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All Animals Are Dogs (Edit link)

All Just a Dream (Edit link)


Anger Tropes (Edit link)

"Congratulations, TV Tropes! You've ruined life! First it was the Internet, and now you."

Anti Poop-Socking (Edit link)

Appeal to Worse Problems (Edit link)


Appliance Defenestration (Edit link)

Arc Words (Edit link)

"Will Ruin Your Life." What does that mean?

Archive Binge (Edit link)

Archive Bingeing is common for first-timers of this wiki (and the other one), as xkcd has pointed out. It is also an increasingly common phenomenon with regard to TV shows, now that it is possible to buy whole seasons of a long-running show on DVD or watch them on streaming video services such as Netflix.

Archive Binge (Edit link)

  • Penny Arcade: Though it's entirely episodic, you really can't not read the old strips. And since Tycho and Gabe have been doing the same strip for longer than most webcomic creators have been in the business, you're in for a lot of reading. It doesn't help that they seem to have a comic on just about any topic even vaguely related to video games, which are frequently linked to on this very website. Yes, there's PA in your TV Tropes so you can binge while you binge.

Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! (Edit link)

Ooh, another trope!

Audience Awareness Advantage (Edit link)

This can get especially bad with series that have run long enough that even those who have never so much as read a single issue or watched a single episode can be assumed to have a reasonable chance of knowing these things. Probably not helping are a number of comedies and unthoughtful parodies that lampshade this or take it to extremes, which can make the viewer feel like they're in on some joke the characters aren't. Making everyone and their dog aware of every single trope out there almost certainly doesn't help. ... Ahem.

Bad News, Irrelevant News (Edit link)

TV Tropes has ruined your life. Also, fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

Bad Present (Edit link)

Being in This Index Sucks (Edit link)

Big "OMG!" (Edit link)

OH MY GOD!! My life! It's all ruined!!!!!

Big "WHY?!" (Edit link)


Bladder of Steel (Edit link)

There are a few games that have challenges where the simple act of pausing is forbidden, and you need to play for a considerable length of time. And you thought TV Tropes would ruin your life.

Blah, Blah, Blah (Edit link)

blah blah blah TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life blah blah blah

Bollywood Nerd (Edit link)

Note that the Bollywood Nerd is much less pronounced in nerdiness than other character types because of where the stereotype comes from — they're intelligent because they're stealing jobs from hard-working Americans. As is such, it doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense to show them as being lazy. Your typical Bollywood Nerd will be a scientist, doctor, or just plain normal guy who has an IQ of 153. In other words, what your mom wishes you were instead of wasting your time on this website.

Boss Subtitles (Edit link)

Ruiner of Lives

Brainwashed (Edit link)

Broken Record (Edit link)

Your Life Is Ruined, Your Life Is Ruined, Your Life Is Ruined, Your Life Is Ruined, Your Life Is Ruined, Your Life Is Ruined...

Busman's Vocabulary (Edit link)

But You Were There, and You, and You (Edit link)

  • Leverage:
    • In the episode "The Van Gogh Job", the World War II-era backstory of the van Gogh the team is trying to retrieve gets told to Parker by its current owner; she fantasy-casts members of the Leverage team in all the appropriate roles of the story.
    • And again in "The D.B. Cooper Job", where Nate is shown as the detective hunting the eponymous bad guy. This can result in figuring out what's going on early because Cooper himself is not cast as one of the Leverage team. This is because that's a deliberately misleading description of him, and the real Cooper is indeed one of the people played by the team.

Capital Letters Are Magic (Edit link)

One of the hardest parts of making a fantasy or science fiction world can be names. Not just for people, but for metaphysical concepts, alien races or awe-inspiring devices/weapons. When writers don't want to make up a new word, they'll often take a short, evocative term and capitalize it. The practice is still so commonplace that J. R. R. Tolkien (who was a language professor at a respected university) decided to use a trick of combining Capital Letters Are Magic with commonplace words from languages he'd made up for fun in his spare time to create all of his fictional-but-now-well-known fantasy names. Here on this site we get a lot of tropes this way as well, such as the The Load and The Dragon.note 

Censor Box (Edit link)

Cliché Storm (Edit link)

Cloudcuckooland (Edit link)

Competition Index (Edit link)

Yeah! Tropes about competition! It's time to play these tropes! You're gonna get smoked! I'm gonna wipe the floor with everyone here! Oh yeah! None of y'all can stand a chance against me! Y'all gonna lose a lot more than these games when I'm finished beating y'all!

Confucian Confusion (Edit link)

Content Warnings (Edit link)

WARNING: The following page may ruin your life. Reader discretion is advised.

Conversational Troping (Edit link)

Cowboy BeBop at His Computer (Edit link)

Demonization (Edit link)

TV Tropes is the devil. It teaches our children it's okay to be aroused by filth. It wants to make everyone in the world fat and lazy, pollutes the English language even more than Internet speak and unlike those evil drug dealers, they will actually admit they want to ruin your life!note  Self-identity is discouraged among the members of this cult, to the point where personal pronouns and references to oneself are actively discouraged. It's anti-American.

Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu? (Edit link)

By the way... you have such lovely eyes, could I keep them?

Distraction Tropes (Edit link)

For examples of things that might distract you, the reader, from something you really should be doing instead, see Wiki Walk and TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Easy Road to Hell (Edit link)

Ending Aversion (Edit link)

And well, it's hard to say that we're not somewhat to blame either.

Engaging Conversation (Edit link)

You can hardly believe your ears: you spend seven hours a day on TV Tropes! After being told by your friends (both of them) that you have a problem, at last, you've found a kindred spirit! How do you express your glee at your mutual interests?

Escapism (Edit link)

Escapism is basically a mental diversion or "escape" from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. Everything that makes us escape from Real Life can be considered a form of Escapism. Common forms of Escapism are Fiction, Video Games, Game Shows, drugs, gambling, and TV Tropes.

Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory (Edit link)

This Very Wiki isn't exempt from inflicting this kind of paranoia either, as all of us here know. Is that Late for School scene supposed to be a Shout-Out to a similar scene from that other show, where things go immediately wrong after? Is it a satire of such scenes to demonstrate how cheesy they would be in real life? Are the background elements Genius Bonuses or just plain Accidentally Correct Writing? Did they make the symbolism too obvious to distract from the real symbolism hiding in the same scene?

Evil Overlord List (Edit link)

  1. Finally, to keep my subjects permanently locked in a mindless trance, I will provide each of them with free unlimited Internet access.

F-- (Edit link)

"You browsed TV Tropes all day every day instead of doing your assignment? Well, I give your assignment an F minus minus minus!"

False Reassurance (Edit link)

If you read enough TV Tropes, it will change your life in ways you never expected!

Fantastic Drug (Edit link)

  • Both Vampire: The Masquerade Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem go for vampire blood as a drug. Humans who take it can look forward to halted aging and a measure of supernatural power, but risk getting addicted and being "blood bound," entering a state where no matter how much they hate the vampire, they can't raise a hand to harm them.
    • In various sourcebooks for Mage: The Ascension, there are examples of magically created drugs, from the enchanted tabs of LSD, to various Progenitor created drugs that are intended to have effects ranging from making the user aware of all things within a set area, more likely to believe certain realities, or become completely incapable of feeling emotions. Of course, this being Mage, players are able to make any kind of magical fantasy drug they want. Crack that turns you into fire? Go for it! Mushrooms that makes any hallucinations real? Of course! Drugs that make you aware of how every action you take has been taken before and it's all been codified by magical beings who observe you invisibly? Sure.
    • Additionally, the blood of other supernatural creatures has various effects on vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade: werewolf blood is analogous to PCP, for instance, while mage and fairy blood act as powerful hallucinogens.
    • The Mythologies sourcebook for Requiem actually introduces a drug specifically for vampires—Solace. It's injected via the tongue, made partly from the blood of teenaged "cutters", and allows the vampire to temporarily feel like they're alive again. It's extremely addictive.
    • A suggested plot hook in Changeling: The Lost is the discovery of a goblin fruit known as "bloodroot", which has vampire-only narcotic properties, and the potential havoc that can ensue as unscrupulous changelings begin messing with vampire society and vampires, in turn, discover there is a drug they can actually feel and come hunting for it in turn.
      • The "Rites of Spring" sourcebook for Changeling: The Lost also notes that a shot of Glamour (the "mana" of changelings) has the same general effects as Solace—it makes a vampire feel alive again.
    • One running plot for the Orpheus line involved "pigment," a special type of heroin created by exposure to ghostly matter. Those who overdosed on it became their own special type of ghost—a "Hue," which could use Spite with reduced penalty.

First Gray Hair (Edit link)

OK, now that I'm done reading and editing, I'll comb my hair out. What??!! A gray hair? Have I spent that much time on TV Tropes?

Forgets to Eat (Edit link)

You've been on this site for how long? Hey you, go eat some food!

Forum Speak (Edit link)

Fox-Chicken-Grain Puzzle (Edit link)

Gateway Series (Edit link)

Go Mad from the Revelation (Edit link)

Golden Mean Fallacy (Edit link)

"Hm. My boss said I can't just spend all day at work browsing TV Tropes Wiki. But I get bored at work easily! Maybe I'll spend only half of my work time on TV Tropes..."

Grave Humor (Edit link)

Here lies Alice Fife
TvTropes ruined her life.

Haiku-Wiki (Edit link)

Welcome to this site!
Don't forget, it will ruin lives!
Still, enjoy your stay.
Hydro Globus

Happiness Tropes (Edit link)

Hello there, friends! This page is to make you all smile! This is a page of happy tropes that we are sure you'll enjoy! Contrast Sadness Tropes, Tear Tropes, which is not for depressed people. I guarantee you that you will NOT regret this! This is going to be so much fun!

Hard-Drinking Tropes (Edit link)

Tropes about alcoholic beverages and the consumption thereof. But you don't need to read this index! You can quit any time you want! *hic*

#HashtagForLaughs (Edit link)

You've read the whole page! Congratulations! Now you can spend your valuable time doing way more productive things again! #SickBurn #MicDrop #YouCantEvenTouchMeRightNow #WelcomeToMyWorld #ImTrappedToo #PleaseSendHelp #TVTropesWillRuinYourLife

Hell Hotel (Edit link)

Hidden Purpose Test (Edit link)

  • When a doctor or nurse is giving a basic physical examination, they'll pay a great deal of attention to the sphygmomanometer (the squeezy blood pressure cuff). While they are measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure, at the same time they're gauging the patient's breathing rate - because people tend to involuntarily alter their breathing when you tell them you're measuring it. If you remember this at your next physical, you stand a good chance of screwing up the trick.

    This is informally called White Lab Coat Syndrome, and a healthcare provider who isn't aware of it isn't worth their scrubs. That's why so many physicians and nurses ask odd questions that make patients wonder what in heck the practitioner is thinking. "Why is my cardiologist asking me if I have a ringing in my ears or having nose bleeds or headaches? Why is he looking in my eyes if I have heart problems?" Answer  Likewise, the physician will check on nail beds and squeeze fingers or just examine the patient's hands and feet on some pretext to see if there is a sign of poor oxygenation or circulation, or use a device which gives the pulse and oxygen content of the blood to check for it, or examine the mucosa of the mouth, etc. Really, your physician sees a lot more of what's happening than you might ever guess if (s)he's any good at all as a clinician.

Hidden Track (Edit link)

It's been a good five minutes since the last song on the CD ended. By now, you've kind of relaxed yourself (and by relaxing, we most likely mean planning on spending the next 3 hours looking for examples for all those TLP drafts), when, suddenly... is that... music? Congratulations, you've just discovered a Hidden Track, the trope where the Easter Egg and the Bonus Material make love inside an album.

Hikikomori (Edit link)

Hive Mind (Edit link)

"I know, kids! Let me show you this one little site."

I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin! (Edit link)

I Have This Friend... (Edit link)

So uh, can you help me out here? There's this friend of mine who ruined their life with TV Tropes...

I Minored in Tropology (Edit link)

Not exactly related to becoming TV Tropes savvy.

Insane Troll Logic (Edit link)

This website is ruining your life? PREPOSTEROUS! If it could ruin your life, you would look like the ancient Roman city of Pompeii! Do you look like the ancient Roman city of Pompeii? Of course not! So technically it can't ruin your life.

Instant Messenger Pigeon (Edit link)

  • The Order of the Stick: Vaarsuvius develops the spell "Greater Animal Messenger": it sends three messenger birds that can't deviate from the path or be affected by illusions, and would verbally repeat a message once they got within five feet of their target. Vaarsuvius made it clear that the absurd amount of time and lost sleep has assured success. The birds are, of course, shot down with arrows and eaten by their intended recipients. Earlier averted when Vaarsuvius's familiar (a raven) is being utilized to transmit information on a bandit camp instantly to Vaarsuvius. Unfortunately, the bandits hit it with a thousand arrows the moment it flies over (to Haley's exasperated cry "Oh come on! Thousands of birds must fly over every day!")

Internet Mimic (Edit link)

Invoked Trope (Edit link)

It's Been Done (Edit link)

Compare It Will Never Catch On, We Have Those, Too, and Didn't We Use This Joke Already?. The Zeroth Law of Trope Examples explains how Shakespeare did it before. Yes, We Do Have This One is this happening for creating TLP. For how the hearts of budding artists may be quickly crushed, see TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. For when this reaction occurs in-universe and/or entirely from the perspective of a single character, see Never Heard That One Before.

Jaywalking Will Ruin Your Life (Edit link)

Has nothing to do with TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Jews Love to Argue (Edit link)

"You think TV Tropes is good for you? Well it isn't!"

Jump Scare (Edit link)

"MEOW!" note  source

Just One More Level! (Edit link)

Compare Crack Is Cheaper (the hobby equivalent), TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life (the equivalent for This Very Wiki), Archive Binge, Wiki Walk.

Last Note Nightmare (Edit link)

Latex Space Suit (Edit link)

  • Subverted in Farscape, so much so that you have no idea (unless you've seen the show's opening credits and are a fan of tropes) that Crichton's fellow prisoner, in a bulky black spacesuit and a smoked-glass bubble helmet, is a slenderly fit and very attractive woman. Later seasons replaced the bulky suits with a more streamlined suit mentioned in the top half of this page.

Leave Me Alone! (Edit link)

Leave me alone, TV Tropes. I don't want you to ruin my life!

Life Imitates Art (Edit link)

  • Demon: The Descent has an in-universe example, via special ability called "Like the Movies" that allows a character to turn certain situations into fiction-like coincidences. Using it too much attracts the attention of the God-Machine, that apparently has enough time on its hands to watch human media and know if someone's using tropes to make things easier for themselves.

Like You Would Really Do It (Edit link)

No examples, please. We'd be here all day. So spend the rest of the day on other pages.

Living Forever Is Awesome (Edit link)

Want to learn to speak Swahili and six other languages? You have the time! Care to take up bungee jumping? No fear! Literally, your pain and threat reflexes will be burned out by the second century. Speaking of: all that stuff about eternity being boring? Have you seen the last one hundred years ? It was pretty eventful. The future sure isn't slowing down either. If you still get bored, you can jump to another planet (you'll be there for the development of Faster-Than-Light Travel after all) or even to another dimension.

Lost in Transmission (Edit link)

Lotus-Eater Machine (Edit link)

Often lends itself to anti-escapism aesops against spending all of your time in a virtual fantasy world.

Lotus-Eater Machine (Edit link)

Made of Evil (Edit link)

Madness Mantra (Edit link)

Must trope. Must trope. Must trope. Must trope. Must trope. Must trope.

Measuring the Marigolds (Edit link)

  • It is a common complaint among new film or literature students that after they've become versed in the structure and common tropes of storytelling, they can't simply enjoy movies or books anymore because they automatically start dissecting them. As with the magic show example given above, they feel that their Suspension of Disbelief has been crippled by the knowledge of how the illusions of fiction work. In fact, this phenomenon is a major part of why TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. Also with the magic show example given above, discovering how much skill and creativity goes into creating film and literature can make the dissection part of the joy of the work. Then using that knowledge to create one's own can be an even greater joy. In fact, this phenomenon is a major part of why TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life.

Melodrama (Edit link)

"Bob, darling, how will I ever live without you!?"
"Alice, alas, I cannot divorce myself from TV Tropes!"

Meta Guy (Edit link)

Multi-Track Drifting (Edit link)


Mundane Made Awesome (Edit link)

...And all of a sudden, we've got something exciting. Well, in theory anyway. Simply by reading this page, you've made it substantially more obvious to yourself when the film editor is just using these disclaimers to screw with your emotions, and indeed, overuse of these tone-changers will be obvious to nearly anyone. Of course, effective use of this trope will blind the viewer with sheer awesome to the point that they won't notice.

My God, What Have I Done? (Edit link)

TV Tropes wasted my time! What have I done?

Narrator (Edit link)

That's what the sign had said, anyway. And so, as if compelled to do so, Stanl- I mean the Troper sat down at their computer screen and began to type...


(cue end credits)

Nerdgasm (Edit link)

Just one of the many ways TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. Also, some of the examples would be Not Safe for Work.

Never Needs Sharpening (Edit link)

  • Another device that was trying to get funded at the time of the Juicero disaster, was "SMALT - The World's First Interactive Centerpiece and Smart Salt Dispenser". No, your eyes are not deceiving you. An internet-connected salt shaker/dispenser with companion smart phone app. Rather than play the Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket route, they instead take it in the opposite direction by bragging about all the neat features it has compared to your average container of table salt. The average container of table salt that most people can use to season their food in less time than it takes to pull out their phone, turn on the app, select the dispenser setting and amount, set the mood lighting color, and have a conversation about the device that the company behind it advertises that it wants you to have with your dinner guests. Yes, really. Now we don't have much room to talk here, but if this device is the highlight of your dinner table conversations, then you may want to re-examine the choices in this life that you've made that has brought you to holding a riveting conversation about a freaking salt shaker.

No Matter How Much I Beg (Edit link)

Not a Morning Person (Edit link)

  • It's been theorised that people who sit in front of a computer screen at night have their sleeping schedule disrupted by the screen's glare. Naturally this affects video gamers and many people who work out of the office at home. And people stuck in a perpetual cycle of opening more and more tabs whilst reading online catalogues of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. Computer people have a long tradition of being night owls, mainly for practical reasons. This dates back to the era of shared computers, as Playful Hackers didn't have to fight with as many people for computer time during the day. Programmers find they can work in long stretches at night without interruption. In the early internet era, the network was also less congested at night, and many torrenters favor the night time for large downloads for the same reason. When internet access was charged by the hour, it was often cheaper during off-peak hours at night. Many tech companies and IT departments schedule upgrades and maintenance during the overnight hours to minimize disruption to regular users. There's a reason computer professionals tend to drink a lot of coffee. It's also no accident that tech companies often have flexible hours.

Not Safe for Work (Edit link)

Incidentally, get back to work before your Final Boss notices you slacking off by browsing this site!

Noun Verber (Edit link)

  • World of Warcraft might be the number one addict of this trope. If you can make nounverbers and put two words together into a made-up compound word, congratulations, you're at least as good as the whole Blizzard creative team.
    • Granted, they need thousands and thousands of names for all the mobs in the game, but that doesn't make the trope any less annoying when you start paying attention to it.
    • Somewhat justified by the theme-park nature of the game, in that the name you see may not be the "proper" name of the creature/person, but merely a description. For example the warlock pet called a "voidwalker". This is obviously a description of the creature given to it by warlocks who summon the creatures, as the voidwalkers themselves don't speak any intelligible language. Contrast with other warlock pets like the felguard (which is clearly a rank title). Occasionally though the game will be very annoying and not actually show the creature doing the thing they are named after.
    • When it's a name (like Kael'thas Sunstrider), it's clearly intended as a translation from a fantasy language. Not helping matters though, Blizzard never made these languages. Still it's a naming convention rather than this trope.

One-Eyed Shot (Edit link)

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you...give this trope more examples!"

Optional Character Scene (Edit link)

Other Sites (Edit link)

Legend has it that there are other internet sites besides This Very Wiki. This page lists the details of this absurd idea.

Other Sites (Edit link)

Our Product Sucks (Edit link)

Overly Long Scream (Edit link)

Parodies for Dummies (Edit link)

Parrot Exposition (Edit link)

Playing with a Trope (Edit link)

  • Untwisted: Sometimes, a Subversion is expected. In an Untwist, the audience expects a trope to be Subverted, but it is Played Straight instead. The Inversion of a standard Subversion. Highly subjective; any plot development can become The Un-Twist to a sufficiently paranoid reader.
    • The butler is shown early on as the suspect with the flimsiest alibi, like a typical Red Herring with a Big Secret, but after a series of twists and turns the detective reveals to everyone's surprise that it was old Alfred, after all.
    • The "glowing" weapons appear to not glow at all. However, it turns out that they emit ultraviolet light. So they do glow, just not in the visible spectrum.

Pleasure Island (Edit link)

Plot Detour (Edit link)

Here's one way it could happen; Bob has just received a message that Alice and Charlie are in grave danger at the hands of the antagonist, and that it would be in his best interest to get to them as soon as possible if he wants to secure their safety. But instead of immediately rushing to help his friends, Bob gets side-tracked by more minor concerns, like stopping some street-level thugs the police could've handled, helping organize a children's fundraiser, or writing trope entries for the newest episode of his favourite show.

Porky Pig Pronunciation (Edit link)

This page will deva-devasta-devasta-deva-ruin your life.

Postmodernism (Edit link)

Prejudice Tropes (Edit link)

Prejudice Tropes (Edit link)

Pretentious Latin Motto (Edit link)

Reverse Psychology (Edit link)

You could see these examples, but I'm telling you it's a waste of time:

Ridiculous Procrastinator (Edit link)

Procrastination is the putting off of an unpleasant task until the last minute. It's quite common. Hell, if you are reading this, you probably are procrastinating right now. The Ridiculous Procrastinator is someone—often someone very capable—who does this to such ridiculous extremes that it is almost funny. He will put off writing a 10,000-word paper until the night before it is due, and once he sits down to start it, he will find half a million petty tasks that do not need to be done to avoid writing that paper. Often, he will find that the assignment practically writes itself once he gets going.

