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Lesser Gods

Braum, God of Protection by Standing in Harm's Way (The Heart of Freljord, 'Angus the Puncher')
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The ram head on his belt
  • Theme Song: "Braum"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Heart Being The Strongest Muscle, Great Defense, Bald of Awesome, Manly Support, "STAND BEHIND BRAUM", Great Mustache And Making People Grow Mustaches, Luckily My Shield Will Protect You And Me, Gentle Giant, A Nice Person, Spirited Competitor, Boisterous Bruiser
  • Domains: Protection, Shield, Good, Combat
  • Allies: Champions of Runeterra (especially Ashe), Major Alex Louis Armstrong, Kanji Tatsumi, Baine Bloodhoof, Musashi, Kellam, Twitch
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients... also, if you're in his rivals list, then it's a Friendly Rival. No exceptions! Though Purist Thunderwrath is probably 'the best one'.
  • Enemies: None! ... So far.
  • One of the nicest amongst nice Gods. Braum absolutely has no enemy to speak of, always treating most like competition opponents, or some of the gloomy ones are just like icy hearts in need of warm smile. However, as of late, seeing many Gods that are just absolutely vile, he's been considering to put some exceptions.
  • No matter where you are, if you call for him, he'll jump out and stand between you and your threat to protect you with his shield. You can always trust Braum!
    Say, good pal! You feel like taking (insert anything here, but mostly... bot lane turret)?
  • Many mistake him as the shiny muscle God Major Armstrong. Braum certainly doesn't sparkle like him, but he certainly enjoys the major's company.
  • While he didn't say much, he's usually stationed next to Queen Ashe. Turns out, he's standing by until her husband Tryndamere returned. Even after he returned, both of them asked Braum to continue the good work, and he happily obliges.
  • Likes milk and often challenges other Gods for a milk-drinking contest. Even if they like beers.
  • He is also impressed with Baine Bloodhoof, and also considers introducing him to his cow at home, Agatha. This was unfortunately turned down by Baine because the name just reminds him with someone he disliked.
  • Amongst many many of his Friendly Rival, he'd consider Purist Thunderwrath, regardless of his status as a Defender of the Ancient, the best friend ever, because they agree that Real Men Support Each Other. Heck, right now, Braum is trying to find out what kind of drink Purist likes best, so they can share a drink later (He's personally hoping milk).
  • There are many theories as to how Braum has lived for as long as he has. The two most popular is that: He's an Iceborn; Or he is a manifestation of the people's ideas and general hope in the Freljord. Thus on some level making Braum immortal so long as people continued to listen and believe in the stories of him. The latter theory essentially makes him Runeterra's Badass Santa.
  • "The Heart is the strongest muscle."

