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A sandbox for the Trope Pantheons. Due to the Pantheon policy, ALL SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED unless stated otherwise.

Involved in:

Ascensions: Nine-Ball, B.B. and Alter Egos, Shiori Kurashiki, Rion Kugayama, Marie Bell Breguet, Kou Tokisaka

Reworks: Magic Knights, Sakura Matou

Banned From Editing my Sandbox:

To Do list

Reworks: Several Dark Souls deities such as Manus, The Payday gang (and several new recruits)

Ascensions: videogamedunkey (Cuckoolander Commentator), Takumi Fujiwara (What a Piece of Junk)


Wave One Ascensions

    Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress 
"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Eric Andre Show!"

(cue Eric Andre brutally destroying the set for about 40 seconds)

Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress, Divine Gods of Cringe Comedy
Eric is at the Right, Hannibal is at the Left
  • House: Jokes & Comedy
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their stage
  • Theme Song: Happy Happening By Mathieu Blossier
  • Alignment: Chaotic...Something
  • Portfolio: Comedic Sociopathy, Refuge in Audacity, Candid Camera Prank , Rapid-Fire Comedy
  • Domains: Interviews, Comedy, Strangeness, The Surreal
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Popuko & Pipimi
  • Enemies: Momo Isshiki
  • Eric was first seen outside the Pantheon's gates like this, and after reviewing his show and profile they decided to let him in under the God of Cringe Comedy, but only if his cohost, Hannibal Buress joined him.
  • Eric's show is known for being...Bizarre to say the least. Things happen with little reason, such as cutting to other crew members, random objects coming from nowhere, and- (Happy Happening is still playing) OH CRAP(cue the narrator being interrupted by Eric Andre brutally)
  • Eric: "That's, uh— that's all I planned for the, uh— for the show. What should I, uh — what should I do now?"
    Hannibal: "I don't know. Do some talking or something."
    Eric: "Yeah, okay, I got that. All right, so, uh... Ladies and Gentlemen, Popuko & Pipimi!"
    (Cue Popuko & Pipimi showing up)
    Eric: "So, what do you two have in common?"
    Popuko: "Ah. You are Mother Fucker?"
    Eric: (Stares for a moment) "Okay. OAAAAHAHHHH"
  • Eric: "Hey, you guys are watching "Bird Up!" —, the worst show on television. (cue Bird Up! theme and squawking bird) (Eric approaches Momo Isshiki) "Talk to the bird as if it's your dad.
    Momo: (nervous) "Uh..., hi there-"
    Eric: "Give me a kiss, miss! Daddy loves you-" (Momo slaps the bird, causing it to transform into the Crow) "OH MY- Bird Up!" (cue Bird Up! theme and zoom in on Momo)
  • Pyrocynical: "... Where's Eric? I mean, we both almost have the same occupation, along with the same memes."
    Hannibal: "I dunno, man. Ask the audience."
    Pyrocynical: "Who? Oh, no..." (Pyrocynical gets dropped into a pool of water. OMFG - Hello plays in the background as Eric Andre appears)
    Eric Andre: "So guys, we did it! We reached a quarter of a million subscribers! Up next is the greatest game in the world, Hunt Down The Freeman starring our golden goose Keemstar as the President, our boy Pyrocynical as Alex!" (cue the cheers of children in the Pantheon, much to I Hate Everything's chagrin) "In other news, Petscop 2 was announced, this time for the-" (is cut off by Pyrocynical attempting to stab Eric, but it's revealed to be a projection as it disappears, leading to the grand reveal of the child audience to Pyrocynical)
    Children: "So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of million subscribers, 250,000 subscribers and still growing." (Cue a cannon loaded with... whatever the hell was that aimed at Pyrocynical)
    Pyrocynical: "Oh Eric, you Magnificent Bastard, I WATCHED YOUR SHOW!" (cue WOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH as Pyrocynical gets hit by whatever the hell that was complete with MLG sounds)
    Eric Andre: (Emerges) "Ladies and Gentlemen, Pyrocynical... is Game-end.
  • Azizi: (Looks at Eric Andre, who, for some reason, has Azizi's body aside from head) "Well, look at this. We weren't expecting guests today."
    Eric Andre: (Looks at Azizi, who has Eric Andre's body aside from his head) "I didn't expect you to come here."
    Azizi: "For dinner perhaps?"
    Eric Andre: (Notices a lot of Hyenas) "Um, no, I'm not hungry right now. No seriously, I'm not hungry man. I'M NOT-" (Gets pounced on) "WOAGGGGGHHHHHH"
  • (COUGH) Phew. Damn, that was much. After all the antics Hannibal and Eric created around the Pantheon, Eric eventually went to the House of Prophecy to find out whether he can make his show to the future. Needless to say, he was not satisfied when he learned that his show will eventually fade into obscurity... and eventually will die in the date of March 10, 2028. (sigh) Finally, I Need a Freaking Drink... (NOTE: The following parts aside from the We'll be Right Back gag are considered to be non-canon and will be removed by the finalization of the profile.)
    —> Eric Andre: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is M16A1!
  • Wait, what?

