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Sandbox / Roleplay Cleanup Thread

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This is a Sandbox for use by the Roleplay Cleanup and Maintenance Thread, to document and sort Roleplay pages examined by the thread and/or under active discussion.

Note that pages not posted under "Cleaned Pages" may still have been cleaned, but still require more discussion.

The other sandbox page, for suggested roleplay indexes, is here.

See also: Namespace Index for Roleplay/.

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    Cleaned Pages 
Pages that have already been cleaned and may not require further action, beyond the expansion of ZCEs.

    Seemingly Unavailable Roleplays 
Pages at risk of being cut or moved due to an inability to verify or find any content, possibly awaiting further discussion or investigation.
  • Adylheim: Enough of the RP is still available via Wayback Machine that we've decided to keep the page.
  • Auxiliorum Res Septem: Page editor PM'd.
  • Warriors: The Umadpelt Uprising: (In)famous in the Warrior Cats forum yet no link of the RP can be found. We've decided to keep the page, treating it like an ordinary lost TV show/book.

    Pages Under Discussion 
Pages that have been brought up for discussion and have not had a consensus reached; may be awaiting a response from the editors, or require action not covered by the other categories.

    Pages With Subjective Subpages 
A list of pages with subjective subpages, awaiting thread-consensus. Trivia is also included because that can be an Auto-Erotic Troping issue.

    Pages With Commented-Out YMMV/Trivia 

    Cut Roleplays 
Roleplays that have been sent to the Cut List by the thread.