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A sandbox for determining the sort of use Screw This, I'm Outta Here! gets.

Wicks checked: 114/114

Quick results: Description Usage (26/114), Non-Danger (77/114), ZCE/Misc (14/114)

Total Wicks: 13,027

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    Character flees danger, abandons team (Description usage) 
  1. AdaptationalBadass.Animated Films: In The Killing Joke, the Joker's circus troupe fled at the mere sight of the Batmobile pulling up. In the animated version, they actually put up a fight before Batman first confronts the Joker.
  2. Characters.Get Out 2017: "When Chris escapes from the Armitages' attic, Georgina sees him emerge and promptly flees. However, she returns later, with Marianne in control, in an attempt to stop his car." Seems valid.
  3. Characters.Jason X: "She tries to get off the ship in a shuttle but just gets the shuttle destroyed instead." Light on context, but seems to count.
  4. NightmareFuel.Paranormal Activity: While the aforementioned scene never takes place in the movie, the movie does have, if you will, its own version. Randy stays home with Katie while Dennis and Julie take Kristi to the hospital for a fever. Katie wants to play Bloody Mary. Once they turn the lights back on, Randy has a scratch on his stomach. The demon then starts slamming on the other side of the door. By now, Randy and Katie are thoroughly terrified. Slowly, Randy opens the door and the demon throws Kristi's tea party furniture across the room. After this, Randy packs up his belongings, tells Dennis to watch the tape, and that, in a nice way, he is completely fucked.
  5. OneManArmy.Fan Works: In Echoes, a great deal of the top-tier shinobi are classified as SS-rank. This ranking includes people like Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, The 3rd Raikage, Minato Namikaze... The standing advice when up against an SS-rank if you're not also one is generally "Flee on Sight."
  6. OnePieceWholeCakeIslandArc.Tropes K To N: "As revealed by Jimbei, Big Mom's punishment roulette wheel doesn't just punish the one who spins it. A set of numbers on the wheel indicates how many crewmembers of the spinner will be killed along with him. Thankfully, Jimbei decided to run when the wheel came out."
  7. PlayingWith.Boarding Pod: "There's a mutiny aboard the Troperia: some of pods are escaping marines, some are deliberate invaders and some of them have been deliberately placed on the pods to get rid of them, not to mention the pods that were launched by accident..." No context because it's a hypothetical, but it can be assume the marines were running from danger.
  8. Quotes.Rock Bottom: "It had not been a good night for Arthur Septimus Polegrave, who would have been known to his friends, if he had any friends, as "Septic." He knew he was dying. He just knew it. He must be. There couldn't be a single thing in this jungle that hadn't tried to bite, peck or sting him during the last dark soupy hour. There were spiders - giant horrible things, waiting at nose-height on every path - there were the insects, every one armed, by the feel of it with red-hot needles. Things had bitten his ears and climbed up his trousers. Things had trodden on him. In the middle of the night, something horrible had flopped down onto his head, which it had tried to unscrew. As soon as he could see clearly, he would take his chances and make a run for the boat and a getaway. All in all, he thought, as he pulled something with far too many legs out of his ear, things were about as bad as they could get." Not entirely sure, but I believe this goes here.
  9. Characters.Fallout 4 Goodneighbor: If the Survivor manages to save him from Sinjin, a shaken Kent comments how he's not cut out for the whole "vigilante justice" shtick and considers ending the whole thing. The Survivor can convince him otherwise, however. Not really "abandons team", but it is feeling from danger.
  10. Characters.Epic Seven Star Genealogy: Lilibet decides she no longer wants any part in the war and leaves after she lets Luluca go.
  11. Film.After The Dark: Petra sees what Zimit is trying to do to her and tries to leave the classroom early. Zimit stops her by threatening to drop James' grade. Not sure if what she's escaping from is danger, but the context seems to imply it, so...
  12. Funny.Better Call Saul: "Man Mountain" takes a step back, then turns and runs off. Saul just clocked a different guy in the neck and was casually looking through his guns, so danger.
