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This sandbox was created as an effort to improve the Trope Launch Pad. It intends to act as a catalog for drafts in good condition — ie., have a solid concept, a good description, and enough examples — that have been declared Up for Grabs by their original sponsors or have been left floating in the aether by a sponsor who has become inactive.

If you would like to add to this sandbox by listing a UFG draft, please list it in the "Drafts Up for Adoption" in alphabetical order along with its laconic. If you would like to adopt a draft from this list, move it to the "Adopted Drafts" folder and sign your name. And if you would like to ask for input about certain drafts or help get them ready for launch, see the Adoption Drive thread.


Note that this draft is for taking care of existing drafts. If you would prefer to start fresh, the Trope Idea Salvage Yard catalogs potentially tropeworthy ideas from discarded, low-quality drafts.

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