    Gai Tsutsugami 
Gai Tsutsugami, God of Willingly Taking the Blame (Triton, Adam, Mason)
Gai after being revived 
  • Lesser God. Intermediate God borderline Greater after acquiring the Power of Kings.
  • Symbol: The Funeral Parlor logo. Alternatively, Mana's cross necklace.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral moments. Briefly Neutral Evil as Da'ath's puppet.
  • Portfolio: Badass in Charge, Designed a really complicated plan to bring down Da'ath and worked, The Charmer, The Chessmaster, Formerly a Child Soldier, Rebel Leader, Seeks to save Mana , Long-Haired Pretty Boy, Briefly turned evil, Killed by Shu in the decisive final battle
  • Domains: Rebels, Test Subjects, Evolution, Determination, Love, Leadership.
  • Allies: Mana Ouma, Lelouch Vi Brittania, Beatrice the Golden Witch, Commander Farsight, Litchi Faye-Ling, Raiden
  • Enemies: Yuu, Makoto Waltz Segai, Ryoma Sengoku, Mesogog, SHOCKER, Ragyo Kyruin, Alex Mercer, Dr. Neo Cortex, Arcturus Mengsk, Steven Armstrong, Sundowner
  • Complicated Relationships: Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha
  • At first known as the elusive leader of Funeral Parlor, the rebel group that went against the GHQ that controlled Japan, Gai Tsutsugami fought for liberating his country whatever the cost, but deep down he had other more personal motivations for going against the GHQ. He seeked to reunite with Mana Ouma, the girl who saved his life as a child and even died with her in order to stop Da'ath from unleashing the apocalypse. Gai seemingly sided with Da'ath after he was revived, but in reality he only followed Da'ath's order simply because he wanted to revive Mana so Shu could finally defeat him and her and destroy the Apocalypse Virus. He willingly took the role of the bad guy to motivate Shu in order to twart Da'ath's plans and surprisingly he succeeded.
  • The sole reason he ascended is just to be with Mana and keep her away from Da'ath reach so they can't bring the Apocalypse to the pantheon. Gai was glad to learn that Mana is no longer a puppet of Da'ath and often spends his time alongside her.
    • On the other hand, his relationship with Shu and Inori is a little more strained, since they didn't forget his time as Da'ath enforcer but nonetheless they understand his situation. They are one of the few people that really know what happened to him after he died for good after all.
  • Has found a kinship with both Beatrice the Golden Witch and Commander Farsight who also took the blame willingly for their peers knowing full well that no one would remember why. Although they do believe that Gai could have done that in a much better way.
  • When he was young Da'ath intended Gai to be a test subject for how resistant he was to the Apocalypse Virus and if he was worthy of becoming Mana's partner. That's the main reason he despises the Mad Scientists who study evolution for their own evil purposes.
    • He has special disdain for Ryome Sengoku, mostly because he is aiding Yuu and Da'ath by trying to create an artificial Kamen Rider who would posses both the Apocalypse Virus and The Power of Kings. Problem is, they need Mana to succeed and he won't allow that to happen. He is also not afraid of SHOCKER, since he is used to deal with evil organizations and they are not different from GHQ.
  • Being a Rebel Leader, he sympathizes with Lelouch since he basically went through a similar crusade like his and both were motivated to save an important girl for them. Lelouch also noticed the same similarities, even comparing his friends Shu with Suzaku.
  • One time to break out a captured member of his rebel group, Gai pretended to be Shu's lawyer whose names was Mason. While it was never stated before, some believe that he actually got the idea by watching Perry Mason.
  • He also heavily opposes corrupt politicians since those along with GHQ (And Mana) were the main cause why he created Funeral Parlor. Arcturus Mengsk is also a reminded of what happened to him after Da'ath revived him and doesn't think highly of him.
    • On the other hand, he doesn't like Steven Armstrong either but the Senator has expressed admirition about his cause, saying that it's very noble thing to fight for the ones he cares and also believes Gai fights for the strong and that's why he succeeded. Gai however doesn't trust his words and considers him a lunatic.
  • Has heard about Mana's "alliance" with Alex Mercer given that he is also another deity tied to a destructive virus. However, Gai believes that Mana is being deceived by Mercer and believes he actually is interested in absorbing her. He has made it clear that he doesn't like him but willing to tolerate him so long as Mana does it.
  • Said to look really nice with a suit. So nice in fact that he can be photoshopped anywhere and still look fancy.
  • Apparently used to be a Child Soldier during his time in Africa of all places. He initially befriended Raiden since apparently he also fought in Liberia but never heard of "Jack the Ripper" but is willing to let Raiden's past not cloud his judgement. This in turn made him enemies with Sundowner who believes that children make excellent killers.

    Miaka Yuuki 
Miaka Yuuki, Goddess of Selfless Wishes (Suzaku no Miko)

