Future Gadget Lab logo; A gear with an arrow circling over it, with the initials of the members on it.
  • Portfolio: <TODO> <Self-proclaimed Mad Scientist and accidentally getting that life for real, No Social Skills, demanding others to call him with his prefered name (Hououin Kyouma) while never does it to anyone else unless absolutely neccesary, keeping memories throughout all previous timelines, Giver of Lame Names, Having to save his Childhood Friend and Love Interest by sacrificing the gift of time travelling yet never giving up>
  • Domains: Time, Technology, Knowledge, Theatrics
  • Heralds: The rest of Future Gadget Lab members from Alpha and Beta timelines, and the Tennouji family his 'lab' is rented from.
  • Allies: The Doctor, Future Trunks, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, the T-850, Doctor Emmett Brown, Marty McFly, Space Dandy, Noire, Mahiro Yasaka, Ryotaro Nagami/Kamen Rider Den-O
  • Odd Friendship with: Black★Rock Shooter
  • Enemies: SKYNET, Big Brother, BnL
  • Pities: Homura Akemi
  • Japan, July 28, 2010. An idyllic day in Akihabara district gets broken up as a report come in: Kurisu Makise, the famous young scientist living abroad in America, has been found dead bathed in blood in the Radio Kaikan building. Police quickly come in to secure the scene, but what they found out was more bizzare than the report imply: turns out Kurisu has merely been knocked out harmlessly, and the pool of blood she's covered in was that of another man entirely, one she has never met before yet has a faint memories of. Thus starts and ends the adventure of this man, a scientific adventure that shakes the very foundation of physics and society...
    • Hououin Kyouma is the name of a man intent to plunge the world controlled by "The Organization" into chaos by using his massive IQ and terrible inventions! ...or rather, that's what Rintarou Okabe fashioned himself as. In reality, Okabe is a normal if geeky teenager currently majoring in engineering in Tokyo. But a normal life is not fun, so he styles himself as a mad scientist, rents an apartement room to call it as his lab, and make 'inventions' (simple Homemade Inventions mostly based on popular media) with his group of friends. This changes when, in a stroke of luck, he managed to send text messages to the past (and bananas, but they get "jellified" in the process and thus useless for physical travel) with a microwave and a phone. This would be the start of various experiments to determine the door for Time Travel and on perfecting his machine... in which he awakens to what he would dub "Reading Steiner", the ability to keep memories of provious timelines. This is how he can remember finding Kurisu Makise dead despite meeting her alive and well a day later. Unfortunately, it doesn't give him the memories of the current timeline which, coupled with his No Social Skills, often puts him at strife with his friends.
    • But wait, future Okabe? Yeah... when 'first' arriving at the Beta worldline, he was too distraught at killing Kurisu a second time that he rejected his last attempt at saving her and the world, eschew time travelling entirely as Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, abandons his Hououin Kyouma persona and tries to move on. It was hard, as he kept having PTSD-induced panic attacks, with Kurisu's research team giving a seminar on, and asking him to test, a system with a memory copy of her before coming to japan not helping matters, and Suzuha egging on him to try one more at saving the Bad Future of World War III, but he was able to clean his act somewhat... until the precipice of World War 3 itself comes knocking on his door, killing Mayuri yet again as she tries to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, and a time skip forward to see just how terrible World War-ravaged world actually is. After that? He go back to his time, enduring thousands of Time Leaps, awakens back his Hououin Kyouma persona, and manages to outwit both Russia and America in getting rid of the Time Machine. Last time anyone see him, he's entering the time machine, after sending the video for his past self, to go to a place where the successful Mayuri (and Suzuha) gets stranded to.
  • One day in the lab, just after another one of "Round Table Meeting" (In the Steins Gate timeline, it's merely hanging out and chatting the afternoon away between members), he got a knock on the door from his landlord Mr. Braun silently handing him a sealed and plain letter with only his name on it. Far from an eviction notice or Suzuha's suicide note that he feared (way too loudly) however, it was a notice from the Pantheon that he has ascended to the Pantheon, as the patron of Ripple Effect-Proof Memory for his adventures on the Alpha and Beta worldline to reach Steins Gate, and the steps for his ascension. The other members reading alongside him quickly write it off as Okabe being Okabe, but he knew different. Right after reading the letter, he laughs his signature laugh, and quickly announces "Operation Mimir" to everyone; to go to this Pantheon place and announces the great ascension of the great Hououin Kyouma to everyone there.