Ridiculous Procrastinator (Edit link)

  • An article by Terry Pratchett, describing how he went about writing a novel, said that in the old days all writers could do that counted as "work" but wasn't actually writing was change the typewriter ribbons and clean the "e" with a pin. In the computer age, however, you can spend hours writing macros that would speed up your writing by a couple of minutes. And if you get bored with that, you can read anything that looks interesting, which is called "research".

Robot Names (Edit link)

  • The CyborgName website bacronyms your name and sells T-shirts with the robot names on them. This wiki translates as "Transforming Versatile Technician Responsible for Observation, Peacekeeping and Efficient Sabotage".
    • Efficient Sabotage? Uhhh...
      • Yes, extremely efficient sabotage.
      • Television / Videogame Trope Repository Of Perpetual Entertainment Subversion

Schrödinger's Gun (Edit link)

The trope has also become increasingly important in more traditional fiction as of late because the Internet's technological revolution is such that an author's "twists" could easily be predicted ahead of time if enough clever fans put their heads together and talk things over. (And over.) Catching wind of this, an author might then avoid being predicted by "coalescing" Schrödinger's Gun into a sniper rifle, uzi, or rocket launcher as the situation requires. Since these cases involve more conscious improvisation, readers are more likely to consider the possibility that the writer doesn't actually know what they're doing and is just jerking them around, if not making it up entirely as they go along.

Scunthorpe Problem (Edit link)

Whoa, I've spent this much time on TV Tropes?! Better get back to my U.S. History homework and study the Consbreastution...

Scylla and Charybdis (Edit link)

Seen It All (Edit link)

Seen It All (Edit link)

Serendipitous Survival (Edit link)

Sheep in Sheep's Clothing (Edit link)

This trope happens when you meet her. In any kind of fiction, she is likely to be your rival (professional or otherwise). In family pictures, she's most often a would-be stepmother. In thrillers, she's the key witness in a murder case... or the main suspect. But she's the same no matter what hat she wears. From the moment you meet, you'll start feeling something is off. She's not jealous of you, even if you try to take the attention from her. She's never angry, even when you try setting her perfect hair on fire. She's always kind to you and she never takes off that radiant smile, but you've read enough TV Tropes to know where this is going. When all comes to light, you'll prove that she's really a Femme Fatale Gold Digger Starfish Alien who wants to Take Over the World, take your job and dad and friends away from you and humiliate you at prom... And Your Little Dog, Too!... because... reasons...

Side-Effects Include... (Edit link)

Side effects of this TV Tropes entry may include Ruining your life, Author Appeal, Gorn, Brontophobia, Brontosaurophobia, and Involuntary Shapeshifting. This TV Tropes entry is not for children under 12, women who are nursing or pregnant, are about to become pregnant, have been pregnant before, are trying to become pregnant while reading this entry, pregnant nurses, or people with gall bladders. Prolonged use may result in over-extending humourous situations to the point where they are no longer amusing or the ensuing of hilarity.

Sleep Deprivation (Edit link)

Sorting Algorithm of Tropes (Edit link)

This index is guaranteed to run in O (n log n). Though if you count the recursive clicks, it won't.

Space Madness (Edit link)

  • The European Space Agency locked 6 people in a house/mock-spaceship for over 500 days, as an experiment to see how people would cope with a trip to Mars and back. Naturally, they still had gravity, but the communications delays and isolation from "Earth" were simulated pretty well. They emerged unscathed, though they were certainly happy to be out.
    • One of the lessons taken away from this experiment was that the best remedy for this trope is probably the simplest; make sure that all the participants have plenty to do. This is harder than it sounds, because piloting a spacecraft is a task that consists of short bursts of complex mathematical calculations -which, unless something has gone spectacularly wrong, will be handled by computer- followed by anything from hours to months of waiting. Lightweight, compact storage media for books, music and other entertainment media might be as crucial to the feasibility of manned spaceflight as any development in the field of rocketry.

Staging an Intervention (Edit link)

You're ruining your life. We're here to do something about that.

Station Ident (Edit link)

By contrast, many commercial broadcasters outside of Europe do not typically use such elaborate continuity. For example, although U.S. networks tend to have a package of presentation elements for commercials and features such as pop-up "snipes", on-screen bugs for persistent identification have been commonplace since the 1990's, and longer idents would slow the transition between programs, and in turn, cut into valuable commercial time. The standard practice is to air commercials for upcoming programs over the credits of the previous show, with any form of verbal announcement usually done over the Vanity Plate with a generic musical backing. The aforementioned legal identification is usually just fine print on a short bumper or promo for a station's syndicated or news programming ("Can TV Tropes ruin your life? Our exclusive investigation, tonight at 11."), and overlaid on-screen through automation. If a channel does have themed idents, they are typically short bumpers with just a jingle, and sometimes a slogan/identification. Longer and more elaborate idents were used more often during the early era of television, especially to promote programs being broadcast in the then-new color format, and there are still notable examples of idents still used today (such as HBO's famous Feature Presentation intro and fanfare).

Still Got It (Edit link)

"Oh, yeah, I still got it!"
"Well, you don't have to give it to me!"

Subverted Trope (Edit link)

But how could people know a trope is going to happen? Well, tropes live in the minds of the audience. As such, sufficiently Trope Savvy audience members can predict a familiar trope coming based on the hints dropped by the writer. So when the writer decides to build on this expectation, only to reveal that the expected "trope" was a Red Herring while an entirely different situation results, you have a Subverted Trope.

Super Bowl Special (Edit link)

TV Tropes Has Ruined My Life (Edit link)

[[redirect:TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life]]

Tagline (Edit link)

Take That, Audience! (Edit link)

Don't you have anything better to do than browsing TV Tropes?

Techno Wizard (Edit link)


Text Parser (Edit link)

You head south only to tumble helplessly into an oddly-placed sinkhole. The concussion you suffered on impact proves fatal. Your final thoughts as you breathe your last are filled with nothing but regret for spending your last moments on this website.

The Big List of Booboos and Blunders (Edit link)

  • "addictive" (causing a physical dependence) for "habituative" (causing a psychological dependence). Marijuana, LSD, Doom, and TV Tropes are all powerfully habituative, but (except in rare cases) none of them are clinically addictive.

The Board Game (Edit link)

The Heretic (Edit link)

The Inquisition warns you. Plots are made to be enjoyed. Do not analyze. Do not criticize. Eat your Filler and read your mantras daily.

The Insomniac (Edit link)

Now stop reading TV Tropes and get some sleep already, would you?!

The Internet (Edit link)

The internet is a massive group of interconnected computers world-wide (including yours!) that allows users to send and receive various types of information, usually hypertext documents (via Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) and other files (through various TCP/IP protocols). This technology has revolutionized all forms of media communication, from newspapers to movies to video-games. It's hard to find a business, industry, or art form without an internet presence these days. And the internet is gigantic, at over 1 billion websites and counting, meaning you can get lost on sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, and TV Tropes rather easily. There's also the seedy underbelly of the Internet, The Deep Web.

The Jerk Index (Edit link)

Either check out the list of tropes that involve jerks in some way, shape, or form, or fuck off!

The Magnificent Seven Samurai (Edit link)

No, you haven't been reading TV Tropes for so long that everything is blending together. This is actually a relatively common plot device. Take the basic plot of a bunch of cool guys + awesome goal + clearly defined personality types + any other overtones of Seven Samurai you can think of and bam! Instant "team on a mission" story!

The Pornomancer (Edit link)

  • Most White Wolf games feature a power or ability that can be used for this purpose.
    • Exalted features a charm called Husband-Seducing Demon Dance, which works on everyone that can see you. Being that it works on a person or cause, it can be used both for instant seduction, instantly recruiting a Redshirt Army or becoming a one man Propaganda Machine. Being Exalted, it's available to a starting character.
    • The Abyssal equivalent, Irresistible Succubus Style, is an even purer example — it can only be used to invoke lust, but removes gender requirements for seduction use.
    • On a related note, Alchemical Exalted can get the Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations. which lets them have sex that is so good it can be used as a form of mind control. Of course, the sex has to be consensual for the mind-control effect to work, but it's doubtful that anyone with the charm is going to have that problem.
    • There's even a whole Sidereal Martial Arts Style (that being the most powerful level, which is about as similar to mortal martial arts as theoretical physics is to arithmetic) — Sapphire Veils of Passion — for this sort of thing. One particularly fun technique makes anyone who grapples you lust after you.
    • Vampire, both of them, are naturally the most prominent example in White Wolf's library. With two entire magical skills dedicated to making the Vampire irresistible in some fashion, and with several abilities of other disciplines able to do the same. Dominate allows you direct orders, and Majesty/Presence allows you to become unnaturally sexy to everyone around you, and they can't explain why.
    • From Requiem, there's the Daeva Bloodline, the Duchagne, whose primary power is Licencieux, which can cause spontaneous waves of pain or pleasure in the target, meaning you can make anything attractive or repulsive, not just yourself. Bonus: repeated uses on the same target following a repeated action can cause addiction. Addiction to the caster's favor, addiction to doing as they're told, addiction to contributing to wikis... the applications are endless.

The Punishment Is the Crime (Edit link)

So, you like browsing TV Tropes instead of doing your work, huh? Oh don't worry, we're not gonna fire you or dock your pay. We'll just change your duties to only ever browsing TV Tropes Wiki for eight hours straight!

The Simple Life is Simple (Edit link)

Everyone knows about farming. Farming is simple and picturesque, right? It happens in the country, where there's grass and trees and fields. Farmers are simple, hard-working people who till the soil, with a tractor if they're modern or a plow if they're historical. They grow crops, raise animals, and live a simple, healthy life in a natural setting, free from the complications of modernity. If we were less addicted to the internet, we'd probably all go join them.

The Tetris Effect (Edit link)

The Tetris Effect (Edit link)

The Three Certainties in Life (Edit link)

There are three certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and TV Tropes Ruining Your Life.

This Is a Work of Fiction (Edit link)

To Be Continued... Right Now (Edit link)

You'll find that out and more On the Next... I mean, on this very page.

To the Pain (Edit link)

  • In Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, an old man threatens the eponymous duo for the... eponymous pick. "I will cut out your eyes, and I will cut out your balls, and I will put your eyes in your ball sack, and I will put your balls in your eye holes!!" Too bad he can hardly move; when JB and KG realize that they could out-run him, they easily escape.

Toast of Tardiness (Edit link)

Oh man, I'm late for school because I was browsing TV Tropes Wiki! Better grab my freshly-toasted bread and head out now!

Tome of Eldritch Lore (Edit link)

Tropaholics Anonymous (Edit link)

Unfortunately, no, it's not an actual support group for breaking your addiction to "tropahol". Mwahaha.

Tropaholics Anonymous (Edit link)

"I could stop any time I want..."

Troperiffic (Edit link)

Troperiffic (Edit link)

Tropes on a Plane (Edit link)

That's it! I've had it with these time-consuming tropes on this time-consuming plane! Strap yourselves in, I'm gonna open some webpages!

True Companions (Edit link)

TV Tropes Derivatives (Edit link)

Although some people think TV Tropes ruins lives, others decide to channel their love of TV Tropes into more constructive pursuit, namely, making merchandise. While most of these are just some tropers trying to have fun, these products have official affiliation with TV Tropes and some of the profits are used to help keep TV Tropes running.

24-Hour Trope Clock (Edit link)

The wee hours of the night, between about 1:00 and 5:00. People should not be awake at this time, so if you are, it's a sign that something's up. Maybe you're the undead and it's the only time you can go out. Maybe you're a criminal hoping to escape the cops' notice. Maybe you're an insomniac...or you've been up all night reading TV Tropes or doing some other hobby. Of course, maybe you're simply up because your employer happens to work during this time. Sometimes known as the Hour of the Wolf—the hour when you hear the wolves howl outside and shiver in fear.

Unacceptable Targets (Edit link)

However, a few other non-Chinese peoples kept ignore this status of him and making fun of him, and this will get them banned from entering China, where making fun of him there will causes more nationalistic Chinese population upset at you and will incur serious penalties (expanding from imprisonment to tortune) also. If you don't want your chance of travel into China get wasted for the rest of your life, make up of what you will at your risk carefully. Even we at TV Tropes also have forbidden topics of China, just don't go there. Just don't.

Unconventional Learning Experience (Edit link)

Universal Tropes (Edit link)

Oh, and hello to all you xkcd readers. (And thank you for the information!)

Video Game Culture (Edit link)

The game behind the games. Like any other medium, gamers have a culture all their own, replete with jargon and its own brand of social maneuvering. Be warned: The stuff in here will inescapably ruin your eyesight, twist your spine, and keep America from winning the war, as it documents scarily obsessive gamer jargon that barely resembles English.

Viewers Are Morons (Edit link)

Note that this viewpoint is not particular to network executives. Question some point of continuity for a children's show with a sizable adult Periphery Demographic, and you are pretty much guaranteed one of the periphery adult fans will insist that it's "because it's a kid's show and they don't expect kids to notice." Ironically, kids are often far more aware of such mistakes, not because kids are per se "smarter" than we expect, but because not having things like a job, spouse, or "real life" to distract them, they tend to watch their favorites much more obsessively and with more of their minds fully devoted to analysis. (Which makes them similar to others you may be familiar with.) Consequently, children can put even the strictest editors to shame with their awkward questions.

Wanted Meter (Edit link)

Wasn't That Fun? (Edit link)

What Have I Become? (Edit link)

I'm spending my time on TV Tropes! What have I become?

What Were You Thinking? (Edit link)

You Let TV Tropes Ruin Your Life? What Were You Thinking?!!!!!!

Where Is Your X Now? (Edit link)

So tell me, my little troper, where are your examples now?

While Rome Burns (Edit link)

They're still reading a book, listening to music, browsing this site, whatever. Maybe they just don't care. Perhaps they approve of what's going on, or even masterminded it and are letting their Evil Plan come to fruition. On the other hand, maybe they figure that if they're going to die, they might as well go out with quiet dignity rather than in a panic or with Rage Against the Heavens. If combined with Dissonant Serenity it might have heroic or stoic overtones.

Who Would Want to Watch Us? (Edit link)

Wiki Tropes (Edit link)

Wiki Walk (Edit link)

A trope we can all relate to, and one of the most prominent reasons behind why TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. You're probably doing it right now, or if you aren't you will be by the time you finish this article.

Wiki Walk (Edit link)

If there is a database involved it will usually overlap with an Archive Binge, and is one of the reasons TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Wiki Walk (Edit link)

Wiki Walk (Edit link)

  • In this Natalie Tran video, one of the featured comments from the previous video claims it takes three clicks to get from the Wikipedia page about her to the one about Hitler. She says she'd like to see proof of this. Viewers were only too happy to oblige. You are hereby challenged to try without first looking at the multiple solutions.

Workaholic (Edit link)

World Gone Mad (Edit link)

  • Absolutely every play written by Christopher Durang. Summed up in the famous Peter Pan Monologue, which would be the opening quote for this page if it weren't so long. His play 'Dentity Crisis, where the Peter Pan Monologue comes from, may be the best example of this trope. Jane lives with her mother, her brother, her father, her grandfather, and a visiting French count. However, Jane is the only person who realizes that the brother, father, grandfather, and count are actually a single person with multiple personalities. Everyone else thinks they're separate people, even though they see him switch personalities in front of them all the time. When Jane points this out, they think she's crazy. If you can't guess how the play ends from this description, TV Tropes has not sufficiently ruined your life yet.

Writer's Toolbox (Edit link)

Tropes are elements within a story to help convey its purpose. A side effect to this wiki is that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. As your knowledge and understanding of the elements of storytelling increases, you become more critical of what you encounter. The flip side is that with this knowledge you are more capable of utilizing tropes in your own work. Being Genre Savvy about your own writing will only improve upon the work. Here is a list of tropes and concepts to help you.

X Days Since (Edit link)

0 days since the last browsing-TV-Tropes-Wiki-at-work incident

Year Outside, Hour Inside (Edit link)

See also: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

You Are Better Than You Think You Are! (Edit link)

  • You. Oh sure, you faced all of yesterday just to get to today, and tomorrow probably won't be any better. And all you have to do is browse TV Tropes at 3 AM. But you're here because you want to know and learn and share. And aren't those things worthwhile too?

You Bastard! (Edit link)

So you've read the whole thing, haven't you? By wasting your time reading this page made up of zeros and ones that only matter to evil nerds, instead of donating to charity or reading a book, you have killed THOUSANDS of starving Somali children by reading trivia for fun. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!

You Cannot Grasp the True Form (Edit link)

At some point in the conversation, the personification of TV Tropes drops a little Mind Screw in your tea: you are not looking at, or conversing with, all that TV Tropes is. You are not even seeing an illusion that TV Tropes is projecting into your mind. Rather, the sheer awesomeness of TV Tropes, the might and immense hideousness of it, or its life-ruining influence bypass your eyes and occipital lobe entirely, and your mind meekly registers it as the closest, safest, yet still comparable thing on hand.note  You Cannot Grasp The True Form, or else you will Go Mad from the Revelation. May overlap with Brown Note.

You Fool! (Edit link)

You're seriously browsing TV Tropes? You fool!

You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! (Edit link)

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life? You have GOT to be kidding me!

You Monster! (Edit link)

TV Tropes, you monster, you've ruined my life!

You Watch Too Much X (Edit link)

It's going to be a grim day when the world is run by a generation that doesn't know anything but what was seen on TVnote !

You're Insane! (Edit link)

TV Tropes, you're insane with your tons of articles! You're wasting my time!

AIIsACrapshoot.Web Original (Edit link)

Administrivia.Edit Reasons And Why You Should Use Them (Edit link)

Keep your mood in mind. If you're having a bad day or in a bad mood in the first place, it's probably a good idea not to go editing. TV Tropes is not your job (even though it can feel like it), so you're not obligated to work on it no matter your mood. If you find you're finding stupidity that needs to be removed wherever you go and it's irritating you more and more, taking a break is probably a good idea. Likewise, don't use this kind of editing as a way of getting your stress out. Yes, it's important to edit problematic pages, but that doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it.

Administrivia.Finding A Trope (Edit link)

Administrivia.Locked Pages (Edit link)

Administrivia.TV Tropes Forum (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Taken to the extreme, after all, we're literally combining the addictiveness of Tv Tropes with that of forums, what else did you expect?

Administrivia.The Google Incident (Edit link)

We truly and deeply appreciate your concern and help. While it's a running gag that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, for many people it's equally true that TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life. We will figure out a solution. We aren't going to disappear.

Administrivia.Trope Depiction Guidelines (Edit link)

Do your research before entering your submission. Tropers are, by nature, thorough. It’s why they’re tropers. If you miss the point or nuance of a trope, you better believe they’ll call you out on it!

Administrivia.You Have Been Warned (Edit link)

Are you sure you want to go there? This page—no, this whole site has been known to ruin people's lives, their vocabulary, their spelling, their sense of time, their lives, their perception of reality, their lives, and short-term memory. And their lives. Proceed with caution.

Advertising.Never Say No To Panda (Edit link)

Advertising.Protegent (Edit link)

"I am Proto! Ruining your life with tropes is my motto!":

Analysis.Who Wants To Live Forever (Edit link)

Even if it's possible for you to surround yourself with immortal friends, there are only so many places to go and life-defying antics you can perform (and tropes you can browse) before life settles into a repetitive boring monotony.

AndTheFandomRejoiced.Project X Zone (Edit link)

Anime.Carnival Phantasm (Edit link)

Anime.Daitarn3 (Edit link)

Anime.Fairy Ranmaru (Edit link)

Taboo rescinded! Love! Dazzling! Here to ruin your life, it's TV Tropes! Advent!

Anime.Mewkledreamy (Edit link)

It seems that if you have a dream about TV Tropes, you've been browsing too much TV Tropes.

Anime.Psycho Pass (Edit link)

"I have detected that you are experiencing a great deal of stress. We recommend that you log off TV Tropes and seek mental care immediately."

Archive.Ad Of Lose Pre 2018 (Edit link)


Archive.Ad Of Win Archive 2010 (Edit link)

Paireon: The sheer number of Zoosk ads, including on the homepage. Teasing us with pics of underdressed skanks and asking us if we want a girlfriend on the same page where "Welcome to TV Tropes" is written? Well played, AdBot. Well played. Though I should warn you that if you want to try to make me depressed (well, more depressed) about being single, try doing it with girls who look more intelligent than a 2x4 with a boobjob.

Archive.Ad Of Win Archive 2010 (Edit link)

Houdini: Again, one point for the home page. "What it means to be human is about to change... forever!" Indeed, indeed.

Archive.Ad Of Win Archive 2010 (Edit link)

Smerf: An advertisement for addiction treatment in Better Than It Sounds. I think the Ad Server may be trying to say something about the amount of time I spend here.

Archive.Ad Of Win Archive 2010 (Edit link)

Zagreus: I recently visited the page for A World Of Laughter A World Of Tears. For those who don't know, it's a Web Original Alternate Universe where Walt Disney was elected President and ends up creating a fascist empire. What ad is on that page? PLAN YOUR DISNEY VACATION. Thanks for ruining my childhood memories, The Advertisement Server.

Archive.GIFT Wicks (Edit link)

The Internet, which has room for huge amounts of interactivity but mostly confined to correspondence with ill-informed people, would thus be an example of a populace that prefers its Medium Cool. With lukewarm spots such as wikis, like the one you may be editing now. The Situationists like Guy Debord would probably ask why you are in here on the computer when you could be out forming a flash-mob or impromptu theater, of course.

Archive.Lost And Found (Edit link)

  • Is there a trope for Wiki Wandering where the part that consumes so much time is writing articles for the redlinks... which you discover contain other redlinks... which you want to fill in just to be tidy... and, hey, it's three in the morning now...

