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    Battlefield and Final Destination 
Battlefield and Final Destination, Holy Seat of Platform Fighters
Battlefield in its current iteration.
Final Destination in its current iteration
  • A large platform floating in a constantly-shifting void. There are two variants of Battlefield: one with three smaller floating platforms, and another with six. There also exist "Omega Zones", versions of normal Nintendo stages meant to emulate Final Destination that do not contain items or any of their normal stage gimmicks.
  • Theme Song
  • Symbol: The Smash logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain: Platform, Fighting, Mascots and Fighters
  • Sacred to: All Nintendo All-Stars, Solid Snake, Sonic, Megaman, Pac-Man, Ryu, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta, Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • In this stage, all fighters must participate in at least Battlefield and Final Destination. The Battlefield is a simple stage with a large platform supporting 4 - 8 players with 3 small and thin platforms, while Final Destination is one large platform, making an epic fight to the death.
    • There are many variation of these stages, however, for example, there is Big Battlefield, which is a larger version of Battlefield with more space and platforms, perfect for 8-Player Smash, and the Omega Form, which turns all stage into a structure similar to Final Destination.
  • Strangely, in the first Smash tournament, no one was allowed to fight in those variations of Battlefield and Final Destination without certain requirements. It was only until the second Smash tournament where fighters can fight in those stages.
  • All gods that wants to compete and make their stand in a debate will have to SETTLE IT IN SMASH!!
  • NO ITEMS, FOX ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION!!! (Don't say it in front of Fox himself, he's annoyed with it)

    Rainbow Road 
Rainbow Road, Collective Seats of Unusual Racing

    Summoner's Rift and Field of the Ancients 
Summoner's Rift and Field of the Ancients, Holy Seat of MOBA
  • The battlefield where 5 champions/heroes clash against another group of five heroes/champions in order to destroy either the Nexus for the Summoner's Rift or the Radiant and Dire Ancients in the Field of the Ancients.
  • Symbol: The red owl and the blue stag (Summoner's Rift), Radiant and Dire (Field of the Ancients)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain: Heroes/Champions, Jungle, Creep, Nexus, Runes
  • Sacred to: Eul, Guinsoo, and Ice Frog, The Champions of Runeterra and The Defenders of the Ancients
  • Partner Battlefield: Forest of Caldavar, Olympus Conquest Field, Battle Nexus of the Stormnote , Halcyon Fold
  • Unholy to: Noobs
  • This battleground is proven for five heroes work together to face each against another group of five heroes. Many from across the world watch these battles in professions.
  • While each battlefield is identical to the two maps, they aren't the same from Day 1, it is from their three creators that lead to their development as the year goes, in fact, their current incarnation is different from the first build.
  • Those stepping foot in the fields should avoid the battlefield, for they may be slain by champions, minions, jungle creatures, and the most powerful monster in the world: The Baron Nashor (Summoner's Rift) and the Roshan (Field of the Ancients).
  • Although called the Summoner's Rift, summoners and even the League itself no longer exist in the world of Runeterra. It is likely the Summoner's Rift is still named as such for convenience.
  • The Field of the Ancient may look like having one pretty side (Radiants) and one Mordor-esque side (Dire), but make no mistake. Anyone regardless of the morality scale can get called to either side, it's just a case of which one looks prettier.
    • In fact, the Dire area is said to be similar to the Twisted Treeline, and said field is like when the Rift and the Treeline get merged (and get the Rift's lane numbers).
  • When the World Championship (For the Summoner's Rift) or the International (For the Field of the Ancients) approaches, the outside areas becomes outright crowded with gods who wishes to watch the heroes/champions fight to be acknowledged as the best. Indeed, the heroes and champions are at their greatest as they prepare and train for their respective championships. The most legendary battles were fought during the World Championship/International.
  • When the Defenders of the Ancients aren't defending their ancients, they can often be seen fighting each other in matches called "Overthrow". Depending on the arena used it may be a free for all battle with 10 heroes, five teams with two heroes each, or three teams with three heroes each. Some gods prefer to watch these battles as they end quickly unlike typical matches.


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