  13. Funny.Dawn Of A New Age Oldport Blues: When the smoke snakes first attack one of the groups- Ciro stops and tries to save someone else, Hyeon attacks them, and Ivy? Ivy immediately gets the fuck out of dodge.
  14. WesternAnimation.Pigs Is Pigs 1937: "At the end of his feeding, Piggy is morbidly obese and can barely walk, and really enjoyed his feeding deep down; nevertheless, he desperately tries to escape and go home." Piggy is in danger, but isn't abandoning anyone either, so it's a bit more questionable.
  15. WesternAnimation.Wolfwalkers: "Many soldiers sensibly run for it when faced with Wolfwalker magic."
  16. WesternAnimation.Dino Trux: "Small numbers of Scraptors can usually be gotten rid of with a Mighty Roar from Ty, though depending on if these are the first or last Scraptors of a group, they are either running away or just going to get more Scraptors."
  17. Literature.Temple Of Terror: "Leesha has one that breaks her confident façade if you draw the Sandworm Tooth, the only thing which can hurt her, forcing her to lift her skirt and run away from you." Running from a dangerous weapon.
  18. LightNovel.Ben To: "This is the reaction many Dogs and weaker Wolves make when a vastly more powerful Wolf enters the store." Sounds like danger to me.
  19. Film.Fyre: " Many Fyre employees fled Great Exuma outright before they could address the disaster, when it became clear their lives were in danger from the many stiffed contractors who were demanding payments. Andy King mentions changing clothes with another man, hiding behind a urinal, and then getting smuggled out in a car while he crouched in the backseat."
  20. Film.Zombieland Double Tap: "Bill Murray's publicist freaks out and runs off pretty quick upon seeing signs Roker is a zombie, while Bill still seems a bit confused by this." Character flees from a zombie, abandoning someone else.
  21. DragonBall.Tropes E To N: "After nearly beating the demon spawn Tambourine to death and easily evading his energy attack, Tambourine becomes so frightened of Goku that he attempts to fly away." No team abandoned, but still danger.
  22. Manga.Green Blood: "Two mooks (one from the Grave Diggers, another from the Iron Butterflies) flee in terror after Brad managed to kill their respective parties even if he was encircled."
  23. Pinball.Spider Man Stern: "At the start of Battle Royale, Jameson makes his leave after seeing every villain assemble."
    Jameson: "Looks like the gang's all here...See ya!
  24. Recap.Recess S 1 E 9 King Gus: "Jordan and Jerome flee when Gus decides to take on the playground as they rise in revolt." Context light, but I think they were saving their own asses.
  25. Literature.The Californios: "Another henchman who accompanies King-Pin Russell gets scared and wisely flees as the spooky signs accumulate, right before Russell is sucked to another dimension."

    Character leaves for non-danger related reasons (potentially misuse) 
  1. A Fool and His New Money Are Soon Parted: "This potential employer from Not Always Working doesn't even know what these "savings" you're talking about are. Unsurprisingly, the applicant doesn't stick around."
  2. Analysis.Anti Villain: "She often suffers from panic attacks and regularly teleports out of social situations because she can't handle them at all." Social-awkardness-induced escaping.
  3. ApocalypticLog.Video Games: "One example can be found in Japhot's Folly. Japhot's journal chronicles his ill-fated attempt to start a settlement on the inhospitable hellhole of an island. Even when the rest of the settlers went Screw This, I'm Outta Here!, he stubbornly refused to leave."
  4. BalloonBelly.Western Animation: "Happens to both Pooh and Eeyore in "Donkey For A Day" when they both eat a tree's worth of apples. Pooh is very happy about this, but Eeyore looks like he's about to be sick. When Pooh mentions they still have lunch and dinner to go, Eeyore quickly waddles away."
  5. Characters.Bobbinsverse: "Gives up on Desmond Fishman after reuniting with him but then discovering that he's squandered his late father's fortune and fails to see what dire financial straits he's in."