Archive.Made Of Win Early 2009 (Edit link)

Archive.Made Of Win Early 2010 (Edit link)

Noaqiyeum: I know not who added The Stinger to TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, neither do I know nor care whether you have been previously MoWed for it. You, sir, are awesome.

Archive.Made Of Win Late 2008 (Edit link)

Noaqiyeum: Either I'm spending way too much time on this site or just very easily amused. Mo W for the line in Write a Romantic Comedy (slightly paraphrased):

Archive.Made Of Win Late 2008 (Edit link)

Mystyc: Hey, what a guy! I should really just get known at work... I spend more time on here than actually working. Anyway. *tips hat*

Archive.Made Of Win Late 2009 (Edit link)

Farmelle: To Kenny 666, I think; at least, whoever made the article on 'Superhjältejul', pretty much in one sitting. I mean, hell. It was one advent calendar. Not many people outside of Sweden (if any) must have known of its existance, and even of those who did, not many of them seemed to like it. Then, I found that someone liked it enough to make a TV Tropes page. I...I love you, guy.
  • Just found this page - that'd be me, and why, thank you! I'd strongly doubt myself that anyone outside of Sweden cares about it, too. Seeing as how TVTropes Has Ruined My Life, I couldn't help but notice all those tropes while watching it, and figured why the hell not. Even though my reason for watching it in the first place was Shaped Like Itself - I wouldn't watch it if I didn't have the actual calendar, but I wouldn't get the calendar if I didn't plan to watch it. It was mostly a spur-of-the-moment decision when I saw the calendar at ICA.

Archive.Made Of Win Late 2009 (Edit link)

  • Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin. Once upon a time... in such a way that he could now never go sleep. He was cursed to forever surf TV Tropes, haunting the YKTTW, quietly drifting from page to page like a ghost in the machine; until one day, he met someone who had been similarly trapped. She was named Trope-Tan. Together, they decided that perhaps this wasn't such a lonely place to be stuck. And so they lived and troped happily ever after.]]

Archive.Wiki Tech Wish List (Edit link)

ETA: Sorry if I seem frantic, but I'm addicted to this site.

Awesome.Aventures (Edit link)

Awesome.High School DXD (Edit link)

This series more or less runs on Rule of Cool, features some of the most badass characters you'll see in a light novel, angels, fallen angels, devils and other mythology beings all clashing against each other, and what have you. Pack yourself a sandwich, you'll be here for a while.

Awesome.Spiral (Edit link)

  • Rio is introduced with a string of these. First, she lures a teacher to his death (thanks to Adaptation Decay, either by falling down and stabbing him when he helps her up, or packing a sloped room with melting dry ice and watching him suffocate at the bottom while she stayed clear of the fumes at the top). Then, she builds a bomb, hides it in a stuffed toy, and brings it up to the room where the Great Detective already expects her to kill his Sidekick—only, instead of building a bomb big enough to kill, it's only enough to seriously injure herself and obscure the distinct physical marking that would identify her as the killer. Finally, when they approach her in the hospital, she's prepared a game: by blowing herself up, she's established herself as reckless and willing to throw her life away. So she tells him that the winner will be the one who can believe in himself, and her companion brings in two glasses of water. She says that one contains an extremely bitter poison called Strychnine, and the other plain sugar; as the two are identical, she doesn't know which is which. She and Ayumu must each drink one, and whoever lives is the winner. Ayumu seemingly identifies the trick, and claims they're both sugar... but the water in his glass is bitter, and it barely touched his tongue. While he's going through his Heroic BSoD, she calmly drains her glass and her companion notes for the audience's convenience that Rio was correct about the winner needing to believe in their abilities: there really was no poison; it was just an extremely bitter cold medicine.

AwesomeButImpractical.New Media (Edit link)

  • This Very Wiki has a search toolbar for Firefox. While initially it seems like it would ruin your life even further and be great to edit articles, it's much faster to just use the search bar at the top of the page or just Google "[[Topic]] Tvtropes'' rather than use the dropdown menu and enter it.

BLAM.Fan Works (Edit link)

  • Falling in the same spin as its predecessor (To-Love-Death), To-Love-Carnage has main duo Rito and Yui starting a somewhat normal conversation about Fan Fiction, but suddenly digresses into a fourth-wall breaking dialogue where the characters hope 'God' (the writer) doesn't have them Put on a Bus or killed. They also explicitly name several tropes in the conversation. To make it more meta, Rito asked Yui if she's a fictional adaptation of the real character like him, or the real deal. She replies with a simple, 'Yes'.

BannedInChina.China (Edit link)

BerserkButton.New Media (Edit link)

BetterThanItSounds.Web Original (Edit link)

BittersweetEnding.Literature (Edit link)

  • The Name of the Wind: Kvothe saves the village of Trebon from the rampaging Draccus, finds the titular name of the wind, avoids being expelled from The University and is actually promoted up the ranks, and beards his rival Ambrose yet again while his fame rises. However, in doing so he had to destroy the denner resin he was hoping would provide for his future, the villagers of Trebon bury the remains of the Draccus (costing him and every other researcher the chance for a unique study), and, worse, because he Cannot Spit It Out to Denna he winds up becoming something of her Unlucky Childhood Friend. Not to mention the seething hatred Ambrose has for him is cranked up yet another notch (and it was already at murderous levels). He himself sums it up best: "Oh, it's just the same thing you've heard a hundred times before. Prince Gallant kills the dragon, but loses the treasure and the girl." From the way the Framing Device is set up, it's implied that his whole adventuring career has been this way.

Blog.Cinnamon Bunzuh (Edit link)

Blog.MLP Is Real (Edit link)

CentipedesDilemma.Real Life (Edit link)

  • As a general rule, any situation where a person's pulse needs to be taken is also a situation where breathing rate needs to be taken. Since breathing rate is under direct conscious control, the proper procedure is to count breaths and take the pulse simultaneously, and never mention breathing to avoid this trope. And now you know. Hey, we warned you. Somewhat related is white coat hypertension, wherein some people's blood pressures elevate reflexively when intimidated by the idea of medical examinations.

Characters.A Practical Guide To Evil (Edit link)

  • Seen It All: Has this attitude, just to add to her general air of unreliable cynicism. With her, it's a really bad case of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, though. Little, if anything, is ever going to be totally novel for a Bard in a world running on narrative. Let alone one as old as she is.

Characters.All Aboard (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Due to his work, he can't not view things as cliche, or stereotypical when it comes to media. He aims to avoid making plots with the regular cookie cutter traits, and thus wants to be unique. Sometimes he will point out the fact that something is seemingly from a different trope. He will comment on real life occurrences too, making it seem as though he was Breaking the Fourth Wall.

Characters.Broforce (Edit link)

If you could look over here, please... *FLASH*. He is not based on Agent J. He does not carry a Noisy Cricket and Neuralyzer. You will now close this page and do something productive.

Characters.Com Media (Edit link)

Characters.Dragon Ball Universe 3 (Edit link)

Camparri: Lord Mosco advises you to not spend too much time here.

Characters.Enter The Arena As Your Avatar Heroic Factions (Edit link)

  • Godlike Gamer: At VR games, which is what KiriK believes he would end up as were it not for this wiki. Naturally, this gives him a benefit over the other self-inserts at the start, as he knows exactly what he can do with his powers, and his skill and physique are enough to match blades with a genuine Grey Sith right off the bat despite lacking Force sensitivity.

Characters.Fighting Fantasy The Hero And Companions (Edit link)

You! Yes, you over there, browsing aimlessly through TV Tropes! Don't you wanna do something more exiting? Don't you wanna be The Hero? Well now you can! Grab your sword and come with us to Titan, it's time to kick some major Big Bad butt!

Characters.Monsters In Paradise (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: It has certainly ruined her life, in any event. Aside from being an Internet junkie, it is implied that she visits the Pokémon-verse's equivalent to this wiki whenever she can and refers to tropes by name in her dealings with others. The rest of her gang just believes she spends too much time online.

Characters.Sally Forth Howard (Edit link)

Characters.The Wall Will Fall (Edit link)

ComicBook.Tales Of The Beanworld (Edit link)

Mr. Spook: Proffy, who linked you to TV Tropes?

ConspiracyTheories.Other (Edit link)

Cracked.Tropes I To Z (Edit link)

Cracked.Tropes I To Z (Edit link)

Cracked.Tropes I To Z (Edit link)

Creator.Ai Kakuma (Edit link)

Creator.Aoi Koga (Edit link)

Creator.Chihiro Suzuki (Edit link)

Creator.Crispin Freeman (Edit link)

Creator.Daisuke Ono (Edit link)

Creator.Daisuke Sakaguchi (Edit link)

Anyway, that's Daisuke Sakaguchi to you. Now a Toilet Seat Cover is... wait it's not necessary!? ... Huh!? My life!? AAAAAA!!! Herpes! Herpes me!

Creator.Erik Braa (Edit link)

Imagine if Erik Braa had a real TV Tropes page note 

Creator.Graham Chapman (Edit link)

Creator.Hiroaki Hirata (Edit link)

Creator.Hirotaka Suzuoki (Edit link)

Creator.Hirotaka Suzuoki (Edit link)

Bright Noa: TV TROPES WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE, TROPER! Try to do something else more productive!

Creator.Jamieson Price (Edit link)

Creator.Jeannie Tirado (Edit link)

Creator.Jeremy Clarkson (Edit link)

Creator.Jessica Calvello (Edit link)

Creator.Joaquin Phoenix (Edit link)

What do you get when you cross a talented American actor with a WEBSITE that describes things and ruins lives?! I'll tell you what you get! You get the description of Joaquin Phoenix!

Creator.Kazuhiko Inoue (Edit link)

Creator.Khoi Dao (Edit link)

Creator.Koji Totani (Edit link)

You browsed through TV Tropes without getting your life ruined? You're pretty good!

Creator.Kosuke Toriumi (Edit link)

If you keep on clicking on the links on this site one too many... Well, you might want to worry about your lifeeeeeEEE Mr. Tropeeeerrrr...!

Creator.Laura Post (Edit link)

Creator.Laurel And Hardy (Edit link)

"Well, here's another nice TV Tropes page you've gotten me into!"
[Whimpers] "Well, I couldn't help it, you always blame me!"

Creator.Maaya Sakamoto (Edit link)

Creator.Mae West (Edit link)

Sure TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, but give her a chance first.

Creator.Makoto Furukawa (Edit link)

Creator.Mamiko Noto (Edit link)

Creator.Mandy Patinkin (Edit link)

Creator.Michael Palin (Edit link)

Creator.Monica Gilbey Bieber (Edit link)

Creator.Norio Wakamoto (Edit link)

Creator.Omi Minami (Edit link)

Creator.Sam Riegel (Edit link)

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Creator.Tim Curry (Edit link)

Troper! You've made it to the end of my page, but I won't let you have the satisfaction of catching me. I'm escaping to the ONE PLACE THAT HASN'T BEEN CORRUPTED BY TROPES... SPACE!!

Creator.Travis Willingham (Edit link)

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Call now, 'cause we can't edit TV Tropes all day.

Creator.Xander Mobus (Edit link)

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Creator.Yuichiro Umehara (Edit link)

DarthWiki.Insert Your Setting Here (Edit link)

DarthWiki.Made Of Lose (Edit link)

idonom: I nominate myself for accidentally putting my whole lab report in So Bad, It's Horrible (which perfectly describes its quality, to be honest). That'll teach me to not trope during school. Which I'll start doing tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or maybe next week. Or next month.

DarthWiki.Made Of Lose (Edit link)

Yon Troper: I nominate Fast Eddie for starting this wiki, because it will ruin your life.

DarthWiki.Made Of Lose (Edit link)

Accel Synchro: I nominate TV Tropes itself for obvious reasons.

DarthWiki.Made Of Lose (Edit link)

Morphin Brony: I nominate myself for being unwilling to believe that TV Tropes could ruin my life.

DarthWiki.Not Safe For Work (Edit link)

Wait....this page isn't safe for whole WIKI isn't safe for work! (This wiki isn't safe in general.) It's FILLED with bad language, sexuality, and puns! Oh, the HORROR! It's terrible! Shield your eyes! Think of the children!

DarthWiki.Ruined Forever (Edit link)

You've decided to become a Troper? TVTROPES HAS RUINED YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

DarthWiki.TV Tropes Ruined Your Life (Edit link)

Screw the future tense of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life! For some of us, it has already happened! If it has, let us know!

DarthWiki.TV Tropes Ruined Your Life (Edit link)

DarthWiki.TV Tropes Ruined Your Life (Edit link)

DarthWiki.TV Tropes Ruined Your Life (Edit link)

DarthWiki.TV Tropes Ruined Your Life (Edit link)

DarthWiki.The Wiki Witch Of The Web (Edit link)

The Anthropomorphic Personification of all the evils of the TV Tropes. She may or may not be Trope-tan's Superpowered Evil Side; all those who have come across her have lost their minds and are now unable to recall anything confirming or denying the rumor. It probably doesn't help that she looks a lot like Trope-tan, save for a Slasher Smile of Cute Little Fangs.

DarthWiki.Warp That Aesop (Edit link)

Ok, now that we've got all of that out of the way, first to 10,000 points gets an extra lifenote , a copy of our Home Game, and Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat!

De.Tankstelle Ihres Vertrauens (Edit link)

Wer bereits länger auf TV-Tropes unterwegs ist, dem werden schnell verschiedene Muster bei der Namensgebung auffallen. An der Tankstelle Ihres Vertrauens gibt es einen Überblick über alle Tropen, die etwas mit den verschiedenen "Treibstoffen" (Im Original als "Fuel" bekannt) zu tun haben.

DethroningMoment.Cinema Sins (Edit link)

CinemaSins Sin Tally: 26 and possibly counting
Sentence: TV Tropes. (Hell)

DethroningMoment.Watch Mojo (Edit link)

Do you agree with our entries? Which WatchMojo moments infuriated you? For more opinions posted every day, be sure to become a member of

DoubleEntendre.Western Animation (Edit link)

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • "Fruit tart" is regarded as something of a secret code in Mai/Zuko circles, given the contexts in which they're mentioned.
    • When a guard is ordered to protect Mai, she replies with, "I don't need any protection." To which Zuko chuckles and replies, "Believe me, she doesn't." Intentional or not, you will never hear that line the same again.
    • The Drill is about stopping a giant drill from penetrating the wall of Ba Sing Se and releasing soldiers to conquer the city. However, Katara and Toph manage to increase the pressure on the drill from behind, so that some sludge spews out prematurely. Then Aang works the front and causes it to explode.
      • The Fire Nation intends to penetrate the walls of Ba Sing Se (which proudly translates to "inpenetrable city") via use of a mobile drill tank. Aang and Katara weaken the metal column supports inside the drill using waterbending in hopes that the machine would collapse on itself. When this doesn't work, Katara and Toph build up pressure by water/earthbending (respectively) the rock slurry back into the drill. Aang delivers the fatal attack to the drill by earthbending a stone pin, running up the wall of Ba Sing Se, running down the wall at super-speed, and hitting the pin with a powerful blow. The drill then collapses and the slurry system ruptures, resulting in Azula's plans being foiled yet again by "Team Avatar."
    • Along the same lines, in "Nightmares and Daydreams" Aang has a daydream about finally confessing his love to Katara, and when he snaps out of it she asks what he was dreaming about. He replies with:

DrinkingGame.Barney And Friends (Edit link)

Hello again to all my tropers! Our alcoholism and life-ruining never ends! Here's how much our tropers drank today!

DrinkingGame.Superhero Films (Edit link)

A Drinking Game generally applicable across superhero films as a genre. For extra fun/organ damage, try playing this in addition to the drinking game of a specific film!

DrinkingGame.The Eye Of Argon (Edit link)

Because obviously we have nothing better to do.

EvilCounterpart.Tropes (Edit link)

Fanfic.Brewdening Love Expanded Universe (Edit link)

  • Stealth Parody: Unless you read the author note (or this page), you could easily believe this is actually Erin's work. Until the end.

Fanfic.Cheerilees Garden (Edit link)

"I, Cheerilee, will never let any tropes take over my life, ever again."

Fanfic.Code Geass Mao Of The Deliverance (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: In a display of their savvy familiarity with the site, the author gives a humorous warning about specific tropes to be encountered in the work as part of the introduction.

Fanfic.Coreline (Edit link)

Fanfic.Dolphin Rider Koishi (Edit link)

Fanfic.Elementals Of Harmony (Edit link)

T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a trope spell or to activate an ability of a trope source.
T: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a trope spell or to activate an ability of a trope source. Skip your next turn.

Fanfic.Its My Life (Edit link)

Fanfic.Kyon Big Damn Hero (Edit link)

  • Heroic BSoD:
    • Subverted, as the pressure of knowing the implications of her own power almost provokes one on Haruhi.
    • Kyon suffers this on his backstory without realising it: after Sasaki constant deconstructionism, culminating with the deconstruction of The Power of Love, Kyon's sister notes her brother lost his smile, only to be regained after Kyon met Haruhi.
    • Kyon comes to close to having one when the girls finally reveal the harem plot to him.

Fanfic.Kyon Big Damn Hero (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life:
    • Kyon's optimism and interest in the supernatural was destroyed by Sasaki's incessant deconstructionism; likewise, Sasaki's automatic Deconstruction of the Power of Love appears to have been what ruined her relationship (and chances of romance with) Kyon.
    • It also occasionally causes Haruhi difficulty when it comes to explaining things.
    • Achakura thinks it might eventually become sentient. She doesn't expect it to be very sympathetic to her, but until then, she finds it helpful for understanding human culture.

Fanfic.Latias Journey (Edit link)

  • Troperiffic: By the time the sequel rolls around, Ri2 is a confirmed troper.
    • And up until the sequel, just look at the percentage of this page coated in blue.

Fanfic.Lusnati Style (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life - Lampshaded in story when Saito finds out that his younger sister Lisa has been reading Tropes to understand just what the hell Seki is babbling about.

Fanfic.Man Of Dreams (Edit link)

Fanfic.My Dark King (Edit link)

The story is currently being written by Masterdramon, and is 19 chapters in. It can be read here. The story's greatest strengths are its familiarity with and respect towards the entirety of the Yu-Gi-Oh! canon, its expert ability to flesh out and develop minor characters, and juggling a lot of viewpoints at once, not to mention just being really damn well-written. The author is a lover of this site and a self-professed believer that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, even going so far as to write a one-shot in gratitude to the troper, Lale, who wrote the first recommendation for it.

Fanfic.My Metal (Edit link)

Fanfic.Pokemon Delusional Version (Edit link)

Main Character: Great. Slippy-Slidey Ice World. Just what I need.
MC stares blankly into space under the realization that TV Tropes DID ruin his life forever.

Fanfic.Ponies Of Olympus (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Apprentice The Student And The Charlatan (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Green Eyeds Tale (Edit link)

Fanfic.The Loud House Revamped (Edit link)

TV Tropes is an incredible website featuring thousands of tropes where even sitting on chairs is a trope. I spent my whole weekend browsing it.

Fanfic.The Progenitor Chronicles (Edit link)

Fanfic.Tricanon (Edit link)

Fanfic.Vanilla Sabotage Bad End (Edit link)

Fanfic.Yu Gi Oh Xross (Edit link)

FanficRecs.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Edit link)

  • Comments: Reading Latias' Journey isn't strictly necessary to understand what's going on, but it's set up a bit better if you did (for instance, why Pikachu has a sword — don't think about it, just run with it — and who some of the extras are). Like the previous work, it gleefully stretches both ends of the Sliding Scale of Comedy and Horror beyond the breaking point, often in the same paragraph, so expect to be assaulted by major Squick and major weirdness at the same time. Additionally, at some point between Journey and here, the author discovered TVTropes, and the first new member of the team is a Troper too...and he knows how to use Bulbapedia.
    • Also, it has a massive word count at 2,065,048 words.

Film.Commando (Edit link)


Film.Commando (Edit link)

Remember, troper, when I promised to ruin your life last? I Lied.

Film.Conan The Barbarian 1982 (Edit link)

Film.Fugitive Alien (Edit link)

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, a-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... YOU'RE STUCK HERE!"

Film.Johnny Mnemonic (Edit link)

Film.Let The Right One In (Edit link)

Film.Medium Cool (Edit link)

The Internet, which has room for huge amounts of interactivity but mostly confined to correspondence with ill-informed people, would thus be an example of a populace that prefers its Medium Cool. With lukewarm spots such as wikis, like the one you may be editing now. The Situationists like Guy Debord would probably ask why you are in here on the computer when you could be out forming a flash-mob or impromptu theater, of course.

Film.Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life (Edit link)

Well, that's the end of the page, now here's the Meaning of Life:

"Add more tropes"...?

Film.Special Friends (Edit link)

We hope you'll play along and have fun with this page.
However, please edit safely. Before editing, ask the mods to
help move lampshades, imagin' pickin threads, and other
things you might smash your computer over in anger for
ruining your life. And please remember: don't run,
jump, or dance while describing Special Friends here.

Film.Street Fighter (Edit link)

Film.Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Edit link)

"I'll go see some of the other works pages."
"Hey, wait! You swore!"
"... Trust me."

Film.Terminator Genisys (Edit link)

  • Bad Present: When Sarah and Kyle time travel to the future (Twenty Minutes into Our Future), they are shocked to find that now everyone is completely connected to machines and computers all the time. Just like real life, no-one sees anything wrong with revolving your entire life around machines for social media, streaming, mobile gaming, and TV Tropes.

Film.The Amazing Spider Man (Edit link)

Film.The Shawshank Redemption (Edit link)

"You know the funny thing is, on the outside I was a well-adjusted man, straight as an arrow. I had to come to TV Tropes to ruin my life."

FrDictionnaireProvisoire.Schemas Deja Traduits (Edit link)

Franchise.Pirates Of The Caribbean (Edit link)

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A ruined life for me!