    • ...He made this 'grand' entrance by screaming "I AM MAD SCIENTIST! IT'S SO COOL!" out loud to the masses of the Pantheon. This is him being awkward at the western feel of the Pantheon; he quickly drops it when it turns out he can just speak Japanese thanks to the Pantheon's Translator Microbes.
  • Yes, Okabe ascended while Kurisu was made one of his herald. Yes, that means she now truly is his Assistant. No, he won't shut up about it, and neither will she stop denying it. That's just the way their relationship has always been.
  • There is technically two Okabe that has ascended, one who has reached Steins Gate and one who manages to escape Reading Steiner from Beta by going to the distant past. They often oscillate between which one is in this timeline. Considering both Character Development, their only practical difference is in their memory of current event.
  • Due to his traumatic adventures, and despite his title, he still renounces Time Travel as Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. In the Pantheon, where there's already so many gods related to time and time travelling, he resigned himself to be a time police, but only to help stabilize the world, whatever it means in the chaotic realm that is the pantheon.
  • His temple is a copy of his rented building, where he stores his prized collections: his various Future Gadgets (examples being a universal TV remote in the shape of ray gun, an instant humidifier shaped as a landmine, and a flying toy with a small camera under it), with his most protected being the PhoneWave (Name still subject to change). He had made sure that it's working as a normal, phone-operated microwave, with the big CRT acting as its lifter plugged off and barred until he needed to send a D-mail. Should he really, truly need it to be a Time Leap Machine, he can always order Kurisu for an upgrade (in spite her irritance).
    • So no, you can't microwave bananas and make them "soft and squishy" anymore. That joke has run its course, even to him (Though he won't object to it as offering).
    • There's also the satellite-like future time machine that he still will made, but the ones on his roof is a cardboard replica. The real thing is hidden somewhere else back in his world, Invisible to Normals.
  • Make no mistake: despite his Chuunibyou nonsense, he will fight against those Mad Scientists who truly wants (or has) thrown the world into chaos. especially if it will hurt those who are close to him.
    • On the flipside, he will also fight against totalitarian rulers and shadow goverments.
    • He's also against abusive parents, <<TODO>>
  • [[Apparently his Hououin Kyouma persona in the dub is very similar to The Doctor. I never saw Doctor Who. Please help]]
  • <TODO>
  • To prevent something like a dystopian future from happening for any universe, Okabe to decided to strike an alliance with gods like the Doctor and Future Trunks. To his surprise, he was approached by the likes of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor to help them fight SKYNET, after hearing that he became a rebel leader in a future world line. Okabe is reluctant to help them, but will ultimately fight for the greater good.
  • Is in collaboration with Doc Brown and Ryotaro Nagami to make a cooler-looking time machine. While he's eager to work with them, he can't help feeling tense around their time machines. Mostly because he saw his friend die at the mercy of a car and train, the former many times.
  • Became friends with Dandy of all people after finding out that he's able to retain some of his memories throughout various universes, similar to his own Reading Steiner. Okabe later found out that he sounds like Dr. Gel when he tries to speak in English, though Dandy has has no idea what he's talking about.
  • While he can't speak for Homura, he feels like he can sympathize with her. He knows that it's hell to travel back in time over and over just to save one's best friend/Love Interest, and he's heard that her experiences are a lot worse than his.
  • Was confused when he heard Noire talk, thinking that she sounded really similar to Kurisu. In response, he jokingly called her "Assistant". Much to his surprise, she reacted as if she was called that before. She found a lot of things similar to MAGES. in him, and the two quickly became friends.
  • Now officially recognized as the Top Time Traveler.
  • "El Psy CKongroo!"

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