  6. LetsPlay.Tom Fawkes: "During the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc streams, Tom's reaction to "Booblust". Explanation " Leaves because of a dumb word in a game.
  7. Locked Away in a Monastery: "Exploited in Romeo X Juliet, where Romeo's mother Lady Portia Montague willingly locks herself into a convent to dis-associate herself from her husband after he wipes out the whole Capulet clan." Might be based in danger, but she doesn't seem to be in danger herself.
  8. Manga.Barakamon: "When she finally meets Kanzaki at Sensei's home, Tama is so fed up with meeting boys tangential to Sensei (that is, Hiro, Kawafuji, Shin, Higashino, Yuuichirou AND Kanzaki) that her Yaoi Fangirl circuits overload and she GTFOs. There's only so much boy-love head-canon that a middle-school girl can handle..."
  9. NightmareFuel.Halloween Unspectacular: "Whatever Vlad found out about PURITY was enough to make him abandon civilization for the Alaskan wilderness." Doesn't explain why exactly he left, but we can assume he wasn't in danger.
  10. PlayingWith.You Lose At Zero Trust: "If he neglects to befriend any of his teammates, they may leave or turn on him."
  11. Quotes.Whiplash: "What the fuck is wrong with you? (Beat) You're right. We shouldn't be dating. (She leaves.)"
  12. Radar.Pepper Ann: "In "Live and Let Dye", after Pepper Ann dyes her hair bright green, she walks into the kitchen where her mom and grandma are talking. Pepper Ann asks her if she notices anything different about her. Grandma points to Pepper Ann's chest and says "Peppie, did you grow bosoms?". Pepper Ann covers her chest, and leaves."
  13. Recap.Cheers S 10 E 8: "Frasier knows answering either way to Lilith's question about whether she should change her hair will get him into trouble. If he says "yes", she'll take it as criticism. If he says "no", she'll think he's lying. Frasier tries going with "just do what you think you should do", but Lilith sees through that too, and calls him chicken. Eventually, Frasier takes Option No. 4: Run like hell." Running from a question.
  14. Recap.Dragon Short ZE 2:
    • Piccolo would die for Gohan, but seeing Goten's head popping out of Chi-Chi is too much for him.
    • Inverted when Yamcha pops in. Chi-Chi says "Get Out!", and Yamcha quickly leaves. It turns out, it wasn't even Chi-Chi's intention to make Yamcha leave.
      Gohan: Could you please not send away the help?
      Chi-Chi: I. DIDN'T.
      Gohan: Oh.
  15. Recap.Film Reroll Home Alone: "When Harry becomes obsessed with killing Kevin to the point of disregarding the most basic precautions, Marv decides that he's had enough. Even so, it takes him considerable effort to get out of the house in one piece." Based on Home Alone, so Merv doesn't seem to be in danger, just angry.
  16. Series.Californication: "Richard Bates takes one look at Hank, one look at a whore he cheated on Karen with, and one look at Karen. He immediately downs a bottle of the nearest alcohol (despite his sobriety) and gets the hell out of there."
  17. Recap.Gotham S 4 E 18 Thats Entertainment: "Tabitha had enough of Barbara's obsession with the League, so she decides to leave her (again). But not before getting beaten by Barbara's followers."
  18. Series.Time Trax: "When under the influence of Sahmbi's latest invention, Darien contemplates using TXP on himself in order to return home. Selma doesn't admonish him for that, pointing out that he has already done more than can be expected out of a person, and no one would blame him for quitting. Another cop could always take his place. His determination to continue is renewed by the end of the episode."
  19. WebVideo.Decker:
    • In Decker vs Dracula: Behind the Truth, Tim walks off the set due to artistic choices made by Gregg.
    • In a Breaking the Fourth Wall moment, Kington walks off the set in episode 5 of Decker: Unclassified after it's revealed that Dekkar is to appear in the episode. He does come back later in the episode, though.