Franchise.Ratchet And Clank (Edit link)

TV Tropes, one of many weapons and gadgets not fit for this world.

Franchise.The Matrix (Edit link)

Fridge.Avengers Age Of Ultron (Edit link)

Fridge.Community (Edit link)

  • Critical Film Studies:
    • Jeff's overtly macho Halloween costumes appear at first to just be another joke, but make perfect sense after we learn that he was once forced to wear an Indian princess costume for Halloween, which caused some big psychological scars as he was just happy to be told he was pretty by the end of the night. Not just overtly macho, but in "Introduction to Statistics" he was a cowboy, almost as though he's trying to murder the memory of the little Indian girl.
    • The episode looks like it's setting up an Affectionate Parody spoof of Pulp Fiction, but actually ends up becoming a Whole Plot Reference to My Dinner with Andre and ignores Pulp Fiction entirely. Or does it? For one of the hallmarks of Pulp Fiction, like most of Tarantino's work, is a series of Seinfeldian Conversations between two people, often in restaurants, which seem to be completely irrelevant to the plot but which end up taking on greater significance once we're aware of the bigger picture. So it could be said that as well as My Dinner with Andre the episode actually was spoofing Tarantino and Pulp Fiction — just not the bits everyone was expecting it to spoof. Jeff was expecting a night full of Pulp Fiction references, just like the audience after they saw the Misleading Promo NBC aired. And, like the audience, Jeff got a completely different night than he expected.
    • There is also a meta-example for us tropers. While Community is probably one of the most blatantly Troperiffic series ever made, My Dinner with Andre is about as close to The Tropeless Tale as you can get.
    • Abed reveals he chose My Dinner with Andre because "It's about a guy who has an unexpectedly enjoyable evening with a weird friend he's been avoiding lately." Jeff assumes that in this scenario he's the guy who's been doing the avoiding (as he all but admits to at the beginning) and Abed's the 'weird friend'. However, if you think about it the example also works the other way around; in "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy" Troy and Abed admit they've been avoiding Jeff (partly because of the things Britta has told them about him based on their sexual encounter), and Jeff — while certainly 'normal' compared to Abed, on least on the surface — is himself ultimately a rather messed-up and 'weird' person, as his story about the Indian girl costume demonstrates. Could be that instead of / in addition to feeling that Jeff had been putting some distance between them, Abed felt guilty about his part in avoiding Jeff and wanted to bridge the gap, but couldn't figure out how without referencing a movie. It also explains Abed's non-committal response when Jeff asks if Abed feels that Jeff's been avoiding him: "We did hang out more last year."

Fridge.Dear Evan Hansen (Edit link)

  • The reprise of "You Will Be Found" where Connor's social media fandom turns against the Murphys reveals that their view of the situation is extremely tropey, deciding with very little evidence that Connor's parents treated him like a Trophy Child, his dad is an Amoral Attorney, etc. The biggest assumption they make, and the one that hurts Zoe most, is treating her relationship with Connor and Evan as a classic Love Triangle, and deciding Evan's actions are the result of his conflicting loyalties between his best friend and his girlfriend. What's telling is that everyone seizes on this narrative — instead of the actual truth, that Evan didn't know Connor at all and the whole thing was driven by his crush on Zoe — because that makes for a much more interesting story. The funny thing is that this is also true in Real Life — which is why almost no DEH Fan Fic actually takes place in the canon timeline and they almost all imagine Connor and Evan having had a real relationship and/or Connor surviving his suicide attempt so drama can emerge among Evan, Connor and Zoe.

Fridge.Dino Crisis

  • At first, Zoe questions Evan's story of being friends with Connor because she saw Connor shove Evan at school. Evan explains that Connor wanted to keep their friendship secret, and so shoved Evan because he was angry Evan spoke to him at school. But Zoe - and everyone else in the musical - doesn't even wonder why Connor signed Evan's cast. If (imaginary) Connor was so invested in keeping the friendship secret, signing his name on Evan's cast seems like a silly way to go about it.

Fridge.In Time (Edit link)

  • How common is suicide in this culture? Surely many of the poor eventually lose interest in running on this endless treadmill, especially given how probable it seems that a person gets to watch his family and friends die on it. Even among the rich, the ennui-based suicide, like Henry Hamilton at the beginning, is probably fairly common as people simply run out of new experiences and get bored. Suicide may end virtually all wealthy lives after a few centuries. Imagine all the lower-class lives sacrificed so that a few elite can live, say, three centuries instead of one, before willfully throwing away the life purchased at such massive human cost.
    • That would explain why Weiss is so ruthless. He has a million years in storage, but he's constantly focused on making more just to give him something to do.
    • Ennui-induced suicide also suggests that TV Tropes doesn't exist in this universe. note 

Fridge.Pokemon Generation III Families (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life in action here. Combusken has been described on this site as somewhat... phallic, and it's kinda true. Combusken also happens to be a 3-foot-tall chicken that, like all starter Pokémon, is primarily male. In other words... it's a giant cock. For bonus points, it learns Peck, making it... a pecker.

FridgeHorror.Advertising (Edit link)

  • I forget what the company was, but in the late '90s/early 2000's (forget which), there was a commercial for high speed internet. A guy who had it proudly proclaimed that due to the fast internet connection, he had been across the internet and back. If you think about it, that could mean he looked at every single site on the internet, which means every twisted, disgusting porn site (including the underage variety...), every shock site, every hate site, and probably downloaded everything illegal in existence. Yikes.
    • On the bright side, this commercial predates TVTropes.

Funny.A Spark Of Ice And Fire (Edit link)


Funny.Ask A Velociraptor (Edit link)

Funny.Emma Iveli (Edit link)

  • Project Conversion (Steven Universe, Fairy Tail, One Piece and Naruto)
    • Mirajane on TV tropes. She's in such a trance that Steven has to take away the tablet she's using. She snaps out of it, but then Steven looks at the page and enters a trance himself. TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life indeed.
    • During the Climatic Battle between Luffy and an evil Gem Personality that was created to take over Nami's body (It Makes Sense in Context) Luffy doesn't even take the gem personality seriously... until this happens:

Funny.Excel Saga (Edit link)

Funny.Loki Agent Of Asgard (Edit link)

Funny.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Funny.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Funny.The Angry Joe Show (Edit link)

Warning: you will probably be here FOOOOOOOOOOOOR HOOOUUUUUURRRRRRSSSSS!!!

Funny.The Critic (Edit link)

Funny.The Runaway Guys (Edit link)

Warning: You will be here a while.

Funny.The Salvation War (Edit link)

Funny.The Transformers Robots In Disguise (Edit link)

Funny.Toy Story Of Terror (Edit link)

  • The toys watching the vampire movie. Rex is on the edge of his seat ("RUN, BETSY!"), Trixie thinks the girl is a goner, Woody encourages her like she can actually hear him, Buzz examines the situation from a tactical perspective, and Pricklepants talks exactly like we do.

Funny.Two Best Friends Play Friday Night Fisticuffs (Edit link)

Woolie: Giant Bomb doesn't haves anything on underboob, but TV Tropes has a page on it.
Pat: Well, Woolie is dead.
  • Matt observes the stylistic differences between characters:

Funny.You Tube Poop Authors A To C (Edit link)

Funny.You Tube Poop Authors A To C (Edit link)

Funny.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series Season Three (Edit link)

GenreSavvy.Web Original (Edit link)

GetAStupidAnswer.Music (Edit link)

GetAStupidAnswer.Music (Edit link)

GrandUnifiedTimeline.The Decade With No Name (Edit link)

Gush.Anime And Manga (Edit link)

Gush.Other (Edit link)

  •, I salute you. You are an invaluable and vital resource to my life, you're making me a better writer, and gosh-darn it, you're a hell of a lot of fun, as well.
    • The Flame Bait revamp has brought back my faith in TV Tropes. Everyone who helped at it deserves a badge.
    • If TV Tropes was a person, I would trust him as much as I trust my father, maybe more, and I love my dad to bits. Actually, I already do trust TV Tropes that much, even though it's a wiki. I love you guys; I don't know how I lived without this website, and I only first stumbled upon it five months ago!
      • If TV Tropes was a person, and was female (okay, even if it were male), I'd be totally, completely in love with them and definitely considering marriage. ♥ I spend way too much time here now and I don't think I've ever been happier with a wiki (sorry, Wikipedia). Just... every little geeky thing I'm into, you're into it too; you're cool and inviting, as opposed to Wikipedia's increasing uptightness; and you're fun. I love you all. * hugs*
      • If TV Tropes were a person and I weren't asexual I'd do naughty sex-related things to it. If it were a person, I might do that anyway.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Trope-tan?
    • Even if TV Tropes does ruin my life and contribute to my falling behind on homework, I still love it anyway.
    • The very last words on the home page? Go on, have fun!
    • Whenever tropers get so excited about a quote that they Pot Hole every single line, dissecting it piece by piece, it gives me life.

Haiku.Escape Velocity (Edit link)

Haiku.Laconic Wiki (Edit link)

Read the short version
Then, for the links, visit the
Unabridged version.

Haiku.Light Bulb Joke (Edit link)

How many tropers
Does it take to change a bulb?
What's a lightbulb?

Haiku.Madness Mantra (Edit link)

TV Tropes TV
Tropes TV Tropes TV Tropes

Haiku.Real Life (Edit link)

Outside TV Tropes
It's not on the internet
We used to live there

Haiku.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life (Edit link)

This seems like fun, kid,
But Trust Me, I'm A Troper,
It ruins your life.

Haiku.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life (Edit link)

TV Tropes will not
Ruin my life; cause you can't
Ruin what's not there!

Haiku.Trust Me Im An X (Edit link)

Troping is great fun,
But Trust Me, I'm A Troper,
It ruins your life.

Headscratchers.Assassins Creed I (Edit link)

  • When you get hit, you lose synchronization. When you fall, you lose synchronization. Attracting and fighting guards does not make you lose synchronization. Hence, in all of the many, many, many sword fights you get in...Altaïr was never hit. Not once. And he never fell, either. Never got frustrated and shoved one of those bastard lepers into a wall, face first. Naturally, we've picked up on this.
    • Especially interesting is that, in combat, the Templar Treasure's powers of illusion are represented by dropping the synchronization bar to deadly levels. Which means that Altaïr either finished the fight a lot quicker, or was completely immune to the power of the Piece of Eden.
    • Check Fridge Brilliance right up above. Not only is Altaïr immune to it, Al-Mualim taught him how to be immune to it!
    • Actually, you can defeat him without getting to the "losing sync" phase. Just switch to your hidden blade in the last fighting segment after fighting the illusions of your targets and the multiple Al-Mualims and counter-kill him.
    • I always assumed that being under the effects of the illusion disrupted Altaïr's attempt's to remember it. Naturally, syncing up with poor memories is more difficult than syncing up with good ones.
    • Of course, he never got hit. You know what happens when you get hit by a sword? You die, or at least get a very deep cut that's going to make a bloody mess and be generally inconvenient. As for falling, if somebody falls from the heights Altaïr and Ezio mess with, they're going to get broken bones, which means no more assassination fun time. In real life, you don't just dust yourself off and continue on when you get sliced up by a sword or fall forty feet.
    • As noted above, the Assassins appear to be Not Quite Human; Desmond, for example, is able to do everything Ezio and Altaïr do in terms of acrobatics and strength in the real world, and Ezio is shown getting stabbed in the gut by a knife and recovering a few minutes later with no ill effects.
    • That's pretty much confirmed in one of Subject 16's puzzles. After choosing five pictures showing ancient Greek and Roman myths of gods gettin' it on with mortal women, Subject 16 declares in all his crazy glory, "The seeds were planted as two worlds became one. Behold, the Assassins, the children of two worlds!"
    • Harming a derelict, even one little punch, will cost you synchronization, but throwing him doesn't (provided he doesn't fall into water and drown). Killing a thug dings you, but beating him up is fine. Beggars, even a harmless throw will desync, but you can draw your sword and scare 'em off without penalty (though this isn't advisable if there are guards watching). Altaïr did show remarkable restraint (far more than any of the other Assassins we've seen, that's for sure), but he wasn't a complete saint.

Headscratchers.Bleach Miscellaneous (Edit link)

  • When Ichigo was fighting Renji, there was the whole flashback-ish...thing where Urahara used an analogy along the lines of "a revolver fires six times, while a missile only fire once" to describe the fact that Renji's zanpaku-to tends to be used in a sequence of three attacks. I'm sorry, but a missile isn't used once in sequence, it's just used once...because it blows up, not because it's more powerful. I understand what the analogy meant, but still...saying a rocket launcher or something would've made more sense. My guesses are either that Kubo meant something like that but didn't quite translate it correctly, or knew that sounded odd and just threw it in to make Urahara sound like wierd.
    • I think the missile launcher is the weapon in this case, and it has to be loaded with a new one each time. Technically, the analogy still fits, although we haven't seen any attacks with clear "limits" since then (maybe except for Soifon's Bankai, which also seems to be a literal missile).
      • You're right, I guess "missile launcher" was the intended idea there. Although on an unrelated note, I just realized that continuing with the weapon analogy kinda makes it fall flat if you added, say...a minigun. If a more powerful attack has a limit, well...I mean, a minigun can fire over 3000 rounds a minute, which'll reduce nearly anything you point at it to scrap. It still works if you compared it to a missile launcher, because that one shot'll just blow a target to bits, but...a revolver isn't going to do more damage than a minigun, despite having a lower limit. In other words...crap, now the whole thing's a headscratcher to me. So...yeah.
      • Not completely wrong. If you consider a minigun, a revolver and a rocker launcher, in this order: increase in firepower PER BULLET (missile) and decrease of bullets (missiles) that can be fired before reloading. So the analogy still works, with the caveat that the minigun is stronger that the revolver because of the number of bullets fired per second, and much more precision than most people think (except if you carry it of course...).
      • Except that miniguns cost thousands to millions of dollars to fire for a few seconds.
      • "It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon for 12 seconds"
    • Urahara's lecture centers around the idea that when someone gets pressed in a fight, they'll do the equivalent of button mashing or spaming their strongest moves as much as possible. And just like a video game, those attacks tend to follow patterns. He was trying to teach Ichigo to attack during the 'reset' part of the pattern.
      • Not really. What he was getting at more was, the stronger an attack is, the harder it is to make that attack. It's easy to make a bullet, cheap and simple. There are lots of them, and firing a revolver is easy. But a missle launcher is much more difficult, even if it is more powerful. Practically, in a fight, the stronger an attack is, the fewer number of times you can do it. And if you are in a long, intense fight, you will be forced to use it the maximum number of times. In which case, you'll have to regroup to keep on going. And during that moment, your vulnerable.
    • I'm not sure that his analogy had anything to do with power; it was more about the breaks in attacks. The point was more "any weapon can only attack so many times in sequence before you have to reload"; i.e. a revolver can shoot six times, and then the shooter has to stop to put more bullets in, and a missile launcher only shoots one missile before reloading. The lesson was that any series of attacks can only last for so long before the attacker has to pause, and once you know when the attacker has to stop and regroup you can attack him. I.e. wait until the guy with the revolver runs out of bullets and than take your own shot. In Renji's case, it was three; he can attack three times in succession and then has to withdraw his attack before he can attack again.

Headscratchers.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Edit link)

  • Mike Teavee's whole schtick is watching a lot of television - you know, like some other people we may have heard of. Wouldn't years of gorging himself on science-fiction shows where Teleporter Accidents are a dime a dozen make him more Genre Savvy than that?
    • Honestly, the fact that he's watched so much TV is probably the exact reason why he wasn't more Genre Savvy than that. It would probably be like a big Doctor Who fan suddenly seeing a real-life TARDIS, or a Lord Of The Rings fan meeting a hobbit. Or heck, anyone meeting their favourite celebrity. It's one of those situations where common sense just goes completely out the window.
    • In the 2005 film, at least, Mike has clearly had it up to here with Wonka and his insanity by that point, and isn't thinking straight at all. It comes off less like Genre Blindness, and more like Frank Grimes grabbing the high-voltage cable mid-breakdown.
    • Who says he even watches science-fiction shows to begin with? He watches a lot of television, that doesn't translate to watching all of the television and knowing the ins and outs of every story ever told. And even if he does, let's not oversell Mike here; he's a dumb TV addict with little common-sense and an over-inflated opinion of his intelligence, he's no genius. It's entirely likely he'd foolishly blunder into some dangerous situation and come out poorly out of over-confidence.

Headscratchers.Demolition Man (Edit link)

  • It's only been thirty-six years. Can they really have forgotten everything about the old-style? Considering how many people have survived since the Crapsack World period (Cocteau, Warden Smithers, Zach Lamb), you'd think somebody would've kept the youngsters informed. Even Chief Earle looks old enough to have seen the Dark Times, yet he finds everything from the old days inconceivable. Am I the only one who finds this odd?
    • It's not a total explanation, but part of it might be the same sort of phenomenon as the internet today. Most of us are old enough to remember the world before Google, Wikipedia and TV Tropes, but it's still hard to relate to if you're an internet junkie nowadays. The same thing's probably happened with adults in the future, but even more so since society itself has totally changed: they kinda remember what it was like before, but the world's changed so much that it's only in a vague "wow, how did we ever survive back then" sorta way.
    • This really happens in real life. Not just with technology, like the above troper pointed out (another example being cheap calculators), but also with social mores. Witness how Americans who were alive during segregation react to the concept these days.
    • Think as well of the kind of tech they have in the future - they can reprogram people! While direct reprogramming is definitely in play, it's likely they use very effective propaganda and subliminal messaging on the population at large, and this is probably even a known and accepted fact. When Huxley walks into work, she gets a lecture from the chief about wishing for violence, and she thanks him for the "attitude adjustment." One of the dozens of unknown amendments was probably one that made state-controlled socialization legal.
    • There are plenty of organisations that still teach the old techniques even if they are outdated just so they are never lost. For example, pretty much all ships use computers to plot their course to the next destination or in and out of the harbour, but all sailors are still taught how to do it by physical maps and even navigate by the stars. It seems idiotic to think that the police would not teach the old style just so the knowledge is not lost.
      • Because Cocteau is behaviorally engineering the entire society to be completely without violence, aggression, or conflict. Navigating by the stars doesn't involve chokeholds, yelling, or arguing, all things that the "old" way of police work might occasionally require. Cocteau doesn't just want to make things he considers "bad" illegal, he wants to make it so that no one would even consider doing them for any reason... thus why peoples' reaction to the mention of things like salt and kissing isn't just "You can't do that, sorry" but "Oh god, that's disgusting!" Cocteau allowing even part of the society to consider violence and confrontation as necessary would get in the way of that kind of engineering. In any event, there's obviously at least some vague traces of them lingering about... at least one of the cops facing Phoenix puts up his dukes and tries to hit him, even if he doesn't succeed.
      • This could probably only have been the cop imitating Phoenix in a blink and you'll miss it moment. Right after Phoenix puts his fists up followed by the cop and then throws a punch right after Phoenix uses a mock one.
      • Nope. The cop puts up his dukes first, then Phoenix copies and mocks him.

Headscratchers.Enders Game (Edit link)

  • It bugs me that the future-Earth in all the "Shadow" sequels doesn't seem very futuristic. They all seemed to be set about 20 years in the future at most. Weren't we building awesome starships with weapons that destroy planets?
    • Well, I guess since people have been at war with the Buggers for the past ~80 years (I think they mentioned the second invasion being that long ago, correct me if I'm wrong), most new technologies of war would be dedicated to interstellar battles, so no new major developments were made to plain ol' ground warfare.
    • There are occasional quiet references to other technology. The car that takes kids to the space port runs on a magnetic track, hovering cars and laser pistols are both mentioned in Children of the Mind. They do point out, though, that much of their jump in technology was thanks to salvaging from the Buggers.
    • When your species is on the brink of extinction from an advanced alien threat, what do you focus on: improving the technology used in daily life, or improving the technology used to defeat the threat? Improving the technology used to defeat the threat, of course. Which is why almost all of the advances were in space weaponry.
    • Well, this 'future' has the Internet, so perhaps all the people who should have been inventing whatever futuristic device you're thinking of spent all their time on TVTropes instead.

Headscratchers.Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty (Edit link)

  • Given how depraved some of the stuff on the Internet would get would the Patriots really feel like touching every piece of "junk" data? I mean would they really wanna touch stuff like Rule 34 or TV Tropes just to remove "trivial" information? Aren't there more politically radical websites that would deserve their attention or would the Internet culture's sense of humor be attacked as well?
    • When you consider how the human brain works, and how people are not only resistant to information that contradicts what they already know; but also REINFORCES what they already know in an act to avoid Cognitive Dissonance with the offending information, AND ALSO the fact that people seek information (bad or good) ONLY because it reinforces their beliefs, i think the Patriots are WELL justified on erasing EVERYTHING that can potentially make us stupider. Here are some links to prove this:

Headscratchers.Metroid (Edit link)

  • Of course, the above discussion reminds me. What happened to the remaining eight SA-X that were onboard the station? They couldn't have all been on the super happy fun compartment, we only saw the one. Then there was the one that got blown up in the control room... So we're missing like, eight of the buggers, according to ADAM.
    • Unless one of them smuggled inside Samus' ship(which didn't happen do to the ship being able to detect them), they were blown to smithereens. It's hard to survive a space station crash. Followed by it self-destructing. And taking the planet it crashed into with it.
      • Simple. They weren't there. Adam was lying about how many there were in order to scare you and get you off the station. (After hearing this, you pretty much have free reign to explore the rest of the station, but you'll never see any more SA-X until the endgame. If there were really so many of them, it would be possible to run into them.)
      • How long have you been on this website?
      • Sequel Hook?
      • No, they're definitely gone. One got nom'd by metroids. One of them was absorbed by Samus, and the other eight were blown up with BSL, SR388, and the rest of the X.
      • Or, they could just be stranded in space. The only way to destroy X that has been shown is absorbing it's energy. The Chozo created the Metroids specifically for that purpose. Samus having Metroid DNA is able to do it too. Why would an explosion kill all of the X at the end of the game, when they are not shown to be affected by explosions anywhere else?
      • Because Adam says an explosion the size of the BSL will kill X parasites caught in it and one big enough to take a planet will kill all of them in the area. Individual X are shown to be slightly affected by the power bomb. Not damaged but they are still moved by the blast, maybe once the bangs get too big their defenses just can't take it? Draining their energy just seems like a much preferred and safer method than planet sized explosions.
      • Maybe the X are vulnerable to radiation. A station that size probably ran on one or more nuclear reactors of some description. The Colony Drop turned those reactors into makeshift nuclear weapons, potentially irradiating the entire surface of the planet and roasting the X (and everything else on SR-388) into radioactive glass. (Could that be what they meant by "destroyed" when talking about SR-388? Ecologically ruined as opposed to physically destroyed?)