Manus, Deities of Soul Fragments and the Unknowability of Man (Father of The Abyss, The Furtive Pygmy, The Primeval Man, His Fragments: Nashandra (Queen of Drangleic, The Augur of Want), Elana (The Squalid Queen, the Augur of Wrath), Nadalia (The Bride of Ash, the Augur of Solitude), Alsanna (The Silent Oracle, the Augur of Fear), The Darklurker, Karla (Zullie the Witch, Augur of the Spurned)
Click here  to see The Furtive Pygmy.
Click here  to see Nashandra.
Click here  to see Darklurker.
Click here  to see Elana.
Click here  to see Nadalia.
Click here  to see Alsanna.
Click here  to see Karla.
  • Theme Song: Manus, Father of The Abyss (For Himself), Nashandra, Elana, Squalid Queen, Darklurker (For his fragments)
  • Greater God and Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Dark Soul surrounded by The Abyss, Dark Sorcery, Rot, Ash and Ice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (For itself and Darklurker), Lawful Evil (For Nashandra and Elana), Neutral Evil (though with more emphasis on Neutral) (For Nadalia), Lawful Good (For Alsanna), Neutral Good (For Karla)
  • Portfolio: Exclusive to him: An Axe to Grind, Ax-Crazy,Creator of Dark Sorcery, The Corrupter, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Sorceror, From a "so easily forgotten" Bearer of a Lord Soul to one of the most dangerous monsters, Kung-Fu Wizard, Horrifying Primate, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Omnicidal Maniac, Pieces of God, One of the most spoileriffic characters in the entire series
  • Domains: Darkness, Abyss, Insanity, Fragments, Souls, Evil, Death, Abominations
  • Heralds: The Pilgrims of Dark and Darkstalker Kaathe
    • Nashandra: Throne Watcher and Defender
    • Darklurker: Holy Mother Getrude, Winged Knights of Lothric
    • Elana: Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon
    • Nadalia: Raime, The Fume Knight
    • Alsanna: Burnt Ivory King
    • Karla: Alva, the Wayfarer/Seeker of the Spurned
  • Allies: Allant, Master Xehanort, Yami, Naraku, Satan, Nightmare Moon, Chernabog, The Beast, The White, Nightmare
  • Enemies: Gwyn, Artorias,The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Ornstein and Smough, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Aldia (Mostly towards Nashandra), Riku, Sora, Princess Celestia and Luna, Guts, Aqua, Madoka Kaname, Kirby, the Old Chaos
    • For Alsanna and Karla, the enemies and allies are inverted.
  • Special Relationship: Ryoji Mochizuki
  • Feared by: Bondrewd
  • Gained interest of: Tom Marvo Riddle
  • The creature known as the Father of the Abyss is the ultimate threat to the First Flame. The blight of the Abyss it carries, if left unchecked, will spread and destroy most life in the Pantheon and twist what is left into loathsome horrors. While it was successfully locked in combat against the flames of the Old Chaos, the real problem (the death of his home world) began when the darkness successfully extinguished the fires of Izalith. Slowly but surely, the darkness reaches for the dying flames...
  • Before all that, there were heavy implications, according from accounts from Darkstalker Kaathe, Marvelous Chester, Elizabeth and The Chosen Undead that it used to be known as one of the "so easily forgotten" Bearer of the Lord Soul, the Furtive Pygmy. However, while it did rest peacefully in its grave at first, it then was awakened by the citizens of Oolacile, it awoke with his humanity going out of control, resulting in the Abyss spreading across the land, corrupting its citizens in the process. And then his precious pendant was lost somehow, resulting in him even crossing over time to find his pendant, even snatching the Chosen Undead in the process who had the pendant with it, and the Chosen Undead finally put him down once and for all.
  • He then ascended to the Pantheon through similar means, where he was found dormant near the House of Otherness Abominations. When someone tried to wake it up again via stealing his pendant (surprisingly enough, neither the Itazura Griefers or the Trollkaiger have claimed to have done this), it instantly spread the Abyss throughout nearly the entire Pantheon, creating a Mass "Oh, Crap!" as hell froze over, corrupting whatever it can, most notably Artorias. When the Chosen Undead heard of this, it immediately went to his temple and once again slain Manus, preventing any further damage from the Abyss.
  • Manus is similar to the Beast in power and mindlessness. It barely has enough conscience to attempt to leave its temple, attack anything nearby and seek Humanity. Other than that, it only seeks its precious shattered amulet. The Chosen Undead holds half of it, and searches are underway to find the other half.
  • One thing not mentioned is that Manus' soul is made from gentle Humanity, and the dark is also called as gentle. As a matter a fact, he usually is not inherently a danger until someone crosses him, especially if they somehow have part of his pendant.
  • Artorias and Ornstein are not allowed to attempt to hunt the horror unsupervised. While their hatred of the creature is absolute and their power is highly welcomed in any fight against it, they bear its taint and both have fallen to it in the past. Artorias in particular still holds much of the monster's power sealed within himself, and should he fall, Manus could reclaim the Abyss.
  • King Allant seeks to advance or even use Manus' plans, as the deaths of the First Flame and Gwyn will usher in an Age of Dark which shall end the illusion of Hope.