  20. WesternAnimation.The Nutcracker Prince: "During the story within, as many noblemen wait in line for their turns to be blindfolded, the non-blindfolded nobles see one of the broken teeth nobles being carried away with all of his teeth broken, prompting them to have second thoughts and bolt out."
  21. He Knows Too Much: The President's Analyst is privy to the innermost thoughts of the President - when the strain of the job becomes too much he skips town, pursued by foreign agents wanting to tap his mind, and domestic agents who, because he knows too much, want to bring him in or kill him. Avoiding job that turns into avoiding danger, I think.
  22. Characters.Lisa Brads Gang: After being nagged at by Salvation Red for his lack of commitment to the Rangers, he later abandons them to join Brad, thinking he'll be able to party more often.
  23. Manga.Hetalia Hetaween 2013: It's revealed that one of the ghosts who turns out to be Germania is on the verge of bailing after getting increasingly impatient.
  24. Recap.Angelo MMBC: "'Rigel' Maurer. Due to getting a barrage of votes, Maurer reached a low enough relationship with Gabriel that 'he' was eliminated in the conventional way, which was portrayed as walking out of the project. To date, Maurer is the only MMBC-specific contestant who has ever been eliminated in this way. She would later go on to cohost Slaughter or Salvage." Not entirely sure what this means, but it's not danger.
  25. Roleplay.Supe R Powered: "Morph's response to the police standoff involving Becca and Natie, right on the heels of accusations of harboring an international criminal, a forcible search of his home, and distrust after years of heroic work with the police."
  26. Series.Mrs America: "Alice at the end, after seeing how immoral, egotistical, and power-hungry Phyllis is and how callous she is to Pamela being abused and controlled by her husband (Phyllis making fun of Gloria and Bella didn't help). Alice ends up getting a job as a 411 operator and wears a pantsuit and finds herself empowered, unlike how Phyllis exploited her fears and made her feel invisible."
  27. TearJerker.Brony Dand D: "Her animosity towards him gets even worse when he accidentally gets a god killed for breaking the Primordial Pact. How bad does it get? She leaves the party for a bit and after Rose talks to her, seriously considers killing Kross. In fact, she does attack him, but they're interrupted by Jalerom's mother." Character leaves out of anger; pothole bolded.
  28. Trivia.All My Children: "A good chunk of the cast, often more than once: Ruth, Benny, Jake, Greenlee, Dixie, Nina, Colby, Will, Skye, Janet, Biancanote ..." The wick is inside the note.
  29. VideoGame.A Normal Camping Story: "Mark decides to head to the beach after the events of the True Ending."
  30. VisualNovel.Hashihime Of The Old Book Town: "Tamamori's solution at the end of Minakami's route - instead of running around the city trying to fix things like in previous loops, he just boards the first train with Minakami and returns to their hometown. It works."
  31. WesternAnimation.Spirit Riding Free: Multiple examples, all belonging here.
    • In “Lucky and the Not-So-Surprise Party,” Lucky and Abigail struggle to prepare Pru’s birthday party which partly means having to ignore Pru in order to hide the surprise from her. Eventually, Abigail gets so fed up with Lucky’s bossiness that she quits the party plan and rides away on Boomerang.
    Abigail: I quit! I quit the party, I quit ignoring Pru, and I quit you, Lucky!
    • In “Lucky and the Golden Opportunity,” when Julian is about to tell Maricela, Snips, Turo, Bianca, Mary-Pat about the gold mine and presents the confidentiality agreement contract, Maricela reads the part that says, “...possible hard labor.” As Julian confirms that she and everyone may have to engage in hard labor. Unwilling to do any hard labor, being the spoiled rich girl she is, Maricela suddenly walks away.
    • Lucky's mother, Milagro, did this in order to escape an Arranged Marriage.
    • When Lucky finds out her father has proposed to Miss Flores, she decides to run away to join the circus.
  32. Characters.Tube Clash: "After he falls into the ocean and floats away inside a giant container containing liquid "Niveau", he decides to simply escape the island by letting the flood take him away. Then a Kaiju swallows him..."