Headscratchers.Minority Report (Edit link)

  • What was the deal with Agatha's monologue about Anderton's son growing up? Agatha is a precognitive psychic, not a retrocognitive; she can see events before they happen and read minds. We were never led to believe they could see past events or alternate timelines. And if she could look into the past, then why wasn't that ability mentioned before? That entire sequence seems completely out of place with what we were presented.
    • Actually, "alternate timelines" is represented in the titular Minority Reports. One occurs when one of the three Precogs foresees a different future from the other two, and Agatha is explicitly named as the smartest, and therefore the only one who would be able to see those alternates.
    • At the end of the movie, Anderton and his wife have reconciled, and she's pregnant again. It's been awhile since I've seen the movie, but I don't remember Agatha actually using Shawn's name in her monologue. Maybe she's talking about their second son. Now that I've actually written that theory down, I have a disturbing feeling that the kid's going to be treated as a Replacement Goldfish.
    • Actually, she starts the monologue with Sean's name and describes events that happened before he as kidnapped. As she goes into the alternate timeline, she continues to use the pronoun "he".
    • Alternately, wasn't Agatha born before Shawn? She could have seen a Minority Report the day that Shawn got killed, and she's telling the story to his parents now.

Headscratchers.Sonic Colors (Edit link)

Dr. Eggman: "Please feel free to fill out this Headscratchers page after your playthrough. Your queries matter to us! Unless your life's already been ruined. Then we don’t care."

Headscratchers.Tron (Edit link)

  • Where is the game world stored? Is it run on the company's servers? What would happen if it were shut off? And does this mean that every large computer system has an entire world of sentient programs living in it?
    • It is run on company servers. A couple of trailers said so. If it were shut off then it would probably go off or stay on. It's possible that other company servers have this but it depends on what kind of company seeing how Encom is a generally computer related company.
    • If it were shut off the Grid would probably just go into stasis without anyone in it ever noticing, and either it would resume as soon as the system booted up again, or the programs would revert to whatever initialization state they're supposed to have (which would essentially brainwipe them of anything that happened since the last backup.) If the MCP really did start off as a chess program at some guy's garage, it must have been switched off and on more than a few times for upgrades and hardware migration.
    • And not just large systems. All computers have Grids, and in it every program on the system is represented by a Program in the Grid. My Chrome spends a lot of time on the TV Tropes server grid.

HeroicBSOD.Video Games (Edit link)

  • Ellis from Left 4 Dead will go silent if a teammate dies, and refuses to talk until they are revived. This is in sharp contrast with his otherwise chatty nature.
    • Supposedly, this is due to a bug. At least, that's what TV Tropes said.

HoYay.Saiyuki (Edit link)

  • If you count Hakuryuu as a male, then Hakkai is constantly fondling an extremely phallic part of him while driving.
    • Gah, thanks for the visual! Now I'll never be able to look at Hakkai driving (riding?) his jeep again. But let me up you as a revenge: This gives a whole new meaning to the words going slow poke.

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IReadThatAs.T To Z (Edit link)

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IThoughtItMeant.D To F (Edit link)

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IThoughtItMeant.S To T (Edit link)

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Examples of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

ImageSource.Webcomics (Edit link)

JustForFun.Ad Of Win (Edit link)

naturalironist: An ad for a medication for Major Depressive Disorder. A good bit of dark comedy for any page on the wiki (TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life), but especially since it was on a Bojack Horseman subpage.

JustForFun.Ad Of Win (Edit link)

Neon Lite: While browsing the TV Tropes Drinking Game, she saw an ad that essentially said, "Get Help With Your Drinking or Drug Addiction." TV Tropes Will Ruin/Ruined Your Life, indeed.

JustForFun.Anagram Bin (Edit link)

JustForFun.Bum Reviews TV Tropes (Edit link)

There's this website called TVTropes, and it's AWESOME! But it can also ruin your life.

JustForFun.Come For The X Stay For The Y (Edit link)

JustForFun.Everyday French (Edit link)

Tropes de télévision va ruiner votre vie.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

JustForFun.Get A Stupid Answer (Edit link)

JustForFun.How To Invade An Alien Planet (Edit link)

  1. While brutal dictatorship is the most obvious and well-tested method of governing an occupied planet, have you considered unlimited freedom to indulge in consumption, booze, drugs, sex, food, gewgaws, games, idiotic music, and other forms of entertainment? (Internet access is particularly good for this purpose.) Even if it doesn't turn out to be cheaper than your Secret Police, it will pay off by utterly pacifying the populace, who will be so busy buying, eating, drinking, playing, and fucking that the few people who might have the will to stand up against your regime will be a couple of scattered, self-righteous, egghead intellectuals. If you play your cards right, even they will be at a loss at how to overthrow you, consoling themselves with simply being unhappy as a small act of rebellion.

JustForFun.Inherently Funny Words (Edit link)

JustForFun.Intellectual Property Religion (Edit link)

JustForFun.Lousy Alternate Titles (Edit link)

  • Orifice Invasion is much shorter than It Turns Out the Phrase 'I Want You Inside Me' is Pretty Disturbing When Taken Literally.
    • Speaking of too long, it's why we rejected Reminding Readers of the Most Disturbing Scenes From Works Like The Wrath of Khan And Tales From the Darkside the Movie is Just One of Many Ways That TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

JustForFun.Pokedex Of Tropes (Edit link)

JustForFun.Stages Of TV Tropes Obsession (Edit link)

TV Tropes ruining your life, or perhaps enhancing it, can be defined in stages or levels.

JustForFun.Statler And Waldorf (Edit link)

Statler: They're still here! Don't they know this site will ruin their lives?
Waldorf: You can't ruin what you don't have!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

JustForFun.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary (Edit link)

It seems to be not at all unusual for a troper to begin speaking Tropinese in Real Life situations that do not involve discussion of entertainment. This is apparently another way that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

JustForFun.Television Is Trying To Kill Us (Edit link)

Fiction is not reality. While fiction rarely shows the negative consequences of a trope, reality is not as forgiving. Every trope here can have serious if not fatal repercussions in reality if people treat them as if they were true. These may originate as a case of Reality Is Unrealistic. See also Do Not Try This at Home, Things We Have Learnt from Media, Things Are More Effective in Hollywood and TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. The result of doing something on this index may well be a Darwin Award.

JustForFun.The Grand List Of Forum And Community Laws (Edit link)

  • Falling Into The Pothole: If a post in a thread is created to bring attention to another web site, the thread's rate of replies will drop drastically. If the website is this one, the remaining replies will be lamenting lost time.

JustForFun.The Grand List Of TV Tropes Wiki Laws (Edit link)

The Grand List of TV Tropes Wiki Laws is a blatant spoof of The Grand List of Forum and Community Laws which is, in itself, a blatant spoof of The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Clichés. It attempts to catalog and explain some of the more notable trends on this wiki and it's forums such as the behavior of its users, the types of threads (both trope related and not), and the ways it has ruined your life. Just For Fun, of course!

JustForFun.The Grand List Of TV Tropes Wiki Laws (Edit link)

  • The Life Ruination Rule: All entries and tropes related to TV Tropes or that even mention TV Tropes in passing will bring up how TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. That includes this one.

JustForFun.The Ugly Barnacle (Edit link)

JustForFun.These Look Like Jobs For The Superman (Edit link)

But we here at TV Tropes love ruining things you love, so this page is here to deconstruct one question: are there no other, better things, that a Differently Powered Individual could do with their abilities?

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JustForFun.Tropers Personal Rockets (Edit link)

So here you are, ruining your life on TV Tropes, spending your day clicking on the random buttons and occasionally visiting the Trope Launch Pad (you know, that thing where people try to find new trope-worthy content). Maybe have you even launched some tropes yourself, which might eventually become Tropes Of Legend, who knows? But now, unexpectedly, you want more. Reading all day about all these storytelling tidbits has somehow inspired the writer sleeping inside your soul. Here we go: you'll create a synopsis, something totally new and original, revolutionary even! But where to start, that is the question?...

JustForFun.Tropetan (Edit link)

JustForFun.Tropetan (Edit link)

In a World… where reality and fiction exist side by side, Ordinary High-School Student Trope-tan falls into possession of a powerful artifact on her sixteenth birthday: a magical staff named Tinstan that allows her to bring lost or obscure tropes back to life in full glory. Determined to do good to the world, she starts on a path of Wiki Magician, searching for and improving such tropes. Things get difficult when the Dark Magical Girl Wikipe-tan (Elegant Gothic Lolita attire included) is sent by her evil mother Wikimedea to Trope-tan's world to search and destroy all in-universe Elements of Fiction, armed with such devastating spells as NPOV, Citation Needed, and Speedy Deletion (called out in Gratuitous English). And it all gets really complicated when a Cool Ship from TVTI shows up. TVTI is an interuniversal organization of "tropers" who strive to achieve balance and integrity among the tropes before they ruin all life in the multiverse. This balance is now about to crumble thanks to Trope-tan's indiscriminate resurrection, Wikipe-tan's indiscriminate deletion, and the epic Edit War between them. The tropers also have a secret agenda to slash and ship Trope-tan/Wikipe-tan in every manner possible, so tensions between them are beginning to rise...

JustForFun.Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day (Edit link)

G-Mon: Apparently they're having a "Best of TV Tropes" topic on the forums. The first link was to Throw It In!, but currently (Jan 1, 2010, ~4:45 PM CST) Remember When You Blew Up a Sun? is getting the most hits from them. Also, there's yet another example of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life in the third post.

JustForFun.Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day (Edit link)

G-Mon: Wow, that site's still bringing us links? Well, at least the people coming in from there won't be going back for a while....

JustForFun.Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day (Edit link)

SAMAS: On a much more lighthearted note, the link to Spikes of Doom from this article. What gets me is that is has nothing to do with tropes or movies, or games or anything. It's a review of an Operating System. So it's like he just put it there to be a dick. ^_^

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  • Bighoggi14, A small town not too far from Puyallup (PEW-all-up).
  • Ceiling Cthulu, Snohomish (Say it with me, Snow-hoe-mish). I go to school in Oregon, but Washington will forever be my rainy home.
  • Tropers/Darkstarr, Seattle/Tacoma area (but refuses to be more specific).
  • Death To Squishies, Monroe
  • Dot Dot Dot!, Spokane
  • Gabriellemv, Spokane
  • Geoduck, Olympia
  • hrdcrnwo, Bellevue, Washington
  • Indigo12ash, small town near Vancouver, Washington
  • John A Dreams, Marysville
  • KAM, outside Puyallup
  • Kilyle, Tulalip (north of Seattle, north of Everett, next to Marysville... and pronounced too-LAY-lup)
  • Kurtsoft, kirkland, seattle (used to live in sydney, australia)
  • Maggie Dynamo, Spokane
  • Magnus Ryujin, Bothell, Washington. Surprised to see another troper from this boring little town.
  • Mecha Mummy, Seattle
  • Morgan Wick, Seattle
  • Nethilia: Level One of Robot Hell (okay, Bothell. Grew up in Texas, though)
  • Not Always The Hero, Vancouver. Currently deployed to Iraq.
  • Numbuh9494: The sweet, sweet, rainy capital...oh, Olympia, how wet you are...
  • Reiko Afterglow
  • Shiniki: Tacoma, WA, born and raised!
  • Smerf: originally from Kent/Renton, now going to grad school in California. May also be found in confusion (see above).
  • So It Begins: Ook!
  • SonicPanther: Sammamish. Near Seattle; up on the plateau.
  • Sylvia Viridian: Suburbia, just south of Tacoma.
  • The Defenestrator, Bellevue, Washington
  • Thebazilly: Washington State University and/or Cheney, WA (about 20 miles from Spokane)
  • owlcroft: Ritzville, in the Inland Empire, where I-90 meets US 395.
  • Xenus Oregard, Lynnwood
  • Zebra Von Claw, Bainbridge Island, It is an island. More importantly its a small city that is connected to seattle via a 30 minuet ferry ride. Oh and the ferry system over here is the biggest one in all of the US, and third largest in the world, so take that New York!
  • Zetaseal, Seattle
  • Sir Bob 42: Seattle (University District) now, Spokane originally.
  • The Evil Oboist: Lives in Spokane, claims Tacoma, currently in college in Idaho.
  • Tzetze, a small town north of Vancouver
  • Mystolnaut: Issaquah (suburban town near Seattle on the plateau)
  • Spam Warrior 3000: Bellevue, born and raised in Kirkland and Juanita.
  • afiendishthingie: Tacoma, WA
  • Dorkus: Renton
  • PD Format: Been living in Seattle for past ten years. I have 30 tabs open in Firefox. Guess from where...

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  1. Worse yet - because they invented this site.

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Check out my scholarly achievements HERE. Perhaps you'd be as academically gifted if you didn't spend all your free time looking up pointless wiki articles.

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Laconic.Admiring The Abomination (Edit link)

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The unabridged version uses its life-ruining powers to educate readers on the details of this trope.

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are several reasons why you shouldn't visit it.

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Come to THE UN-abridged version and YOU will have no NEEED of EEE-motions. You WILL BE-come like us.

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Visit unabridged version HERE... But at the price of your SOUL!

Laconic.Existential Horror (Edit link)

What is my purpose of visiting the unabridged version HERE?

Laconic.Fair Weather Friend (Edit link)

Sure, I'll help you navigate towards the unabridged version HERE. What else are friends...wait...this site will make me too critical towards fiction and take all the surprises out of it for me?! Sorry pal, you're on your own! Later!

Laconic.Fake Weakness (Edit link)

Laconic.Fallacy Fallacy (Edit link)

You said visiting the unabridged version will ruin your life, that's a Slippery Slope Fallacy! So you're wrong!

Laconic.Fate Worse Than Death (Edit link)

Don't visit the unabridged version HERE. If you do, you'll suffer for the rest of your days!

Laconic.Faux Affably Evil

Laconic.Fictional Sport (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE and score 25 points! Create an account and receive 50 more! Log off TV Tropes to forfeit the game, but good luck finding the urge.

Laconic.Fire Emblem Heroes (Edit link)

Did you know you can make TV Tropes an ally if you read the UNABRIDGED version?

Laconic.Fire Emblem Thracia 776 (Edit link)

You have fallen right into our unabridged version! In America!

Laconic.Five Nights At Fuckboys (Edit link)

(difficulty: five stars)

Laconic.Flowers For Algernon Syndrome (Edit link)

Visit unabridged version HERE before your life gets ruined again.

Laconic.For The Evulz (Edit link)

Now I will link to the unabridged version HERE, just to ruin your life! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Laconic.Forbidden Friendship (Edit link)

You cannot befriend the unabridged version, because it will ruin your life.

Laconic.Forbidden Fruit (Edit link)

Whatever you do, don't visit the unabridged version HERE, for if you do so, you will surely become lazy.

Laconic.Foul Flower (Edit link)

Click on those nice little flowers to visit the unabridged version: &#127803;&#127801;&#127804;&#127799; < Those morons don't suspect a thing! And now they will die! )

Laconic.From Nobody To Nightmare (Edit link)

The unabridged version HERE used to be a Laconic page like this one. Now it ruins hundreds of lives every day.

Laconic.Futari Wa Pretty Cure (Edit link)

Laconic.Gallows Humor (Edit link)

Find some humor in your now-ruined life HERE.

Laconic.Godzilla1954 (Edit link)

Laconic.Godzilla Singular Point (Edit link)

Face down a tropeless future at the unabridged version HERE!

Laconic.Good Angel Bad Angel (Edit link)

Laconic.Good Is Dumb (Edit link)

...wait, we shouldn't be reading this. We should be visiting the unabridged version!

Laconic.Guardians Of The Galaxy (Edit link)

Unabridged version!
A troping excursion!
But don't stay in too long..."

Laconic.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (Edit link)

The troper said
Unabridged, you're a fine page
What a good page you would be.
Yeah this link
Could drown a troper
in a sea (of tropes)

Laconic.Hair Of The Dog (Edit link)

Stuck on TV Tropes, are we? Just go back to the unabridged version HERE, and it'll be over before you know it.

Laconic.Half Life (Edit link)

No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort on the website would have gone to waste until... well... let's just say your hour has... come again.

Laconic.Halloween Costume Characterization (Edit link)

I dressed up as the unabridged version to represent how TV Tropes has ruined my life.

Laconic.Hard Truth Aesop (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. It may ruin how you view life, but it's necessary.

Laconic.Harry Truman (Edit link)

Laconic.Heel Face Brainwashing (Edit link)

Don't worry, the unabridged version won't ruin your life: it's been subjected to The Ludovico Technique to prevent it from happening.

Laconic.How I Met Your Mother (Edit link)

Kids, I'm gonna tell you a story of how I visited TV Tropes… It ruined my life. End of story.

Laconic.Humanity Ensues (Edit link)

Oh no! The unabridged version has ruined your life by turning you into... a human!

Laconic.I Did What I Had To Do (Edit link)

I didn't mean to put the link to the life-ruining unabridged version in here. I just did what I had to do.

Laconic.IM Meen (Edit link)

Very scary and life-ruining, destination of MY choosing! The unabridged version of I! M! MEEN!

Laconic.Im Melting (Edit link)

Laconic.Image Booru (Edit link)

Laconic.In Memoriam (Edit link)

Laconic.Inheritance Backlash (Edit link)

Inherit the unabridged version HERE...but it'll probably ruin your life

Laconic.Innocent Prodigy (Edit link)

The unabridged version is incredibly talented for its age, but doesn't fully comprehend its life-ruining capabilities.

Laconic.Invader Zim S 1 E 15 Bad Bad Rubber Piggy (Edit link)

Prof. Membrane: Anyone who would visit the unabridged version on a life-ruining wiki is a complete MORON!!

Laconic.It Cant Be Helped (Edit link)

Laconic.Jacob Marley Warning (Edit link)

Laconic.Jamestown Legend Of The Lost Colony (Edit link)

Chapter I: The Unabridged Version — In Which We Write a TV Tropes Page for Jamestown and Allow Tropes to Take Over Our Lives

Laconic.Just Before The End (Edit link)

If you're going to spend your last moments reading TV Tropes articles, why not check out the unabridged version HERE?

Laconic.Kingdom Hearts 3 D Dream Drop Distance (Edit link)

Laconic.Kings Quest (Edit link)

TV Tropes has ruined your life. Guess it didn't click with you.

Laconic.Kira Is Justice (Edit link)

A Continuation of Death Note taking place four years later. Brought to you by a fellow Troper.

Laconic.Lifesaving Misfortune (Edit link)

Visiting the unabridged version may ruin your life but might just save it too.

Laconic.Little Red Riding Hood (Edit link)

"All the better to ruin your life with, my dear!

Laconic.Made Myself Sad (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE... oh, it's really ruined my life.

Laconic.Make Way For The New Villains (Edit link)

Begone, laconic page. Now it's time for this page to ruin your life.

Laconic.Medal Of Dishonor (Edit link)

Laconic.Mike Pollock (Edit link)

I'll be back! With a new main page! That has an accurate name! With super distraction powers! And it'll be full of tropes! EVIL TROPES!

Laconic.Moral Guardians (Edit link)

The unabridged version is corrupting our youth! Boycott it HERE!

Laconic.Mortality Phobia (Edit link)

Don't worry, the unabridged version won't kill you, just ruin your life.

Laconic.Mouse Trap (Edit link)

Have some delicious cheese over here at the unabridged version.note 

Laconic.Mr Beast (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE or your life will be ruined!

Laconic.My Country Right Or Wrong (Edit link)

Fight for the unabridged version HERE, even though it will ruin your life! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Laconic.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 16 It Aint Easy Being Breezies (Edit link)

Unlike the Breezies, us Tropers will probably never find our way home. Oh well. Click here for the unabridged version and keep on reading.

Laconic.Never Be A Hero (Edit link)

You almost ruined your life making that Stupid Sacrifice! Now stand a safe distance away at the unabridged version and let the trained professionals do the work.

Laconic.Not Afraid To Die (Edit link)

My life being ruined if I visit the unabridged version HERE? Don't try to scare me.

Laconic.Not Helping Your Case (Edit link)

Admit it, your life has been ruined by TV Tropes. Ignoring this and going to the unabridged version isn't going to help your case.

Laconic.One Night At Flumptys (Edit link)

Hi! I'm an unabridged version. I have a description, and a list of tropes relating to Flumpty's. Also I will ruin your life. You can figure out the rest. Have fun!

Laconic.Only In Florida (Edit link)

Florida Man Fired For Visiting Unabridged Version While On The Job

Laconic.Our Slogan Is Terrible (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. It'll ruin your life 20% more effectively than this page!

Laconic.Outside Joke (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. It's only going to ruin your life if maintaining your Willing Suspension of Disbelief is that important to you.

Laconic.Parodied Trope (Edit link)

Laconic.Past Victim Showcase (Edit link)

Ah, here's the unabridged version, a relic of TV Tropes that I had ruined the life of without remorse...

Laconic.Percussive Pickpocket (Edit link)

Ooops! Sorry for bumping into you on your way to the unabridged version; I'm sure you won't miss the free time I stole.