    Naofumi Iwatani 
Naofumi Iwatani, God of Shielding (Hero of the Shield, Hero of the Kitchen)
  • Lesser God (as his fragment, actually an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: His shield
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, lean more to Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Cherry Tapping (Can't even do that any more), Combat Pragmatist, Cynicism Catalyst, The Determinator, Grumpy Bear, Jade-Colored Glasses, Naïve Newcomer, The Nicknamer, Never Gets Drunk, Oblivious to Love (not), What Kind Of Lame Power Is Shield Anyway, Shield Is An Awesome Power, Promotion to Parent, Slasher Smile, The Shield of Infinity, Supreme Chef, Taking the Bullet, Unwanted Harem, Physical God, Me's a Crowd, Deity of Human Origin, Marry Them All
  • Domains: Heroes, Shield, Protection
  • Heralds: Raphtalia, Atlas, Firo
  • Allies: Issei Hyodo, Captain America, Shiroe
  • Enemy: Any deity that want to mess up the worlds (like GUAD), Raynare
  • He and his company have come here from time to time (time is really relative here) for vacation. (sometimes by leaving fragment here)
    • That's his offical reason. In actual fact, he came here in order to monitor the many world-destroying deity that live in here
  • Like mention above, his companion's freely roaming around the Pantheon due to them being under the protection of the Shield and being Overdeity themselve. Currently finding the way to be ascend proper by the Main House.
  • Have visit the House of Weapon in order to copy some shield and make it his own, which doesn't make many people here happy.
  • While visiting the House of Food (under a guise of some bird), he have been invited to a drinking competition. In the end, all of them is kicked out for emptying the alcohol's resevoir without determine the winner, so he takes out the Lukor fruit for everybody. Only a few god stand that day.
    • Incidentally, that fruit have been planted for alcohol and future challenge.
  • He have also being stopped by Blood Knight pretty often, as they want to test their strength against the strongest shield of all. He denied them everytime, saying it was a bother, so some of them just suddenly attack him. None has succeed in damaging him so far.
  • Allies himself with Captain American for obvious reason. Although Captain have something to said about his un-heroism act (like copy his shield the first time they met).
  • Though not on friendly term (as he reminded him of a certain pervert with a spear), he's in good relation with Issei Hyodo, to the point of being invited to The Chick Magnet Quartet. Naturally, he refused.
    • Incidentally, Atlas, his shield's spirit, have show interested in joining the Special Lovers Squad. Due to being title-less though, she can only be there at Honorary Member.
  • Being in relation with Issei Hyodo, he learn about the despicable action Raynare do to him the same way Bitch Goddess does. He vow to help him destroy her if he ask for his assistance.
  • Curious about Overskill, he have come to Shiroe to asked about it. Instead, he have been asked back by him after he found out he have mainly been fighting with only a shield, defense and support skill. Needless to say, those two became acquaintance.
  • Liked by animal. So much that when he just passing through the House of Beast, they just clump at him, much to his dismay.
  • On a rare days (since animal loves him), he and his team would cut down any hostile mob monster and cook them. When that happen, the place they eats will naturally attracted many hungry gods around and turn it into a feast (with him as the sole chef).
  • Is extremely annoyed when he found out being placed in this house and demanded a change of position. It's have been of no success, and everyday he have to endured himself from the overflowing heroism he faced constantly.

    Sunset Shimmer 
Sunset Shimmer, Goddess of Actions Proof-Worthy of Heroism (Sunset Satan, Sunset Seraph, Daydream Shimmer, Sun-Shim, Flanksy)