  33. Characters.Agarest Senki: "When he was defeated by Leo, he pretty much retired."
  34. Gaslighting: "In an older story actually dating to near the Gaslight film's original release, Archie and Jughead, shortly after seeing the film, start gaslighting Veronica — because Archie forgot his date with her and he wanted to avoid her temper — by convincing her that Jughead is Archie and vice-versa. They actually get her doubting herself to the point that she begins trying to hug and kiss Jughead who, being the girl-hater that he is, swiftly gets the heck out of there in disgust. Then Archie is left alone with Veronica, wearing an evil grin, asking, "Have you ever heard of a movie called Gaslight?"" Pothole bolded; Jughead left out of disgust.
  35. Recap.Cheers S 5 E 8: "Norm is willing to give the Knights a try, right up until their first order of business is banning beer at meetings. Norm immediately leaves."
  36. FanFic.Mythos Effect: "When the Turians end up going to war with the NEF, the Asari and Salarians wash their hands of them and stay out of it. And the Volus are doing their best to not get actively involved as well."
  37. Music.DJ Quik: "Quik regretted his contract with Profile Records, and attempted to jump ship before recording his debut, when Eazy-E offered him a $1 million advance to join Ruthless Records." Leaving due to regrets and money.
  38. Literature.The Sick Land: "Xi's reaction to the Sick Land, wanting nothing more than for all the procedures to be gone through so she can get away. She's killed just after they finally get it done."
  39. Recap.Total Drama Grand Chef Auto: "Upon being let out of his restraints, Duncan starts running and shouts, "Later, losers!""
  40. Series.Yellowstone: Two examples, both of characters just leaving for non-danger related reasons.
    • In spite of becoming a Branded Man, Walker quickly realizes that Yellowstone is far too shady for his tastes and tries to leave. He makes several attempts before he finally manages to escape the ranch alive with the blessing of Casey. He reappears playing at a bar at the end of "I Killed a Man Today" and returns to the ranch at the beginning of "Meaner than Evil".
    • Cowboy states that the secret to living a long life is knowing when to quit an outfit. He departs the ranch shortly before the Duttons' feud with the Becks comes to a head.
  41. WebAnimation.But Really Really Fast: "When the heroes encounter Forever's cruise liner, they decide to turn around and leave without engaging."
  42. WebVideo.Gayle: "Gayle's response to pressures including but not limited to hitting her husband in the leg while throwing cheese knives, receiving a phone call from the legal department of Trader Joe's, and humiliating herself in front of a town meeting. She has a detailed plan in place for Starting a New Life in Tallahassee if anyone finds out that she uses dog shampoo."
  43. WesternAnimation.The Small One: Done twice in the short by the boy and Small One: Both of these are just "The characters leave. One of them they're even being made to leave.
    • They initially do it after the boy realized they were in the tanner and refusing their silver coin.
    • They do it near the end to flee the auctioneer, who angrily tells them to get out and threw a jar near them.
  44. Holy City: "Urithiru, the ancient home of the Knights Radiant, was the most holy city in the world, protected from the Highstorms and inaccessible except by a Knight Radiant. The Knights withdrew from the city shortly before the Recreance, where they abandoned their oaths, so the city was lost for thousands of years. Most people, even religious scholars, don't believe it ever existed. "
  45. Fanfic.Sol Invictus: "Seeing the fight between Luffy and Patty appears to be the last straw for the waiters at Baratie to quit their jobs."
  46. UsefulNotes.Ferdinand Marcos: "The mass protest gathering of civilians at the titular EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue) was triggered by controversies surrounding the snap elections earlier on February 7; results gave conflicting claims on who won between Cory Aquino and Marcos. Commission on Elections canvassers then walked out en masse on February 9, citing fraud from the Marcos camp."