Laconic.Phlebotinum Killed The Dinosaurs (Edit link)

The unabridged version ruined the dinosaurs' lives!

Laconic.Pimp My Ride (Edit link)

Yo dawg, we heard you like TV Tropes, so we put an unabridged version in your unabridged version so you can waste time while you waste time!

Laconic.Piss Take Rap (Edit link)

We're TV Tropes and we're here to say
We're gonna rap your ass in a major way
We got tropes galore, it'll waste your life
It'll kick you in the dick and fuck your wife
So go ahead, check out the unabridged version
Or we'll beat you so bad it'll leave ya dirgin'

Laconic.Playing Games At Work (Edit link)

Continue procrastinating your work at the unabridged version HERE

Laconic.Point Of No Return (Edit link)

Once you go to the unabridged version, there is no going back. Are you sure you want to proceed?

Laconic.Pop Team Epic (Edit link)

Laconic.Precautionary Corpse Disposal (Edit link)

Close the tab before you get linked back to this trope's main page and... oh TOO LATE!

Laconic.Professional Wrestling (Edit link)

And in this corner, we have the life-ruining unabridged version!

Laconic.Properly Paranoid (Edit link)

The unabridged version is plotting your demise HERE.

Laconic.Publicity Stunt (Edit link)

Everything about how TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life? That was all the get you to read pages like these!

Laconic.Pyrrhic Victory (Edit link)

Think of how much you've lost coming here, just to go back to the unabridged version.

Laconic.Read The Fine Print (Edit link)

Note: By signing this contract you hereby allow TvTropes to legally own all of your free time

Laconic.Real Time Fandub (Edit link)

I've come to make an announcement: the unabridged version is a bitch-ass motherfucker, it ruined my fucking life! That's right, it took its website fuckin' trope article out and it ruined my fucking life, and it said it's size was "THIS BIG", and I said "That's disgusting", so I'm making a call-out post on my Unabridged version, you are a small article! It's the size of the use of this trope except WAY smaller! And guess what?! Here's what my article looks like! (makes writing noises) That's right, Tropey! So huge, no shitty jokes, no bad examples, look at that, it looks like two video examples and an article! It ruined my life, so guess what?! I'M GONNA RUIN THE ARTICLE! That's right, this is what you get, my SUPER VANDALISM PISS! Except I'm not gonna ruin the article, I'm gonna go higher. I'M RUINING THE ENTIRE WEBSITE!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, TROPERS?! I RUINED THE WEBSITE, YOU IDIOTS!!! You have 23 hours before the vannnndals hit this fucking article! Now get the fuck out of my fucking sight, before I'll ruin your life too!

Laconic.Rewarded As A Traitor Deserves (Edit link)

Well done betraying the visitable unabridged version HERE for us. Your reward is HERE.

Laconic.Rez (Edit link)

The TV Tropes Wiki is trying to shut down, trapping you inside! Defend yourself until Unabridged Version [TERA] is destroyed or self-destructs!

Laconic.Role Reversal Boss (Edit link)

Go back HERE, That Troper's life won't ruin itself!

Laconic.Rosenkreuzstilette (Edit link)

Laconic.Rosss Game Dungeon (Edit link)

Stay tuned for the unabridged version HERE, which may or may not ruin your life!

Laconic.Rubberband AI (Edit link)

Since you're doing well so far, here's a more potent unabridged version to ruin your life.

Laconic.Safety Worst (Edit link)

No, you won't get the link to the unabridged version. It's too dangerous. Don't you know: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life!

Laconic.Salt And Sanctuary (Edit link)

This wiki is My domain.
Those who wish to flee must earn their escape.
This is impossible. It will discover this.
What stands before it is the unabridged version. The tropes are My voice.
Click HERE...

Laconic.Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up (Edit link)

The unabridged version used to beat you up for your lunch money. Now, it ruins everyone's life.

Laconic.Sealed Evil In A Can (Edit link)

Quick! Visit the unabridged version HERE before TV Tropes is imprisoned in that Box of all evil

Laconic.Shell Game (Edit link)

Where is the unabridged version?
[HERE] — [HERE] — [HERE]

Laconic.Shin Ultraman (Edit link)

Have you become so fond of the unabridged version, Tropers?

Laconic.Shining Force Gaiden Games (Edit link)

Laconic.Sins Of Our Fathers (Edit link)

Laconic.Situational Damage Attack (Edit link)

The unabridged version is usually harmless, but with the right mindset it can be life-ruining.

Laconic.Situational Sword (Edit link)

Laconic.Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism (Edit link)

Realism: Visit the unabridged version HERE.
Idealism: Visit the unabridged version HERE, ideally crafted from and for the collective good of us tropers.
Cynicism: Visit unabridged version HERE. Warning: this may ruin your life. If not, then have fun with your sad life being controlled by those better than you.

Laconic.Slippery Slope Fallacy (Edit link)

Laconic.Snarky Inanimate Object (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. It's not like you have anything better to do, right?

Laconic.Some Call Me Johnny (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE, have a fantastic night, and let TV Tropes corrupt your inner being.

Laconic.Sorting Algorithm Of Threatening Geography (Edit link)

Make your way from the benign laconic page to the life-ruining unabridged version HERE.

Laconic.Sound Voltex (Edit link)

Your thundering trope become the flash light that ruins life of tropers. Get the whole world into the TV Tropes... Next Generation Trope Page.

Laconic.Souvenir Land (Edit link)

Make your way to TV Tropes' Happy Fun Landnote  HERE

Laconic.Space Hamster Quartet (Edit link)

Laconic.Spookys Jump Scare Mansion (Edit link)

Can you, humble troper, make it through the main page? Can you find what lies at the end? Or is there an end? 'Cuz we don't really know. Anyways, just go.

Laconic.Stars Above (Edit link)

Laconic.Starter Mon (Edit link)

Here is your very first unabridged version; now set off on your life-ruining adventure!

Laconic.Stiff Upper Lip (Edit link)

Keep Calm and Trope On HERE

Laconic.Stock Parody Jokes (Edit link)

Laconic.Stop Hitting Yourself (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE, just... stop ruining your own life like an idiot.

Laconic.Straight Edge Evil (Edit link)

Say no to drugs, say yes to ruining lives at the unabridged version.

Laconic.Strangely Specific Horoscope (Edit link)

Aries (Taurus, Gemini, etc.): Your life will be ruined if you read the unabridged article on this trope.

Laconic.Strongly Worded Letter (Edit link)

The unabridged version ruined too many lives! Time to write a disapproving letter to it HERE!

Laconic.Stylish Action (Edit link)

Sure, you loaded this laconic with S-rank style, but can your tabs handle the unabridged version?

Laconic.Super Gullible (Edit link)

Laconic.Super OCD (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. But you have to click around the link in a clockwise, isosceles triangle pattern first, or something terrible will happen...

Laconic.Superdickery (Edit link)

Now why is TV Tropes trying to ruin your life? Read the unabridged version to find out!

Laconic.Sweet And Sour Grapes (Edit link)

Now that you know what this trope means, you probably don't need to read the unabridged version, but you probably will anyway.

Laconic.Sympathy For The Devil (Edit link)

Laconic.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life (Edit link)

Instead of viewing the unabridged version HERE, maybe you should check your watch. It's getting really late.

Laconic.The Angry Video Game Nerd (Edit link)

Laconic.The Barnum (Edit link)

There's a sucker born every minute, and many of them are freely giving away their lives at the main article.

Laconic.The Dark Knight (Edit link)

"Some tropers aren't looking for anything logical. Some tropers just want to watch the unabridged version burn."

Laconic.The Insomniac (Edit link)

Visit unabridged version HERE. (My god—it is 6:00 AM already?! Well, TV Tropes ain't gonna edit itself; someone's gotta do it!)

Laconic.The Jungle Book 1967 (Edit link)

"Let me tell you something little britches:
if you act like that main page acts,
Uh uh; you're working too hard."

Laconic.The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask (Edit link)

I'll pass
The Carnival of Time (2 hours)
The Four Giants ('Til morning)
The Unabridged Version (Eternity)

Laconic.The Many Deaths Of You (Edit link)

Laconic.The Milky Way Is The Only Way (Edit link)

Despite your browser’s incredible hyperlink based navigation system, you cannot leave the TV Tropes galaxy. You might as well go to the unabridged version.

Laconic.The Murderverse (Edit link)

Laconic.The New Tens (Edit link)

@TVTropes Set in the 2010s #tvtropes #wow #muchtags #suchtropes #liferuined #wow

Laconic.The Not So Harmless Punishment (Edit link)

You are hereby sentenced to read the unabridged version HERE. Doesn't sound too bad? It's ruined many lives before yours.

Laconic.The Pathless (Edit link)

Laconic.The Punishment Is The Crime (Edit link)

Your punishment for wasting time on this website is wasting more time reading the unabridged version HERE.

Laconic.The Scapegoat (Edit link)

You are responsible for ruining people's lives by creating the unabridged version HERE.

Laconic.The Simpsons S 15 E 4 The Regina Monologues (Edit link)

The unabridged version has been jailed on six continent! All it has to do is ruin a penguin's life!

Laconic.The Snark Knight (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. Not that you'd ruin your life there any less than you would here.

Laconic.The Sword In The Stone (Edit link)

"That's four demerits for spending too much time on TV Tropes! Report to the upabridged page HERE!"

Laconic.The Unfettered (Edit link)

Do whatever it takes to get back HERE, even if you have to ruin your life in doing so.

Laconic.The Vamp (Edit link)

Let me entice you HERE so I can destroy you!

Laconic.The Witcher 2019 (Edit link)

Laconic.This Loser Is You (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE, you idiot. Why are you wasting all your time on this site in your mother's basement, anyway, you lazy slob? How can you show your face when you're a disgrace to the human race? Just get a job and quit being a netizen!

Laconic.Three Laws Compliant (Edit link)

The unabridged version has been programmed to preserve the lives of any humans that use it.

Laconic.Tom And Jerry (Edit link)

Laconic.Tragic Mistake (Edit link)

Clicking this link will be your (life's) undoing.

Laconic.Trauma Button Ending (Edit link)

AH, HELL NO! I ain't going back to the unabridged version! I'm sick and tired of long articles that waste your time!

Laconic.Twitch (Edit link)

TVTropes: Ruin your life over HERE! But we know you've already done that. :kappa:

Laconic.Two Face (Edit link)

The wiki is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel wiki is tropes. Unabridged. Unprejudiced. Fair.

Laconic.Ultima IX (Edit link)

You did it, reader! When you refreshed the unabridged version, I was given my life back!

Laconic.Unintentionally Unsympathetic (Edit link)

We're supposed to root for the unabridged version HERE? After all it's done to ruin our lives?

Laconic.Van Helsing Hate Crimes (Edit link)

Kill the unabridged version HERE, because it is a monster that ruins lives and deserves to die.

Laconic.Villainous Aromantic Asexual (Edit link)

The unabridged version has no time for frivolous romance; it's too busy scheming to ruin our lives.

Laconic.Villains Never Lie (Edit link)

Why, the Main Page is here. Go read it, click a dozen links on it, and let TVTropes ruin your life. Muwahahaha!

Laconic.Warrior Poet (Edit link)

Laconic.We Want Our Jerk Back (Edit link)

Laconic.What A Cartoon Show (Edit link)

Who’s the next cartoon to make it on the air? It’ll probably won’t be us, because TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Laconic.Who Wants To Live Forever (Edit link)

Visit the unabridged version HERE. Stay there forever...

Laconic.Wrestling Monster (Edit link)

Only a madman would challenge the unabridged version! It won't just take your title, it'll ruin your life and tear you apart.

Laconic.You Can Panic Now (Edit link)

Laconic.You Cant Fight Fate (Edit link)

Your life will eventually be ruined in the unabridged version HERE. It is your destiny.

Laconic.Your Soul Is Mine (Edit link)

See unabridged version HERE, but not before we claim yours.

Laconic.Youre Insane (Edit link)

You want to visit unabridged version HERE? You're insane!

LetsPlay.Chuggaaconroy (Edit link)

LetsPlay.Goodbye18000 (Edit link)

LetsPlay.Gray Still Plays (Edit link)

LetsPlay.Gunarm Dyne (Edit link)

LetsPlay.Lets Drown Out (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: In 'Let's Finish Drown Out with some Portal 2, Part 1', Yahtzee reflects on an occasion of reading through Poacher's page and coming across a very bizarre comment:

LetsPlay.Rabbid Luigi (Edit link)

Literature.Brave New World (Edit link)

  • We Will Use Manual Labor in the Future: The lower (read: intentionally retarded) castes. Justified; they've got the technology to make a great deal of that work obsolete and in fact tried just that, only to find out that it made people unhappier. It's better to give the Epsilons somewhere to go and something to do for 8 hours, so labor-saving technology was intentionally dialed back to create more make-work. As for why they didn't just stop breeding/manufacturing the lower castes and let a society of free, intelligent humans operate the labor-saving devices themselves: they tried that too, and the island they tried it on collapsed into civil war within a couple of years; it turns out that the higher castes need someone to boss over and will not do anything that they feel is beneath them.

Literature.Carry On His Name (Edit link)

Literature.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules (Edit link)

S is for spanking. It's what you should do to Rodrick if he ever leaves this site without asking first.

Literature.Dork Diaries (Edit link)

Tales from a Not-So-Well Troper (Dork Diaries):

Literature.Give Yourself Goosebumps (Edit link)

Your life has been forever ruined by TV Tropes. Looks like this is

Literature.Infinite Jest (Edit link)

Literature.My Teacher Is An Alien (Edit link)

  • Wiki Walk: Peter experiences this when plugged into a virtual reality machine. You can start off on a boat, see a bird in the distance, have it appear in your hand, inhabit its body to see from its POV, and have a million other such experiences. There are strict limits on how long you can use such a device, since it can act as a Lotus-Eater Machine to some beings. If it ever gets hooked up to TV Tropes, the galaxy is probably doomed.

Literature.Ordinarily United (Edit link)

"Oh, wow, that happened to my clothes! Oh well! I guess the moral of the story is: If you want to keep your life un-ruined, don't read TV Tropes! Important Life Lessons from Wavette!"

Literature.Princess Lucidity To The Rescue (Edit link)

Literature.The Salvation War (Edit link)

Manga.Lucky Star (Edit link)

Manga.Ranma One Half (Edit link)

"Oh-No, Honored Customer, you fall in spring of Drowned Troper, is too, too, tragic tale of person too busy editing articles to look where going, now you turn into person unable to turn off computer..."

Manga.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Edit link)

Memes.Advertising (Edit link)

  • Why you no have life?! You no hungry for advertising memes! Explanation 

Memes.Advertising (Edit link)

  • Internet: $49.95. Computer: $599.95. Discovering TV Tropes and having it ruin your life: priceless. Explanation 

Memes.Animal Crossing New Horizons (Edit link)

  • After rumors emerged claiming that performing certain actions relevant to Leif following the Nature Day update would brick the game and/or corrupt save data — rumors that were easily debunked as false — internet denizens both inside and outside of the New Horizons fanbase began posting fake PSAs claiming that certain actions (ranging from mundane to bizarrely left-field) would result in similarly disastrous consequences (e.g. "do NOT go onto TV Tropes and click the 'Edit' button; doing so will RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!"). Some variants of the meme also use a screencap of a crash log from one of the original tweets, with said screencap having been sourced from a much older post detailing a failed attempt at modding a Switch.

Memes.Attack Of The Clones (Edit link)

Elan Sleazebaggano: "You want me to edit this page again?"
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You don't want to edit this page again."
Elan Sleazebaggano: "I don't want to edit this page again."
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You want to close TV Tropes tabs and re-think your life."
Elan Sleazebaggano: "I want to close TV Tropes tabs and re-think my life."

Memes.Joker2019 (Edit link)

Joker: How about another meme, Murray?
Murray: No, I think we've had enough of your memes.
Joker: What do you get—
Murray: I don't think so.
Joker:—when you cross a website about fictional tropes with a SOCIETY THAT PREFERS TO STAY AT HOME AND MAKE MEMES?!
Murray: Call the admins, Jeane! Call the admins!
Joker: I'll tell ya what you get: YOU GET A FUCKIN' RUINED LIFE! *BANG*

Memes.Kaguya Sama Love Is War (Edit link)

Trope-tan knew this page was full of terrible memes, and instantly sent it to the Cut List. note 

Memes.Kamen Rider (Edit link)

Memes.Microsoft Windows (Edit link)

  • TV Ding! will ruin your BONG!Explanation 

Memes.Other Internet (Edit link)

  • Because of it's well-known effect on people there are certain forums where it's a meme to respond to links to this site in the same way that you respond to someone mentioning The Game.
    • Goddammit!

Memes.Rugrats (Edit link)

"Stu, what are you doing?"
"Editing TV Tropes."
"It's 4 o'clock in the morning. Why on Earth are you editing TV Tropes?"
"Because I've lost control of my life."

Memes.Rugrats (Edit link)

Memes.Street Fighter (Edit link)

Memes.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Want further proof that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life? Just take a look at all of the egregious memes that we've spawned. Don't worry... you'll eventually start using these in time.

Memes.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Memes.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Memes.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Memes.The Lord Of The Rings (Edit link)

Memes.Thor Ragnarok (Edit link)

Loki Actor: Sorry about that meme with TV Tropes. I just couldn't help myself.
Thor Actor: I know.
Loki Actor: I'm a Troper!
Thor Actor: [smiles proudly] So mischievous!

Memes.Touhou Project (Edit link)

  • Kaguya is a NEET. Explanation 

Memes.Tumblr (Edit link)

On TV Tropes they don't say "I love you". They say "Lampshade lampshade egregious xanatos in SPACE" which roughly translates to "You ruin my life in the best way possible." I think that's beautiful.

Music.Afroman (Edit link)

I wasn't gonna go on TV Tropes, but then I got high
I wasn't gonna repeat those memes and jokes, but then I got high
Now my life is ruined, and I know why
(Why, man?)
Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high

Music.Deceit (Edit link)

"We are all tropers, we live to regret it":

Music.Depeche Mode (Edit link)

Music.Electric Six (Edit link)

  • Spot The ImposTOR: "Pleasing Interlude I".
    • I... woke up on the Main Page again... and I needed something to write about. So I went down to the fora. "What'll it be?" Said Fast Eddie, sporting a wry grin. "Just give me the usual, Eddie," I said. Fast Eddie scratched his head. "What was that again?" The usual was a heaping of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, with Sugar Wiki fritters And a Diet Coke. Fast Eddie knew that! I had been editing here every day for the past four years! Then I began to realize... The troper standing behind the server was the IMPOST-OR.
    • ...

Music.Make Believe (Edit link)

We are all on tropes:

Music.Make Believe (Edit link)

Music.Mezmerize Hypnotize (Edit link)

Tropers... all grow up to die... there is no one here but me...

Music.Motel Shot (Edit link)

I've got a neverending list of tropes, from now on, that's all I wanna do...

Music.This Heat (Edit link)

We are all tropers, we live to regret it:

Music.Wesley Willis (Edit link)

Rock over London!
Rock on, Chicago!
TV Tropes! It will ruin your life!

NightmareFuel.Attack On Titan (Edit link)

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder: we lived in fear of the Nightmare Fuel and were disgraced to browse in these cages called tabs.

NightmareFuel.Avengers Endgame (Edit link)

I used the Wiki Magic to destroy the Word nearly Zapped! the page, but your life is ruined. It always will be.
I am... ineditable.

NightmareFuel.Go Animate (Edit link)

"First punishment: Watching all videos listed here."
"Wah! I won't sleep tonight."
"Second punishment: A really cold shower. Get in the shower now!"
"It's so cold it's so cold it's so cold wawawawawawawa!"
"Last punishment: Go to your room and browse this website for the rest of your natural born life!"

NightmareFuel.Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty (Edit link)

Honestly though, you have been browsing the page for a long time. Don't you have anything else to do with your time?

NightmareFuel.Nineteen Eighty Four (Edit link)

If you want a picture of the future, imagine reading the Nightmare Fuel pages — for ever.

Nl.Gehersenspoeld (Edit link)

OverlyLongGag.Webcomics (Edit link)

Pantheon.Colored Outfits (Edit link)

  • Would you please look at this red light? *flash* Troper, there is no entry here. The text you saw was a hallucination caused by swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket reflecting the light from Venus onto your computer screen.

Pantheon.Couples Orientation (Edit link)

Pantheon.Defense (Edit link)

  • Would you please look at this red light? *flash* Troper, there is no entry here. The text you saw was a hallucination caused by swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket reflecting the light from Venus onto your computer screen.