  • The few Puella Magi that dare to try and fight Manus are often overwhelmed by the Dark and are summarily corrupted into Witches. The Sisterhood has thus issued flee-on-sight orders for every Puella Magi on this thing and forbidden all attempts to hunt it down. The group has already lost too many to dream of fighting this horror; even at its peak victory would have been... expensive.
  • Those who confront the Father of The Abyss will find him like this.
  • Even though he is called the Father of the Abyss, his Abyss is not to be confused with the other Abyss. That said, many deities fear what happens if he managed to spread his Abyss towards the other Abyss. Even Bondrewd fears at this outcome. Bondrewd.
  • The aftermath of the Ashen One's journey to the Ringed City had stirred up a lot of major information about the Furtive Pygmy. It turns out that the pygmies did indeed participate in the war against the Everlasting Dragons. However, because most of their equipment was forged in the Abyss, and due to Gwyn's fear of the Dark, along with their Dark Souls, they were sealed away in the Ringed City, while placing a seal of fire on humans that will eventually evolve into the Darksign. This would explain why the Furtive Pygmy was "so easily forgotten", but it's unknown if it planned to bring down the old gods of Lordran and elevate humanity from this betrayal.
    • Because of this, some have expressed interest in forging some of their weapons in the Abyss to reproduce some of the Ringed Knight weapons for use amongst other factions, though warnings are given that they don't end up being corrupted by the Abyss.
  • Even after his defeat at the hands of the Chosen Undead, due to the machinations of Melkor, Manus has largely reformed into a single entity, though many of its component fragments have been granted a sort of independent existence, still as a whole devoted to sundering the First Flame and collapsing everything that is and could be into the darkness of the Abyss, which bedeviled the Bearer of the Curse.
    • Nashandra has adopted the role of The Dragon and personal courier, her ambitions and goals are very close to her parent's.
    • Elana has promised revenge against both the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, and had Sinh restored to continue her depraved work.
    • The Darklurker is now the Guardian of Manus' temple; all invaders must fight this creature before fighting Manus himself.
    • Alsanna shrouds the path to the temple in thick fog and seals the paths in mazes of snow, sleet and ice while making sure the temple's creatures are equally contained inside, honoring her lost Ivory King while at the same time choking the Old Chaos. Manus and her "siblings" are well aware of this, but they hate the Old Chaos too much to care. More so, Alsanna actually sneaks away to meet others, seeking help against her "Father", and so far has bonded with Elsa, Anna, and Weiss Schnee. Those who hear the story about her and her king are often brought to tears.
    • Nadalia still awaits her King in Manus's temple, healing and strengthening its roaming monsters through her idols, in addition to her eternal guardian, Raime the Fume Knight. She has claimed an attraction to Gwyn, still seeking the Soul of the Old Iron King. Gwyn has yet to respond beyond ignoring everyone that brings it up.
    • Another Fragment has appeared, though unlike her sisters she is content to merely content to teaching those willing to learn sorceries and pyromancies rooted in the Abyss, so that they can use it for good and defeat the evils that her "Father" helped to create.
  • Aside from Alsanna and Karla, Kirby is notorious amongst them due to beating Eldritch Abominations left and right without breaking a sweat even though he's a puffball.
  • Being an avatar of Nyx, Ryoji Mochizuki has interesting relationship with them. Nashandra, Elana, and Nadalia have tempted him to give into his darkness, where Alsanna and Karla pity him for what he went through.
  • Voldemort has been interested Manus, given that he also divided his soul to create the Horcruxes.
  • Exclusive to Nashandra:
    • Being responsible for manipulating Vendrick into the downfall of Drangleic, she has earned the ire of his brother, Aldia, which would serve to him as a reminder on what truly "kingship" is, even though he was exiled by his brother for his actions.
    • For some strange reason, whenever the Ashen One arrives to her temple, it recalls about how it saw a painting of her human form during the Ashen One's travels to Irtihyll of the Boreal Valley, and seeing her motives reminded it of Yuria of Londor. Though unlike her, at least Yuria assisted the Ashen One into becoming the Lord of Hollows.
  • Exclusive to the Darklurker:
    • Just how the Darklurker came to existence is a mystery. Given that the Dark Chasm of Old was made from Manus' remains provide at least one of its origins.
      • However, the Ashen One's journey may have offered a clue towards what it is. Namely that Holy Mother Getrude, who was said to be contacted by an angel and founded the angelic faith in Lothric. Said angel is heavily implied to be the Darklurker, which deeply disturbed some angelic deities.
  • Exclusive to Elana:
    • While her relationship towards the Sunken King is unknown, one day, Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights invaded Shulva to seek out the blood of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, believing that it will help them transcend their humanity. However, after the death of the Sunken King, Sir Yorgh's impalement of the dragon caused the poison to spread all over the city, turning it into a no man's land within days. At this point, Elana awakened as the Augur of Wrath and awaits at her temple for the day of vengeance.
  • Exclusive to Nadalia:
  • Exclusive to Alsanna:
  • Exclusive to Karla:

    Griffin Family 
Peter: Hey Lois, remember that time we were out shopping and Brian shot a terrorist in the foot? Well, then I think I ended getting in a fight with the chicken again and so I ended up in this weird place. cue cutaway gag

The GriffinsMembers , Divine Family of Cutaway Gags (Peter: Justin Peter Lowenbrau Griffin Sr. Lois: Lois Patrice Griffin, Meg: Megatron, Megan Griffin, Chris: Christopher Cross Griffin, Chris Gristle (call him that at your own risk, Stewie: Stewart Gilligan Griffin))
Clockwise, starting from the left: Chris, Peter, Lois, Meg, Stewie, and Brian.

Signum: We are the the guardian knights who gather before our mistress, she of the night sky.
Shamal: As long as our mistress exists, our souls will never extinguish.
Zafira: As long as we have life in our bodies, we will stand by each other.
Vita: We will always exist before our mistress, Queen of the Night Sky, Yagami Hayate.
The WolkenritterMembers , Divine Group of Considering Simple Lives As An Luxury (Signum: Knight of the Sword, General of the Raging Fire, Bushido, Lightning 2, Riot 2, Boob Demonnote  Signum Loveless; Vita: Knight of the Hammer, Crimson Iron Rider, StarS 2, Aggressor 2; Shamal:Knight of the Lake, Hand of the Healing Wind; Zafira: Shielding Guardian Beast, Blue Wolf)
Clockwise from top: Zafira, Shamal, Vita, Signum

    Human PLUS 
One of the side-effects of Human PLUS

    Saito Hiraga 
Saito Hiraga, God of Instant Experts

    Doki!Doki! Pretty Cures 
Doki!Doki! Pretty CuresMembers , Quintet Goddesses of the Playing Card Motifs (Mana's Harem; Mana: Cure Heart, Maya, Glitter Heart; Rikka: Cure Diamond, Rachel, Glitter Diamond; Alice: Cure Rosetta, Clara, Glitter Clover; Makoto: Cure Sword, MakoPi, Mackenzie Mack, Glitter Spade; Aguri: Cure Ace)
The Doki!Doki! Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From left to right: Cure Rosetta, Cure Sword, Cure Heart, Cure Ace, Cure Diamond

    The PAYDAY Gang 
Alright, who's-

It's Payday, fellas!

The PAYDAY GangMembers , Divine Masters of the The Caper (Dallas: Nathan Steele, The Mastermind, Chains: Nicholas, The Enforcer, Wolf: The Technician, Houston: The Ghost, Hoxton: James Hoxworth, The Fugitive, Clover: Roxanne, The Burglar, Dragan Zubović: The Infiltrator, Jacket: The Sociopath, Bonnie McGee: The Gambler, Sokol: The Grinder, Jiro: The Yakuza, Bodhi: The Ex-President, Jimmy: The Maniac, Sydney: Kelly King, The Anarchist, Tom "Rust" Bishop: The Biker, Scarface: The Kingpin, Sangres: The Sicario, August "Duke" Lindenhurst: The Stoic, Joy: The Hacker)
Clockwise from top left: Dallas, Wolf, Chains, Houston, John Wick, Hoxton, Clover, Jimmy, Bodhi, Jiro, Sokol, Bonnie, Jacket, Dragan