  47. WebAnimation.Cyriak: "After Effects crashes in the middle of one of Cyriak's livestreams]]. The video glitches out, creepy things happen, and all the layers eventually get deleted. Cyriak, alongside deformed versions of himself, walks out into the field while wearing a deranged grin on his face."
  48. WesternAnimation.Barbie A Fairy Secret: "In the final scene after the Reset Button was hit on Barbie, Ken and Raquelle, when Raquelle notes she doesn't even know Carrie and Taylor as they are planning to leave, this worries them and they make a hasty retreat."
  49. Wrestling.Bayley: "The moment she successfully pinned Charlotte Flair to retain her Smack Down Women's Championship at Clash of Champions 2019, she immediately slid out of the ring, grabbed the title, and ran like hell out of the arena."
  50. YMMV.The Necro Critic: "His Boku no Pico title card contains the message "I'm not drawing shit for this. I'm out"."
  51. Film.Rocketman 2019: "Bernie finally loses patience with Elton's downward spiral and walks off, singing "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"."
  52. Funny.Kaeloo: "As soon as Kaeloo suggests playing Doctors and Nurses, Quack Quack gets up and runs away."
  53. Funny.Rocked Reviews: "Luke tells an amusing anecdote about when a woman came into the record store where he used to work while "Knife Prty" was playing. According to him, she asked what the song was, listened for a while, and then switched to another station a minute before the song was over. The station she switched to was playing "Milkshake" by Kelis, to which the woman said something like "Oh my god! My favorite song!" and started dancing to it. Luke's reaction was to just 'sigh and walk away."
  54. LightNovel.High School DXD: Two examples, neither involving danger.
    • In Volume 1, Freed's reaction to Raynare's defeat is to get the hell out of dodge.
    • Rizevim and Qlippoth jump ship after the Old Satan Faction's leaders are defeated to form Qlippoth."
  55. Manga.Kinnikuman: "Done many times by Kinnikuman, but the worst one was in the Golden Mask arc. After the Devil Knights tell him that he must defeat them to get back the Gold Mask (which was draining all of the energy of the Seigi Choujin), Kinnikuman throws away the Silver Mask, which must be reunited with the Gold Mask."
    Brocken Jr.: What are you doing?!
    Kinnikuman: Sorry there's no way I'm fighting those guys.
  56. Music.Psychostick: "Josh utters this very phrase during "Orgasm = Love" when he gets tired of playing a ballad."
  57. NightmareFuel.RL Yoshi: "Turns out this actually happened because of a moment in the very game he's playing, back when he was a kid: when the blackout happened, because he was so young, his first instinct was to go to the mansion's foyer (the only place in the game ghosts never appear in, and is lit up for 99% of the game). Finding it completely dark and no Toad there put him seriously on edge, and as soon as he entered the parlor and was surrounded by ghosts, he panicked and kept hitting buttons to try and exit the game, opening pretty much everything besides the proper menu in the process. The game might seem lighthearted to us, but that sort of thing is understandably scary, especially considering his aversion to horror nowadays."
  58. Quotes.Honest Johns Dealership:
Of course this horse is healthy, Sir. Weeping sores? I don’t see any... oh that. Those are just flea bites; those will heal quickly. You obviously know horses; I’ll throw in a fresh saddle blanket and saddlebags for this fine animal if you’ll buy him now. I’ve an urgent appointment in another town...
Horse Coper, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Career Compendium - The Ultimate Career Reference
  1. RareGuns.Handguns: "The .44 Auto Mag was the first semi-automatic pistol to use a cartridge as heavy as .44 Magnum (.44 AMP, Auto Magnum Pistol). It went through several different manufacturers, the first of which was the Auto Mag Corporation (AMC). It was never a real money-maker thanks to flawed production and business decisions. Namely, production was rushed and it was massively underpriced in an attempt to convince investors that the pistol was a hot seller. The idea failed spectacularly, with investors unconvinced, AMP losing more than $1,000 per unit on each sale, and the entire design team walking out in protest. The fact that it was the only pistol on Earth that took its particular caliber of ammunition also did not help, since commercially-loaded ammunition was rare and the only other way to get the correct caliber was to modify cases for other ammunition (.308 or .30-06) and reload by hand."