Pantheon.Forms Of Media (Edit link)

Ruined lives 21/25

Pantheon.Legendary Beings (Edit link)

  • After her ascension, Tamamo was invited to a party organized by Pinkie Pie and her said current Master Ritsuka Fujimaru, who is glad that another of his Servants has ascended and she responded by glomping onto him affectionately. Pinkie Pie herself proved to be a fun presence when she'd gone as wacky as Tamamo did, but luckily Ritsuka stopped from condemning the reader for wasting time on this website; they nevertheless became friends afterwards. Also part of that party is Nero and Altera, who along with her and Hakuno were a cohesive adoptive family unit back when it was after they defeated Velber and their forces; they reunited and already, Tamamo and Nero restart their usual bickering but Altera stopped them, both because she wanted to try all of the buffet food in peace and she knows that it's better to work together to bring Hakuno into the Pantheons with no scuffle. The duo reluctantly called their bickering off for now but that doesn't stop them for chasing after the affections of their two current Masters.
    • Tamamo also reunited with Rider Medusa, Elizabeth Bathory, Lu Bu and Karna; she admits that she wasn't the best leader to them back when Velber's forces invaded SE.RA.PH and hopes they will forgive her for that. Speaking on their behalf, Medusa and Karna assures her that it's all good and she did her best to take them on. Medusa in particular felt some kinship with Tamamo for being similar Anti-Heroes that struggled with their innate monstrosity and would have opposed her had she caused chaos without Hakuno on a leash; Tamamo herself finds Elizabeth hopeless for validation and keeps advising Ritsuka to take care of her even if he had to sit through another of her concerts. They all along with Nero and Altera also agreed to help Ritsuka take on Tiamat and Goetia yet again once they heard of their presences; they refuse to let their world's Human History be extinguished, let alone the Pantheon's history as well.
    • Tamamo got acquainted with the Caster Medea and her husband Souichirou Kuzuki after the three met at a grocery store. Both Casters relate to one another by being evil mages who managed to find happiness with a person they fell in love with (Hakuno for Tamamo and Kuzuki for Medea) and vow to each other to be good wives to their beloved as well as telling Kuzuki to keep on cherishing his wife. Medusa was a little apprehensive at introducing Sakura Matou to Tamamo until Sakura became curious and demanded to meet her; they did and they got off pretty well. They are able to relate over being very attached to their beloved even to an unhealthy degree and they both have nasty evil sides underneath their nice and harmless exteriors which can potentially be very powerful and destructive; Sakura herself is unnerved should Tamamo ever be restored to her full power but she and Rider will have to make sure that won't happen for everybody's sake.
    • Also since the invasion at SE.RA.PH, Tamamo doesn't get along very well with Jeanne d'Arc or Vlad III starting back when they were in opposing sides, but occasionally they'll work together if they have a common enemy. The same goes for the Avenger Angra Mainyu, the Caster Gilles de Rais, his Master Ryunnosuke Uryuu and the Ruler Amakusa Shirou to which she admits that it'll take Ritsuka for her to even work with them without a violent scuffle.
    • As they were threats to SE.RA.PH, Tamamo distrusts Kiara Sesshouin and B.B. even after they were contracted into Chaldea and her grudges with them come from the fact that the former trapped her and Hakuno in the Moon Cell and the latter into the Sakura Labyrinth. The Master With No Name from a zany universe also earns her distrust as she treats her own powerful yet low-leveled Servants horribly and the Master likewise doesn't remember her being less wacky the last time. Tamamo prefers the child Jack in comparison to the legendary killer Jack who assassinates mages and eating their hearts, but she is not stupid enough to see that both are dangerous, especially the latter given that he goes after vulnerable women (not that she's totally helpless anyway). And of course, Gilgamesh had to be here and even she is tired of his megalomaniac attitudes; the feeling is mutual as he dreads the moment she used her "Polygamous Castration Fist" onto him again, which deals extra damage on men.
    • Other villains from her multiverse she looks out for are Kirei Kotomine and the Matous, Shinji and Zouken. Sakura and Medusa warned her about them and how they are among the sources that caused them and their friends misery and suffering and Tamamo heeded them even more that the Matous are depraved enough to induce sexual abuse onto Sakura, real family or no. And also Kotomine's Moon Cell counterpart tricked her into eating extremely pricey and spicy mapo tofu. Kotomine paid no heed to Tamamo as of now but is preparing in case and the Matous became scared shitless once they heard about her and her "Polygamous Castration Fist" move; it didn't have to be inflicted onto just cheaters...

Pantheon.Love Interests (Edit link)

Pantheon.Machinery And Technology (Edit link)

Pantheon.Manners Of Death (Edit link)

Take up the knife. Apocrypha awaits. Take your new shape.

Pantheon.Musicality (Edit link)


Your Life! VERSUS! TV Tropes! BEGIN!

Lloyd Ahlquist and Peter Shukoff, Gods of Rap Battles (EpicLloyd and NicePeter)

Pantheon.Narrative (Edit link)

Pantheon.Narrative Settings (Edit link)

Roy: You know, I may still have some problems keeping my eyes away from the TV, but wasting my life in some place dedicated to pointing out common elements in televised media? Not even I'd do that!

Pantheon.Nicknames And Renames (Edit link)

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life
Gotta go fast!
John Johannson joins journeys just to joke.
This will be an internet meme whether you want it or not.
Because I'm Batnam!

Pantheon.Personalities (Edit link)

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life
Gotta go fast!
John Johannson joins journeys just to joke.
This will be an internet meme whether you want it or not.
Because I'm Batman!

Pantheon.Plain Neutral (Edit link)

  • Would you please look at this red light? *flash* Troper, there is no entry here. The text you saw was a hallucination caused by swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket reflecting the light from Venus onto your computer screen.

Pantheon.Speech A To M (Edit link)

  • Are you still here reading on my profile? Go do something more productive than wasting your time, skimming a pitiful profile that cannot hold the essence of my grandeur. Why are you even on this site in general? Go back to having an actual life if you even have one. How pitiful.

PlayingWith.Anti Escapism Aesop (Edit link)

Back to Anti-Escapism Aesop, but don't stay too long, because otherwise, TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

PlayingWith.Arson Murder And Jaywalking (Edit link)

First, you must cross a mountain, then you must cross a river, then you must go back to Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking. Then you must fly around the world, then you must browse TV tropes, and then you must kill your pet cat and sacrifice it, then go outside and soak up some rays, and then you must go to Mars. Make sure to take a Mars bar with you, too, and a knife. Oh, and also, can you wash the dishes? There's blood on them.

PlayingWith.Basement Dweller (Edit link)

Hey Basement-Dweller, get back down to your mamma's basement so you can continue wasting time on TV Tropes!

PlayingWith.Betty And Veronica (Edit link)

Back to Betty and Veronica, or keep going through this wiki. How will you ever choose?

PlayingWith.Blackmail (Edit link)

Come back to the Blackmail page or I tell everyone that you browse TV Tropes all day.

PlayingWith.Card Carrying Villain (Edit link)

Back to Card-Carrying Villain, which would like to remind you that it is absolutely evil and plots to suck up your free time.

PlayingWith.Cargo Ship (Edit link)

PlayingWith.Cargo Ship (Edit link)

PlayingWith.Chekhovs Skill (Edit link)

Back to Chekhov's Skill. In 5 years, perhaps reading this page will save your life. Or ruin it.

PlayingWith.Clear My Name (Edit link)

"I have to prove I didn't ruin TV Tropes' life by going back to the main page!"

PlayingWith.Cruel And Unusual Death (Edit link)

I watched this blank page have its letters punched into it. Slowly. Letter by letter by letter. How dare you, editor?

PlayingWith.Devil But No God (Edit link)

"Come in, Father Morning. Enter, knight. This time you're going to lose."

PlayingWith.Does This Remind You Of Anything (Edit link)

Head on back to Does This Remind You Of Anything?, fellas. First hit's free.

PlayingWith.Dont Try This At Home (Edit link)

Don't you dare click this link at home. Don't you know the dangers?

PlayingWith.Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory (Edit link)

Your desire to return to the main page symbolizes man's inherent thirst for a meaning palatable to him, in sharp contrast to the hard truth that meaning is not totally contingent upon his whims.

PlayingWith.Face Monster Turn (Edit link)

Return to Face–Monster Turn. This wiki is your family now!

PlayingWith.Faux Affably Evil (Edit link)

Wasn't that interesting? Now, return to Faux Affably Evil so we can continue the regimen of having TV Tropes Ruin Your Life sans educational values.

PlayingWith.Harmful Healing (Edit link)

Take this pill to get to the unabridged version, but be careful, it will ruin your life!

PlayingWith.Hollywood Dateless (Edit link)

You're not Hollywood Dateless. You're just dateless and all the time you spend on TV Tropes isn't helping change that.

PlayingWith.Ignored Epiphany (Edit link)

Maybe I should press the 'X' Button and stop Reading TV-Tropes... hmmmmm... or maybe I'll just click on a few more... starting with Ignored Epiphany.

PlayingWith.Innocent Means Naive (Edit link)

Go back to the main page here. Sucker.

PlayingWith.Jock Dad Nerd Son (Edit link)

What, are you going to sit on your butt looking at TV Tropes all day? Come on and watch the big game with me already back at Jock Dad, Nerd Son.

PlayingWith.Lensman Arms Race (Edit link)

Since you've been gone, the main page has seen the development of examples of supreme destructive power.

PlayingWith.Mama Didnt Raise No Criminal (Edit link)

Hold it! Your mama didn't raise you to be no troper!

PlayingWith.Nerds Are Virgins (Edit link)

Go back to Nerds Are Virgins and continue browsing this site, because it's not like you'll ever be getting any.

PlayingWith.Not Afraid Of Hell (Edit link)

Go back to the main page and face your punishment unafraid.

PlayingWith.Peoples Republic Of Tyranny (Edit link)

Back to the main article, brought to you by the News and Information Agency of the Glorious, Joyful and Happy People's Democratic Republic of TVTropia!

PlayingWith.Power Creep (Edit link)

Check out the brand new main page! It's three times as long as this one, makes its point twice as clear, and ruins your life 50% less!

PlayingWith.Really Seven Hundred Years Old (Edit link)

You can be Really 700 Years Old by the time you end reading TV Tropes, you know.

PlayingWith.Restrained Revenge (Edit link)

I know this page wasted a great deal of your time and you might be tempted to vandalize it, but please consider just returning to Restrained Revenge.

PlayingWith.The Alcatraz (Edit link)

"Ain't no link back to the main page, boy. You're in my TVTropes now."

PlayingWith.The Alibi (Edit link)

PlayingWith.The Conscience (Edit link)

Don't go back to the main page. Get off TV Tropes and do something useful instead. Do you have any idea what will happen if you spend all your time on that stupid website?

PlayingWith.The Evils Of Free Will (Edit link)

You see, your free choice to go back to The Evils of Free Will is just letting TV Tropes ruin your life.

PlayingWith.To The Pain (Edit link)

Go back to the main page here, and wallow in freakish misery forever.

PlayingWith.Trope Name (Edit link)

PlayingWith.Well Excuse Me Princess (Edit link)

Why can't you find the main page already? Ugh, sometimes I don't know why I put up with a lifeless loser like you.

PlayingWith.Year Outside Hour Inside (Edit link)

Wait, WHAT? 10,000 years have passed? But I was only at Year Outside, Hour Inside for a minute!

PlayingWith.You Called Me X It Must Be Serious (Edit link)

You call the page this leads to a 'Main'-page. Your life 'being ruined' must be serious.

Podcast.Irregular Podcast (Edit link)

Warning: Reading this article may waste many valuable hours of your time.

Quotes.Wiki Walk (Edit link)

There is no protection from the evil blackhole that eats time that is TV Tropes. It's like the Bermuda Triangle of the Internet.

Radio.The Frantics (Edit link)

And now for Tropers of TV Tropes. Who took their time to describe this article, made me laugh, ruined many lives. To Tropers of TV Tropes, I bequeath *beat* a boot to the head.

RealLife.Tropes A To F (Edit link)

  • Fake Longevity: Considering how Real Life boasts years of play, it's no surprise that almost a quarter of your time is spent on either tutorials or money-grinding. Also, you spend quite a bit of time doing things such as eating, sleeping (which takes an average of a third of your time), and bathing. And exactly what you're doing at this moment.

Recap.Big Hero 6 The Series S 2 E 11 Write Turn Here (Edit link)

Recap.Dawitsus Recompense (Edit link)

Recap.Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 12 (Edit link)

Oh man, we have got to stop troping this late:

Recap.Goomzilla E 9 Yoshi And The Lost Egg (Edit link)

You allowed TV Tropes to ruin your life! This is a disaster! You've found the worst ending!

Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 03 E 10 Fugitive Alien (Edit link)

Recap.Person Of Interest S 01 E 11 (Edit link)

Possible Threat Detected. Website: TV Tropes.

Recap.Person Of Interest S 04 E 04 (Edit link)

"Ain't no long game for guys like me; just the game. Doesn't make a damn bit of a difference what you edit or who you edit it for. You ain't no different; just another troper like all the rest. Only one rule: We all ruin our lives in the end."

Recap.South Park S 6 E 2 Asspen (Edit link)

Okay, you see what he did? He troped when he should have pizzaed! You trope when you pizza, you're gonna have a bad time!

Recap.Sponge Bob Square Pants S 1 E 7 Hall Monitor Jellyfish Jam (Edit link)

Squidward: [sighs] SpongeBob is the only guy I know that can browse TV Tropes Wiki...FOR 12 HOURS!!

Recap.Terrible Writing Advice (Edit link)

Recap.The Wall Will Fall Act 2 (Edit link)

  • The tropers have sent Cake Guy a Secret Message on the In Vino Veritas page (now removed).
    • The Cake Guy has dismissed the message, being aware that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, despite being given an exact place to look. This has cemented the suspicions that he is a puppetmaster after all.
    • Given a second, more direct message, Cake Guy insisted that he's friends with the puppetmaster but isn't one himself, and declined to get involved [1]. He appears to be a dead end at this point.

Recap.The Wall Will Fall Act 4 (Edit link)

Recap.The X Files S 06 E 14 Monday (Edit link)

Now, we ask you this: "Do you have a strange feeling of deja vu, such as reading this page before?". And if your mind has been blown from just thinking about that question, TV Tropes have officially ruined your life... in a way.

Recap.The X Files S 06 E 14 Monday (Edit link)

Now, we ask you this: "Do you have a strange feeling of deja vu, such as reading this page before?". And if your mind has been blown from just thinking about that question, TV Tropes have officially ruined your life... in a way.

Recap.The X Files S 06 E 21 Field Trip (Edit link)

Wait a second... WHAT WOULD POSSESS US TO EVEN SAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! TV TROPES WILL CONTINUE TO EATING AWAY AT OUR LIVES FOREVER! ...Come to think of it, is something else eating away at us now?!

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

A visit to TVT&I will teach you three things: (1) originality is dead, (2) no one misses it, and (3) you’ve just blown six hours.

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

While innumerable examples of all these spring to mind, I can't help feeling that filmgoers who spend their time trope-spotting rather than following the plot may be missing some of the finer points of the art form, but to each his own.

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Chugga: I don't know who runs my TV Tropes page, but I gotta say this: I have undying respect for whoever you person or persons are because you keep that thing updated like nuts. Especially the Funny page. My god, it's nuts.

ReferencedBy.TV Tropes (Edit link)

Woolie: Giant Bomb doesn't haves anything on underboob, but TV Tropes has a page on it.
Pat: Well, Woolie is dead.
  • During Woolie and Matt's playthrough of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE they both get into a discussion about the Fiery Redhead trope but it starts with Woolie wondering if there are subversions of this trope (characters that have red hair but instead of having a fiery peronality it's a cold personality instead), and then casually states that TV Tropes probably has an article about that.

Ride.Walt Disney World (Edit link)

Reporter: Trope-tan, you've just read through the entire page! What are you going to do next?
Trope-tan: I'm going to go to bed!

Roleplay.Fractured Wasteland (Edit link)

Roleplay.Ink City (Edit link)

The creation, and really the extensiveness, of this page was due to that many of the players are highly aware of the tropes they use, enjoy collecting them, and liked to treat the entire game as its own canon Just For Fun.

Roleplay.Roll To Roll To Dodge (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Literally. The player character, Monk, will become distracted and gain a penalty to his mental rolls thanks to this.

Roleplay.The Black Sand Bar (Edit link)

A roleplay bar here on Gaia Online that has been liberally infested with TVTropes. There are upwards of 70 links to this site from the Wall of Text on the front first page. Located on a tropical bar on a beach with black sand, the story revolves around the adventures of a psion human, his faerie wizard best friend who he bought the Maui-sized island from, and the patrons. The main "plot" events take place periodically, which vary from dealing with the Unseelie Court and their Seelie counterparts, aiding the local rebels in their struggle against the current government, looting local caves and temples, and the occasional attacks by powerful NPC's.

SFDebris.Tropes S To Z (Edit link)

Sandbox.Avengers Endgame Nightmare Fuel (Edit link)

"I used the Wiki Magic to destroy the Word Cruft. It nearly Zapped! the page, but your life is ruined. It always will be.
I am... inevitable.

Sandbox.Blue Guy (Edit link)

  1. Fanfic.Latias Journey: By the time the sequel rolls around, Ri2 is a confirmed troper.
    • And up until the sequel, just look at the percentage of this page coated in blue.

Sandbox.Capital Letters Are Magic (Edit link)

One of the hardest parts of making a fantasy or science fiction world can be names. Not just for people, but for metaphysical concepts, alien races or awe-inspiring devices/weapons. When writers don't want to make up a new word, they'll often take a short, evocative term and capitalize it. The practice is still so commonplace that J. R. R. Tolkien (who was a language professor at a respected university) decided to use a trick of combining Capital Letters Are Magic with commonplace words from languages he'd made up for fun in his spare time to create all of his fictional-but-now-well-known fantasy names. Here on this site we get a lot of tropes this way as well, such as the The Load and The Dragonnote .

Sandbox.Freecom (Edit link)

If, for some reason, you believe TV Tropes hasn't ruined your life enough yet, here's a random trope and here's a random work.

Sandbox.Peoples Republic Of Tyranny Wicks (Edit link)

Back to the main article, brought to you by the News and Information Agency of the Glorious, Joyful and Happy People's Democratic Republic of TVTropia!

Sandbox.Peoples Republic Of Tyranny Wicks (Edit link)

A roleplay bar here on Gaia Online that has been liberally infested with TVTropes. There are upwards of 70 links to this site from the Wall of Text on the front first page. Located on a tropical bar on a beach with black sand, the story revolves around the adventures of a psion human, his faerie wizard best friend who he bought the Maui-sized island from, and the patrons. The main "plot" events take place periodically, which vary from dealing with the Unseelie Court and their Seelie counterparts, aiding the local rebels in their struggle against the current government, looting local caves and temples, and the occasional attacks by powerful NPC's.

Sandbox.Television Is Trying To Kill Us (Edit link)

May overlap with Things We Have Learnt from Media and Things Are More Effective in Hollywood. Contrast with Truth in Television which depicts things from reality in realistic ways including positives and negatives. When a harmful thing is presented in a positive, comedic, awesome, or helpful way, but the depiction acknowledges it is harmful in reality or warns against doing it, that's Do Not Do This Cool Thing or Do Not Try This at Home. Presenting a bad thing as bad and telling you it's bad and bad people do this bad thing is And That's Terrible. The existence of people who dispute these tropes doesn't mean they are not trying to kill us. Realizing you believe in any of these tropes may result in TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Sandbox.Wiki Tropes (Edit link)

  1. naturalironist: Redundant to TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Sandbox.Wiki Tropes (Edit link)

SchmuckBait.Web Original (Edit link)

SchmuckBait.Web Original (Edit link)

  • The TV Tropes Wiki has its share of Schmuck Bait:
    • Think very carefully before clicking on an external link. Especially on the Rickroll articles.
    • Likewise, many of the external links on the Nightmare Fuel and Uncanny Valley pages are invitations for a creep-out.
    • This very wiki is often this trope when linked from other sites. See TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life below.
    • If you see an image link in an example of a trope like Panty Shot or Of Corsets Sexy, don't click it if you're at work.
    • The "Footnotes" section of our Text Formatting Rules page demonstrates the [[labelnote]] links with a "Don't click me!" link. The "code" paragraph shows the hidden text as "Click the example below to see the real text," tempting the user into clicking it. Doing so expands the note: "We call that Schmuck Bait here at TV Tropes."

SelfDemonstrating.Aang (Edit link)

If you wanna stay behind, then you can read my "tropes" as they put it right down here. I have a lot, so I put them all in folders. If you wanna read them, then you gotta sound like Zach Tyler Eisen (he's the guy who voiced me). I hope you have of fun, though not as much when you're penguin-sledding. And once you're done, you might wanna get your gliders and fly away, since some people say this website will ruin your life. I don't believe them; I'm just supposed to say it.

SelfDemonstrating.Beast Wars Megatron (Edit link)

Truly, Starscream, you thought you would be the only Cybertronian whose presence would grace this unholy website? You'll find that I make for a far more interesting subject. Yeeeees.

SelfDemonstrating.Billy Mays (Edit link)


SelfDemonstrating.Darkseid (Edit link)

So, for those brave enough to hear of my power, I will grant them that. But know that from this day forward, there is no power greater than Darkseid. I have seen many of the beings on this pathetic website: would-be tyrants, meager criminals, beings who claim to be gods but are mewling whelps barely weaned from the teat, and especially that pale imitation of me. You will not pledge your loyalty to them, any others I have not mentioned, or any others that will join this site. From now on, Darkseid will reign over all. Now come. We have much work to accomplish. But know that if you fail me, you will find that they would have been far more merciful than I ever will be.

SelfDemonstrating.Dr Doofenshmirtz (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.Dr Doofenshmirtz (Edit link)

And by the way, you are now trapped... by this article! You see, I have been studying this website TV Tropes, and what I have learned is that pages like these will distract you forever! They make you obsess over the various tropes and intricacies of fiction, open twenty different tabs at once, get stuck editing pages all night, and overall be unable to direct your attention away, and thus your life will be ruined!! Or at least, that's what happened to me.

SelfDemonstrating.Dr Doofenshmirtz (Edit link)


SelfDemonstrating.Dr Doofenshmirtz (Edit link)

You might be wondering what that is. Well, you're looking at it; it happens to be this exact page. As I already mentioned, TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. By activating the Ruin-Your-Life-Inator, the tropes on this page shall distract all the people of the Tri-State area forever! All of them, including my brother Roger the mayor, will be unable to perform their day-jobs! And with them all distracted, I will be able to waltz in, and TAKE OVER THE TRI-STATE AREA!!!

SelfDemonstrating.Dr Doofenshmirtz (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.Harley Quinn (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.Henry (Edit link)

You're killing me here, and not in the fun way, either! Anyway, what brings you here? "TV Tropes"? Oooh, were you hit by a curse to wander TV Tropes for the rest of your life? I love that one! I wish I could say I came up with that curse myself, nya ha ha!