    Misuzu Kamio 
Misuzu Kamio, Goddess of Bad Real-Life Omens

    Sasaki Kojirou 
Sasaki Kojirou, God of Simultaneous Blade Strikes (Assassin, Nameless Samurai, Regend, Saviour of France, Saber)
  • Theme Song: "Fictional Heroic Spirit", Tempest Knight
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Nodachi or the Ryuudouji Temple
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (At least, that's what his profile states about him. He's more in line of True Neutral.)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Blood Knight, Badass Normal, Face Death with Dignity, Having immense power at the cost of defense, Friendly Enemy, Master Swordsman, Spirited Competitor, Handsome Lech
  • Domain: Combat, Weapons
  • Allies: Karna, Jin Kisaragi, Hakuman, Aikuro Mikisugi
  • Enemies: Medea, Zouken Matou, Kagenaru Mono
  • Rivals: Sam Rodriguez, Kamui Tokinomiya, Afro Samurai
  • Worthy Opponents: Artoria Pendragon, Miyamoto Musashi, Samurai Jack, Goku, Ryu, Ken
  • Tsubame Gaeshi, a sword technique that has the ability to twist dimension so that Kojiro is able to strike from three direction at the same time. How was he able to achieved such a feat? By swinging his sword, a lot. A lot a lot. He swung it so much that reality just gave up and granted him the ability thanks to the Second Magic. At one point in the mortal realm, while Assassin practiced this technique, he refined it so much that at one point, he created a opening to a parallel universe that was so big, he got sucked right into it. Eventually, he ended up into the Trope Pantheons where after impressing some deties with Tsubame-Gaeshi, he was given the title of Simultaneous Blade Strikes.
  • It should be noted that Sasaki Kojiro isn't really his real name because in the world he comes from, the name itself is fictional and was created to act as a Worthy Opponent for Miyamoto Musashi. He is just a nameless samurai who's skill was the closes to what Sasaki Kojiro would be. Because of this, it's ok with others calling him just Assassin. Of course, this status has been debated after the real Sasaki Kojirou was found in Shimosa who happened to be a Saber and challenged Musashi to a Duel to the Death.
  • Asked the House of Craft to remodel his temple after the Ryuudouji Temple. Why the they didn't mind, they did ask why. Assassin response was that he has a affection for the place. In fact, he can sometimes be seen in the Pantheon riding a Deketora with the temple attached to it.
  • Seems to be very eager in battling one the dragon deities in the Pantheon thanks to his days during the Grand Order Holy Grail War in Orleans, France. When asked why, Assassin said this:
    • Because of this, he managed to found a group of Dragonslayers named the Dragon-Defeating Trio with Saint Martha and Saint George. While he did initially seek a duel with Tarasque, but relented upon learning from Martha about how it was able to withstand multiple of her punches, and that didn't even stop him from forming the group. It's unknown why Siegfried wasn't invited over there though. (Any other Dragonslayers?)
    • Link also was associated with the group due to being involved in slaying demonic dragons in various points of his own timeline.
  • Even though he is classified as Neutral Evil, he doesn't act the part. In fact, his alignment might be self-stated one.
    If you kill someone, no matter who you are, you are evil.
  • Being a swordsman who loves a challenge, he got to meet many people who share his challenge-seeking philosophy. While some became his rivals because of this, others became close friends with him, and even some saw him as a worthy sparring opponent. Case in point;
    • He became allies with Karna because they were summoned by evil masters (though in Karna's case, he was summoned by a more benevolent villain) and that they also had a climatic final battle.
    • While he had odd looks at Jin Kisaragi for his jackassery at first, he then learned about how he developed into a nice, but still mean character, which caught his interest. Ditto for Hakumen, who happened to be Jin's future self, which has made him interested for a proper duel against them.
    • Due to all of them being Challenge Seekers, he has earned 2 sparring opponents named Ryu and Ken, and while he did grew wary at first due to their violent sides, Ryu at least assured him, given that he managed to expel his evil side. Unfortunately, this also resulted in Sasaki targeting Kagenaru Mono, given that he was Evil Ryu given physical form.
    • He is currently preparing for a proper duel with Artoria Pendragon, given that he is no longer under the orders of Medea and is able to have access to his Saber Self, which once fought Musashi to a Duel to the Death.
  • Due to the... interesting way he was used as a summoning catalyst for Hassan of the Cursed Arm in the 5th Holy Grail War, he gets sore whenever someone mentions Zouken Matou.
  • He has been hearing about people or even creatures trying to copy the Tsubame Gaeshi. However, most of them seem to copy the "swallow tail" version of the technique.
  • "The war gods heard my prayers. You underestimated me."

Klaus, God of Destruction and Recreation (Bionis, Arglas, Zanza, The Architect, God of Genesis)
As Arglas 
Zanza's First form 
Zanza's Second form 
Zanza's Final form 
The Architect 

Note: Thanks for Chris X for helping me rework parts of the Magic Knights

Salvaged Profiles

Anything that has been lost or abandoned will be placed over here for me to work on if necessary.

Salvaged from RJ-CLOVIS-93:

A wild Cresselia appeared!

Cresselia, Goddess of Elusive Bosses (The Lunar Pokemon, Crecelia)
Cresselia fled!