    John Hartigan 
John Hartigan, God of Heroic Suicide


Alcestis, The Goddess Who Chose To Be Taken
Alcestis in the Underworld by Albert Edelfelt
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A woman with a veil cover her face standing in the Underworld
  • Theme Song: "Alcesti"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Love, Sacrifice, Life & Death
  • Portfolio: Gives up her life so Admetus can live, asks her husband to never remarry, victim of Balancing Death's Books, got Rescued from the Underworld by Heracles and/or Persephone
  • Allies: The House of Love, Hercules, Jean Grey-Summers, Death of the Endless, Discworld's Death, Phoenix Ikki, those who had performed similar act, including but not limit to Belldandy, Edward Elric, Roronoa Zorro, Belle, Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter, The Doctor, Giselle
  • Enemies: Final Destination's Death, both Hades, any and all Wicked Stepmother including the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine
  • Opposes: Ariel
  • Opposed by: Regular Show's Death, Dhuum
  • Followers: Lily Potter
  • Pities: Snow White, Cinderella
  • Ascend because of her famous offer to sacrifice herself so her husband Admetus can live, one of the most heart-wrenching scene that is one of the oldest examples of the trope.
  • Is a constant source of admiration and jealousy from Greek mortals considering her story is one of the rare ones from mythology that have a happy ending.
  • She and Hercules are very glad to see each other again considering that he rescued her from the Underworld. After Hercules apologized her for his disrespect at her funeral for not knowing that she died, Alcestis forgives him and feels sorry because one of his wife Megara's backstory is similar to her own but ended tragically.
  • Because of her heart-wrenching sacrifice, she is a source of admiration among the House of Love. Alcestis is proud of this because she is one of the rare couples in Greek mythology that is both Happily Married and has a happy ending.
  • Alcestis doesn't particularly like Ariel considering the fact that the mermaid put her father to a tough position to sign away his power and kingdom through her impulsiveness, even though Alcestis can understand that Ariel did that our of love.
  • Despises any and all evil stepmothers in the Pantheon because they are the very fear that Alcestis fears would befall on her own children after Admetus got remarry. This led her to feel pity for children who had to endure them like Snow White and Cinderella.
    • On the other hand, she is fine with good stepmothers, especially with Giselle and enjoys the dance routine she can throw.
  • Because of her experience with the Underworld, Alcestis has a... complicated relationship with the House of Life and Death as well as various versions of Hades.
    • Many of the more humanized and good deities from the House like Jean Grey-Summers, Death of the Endless, the version of Death from Discworld and Phoenix Ikki are touched by her action and declare that they would instantly let her go like Persephone.
    • On the other hand, Dhuum doesn't particularly like her because she disobeys the rule of death. She respects his opinion and tries to avoid him as much as possible.
    • The version of Death from Regular Show also doesn't like her but for different reason: Alcestis never really wins back her life but instead was either let go by Persephone or got rescued by Hercules, which he deemed as cheating. The Final Destination version of Death outright DESPISES Alcestis for escaping Death and cheats the Underworld out of a soul. That Death is determined to hunt her down and re-balance the death book.
    • Was at first excited hear that Hades has ascended into the Pantheon because that would mean Alcestis can now thanks Persephone for letting her go but was severely disappointed that not only both Hades isn't married to Persephone, both of them are evil to boot and one them is responsible for Megara's tragic backstory.
  • Harry Potter once visited her temple in one of his off time and broke down crying in happiness once he saw his mother Lily is among of her followers. Alcestis let the two of them meet as much as she can from that point forward, something Harry is grateful for.

    Sophie Zawistowski 
Zofia Zawistowski, The Goddess Who Made The Sadistic Choice (Sophie)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her concentrated prisoner suit
  • Signature Song: "Love Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Parents, Love, World War II
  • Portfolio: Chose which of her children to die, got taken to Auschwitz for stealing a ham, got caught in a Love Triangle, Driven to Suicide
  • Allies: Many Jewish deities in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: Any Nazi in the Pantheon, Medea, Eric Cartman, Magneto
  • Pitied by: Many good parents in the Pantheon, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers / Captain America, veterans of World War II
  • Pities: Liane Cartman
  • Complicated Relationship with: Shylock,
  • The mother who was faced with an incredibly painful choice of deciding which of her child to die in the concentration camp, Sophie was ascended after her suicide because the gods heard about her painful choice and how influential it is to the cinematic world.
    • After her ascension, Sophie fell to her knee crying when her request to see her children alive again is denied because the Court of the God argue that bringing them back would deny the purpose of her ascension in the first place. Let's just say that day the entire Pantheon got a little sadder.
  • Her difficult decision to choose which kids to live made her a VERY sympathetic figure to many parents in the Pantheon. Even the evil / more neutral ones who love their kid also feels sorry for her situation.
    • For her reputation, Sophie has turned her temple into a place where parents lost their kids to share their story.
  • Despises Medea with a passion due to the fact that the woman WILLINGLY off her kids.
  • Being married to a Jew and a victim of the Holocaust, Sophie has good relationship with many Jewish deities while despises any Nazi in the Pantheon. While only a civilian, her temple is always welcomed to any Jew and any Nazi dare to come close to it will receive a dose of cyanide in their food.
    • However, Shylock has a mixed reception of her despite being a Jew himself due to the fact that Sophie being Catholic married a Jew reminds him too much of his daughter Jessica's marriage to his enemy.
    • Eric Cartman usually goes to her temple and harass her for her marriage with a Jew. This led Sophie to hate his gut and feels sorry for his mother.
  • While sympathizes with Magneto for being a survivor of World War II, Sophie cannot bring herself to be friend with someone who is so careless about his children and draft them into his terrorist group.
  • Veterans of World War II feel sorry for Sophie as being one of the many victims of the war. Captain America and Peggy Carter especially sympathetic with her since they both lost important people during the war.


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