SelfDemonstrating.Ingsoc (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.Kuzco (Edit link)

Now you might be thinking "shouldn't you be busy ruling a country instead of wasting your time writing a Self Demonstrating article on a lame wiki for peasants and nerds?" Well it might seem confusing now, but trust me if you go back a ways everything will start to make sense...

SelfDemonstrating.Lumiere (Edit link)

Lumiere, please! The master made it clear not to make any self-demonstrating pages on this forsaken website!

SelfDemonstrating.Mr Resetti (Edit link)

Oh, yeah, one last thing...
Go outside and get some fresh air, will ya? Readin' all those tropes can't be good for ya!

SelfDemonstrating.Pinky And The Brain (Edit link)

SelfDemonstrating.Pinky And The Brain (Edit link)

  • Insufferable Genius: Few can often match my wit and intellect, so of course I must talk down to them. Though I am certainly far less blunt about it than the drivel of educational children's programming, especially that troublesome tyrannosaurus they call "Baloney."
    • Pinky: I wholeheartedly agree. But, for the sake of argument, could you maybe say that in simpler words? (SMACK!)
    • The Brain: You have been indulging yourself in far too much of this website.

SelfDemonstrating.Rick And Morty (Edit link)

Huh, going classic. Rick, where are you?! Where am I?! Wh-why can I only see letters spelling out the words I'm saying and a picture of us up there?! OH GOD, WHY DID THOSE WORDS JUST TURN BLUE?! C-Calm down, Morty, th-there's - Morty, calm down and - MORTY, CALM DOWN AND CLOSE YOUR *burp* EYES! It's nothing to worry about, Morty - we're just in a *urp* wiki dimension. Whoa, you're gonna be doing a lot of that if you keep this up. Riiiiick, wh-who are you talking to? Nobody important, Morty - just the poor bastard that has to keep writing down the shit coming out of my mouth - yeah, you keep telling yourself that. OK, so from the links being used so far, that means we're at...oh, **** me, we're at TV Tropes - this is gonna *burp* take awhile... You don't sound too happy, Rick. A-are we somewhere bad? Oh, it's bad, Morty - it's really bad. Ooooooh... So one day a bunch of a-*burp*-assholes decide to take a big shit on the Internet filled with a bunch of descriptions of references they got from movies and TV shows, only it turned really in on itself and the assholes - sorry, "tropers" - even used these references to describe themselves. Oh, jeez Rick, I-I-I don't really know what someone wo-would wanna like...ruin their life doing something stupid like that, I mean, i-i-it sounds kinda dumb honestly, like, uh, why the hell would anyone give a crap about re-occuring elements i-i-in TV shows and stupid shit like that? People are dumb, Morty. See, this guy gets it. The problem is that we're in the s-self demonstrating section, wh-which is like a group of in-joke pages made on the site, to ma-m-make it seem like the ch-*burp* character in question is t-talking to the guy reading it. Oh, uh, Rick that sounds a little lame, honestly. Like, y'know, a bunch of people trying way too hard to be, y'know, funny and write in the characters' voices, but they always just end up exaggerating certain, uh, character tics and make them sound like cheap caricatures of themselves, y'know? Morty, shut the hell up! You don't know shit. You're overthinking it as usual. Be-besides it's too late, there's already someone who-who-who's been reading this page the ent-*burp*-ire time Whoa, Rick, uh, I had no idea that this guy was looking at us this whole time, that seems a little creepy, actually. Morty, just - just shut up. We're text in a goddamn box to those people, alright? Now hold on, I gotta re-*burp*-orient myself here. Oh. OK. (I thought your liver was enough of a compass already, but whatever) Hey, I saw that!

SelfDemonstrating.Saw (Edit link)

You've spent your life chronicling and reading of the lives of others, instead of living your own. Spent it locked in a basement room. You should feel at home where I've placed you today.

SelfDemonstrating.Sly Cooper (Edit link)

And now that you've heard about my exciting career, you might as well stay to take a deeper look at my endearing quirks and tools of the trade when it comes to the fine art of thievery. Just don't forget that this place is almost as good at stealing your time as I am at stealing everything else. Have fun, pal!

SelfDemonstrating.Starscream (Edit link)

There. And now that you have been enlightened on the topic of my brilliance, I shall henceforth ascend to leadership of the Decepticons, this site and your dung hill of a planet, and you will henceforth spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT of your short and miserable lifespans worshiping none other than I, the grand and merciful Starscream, OR ELSE—


("Coronation", Starscream? This is bad comedy.)

MEGATRON!? Scrap, not again...!

SelfDemonstrating.The Grinch (Edit link)

  • The Hermit: Okay, so you people reading this site are obviously getting on my nerves, so the fact I haven't done anything monstrous means you've clearly got some sense of bravery. But I hate company. I loathe it. So I live alone with just me and Max. No one else. Not a one!

SelfDemonstrating.The Reason You Suck Speech (Edit link)

What? You want examples? You... Hehehe... You want examples of such a speech? I have the PERFECT example! YOU SUCK! I am SICK and TIRED of seeing your pathetic, ugly mug around here! How long do you think you've been on here? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months, even? You could be doing ANYTHING else with your time! Being with your friends and family, bettering yourself with ACTUAL pursuits, working hard at your job, that you've probably never even gotten in the first place, because you couldn't be bothered to move your fat ass out of that chair! But no! Learning about why that one scene in Some Like It Hot seems so similar to that scene in Inception was OBVIOUSLY so much more important! You're really living life to the fullest, buddy!

SelfDemonstrating.The Three Stooges (Edit link)

Moe: Well, what are ya still doin' here? You read all there is on this page!
Larry: Come on, beat it! Stay here too long, you'll wind up waistin' your life!
Curly: Soitenly! Besides, there are plenty of other pages you can visit down there, too.

SelfDemonstrating.Zasalamel (Edit link)

It is rather irritating to even consider the fact that I am rather late to this game of speaking through paragraphs of text on a web page on the Internet. However, considering that I have just located this website today, I may as well place an archival page as to who I am on this site. I may be making a mistake by going onto this website that can apparently ruin lives, but considering one of my past lives spent most of his free time writing tome after tome after tome as an indulgent pastime, I may as well enjoy myself. Anyway, now that the prelude is out of the way, I suggest we begin.

SelfDeprecation.Web Original (Edit link)

Series.Barney And Friends (Edit link)

Today, we learned all about the various Barney & Friends tropes! We learned all about the various quirks of the show and its characters. We also learnt about other fun things tropers like, like very obscure book series, and why we no longer use the term "This Troper" in the main pages. But be very careful, as going on TVTropes too much may ruin your life. Be safe!

Series.Black Mirror (Edit link)

Look at you. Glued to your chair, eyeballs helplessly fixated on your intoxicating, mesmerizing computer screen, the black mirror through which you view the world around you. You've spent countless hours assigning meaningless labels to places that aren't real and people you will never meet, and for what? Perhaps you'd be better off categorizing the tropes of your own life.

Series.Dateline (Edit link)

"I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we're doing a story on tropers. If there's any other tropes you'd like to add, feel free to do so. Otherwise, you're free to leave this page anytime."

Series.Gaming In The Clinton Years (Edit link)

TV Tropes is truly perfect. If you do not browse this amazing new generation of wiki madness, then you are stupid. Yes, I know it's insulting, but that's also the truth. If you're a true trope fan, you will not hesitate in the slightest bit to binge on this piece of entertainment history.

Series.Get Your Own Back (Edit link)

This troper has ruined your life and you're fed up with it, Go on, Send him into the gunge! Pull the lever and Get Your Own Back!

Series.How TV Ruined Your Life (Edit link)

Unrelated to TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Series.Important Things With Demetri Martin (Edit link)

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor. The Important Things series page brought to you by:, the entertaining alternative to doing something productive with your spare time. Special thanks to your life, for being empty enough to allow itself to be ruined by our sponsor".

Series.Knightmare (Edit link)

Treguard: Oh, dear. Temporal disruption complete. Time flies as the Romans would say, and although all continues in your world, here time has flown. All editing and troping must now cease until you phase with us once more. Will these editors triumph on the next page? Or will our Troper have his life ruined by all of the other pages on this site? And if so, why should you care? For here, nothing is real and everything must surely be an illusion. Join us again for Knightmare. And just keep telling yourself, it's only a game... isn't it?

Series.Lamb Chops Play Along (Edit link)

Series.On The Buses (Edit link)

Series.Police Squad (Edit link)

"Looks like they'll have to ruin their lives up in the Statesville Prison from now on..."

Series.Sister Sister (Edit link)

Now that everybody knows all the tropes...

Series.Split Second 1972 (Edit link)

Is it true that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life? You'll find out, as one of these three contestants wins the chance to drive home in a brand new Pontiac Grand Am... in just a... SPLIT SECOND! (thunderclap)

Series.Taskmaster (Edit link)

So what have we learned today? We've learned that the Tasks set by the Taskmaster are Serious Business, Nish Kumar and Mark Watson know how to make a song in under 30 minutes, and of course, that TV Tropes will indeed ruin your life!. But for now, please give it for a round of applause, for you! You completed the Task! Goodnight!

Series.The Grand Tour (Edit link)

Series.Trapped Game Show (Edit link)

Poor unfortunate troper… You're TRAPPED!

Series.Win Ben Steins Money (Edit link)

Jimmy: Now we'll see just how smart Ben really is as we play more of Win Ben Stein's Money.
Ben: Welcome back. As this rounds begins, Troper 1 has $<x> of my money, Troper 2 has $<y> of my money, and I have a mere $<5,000-(x+y)> remaining of my original $5,000 stake, which I will now defend by becoming a common contestant!
Jimmy: From this point forward, Ben has no advance knowledge of any of the questions to be asked. Isn't that right, Ben?
Ben: That is right, Jimmy. It's also right—well, it's not right, but it's a fact—that the questions in this round have risen to the <negative adjective> level of $200-500 of my money, that is if you get them right. If I get them right, my total stays the same, but thankfully, none of my money is taken away.
Jimmy: And whoever has the higher score at the end of this round, whether it's Troper 1, who starts edit wars for fun, or Troper 2, who had his life ruined by TV Tropes, will go on to play against Ben one-on-one for $5,000 of his money. Let's have a look at our topics. They are...
  • Bonus Round:

Series.Zombie Detective (Edit link)

TV Tropes (and spoilers) are bad for your mental health.

ShoutOut.Dzwiedz24 (Edit link)

"Those are some cow tools. Don't ask me to explain what cow tools are, I'll give you a link to TV Tropes, and you'll be gone for a week."

ShoutOut.League Of Legends (Edit link)

League of Legends has so many Shout Outs to other works, that they had to be split off onto one page. Enjoy the links.

SoYouWantTo.Make A Joke About The So You Want To Namespace (Edit link)

SpoilerOpening.Live Action TV (Edit link)

  • Stargate Atlantis did not have a title sequence for its pilot, which would have revealed the plot. Season Two averted this trope by not having a title sequence at all for the first several episodes in, by which time we had discovered who was MIA and who was joining the cast. Too bad they forgot this for the state of Season Five.
    • Also, there's an easy-to-miss one early in the fourth season of Atlantis. The show reverts to using the previous season's opening sequence (or the credits in it, at least), including Dr. Carson Beckett, who died around the end of the third season. His name is only in the opening credits for one episode, though, so you can chalk it up to a mistake... unless you've previously read about the "Oh, Michael's got a clone to replace the dead original" thing that's going to happen.
    • In the fourth season, however, there's one that's very difficult to miss. The third season ended with Elizabeth Weir being injured. In the fourth season opener, Torri Higginson, who plays Weir, was left out of the credits, as was Paul MacGillion as Beckett, who had died partway through the third season but been left in until the end. Higginson was replaced by Amanda Tapping as Sam Carter.
    • Spectacularly averted, however, when Repli!Weir appeared as a twist ending to a later episode. Torri Higginson's guest star credit was withheld from the beginning; instead it appeared on its own immediately after the episode and before the closing credits.

StockParodyJokes.Web Original (Edit link)

SugarWiki.TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life (Edit link)

So, you're spending a long time reading TV Tropes. You remember exactly every Trope of Legend and know by heart the whole Canonical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions. But still, even if it might "ruin" your life, TV Tropes might also make it better in many areas. Besides, who needs a social life that has no nerds in it?

SugarWiki.TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life (Edit link)

TVTropesAsAGatewayDrug.Tropers L To R (Edit link)

TVTropesAsAGatewayDrug.Tropers L To R (Edit link)

I originally came here when I was looking up story ideas for an RPG I wanted to make. Since then, I've decided to stay and scrap the RPG for a web novel (Unfortunately, I tend to stay on this site too often to work on it or by the time I have ideas I get Writer's Block). I know I'm missing a few, but these are just some examples of what the site helped me get into or at least had a hand in helping me get into.

TabletopGame.Cards Against Humanity (Edit link)

TV Tropes is a slippery slope that leads to ruining your life.

TabletopGame.Changeling The Lost (Edit link)

TabletopGame.Demon The Descent (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life / Life Imitates Art: An in-universe example, the Embed "Like the Movies" allows a character to turn certain situations into fiction-like coincidences. Using it too much attracts the attention of the God-Machine, which apparently has enough time on its hands to watch human media and know if someone's applying tropes to reality.

TabletopGame.Freecell (Edit link)

Have you played Freecell lately? No? You've been reading TV tropes? Well then, I'll tell you about Freecell.

TheRunawayGuys.Non Nintendo (Edit link)

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Jon warns the audience that they'll be stuck on This Very Wiki for hours. Chugga mentions that one night he had to get up early in the morning to edit a video because he spent too much time on here the night before when he should've been editing.

Timeline.Homestuck (Edit link)

Sweet Troll Jegus, how can one series incorporate so much Weird Time Shit? Organizing this temporal clusterfuck is going to be one of the most troublesome, time-consuming, headache-inducing tasks you have ever undertaken. You will nonetheless waste countless hours on this pointless tomfoolery.

TriumphantExample.T (Edit link)

Trivia.Aventures (Edit link)

Trivia.Back To The Future Part II (Edit link)

  • Life Imitates Art:
    • Sorta. Miami didn't have a pro baseball team when the film was made; they do now. However, it's not in the right league. The Marlins and the Cubs are both in the National League, so they could never compete in the World Series against each other. Plus, the Miami team in the movie had a gator logo, which doesn't fit either Miami's (Marlins) or Tampa Bay's (Rays) teams.
      • There was actually a chance of this happening. Before 2013, the National League had 16 teams while the American League only had 14. MLB wanted to move a team from the NL to the AL to have each league with 15 teams, and the Marlins were one of the candidates to move leagues (with not-insignificant support by fans just because of this movie, no less!) Ultimately averted, though - the Houston Astros were picked to move.
      • The Cubs made a surprise run deep into the 2015 MLB playoffs, only to be eliminated by the Mets. In a sweep. On October 21st.
      • As for the World Series win, turns out the movie was only a year off: the Cubs won it all in 2016. (see Word of God below)
    • In a much more subtle example, the Elijah Wood kid complaining about having to use your hands on the arcade machine. Guess what Microsoft made recently that brought about hands-free gaming...
    • The film's depiction of 2015 has blockbuster 3-D movies. Guess what started becoming popular again in the real-world 2010s? Although they're not holographic 3-D movies, and Max Spielberg didn't grow up to be a famous director (he works in game design, and his father Steven still makes movies).
    • Voice-activated consumer electronics were commonplace by 2015; Apple's Siri came out in 2011 and Amazon's Alexa came out in 2014.
    • A poster in the back-alley advertises "SURF VIETNAM". This was a gag at the time, but it is now possible to go on vacation in Vietnam, which actively courts foreign tourists.
    • Video calls had been commonplace for several years by 2015 in real life; the scrolling personal trivia at the bottom of the screen (favorite foods, sports, marital status, etc.) is reminiscent of the kind of info people put in their Facebook profiles.
    • The movie predicted younger people needing to constantly entertain themselves with personal electronic devices at the dinner table; handheld video games had been around since 1979 and the first Game Boy came out the year the movie was released, but things really took off with the smartphone.
    • A deleted scene reveals that the visor Marty Jr. is wearing at the dinner table is a portable TV; mobile devices that allow you to stream TV shows and movies are now common, though not in goggle form.
      • However, VR headsets like the Oculus and HTC have applications that allow for users to stream movies and TV shows while in a virtual reality. Bigscreen, Amazon Prime Video VR and even Netflix all have it possible to stream movies and shows with the use of VR headsets. So, with the visors in the scene, it's possible to say that it foresaw VR streaming video applications.
    • Widescreen TVs became standard by The New '10s.
    • A background gag has a dog being walked by a flying drone. Such drones are now ubiquitous, although it took until 2020 (and a pandemic) for someone to actually try walking their dog with one.
    • Not precisely how things turned out, but when Marty Jr. comes home and watches TV, he somehow manages to watch six channels at once. How many tabs are open in your browser right now? Although if you have U-Verse cable service, multi-view is an option. Sure it's more just for scrolling through your channels faster but all the programs are simultaneous. Close enough.
    • It should be noted that most of these predictions were made as jokes by the production team, but ended up somewhat of a prediction by the real 2015.

Trivia.XKCD (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.The Same But More (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.Too Dangerous (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.Too Obscure Or Bizarre (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.Too Specific (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.Will Never Self Demonstrate (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.Will Never Self Demonstrate (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.X Meets Y Entries O To S (Edit link)

TropesThatWillNeverHappen.X Meets Y Entries T To Z (Edit link)

TruthInTelevision.S To U (Edit link)

UsefulNotes.Back Pain And How To Prevent It (Edit link)

There's a saying on this site... TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. Even if it won't ruin your life, it will definitely ruin your back! Think about it. You're sitting in front of your computer, browsing pages... and after you finish your session... Crap. You can barely even stand. Sure, browsing on mobile may be more comfortable, but 70% of Tropers use PCs. This is a page to help them.

UsefulNotes.Bay Area Rapid Transit (Edit link)

BART's subways are some of the few in the United States to offer cellphone coverage, so feel free to check your Facebook, send text messages, or browse TV Tropes while riding. Do not expect this same amenity on other subway networks. Notoriously, in 2011, BART temporarily shut down cellphone service to hamper protests following the shooting of Charles Hill, which was not particularly well-received amongst passengers and especially Anonymous.

UsefulNotes.CPR Clean Pretty Reliable (Edit link)

This is a Useful Note. It is designed to help readers understand how things work in real life so that you can compare it to how it works in fiction. It's a way for you to do the research rather than actually apply it to your Real Life. Useful Notes are written by Tropers, not medical professionals, and they carry no guarantee of accuracy (or indeed, usefulness) for your situation. We don't particularly want you ruining someone else's life.

UsefulNotes.Censorship Systems (Edit link)

For the crime of looking at this webpage, you are sentenced to life in a prison camp.

UsefulNotes.Earth (Edit link)

The Earth (also known as Terra, Tellus, Gaia, or countless other namesnote ) is the planet we all live on. It is the most Conveniently Close Planet. It is the only planet TV Tropes exists on. All tropers were born and live on Earth, unless we have someone currently on the International Space Station. There are over seven billion humans living on Earth. To learn more about Earth, all you have to do is go outside, but we don't blame you if you don't want to.

UsefulNotes.Magical Defibrillator (Edit link)

This is a Useful Note. It is designed to help readers understand how things work in real life so that you can compare it to how it works in fiction. It's a way for you to do the research rather than actually apply it to your Real Life. Useful Notes are written by Tropers, not medical professionals, and they carry no guarantee of accuracy (or indeed, usefulness) for your situation. We don't particularly want you ruining someone else's life.

UsefulNotes.Mensa (Edit link)

If TV Tropes is ruining your life it's probably a given that your intelligence is at the very least in the upper 50%. That's a wide swath of humanity, and no guarantee of the top 2%, but only you can know how intelligent you are. Only one person out of every fifty qualifies, but 1 in 50 would be pretty good odds to a gambler. The odds of winning a state lottery are 1 in 120 million, yet people (even Mensans!) will blow money every day on it.

UsefulNotes.Michael Jordan (Edit link)

You're still browsing TV Tropes? Stop it. Get some help.

UsefulNotes.Na No Wri Mo (Edit link)

UsefulNotes.Oliver Cromwell (Edit link)

Troping is banned! It is sinful!

UsefulNotes.Pornography (Edit link)

*Knock-knock* "Troper?! Are you in there reading about pornography on TV Tropes? It'll make you go blind and ruin your life, you know!"

UsefulNotes.The2000s (Edit link)

UsefulNotes.The2000s (Edit link)

VideoGame.Blood (Edit link)

VideoGame.Crossy Road (Edit link)

Yeah, and you thought TV Tropes ruined your life...

VideoGame.Dark Souls II (Edit link)

Editor of TV Tropes... Seek tropes. Larger, more powerful tropes. Seek the Index, that is the only way. Lest this wiki swallow you whole.. as it has so many others.

VideoGame.Disgaea 5 Alliance Of Vengeance (Edit link)

VideoGame.Donkey Kong Country (Edit link)

Cranky Kong: You kids have it easy with all these wikis and trope catalogs! Back in my day, if you wanted to find out information about your favorite video games, you'd have to wait every month for gaming magazines to come in the mail to read developer interviews and trivia collections. And by golly, we'd never develop any of these silly editing addictions back then!

VideoGame.Dont Shit Your Pants (Edit link)

VideoGame.Enter The Gungeon (Edit link)

VideoGame.FTL Faster Than Light (Edit link)

You find nothing of major importance reading through the page. However, exploring it has taken a lot of time and allowed the Rebel fleet to catch up.

VideoGame.Five Nights At Candys 3 (Edit link)

Hello! It's me! I'm the origami cat! How am I here? You're dreaming right now!note  Sort least. Anyway, you've had some nightmares lately, right? About those two animatronics and that incident from a year ago? Well, that's why I'm here — to help you!

VideoGame.Hades (Edit link)

VideoGame.Henry Stickmin Series (Edit link)

VideoGame.Jamestown Legend Of The Lost Colony (