Aldrich, Ungodly Abomination Who Enjoys The Sound Of Screams (Saint of the Deep, Devourer Of Gods)
Click here to see what Aldrich may have looked like back then 
  • House: Cruelty and Sadism (House of Villains)
  • Leitmotif: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Aldrich Faithful emblem.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Fat Bastard, Devouring So Many People He Became A Monstrous Blob Eldritch Abomination, Climax Boss, The Only Lord Of Cinder To Be Flat Out Evil, Completely Unsympathetic, Cannibalism Superpower, Theophagy, Luxuriating In His Victim's Screams, Was Once a Man
  • Domains: Gluttony, Cannibalism, Monsters, Blobs, Sludge, Darkness
  • Heralds: The Aldrich Faithful
  • Followers: Malacath, Akalich, Torg
  • Divine Servant to: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Allies: Darkseid
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kirei Kotomine, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Avenger (Fate/hollow ataraxia
  • Enemies:
  • Aldrich was formerly a holy cleric that originated from Irithyll, but after obtaining visions of a "deep sea", he began eating people to obtain power, and later founded the Church of the Deep, which provided Aldrich with a good amount of sacrifices to feed him. During his time, he shared his Ruby and Sapphire to his followers to show them the final shutters of life while enjoying his victim's screams. His vision of the "deep sea" often intoxicated his followers or even corrupted them into Deep Accursed, and even the Deep turned him into a rotting sludge, and still retained his hunger. At one point, he became a Lord of Cinder, though it's unknown if he was either forced to do this, or he become one through sheer might after being imprisoned in the Cathedral of the Deep. After seeing the end of the Age of Fire, he began to dream of the Old Gods of Lordran, and neglected his throne for devouring gods. Eventually, with the help of Pontiff Sulyvahn, alongside the Church of the Deep, he managed to devour Gwyndolin, and was implied to also devour Smough during his last stand at Anor Londo, and possibly Gravelord Nito's corpse as well. During his devouring of Gwyndolin, he dreamt of a pale girl in hiding, resulting in him gaining the power of Lifehunt. By the time the Ashen One came to return him to his throne, most of the damage was already done and was eventually finished off.
  • His ascension to the Pantheon was rather unorthodox: rather than receiving approval at the Court of the Gods, Aldrich instead ascended through sheer might, with many of the more moral villainous deities expressing horror at his temple, which was a Deep-defiled Anor Londo. Needless say, upon hearing of this, the Ashen One quickly prepared a massive armory to prevent the Deep from spreading all over the place.
  • His covenant, the Aldrich Faithful, protects him from any intruders that dare to interrupt his gourmet, and farm Human Dregs from their corpses to offer to their deity.
    • It's been also found out that the Ashen One used to be part of the covenant. However, the Ashen One has stated that they only joined the covenant because they wanted to learn the knowledge of the Great Deep Soul sorcery. After this, they later exited the covenant out of disgust, and later turned against him. The Ashen One has since tried to make up for this by assisting those who seek to defy Aldrich.
  • Aside from the Ashen One, Aldrich has also made a lot of enemies from his home realm too:
    • Lord Gwyn was appalled to learn that he not just defiled Anor Londo and corrupted his faithful Silver Knights, but also ate Gwyndolin. While he did raise him as the opposite sex, at least he would never resort to such debauchery.
    • Ornstein and Smough have the same reasons for opposing Aldrich, especially regarding Smough since he died during his Last Stand against the Church of the Deep. Ornstein in particular feels a bit regretful that he was unable to come back in time to save Smough from the defilers.
    • Knight Artorias also has a grudge against him for the same reason, but he also found out that his Greatsword can also inflict additional damage towards him, making him a viable threat to Aldrich.
    • The Chosen Undead, being a former Darkmoon Knight, was horrified to see the remains of Gwyndolin sticking out of Aldrich. To make things worse, reports from the Chosen Undead indicate that Gwyndolin is still alive yet not in control of his body. This left the Chosen Undead into a period of trauma, before taking up arms against Aldrich.
    • Surprisingly enough, even Manus appears to oppose the abomination. While the Abyss may have a neutral but corrupting influence, it has produced non-hostile entities. The Deep, on the other hand, used to be a place where souls peacefully rest until something corrupted it. While they may look the same, there are enough viable theories that they are very different.
  • Even since his ascension, the Aldrich Faithful have been seeking members to increase their strength into protecting Aldrich.
    • Kirei Kotomine, having sacrificed a lot of orphans from the Fuyuki fire to have their mana fed to Gilgamesh during the 5th Holy Grail War, has joined as of the enforcers. However, while he does indeed enjoy pain, the only reason why he even enjoys it is because he is still wondering why is he born evil in the first place, not helping by his moral compass tell him that's wrong. The same goes for the servant he brought over as well, Gilgamesh, also with different reasons; One, he was met with a cruel death with a similar entity called The Shadow at one point, and Two, his defilement of Anor Londo reminded him of Babylonia being drowned by the Primordial Sea of Life by Tiamat.
      • Speaking of Tiamat, she is surprisingly downright disturbed at Aldrich's cannibalism. This is because of how she believes that humanity is her children and in spite of showing her love for them by wanting to shove them back inside her, she feels the need to protect them from him, who is a cannibal whose sadism happens to come via harming Humanity. Aldrich himself cannot fathom why a primordial being with a twisted and destructive love for humanity would protect them instead.
    • Avenger sees him as a rival, given that sadism is one of the All of the World's evil he embodies, but even he dislikes the fact that Aldrich would luxuriate in his victim's screams and that Avenger actually loves humanity thanks to two certain individuals in another timeline.
    • Darkseid, believing that the Age of the Deep Sea would bring despair and nihilism to the people that he eats, views him as an essential tool into bringing the Tyranny that was Apokolips into the Pantheon, and currently acts as one of the major members of the Aldrich Faithful.

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    Deirdre and Julia 
Deirdre and Julia, Goddesses of Evil-Vanquishing Objects
  • Theme Song: Deirdre's, Julia's
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Book of Naga
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Waif, The Blood of Naga To Eventually Use Book of Naga and Beat Loptyr, Heroic Lineage, Mystical White (Or Occasionally Light Purplish) Hair, Light Magic, Dealings With Incest
  • Domain: Light, Magic, Lineage, Combat
  • Allies: Sigurd & Seliph Baldur Chalpy, Arvis, Ayra, Marth, Erinys, Tailtiu, Caeda, Eliwood & Ninian, Tiki
  • Enemies: Gharnef, Grima
  • The dragon Loptyr was almost unstoppable in the realm of Jugdral, a realm that was ravaged with little dragon interference, only human politics. Not even the might of its eventual savior, Seliph was enough to completely stop it, but he did anyway, all because he had his half-sister Julia, who had enough Blood of Naga to allow her to use the one artifact that could destroy Loptyr: The Book of Naga. Before obtaining such item, she was not even allowed to die, such fateful insistence caused her to ascend to the Pantheon...
    • And she is not alone. Accompanying her was her MOTHER, Deirdre, who was constantly kept alive by fate in order to eventually pass her own Naga blood onto Julia. And after a few trips in Askr, she was seen with her own copy of Book of Naga (just plastered 'Divine' between the second and third letter). For a heartwarming family reunion, even the Pantheon agreed to let her ascend too, it's not just the book... they ARE the villain-beating artifact.
  • The heartwarming reunion eventually evolved from mother-daughter to the whole family when they met Sigurd and Seliph. Unlike how other people expected, they got along very fine with Arvis, as he was a loving father to Julia. In fact, both Deirdre and Julia tend to be a calming presence whenever awkward tensions might rise between Sigurd/Seliph and Arvis.
  • Some has claimed that ever since ascending or perhaps taking a trip in Askr, Julia has been rather... spacey-headed. She used to suffer amnesia, but Seliph didn't recall her being this spacey when saying "What~?"
  • Deirdre is 17 years old. No, don't even say "Oi, oi", because that's her recorded age!