  2. Recap.Bottom Contest: "After their revolting dinner."
    Eddie: Is there any pudding?
    Richie: Oh yes.
    Eddie: Right, I'm off.
  3. Recap.Hilda S 1 E 1: "Hilda's reaction when the troll rock comes alive."
    Hilda: Time to go.
  4. Recap.Phineas And Ferb Make Play:
    • Buford after he sees Princess Baldegunde pretending to be Candace.
    • Also, Candace after Princess Baldegunde calls her and asks about Jeremy. note 
    Candace: That's enough "Princess" for today, I want my life back!
  5. Recap.Star Trek Online Foundry Honor Of Series: "The Orion ambassador has this reaction when accused of being a Syndicate spy during the conference."
  6. NightmareFuel.Squidbillies: "Every attempt to rescue him by the Elves at the North Pole ends in horrific disaster. Eventually, they just give up."
  7. Recap.Teen Titans Go S 1 E 39 Waffles: "Brother Blood says this at the end of the episode, due to him being annoyed with the Titans constantly saying "waffles"."
  8. Recap.Blindspot S 1 E 5 Split The Law: "Weller leaves his apartment when he sees his own father is there."
  9. Recap.Supernatural S 11 E 18 Hells Angel: "Crowley ditches when Lucifer shrugs off the attempt to oust him from Castiel's vessel, and Rowena likewise flees shortly after when Amara shows up." Hard to tell, but I think it's non-danger related.
  10. ShaggyDogStory.Anime And Manga: "Episodes 200-201 of Gintama revolve around Gintoki and Umibouzu both trying to convince Kagura that they're the real Santa Claus. The situation is further complicated when Kyubei, Kondo and Sacchan also show up claiming to be Santa. To determine which one is the real deal, Kagura devises a contest involving a series of elaborate scenarios, including a parody of The Little Match Girl and a full-on High School A.U.. The contest ends without a winner after the five Santas collectively leave in frustration, only for Kagura to break the fourth wall and say "Happy Merry Last Episode!" seemingly indicating that the show has been cancelled. It wasn't, by the way."
  11. VideoGame.The Jackbox Party Pack: "If no one answers either prompt, Schmitty ends the game."
    Schmitty: Hmm, interesting, very minimalist. I like it. Hey, here's something minimalist for you. (Smash Cut to black)]
  12. Freefall.Tropes Rto Z: "Tired of his uncle's idiocy and stonewalling, Ishiguro leaves him, intending to fully cooperate with the prosecution."
  13. Memes.Tiger King: "The absurdly low price Allen Glover is paid to assassinate Carole, which even the docuseries mentions is a few zeroes short of what any proper hitman would demand. The fact that Glover said Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and just took the money makes it even more absurd." The explanation for "3,000 dollar Hit Man".
  14. YMMV.Theme Park World: "Visitors will normally refuse to play sideshows if you set the prices too high, but if you raise the price while they're playing it's too late for them to back out. So you can make easy money by building a sideshow and raising the price to $10000 while visitors are playing. The best ones for this are the Slide Puzzle games, as they take the longest for visitors to complete, giving you more time to mess with the price."
  15. Recap.Murder She Wrote S 1 E 7 Were Off To Kill The Wizard: "Baldwin's accountant attempts to do this during the murder investigation, fearing the scrutiny that will fall upon him and taking his life savings and making a run for the airport."
  16. Funny.Problem Child: "At the start of the movie, Ben and Junior are about to move out of Cold River, and Ben gets sentimental about his "fond memories" of the town."
    Junior: Fond memories? What are you talking about? Everybody hated ya! Your father, your wife, those horrible neighbors!
    Ben: You're right. Let's blow this joint! [steps on the gas and smashes a "Now leaving Cold River" sign]
  17. Characters.Nate Is Late: Two examples in Maurice's folder, both involving non-danger.
    • Once he see whatever oddness is going on, he runs away screaming.
