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Ashera, Goddess of Order (Astarte, Order Incarnate)

    potential Gods 
I've come up with a few new ideas for potential Gods:

Brighid and Aegaeon, Co-Gods of Ancestral Weapons

Haze, Goddess of Healing Winds

Laphicet, God of Names Based on Dead People

artorius Secretly Selfish

With Brighid and Aegaeon, they've been passed down the Ardanian Royal Family for generations. In the prequel DLC, they serve Emperor Hugo while in the main game, Brighid serves Morag Ladair and Aegaeon serves Emperor Niall until he dies and Morag gets his core crystal.

Haze is the only fully dedicated healer of the prequel DLC and her element is wind. She's also a Squishy Wizard.

With Laphicet, he was named after Velvet's dead brother, Laphicet Crowe.


    ascended Gods 
lora, eizen, sephiran, malos, yune

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