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    Robin Hood 
Robin Hood, God of Loveable Rogues (Robin of Sherwood, Robin of Locksley, Robert of Huntingdon, Robert Fitzooth, Robin de Courtenay, Sir Robert Hode, Robin Longstride, Robert Huntingdon, Archer, Noble Forest Bandit)
As a fox 
As a Servant 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A feathered cap
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Folk Heroes, Lovable Rogues, Archers, Also accomplished with a sword, Forest Ranger, Is well known for his bows and arrows, Well-known for his Lincoln Green outfit, Outlaws, later Pardoned by King Richard in his life
  • Domains: Forests, Hunting, Protection, Trickery
  • Heralds: His Merry Men
  • Allies: Jerrica Benton, Gambit, Han Solo, Shrek, Nick Wilde, Locke Cole
  • Enemies: The more corrupt members of the House of Commerce (and any rich Jerkass by extension)
  • Rivals: Katniss Everdeen, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Artemis, Legolas, Decidueye
  • Not So Different from: EMIYA
  • Opposes: Goro Akechi
  • Respects: The Star Fox Team
  • Respected by: All of the Robins
  • Dreads: Elizabeth Bathory, B.B.
  • Robin Hood is a well known folk hero in which he robs from the richest of the rich, and gives to the unrighteously taxed, especially the poor. While the are varying accounts on where his origin of the folk tale came, the most commonly cited source is William Langland's fourteenth century poem Piers Plowman, and even that referenced an much earlier source. Even his backstory is complicated; While he is known for perfecting and popularizing the Archer Archetype, he is also rumored to have been once a Crusader who became an outlaw after he returned to England to find his lands taken by the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Robin Hood made his ascension by stealing not just the riches of Tywin Lannister, but also his gilded armor, which shocked the Pantheon, given that no one was able to steal from House Lannister and get away with it.
  • Seto Kaiba became his natural enemy because of the aforementioned robbing from the rich. Not helping was his Jerkass attitude back then even before he made a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Is a bit miffed at Carmen Sandiego for stealing his previous title as well as Sherwood Forest. Fortunately, he at least managed to steal the forest back, and although intellectually he knows that he should be angry, he doesn't really hold it against her. He also teams up on her on rare occasions whenever he runs into a really tough job that interests her.
  • He found out that prior to their timeline getting rebooted twice, Star Fox used to be freedom-fighting bandits on Venom before returning to Corneria, though given the nature of their past, this can be a probable backstory. He respects them regardless of this.
  • His preferred avatars are Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Cary Elwes. But sometimes, he appears as an anthropomorphic fox. Another one is only used when Robin wants to avert pursuers, hoping he will be taken for Maximus or Javert. His servant form is mostly seen when summoned for an Holy Grail War, though that version is one of many people that have taken the mantle of Robin Hood.
    • Speaking of his servant form, he doesn't really like EMIYA that much because of how similar they are in terms of backstory.
  • Upon hearing that Elizabeth Bathory had ascended to the Pantheon, he quickly shrived up in fear... Not because of the Blood Baths, but because of her music, and also because of a certain incident back then.
    • He also tries to avoid B.B. as much as possible, due to her threatening to turn him into a pig unless he wore a swimsuit during the Servant Summer Festival of 2018.
  • Has a deep respect for Sean Connery, who portrayed him once. Also likes Daffy Duck, even if his portrayal was a bumbling one.
  • He is rivals with Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, Legolas, and Decidueye, due to their expertise in archery, even moreso with Green Arrow since he was inspired by him. It would be not an uncommon sight to see an archery competition happen between them once in a while.
    • He is also friendly rivals with the Sly Cooper gang when Robin is in his fox form, given that they are both thieves that work for the side of good. This unfortunately also has made him a (thankfully friendly) enemy of Carmelita Fox, due to her seeing his thievery as equal to a good amount of years in prison.
    • He is also rivals with Artemis, though while she respects his archery skills, she is appalled that he committed "poachery" at King Richard's royal grounds.
  • Like Green Arrow, most of the Robins were inspired by him one way or another, especially their outfits and their namesake. Even if some of them had gone the path of Antiheroism, they still look up to him as an inspiration to their motives.
  • Once heard that Goro Akechi had a Persona named after him, and that caused him to be interested at the Crow. However, it quickly turned into disappoinment when he learned that not only he happened to be the traitor of the Phantom Thieves, his actual Persona was Loki. While he could understand his angst, he is still pretty sore on him, likely because it often reminded him of the people that betrayed him even though he helped them.
  • According to his Merry Men, real men wear tights, to the point where they made a song and dance about men in tights.
  • In an alternate universe, Robin Hood was not an englishman, but a full-blown French Jerk who attempted to take on [[Pantheon/{{Romance Fiona]], but was instantly beaten up along with his Merry men. He doesn't want to talk about it.