    • In "The Cave Girl", he ultimately gets tired of getting harassed by the titular character and tells both her and Nate and Malika (due to always getting caught up in their weirdness) off before stomping off to school.
  18. ComicBook.Mary Jane Watson: "After the entire Superior Spider-Man fiasco, Mary Jane has had enough of superheroics and leaves New York. She ends up in Chicago, opening up a nightclub thinking "It's Chicago! There's no heroes and villains here!" Iron Man, Doctor Doom and Madame Masque beg to differ."

    Zero-Context/Partial Context/ Misc. 
  1. LightNovel.Gokudo: Gokudo tries many times to invoke this trope, only to to get forced in situations he tries to get out of anyway.
  2. Put on a Bus: Ryoma Sengoku was written out of the series briefly because his actor Tsunenori Aoki had been cast in a play; in Episode 33 he's seen evacuating Yggdrasil Tower in an Escape Pod. He returns in Episode 38, where it's shown that he was apparently acting as Yggdrasil's representative with its overseas stock holders. Kamen Rider Gaim example. It's just a pothole, so I can't tell his reasons.
  3. Recap.Mr Robot S 03 E 10: "After he's done carrying out Whiterose's orders Irving heads off to retirement, possibly in Barbados. Grant tries to intimidate him out of it, to no avail." The character leaves, but for unexplained reasons.
  4. TabletopGame.Glitch: "The PCs' response to the Excrucian War, the game picking up after they've done it." Partial context; we don't know why they left.
  5. Theatre.Brand: "Invoked in the middle of the provost`s lengthy speech." ZCE and likely a misuse of "invoked".
  6. Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 8 No One: A girl is again Arya Stark of Winterfell, and has had enough of Braavos. I...what?
  7. Heartwarming.Mini Drivers This Mini Vintage episode based on the infamous 2005 US Grand-Prix juxtaposes Schumacher and Barrichello's disappointment at having almost no competition next to Tiago Monteiro's joy at being able to race directly against Ferrari. While everyone else leave at the end of the race, Monteiro stands overjoyed on the podium's 1st place... And then the REAL Tiago Monteiro tunes in to thank Mini Drivers and his fans for remembering him! The characters leave, but for unexplained reasons.
  8. Music.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: The title track. "Quote as context" ZCE, not sure what it's trying to say.
    You know you can't hold me forever
    I didn't sign up with you
    I'm not a present for your friends to open
    This boy's too young to be singing the blues
  9. WesternAnimation.The Trap Door: "Berk, in the Season 1 Finale. Until the credits finish."
  10. Literature.The Diamond Girls: "Towards the end of the book, Martine storms out and goes back to Bletchworth to move in with her boyfriend. She comes back in the end though." No explanation of why she left.
  11. JustForFun.Disneys Anne Frank: "Mr. Goebbels declines to share Olga's final fate - which, given that she was attempting to sacrifice him just before, is pretty understandable." I...don't get it.
  12. Quotes.Squishy Wizard: This might be about fleeing from danger, but it's lacking in context.
The spell [Expeditious Retreat] need not be used as part of a retreat; the name of the spell merely hints at the typical wizard's attitude towards combat.
Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook v3.5
  1. Recap.Ink City S 1 Into The Woods: "Rigby when he eventually just... gives up." Too context-lite to really categorize.
  2. Series.Blood Drive: " The Supervisor in episode 3 tries to pull this. Team Leader stops her from doing it, and both get killed by the Glimmers." Their deaths imply danger, but there's not enough context to tell.

    Multiple examples 
  1. WebVideo.Ten Little Roosters:
    • Miles looks prepared to fight the puma when it confronts him, only for him to realize he's way over his head, toss his rapier and run like a little girl. Running from danger.
    • In the finale, this is Played for Laughs. After standing around being pelted by fruit for about a minute, Ryan gets bored/tired of it and leaves the room. Leaving out of boredom.

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