    Malcom Hargrove 
Malcom Hargrove, God of (Trope Pending) (Chairman of the UNSC Oversight Sub-Committee, Charon Industries CEO, "Control")
  • Theme Song: Control.
  • Rank: Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: The Charon Industries logo.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Reasonable Authority Figure (except not), Hero Antagonist (again, except not), Hauled Before A Senate Subcommittee, Evil All Along, Magnificent Bastard, Willing to Kill an Entire Planet, Playing Both Sides, Hidden Villain, The Man Behind the Man, Villain with Good Publicity.
  • Domains: Oversight, Planets, Genocide, Insurrections, Companies.
  • Followers: Locus, Felix
  • Allies: Palpatine, Melkor.
  • Enemies: Church, Epsilon, Grif, Sarge, Caboose, Donut, The Meta, Seto Kaiba, Mr. Burns, Scrooge McDuck.
  • High Priest: Felix is competing with Locus for this title, despite Locus just wanting to do his job.
  • Ascended after the reveal of him being "Control", the main antagonist of The Chorus Trilogy, threw his entire character into question as well as him being the CEO of a company that had never been referred to before The Reveal, and said company having been involved in an Insurrection that was already established.
  • Fought with Allison for the position of the position...until he realized that Allison was already dead. Allison's husband, the Director, was also embroiled in the struggle until Hargrove realized that he had killed himself.
  • Palpatine was interested in the fact that Hargrove was able to go as far as to kill a planet to reclaim lost property. Though disappointed that he failed, Palpatine was willing to lend some soldiers for Hargrove's war against Chorus as long as he was paid.
  • The Meta is very pissed off at Hargrove for stealing his helmet. Hargrove isn't worried though as he has many tough soldiers to stop him.
    • It is discovered that Hargrove not only has the Meta's helmet, but the armor as well. He plans to use what he has to create upgraded versions of the Meta's gear.
  • The Managers of the House of Commerce, Seto Kaiba, Mr. Burns, and Scrooge McDuck, are not happy with the fact that he's spending money to kill people and reacquire his property when he should be using his property to make money (though Mr. Burns doesn't have a problem with killing people).
  • Went into a period of mourning due to the loss of his superior.

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    The Ravens (Armored Core) 
The Ravens, Deities of Mecha Games (Leos Klein, Last Raven)
One of the confirmed photos of an Raven

On Hold

    The Clockwork Planet 
The Clockwork Planet, Divine Seat of Clockwork Areas
  • Potential House: Planets
  • Dominion
  • Description: A planet that used to be Earth, now completely reconstructed out of gears.
  • Symbol: Clockwork Gears
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Clock Punk, Clockworks Area on a planetary scale, Earth That Was, Eternal Engine, Hollow World, No OSHA Compliance.
  • Domains: Planets, Clockwork, Rings.
  • Sacred to: RyuZU, Agatha Heterodyne.
  • Unholy to:
  • Barred Entry from: Dr. 0.
  • Formerly known as Earth, the Clockwork Planet is a planet entirely composed of gears that was constructed by the legendary clocksmith "Y". The surface of the planet is a 70 km thick shell of gears suspended over an empty void where the Earth's mantle and core used to be, as all of the original Earth had been hollowed out to make way for the new clockwork structure. Human civilizations and artificial environments are built on top of those gears, which are being held on the surface by enormous core towers that control all of the base mechanisms, ranging from weather, temperature, and even gravity. A large artificial ring called the Equatorial Spring encircles the planet, which actually powers it by drawing in gravity from the Earth's Moon and converting it into energy. It is said that the number of gears on this planet outnumbers even the total amount of stars in the universe.
  • The planet came to be because the Earth had lost all of its internal energy due to heat death, and as a result, all of its functions that helped kept the Earth habitable shut down. In the span of 100 years, Earth became a lifeless husk as oceans dried up and landmasses became devoid of life. Some of humanity decided to head out into space in search of a new home, while most unfortunately had no choice but to stay on the dying Earth and face extinction. That is until a mysterious man named "Y" came along, and proposed an idea so ridiculous and crazy, it just might work. He came up with a blueprint to rebuild the Earth and all of its functions using nothing but clockwork gears, and thus, the Clockwork Planet was created.
  • The girl genius Agatha Heterodyne frequents the place often because she is amazed at how such an impressive technical marvel could even exist, and feels that she has stepped into clockwork heaven. She's looking for ways to improve her Gaslamp technology by incorporating some of the planet's base mechanisms into her tech.
  • Dr. 0 of the Think Tank has been banned from setting foot on the Clockwork Planet over fears that he may end up tampering with the mechanisms and break the whole planet as a result, which could lead to city purges on a global scale.

Reason: Thanks to a particular revelation in the Light Novel, I've decided to hold off on making this profile until further info is released.

Joke Profile

    Giant Dad 





Giant Dad, God of Being Cold Towards Noobs (The Legend)

Additional Notes: Will work on Cresselia after beating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, can't spoil too much for myself. Whirl RX did intend to work further on B.B. and Alter Egos, though given the lack of activity on the profile, I decided to take it myself. Most of the initial freebies came from the now long gone Deities That Need A Rework section of the Reworking Gods.


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